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My First Half

The First of Many

Her back felt like boulders had smashed into her overnight and claimed it as their own.

She woke up feeling ill and discombobulated way more than falling into the ocean bay when arriving. Her hair was frizzy from twisting and turning on the floor all night. It looked as though a raccoon had lived on it. She grabbed her mother's comb, and parted her hair to the far right. She had stood up and smelled like seaweed and fish. Her overalls were dirty and malnourished.

Yesterday was not the best of days for her.

She felt anxiety fill her mind as she predicted what today's events would contain. A dash of insults and discouraging words from the children she had to look at everyday. A sprinkle of glowered looks from her uncle who cares more about his status of being chief than the welfare of his own and only niece. And finally a kick of disappointed looks from all of the village of her Leatherhead.

It was just a soufflé of daily problems she had to face everyday.

She found a bag of coins on the floor with a note tied to it. She read the note as she coined the coins. Her uncle had left it for her to buy some clothes and an axe or ordinate shield from the forgery. She found the note to be short and written perfunctorily. It was sloppy, but having with an uncle who didn't care about didn't affect her way of reading writing. She shoved the note in her overalls pocket, and grabbed the bag of coins and headed out the house. She looked outside to see an entirely different world.

Dragons among vikings.

They flew peacefully amongst the vikings that have killed thousands of them. There were Gronkles, Zipplebacks, Monstrous Nightmares, Deadly Nadders, and of course, the Night Fury. They all lived together in harmony as she watched them. She looked next to her house to see the Haddock home stand proudly on the very steep of the hill. Mayweather started walking down the hill, seeing all the vikings run and talk to their fellow brethren. Things were looking okay for the viking.

"Sup, Stinky!"

And now they were back to normal. And not the good kind of normal either.

"Ah… Tigerlily. What a very expected surprise to see you," Mayweather said, giving a grin to her. Her clique was there with her. Elsa, Brogan, Gunnar, and Gandalf. They were all in new outfits provided for them by tailors of Berk themselves.

"Cut the malarky, Fish for Brains. What's in the bag?!" Tigerlily said, almost snatching the bag of money she had in her hands. She placed the bag in her overalls so they wouldn't reach it.

"Look, just walk away, and we won't have a problem," Mayweather said, backing away from the group as they got nearer to her.

"How 'bout you just give use the money, and you won't have a problem with us using force!" Gandalf said, having his brother laugh sinisterly at the agreement. Mayweather felt cornered by the teens.

"Just leave me alone, alright. This is my money that my uncle gave to me. It's not yours, so leave me alone!" Mayweather said, not phasing the other teens. Tigerlily told no warning, and simply grabbed the teen by her hair and yanked her to the dirt. Mayweather felt her lip burst open, having blood pour out. Tigerlily's fists went flying onto Mayweather's back, face and legs. She started to kick her too, which made Mayweather clutch on to body harder.

"GIVE ME THAT BAG!" Tigerlily said as she beat the life out of Mayweather. Mayweather felt her hair being pulled by the angry viking, but her hair was not of importance to her life. Mayweather had covered herself from Tigerlily's harsh blows. She was about to give up when something courageous happened.

"HEY! YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" said a female viking from afar, charging at the aggressive teen. Mayweather's eyes were black from the punches she had received, but managed to see what took place in front of her. The approaching viking had shoved Tigerlily out of the way, knocking her to the dirt as well.

A teen her age had blonde hair with a large braid behind her. She had metal shoulder pads and a faded blue top. Her skirt was baroque in spikes, held up with a skull emblazoned belt. She had blue eyes, which looked down at Mayweather in concern. The blond had grabbed the downed viking and yanked her up onto her feet.

"Are you okay?" the girl said, giving her a reassuring laying of the hand on her back.

"Yeah, don't worry. They do this occasionally," Mayweather said, wiping the excessively bruised up lips. The other teens had looked at the two girls with anger.

"Give us the money, dork!' Gunnar said. The blonde had none of that back talk, and called over her dragon. It was a Deadly Nadder.

"Stormfly! Spine Attack," the girl commanded. The Nadder had no hesitation when asked to do this, and had send it's tail of spikes at the teens direction. They all went running like cattle, including Tigerlily herself.

"I'LL BE BACK!" Tigerlily said, plotting her revenge on Mayweather.

"She'll be back," Mayweather said, "She has this way of coming back an angry piece of… what ever nonsense that is."

"Well don't worry about them. I got your back… uh," the blond didn't know her name.

"Mayweather the Generous," Mayweather said, keeping it brief about her status as the chief's niece.

"I'm Astrid 'Fearless' Hofferson," Astrid said. Mayweather nodded at the name.

