Blessed Secrets

Chapter 9: Sick days and hiding problems

It was another day at the shrine; only this time there was the new arrival from the night before Princess Himemiko's tea party, Luca Lily's nephew. Then she had to deal with Silver who had been enduring his first the Full Moon Week, although it had been a relief that he had his hair cut three days after the event. Which in itself was a disaster waiting to happen. However now that things have settled back into perfect order well as perfect as things could get, the shrine had became either slightly lively or noisy. Not that she was complaining.

Lily sniffled as she rubbed her nose with her sleeve; once again a fever had struck leaving her dizzy and tired. She could feel her bones screaming from moving and stretching but Lily was determined to get to college no matter what. After all there was nothing to do at home except sleeping- wait home? Lily looked around as she took in her surroundings and smiled slightly. Yeah, this place was definitely growing on her and it was more than just a shrine that people went to in order to pray. This was a shrine that housed a family no matter how dysfunctional they were being. Why because in the end everyone had the other one's back. Just like last night when Luca gave Silver and Lily some alone time to speak despite the fact that Mizuki was protesting to the idea, even though it didn't end well slightly. It was something though.

Lily rubbed her tired eyes as the illness continued to enter her body and take over leaving her run down and sluggish. On cue she spotted Silver enter the kitchen and noticed her looking like she was forcing her eyes open to his surprise. Immediately he made a b line towards Lily in order to check up on her. Lily then jolted as a cool hand touched her head before slumping, she didn't even have it in her to complain as she saw Silver's haori sleeve. The red headed fox was hugging Lily while her back was to him as he felt her head.

"Lily… you're burning up" Silver commented before releasing his hold and moved to her side, he knelt down on one knee in order to assess her. Silver clicked his tongue as he saw her eyes had gone droopy from the fever. Lily whined as she pushed him away slightly.

"M'not!" Lily mutters as she gets up only to have Silver push her back down on to her chair. Lily could feel that her face and forehead had begun to burn more than usual. Sleep was starting to become more appealing for the ill teen but resisted the urge to Silver's confusion.

"Lily you are burning up for goodness sake, you need to go back to sleep" Silver said almost scolding Lily as he picked her up so she was now on his left shoulder. Lily whined for a bit as he carried her, almost ignoring the stares from the other inhabitants as Silver walked on.

"I have college" Lily cried feebly as he placed her back onto her futon, Silver sighed before kissing her forehead, almost wincing at how hot her head was. She needed medicine soon and it also meant that she couldn't leave the shrine anytime soon. He watched her squirm in the bed and glared at him.

"Isn't there some way for me to get the notes from college?" Lily asked weakly as she looked at him. Her hair scattered around her like a curtain, just seeing that made Silver's heart beat quickly as he watched her. He stroked her forehead in order to coax her to sleep but it wasn't working well.

As much as sleep did sound appealing to Lily, she couldn't knowing that she had a deadline soon, so slacking off was not an option.

"Lily, sleep now" Silver said softly. Lily glared weakly before looking away. Seeing this made Silver's ears pin themselves to his skull from how upset she was, if it was the weekends he would have taken the time to look after her but sadly it was a college day instead which was bad.

"I wish I could get work done, I have a deadline this week" Lily said weakly before closing her eyes. Silver sighed as he stroked her sweat covered forehead, as much as he would rather strangle the pest. Silver needed Mizuki's help to make sure nothing bad would happen to Lily as he tried to call Serena. Once he was sure that she was asleep, Silver crept out the room and made his way to where the orb was. It was odd to have this orb instead of an actual phone, especially since it looked like there was water inside the orb that acted as if moved in the same manner of water. After placing his right hand on the orb and proceeded to sit down on the chair beside it, he waited for the ex-Goddess to answer his call.

"Silver? How are you?" the orb began to glow after Serena answered the call.

"Lily's not feeling well, as much as I want to take care of her she wants to go to college" Silver could hear her groaning for a bit almost as if she knew what was going on.

"She's knows her own mind Silver you know as well as I do that you can't change that fact, sadly the timing is rotten because I can't use a shikigami to fill in for Lily" Silver mentally banged his head for the bad luck that kept appearing today, couldn't something go right today for once?

"Isn't there something you can do? S-Sorry Serena but Lily won't stop complaining until her work is done. Something about her assignment" Silver asked almost pleading with the Time Keeper. There was a pause before Serena replied.

"Why not take her place at college?" Silver balked at the ludicrous proposal. Absolutely not!

"I can't I have work at the shrine and I have to take care of Lily since the snake-"

"Isn't doing work I know, Silver but why not? You've seen her work so it shouldn't be that bad right?" Serena asked.

"There's so many things that will go wrong, for instance that tengu will figure it out because he knows what Lily's like. Second I know next to nothing about computers" Silver explained now using his free hand to drag his fringe back. This was not what he had in mind at all.

"Well today's a lesson so you'll be fine in taking notes. After that just send the notes containing the information to her once you head back, it shouldn't be too hard right?" Silver exhaled knowing that Serena had one agenda in mind- get him to college in Lily's place. But why? There was no reason- wait a minute! Silver's eyes went wide from the thought. The guys in Lily's class! Was Serena giving him the green light on teaching them a lesson? The mere thought left him smirking darkly. Oh he was going to college all right.

"Okay Serena, I will go to college in her place" Silver said causing her to giggle.

"Oh you! Okay just make sure you take notes okay?" Silver was sure that she was smiling at his intentions.

