Hate Letters

# O1.

Jimin remembered the events as they occurred, she had handed him a big box with a smile on her lovely face which looked more worn out than usual. 'This is not what she's like'

"Are you okay?" He asks, with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Don't worry about me Jimin, I'm fine." She says with a smile too big for her face, it looked fake, he took the box from her sceptically putting it on his lap.

"Who's it from?" He asks looking for an address, while Y/N sits down beside him but doesn't dare to meet his gaze.

"It's mine." Jimin's eyes turn to her instantly, she winces just hoping that he turns away quickly, the intensity of his expression made her extremely uncomfortable, she felt small, vulnerable; like a prey being watched by the predator.

'Why am I feeling guilty? I don't even love him. Am I not getting what I have always wanted?' Y/N thinks to herself, trying to subdue that feeling of guilt by thinking of what she will get from doing this.

Jimin eyes the box curiously for a few seconds before going to open it, but Y/N's hand was on top of his almost instantly,"No."

Jimin stops with a questioning look on his face, surely she wanted him to open it if she's giving it to him, right?

"Only open it when I'm dead. Promise me you'll only open it when I'm dead." Jimin's hand which was under hers clenches into a fist at her words.

"You're not dying are you?" His voice quakes with uncertainty, Y/N just gives him a small reassuring smile.

"No." Lies, but he doesn't have to know.

"Now promise me you'll only open it when I'm dead." Y/N holds her pinky finger in front of Jimin's who links it with hers and shakes it slightly making a pinky promise with a childish smile on his face.

He will keep his promise, he loves her too much to break even the smallest promise to her.

"Then why are you giving it to me now? You just said you aren't dying." Jimin sounded relieved, but he was curious about that mysterious box which was on his lap.

"Because I won't be here to give it to you when I die."

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