Bring Me to Life

The Other Side

Peggy glanced down to her watch as she noticed that it was only an hour and fifteen minutes until their train ride was over. She glanced outside and could already see that the view was rapidly getting darker and darker. She was happy to know that their ride was coming to its end, she loved the train rides in the beginning but towards the end, she starts to hate them. Peggy glanced over to Hilary, her best friend, to see that she was still flirting with another Slytherin boy. Her friend tossed her blonde hair and looked the boy up and down as she gave him her twinkling smile that has burn the hearts of many in their House. Peggy sighed as she picked up her bag and started to scoot out of the bench.

Peggy said, "I'm going to go and change into my uniform"

"Take your time" Hilary responded.

"Peggy" a voice said once she left the compartment.

Peggy turned and looked back to the room and didn't see Draco or Hilary seem to call her name. She started to wonder if she really was losing it until someone emerged from their hiding spot. Peggy didn't know whether or not to be happy that Cedric made it out of the riot or annoyed that he did. Cedric smiled to her as she noticed that he was already dressed in his school robes. Peggy quickly turned around and started to walk down the hallway.

"Leave me alone. Go bother someone else" she replied.

"I'm actually not here to bother you" Cedric said from behind her.

"Really?" Peggy scoffed, "Then I'm guessing you love to be teased by the Slytherin's because that's exactly what you were going to get once you entered that compartment"

"I came to see if you were alright" Cedric stated.

"Alright?" Peggy stopped and looked at him, "What are you talking about? You're acting like you know me or something"

"The Death Eaters came and invaded the campsite right after the tournament" Cedric reminded her, "It was madness, I already knew that the Weasleys, Hermione, and Potter were safe. There was no way of figuring out if you were safe or not so I went searching for you on this train"

"You went looking for me?" Peggy blinked, "But why? There were no casualties at the invasion. You didn't have to look for me"

"Some people just need to be checked up on otherwise" Cedric shrugged as he turned and once again left her speechless in the hallway of the train.

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