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Blessed Secrets


"Shinjirou it's time for college! Come on or you will make us late!" Lily yelled from the entrance to their home which was a decent sized apartment. Time has been changed and the players have been moved. Now that Lily has been saved, odd things have been happening to the teen as she lives with her friend. Sequel to Fox and Ice

Romance / Drama
Ai Star
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Lies We Weave

"Shinjirou it's time for college! Come on or you will make us late!" Lily yelled from the entrance to their home which was a decent sized apartment. It was surprising since she was living with a pop star.

"I'm coming! I'm coming jeez Lily, wait a minute!" A dark red haired male appeared looking tired as he ruffled his hair while holding a black backpack. Lily shook her head while smiling at his ruffled appearance. She knew at that moment he had just woken up.

"I told you to set the time to six forty but no someone wanted their 'beauty sleep' didn't they?" Lily teased as she went to slip her black shoes on. She heard her friend grumble in reply as he grabbed a piece of toast that she prepared not too long ago. It was hard to imagine this famous idol was like this in the morning, but he here he was in all his glory and she was the only one that knew. Now bending down to get his shoes, Shinjirou like Lily had a secret. He a tengu who had left Kurama Mountain in order to escape the trauma that left him in pieces. He was scared of what he endured until a young child came across him. That child was someone who had just moved to Japan, following her was Lydia a kitsune who wasn't scared of who she was in public. No matter what people said or did, knowing that Lily was there made her smile and gave her the courage to move on. In a way they all had their problems but it was their loneliness that drew them to the other. At times they would play at Lily's home until something had happened to force Lily away, neither had a way of contacting her until Johanna in formed them that Lily had been sent away due to shock. it was also dangerous for her to stay because of witnessing a murder in a mafia's home. How that happened surprised them and yet they were not told how or why she was there in the first place. Only that she had to stay away from Japan until she was seventeen.

Now that she was back, Shinjirou who like Lydia had occasionally stayed with the kind woman until they were old enough to leave. Joanna however wasn't happy about how Satoru was allowing Lily to live alone in their old apartment, but was definitely not keep on allowing Shinjirou to stay alone with her either given they were of opposite genders. However they both proved her wrong given how they treated the other like siblings and nothing else. Only then woman did agree in to allowing them to share the apartment, only they had to report every week in order for her to know that everything is okay.

Neither complained but were happy to know that something good was happening.

Months later Lily was studying at a building called Nightfall College, which was both a college and a university in case the students wanted to progress further in their degrees.

Shinjirou also know to the world as Kurama also studied as well in the same building. Their college had the best improved tech ever known and was very popular in the city. It was one of the areas that actually was involved with technology improvements. At first Shinjirou wasn't sure about being there until Lily mentioned to him about her dream of being a character designer and in order to do that she needed to do a digital art course after completing an interactive media course. Not wanting to part with his sister like friend Shinjirou immediately enrolled at the college in order to do a music course, not that he needed to but he was interested to see what it had to offer. Lily giggled at what he really was doing. He was worried about her given that other yōkais would see her as food except him. Like Lydia he was very protective and refused to let a guy near her to Lily's amusement.

After all Lily would always turn guys away and often kept to herself. This however did stop other boys from bothering her until Shinjirou had gotten involved.

At times Shinjirou would notice a jewellery box on Lily's table. It was often closed and rarely opened, at one point when Lily was in the shower the tengu had snuck into her room in order to open the box. Sure he could have asked her personally but curiosity nagged at him until he opened the box. There resting on a felt blanket was a silverish white bangle that contained pink roses decorating around the bangle. It was a beautiful piece and it left Shinjirou curious on who gave this to her. Part of him was annoyed that she didn't even show or tell him about this, but knew that his sister like friend would have a reason for not speaking.

By the time Lily was changed she noticed her box had been moved and pursed her lips. She never did understand why she kept this trinket, but she kept it regardless. Something about it told her to keep it safe and that was what she did. At times she had weird dreams as she grew up. Some of them left her cringing as she woke, left her chilled to the bone as if she had a near death experience and at times she could feel her tear stained pillow as she moved her head. At times she wasn't sure on why she was acting like this, all this sadness and the conflicting emotions that followed. Lily even felt that she was missing something or that was yearning for something to appear but there was nothing in the room. The young girl even contacted her aunt Laura who said that she might have blocked out something important. What she had been blocking was the question.

