Bring Me to Life

Forever Alone

Peggy slammed into the grass with a hard thud as the portkey was flung across the arena. She didn't know whether or not it was the wind that was knocked out of her, the feeling of how she just betrayed her birthright, or that she made it out alive that made her hold her breath. But in the end, Peggy let out a gasp as she heard the music and cheering around her as she cried and picked up her head to see Cedric's right next to hers. Harry wrapped his arms around Cedric as he sobbed into his shoulder as Peggy cradled his head. It almost felt like the killing curse had just hit her. The reality now was that she was forever alone.

Peggy let out a forceful wail as she picked herself up from her spot and picked up Cedric's head and placed it onto her lap. Tears blocked her vision as they kept on splashing down onto his forehead and trailing down the sides of his face. What he said meant nothing now that he was gone. Her hopes of being happy with him shriveled away as everyone was completely oblivious of what was going on. Anger filled up inside of Peggy, making her numb as she turned and yelled out to the crowd.

"Stop!" she screamed out.

A wave of energy blasted the crowd, making the crowd suddenly quiet down as both Harry's and Peggy's sobbing were the only things being heard in the arena. Peggy shrunk down her face to Cedric's forehead and gave him a wet kiss as the fairy tales mostly do in order to reverse a curse. But those were stories made from muggles as she noticed how Cedric remained still and lifeless as she scrunched up her eyes. Peggy sobbed as she heard someone calling her in the distance as several running feet joined the trio on the ground.

"Harry!" Dumbledore yelled out, "Peggy!"

He tried prying Harry off of Cedric's body but to no avail. She then felt arms wrap around her, making her suddenly snap as she pushed the hands off of her. They tried again but she pushed them back harder, making Dumbledore lose his balance a little bit.

"No!" Peggy screamed, "No! No, don't!"

"For God's sake, Dumbledore, what's happened?" Cornelius broke through the crowd.

"He's back. He's back" Harry informed the Headmaster through tears, "Voldemort's back. Cedric, he asked us to bring his body back. We couldn't leave him, not there"

"It's all right, Harry. It's all right" Dumbledore turned and gave a comforting grip on Peggy's arm, "He's home. You all are"

"I couldn't let Him go through with it" Peggy looked to Dumbledore for the first time for guidance, "I did the right thing, didn't I?"

Dumbledore gave her a smile and pet the side of her face with a big accomplished smile. It did nothing because the price was already paid in her account.

"The body must be moved, Dumbledore" Fudge commanded, "There are too many people"

"Let me through" came a panicked voice, "Let me through!"

Before Peggy could do anything to conceal the body the best way she could, Amos Diggory burst through the crowd and stared down to his son's face.

"Let me through! That's my son!" Amos dropped to his knees, "That's my boy! lt's my boy!"

Peggy let out a wail as she dropped down her head as she felt the brown curtain hid her from the crowd. She began to pet Cedric's face over and over again, wishing that she had fought harder to save his life. The color of the light green was impacted into her mind as she could feel Cedric's body slam into her. She remembered how his strong back felt, blocking her view, ready to fight for her. Peggy whimpered and cupped her hand onto her mouth as she felt an arm wrap around her and force her to lean into someone elses body. She opened her eyes, expecting to see black silk clothing comforting her in the best way that he could.

But it wasn't Draco, in fact, Draco wasn't in the stands at all. It was Amos Diggory who had his arm around her as he rocked her back and forth in a rough motion. A trail of grief was surrounding them as Peggy shook violently as the father pet the hair of the girlfriend. Amos Diggory let out a heartbreaking wail as all the students couldn't do anything but stand and stare at the scene. For once, Peggy didn't care what was crossing their mind as she tore herself away from Amos and bent over Cedric's body.

"Come on! Get up!" Peggy shook him violently, "Cedric!"

"Cedric, love!"

"Love, come on!" Peggy pleaded to him, "Get up!"

"No!" Peggy shook her head, "No!"