"I'll try but I still don't know how she can look at some rectangular box for hours, it makes no sense" Silver sighs as he pushes his hair to one side.

"Neither can I but it's what she wants to do, well I have to go have fun today" and with that the orb stopped glowing. Silver immediately stood up and went to Lily's room jolting the sick girl awake.

"Sorry just getting your bag" Silver said as he hastily grabbed her bag. Lily made a low squeak as she tried to get up.

"W-Where are you going?" Lily asked weakly.

"College, you're grandmother can't use a shikigami today so she's asked me to go in your place" Lily almost blinked as her head continued to burn making her eyes droop once more.

"You don't even know a single thing about computers" Lily whined.

"That's true but today it's note taking so I'll pass you the notes once I get back okay?" Silver asked as he knelt down to peck her head. He almost winced from how hot her head was getting but couldn't stay long due to the time. "Just take your medicine okay?" and with that Silver was off to find Mizuki who was forced to sweep the floor thanks to Silver earlier on. The snake familiar looked up to see him storming up to him.

"Right Lily's sick so I want you to give her medicine in one hour and make sure that she has plenty of rest, then make sure the porch is cleaned am I clear?" Silver asked sharply. Mizuki nodded before going to the kitchen. Silver sighed before he started to walk; sadly he slipped on something after walking three steps and landed against a wooden beam. Mizuki on the other hand laughed as he saw Silver peeling himself from the wood and glared at him.

"If anything happens to Lily snake! I swear I'll turn you into a bag and present you as a gift to Serena, or better yet" immediately Silver had stormed over to Mizuki and pulled him up by his collar. "I'll send you straight to her so you can explain why you allowed it happen. Do I make myself clear?" Silver's voice was laced with so much venom that it made Mizuki shake like mad. The snake nodded shakily before scampering off. Like Silver, Mizuki was scared of Serena and knew thanks to Yonomori that the woman was a force to be reckoned with.

Knowing that Mizuki was under control Silver had left the shrine; on route he used one of his transformation leaves to turn himself into Lily. His disguise consisted on a V necked blue dress top with white floral stitches around the chest area by a pair of black wide end trousers and black trainers. The hair was in a messy bun as he walked. The only thing that might have been a sign that showed that he wasn't Lily was his eyes, since her eyes were brown and his were metallic grey.

Once entering the college, Silver swiped the ID as he had always seen Lily do when he walked her to college. Now entering the building left him feeling odd and nervous, after all it was his first time being in the area for the sole purpose as posing at Lily and helping her with her college work.

"Lily" Silver turned to face the owner of the voice, speak and he shall appear. There in front of him is a peppy but annoying tengu. If it wasn't for the fact that Lily was close friends with him, Silver might have scoffed and turned his head in order to ignore him.

"How are you today Lily?" Shinjirou asked as he hugged a disturbed Silver. Who in turn had tried not to go rigid or push him away.

"I'm fine, but what about you? Did you sleep well?" Silver asked bluntly as he looked up at the tengu. Shinjirou almost looked at him oddly since he didn't see a smile on 'Lily's face.

"Is there something wrong?" The disguised kitsune blinked in shock from the sudden question.

"No why?" Silver asked as he looked at the tengu. Did he do something wrong he pondered as he noticed Shinjirou giving him an odd look.

"Usually your happy when you see me, did something happen at the shrine?" Silver almost felt his stomach drop. After all the real Lily was sick in bed while he had to go and pretend to be her, which was something he did not have in mind whatsoever.

"I didn't get enough sleep that's all, I was doing late night work" Silver said as he yawned to prove his point. Still the tengu didn't appear to be convinced.

"Are they still drinking at night or is it because of the deadline that you have coming up in two days?" Silver almost gulped, was that why Lily was so stressed in getting her work done that she end up getting sick over it.

"Y-yeah" Silver replied as he scratches the back of his head feeling embarrassed for not catching that part out. Shinjirou laughed as a result.

"Calm down Lily you'll do fine, you work hard in you class so it's only natural to be worried, tell you what after our lessons I'll take you out for ice cream deal?" Shinjirou asked as he smiled showing that he was relieved in finding out why 'Lily' was acting like this. Silver almost bit his lip in anger; no he did not want to be around that foolish tengu! That was the last thing he needed but he had no choice since he was posing as Lily. Oh how he wished that she wasn't sick so she could go in his place, but he had to keep up the pretense after all the mere though of tormenting those who bullied Lily made his hands twitch in anticipation. They were all going to get it and the best part is that Serena allowed him to get away with it. As much as he liked the thought of revenge thanks to his old life as a dangerous yōkai, this seemed more appealing than beating up and killing a few yōkai. He just hoped that Mizuki would look after Lily while he tended to this problem.

Lily sneezed loudly before whining at the pain her nose had to go through, talk about a rough morning. Luca was at school, Silver's being Silver and has gone to surprisingly pose as her while she had a day off... not that she wanted him to do that after all who knew what he would do?!

He might cause problems at her college or worse, now that he is in her form he might do something indecent since he now knows what her body is like now and the mere thought of it made her cringe in distaste.

"Blooming had better keep his hands to himself" Lily muttered darkly as she went out of her bed in order to get some medicine for her fever, what a stressful day indeed.

As soon as Lily began her route to the kitchen, her ears had caught the sound of something being tinkered with and blinked. Since when did they hire a repairman?

Curious Lily walked over to the source of the noise which was in… Mizuki's room?

Once she opened the door she peered into the room and saw him fiddling with something that looked like a pot and blinked.

