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My First Half


After her home was immolated by Dagur and the Beserkers, Mayweather and her tribe the Leatherhead go to Berk as their temporary home, but new adventures await her as she becomes a dragon rider herself

Fantasy / Drama
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This is Berk.

This is my home. My new home that is. You see, just a couple of weeks ago, my home, Mayhem's Abyss, was destroyed by invasion. Now some of you may think it was by dragons, which is the basic start of danger. It was by the Berserkers, which we haven't seen since I was in loincloths. We fled with our lives trying to find refuge from them, especially Dagur the Deranged, but they were… well Berserk! So we floated away, and watched our home get torched. We went off into the vast sea, and went three months with no solid ground but the long boats as our shelter... until one day.

Through the Meridian of Misery

The boats were long and wide, wide enough to fit two dozens of vikings. It's head posts were Deadly Nadder Symbols and a few decorative motifs of shields and garnish. On the boats was a ceremony.

"Mayweather the Generous, you are here by labeled the new leader of the Leatherheads Armada," said an old elder lady. She had spidery fingers and veins that covered her like roots of a Sequoia tree. She was tall, but had a hunch on her back that made her look like a turtle. Her hair was frizzy, but contained with a leather cap. She was labeling a child of 15 with blue eyes and long flat black hair. She had leather overalls and bear claw shoes to her ankles. She was short, but her legs were thin as a toothpick, in which the overalls had a baggy feel.

"I promise to engage into the responsibilities of the armada's leader, to care the weight of my tribes fierce and strong men and women, and to risk my life for theses who are in need," the girl said, holding her hands together in a formal fashion.

"The Gods have spoken. You are the now the first female leader of your father's armada. He smiles down at you, along with your mother," the elder said. She had sprinkled dead roses on Mayweather, and waved her staff over her head.

Your probably wondering what in Thor's name is going on. My father, Godfrid the Noble, was a brave and but assertive man. He led an armada of a hundred men, that and the rest of the tribe. He died fighting off Dagur when he had found our bunker, and mother died from sickness. Since he is dead, and my father does not have any sons, I am the only one who can lead the Leatherheads. Which is a problem for some of the villagers.

The ceremony was over, and the long boat started to move. Mayweather had wore her ceremonial fur cape, and a leather cap that had a long strap over her shoulders. She suddenly heard heavy feet from her near right of the boat.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't 'Mayweather the Generous', more like Mayweather the Gullible," said an old man. The man was a tall but thin elderly. He looked like he was in his 90's, but he was really 50. His nose was so long he was a human sundial. You didn't need the sun to tell you what time it was. He was in a sleeveless tunic and long pants with bobcat boots, with the claws intact.

That was Vladimir, the chief of the Leatherheads. My father was his co-leader in battle. Old Man Grumpy didn't really favor me as a child, he never wanted a girl to run the armada, or run anything that extreme.

"Hi, Uncle Vlad…" Mayweather said with a sigh to her voice.

Did I mention he was my uncle? Probably not. Let me explain a little more in depth. My father is my uncle's brother, and my mother was the target for both of their eyes. My father luckily serenaded her with a harp in his hand, but Vladimir just flat out said "Marry me and give me my children."

"You better grow some guts and glory lass, 'cause I heard the Isle of Berk is infested with dragons," Vladimir said. His breath smelled of mead and tobacco, and his teeth were yellow and disoriented like a Whispering Death.

"And just what makes you think you can say that and have everyone back you up?" Mayweather said with a timid, but struggle voice of confidence.

"You whole tribe thinks your a waste of a leader. If anyone should be leader, it should be Tigerlily Tostenson," Vladimir said, pointing at a redhead without her leather cap.

That… is Tigerlily Tostenson, the tribe's beauty. Her hair was long to her back She had sterling green eyes and a beautiful body like Freyja, the Goddess of Beauty, Fertility, War, and Death. To me, she is my enemy. She never liked me because I told the truth about her getting with one of the local Leatherhead boys. She called me a snitch and she loathed for that. I'm just doing the right thing, but if you want to have a kid at such a young age, be my guess.

