Uranus II - rebellion

Uranus Rebellion

In the passing weeks, The DA was thriving. Meetings were scheduled every three weeks if possible, training happened every night in The Room of Requirements where they also planned their next acts of rebellion. Students were sabotaging the castle and it's authorities left and right and haven't been found out yet. It was going well and advertising about The Army was graffitied on random nights so they wouldn't be predicted. The rebellion was going well aside from those who had been caught in acts like freeing first years chained as punishment, but but it didn't stop. It was tricky, yes, but they had many members.

And thanks to Ginny, George and Fred's Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes tricks became an asset, an important one those like Isabelle relied on.

Once, Isabelle mentioned how the twins inspired her. She had to hold in a thunder of laughter when Professor Vector ran out her office, face drooping, and chased by fire fireworks after she planted Wildfire Whiz-Bangs behind her chair and a Skiving Snack Box on her desk

Those of the original DA checked their enchanted coins periodically.

The air was thickening and the Carrows angry and everyone was getting ready. The Death Eaters were becoming restless and all knew that Voldemort was on his way.

Once, as a way of distraction, Grace and Echo drove a teacher up the wall. It was a thin man who reminded them of Quirrell and supporter of the Death Eaters' teaching and Voldemort. They went up to his desk in-between classes and asked questions regarding their classwork which turned into riddles. At first it was amusing to him but when Grace began fretting, he became uncomfortable and nervous himself.

Grace was the one who exaggerated "what if the niffler never meets his mom?!" taking an example he used earlier and took it literally. She worried, knowing that the baby would perish without its mother. Echo spoke when Grace paused, blurting questions and other random things that diverged from their original question about the class material.

Echo spoke off the wall questions, anything about the lesson, anything she could think of. It clearly frustrated the man, not knowing who to pay attention to more—the girl bawling on the carpet at his feet or the one playing with the jar containing flesh-eating slugs.

Grace threw herself to the floor and cried about her fear of failing. "Why are you not listening to me? Do you want me to fail? I can't fail, my parents would burn me at the stake!" Grace started yelling, which put the man off and made him fidget more.

Echo kept a calm facade and asked something about chucking and a wood-something…a woodchuck?

"What the hell is a woodchuck?!"

"Would you please go wait out in the hall—-" He turned to Echo to find her playing with a jar filled with a dark, cloudy substance.

"What is this?" She tossed it from one hand to the other. "It's pretty. What'll it do—-"

He snatched the jar from her. "Do not touch that! That's a deadly—-"

Grace continued wailing from the floor. Echo looked the man in the eye and cracked a small smile from behind her hair. With that odd, creepy smile, she blackmailed him, threatened to tell Headmaster Snape of the deadly things he kept in his classroom, putting students at risk. They all knew that Snape would not listen to any excuses, knowing he wanted to protect the students.

She told him that "it would be a shame if all these things were let loose throughout the school—your things."

The man glared at the blonde and Echo directed his attention back to Grace who now grabbed at his pants desperately, pleading. She begged him to help them past the class.

"Get off of me!"

He pushed Grace away, in turn throwing himself against his desk and knocking his remaining corked containers to the floor. Smoke began filling the classroom and the man fled, more than happy to get away from the crazed students, muttering something about Hufflepuffs.

Grace shouted after him that her parents will here about this incident. She then turned to Echo.

"I see why Malfoy says it so much now. It makes them anticipate that coming howler," she grinned before erupting in coughs.

Both girl fled and gave the ok for Michael, Padma, and Lavender to go inside, wrapping clothes around their airways to steal the unused radio collecting dust in the back of the class.

Echo remembers when Neville went into hiding.

Prior, her cousin was kidnapped by Death Eaters on the train ride home.

That Christmas was a sullen time at her family's house. Her mother had been of heavy heart and not many cared for the presents under the tree.

Xenophilius had been the most upset—well, who displayed the most distraught out of them all.

Echo was as well—she was afraid more like it. And her uncle was not doing well as the winter break wore on. Echo's mother began worrying for his wellbeing. Their cousins left early, telling they would keep Luna in their thoughts but everyone knowing they would only hide away at home.

Echo couldn't wait to get back to Hogwarts so she could see the others part of the DA. She was ready to put in action, to do more of their work Ginny and Neville had for them. Her family had now become directly involved and Echo now wore a hard frown on her face.

She was ready to fight.