The pair were able to arrive at the college ten minutes before it started to their relief. Both waved good bye before they went to their class. Despite complaining about his class at times, Shinjirou enjoyed his time there and often asked why Lily didn't join the class for some singing. Lily refused given how shy she was and would rather study, to her relief he never did push her and let the matter slide. Lily never liked having all the attention put on her and kept to herself. At times Lydia would call her a wallflower and that she shouldn't be too modest. Shinjirou however saw differently and encouraged Lily's way of thinking slightly. It annoyed the fox yōkai but said nothing as she did her touring. At times she brought gifts to the pair and Joanna as she came back. Lily at times smiled at how her friend Lydia could easily adjust to new areas when she travels abroad. She never went on plane but used the World Over Yonder's door ways to travel instead. As interesting at it was, it could be dangerous due to the giants and their feet as they stomped once a person crossed the white line, hardly anyone survived to her horror.

Today proved slightly boring and dull to Lily as she began to create a building thanks to Cinema 4D, the only thing that proved fun was when Shinjirou had slipped on the stairs as they were going up. He gave her a scrunched up look and asked her not to tell. Lily just laughed before saying that she wouldn't dare.

"Wouldn't want to mess up an idol's 'image'" She teased as they began to have their lunch. At times once their lessons were over for the day, they would arrive home at different times. Sometimes they would hang out at the library while other times Shinjirou would be late due to his work and ended up bringing take out to say sorry for being really late. Lily never complained nor minded since she would rather worry about whether he would be home safe and sound. Despite being a yōkai, there were a lot of demons both high or low that would create problems, it didn't matter if you were yōkai or human. You would be facing a whole lot of fights or witnessing a lot of deaths. Some ended up scratched or unscathed but others weren't so lucky.

However this day was proving to be so boring that nothing would seem to contain anything interesting. Not that Lily was complaining, it was good to have a boring life and it was good to cherish each day as if it was going to be your last. That was her philosophy and it made Shinjirou laugh at how she could be so wise.

"It's called common sense smart ass" Lily giggled as she punched his shoulder, The tengu in turn pretended to be hurt from the punch and tried to trick her into thinking that he was upset.

"I'm joking! I'm joking don't get too upset!" Shinjirou joked as he ruffled her hair.

"Oi! So listen I'm going to the library to do some homework after college finishes today" Lily said as she looked at him. Her blue dress ruffled as she reached for her white cardigan that rested on her chair. Her waist length hair moved to the right as she placed the cardigan on.

"That's fine, I needed to do some work at the studio. Man those guys will not leave me alone for one day" Shinjirou complains as he pushes his head hair back. It was a known fact for Lily to know that tengus had what looked like eyeliner around their eyes leaving them looking like they were wearing make up.

Lily smiles slightly before picking up her bag, she was about to put it on her shoulder until he took it out of her hands.

"I'll take you to the library since that bag's so heavy that it would make our kitchen sink look like a pillow. Honestly how can you carry this?" Shinjirou grunted as he tried to adjust to the sudden weight.

"I have had practice in the UK remember" Lily said as she looked at him. she smiled at his behaviour while he looked back.

"Don't remind me… I'm just glad that you are back. I have to admit you surprised me by turning up last year at my school then"

"I had to complete my finals here otherwise the college here wouldn't take me"

"You skipped out on a year as well so they wanted proof" he said with a grin.

"Hey I work hard" Lily grins while shrugging her shoulders. Her friend had no come back from that comment; after all she knew that he worked as hard to be where he was now.

By the time they arrived at the library, Shinjirou immediately looked at his watch as showed it them that it was now five in the afternoon.

"I will home around ten okay?" Shinjirou asked as he placed the bag down.

"No problem, do you want me to bring take out?"

"No I'll bring it, you just focus on studying okay?" Shinjirou asked before ruffling her hair, they ignored the glances and whispers that were being created by the spectators. Lily was no fool and could detected jealousy from some of their minds.

"No problem, it's going to be boring now that you're taking the noise with you" Lily joked as she smiled at him. Shinjirou rolled his eyes at her before sorting out his bag.

"You have music on your laptop, and I've sent you a demo by email so that should keep you company once I've left the building" he teased.

"I can hear you singing in the shower when I am reading in my room, you show off!" Lily playfully slapped his arm again making him laugh. However hearing the librarian's shushing, it left them smirking as they tried to lower the noise.

"Sorry for having an amazing voice"

"Just go foolish bird" Lily joked, Shinjirou almost snorted at the bird insult. Only she would pull something like that.

"Fine dear sister… I know where I'm not wanted" Shinjirou said mockingly before walking off.