"Mizuki What are you doing?" Lily asked wearily. The snake familiar jumped once he saw her and tipped the pot over creating a huge amount of dust which filled the room, this ended up making everyone cough from how bad the musky smell was.

"Ugh smells like dust but worse" Lily mutters as she coughs loudly. However once Lily opened her eyes she ends up gawking in shock as she noticed that she was not even in the shrine.

"What the-? Where am I?" Lily mused as she looked round to see nothing but trees for miles leaving her confused as to why she was even in a forest to begin with.

Looking round Lily observes the area, it seems like it had been untouched by mankind's hands which surprised her. In away she was happy for that but that didn't explain why she was here, she paused as remembered what Mizuki was working on.

"That pot's dust sent me somewhere, I wonder what it was" Lily pondered as she looked round. Her eyes caught the sight of an injured child, at first she was about to rush over but as soon as she blinked her vision was greeted with a green troll's form leaving her surprised. Why would one be on the floor? Had it been attacked by something?

Mizuki started to flail and panic once the dust had settled to find that Lily had gone missing all together.

"This is not good! Not good! If Silver shows up I'll be skinned badly for this!" Mizuki cried as he looked at what was left of the time incense burner. Who knew what time period Lily was going to end up in and she had no one to protect her!

"MIZUKI!" Roared a very angry voice that set him on edge, as soon as he heard the voice he jumped and looked at the door hesitantly. Almost suggesting the thought of running away.

After taking the child to an abandoned hut Lily immediately began to treat his injuries.

"For a demon you had me worried then" Lily said as the demon who had disguised himself as a demon child had to deal with a bump that Lily had given him, once she had scolded him for thinking about eating her. The demon was taken back from how she could just easily scold him and not fear him one bit.

Lily began to patch his injured arm and watched the door as it began to rain.

"I'm more surprised that a human like you doesn't fear my kind" Lily looked back at him briefly before looking back at the door.

"I have always seen spirits and I can also see those who like to hide their true form from others" Lily replied bluntly as she patched the cut on the demon's face.

"I'm surprised that a human girl can have that ability, you are quite the catch-OW!" the demon cried as Lily smacked the bump she had originally given him. He looked back at her only to flinch as she glared at him.

"Remember what I said, I'll patch you up and in exchange you don't eat or touch me in any perverted manner okay?" The demon muttered a few words quietly before he nodded slowly. Lily nodded sharply before placing a hand on her hip despite sitting down. Lily before helping the demon had noticed that she was wearing clothes that were not hers and sensed an extra presence that didn't belong to the boy.

This had her guessing that she was in another person's body which left her confused as to how and why that happened. Maybe that dust did something but it was leaving her feeling more sick than ever, it was taking all of her resolve not to throw up and faint. The only reason why she was pulling herself together was because of the demon that had been injured. Even the demon could see that she looked pale and ill which left him worried.

"You should rest" Lily caught his disguised child voice and smiled faintly, she patted his head in a thoughtful manner.

"No worries, I'll be fine" Lily said to an unconvinced yōkai who looked at her.

"No rest! You helped me now it's my turn to do it" Lily was surprised to hear such a thing, originally he wanted to eat her and now he was being nice to her.

"Thank you but are you sure?" Lily asks as she looks at him. The demon nods stiffly as he looks at her.

"If anything happens I'll wake you up okay?" Lily blinks before smiling at him softly. This leaves the boy feeling his face heat up by seeing such a smile.

"Well if you're sure? Then okay" Lily beams before laying down on the wooden floor and begins to close her eyes in order to regain some of her strength.

The yōkai stares as she sleeps with confused eyes, just who was this girl and why did she help him even when he was about to hurt her. It continued to leave him confused.

"I don't like seeing people hurt nor do I want to leave them suffering. A patient is a patient no matter how you slice it. It doesn't matter if they are yōkai, human or a higher power. They all need help from time to time, after all no one can do things by themselves" Lily giggles as she looks at him as he stared at her in awe. "We are not really different from the other. We feel, sleep, breathe, eat and sing, cry, feel things and most importantly. We were born, we live and die, this world is our home and we should cherish what we have before it goes. Don't you think?" This took him by surprise to even hear such a thing, just thinking about it made him smile at how wise she truly was.

The boy looks back at Lily's sleeping form and frowns, as her head has nothing to stop her from feeling pain in the morning. The boy takes off his short brown kimono and slips it under her head making Lily groan from the sudden move. It weird that she could make him care about her- a human but disregarded the negative thought, he then lifted his hand in order to push some hair from her eyes before a searing pain hit him. Without warning he began to scream in agony as he felt something hot begin to consume his flesh. Hearing his scream causing Lily to wake up and gasped at what was happening. Who would do such a thing had left her mind reeling in panic.

The demon before he was reduced to ash revealed his true form and collapsed.

"M-Master… Silver" was all the troll yōkai was able to say before he was burnt to death.

Lily looked up sharply once she heard the name.

"S-Silver?! Why is he here?" Lily screamed mentally as she caught someone's silhouette at the doorway. Lily's widened from seeing someone that resembled Silver enter the hut, only his hair was up to his knees and he wore a violet kimono with swallows on the sleeves at first Lily was confused as to why he even was here looking like that before her mind clicked on something important.

"I am in the past?!" Lily screamed mentally as she noticed that he looked different compared the Silver she originally knew.

This Silver walked towards her and suddenly sat in front of her while giving her a bad boy smile before grabbing a lock of her hair. He marvelled at how silky it was between his fingers leaving her confused, within seconds he inhaled her scent which almost made her gave him a look of distain.