Before she left, Echo's mother had Xenophilius under close watch. Echo knew she was secretly beginning to worry for his sanity. After losing his wife and now daughter, it would make sense.

Echo wanted to stay as well but she knew she would be of no use here. The fight was not here, the battle would not be held here. In order to begin putting an end to all this, she would need to leave and go back to Hogwarts.

She would leave with her mother holding her face, begging Echo to stay. She would hug her mother and say that it would all be fine, and left a kiss on her cheek. Echo lied that she knew everything was going to be alright.

Over the break, Echo practiced her defense and hexes on ravens and critters found. Once, she grinned in bitter satisfaction to herself. Her cousin would have been proud of her now. She have even begun passing Luna in skill and her accuracy was much better.

But when she returned, Hogwarts was even more cruel. It had not gotten any better and upon finding out Echo is related to Luna Lovegood, daughter of Quibbler editor Xenophilius, she became the next target.

The Carrows liked picking on her, pinning her against younger students, demanding she curse them receiving hexes when she didn't.

Amycus threatened Echo during class once. It was one that was a joint class and one she remembers only in bits and pieces.

Amycus demonstrated to the class another "lesson" of his which involved inflicting pain on another's opponent, one of the forbidden curses. He had paired students in two's, standing at opposite walls of the classroom.

Echo remembers him coming up behind her and order her strike down a second year Gryffindor with a Crucio curse. Like Grace before her, Echo shook her head furiously until Amycus grabbed her wrist, moving it in the motion to cast the curse.

"Crucio! Crucio! Speak it!" he yelled near her ear. "If you want to see the light of day again—crucio!" He cursed her in words, threatened her to do as he said.

Echo shook her head, wincing in pain when he grabbed her by the jaw, ordering her to perform the forbidden curse.

Echo remembers being in tears from Amycus' demands and scaring her.

Throughout the room, other students had their wands down—the braver ones—watching, frightened. Dean and Susan were nearest the Hufflepuff and say the tears falling from her eyes as Amycus squeezed her jaw and screamed demeaning words in her face. Across the room, Neville watched with a look of murder and large fists balled at his sides.

Echo bawled and was thrown to the floor. Amycus grabbing her wand and cursed the second year himself. The wand fell from his hand as the curse backfired slightly, stinging his hand. It clattered to the floor near Echo and when she reached for it, Amycus drove his boot into her hand.

The Death Eater looked around the room, younger years avoiding eye contact and those older fidgeting. When he stood in Dean's face, the boy looked away.

"Do I need to rearrange that look of yours, boy?" Amycus stepped to Neville.

Surprisingly, there was a small height difference between the two. The room remained silent as the two competed in a sort of stare off.

"Am I…bothering you, son?" Amycus taunted.

Neville continued glaring with his chin raised.

"Your girlfriend won't like your face messed up. With a large, nasty, festering gash across it., maybe. How would that sound?" He raised a hand, hovering his finger above Neville's face, drawing slowly over his skin a long diagonal line to indicate the scar he would give the Gryffindor if he kept glaring.

Which Neville did.

Amycus held his hands behind his back. "Have you attempted the curse yet?" he asked slowly. He looked to the fearful first year across from Neville. "I guess not…" he indicated since the first year was still standing.

"I'm not going to curse anyone." Neville's voice was hard and lips tight.

Amycus' eyes widened at this defiance, then narrowed as a dark smile spread across his face and yanking Neville's head back by his hair.

Echo remembered when Neville first went into hiding. It wasn't long after that that the Death Eaters realized Neville was the ringleader of Dumbledore's Army. It was after that DADA class and the Easter holiday break that Ginny didn't return that Neville snuck inside The Room of Requirements to stay. That was when his life became endangered and everything began boiling over.

In a little house by the sea stayed Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. It was a pretty little house decorated in seashells and held way too many guests.

Outside, a boy sat in the sand. Hours ago he had been crying over something laying in his lap. Now, he sat stolid and dead-eyed, his face hardened by adversity and tragedy beyond years.

Earlier he had been crying over a dead elf, one of his first friendships made. An unlikely one, but one that stayed true. It was a silly elf, one the boy made promise years ago to never try and save his life again, but which the elf had done in exchange of his own.

A girl with long blonde tresses had been beside him. She was the one who helped him burry the elf.

It was a beautiful day, and she spoke that to him when the tombstone was laid. The boy's friends retreated inside the little house, the girl of the group holding back tears of her own from inside.