"Kurama!" Lily said lowly but it almost made him shiver from hearing her low voice. He almost couldn't tell if she was playing or very angry. He looked back to see her grinning which left him relaxing.

"Behave at the studio" Lily as she smiled at him while her hands were on her hips, the girl's smile left him feeling happy. Shinjirou smiled back before walking away. As soon as he left Lily could then hear that everyone's mind gone loud from what they witnessed. Lily who was almost use to their constant jabs had placed her earphones in her ear and began to play music from her laptop. There was no way that she would allow herself to be damaged by such lies. Those bullies could cry and hate her all they liked but she refused to be ruined by them. Yes at times there were newspapers on her and her friend but Lily ignored the lies that had been spewed from the pages. In the end it was just for profit and liked Shinjirou she knew the truth, that was what mattered to them.

Little did Lily know was that after she left the library, things would have taken a downward spiral.

Lily grunted as a girl pushed her against the library wall. Another fan of Shinjirou had been in the library when Lily entered with her friend. The tengu wasn't a fool though after all, he had seen her with scratches before thanks to a crazy fan girl. So when Lily looked up, she spotted the crazy girl glaring at her with malice. She had a brown high school uniform on which consisted with a white shirt under her brown blazer, a short brown skirt that made Lily frown from even noticing, white socks and black shoes.

Madison was the girl's name and Lily knew this through her memories.

"Still not getting the message? I told you to stay away from him" she snapped at Lily.

"He's my friend, I have no reason to do what you ask"


Lily almost held her cheek but resisted not to. No she will not lash out, instead she would keep quiet. That was her nature to remain calm and collective, after all she was use to being bullied. She knew for a fact that no matter where you are, there will always be people who will torment you until you felt nothing but bitterness and self loathing. However Lily refused to give in, instead she would see her aunt about this in order to heal up. She didn't want to bother Vincent since he would act like a mother hen which was embarrassing for her.

Lily at times would see her grandmother at her aunt's house so she would ask for advice. One of the things her grandmother had said: "don't let what they say bother you, it's just jealousy and envy for something they do not have. Once they have it, it'll just end up being boring for them"

Lily agreed, part of her guessed that it was to do with her grandmother since she was very smart and wise. Even auntie said that she might have inherited that trait ever since the teen tried to control her powers. At one point her uncle introduced the gloves to help her guard her ice powers but realised that she didn't need them. For fear was her only enemy, these powers were based on what she was feeling, they were apart of her and it would be bad to shut that part of her out. All to appear normal which seemed dumb by her standards, after all they were all the same despite having powers or not. They did share the same air, the same sky, clouds everything was made for everyone. But there some that were either too greedy or dangerous that wanted nothing more than to destroy their home. The earth.

"Bite your tongue bitch!" the girl hissed at Lily, if anything Lily assumed her to be cobra demon given how she behaved. Shinjirou laughed at that and said the girl was human but it didn't make Lily feel any better.

Instead of fighting back, Lily then adjusted the strap on her shoulder and began to walk away.

"I wasn't done talking to you!" Lily almost grunted from the weight of her bag as she was kicked in the back of her leg where her knee was. She landed on the floor and almost moved her hand to the injured area, however Madison had other ideas and began to punch and kick the injured girl until Lily was half awake. Still Lily did not fight back.

"I heard from Stephanie that you love to create drama, looks like you're in one now trash. I'll say this one last time, leave Kurama alone and I won't get nasty"

"You already did… so just leave me alone" Lily said weakly. She was not going to use her powers… even if it ended up being one of those times that she would be in hospital for bad injuries. She was not going to give in. Lily grunted as Madison kicked her cheek, she could feel that her teeth rattled from the impact. She was sure that Shinjirou was not going to like this when she came home.

"Bitch" Madison snapped before walking away.

As soon as Lily was sure that the girl was gone, she started to moan as she lifted her hand to touch the injured part of her face. That was definitely going to swell up by the morning and Shinjirou was going to be furious one he sees it. Stephanie again huh? She always had some way of ruining Lily's life when she was younger and now that the young girl was back from her stay in the UK, it was as if Stephanie knew that Lily had returned. However that part left her baffled. There was no way that her appearance could have been known that quickly.

Lily struggled to her feet as she held the wall for support. She tried to walk with one foot in front of the other, ignoring any passers-by that looked at her as she walked. No she didn't have time for such pity or sympathy. The only thing on Lily's mind was to head home now so she could use ice to sooth the swelling. Her aunt couldn't see her like this. No this was way to bad… she had to get this sorted out and quick.