"No offense Vlad, but have you seen what she's like when she is not around the elderlies? She's mean, she's abusive. She thought it would be funny is she got Elsa and Gandulf to toss me in the Sea of Death!"

"Who wouldn't though?" Vlad said, cackling afterwards like a deranged lunatic and leaving her to her never ending misery. It reminded her of Dagur's laugh. It was faint, but unforgettable. It was the last laugh she heard when he struck her father dead in the chest.

Mayweather had nothing to say about it. She never did. She was a pacifist; a peaceful person who did not like fighting. Mayweather had self-control. She was generous because her past work, helping the elderlies get their things, farming the yaks and sheep and chickens, and taking care of the little ones when the vikings set for fish hunting.

"We are heading into the Isle of Berk! Ready yourselves!" An elderly herald had said loudly. Mayweather had rushed herself to the farthest side of the longboat, and so did everybody else. A familiar face had set herself next to Mayweather, in which she had murmured to herself, Oh gods.

"How's it hanging, Toothpick for Legs!" Tigerlily said. Mayweather had brushed off her insult and just looked forward at the island.

"Tigerlily, not nice to see you again," Mayweather said, smirking mentally at her comment.

"Don't be so cute! Your not even suppose to be here. Chief Vladimir was suppose to leave your butt on Mayhem's Abyss," Tigerlily said. The words had hurt Mayweather, but she didn't have the time to worry about comments.

"Well the Gods had brought me here, so if you have a problem, you can go jump in the Sea of Death and meet Thor and the rest of them to complain. Other then that, don't speak to me," Mayweather said, not looking at her foe.

"You're so pathetic! You can't even look at me in the eye. Your such a hiccup," Tigerlily uttered in the most annoying voice possible. Mayweather had hated being called a hiccup. If your name was Hiccup, you were probably the smallest runt of the group.

"Do not call me a hiccup. I hate that name," Mayweather said fiercely. Tigerlily only chuckled at her expense. It made Mayweather's hands ball up into little fists and grabbed her overalls to strain from hitting the tramp.

"Well you are one!" Tigerlily said, laughing even more. She saw to her left to see that some of the kids she knew were on the boat with her. There was a big and sturdy girl with a small comical leather cap. Next to the girl were two twin boys, one with blond hair and one with brown hair. Their overalls were different color sequence, but were not identical to each other. The last one was a boy with long and curly brown hair, and green eyes.

Those are her "friends", but mostly her followers. The big girl is Elsa Friberg. She may have the brawns, but not the brains. She is Tigerlily's right-hand viking, but all she does is just pick on her because she's "fat". It like to call it thick and beautiful. The twins are Gandalf and Gunnar Gustavesons, and those guys are just the worst to me, but soft and kind to each other. They are fraternal twins, meaning they were born on the same day, but not identical. Brogan Truelson was my ex-bestfriend. He was like brother to me when things got rough at home. But then Tigerlily had spread rumors about me saying he was the lamest viking ever on Mayhem. I'm not mad, angry, or even enraged. I'm disappointed in the fact that he believed her and not me. After all he and I had been through. Boys will be boys, as my mother said every now and then.

They all looked at her with evil in their eyes. Honeysuckle had pounded her fist into her hand and growled with threat, as the twins had found daggers in there overalls, and Brogan mouthed to her don't talk to me. Mayweather had felt a cold harsh hand grab at her face.

"Don't ignore me! You rude piece of-" before she can even utter the next word, a cold hand had grabbed her shoulder.

"Now, now. Lets not be feisty now," it was Vladimir again, as he saw the argument from afar. Tigerlily was just about to say more when Vladimir lead her to the other side of the boat. Mayweather can only think of what the two were saying about her. 'She's nothin' but a fishbone with eyes and a mouth', 'You'll give her a lickin' later', and 'Don't waste your time with that nuisance,' we're just half of the things the old man and that trollop said. It was only a matter of time until they can get rid of her.

This was noticeable in Mayweather's ears, and it sadden her. Her own uncle didn't want her around. He had favored more of the other children that of his only niece. It made her feel insignificant, and petty to all who knew her as just the let down, the black sheep; the opposite of what everyone wanted her to be. Her chest was heavy, and her eyes watered in pity for herself. She looked up at the sky, and began to wonder. How things would be if she weren't around.