All this was too much. This was becoming too much to handle. But there was no turning back.

They couldn't turn back.

In the little house, the trio gathered in a bedroom and bargained with a goblin.

"Get us into Gringotts, and inside Lestrange's vault, then you can have The Sword of Gryffindor," the boy spoke, the same one who had wiped his cheeks dry on the beach, the one with dirty black hair and glasses.

The goblin glared at the three of them but eventually gave in.

The girl with blonde hair watched the seagulls from a window. The birds soared in the background of the small tombstone on a hill. It was a beautiful view, Luna said aloud and to herself.

"It's quite a beautiful view. Sad, but beautiful. Something Dobby would have liked, I suppose."

Fleur packed the trio little snacks to carry, and Bill wished them all luck and a few helpful spells if caught in a bind. The trio—the golden trio—they would be known as later in life—apparated with the grumpy goblin and snuck into Gringotts Bank, two disguised as murderers and the third hidden under an invisible cloak.

Miles away but close enough to school, they knew Voldemort was coming, if he wasn't at Hogwarts already.

They have to be prepared, Hermione told them. They have to stay on task and on schedule.

Ron would sleep for a few hours and then wake her up for her shift to keep watch around their tent, and then it would be Harry.

By day they were on foot, by night, pitched a tent and tried not to burn it down with lumos spells to candlelights.

A dragon destroyed the bank, though. After the goblin betrayed them and the three hitched a flight, grabbing on to the dragon's spikes.

They embarked a journey that was too soon, one those of their age should only read in books. The three would become legends, they didn't know, and while others their ages would be in school, they were risking their lives in glorified action.

But none of this was glorious, neither did they do it for glory.

It is not glorious watching someone struck dead at your side. It's not glorious watching the love of your life in the arms of another woman. It's not glorious to be threatened at birth or have to literally wipe your life away from the minds of those you care for the most, as means of protecting them. It's not fun having to go on a perilous journey.

It's not glorious jumping from the back of a blind dragon, fifty feet in the air, into a deep, dark waters.

Being in the mist of war was not glorious or something to be praised, no matter how brave the action. None of this was fun, none of this should have happened.

While the three of them were out trying to save their own necks, they knew that The Dark Lord was ready. All his pawns were in place. He was now waiting for the opposing king to make his move.

By May, The DA had gone into hiding. Word of them and their distractions had gotten around and it was no longer safe for them even in common rooms. This is when everyone turned to Neville while at one of the meetings in The Room of Requirements. Nowhere was safe for them, so they gathered as many things as they could and all met at the original opening to The Room of Requirements. Neville whispered a wish for a place safe, that would not allow any Death Eaters or their supporters to find them. This is where they now ate, slept, and planned.

They were forced to hide in the one place that was supposed to keep them safe.

It was tragic really. All their hope had all but gone. Their protector murdered and one of their worst teachers is his successor. Their families probably in danger and no one knew if they were even alive still. Though Luna and Ginny were returned, The Dark Lord was now here, and their one "savior" was gone and probably dead too.

And staying in a crowded room wears on one too. And try as she might, each day that passed, Echo was becoming more and more anxious. She didn't know why. Luna was quite popular and her presence was much appreciated. Neville was finally showing the command and bravery that had always been tucked away, no longer a fool. He was finally happy, and could be seen smiling with Hannah Abbott quite often.

Echo would smile at this, seeing Colin getting along finely, Seamus growing stronger, but when she saw Ginny, Echo remembered. She remembered that she too was held away from one of the things she held dear as well.

Echo twisted from lying on her side to at the arched ceiling. Cots were hard to sleep on but it was better than the stone floor. She uncurled her fingers around the unused valve of felix felicis and made a decision. It would be just once, just one last run...

That night she would make her last trip up to the abandoned room on the sixth floor. Key in pocket, she would make one last trip to enjoy her work and reminisce on Lupin and memories once happy, before the room would be destroyed probably. She would twirl around the empty room under the moonlight, an ache in her heart and white hair in the cold air. Echo Bell would twirl barefoot, nightgown billowing around her in the moonlight one last time before locking the door behind her and from the world to see.

No one knew of the room, no one but a select two souls that were special to her, and she wanted to keep it that way.

The empty, valve was left behind the door inside the room.

Echo risked her life going up to that room again, where old newspapers still laid on the floor and half complete mural painted on the wall. She would never complete it, she accepted, and locked the two tall doors shut. She threw away the key somewhere the next day.

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