Lily groaned from the pain as she looked round to see where she was, the hospital might be nearby, that's where Vincent was and she need his help to fix this.

"Uuugh, I'm sure she has really damaged an organ from that kick" Lily muttered as she moved towards the hospital. Ignoring the receptionist, Lily continued her route hoping that Vincent would some how know about her presence. She could hear the receptionist- Holly's shocked mind from taking in her appearance. The woman was already dialling his number as Lily suspected. Vincent was knowing in the hospital as the head of surgery and had an office that Lily could rest in until he arrived.

However seeing the man in question halted her idea, given his appearance the man looked like he had been rushing around the building just to find her. Without saying anything. Vincent led her straight into his office so he could treat her injures.

"Not again Lily" Vincent sighed as he closed the door. Immediately he washed his hands and began to get an ice pack, he checked her body only to hear her grunt loudly from the pain in her stomach.

"Lay down okay" Vincent said softly as he eased her down on to his makeshift bed. After pulling up her dress he hissed in shock from seeing a bruise that was the size of a shoe. "I'll need to preform tests to make sure that there's no abdominal bleeding okay?" Vincent asked as he checked her head that had a cut from hitting the ground. So far it was just her stomach and cheek that had the worst injuries.

Lily nodded slightly before a whine left her lips, she regretted moving her head thanks to the sudden head rush. She was starting to feel dizzy from the head injury.

"Lily? Lily stay with me okay! You can deal with this" within seconds Lily blacked out from the pain, it was getting worse to her dismay.

"It looks like I did the right thing" Lily almost smiled from her choice. If anyone could help her… he could.

Lily felt pain coming from her head as soon as she woke up. The pressure that was on her hand had vanished instantly leaving her feeling cold. What was that about?

Lily opened her eyes to see darkness. No one was in the room and neither the door or windows had been disturbed leaving her confused and disorientated from where she was.

"That's right… I am at the hospital" Lily tried to sit up and looked to the door, within seconds it opened revealing Vincent. He looked worn and tired as he entered; however the man's features lightened up from seeing Lily awake.

"Don't force yourself" Vincent chuckled as he walked towards Lily. Lily frowned in reply.

"Can I go home now?" Lily asked weakly. A yawn escaped her lips making the man smile at how tired she was.

"I was able to repair a tear in your stomach, however did that had heavy shoes"

"A friend of Stephanie was just giving me a warning" Lily shrugged causally. His smile vanished from the comment.

"Shinjirou is waiting outside, he's been worried about you for the past six hours" Lily froze from yawning and looked at him oddly.

"Why isn't he in here then?" she asked glumly, part of her dreaded the fact that he would have to see her injures.

"I had to do an assessment, he almost snapped from seeing you being sent to this room Lily"

"It was just a crazy fan girl" Lily said weakly. Now that this was happening, she had just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Crazy or not I don't want you revising in that library again" Shinjirou said coldly, they saw him standing by the door with his hands inside his pockets.

"She's just angry about how you are towards me" Lily replied bluntly.

"All the more reason for you to go to a different library, look I'll ask my manager if he can let you work in the building. This can't keep going on like this" the tengu said looking very tried and stressed.

"Did you rush out of the studio again?" Lily asked weakly due to feeling parched from the lack of fluids. Shinjirou glared before looking at the window.

"I will not stand in that studio and practice knowing that you are in the hospital" he said bluntly. Lily smiled at him before looking at her cousin.

"I want to go home" Lily said meekly. Vincent sighed before handing her papers.

"Your powers have healed the worst of the injuries so you can go home now" Vincent said softly before patting her uninjured arm.

"Thank you"

"Dad's worried about you, call him when you get home okay?" and with that Lily was free to go.

During the weeks things had gotten very busy and very awkward. As soon as they arrived at school Shinjirou would always carry her bags, especially at times when it was their break or lunch time. When college had ended would Lydia then appear in order to escort her home. Both news and rumors had definitely travelled fast, knowing this left her feeling uncomfortable from the unwanted attention. Although it wasn't his fault, he was just worried and to make it even more disturbing. The tengu confronted Stephanie and Madison, demanding that they left her alone or else he would call the police on them. That however had the opposite effect since Lily received a letter by her locker telling her to die. No doubt that it was Madison's penmanship.

Lily however tried to ignore the letters and continued her daily routine to the best of her ability. To her relief, the swelling had almost left her face to the girl's relief. This meant that she could take the big plaster away from it now so she could deal with the injury. However that didn't stop gossipers and rumors of how she got such a mark from circulating.