She looked over to see the island of Berk had villagers waiting for them. They had torches fired up for the m to see. Mayweather looked over the boat to see lassos grab the boat to lead them into the docks of the island. Mayweather had seen the villagers wave gracefully, the young children waving too. She waved back and cracked half a smile. She looked over at the island to see dragons soar around the summits. She felt her heart beat heavily, for the sight of a dragon so close had scared her half to death.

"And you thought I was jokin' around," Vladimir said. Mayweather had only glanced at the man for a quick second until the kids had pushed her out of the boat to see their new home. Mayweather had seen fish swim around her as she had risen up to the surface. Her cap fell missing, already sinking down to the shore's floor.

"Hey look, it's Mayweather the Wet 'n' Fishy!" Tigerlily said, encouraging her followers to laugh. Even Vladimir had participating in this. This was just a wonderful way of becoming a leader for her father's legacy. Mayweather had found some rocks to give herself some leverage, but mistaken for solid algae, she had slipped back into the water, attracting too mcu attention for Berk's Hairy Hooligans.

"Someone get a rope!" said the chief of the Hairy Hooligans, Stoick the Vast. The villagers had thrown a thick piece of rope into the water, in which Mayweather had grabbed. The had yanked the rope, pulling Mayweather out of the water. When she got out, her overalls had darkened into the blackest brown. They felt heavy on her, making it impossible for her to walk.

"You alright, lassie?" said a man with only one leg and one arm. She nodded with chattering of her teeth. The wind was ricochet up her body, and it made her cold to the bone. She pulled her hair back with a comb her mother made from the antler of a deer, showing a widows' peak.

A Few Hours Later

It was the evening time. The sun was setting onto the horizon, showing a wondrous view of the night sky. The villagers were heading into their homes, as the newcomers had ate in the great hall of Berk.

Mayweather had sat alone near the entrance of the hall. She was still damp from the cold and sea salt water that submerged her body so. Her eyes were red from the burning sensation in her eyes, and from making a fool of herself in front of the chief. In shorter terms, she cried afterwards.

Her hair had retained it's flat volume, but split ends had shown quickly through her follicles. She had a plate of chicken and a huge mug of ale. She looked at the interior of the chicken to see that it was cooked, but to be safe, she had a piece. With that she had washed down the chicken with the ale they had provided for her and the children. She looked at the contents to see that it was cloudy, sweetish, and weak. It made her gag a bit, but she had to drink it.

"I take it swimming wasn't the best choice you ever made today?" the one leg one armed man said. She looked at the old man with one glance to his face.

"Well, I wanted to stand out, but not like that," Mayweather said, making the man laugh heartily.

"Ah, where are my manners. I'm Gobber the Belch," Gobber said, thrusting his left hand instead of his right. She saw no hand, but an axe for it. She was indeed scared, never really seeing an amputee victim up close before.

"Sorry, force of habit, he he he," he chuckled, and now presenting his right hand to her. She shook his hand, having him squeeze it like an anaconda around it's prey. She held in a scream, and smiled with tight lips. Gobber had let go, and walked away, tending to the others, as Mayweather had stolen a chance to scream in the crease of her elbow. She shook her hand to gain circulation of it, and stretched her unharmed digits to feel it come back.

Suddenly a Terrible Terror had flew on to her table, wobbling around it to find the chicken on her plate untouched by any other dragon. She froze in place as she saw the little creature snatch her food, and fled. She hyper-ventilated as she saw a dragon up close for the first time. She had always avoided having contact with dragons of any type of dragon, whether it was a Terrible Terror or a lazy ol' Gronkle, she fled like a chicken. It made her upset how she was the daughter of Godfrid the Noble and not have a bone of courageousness in her body. It was her most disappointing flaw in her viking heritage.

She had drank the rest of her ale and walked around the table where Tigerlily and her clique were sitting. Tigerlily had suddenly lifted her leg from inside the table bench, and tripped her. Mayweather went tumbling into a barrel, having it tip over and roll out of the great hall.

