Bring Me to Life

The Fourth Contender

Draco scoffed, "That damn Potter! Always has to make it about him one way or another!"

"For a minute, I was starting to forget about him. How do you think he put his name in the Cup?" Peggy questioned later that night.

"Who cares!" Draco yelled out, "I just hope he gets what he deserves now that he's in the Tournament"

"It had to have been an older student" Peggy mused, "I would think that the Goblet of Fire would be smarter than that"

"It's the age line that people needed to be concerned about" Draco rolled his eyes, "The Goblet of Fire can select any name once submitted"

"But three names were already selected" Peggy leaned forward.

"What are you saying?" Draco squinted his eyes, "Are you implying that it was a teacher?"

"I'm implying that this person could be on our side" Peggy smirked, "The Tournament was stopped because of too many traumatic injuries"

"And with Potter in the Tournament, he will be the most vulnerable"

"A 14 year old doesn't know that many defenses in a time of need"

"Brilliant!" Draco smiled, "But who did it? Certainly not Snape, he hates the boy so much that he will patiently wait for the Dark Lord to do his bidding. Who else would want to please him more than our teacher?"

Peggy shrugged as she leaned back onto the black couch and let out a tired sigh. She took a look around the Slytherin common room at everyone crowding around and talking amongst each other. The scene could've easily displayed something as ceremonial as if the Slytherin Quidditch team won the Hogwarts Cup. Instead, everyone was in a heated conversation about how Harry Potter managed to put his name into the Goblet of Fire. It annoyed Peggy personally how the young boy could just pick anything to make any situation about him. But the one thing that bugged her the most was how the 14 year old had done it.

She hoped that her theory was correct and this was all just for a darker purpose. Maybe that was the thing that her father didn't let on to her. They all could've been hiding that the Dark Lord was making sure to put Harry's name into the Goblet just to get him away from Dumbledore and all the other teachers. She couldn't deny the feeling of her fingers starting to shake with anticipation as she wanted the Malfoy's black owl to return right now. Peggy wanted more than anything to believe that what she placed together was true.

Her eyes then focused on Draco who continued to scoff on the other chair and seemed to be the most displeased of everyone. She knew how much her cousin despises him and how much it killed him to hear Potter's name echo in the hallway. Peggy blinked as she quickly leaned forward and tugged on Draco's pant leg. He looked over and then slowly leaned in as he knew that she had something urgent to say.

"Karkaroff" Peggy whispered, "It's got to be him!"

"What are you talking about?"

"He must've put Potter's name into the Goblet"

"That's insane. Why would he do that?" Draco shook his head, "He has no loyalty to Him"

Peggy rolled her eyes as she let out a frustrated sigh. She knew that her cousin wasn't going to get it right off the bat. She rolled her shoulders and then looked at him squarely in his silver eyes.

"That's exactly why he's doing it" Peggy urged, "He wants back in. He has the most desperation in pleasing the Dark Lord more than anyone else on this campus"

"His Dark Mark has been burning and he knew that it could only mean one thing" Draco slowly nodded.

"That's why he put the name in" Peggy smiled, "He wants nothing more than to prove to the Dark Lord that he is as sinister as he once was"

"I doubt he will fall for it" Draco countered, "The Dark Lord never forgets"

"Especially traitors" Peggy finished.

"Your mother made sure to drill that one into our heads all summer" Draco rolled his eyes.

"I'm just happy that I don't have to start the morning with doing useless jumping up on the beds and silly pillow fights" Peggy sighed.

"You enjoyed them" Draco replied.

"I did not" Peggy snapped, "Anyways, I need to retire to my room. I've got studying to do and I don't fancy putting it off till the test"

"I have homework also" Draco stood up, "I hope we hear back from my father soon. I want to know what his intake is on all of this. Maybe he'll give us a hint on what is to come in this following year"

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