After college Lily immediately left to find the library. Shinjirou that day had to go work at the studio so he checked every hour on how she was. It almost made her laugh except the images of what provoked this sudden change left her sullen. She didn't want to be labelled as weak but she couldn't hurt anyone. It would just make the situation worse for her and would create a massive panic that wasn't needed.

Lily felt her phone buzz as she tied a purple hair that was resting on her wrist, after tying her hair into a messy bun she then took out her phone to see Shinjirou's text.

"Arriving at home in ten minutes, go straight home" Lily chuckled and began texting back.

"I am! Just left the library she wasn't in tonight" Lily hit send and was immediately sent a reply from the tengu.

"Doesn't stop me from worrying, just be careful" Lily had to roll her eyes from seeing those words. Just as she was about to reply she heard barking at a distance. The noise sounded agitated and angry to her confusion. Must be a thief or something so she ignored it. it was best not to get involved in things like that.

"I will-"

"Somebody help me!" came a loud cry; Lily immediately paused from hearing a voice that sounded distressed, she then turned to look for the source of the noise. Her searching led her to the park and blinked. A small dog was growling and barking at a man who was in a grey hat and trench coat. He was whimpering on a tree branch as he looked down at the dog.

"Somebody get that dog away from me please!" the man said with tears running down his face. Lily looked at the dog before walking towards it; in truth she was more of a cat person than a dog. But this man needed help so she was willing to put aside her preference in order to aid him; after all he looked completely scared and startled by the sudden dog 'attack'. She picked up the dog causing it to whine and looked up at her for a bit.

"You're a good boy aren't you?" Lily asked while stroking it. The dog immediately ignored the man and began to lick her cheek causing her to laugh. The man sighed before a smile bloomed on his face.

"Thank you for saving me, I was in a real bind when it showed up out of no where" the man said after getting down the tree, the dog started to growl at him for taking the girl's attention from him causing the man to flinch and move back. Lily however stroked the dog's ears making him docile again, his tail wagged and he barked in happiness.

"You know dogs can smell fear right? That's why this little guy attacked you, it wasn't on purpose" Lily explained to the man as she looked up with a small smile on her face. The man nodded until he notices the bruise on her cheek.

"Are you okay?" the man asks as he moves forward to examine the injury, seeing him do this took her by surprise.

"Why wouldn't I be sir?" Lily askes before setting the dog down on the floor, he looked up before wagging his tail. "Go home now okay? And no more attacking innocent people" Lily said softly before the dog scampered off after barking.

"Your face has a big bruise on it, did you get into a fight?" Lily blinked before shaking her head.

"No some punk girl kicked me before she left" the man winced from the thought of enduring that kind of attack.

"Would you like to sit down?" the man offered as he spotted the bench, Lily smiled knowing that he was trustworthy. Given that she could sense no trickery inside his heart.

"Okay" Lily agreed before walking towards the bench. They admired the area around them until Lily looked at him.

"So sir, why are you here? And why did that dog attack you?" Lily asked with curious eyes as she watches to see what his reaction would be like. He was shocked to hear such a question she guessed as she observed his body language. He had slumped slightly almost as if he was giving up on something.

"I was looking for someone and it is important that I find this person" the man replied softly. Lily pipes up from the information.

"Did this person run away?" she asked meekly. He sighs from the question leaving them in silence.

"I don't really know, but I really needed to see her" Lily tilted her head as she looked at him.

"Why?" the man looked at the floor in a pensive manner before looking up.

"You see she saved my life but she went missing not too long ago. I haven't stopped looking for her but it seems like she doesn't want to be found" hearing this made Lily sad. Why did such a thing happen?

"Did you both get into a fight or something?"

"No not really, she just left without a trace and I don't know if she's okay or not" the man replied while shaking his head.

"I hope you find her soon" Lily said while holding her bag close. This man's heart was filled with sadness just from thinking about this missing girl, he was generally worried about whether the girl was okay or not. Lily hoped with all her heart that he would find this girl soon. Hearing her reply made the man smile from her kind hearted words.

"Sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Mikage" the man introduce as he lifted his hand for her to shake his. Lily smiled back before shaking his hand. His blond hair almost stuck out from his hat leaving her to wonder why he was dressed up as a shady person.

"You know, you might not be able to find her. If you dress up like a shady guy who looks like he is stalking someone" Lily confessed with a smile. Mikage released a carefree laugh from hearing her comment.

"I think that's true Miss-"

"Lily" she replied before releasing his hand.