"For a human you are definitely a catch, it's a good thing no one besides that foolish yōkai had caught up to you" Silver said in a voice like velvet that had left her wanting to cringe as he went in her face.

"What is up with this guy?" Lily asked angrily as she looked at him, she resisted the urge to show any emotions.

Silver suddenly pulls at Lily's collar to her surprise and without warning he ripped it from her waist length kimono. Lily at that moment had resisted the urge to scream in surprise leaving him more intrigued, instead she looks at him while masking her shock, at the same time was forcing herself not to shake from seeing what he was doing. This wasn't the Silver she knew, no this guy knew no boundaries and was only filled with lust and killing. Just seeing his mind left her fearful but refused to let it show, Lily was horrified at that moment to know that this was the Silver that Lydia had been aware of. Was this why Silver had been reluctant in telling her his past? Was he ashamed or did he not want to tarnish his already damaged image when it came to her? The thought left her wanting to bite her lip in a bitter manner.

"It's interesting that you don't cry" He leans closer; his voice is that of a whisper as he speaks, almost as if he was planning to tell her a secret.

"Do cry for me human" That snapped Lily out of her daze. She looks down at the damaged kimono before looking up at him three times.

"Huh?" Lily was still confused as she began and process on what had just happened to her. While at the same time was trying to process on what he had just said. This left him smirking as he leaned closer so their mouths were close.

"I'm telling you to scream before I take you human, whether you want me to or not" Silver said in a husky voice, for some reason there was something about this human girl that was pulling him towards her. Why had left him baffled, Lily on the other saw red as a saying came to mind:

'Are you going to take that from an arrogant guy who thinks it's okay to harass girls for his own amusement/pleasure?'

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU DAFT PUNK?!" Lily screamed in anger taking him by surprise.


Silver's face went to the right from Lily's slap; this had literally took him by surprise. What just happened?

Lily however was too angry to care; instead she rolled up her sleeves. One sleeve at a time before standing up, once she does that Lily ends up towering him leaving him slightly startled as he holds his cheek.

"YOU BLOOMING ASSHOLE PERVERT! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TOUCHING ME LIKE THAT WITH YOUR FILTHY HANDS?!" Lily this time grabbed his collar and head butts him, however Lily was too angry to complain or feel anything. Silver however howled in pain as he felt something pop in his nose before he was forced to endure a series of kicks and punches.

What the hell is going on here?

Shouldn't it be him that was suppose to be initiating the pain, and yet this human girl was beating him to a pulp. Now here he was, on the floor and had to endure the fact that the front of his yukata is now being stained with blood, the worst part was that he would never be able to remove it to his dismay. In the end Lily had sent him against the door which was by a wall, that lead to the exit he had entered from causing him to grunt from the pain that shot through his back. Lily on the other hand was panting angrily as she glared at him.

"N-Not s-so tough n-now that a-a girl is ki-icking you're a-ass" Lily panted as she glared at him. Silver looked at her with wide eyes before hearing the voice of someone he really didn't want to see at the moment. He turned to the door before looking back.

"Huh?" Silver's eyes went wider as she vanished without a trace.

"DRAT!" Silver cursed angrily and berated himself for losing sight of her.

"Hey brother I was asking-what the hell happened to your face Silver?" Akura-ou asked as he took note of the messy appearance of his brother.

"Don't tell me you got beaten up by a demon" his brother asked while looking surprised.

"You have no idea Akura-ou, she could have been one for all I knew" Silver muttered darkly before getting up, he winced from the pain in his stomach after she had booted him in there.

"Care to tell me where Lily is snake?" Silver asked coldly. So much for having an interesting day. Silver had spent his time learning yes but also took the time to insult every single one of the fools who had hurt Lily. Those who didn't get the message were immediately hunted down and put on high pegs in the art room, there was one room that contained easels for the canvases to his relief. Especially since it would have involved dragging the fools everywhere just to find a suitable room. Now he had to come home the fox then had to find out that Lily has gone missing despite the fact that she was suppose to be in bed resting from her fever. Just his rotten luck!

Silver had known that he shouldn't have let Mizuki look after her and this was the result. Who knew what was happening to her, just thinking about it left him worried.

"I-I don't know, I was cleaning the incense burner before she startled me" Silver's eyes narrowed at the snake familiar, Mizuki almost shook from the intense glare.

"What type of incense?" Silver asked in a cold but calm manner that made Mizuki shiver in fear. Mizuki was no fool; he knew from that very moment that he was walking on very thin ice but what could he do? If Lily hadn't startled him like that then he wouldn't have tipped the inside of the Time Rotation Incense Burner on to the floor.

Before Mizuki could speak Lily had appeared from thin air and had landed on a heap on the floor. She started to shake as she sat up and looked around. To her relief she was home once again… that is if she could call it home anymore, not after what she witnessed.

"Lily!" Silver's voice caught her attention, Lily looked back to see him rushing towards her leaving the girl startled. Instead of staying still she moved away from him causing him to pause.

"S-Stay away from me!" Lily screamed as she used her hand to keep him away, this caused him to stare in confusion. What happened to make her act like this?

"Lily, what's going on? Why are you being like this?" Silver asked as he tried to calm the scared girl down, only to his dismay it wasn't working.

"Did you harm girls five hundred years ago? Tell me the truth!" Lily demanded causing him to go pale. How did she find out about that? It was years ago and he had changed a lot since then, that's why he refused to speak about something that was so horrific that had taken place in the past.

