Bring Me to Life

Death Riot


"It's the Death Eaters!"

"Leave everything behind, they're back!" A woman's voice could be heard.

Another woman let out a scream, "Where's my daughter?"

"Run for your lives!" a man hollered.

"To the portkey, hurry!" another man shouted.

"Such a pity, isn't it?"

"I know" Peggy sighed, "We should go help them"

"Or let them burn"

"Why aren't they attacking anyone?"

"We're just here to show a message" Rodolphus Lestrange said from his side of the hill.

"I honestly think we could use a couple of hostages" Bellatrix sighed, "I haven't tortured anyone in so long. House Elves don't give the greater pleasure of squealing and begging like wizards and muggles do"

"You know what the Dark Lord has said. No killing until he is risen" Peggy's father said in a dark tone that made her shudder.

"He said?" Draco questioned, "Voldemort's alive?"

"Yes, but he's not at his full strength just yet" Bellatrix responded.

"When will he return?" Peggy asked.

"In due time, stop asking questions and watch the riot" Rodolphus said in a curt voice.

Bellatrix turned to her husband, "Don't talk to Pegs like that! Don't you see? She's just as passionate about the Dark Arts as we are!"

"She hasn't even started the Advanced training yet. How do you think she'll be ready to take up our name when she's 17?" Her father remarked.

Peggy turned to her father, "I will be ready to fight. I'll kill anyone if it means to make the Dark Lord proud"

Draco came up beside Peggy, "We'll be able to do it. I'd kill Potter if he ever wanted me to do it. Maybe even torture the mudblood as well too. You'll be proud of us, uncle. We'll make the wizards feel fear for the name of Lestrange and Malfoy again"

"We've already put fear into the hearts of wizards and witches" Peggy's father muttered.

"Yes, yes, yes, all because of you I'm guessing" Bellatrix rolled her eyes.

"It wasn't all because of you" Rodolphus let out.

"Fine, why don't we just ask someone down there!" Bellatrix hollered.

Peggy rolled her eyes and shook her head as her eyes drifted back over to the chaos under her. Ever since her parents had come to the Malfoy Mansion, they have done nothing but constantly bicker at one another. It even got to the point where her Aunt Narcissa was losing her patience. Peggy looked over to Draco who shook his head in a slow manner. She had to hide her smile as her parents continued to argue loudly right beside her. She was just happy that the conversation wasn't all on her anymore.

She closed her eyes and let the screams fill her ears and the chants become a soft hum to her. She could feel the power of the fear thrumming all around her, exciting her as she wished she was part of this action. Everyone down there must be so terrified that they don't even know their own names. She could feel the heat of the flames as she wondered where the Weasels, the mudblood, and Cedric Diggory were in this riot. Peggy stopped relishing and opened her eyes to look down to the riot.

Her eyes scanned the campsite as she wondered if she could see him from there. Peggy quickly gave up as she knew that it would be useless to search for one wizard when the attack has already gone on for quite sometime now. She shoved her hands in her pocket and let out a low sigh. Even if Cedric did die tonight, what good would he have done in the future?

"I'm glad we only have one more week of this" Draco whispered, "Even if your mother says good morning that will start an argument"

"Tell me about it" Peggy rolled her eyes, "I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait until we go back to Hogwarts. I've been looking forward to it since the 4th day of summer"

"At least there we will have peace and quiet" Draco sighed.

"For the most part" Peggy smiled.

"Come. The riot is over" Rodolphus said as he quickly marched away from the cliff.

"You wet blanket!" Bellatrix shouted as she followed him.

"But there are still a couple of stragglers behind" Peggy spoke up.

"Your father is upset" Bellatrix said slowly, "But I'm not apologizing! I meant every word that I've said"

"Good for you!" Rodolphus yelled back.

"I guess we're going" Peggy glanced to her cousin, "It was fun while it lasted"

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