"I think I should thank you for what you have done to help me, can you come with me to my home, I want to give you something to show how grateful I am" the man asked while his smile showed that he was sincere. Lily however wasn't too sure about going with him, especially since Shinjirou would be waiting for her to come home. Plus she didn't even know this man at all so was it wise to go with him? Mikage pats her head in a fatherly manner leaving her shocked and confused to see him act like this.

"I promise you that I am not what you think" Mikage's words and emotions revealed to Lily that he isn't lying.

"Look I don't want to be a pest and waste your time, I really need to head home because my friend would be waiting for me there" Lily said as she stood up and adjusted her bag.

"I assure you that you are not a burden and this will only take a few minutes" Mikage said as he noticed her unease. He was hoping that she would come with him and it left Lily debated this for a few minutes, after a few minutes of debating the situation with herself it did seem rude to turn away a kind person's offer. Especially when they are going about their way to thank someone for doing a kind thing. Something told Lily that she should trust this man and that he wouldn't try anything funny with her, and if he did then he wouldn't like the result. So she began texting her tengu friend that she will be delayed for about fifteen minutes.

"Come straight home" was the reply and with that she began following the strange man to his house.

By the time they arrive at his home, which was in fact a shrine to her shock and stops suddenly by the torii gate. Mikage turns around after sensing her unease, he smiles softly at her but it didn't ease her one bit.

"I assure you that it's alright for you to enter"

"But the spirits of this shrine, won't they get upset about you making a home in the sacred shrine?"

"Don't worry they will be more than welcome to us" Mikage replies with a smile on his face before opening the door for her. Lily was still unsure about this but follows him inside. Lily takes in the shrine's appearance with awe filled eyes before their journey ended with them in a room that looked like a kitchen area to her surprise.

"I'll be right back" Mikage says to her while smiling and then goes off leaving Lily alone in the room. After a few minutes Lily began to grow antsy of being left alone since the room had gotten deathly quiet. It was almost as if someone was watching her from the shadows.





"Umi?" a male's voice catches her attention causing her to look for the source of the noise. Her eyes spotted a tall male with short red hair who was standing by the door; he was wearing traditional clothes taking her by surprise but then quickly remembered where she was. Lily didn't really know who he was and it left her baffled on why he called her a name that sounded foreign to her. The male's face showed that he was tired and miserable as he looks at her. But why? What was making him upset confused Lily a lot, it didn't make sense one bit and it was getting stuffy in the room all of a sudden.

"Sorry but you are mistaken, my name is Lily not Umi" Lily wasn't sure on why she told him her name but something told her to do it. It was as if she had to make her presence known to him, why was the question. The red headed teen nods slightly before walking towards her, Lily didn't know why he's here or what he wanted until her eyes moved to see that his right hand was going inside his right pocket. She blinks revealing how confused she was and waited to see what he was doing, what worried her was his eyes never left hers the whole time. Who was this guy and why was he here in the room? What she also wanted to know was where Mikage was. Within seconds he reveals a worn out purple hairband that was resting in his pocket, he remained silent as he looked at her. The hairband did look familiar… somehow, where had left her baffled.

"Is that yours?" Lily asks softly as she looks at him with curious eyes, he slowly moves his hand containing the item down. Allowing her to see his now pained expression as he looks at her. Seeing this leaves her slightly uncomfortable as she continues to sit in her seat. Why was he looking at her like he was disappointed with her? It didn't make sense to her one bit. Lily almost jumped the moment he started to speak; it was soft and low to her surprise.

"I have been looking for the one who's this item belongs to. When I saw her, she left without a trace before I could thank her" Lily feels sadness coming from him leaving her feeling sympathy for him. He looked lost and unsure of what to do as he spoke, he then looks up at her properly as he moves towards the opposite chair. Sure enough Lily recognizes her hair band and looks at him. She sees his jaw tense and could sense that it was because of seeing her injured cheek but does nothing.

"I don't understand… d-do you know when Mikage is coming back?" Lily asks while trying to mask her worry, as she moves her head to see where the blond haired man went. The boy's eyes became down more sadness to her surprise, but why? What did this guy want with her? Sympathy? Because that was all she could do, she couldn't help or do anything since she didn't know who he was talking about nor did she want to get involved.

"This girl saved my life years ago and it's been painful not knowing if she is okay or not. Given what I was like before… it almost doesn't make sense to be feeling this want for her" Lily started to grow anxious of this him, weary even and was starting to think that he had gone crazy from the guilt or something like that. Or was he even sane at all? If that's true then why did Mikage let him walk around the area without supervision? It was proving hard to mask her fear of this male but tried to do so anyways. The last thing she wanted was to be attacked and killed by a crazy teen.

