Bring Me to Life

Bitterly Alone

The next day, Peggy sipped on her cup of tea as she read the newspaper. The front page still read about the 'mystery' behind the raid that happened at the World Cup. Most of the students were reading it because they too wanted to know why this happened under the Ministries noses. Peggy was reading it with more of a victory as she knew exactly who was under those hoods and even knew the children who were in the common room. Someone plopped down in front of Peggy, blocking the sun from her eyes. She glanced over for a second before she bought the cup back up to her lips.

Peggy blew on her cup, "Don't you have someone to annoy? I thought we weren't supposed to talk to each other in public"

"Very funny" Draco responded as he placed food on his plate, "I'm only sitting here because I don't want to lose my appetite with sitting with Crabbe and Goyle. I thought they were actually considering on going on that diet"

Peggy let out a little chuckle as she looked down the long table to see Draco's two friends stuffing their faces with food. She honestly didn't know what they talked about or even how the other could possibly understand what's being said. Peggy took a couple of bites into her own waffle as she glanced back down to the newspaper that was propped up on a jug of juice. A couple of first years came over and were about to sit next to her when a boy whispered into the others ear. Peggy only glanced at them and that made the boys run off to the more crowded end of the Slytherin table.

"Unbelievable" Peggy let out.

Draco glanced over to the other end of the table and noticed how far away people were forcing themselves to be. Now that the Durmstrang students extended their tables and even had stands to sit on, it seemed like the Slytherin table wasn't as united as people thought. He glanced over to his cousin who just continued to eat her food and acted like she wasn't aware of the big space between both of the tables. Draco also knew that the first month was always hard for her as she never really got used to not having that many friends.

"Maybe you should try a different perfume" Draco joked.

Peggy glanced over to her cousin, "Excuse me?"

"You smell like a foul horse"

"Oh, shut up"

"I'm serious!"

"I will turn you into a foul horse if you don't pipe down. You've seen me do it before" Peggy threatened.

"I'm just saying" Draco said lightly, "It wouldn't kill you to have a personality. You're always so quiet when you're at school"

Peggy glared, "You think it's my fault? I'm doing nothing. It's just the rumors and reputation that my parents have that are haunting these walls. I'm more than lucky enough to have Hilary as a friend"

"I wouldn't necessarily call Hilary a friend" Draco put in.

"Here we go again" Peggy rolled her eyes.

"I'm serious" Draco looked around before leaning in to whisper to Peggy, "She's only using you to get to your mom. She's obsessed with your mothers fame"

"You've always hated her" Peggy commented.

"With good reason" Draco countered.

"Just like how I don't like Crabbe and Goyle. How I think that if you hang out with them you'll end up... fat" Peggy cringed.

"Really?" Draco raised an eyebrow, "That's all that you've got?"

"It's Monday morning" Peggy responded.

"Don't remind me" Draco rolled his eyes, "I have Defense Against the Dark Arts as my first torture. I can't believe that Dumbledore let Mad-Eye Moody come to this place to teach us"

"Then again, he let Karkaroff into the Castle as well" Peggy pointed out.

"Karkaroff" Draco huffed, "Don't remind me"

"I'm sure you've already sent a letter back home concerning those two" Peggy mentioned, "Your father might not really care about that news. My mother might. She might even try to find a way to come to Hogwarts. Maybe even defy specific orders in just to get even with the traitor"

"You're probably right" Draco commented, "Good thing I didn't send it yet"

"Good" Peggy sighed, "I don't really fancy having my mother use me as a tool. I thought having her around all summer would mend old wounds and have us have a perfect relationship together. Never in a million years did I ever want to jab her knives into my temple"

"So did I"

"Good luck with your mother then" Peggy straightened up, "I honestly don't know how mine became so insane. I'm glad I wasn't raised by her. I might have not been able to have made it to 16. I should probably get going. My class is starting soon. I'd hate to be late to this class. Muggle Studies. You think you have the horrible trade? Think again"

"I've stood mistaken. Enjoy your time in there. Don't try to hurt yourself with Professor Burbage's toys" Draco laughed.

"That would be entertaining"

"Peggy..." Draco started.

"Don't say it" Peggy stood up, "I've only got one more year until I graduate from here. Then after that, I will be able to kill all of the people who rejected my friendship. Don't worry. I'm used to being alone now. It's peaceful"

Draco only stared at his older cousin before giving her a slight nod as she gave him her best smile. Peggy picked up her books and glanced to her watch. She did her best to put on the most annoyed face she could muster and rolled her eyes.

"Off to my least favorite class" Peggy lied.

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