Bring Me to Life

His Plea

Peggy slowly strolled down the bridge as she was making her way back from her little walk. She carefully tucked away the small bundle of wildflowers that she had picked, hoping to crush some in between two books to put it in her scrapbook. She glanced up and nearly slowed to a stop before rolling her eyes as she continued to march on. Cedric was making his way over to her as he tenderly rubbed one side of his cheek. He was still in school robes but everyone knew it was because Rita Skeeter was here to be the official journalist behind the Triwizard Tournament. Cedric only took one glance at Peggy before he gave a double take, smiled and moved to stop in front of her.

"What have you been up to?" Cedric asked.

"I was just minding my own business until you came along" Peggy tried to move around him but Cedric side stepped to be in front of her again.

"I guess I stumbled upon something that means more personal to you than the book I caught you reading the other day" Cedric tried to smirk but winced.

"Would you keep it down? Do you know what could happen to me if other Slytherins knew about that?" Peggy glanced around and luckily found out that they were alone on the bridge, "I would be drowned in the Black Lake if they knew I was reading a Muggle's book"

"Then it will be our little secret" Cedric promised, "Who am I going to tell anyways?"

"What happened to your cheek?" Peggy asked as she noticed that it was ridiculously flushed than the other one.

"Rita Skeeter happened" Cedric rolled his eyes.

Peggy let out a slight huff of a laugh, "Day one and she's already getting on your nerves? I thought that would never happen"

"It's definitely possible after today" Cedric tried to smile, "She kept on pinching my cheek"

"I think she might like you" Peggy hinted, "I mean, who wouldn't now. You're a champion of Hogwarts and have a chance at Eternal Glory"

"So does that mean that you do?" Cedric smiled, "I've been trying to grab your attention since the World Cup but seem to only piss you off even more"

"You don't know what you're asking for. I'm the daughter of a Death Eater" Peggy said as she felt a blush rise to her cheeks, "My life is already laid out for me. I suggest that you just work on keeping your distance from me"

Peggy felt a new sensation as she fought to keep the tears from coming to her eyes. She had just realized that she was telling the first person who confessed their feelings for her to keep away. Always she dreamed of a day like that to come but she never thought it would be in a Hufflepuff. As much as she hated to admit it, she wanted Cedric to stay away from her. Peggy didn't want it to come down to the final battle with him standing in her way, forcing her to kill him.

"I'm not going anywhere" Cedric responded, making Peggy look up at him, "I'm not scared of your family's history"

Peggy let out a scoff as she turned and ran her hand through her brown hair as a tear slipped down onto her cheek. She tried her best to keep her composure as she turned around and glared at Cedric. He stood there, motionless and stared into her eyes as if they were open doors. With his gaze still on her, she almost realized how numb she's become over her life's decision.

"Then you should be scared to death of Him" Peggy told Cedric.

Cedric slowly walked over to Peggy as he realized that she took in a deep breath and took a step back. Still, he slowly walked up to her, as if she was a unicorn just outside of his house on a summer morning. He then traced her wet cheek and wiped her tears away as he felt her tremble under his touch.

"I have faith in my community" Cedric said softly, "Do you have faith in yours?"

"What are you talking about!?"

"You're terrified of the outcome" Cedric told her.

"I'm not terrified of my outcome" Peggy snapped as she took a step back, "I know who will win once the time comes. You should really stay out of the Dark Lord's way once he comes back. He won't be so generous with your life if you stand in his way"

Cedric moved to touch Peggy on the shoulder but she moved away as she glared at him. He sighed as he realized that he had lost that precious moment that he had with her just a couple of seconds ago.

"I will stand out of his way if you don't choose to fight yourself" Cedric brought up.

"The only way I won't be able to fight is if you kill me" Peggy said in a voice that matched her mothers as she took off walking back over to the Castle, leaving Cedric motionless on the bridge.

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