"What are you talking about?" Silver asked sounding cautious as he looked at her.

"Quit acting all innocent. I saw you five hundred years ago!" Lily screamed causing him to go rigid in shock and fear. Had he hurt her in the past? No he would have known about that. Mizuki on the other had had felt his eyes go wide from her words.

"What do you mean you saw me?" Silver asked as he took a step closer making her recoil in fear.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Lily's words made him take a step back. Instead of speaking Lily stood up and glared.

"I hate guys like you, always acting all nice but inside you love to hurt anyone just because you think it's fun! I saw everything in your mind when I was sent back in time" Silver gave Mizuki a dark look which stopped the snake from smiling mentally. He was in trouble now.

"All that bloodlust and then there was the part where you raped girls! And the worst part is that Lydia warned me about you, what you had done but oh no I tried to defend you only to see that she was right. It just shows that you don't value anyone-"

"That is not true!" Silver snapped as he cut her off, the red headed male looked at her, his eyes went slit from anger causing her heart to beat quickly from fear. Seeing this left Silver cold, was she afraid of him now?

"I regret what I have done but it can't be changed now" Silver said in a soft tone as to not upset her any further.

"Liar!" Silver's ears pinned themselves to how angry she was. "From now on don't come near me EVER!" Lily said before running out the room. She could hear him calling out to her but she ignored it. Instead she went to the bathroom and locked herself in it. She was not going to come out for sometime now, Lily cared not if she grew hungry or cold. It was better than being in the same room as him.

Silver sighed deeply as he felt his stomach plummet in despair. Slowly his gaze hardened before turning to look at the snake who was looking at him.

"I should have known that it was a mistake to let you look after her" Silver's tone was laced with furry causing Mizuki to shiver slightly. He could hear the hatred rolling off of Silver in waves.

"It's not that I planned for it-"

"I asked you to do one simple task and you couldn't do that snake!" Silver roared as he went to grab his blue butterfly haori. He needed some air after what had happened.


"Now look what you've done!" Silver yelled angrily as he walked out the room, there was one place that he could go to without causing a bother to anyone. He might as well go there since Lily was mad at him.

"Where are you going?" Mizuki asked sounding worried, the mere thought made Silver laugh since it was his fault that Lily had gone to the past. This was the result and the snake had to deal with the consequences.

"What does it matter? You care for no one but yourself and I know for a fact that you wouldn't hesitate to show Lily the past. Despite the fact that I was going to tell her when she was ready!" Silver rounded at Mizuki who went rigid. The snake familiar was left feeling hurt by those words but at the same time guilt entered him for some reason, which in a way was odd in a way since he hated Silver.

Without waiting for Mizuki to speak, Silver stormed out the shrine and not once did he look back. On route Silver began to release a mental stream of curses and insults as he kicked the dirt in anger. How could that snake get so careless?

One thing! Just one thing he had to do and that didn't go well at all. Instead it just left Lily scared of him and all because she saw something in his past.

Just what did he do to her in the past? He tried to rack his brain in order to regain answers to the question but it was in vain. He knew that she went back to save him but that was it. Silver's mind drew a blank after that leaving him frustrated at how this could have happened.

Seeing the lake by the Mikage's Shrine, Silver was able to see his reflection in the water and sighed.

"Well… here goes" He winced at what she would say once he showed up, but he hoped with all his heart that she would let him heal in there. Without wasting time Silver landed face first into the lake and allowed it to pull him in, at first he felt his lungs were burning as he sank into the deeper reaches of the lake until he vanished completely.

Lily remained in the bathroom despite it being dinnertime, during that time tears stains could be seen on her cheeks which showed that she had been crying not too long ago. She was at a loss of what to say and do now. The one person she had considered her friend before he died or had made her assume that he died had been hiding such things, what she now realised was how bad those things were. Just thinking about what he did made her sick with anger and loathing. She also resented herself for not seeing this sooner. Just what had she been thinking? It was clear by his aura that she should have avoided him like the plague when she first met him at the shrine.

Only now did she understand why but it did not once make her feel any better, instead she felt foolish for not trusting her instincts.

Mizuki a few times had knocked at the door in order to get her to come out, but Lily refused to move an inch. She was mildly surprised that Silver had not once come to see her, nor did he try to talk to her.

"Just goes to show that he has no remorse for what he has done" Lily thought bitterly before closing her eyes and allowing sleep to claim her. For some reason she had this nagging part in her mind appear without warning, it left her a bit disgruntled as a result. Was something or someone calling her? Oh she had hoped that it wasn't Silver, for she had no words for him at the moment. The girl just wanted to be alone for a while, was that too much to ask?

The feeling didn't leave her, instead it just continued to hit at her mind until she closed her eyes in order to try and push it away. Instead she immediately felt something cold touching her face. This caused Lily to shoot up in shock as she felt the front part of her body go cold. Lily looked round to see that she was in a snowy area filled with trees.

"What?!" She cried out in shock and anger. Did Mizuki do this again? Oh she hoped that he didn't, she was not in the mood to see anymore of Silver's past right now and right now she was cold from being in the wet snow.

Lily rubbed her arms in order to keep warm as she took in her surroundings, her eyes went wide with surprise as she spotted a house nearby thanks to the smoke that came out of what appeared to be a chimney. Maybe they could help her somehow, if they allowed her to rest for a while she would then try to figure out a way of getting back home. That is if someone was around to help her travel back. Where was her grandmother when she needed her?

