Bring Me to Life

Awake and Alive

Peggy sat on a stone bench as the rain poured down outside in the courtyard. A couple of girls giggled as they ran through the rain complaining on how late they were going to be for Professor Snape's class. She barely even looked up as she flipped the page from one of her favorite books as her foot lightly lifted up in its own rhythm. The Slytherin girl had her free period right now and instead of thrusting herself into the library or Dining Hall, she chose a very secluded bench to calm down her nerves. She let in a big intake of breath as she let the smell of rain fill her lungs as she let out a deep sigh. She could tell how cold the atmosphere was around her, but her mind was thrust into another world entirely different from the world she lives in.

Right now, Peggy was feeling the wind rush past her as she rode with Aragorn, Isildur's Heir, to quickly warn the King of Rohan about Isengard's army marching their way. She could almost feel the urgency he was feeling and the loyalty he had toward the people of Rohan. Her body was strumming with excitement and anticipation as she wanted to ride around on her broom just to have a feeling of what he was going through. Peggy waited impatiently all summer long to read this next book that Professor Burbage had suggested. Being from a pureblood, muggle hating family makes it difficult to sit down and enjoy a book that was made by a muggle.

Suddenly, someone jumped up behind her and sat down in the bench next to her with a squishy plop. Peggy jumped and slammed her book closed and set it aside, fearing that it was Draco who had snuck up on her. Instead, it was a ridiculously drenched Cedric smiling at her as she rolled her eyes. She honestly didn't know how this boy could not take a hint that she has no interest in becoming his friend.

"What book are you reading?"

"A book for class. Something I should be getting back to" Peggy looked at him with a pointed look, "What? Did you fall into the lake or something? Nevermind. I don't want to know"

"I ran from Herbology class to put my name into the Goblet"

Peggy scoffed but then realized what he said and turned and looked at him. He gave her a toothless smile and nodded. In a way, Peggy felt almost jealous that he put his name in the Goblet, but she never would've figured that Cedric would do such a thing.

"Did you really?" Peggy questioned.

Peggy didn't need a response as a couple of Hufflepuff students came over and congratulated him and patted him on his back. When they looked over to her, Peggy gave them a glare which made the Hufflepuffs gasp and quickly continued down the hallway.

Cedric scoffed and shook his head, making Peggy look over to him.

"Why do you do that?" Cedric asked.


"Act like your mother"

"You don't know my mother" Peggy scoffed.

"I know her reputation and you act like you are the one that has it under your belt" Cedric countered.

"That's what these people are afraid of" Peggy mumbled, "Mind as well make them fear for it"

"Not all of them fear it or you" Cedric got up and pointed at the book, "The Battle at Helm's Deep is something to look forward to"

Peggy looked down to her book and picked it up before looking back down the hallway to Cedric walking away. She rolled her eyes and walked the opposite way as she was starting to get annoyed by his constant appearing out of nowhere, talking to her nonstop, and then leaving just as suddenly as he appears. Peggy vowed to herself that she was going to be the next one to randomly walk away. In her mind, she imagined when she was going to do it, before or after he talks about her mothers reputation or maybe when he flashes her his million dollar smile. Peggy smiled to herself as she imagined him calling after her as she held her head high up and continued to march on. She didn't realize it at the moment, but that was when Peggy was starting to look forward to Cedric finding her.

"I can't believe it's time!" Hilary squealed later that night, "I wonder who our champion is"

"I'm guessing its Douglass or maybe even Thomas" Peggy noted, "I know that Douglass has been doing nothing but training himself ever since he put his name into the Goblet. He changed the whole common room into his own training room"

"Don't remind me" Hilary scrunched up her nose, "I still feel like I smell like his sweat"

"I really wish I could've joined" Peggy mused, "I would make my father proud of me. It would also give the students a little taste of what I could do. Of course the Ministry puts up that stupid age limit. I want Eternal Glory more than anything"

"My, my" Hilary smiled, "I've never heard you so riled up"

"It's just with everything that's happening right now" Peggy looked around before leaning in closer, "My mother being broken out. The Dark Mark's burning. The World Quidditch Cup raid"

"I know, but keep it down" Hilary whispered, "The Dark Lord would not be too pleased if we were the ones to ruin his plans"

"Point taken" Peggy glanced over and noticed that the staff members had just started to walk in, "Finally! I feel like we've been sitting here for a whole hour. I want to know whose each champion. It's the only reason why I'm here"

"In due time"

"Yes" Peggy nodded, "After a useless speech from the Headmaster. The old man just finds excuses to talk. I honestly don't remember a single one of them. It's making me dread the day that we graduate"

"If the war hasn't started yet" Hilary hinted.

"Hopefully it will be this year-" Peggy said.

"May I have your attention, please?" Dumbledore spoke up.

"Here we go" Hilary squealed.

"It's time to reveal the champions of the Triwizard Tournament" Dumbledore yelled out, "Let us begin. Good luck to the three that are to be selected"

Peggy gasped as the first scroll floated up from the fire, "The first one"

"The Drumstrang champion is... Viktor Krum!" Dumbledore yelled out.

Hilary shrugged and clapped her hands, "Of course it is"

Everyone around Peggy cheered as Viktor got up from his bench and made his way over to Dumbledore. Draco got up and let out a whistle to show his support of the Drumstrang. Peggy scoffed and rolled her eyes to her cousin as he seemed to be the happiest one of all. The fire turned magenta yet again as it shot out another piece of parchment paper in the resemblance of a fan. Peggy waited as the Beauxbatons girls whispered excitedly about who might be picked.

"The Beauxbatons champion is... Fluer Delacour" Dumbledore announced. A shrill cry came from the end of the hallway as the tall and willowy blonde girl came up to Dumbledore with a proud smile on her face.

Peggy couldn't help but noticed the rolling of the eyes of some girls and stink faces as Hilary let out a groan of disdain. The witch looked so beautiful that she could've easily passed as one of the nymphs in the Forbidden Forest.

The fire shot out the last parchment of paper to represent Hogwarts, making all of the students quiet down. Hilary glanced over to Peggy and gave an excited smile as they both straightened up as if that would make Dumbledore read faster. "The Hogwarts champion is... Cedric Diggory!"

"What?" Peggy let out as she felt her palms begin to sweat and her heartbeat rapidly.

Cedric took his parchment of paper and walked over to the back of the room, he glanced over to Peggy from the corner of his eye and lightly traced his fingertips across her back as he passed, making Peggy gasp and blush at the hidden feeling.

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