"Look I have to go, can you tell Mikage that I'll be heading off and not to worry about paying me back for helping him" Lily then stands up and was about to leave in order to escape this uncomfortable atmosphere, she could then sense his surprise and panic from seeing that she was about to go.

"All the more reason for me to go" Lily assumed as she started to grab her bag. However once her back was turned did she feel that a pair of arms had wrap themselves around her now tense waist, she could feel her breathing had stilled from the sudden gesture. She moves her eyes to the side and sees red hair coming from the boy as he places his head on her shoulder, he starts sniffing at Lily's neck which begins to creep her out from how forward he was being towards someone he doesn't know. After all she was sure that she didn't know him. However this thing he was doing had to stop for he was invading her personal space, not once did she like it one bit.

"Listen, you might need to go and get help with this problem of yours. Shouldn't you be asking the police for help or even hire a detective in order to help you track her down. Whoever you are thinking off I am not that person, I am not who you think I am. So can you get off me please" Lily said in a cold tone in order to mask her shaky voice. What was with this guy? Hugging her out of the blue and smelling her like that?

"If that's true… Then why does this hairband contain your scent?" Lily stilled in shock from hearing those words. Her scent? What is this guy talking about? She immediately jolted from where she stood from seeing a red furry tail appear on right the side of her. Where did it come from and why is he not bothered by this?

"What are you?" Lily asks in a breathless voice. Hearing his reply shocked her to the core.

"I am a yōkai" he replies softly but she could hear it. Without warning she blacks out in his arms taking him by surprise.

Lily slowly started to regain consciousness and opens her eyes; she slowly tried to assess what happened and how she got into this room. While she tried to figure it out where she was, the sound of voices caught her attention and could tell that they were by the door.

"It's her I know it!" it was the boy from the kitchen. Why did he sound upset? Wait- that tail! He is a yōkai… on no this was not good at all. Shinjirou will get upset once he finds out about this. Was she being held hostage or something?

"Please give it time Silver, she doesn't remember you at all after everything that has happened and don't forget. I wouldn't have known any of this if her spirit hadn't approached me all those years ago. Believe me I wouldn't have believed it myself but it's true. The girl you met had risked her own existence and ended up dying in the past because she altered time, now her current self is alive as a result and you mustn't rush her" Mikage scolded lightly

"My present self? What is he talking about?" Lily asks herself as she takes in her surroundings.

"How does she not remember saving my life? How could she do this to me? Why would she alter time and..." Lily could hear Silver's voice tremble as he starts to break down near her door and began to cry loudly, this leaves Lily sad but chooses not to interfere. She highly doubted that she would do anything like that anyways. It seems dangerous to mess with time, but dying? No that wouldn't be right. If one had changed the past, then they would be sent to a different time line in order to carry on what changes that have been done. So in a way Lily was sure that they didn't know that, after all finding this girl would prove fruitless. It would be like looking for a needle in over a million dimensional time lines. It would be near impossible to find the one he was looking for.

"Silver there was nothing you could do. She might have altered time to stop you from ever seeing her. Now this is the result and the reason why she done this has vanished along with our memories" Mikage explained softly.

"It doesn't make any sense Mikage! It is her! The scent might be wearing away from this item but it is her, I know it!" Lily is left confused as she listens carefully, it doesn't make any sense that she would be the girl that Silver was on a about. All of this is because of a hairband that looks like hers.

Lily knew that she couldn't stay here any longer, she had to get home but how and where would she be able to escape without being caught. Lily started to look around the room until she sees a shoji door to her left that could lead to outside world. Lily spies her bag and tries to sneak out with her bag on her shoulder. She prayed that she could leave without them suspecting a thing. Meanwhile Mikage who was talking to Silver could sense that Lily was trying to escape while he looks at Silver who is in hysterics.

"Forgive me Lily" Mikage thought softly to himself as he watches Silver.

Lily starts to run home and immediately barricades the door with a chair that was near the hallway taking a tired Shinjirou by surprise. He looks at his watch to see that it was past midnight to his shock.

"Lily do you know what time it is?!" He asks sharply, the tengu was about to rant until he notices that Lily isn't listening. It leaves him confused to see her acting like this.

"Do you have any barrier spells?" Lily asks as she looks at him quickly.

"Why what's going on?" Kurama asks as he moves towards her. Immediately the smell of a male yōkai hit his nose made him panic, what on earth had happened when she was out?