"RUNAWAY BARREL!" Tigerlily said, laughing it up with her posse. Brogan, however didn't think it was funny.

The barrel had landed in a forge. it had quasi-busted open, having Mayweather's legs in a discombobulated and disoriented fashion. A boy with a metal leg had walked in a jumped as he saw the mess that had occurred.

"What is this?" the boy said, surprised as the viking that laid before him.

"It's not what you think! It's a… dramatic entrance," Mayweather joked, not getting a chuckled out from the teenager. Tough crowd, she said in her mind as the boy approached her.

"Need a hand?" He said, offering her his hand. She picked herself up from the floor without his help, receiving a saddened look.

"No thank you, I-I don't want to seem weak to my clan," Mayweather said, waving off the lad with a dazed and casual look in her eyes.

"I'm Hiccup, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the 3rd. The Hope and Heir of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe," Hiccup said with his chest out. Mayweather's eyebrows had risen in disbelief.

"My dad had made me recite that to make myself known, so don't think of it as arrogance," Hiccup said, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh Gods, me too!" Mayweather said, receiving a small laugh from the amputee boy.

"So. Your living here? Cool," Hiccup said nodding his head to up in a conversation.

"Yeah. A clan had destroyed everything on our island. No big deal," Mayweather said, sounding passive to the situation as if it didn't matter.

"Wow, um. That's just… wow."

A sudden trill of an animal had made Mayweather jump and grab an ordinated shield from the forge to protect herself from whatever animal was there.

"Don't worry. He's friendly," Hiccup said. Mayweather was baffled when she saw what was a dark-skinned dragon approaching the boy.

"By the Gods, is that a-"

"Night Fury? Yes," Hiccup said. The night fury had approached Hiccup with an eager tongue to lick the boy. Mayweather's heart raced as she saw this action. The dragon had focused it's eyes on Mayweather, who hid completely be hid the shield.

"He won't hurt you. I promise," Hiccup said with confidence. "His name is Toothless by the way."

"It has a name too?" Mayweather said, peering an eye from behind the shield, seeing the dragon dead-on. Mayweather had jumped around the dragon and ran for her life.

"Where are you going?!" Hiccup said quizzically.

"Running like hell!" Mayweather said, now running backwards. She fell into the ocean again, this time being surrounded by seaweed.


After Hours

The Leatherheads were promised a house of their own. Each house was made in a different style, as it is for the Hairy Hooligans. The houses were plain and not baroque, but large for those who are inhabiting in them. The children had chased each other to find a house to their liking. Mayweather saw them disappear into their new homes like Whispering Deaths from sunlight. She wasn't surprised that no one would live with her. She was the smallest, inexperience, and most predictable of the vikings.

There was a house on the slope of the village that was right next to the Haddock house, which had a night fury motif on it. She saw her uncle waiting for her, arms crossed and brows lowered down. Mayweather's face felt hot as she walked into the house.

"So did you talk to the-" before Mayweather had engaged into a talk, Vladimir had covered her mouth harshly.

"Shut your mouth you little pup!" He said, gritting through his teeth. Mayweather felt a jab of knives go through her body like wind.

"What ever's the matter, Uncle," Mayweather spoke softly.

"You know good and damn well what's matter?! You and your contact with that unholy beast!" Vladimir said. Mayweather felt angry at herself for forgetting the most important rule about dragons.

Never encounter a dragon you are afraid of.

This rule was made for her, considering she was afraid of dragons. If Vladimir couldn't tell her to fight a dragon, he might as well make her a set of rules.

"Vladimir, I'm sorry. I forgot when that thing approached me," she said in honesty.

"Yeah, yeah. And don't call me 'Vlad' or 'Uncle'. You will address me as Chief from now on," Vladimir said, walking up the stone stairs to his floor, "I don't wanna be seen with you, let alone have a relationship with you!" Mayweather felt like crying at this point in her life. Her uncle officially did not want her in her life.

"Your gonna sleep on the floor here. Use your fur cape to cover yourself," Vladimir shouted from above. Mayweather had grabbed her large cape and found a comfortable place to sleep on. She laid herself on the floor near the window of the house. She curled up into a ball, waiting for the next morning to come.

Gods help me out.

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