"Is there an infirmary here. My lip is hurting really badly. And I think my calves are bruising," Mayweather said, trying to baby step her way with Astrid to an infirmary.

The Infirmary

Mayweather's body was torn up from the waist down. Her ribs hurt more than her legs. Open wounds had formed on thighs and calves from the harsh kicking power that was bestowed in Tigerlily's legs. She'll have welts for weeks, let alone cover her body from drawing too much attention. She had peeled off her overalls to show a long shirt.

"What happened out there? Why didn't you fight back?" Astrid asked, sitting on a chair waiting for Mayweather to be finished up. The local dispensary was covering the viking with bandages.

"Well. I was suppose to buy some clothes to wear here on Berk because these where getting dingy. And theses guys were forcing me to give them my money. I said no a lot and Tigerlily charged at me," Mayweather explained.

"Right. But that doesn't answer why you didn't defend yourself from those bullies," Astrid said, repositioning herself from the chair. Mayweather was to ashamed to admit it.

She couldn't fight.

It didn't make her look good as to why she would suddenly fight someone who has tormented her all her life. It wasn't her suit of character, nor did she ever learn to fight. Even if it was just a Terrible Terror attacking her, it would be best just to have Terrible Terror at her.

"It's not my strong trait. I've never really fought back about anything. I don't think I'd be able to look at myself knowing I did something that wasn't me," Mayweather confessed.

"Well. I'm not gonna put up with it," Astrid said, getting up from her chair, "We may be from different clans, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna sit back and watch you get beaten to death."

Mayweather was done with the bandages and stitches put on her and placed all the articles of clothing back on her.

"With all do respect, Astrid, we are all built with courage, and some of us have to find it. I can't even find my boots in the morning," Mayweather said.

"Well come with me. I have a few people of inspiration to show you," Astrid said. Astrid had taken hold of Mayweather's hand, and lead her out the infirmary.

The Berk Dragon Training Academy

"HEY! THAT WAS MY SHOT!" said a male twin on a Hideous Zippleback. The female twin had her eyes on her brother, who was angry at what she had accomplished.

"NO THAT WAS MY SHOT!" Said the female twin, who got off her twin Zippleback to get her brother. The two began to punch each other in the arms.

"Ruffnut, Tuffnut, come on," Hiccup said, approaching them with caution, "You have one dragon. Not two, but one dragon!"

"Yeah but still. It was my shot to shoot," Tuffnut said, rubbing his arm from his sisters punches. Another boy had come about complaining too. He had a Monstrous Nightmare for a dragon.

"That's the downside of having a dragon with two heads, unlike Hookfang," the boy said. His dragon had suddenly shot a ball of fire at the boy's bottom, having him run around the academy in a fit.

"Snotlout, stop running! It'll only make it worst," Hiccup said.

"No, no. Let him run. It's beautiful," Tuffnut said, having his sister agree with him.

"Great. Fishlegs! Get the bucket," Hiccup said. Fishlegs walked into the academy with a bucket of cold water, and splashed it on Snotlout, who received quick relief.

"Where's Astrid? She was suppose to be here an hour ago," Snotlout said, shaking the water off himself.

"Astrid must still be looking for her axe. She had misplaced it somewhere," Hiccup said, looking around himself to see the double-sided axe. It was her mother's, as a gift for being the fearless Hofferson she is.

"Did someone say my name?" Astrid said from the gate of the academy. As everyone had greeted the Hofferson with hellos and how are yous, Mayweather had leaned against the gateway of the circular ring. She was never a social bird, as she was alone all the time, never getting into a social bubble she can merge her bubble into.

"Mayweather? Is that you?" Hiccup said, approaching the girl with curious and rather attentive eyes.

"It's not Freya the Goddess of Beauty. It's definitely not her," Mayweather said. Hiccup had looked at the bandages that covered some parts of Mayweather's body.

"What happened to you?" Hiccup asked in shock.

"One of the new kids on Berk had nearly beating her to death. I was there when it all happened. Luckily I stopped it," Astrid said. Mayweather had walked forward, holding her injured arm from the recent fight.

"So… who is she again?" Tuffnut whispered to Ruffnut, his other twin. She shrugged in bewilderment.

"Her name is Mayweather the Generous," Hiccup said, "I met her in the forge when she had crashed into my workshop." Everyone was confused, probably interpreting it differently.

"It was nothing really. It felt like kitten paws were punching me," Mayweather said, lying to herself. She was beaten horrifically, not having anyone to help her out but Astrid. She needed the key of being a strong woman.