Muttering to herself, Lily began to walk towards the house in a slow pace thanks to the chill as it entered her skin and bones. Just feeling the cold nip at her skin had left her shaking slightly. Lily at that moment had wanted nothing more than to be warm at the moment and away from the snow. As much as Lily loved snow due to its pure and untainted state, and from seeing how it can create a wonderful scenery. It was too cold to be in it, given that she was only dressed in a short blue sleeved shirt and black shorts. It was taking every bit of her resolve not to scream out from the cold; instead her teeth began to chatter as she tried to pick up the pace and she was sure that if she clenched her teeth hard enough that they would break from the pressure.

As soon as she approached the house she knocked, to her surprise no one entered leaving her confused. Was everyone okay in there?

Feeling worried Lily opened the door and slipped in while trying to bring less cold into the house. On route she looked round until a black haired woman wearing a plain light brown yukata and a cream obi. The woman also had a brown blindfold over her eyes leaving Lily guilty for intruding.

"E-Excuse me" Lily called meekly at the woman, hearing this voice made the woman turn to face her quickly. "Sorry to bother you-"

The woman hastily tore off her blindfold taking Lily by surprise. What just happened? Wasn't this woman blind? If not then why was she wearing a blindfold?

"Is that you Lily?" The woman asked sounding shocked, Lily was also surprised to see that the woman wasn't much older than her. They both had the same colour eyes leaving Lily confused; then again it was normal to have brown eyes in this area right? But was it normal to have eyes that were so identical, it had made Lily wonder if she was looking at a mirror?

Without warning Lily had immediately been pulled into a tight hug leaving her rigid to the spot since she doesn't know who this woman was not, nor did she know why this woman was doing this.

"Lily I was so worried about you when you disappeared that night" The woman says, meanwhile her words are muffled by Lily's top as she hugged tightly.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Lily asks as she looks at the woman. The woman now confused by the question, she moves back a few steps in order to see Lily's confused expression and gulps quietly.

"How could this have happened?" The woman thought now feeling worry and panic settle in.

"So it's true? You can time travel" The woman's words shock Lily who then takes a step back, realizing her mistake the young woman takes a step forward in order to try and calm Lily down.

"I mean, I know about your powers-" The woman said in a polite tone.

"How though?" Lily asks now looking at her with suspicious. The woman now grins at her behaviour and tone shocking Lily who just looks back. Just seeing that grin reminded her of her auntie. But how and why thought?

"I have the same powers as you" Hearing this takes Lily by surprise. How was that possible?

"How though? It's not like we are related are we?" Lily asks as she looks at the woman.

"It matters no-" The woman is cut off from the sound of a door opening.

"Umi?" Lily looks at the direction of where the voice was, Lily's eyes widen from the voice, no it couldn't be. Not now! Just when she was still mad and hurt. Why is he here?

Seeing Lily's fearful reaction, Umi frowns at what could have happened to make her act this way. Without warning she pulls Lily towards the folding screen before Lily can retaliate.

"Stay here please" Umi hisses to Lily's surprise. Why was Silver here with Umi?

Just before the voice could enter the room, Umi immediately retied her blindfold once more after rushing to sit by the table. At the same time she was trying not to sound noisy or conspicuous that it would make him rush over towards her. Part of Umi was now panicking at the fact that Silver could easily find out about their new guest due to being a yōkai, no she didn't want that. It would ruin the future and everything that she was trying so hard to achieve! She knew about the promise despite seeing how hidden his past life's memories were. Just seeing them left her with heartache from knowing that Silver was desperate to find Lily but wasn't aware of it, the only thing she did know was the Lily who had tried to save him years ago. Only it was this Lily here to Umi's dismay, had not been the one to saved him yet. Oh how frustrating indeed!

"Umi there you are" Silver says before he frowns at Umi's silent behaviour. Why was it that she hardly talked to him? Was she mad at him or something? The mere thought made his ears pinned themselves to his skull as he walked over towards the blindfolded girl. Once Silver sits down in front of her, he pushed the front part of his red hair back, he looks at her briefly to see sweat had formed and frowned. Was she ill or something? Just thinking about it made him worry. Silver slowly moved his hand knowing that she hated him touching her and took out a small piece of cloth that he could use in order to dab away the sweat. Umi shivered from having him touch her so casually, after all she hated demons deeply because of what they had done to her and she wasn't going to lose that feeling anytime soon.

"What are you doing?" Umi asks dully as Silver works on to removing the sweat with the utmost care. Lily surprisingly could feel his worry which left him baffled, how did his attitude change so quickly? Especially since he was known in this time period as a wild fox.

"You're head's covered in sweat, I'm just removing it" Silver said calmly.

"Well don't please! I have a sleeve you know" she says bluntly causing him to pause. Lily grimaced at how shocked he was towards her frosty attitude. Why was he even with her in the first place had left her mind boggled. It was clear that Umi didn't want him here given how she was rude she was being towards him. Despite being angry at Silver, not once did Lily ever want Silver to be treated like that and it was taking all her resolve not to reveal herself and snap at Umi. Sure Silver had done a lot of bad things but his heart was screaming from the guilt, this however had left Lily completely confused. What had caused him to change was the question.

Silver flinched as he placed his hand down now feeling like Umi had punched him in the gut. It was always the same, she would always push him away and act like the promise they made had meant nothing to her. Hearing this left Lily more confused. What promise? What was his heart talking about?

