Bring Me to Life


"Pick up your wand, Potter. l said, pick it up! Get up! Get up!" Voldemort snapped at the boy as Harry crawled on the ground, searching for his wand, "You've been taught how to duel, l presume, yes? First, we bow to each other. Come on, now, Harry. The niceties must be observed. Dumbledore wouldn't want you to forget your manners, would he? l said, bow"

Harry let out a forceful grunt as he tried to resist the urge to bow but Voldemort already had him under the Imperious Curse. Peggy watched as she noticed how Voldemort was beyond excited with finally being able to toy with the boy. She remained still in the shadows as she felt glued to her spot, wanting to join her uncle but not wanting to leave Cedric's body unattended. Peggy glanced over to her uncle who looked over and gave her a side nod to come and join him with the group of Death Eaters. She sat up straighter, trying to will herself to go to her family but she realized that her hand was still in Cedric's hand as if it belonged there. She stared down to him as a small whimper escaped her lips, she was stuck between two worlds and didn't know who to follow.

"That's better" Voldemort yelled out as he waved his hand at Harry, "And now..."

"No!", Peggy blurted out as she knew what was coming next.

"Crucio!" Voldemort yelled out.

Harry suddenly slammed himself down onto the floor as his body spasmed out of control. He let out a painful yelling as Peggy knew that feeling all too well. Her mother would constantly put her under the Cruciatus Curse if Peggy had dueled in a wrong way that Bellatrix didn't even want. Sympathy spread over Peggy as she knew that Harry was no match for Voldemort. What was even worse than her knowing it, was that Harry knew it as well.

"Crucio!" Voldemort commanded once again.

Harry was about to let out another painful yell but with the flick of her hand, Peggy diverted the Curse off of the poor boy. Harry started to pant as he rolled over on the ground. Peggy looked down to her hand and didn't really know how to react to what she just did. It was almost upon pure instinct that Peggy had protected Harry from that spell.

"Attaboy, Harry" Lord Voldemort complimented, "Your parents would be proud. Especially your filthy Muggle mother"

"Expelliar-" Harry spun further onto the ground as Voldemort waved off the curse.

"l'm going to kill you, Harry Potter. l'm going to destroy you. After tonight, no one will ever again question my powers. After tonight, if they speak of you" Voldemort threatened Harry as he laid there in fear, trembling.

"They'll speak only of how you. ..begged for death. And l, being a merciful Lord... obliged" Lord Voldemort whispered to the teenager before he sneered and summoned the boy up, "Get up!"

Voldemort turned around and walked back over to this group of followers, giving Harry the perfect chance to run to the nearest protection. Upon seeing this, Voldemort shot out at Harry, making Peggy throw herself onto the ground. Peggy trembled as she hugged herself closer to Cedric's body as if the dead lover could still protect her.

"Don't you turn your back on me, Harry Potter!" Peggy looked up and noticed Harry panting and staring at her, as if noticing Peggy was there for the first time, "l want you to look at me when l kill you! l want to see the light leave your eyes!"

Harry suddenly formed his jaw and broke their gaze as he turned the corner and faced his enemy, "Have it your way... Expelliarmus!"

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort yelled out, the spark of both green and red blinded Peggy as she shielded her eyes, she noticed her uncle stepped up with his wand but Voldemort waved him off, "Do nothing! He's mine to finish!"

Peggy looked up and forced her eyes to adjust to the harsh light as she noticed how powerful the duel was. She also noticed how with each second passing by Harry's curse was becoming weaker and weaker considering how this was his first time in a Dark Magic Duel.

"He's mine!" Voldemort cheered as he noticed that Harry's wand was shaking out of control.

Harry Potter was going to die tonight by the hands of Lord Voldemort.

Peggy jumped up to her feet, charged at Harry and wrapped her arms around him and placed her hand on top of his. Harry grunted as he tried to pull Peggy off but then stopped and listened as he could hear Peggy whisper incantations that not only made Harry feel stronger, but he could feel her energy sinking into him. The force of magic that she was storing into Harry made his spell was getting stronger and pushing the killing curse back and closer to Voldemort. A burst of light appeared out of Voldemort's wand as Cedric floated over to Peggy and stared at her. Peggy felt tears in her eyes as she continued to concentrate on fighting off the dark curse as she noticed two figures appeared on Harry's side. One had glasses almost exactly like Harry's while the other had green eyes that matched significantly to his.

She felt a chilling hand on top of her arm, forcing Peggy to look over and stare into Cedric's grey eyes. Peggy felt overwhelming guilt as she knew how to fight off a killing curse. If she had seen it before Cedric did, he might've still been alive as of this moment. Cedric gave her a small smile as he traced his hand on the side of her cheek. The freezing sensation felt completely opposite to the burning heat that he used to give off to her whenever she blushed in front of him.

"Harry, when the connection is broken, you must get to the Portkey. We can linger for a moment to give you some time, but only a moment. Do you understand?" Harry's dad said in a rushed voice as Harry nodded to his father.

"Harry, take my body back, will you? Take my body back to my father" Cedric asked before turning to Peggy, leaning in and slowly kissing her cheek, "I love you. I want you to know that my death was never in your fault. If I had the chance to go back in time I would not change anything because I have fallen in love with the most beautiful witch I could have ever known"

"Peggy, Harry is now your responsibility. Protect him from harm for me" Cedric told her as Peggy willed herself to nod, "He saved me in the maze and I owe him my life. I wasn't able to save him from this but I know you can. I know in my soul that you will be the last line of defense that he will have against Voldemort. I shall always be with you, Peggy, no matter what"

"Let go. Sweetheart, you're ready" Harry's mother yelled out, "Let go! Let go!"

"I'll hold them off, run!" Peggy commanded as she helped Harry wave the curses upward, making Voldemort break his hold.

Peggy quickly pushed Harry behind her as he ran over to Cedric's body as the spirits flew to the Death Eaters creating a mist around them. Peggy waved her wand around as she summoned up her most favorable curse as a giant deep red skull appeared before her as she shot it out into the mist to keep the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord company. She turned around and ran at full speed over to Harry who was holding onto Cedric waiting for Peggy to catch up. Behind her, she could hear several cries as she knew her curse had made it's impact.

"Accio!" Harry pointed to the portkey just as Peggy threw herself onto the floor, grabbing onto Cedric for one last time.

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