She wanted her independence. No matter how much help she needed, she needed to prove to herself that she can do it on her own. It had her upset how she lacked this trait in herself, as compared to her father. Her father was a strongman; a man of his time. He was able to tame the rebels of his village with no argument.

"Really? Because if that's the case, then Ruffnut must be weak," Tuffnut said. Ruffnut had sucker punched the boy in his groin, having him curl up on the floor.

"Am I weak now?" Ruffnut said with a cocky grin on her face.

"Look, we need to talk to your Chief. Who is he?" Hiccup said. Mayweather felt her cheeks heat up as she remembered. Her uncle had not want anything to do with the child, as she was a disappointment in his eyes. She needed to address the situation as quickly as possible.


The Chief's Home

Vladimir was at home, finishing a plate of chowder he made for himself. He was in a grey tunic with a skull embezzled belt and long pants. He was hunched on his back, finishing the scraps of it and having it sit on the stone table.

He heard a knock on the door, and pondered who that can be. He stood up, realigning his back as it was still from being hunched over, and walked himself to the door. He opened it to see three teens.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the 3rd, Astrid Hofferson, and his niece.

"What can I do for you children?" Vladimir said, speaking in a genuine voice. Mayweather knew this was counterfeit, and unreal. She knew something in the end was going to go wrong for showing up at her uncle's house with these kids with her.

"Listen, Chief," Hiccup said, trying to be formal to the older man as he spoke to him, "One of your Leatherheads had beaten up Mayweather because she had refuse to give them her money."

Vladimir had looked at his niece, seeing her lip with stitched up recently. His stomach curled at her site, and not because of the lip either. Her face to him was just annoying to him. Her needy, beckoning face for help and guidance made his head hurt. Every time she had came to him for help, he always said 'Do it yourself, child', and he left her to do it on her own. It was when her parents were out hunting fish.

"Oh? And who would that be?" Vladimir said, "The trolls? Goblins? Hobbits?" He was acting in a very unprofessional matter, which made Astrid turn red. She knew he showed no effort in helping Mayweather out.

"No. Some girl named Tigerlily!" Astrid said, coming into his house with out his permission, which made the old man furious, "She had her friends come and witness her beat up Mayweather, just because she didn't gave them her money, which was hers to begin with!"

Vladimir was in a bad position at this point. He knew this was the truth, and as the chief, he must punish those who hurt any of his clans, even if the trouble-makers were in the clan.

"In my opinion, she should had just heed their words," Vladimir finally said. Hiccup and Astrid's jaw dropped, but Mayweather's didn't. She had expected this type of attitude from her uncle. or the Chief of the Leatherheads for that matter.

"What? Are you kidding me?" Astrid said. Hiccup was just as surprised at Astrid. Mayweather was just quiet through it all. Her silence was her safety net, as she won't be judged.

"You do realize that you're allying the kids who picked on her, right?" Hiccup said, a little angered.

"Not allying, just thinkin' logically. If you want to avoid the situation, just give them what they want," Vladimir said, having grabbed Astrid and pushing her out.

"So your just gonna leave it at that?" Hiccup said.

"Yes. And tell your little 'friend' to know her place, and ask permission to enter a man's home before bargin'," Vladimir said, slamming the door to all three vikings. Hiccup scoffed, and Astrid had kicked over a bucket of water. Mayweather had wiped the building tears from her face before speaking.

"So that's just a preview of all the crap my life has gone through," Mayweather said, trying not to cry in front of Hiccup and Astrid.

"Look don't worry. I'm going to talk to my dad and Gobber. They'll probably be less lenient on them, but they'll know who not to mess with," Hiccup said.

"So why did you have that bag full of money?" Astrid questioned, wanting to know the importance of the bag.

"I was going to get some new clothes from the market because my overalls weren't durable anymore," Mayweather pointed out, "But now I don't feel like buying anything today."

Hiccup and Astrid had thought of the same idea at that moment. They gave each other that look of confirmation as they took Mayweather.

"As a special treat, we'll go and shop with you," Hiccup said, making the girl smile. Mayweather's smile was genuine and purified. It was a warm gesture, but behind it was indeed a saddened child broken by false beliefs and children of the devil himself.

The day went smoothly, as Hiccup and Astrid had picked out some encouraging outfits… or just Astrid. Hiccup was not a good choice of opinion when choosing outfits for himself or Astrid. There were boots and pants and skirts and tops galore for the child to wear, and weaponry included. Mayweather's most favored colors were indeed black and a crimson red. She picked out black fur caplets and black shoulder pads. She bought red tunics and shirts to go with her black leggings. She had gotten a viking helmet too with ram horns.

She had found good people, but worry if they will carry with her to the end.

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