Lily balled her hands into tight fists and glared at the screen. Part of her now wanted to come out and lash out at Umi for upsetting him but kept silent. Despite the fact that Lily was not happy about being engaged to Silver, she did not like watching or hearing him feel this way. Nor did she like to hear him being treated in such a manner and it was confusing her deeply. However instead of coming out she stayed put, after all it wasn't anything to do with her.

"Yes Umi… I'm going to look around the house to make sure there are no problems" Silver said softly before getting up. In truth he needed air and wanted to try and get away from his predicament. He only wanted to see her eyes, the same eyes that made his heart skip a beat, the ones that would always make him smile and act weird around her but he was always denied from seeing them. It was like he repulsed her for some reason and he didn't like it one bit. Silver at times had wanted nothing more than to pull his own hair out in frustration from how she could just twist his heart like it meant nothing to her, but he couldn't say anything. In a way he couldn't blame her not after what his brother had done. It wouldn't surprise him if it had made her more scared of him.

That's why he was trying to be patient and take her feelings into account. However that was easier said than done and he was starting to lose his patients.

Umi said nothing as he left except look down slightly, this was hurting her to lie but she had to do it for her baby's sake and now for Lily's as well. Umi was sure that Lily was not the same one who had visited her years ago, she was bit younger given how long her hair was. However she was the one who took Silver's heart, whether she had meant to or not.

Once Lily was sure that he was gone did she then decide to show up, she spotted Umi take her blind fold off but was too angry to care.

"What was that? Treating him like he's nothing but scum of the earth? I get it he's done bad things but must you treat him in that manner?" Lily asked coldly as she saw Umi look away weakly.

"I need to take a breather for a few months" Hearing this took Lily by surprise.

"What about Silver? Is he coming-?" Umi shook her head to Lily's shock. But why though? What was so important that she had to go?

"I can't stand living a lie, I am not the one he loves" Umi admitted, her voice strained as she spoke. Lily frowned from those words.

"I don't understand why are you saying that?" Umi's strained eyes shocked Lily.

"It's not me that he loves, I only lied to him so my baby can be safe" Umi's words left Lily more shocked.

"What?" Lily said breathlessly, Umi fidgeted slightly as she looked at Lily weakly. This was going to be harder than she had thought, then again the thought made Umi smile. Knowing that she could tell Lily anything, there was something about Lily that allowed her to be herself and allowed her to relax.

"My husband was murdered by Akura-ou and seeing as I looked like Silver's lover, I had asked him for help knowing that if he thought I was her. He would do anything to keep me safe" Lily bit her lip as she resisted the urge to slap Umi for the horrible lie. However Lily could sense that Umi was getting desperate and was determined to have her baby live, just sensing this made Lily sigh in defeat.

"So what? Do you want me to sneak you out? Because that would just upset him and then how will you do it without getting him to look for you" Lily asked tartly as she glared at her. Umi looked down knowing that she deserved the angry tone. If her mother and sister were here, they too would have been upset for pulling such a cruel stunt.

Now here she was facing her descendant who was just as angry. For reasons that would be justified if the girl was aware of what Silver had done before rescuing Umi.

If anything Lily was a force to be reckoned with thanks to Sapphia their ancestor. It was terrifying and yet reassuring to have Lily here, she would always speak her mind and allow Umi to stay rooted. Maybe this was why Silver was drawn to her… maybe.

"No I need you to stay here in my place" Lily froze before chuckling weakly.

"You're serious? And just how are you planning to pull that off? We aren't the same personality wise" Lily commented, Umi could not deny that part but that was a good thing. Silver would be drawn to Lily now and would want to spend some more time with her.

"Please! I need to go to a place so I can have my baby. Demons will be after me because of aura my baby's giving off" Lily pursed her lips. Lily could tell it wasn't just the aura it was the sweet scent and how much power the baby was giving off leaving her to sigh at how bad this situation was.

"It wouldn't work, he would find out once I speak" Umi smiled at that to Lily's surprise.

"Just be yourself I'm sure that would set my mind at ease, knowing that he's happy for once. When I have my baby, I'll come straight back. You have my promise" Umi vowed to Lily's displeasure. Umi's heart was not lying and knew that a promise in her family was a sacred deep one. To break one is bad.

"When do you want me to start?" Lily asks now wanting to change and sleep as a series of chills had continued to latch on to her due to the wet clothes. Lily then started to sneeze to their surprise, she then starts to shiver from the cold and from her ongoing fever leaving Umi to panic as the woman realizes that Lily was wet and wearing very short clothes which did not help one bit, Umi pursed her lips from the predicament.

Umi then ushers Lily to a spare room and takes a spare cream yukata with white doves and a white obi from the draw before giving them to Lily.

"Change now! I'm so sorry if I had known that you were wet and ill-" Lily waved it off as she went to change at the folding screen. Once she was done Lily was then moved in a sluggish manner towards the futon Umi had prepared, the woman rushed to get some medicine despite being pregnant. Once the medicine was done, Umi immediately went back and passed the medicine to Lily who winced from the taste.

"I was going to say slow down since you're pregnant" Lily said before making a sound that showed that she disliked the bitter taste. "But this is disgusting" Lily muttered as she took more sips from the brew. Seeing Lily like this made Umi laugh.

"Just rest now okay" Umi said, she noticed that Lily's eye lids were moving in a way that showed that Lily was suffering from a fever. Seeing this made Umi bite the inside of her cheek in frustration. Silver had to come home soon and she just hoped that Lily would get well soon, Umi felt bad for thinking about leaving Lily here but she had to go. He would be back any minute. Umi then tied the blindfold over Lily's eyes causing Lily whine from the darkness.