Peggy glanced down to Harry but then realized that the boy wasn't even there. She quickly looked up and scanned the crowd but couldn't see him. She grabbed onto her wand and tore herself away from Cedric as she turned around and around, looking for the one person who led her on the wild goose chase. The one person who had brought Cedric to his death.

"Harry!" Peggy yelled out with a throaty voice, "Where is he?! Harry!"

She turned and started to march over to the hallway but then Dumbledore stopped her and place his hands firmly on her arms. Peggy tried to rip herself away from him but his grip was too strong this time.

"This was not Harry's fault, Peggy" Dumbledore told her, "You need to understand that"

That was when she realized that Dumbledore still didn't put two and two together.

"You don't get it do you?" Peggy snapped.

"Voldemort was out for Harry" Dumbledore told her, "He would've killed you too if you knew you switched alliances"

"That's not what I'm talking about!" Peggy ripped her arms out of his hold, "It was Mad- Eye the whole time! I found the trophy in the broom closet, Moody planted a portkey that led to Voldemort!"

"Are you sure?" Dumbledore questioned.

"Of course, I am" Peggy said in a still voice, "Why else would he disappear with Harry while everyone is in this arena"

"McGonagall, Snape, with me!" Dumbledore shouted, "I want everyone to get back to their common rooms! Hurry up!"

Peggy couldn't really go back to her common room.

It wasn't that she was sure she wouldn't be invited in, but it was just the fact that she wouldn't belong.

She couldn't bear the silence, glares, and maybe even a public dispute by her best friend right now.

Peggy opened the door to a hidden room, making the candles and fireplace magically light themselves up. The room looked almost foreign to her now that it was too quiet. Peggy just looked around the room as she could easily see traces of Cedric still lying about as if the room was expecting him back inside. Peggy still was too.

She closed the door and leaned up onto it, afraid to go any further. She didn't want to lose herself like she did back in the arena.

They had to pry both her and Amos Diggory off of Cedric's body, from there, she didn't really know what happened. Professor Sprout had her in her room for quite some time, drinking tea that made her somewhat calm.

Peggy had no more tears to shed as of right now, she felt completely shocked that this happened. Peggy couldn't help shaking the feeling that she wasn't even supposed to be in Hogwarts as of tonight. She was supposed to be in another country with Cedric now, starting a new life away from the darkness that had gotten him killed.

She sighed and finally stepped into the room as she looked down to see his shoes, some of his homework, and even his Hufflepuff robe laid down on top of the couch next to her potions, tie, and a newspaper with a couple of circles around flats in Russia.

She traced her fingers along the robe before picking it up, closing her eyes, and taking in a big sniff of his scent.

Peggy whispered an incantation that made the robe glow purple for a few seconds before it went back to normal.

His scent was now forever locked into the robe. Peggy felt her eyes suddenly droop as she felt tired from all of the magic that she unleashed today.

She walked over to the bed and laid herself down as she stared at the fireplace. Peggy kicked off her shoes and pulled her jacket off and threw it down to the ground as she felt her whole body start to shake. It was finally seeping in that Cedric wasn't coming into their room anymore. He wasn't on duty with being a Prefect, he wasn't at a midnight class, nor was he out with his lads at Hogsmeade having a couple of drinks.

"He's really gone" Peggy felt a tear fall down her cheek, "He's not coming back"

As if on cue, the lights and the fireplace dimmed, leaving her in the dark room. Peggy took in a deep breath as tears fell freely onto the pillow. She took in a deep breath and summoned up the rest of her magic. The robe suddenly moved around like as if it was a person and wrapped itself around Peggy the way Cedric always did, he said that it was the only way he could ever fall asleep now.

"I'm sorry" Peggy closed her eyes, "I wish I knew another way to save you"

The last of the light burned out as the phantom robe stroked her arm, not the same thing as how Cedric would do it but it was enough to put her to sleep. She was too drained to sense that someone was watching her as of that moment, someone who had a deep understanding of what she was going through.

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