"Lily why do you smell like a male yōkai?" he asks as he pulls her away from the door and leads her to the bathroom. Lily took that as a sign to wash off the smell, Lily closes the door slightly so he could hear her speak as she threw her clothes on the floor after pulling them off and begins to shower away the yōkai's smell.

"All I did was help this man named Mikage, the next thing I know I'm at his house because he wanted to thank me" Lily said as she took Shinjirou's soap instead of hers. She knew that she had to mask her smell somehow. Meanwhile she could hear her tengu friend groan at her nativity.

"Lily didn't we tell you not to go to strange people's houses?" he whined as he pushes his hair back from his eyes. Immediately his nose was attacked by the smell of his soap.

"Oi! Don't use my soap woman!" Shinjirou snapped until he was hit by a small water bomb, the tengu cried out in alarm as it hit his hair and shirt. "Come on! I just had a shower!"

"I have to mask my smell somehow smartass!" Lily snapped in the bathroom. He sighed knowing that she was being smart about something.

"So what happened?"

"I was told to wait in the kitchen, then within a few minutes this red haired boy comes in and I swear he's crazy!" Lily replied in a shrill voice.

"How so?" the tengu's nose crinkled from we words. He didn't like where this was going one bit.

"He starts saying that he's looking for someone, shows a purple hairband saying that this was all he had to go on her. I asked why he didn't get the police or something before I stood up so I could leave. However just as I was about to leave he hugs and then smells me like a pervert would" Shinjirou cringed at the thought and frowns.

"What else did he do?"

"Well I said that I am not the person he's looking for. Then he says and I quote: "If that's true then why does this hairband contain your scent?" I felt like I was about to shake from that comment" Lily said as she used the more soap to wash away that yōkai's touch, what type was he?

"That's strange for a demon to do that, did he do anything else?" Shinjirou was hoping that the demon try anything else or he would have to track down this yōkai and kill it.

"he just hugged me before I spotted a red fluffy tail, I asked him what was he and he says like its normal that he's a yōkai. I don't know what he did because I blacked out but I do know that I was in a room once I woke up"

"So how did you escape?" Shinjirou heard the taps move meaning that she was finished, immediately he rushed to get her bathrobe and chucked it in the bathroom.

"Thanks, well I heard them talking and I saw a door to the garden so I escaped through there" Lily replied now walking out fully covered. Shinjirou sighed with relief knowing that nothing else happened. But it didn't stop him from worrying. This yōkai that was following her could resort to stalking her if he wasn't careful.

"What am I going to do Shinjirou? I can't keep hiding like this" Lily asks before walking to her bedroom to get her bath clothes, which was a black shirt and a pair of black shorts with yellow crescent moons on both of them.

"I'll think of something, just get ready for sleep okay it's way past midnight" Lily yelped from the information and began to rush out the room to get ready for bed.

"I didn't check my phone because it was almost out of battery"

"You always charge it at college or here!" he ranted as he went after her. The tengu's white shirt was covering the top part of his black trousers that he had for sleep. Unlike when they are outside, his wings were always out in order to stop them from going stiff. Lily looks at him while getting the kettle ready and frowns.

"Well I didn't anticipate this did I?" Lily asks as she lifts up her glass. Her friend could see that her hands were shaking as she took a sip of her water before putting it back down.

"You need to calm down Lily, I won't let this yōkai bother you again alright" Lily stilled as Shinjirou placed his hands on her shoulders, he then used his left hand to tilt her head up so she could see his eyes. "I promise" he said sternly to his panicking friend as he looked at her. Worry filled his body as he watched her crumble slightly within his grasp.

"Head to bed okay? I'll be barricading the windows and doors so take a sleeping pill if you are too stressed to sleep" Lily nodded as she fished a pill from the cupboard above her head.

"Thank you" Lily said with a warm smile, seeing her smile made him smile back. Just as Shinjirou left the room did her smile vanish. It wasn't easy to remain calm when there's a yōkai obsessed with her. Within seconds he popped back in.

"Okay everything is done-" they paused to hear a howl coming from a distance. Hearing it left Lily shaking in fear but tried to keep her body from moving, seeing this made Shinjirou worry. He couldn't keep her feeling like this, Joanna was counting on him to protect Lily and it would upset him deeply if he couldn't. But how was the question.

"What was that? a yōkai?" Lily asked weakly, seeing his tense form confirmed her suspicion. The howl sounded to her like someone was grieving for someone and she hoped that it wasn't who she thought it was.

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