Bring Me to Life


"So that's it, I guess" Peggy sighed.

She looked back down to the Hufflepuff robe stretched out onto her lap as she knew what was coming. Snape wasn't here to comfort her, he was here to kill her. Who else would Voldemort have trusted in killing a student than the Potions teacher himself. Peggy stroked the yellow silk on the robe and closed her eyes. She will be with Cedric soon enough. A single tear slid down her cheek as she felt it splash onto her hand as she waited for Snape to conjure up the killing curse.

"You shouldn't lose hope" Snape responded, "I thought my life, too, would be over if I betrayed the Dark Lord but I am still here today. And I'm going to make sure that you will live just as long as I have even when the Dark Lord knows that you betrayed him"

"You're not going to kill me?" Peggy's eyes snapped open as she turned and looked over to Snape.

"No... I'm going to help you" Snape said in a monotone.

"How?" Peggy questioned, "Don't you know what happens to Death Eater's who help out traitors? They get worse punishment than the traitors themselves. You should've even bother. I've already got a plan. I'm sticking to it. No one will ever find me nor care to look for me"

"Russia?" Snape raised an eyebrow and looked pointedly at the newspaper ads, "Don't be stupid. He has spies everywhere, you won't be able to live in your flat for one night if you keep going with that plan. The Dark Lord knows that when traitors run, they will go as far away from the United Kingdom as possible"

"Then what, Snape, how can I avoid him and my family? Stay here in Hogwarts for as long as I can?" Peggy snapped.

"Not necessarily... live with me and I will teach you spells and curses that will keep you alive" Snape mentioned, surprising Peggy.

"This has got to be a trick" Peggy shook her head as she moved slightly away.

"The day is still young, think it over" Snape got up from the couch.

Peggy remained motionless as Snape went over to the door, making her perk up and look over to him, "Wait! You promised to tell me what happened to the person you lost"

Snape paused at the door and Peggy could've sworn that she saw his shoulders slump into a vulnerable position before he turned around and looked at her, "Agree to have me become your teacher and I will tell you"

Peggy opened her mouth to argue her point but then Snape quickly left the room, leaving Peggy with both hers and Cedric's belongings. She let out an irritated sigh as she leaned back into the couch.

She breathed in as she looked around at her suitcase and black cat just waiting to go home. Wherever that may be. Peggy didn't even really had a plan but knew that the train was going to leave in the afternoon, right after the Beauxbatons carriage and the Durmstrang ships took off. Could she really trust Snape? Was it all just a game? She didn't really believe it. For some reason, Snape seemed sincere and wanted the Lestrange girl to take shelter under his wing. Peggy slowly got up and walked over to the bathroom, needing cold water or something to calm her down. She walked in, turned on the cold tap and splashed a couple of handfuls onto her face. Peggy wiped her face on the towel and looked up at the mirror, only to back away and let out a little scream. Bellatrix was in the mirror with a furious look on her face that matched her mugshot picture in the newspaper a year back. She lifted up her fist and pounded it on the mirror, making it shake violently.

"I know what you did!" Bellatrix shouted, "I know EVERYTHING that happened in the graveyard the other night! Trust me when I tell you this, Pegs. I will stab your eyes out when I see you next, make you crawl! You've not only disgraced this entire family but you have ashamed me as a mother. I don't like to be ashamed of my own blood, little girl. I will figure out where you are hiding and murder you painfully and slowly. You would've wished that the killing curse that killed your little boyfriend had hit you instead. That will be the last option for you. Trust me, when I find you, I will-"

Peggy smashed her fist into the mirror, making it shatter and sting her knuckles painfully. She flinched as she pulled her hand away and looked down at the blood, her mother's threats echoing in her mind. Instead of using a healing charm, Peggy just rinsed off the blood and left the room, her mother's image on the mirror tainted the love that she felt in that room.

She was about to go down into the courtyard when she suddenly stopped as she noticed Amos Diggory was in front of her, "Mr. Diggory! I didn't see you"

"You were too busy looking down at your hand. Are you alright?"

"It's just a scratch"

"It looks a lot more than just a simple scratch" Amos noted as the blood dripped down her finger.

"I will be fine" Peggy as she tucked her hand away behind her back, "Are you leaving?"

"Yes, I am, I just wanted to have a chance to find you before I leave" Amos told her, "I was going to see if you would want to come to the... the burial once it has been arranged"

"I would love to but I don't think it would be wise" Peggy said with a heavy heart.

Amos fought back tears as he nodded to her in a brisk moment. They stood there in silence before Amos advanced at her and gave Peggy an enormous bear hug that she wasn't expecting. Peggy gasped as she slowly placed her hand on his back as he brought his lips to her ear.

"Avenge him" He quickly broke the hug and walked away, leaving her in the hallway perplexed by what the polite man had just told her to do.

Peggy slowly walked over to the edge of the hall and looked down to everyone gathered around, laughing, hugging, and exchanging owls back and forth. She didn't know whether or not Dumbledore told them that Voldemort was alive but none of the children looked scared. Peggy heard laughter being drifted up as Hermione, Ron, and Harry walked over to a crowd. Harry Potter picked up his head and looked up to Peggy, staring at her with his electric green eyes. The two just stared for a moment before he looked back down to his friends and continued to converse with them. She could still hear Cedric's voice of encouragement in her ear, along with Bellatrix's threat, and Amos' task to her.

A flashback played behind her eyes as she remembered that everyone was in their Death Eater robes, all but one. The one who had a hand missing and Voldemort commented about him being useful for an amount of time. The man who killed Cedric was Peter Pettigrew.

Peggy felt her eyes darken as she remembered Cedric pushing her behind his back as Wormtail shot out the killing curse at them both. That rat took the first person who could ever have made her happy.

Peggy quickly turned around and headed down the hallway to Snape's room, there was a lot of work to be done before she could finally have her sweet taste of revenge on the vermin who killed the one person she loved the most.

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