"It's to help your eyes, just get some rest okay?" Umi kissed Lily's forehead as she tried to coax Lily to sleep. To her relief Lily's breathing started to slow down signalling that she was falling asleep.

Once she was sure that Lily was asleep, Umi immediately tip toed out the bedroom door leading to the outside world and closed it slightly to prevent suspicion.

Lily on the other hand began to pant as her head started to pound from the pain and from how hot her head was getting. She started to whine and cried out loudly which alerted Silver who had just entered the house; he immediately rushed over to the guest room and was surprised to see 'Umi' in the guest futon. However he brushed that aside and began to try and see what was wrong with her.

"Umi what's wrong are you okay?" Silver asked as he moved his hand to touch her forehead. He immediately recoiled at how hot it was and began to try and find what he could use to bring the fever down.

Lily was too ill to notice who it was, she almost flinched at how cold the person's skin was and continued to pant while feeling like she was going to get worse due to her illness. She almost cried out at how cold something was as it touched her head but felt someone stroke her cheek. She didn't know why but Lily could feel as if she could trust the hand. It gave her some relief to know that someone was there to help her. Was it Umi who was helping her?

As Lily rested during the week, she began to slowly feel better. However she wasn't sure if it truly was Umi who was helping her, some part of her told her that the hands that were helping her were slightly bigger to be Umi's. Not to mention they did feel familiar somehow but Lily ignored it and focused on getting better.

Now after five days had passed, Lily began to feel refreshed and well enough to move, but then there were two important questions that boggled Lily's mind- where was Umi? And why was everything dark?

Lily moved her hands to her head and felt a cloth that Lily could now tell was actually a blindfold. The thought made Lily ticked off as she realised that Umi had done a runner leaving her to deal with Silver. Or did she? It would have been awkward if Umi had been here since she was in the same room as her and Lily couldn't forget at how they almost looked identical.

During the time Lily began to grow agitated since she can't see or move much because of her lack of sight, the annoying part was that the blindfold had been done tightly so it wouldn't come off when Lily had tried to undo it. So when Lily was about to get up, she had immediately collided into some things much to her displeasure. During that time she had no idea that that Silver has rushed into the room to see if things were all right, he was shocked to not only see her up and awake, but was also surprised to see her acting like this and began to assume that Umi was a little disorientated from her illness.

"Darn it Umi! Where are you I can't see in this thing!" Lily groans from not being able to see as she speaks to his surprise. "When I get out of this thing you are in so much trouble- ow!" Lily crashes into another wall despite using her hands to feel around the area. Seeing her crash into the wall made him wince from imagining the pain that she could have been enduring at the time. As she feels round the wall with one hand so she can try and get into what would be the hall way, she then without warning she crashes into him not knowing that he is in the room. She pats his yukata for a bit and frowns. Seeing her act like this left Silver confused, why was Umi acting like this?

"Since when did Umi have a mannequin? I'm pretty sure that she didn't… Darn it I can't see" she murmurs darkly as she then pushes herself lightly away, so she doesn't sent the 'mannequin' to the floor as she begins to walk away. Silver on the other hand is still confused since this girl did look like Umi and still doesn't know why this girl is acting like this. Nor did he understand why Umi is insulting herself, however it did seem amusing after all. She must still be sick or something to be acting in such an unlady like manner.

"Umi get this thing off! You've tied this blind fold too tightly so I can't get it off!" Lily whines as she tries to find the knot again. Sadly she loses her footing as she walks and begins to fall to the floor, only just before she crashes. Silver without hesitation stops her fall without her noticing. Lily looks from side to side not knowing where the one who was holding her was.

"Umi is that you? Can you please get this off! Did I do something wrong to make you do this?" Lily asks weakly causing Silver to feel pity towards this girl as he realise that this might definitely not be Umi after all, but if that's true then where did she go?! Just realizing that she might have left made his stomach drop. Did he mean so little to her that she would just up and leave while leaving this girl here as a decoy? How long had she been planning this? Did the promise mean so little to her? It was weird for him to look at her especially since she looks a lot like Umi and yet, this girl is behaving like the one he had first back at the run down house and from the time when he had rescued her from Akura-ou's henchmen a few years ago, months after meeting her in the hut.

Without knowing why Silver undoes the knot and allows the cloth to fall off. Lily whines immediately from the sudden light as she opens her eyes, she then hides them behind her sleeves until she gets use to the light. When she opens uncovers her eyes, she looks round to see an empty room leaving her puzzled at how neat and tidy it was for a plain room. Just as she was about to relax her eyes had caught the sight of a red tail beside her, at that moment she is scared to even turn around as she realised who that tail might belong to. The very thought that he might be in the room left her startled and scared from knowing that she spoke everything out loud. Sadly though she knew that she has to face the music some time and turns to face him slowly while feeling extremely guilty. As expected he is not happy but showed that he was- confused and shocked?

"Why though? It's not like my eyes have that much of an effect- wait Umi didn't show him her eyes did she? Oh no I'm in trouble now" Lily panics as she looks at him while trying to mask how guilty she was feeling. She also tried to mask how embarrassed she was from the fact that she just let the cat out of the bag.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Silver asks sternly as he looks at her with suspicious eyes. Lily stutters before looking behind him with wide eyes and gasps, almost as if she is surprised by something. Silver then turns around to see what had left her shocked. Watching him do that had allowed her to try and sneak out, to her relief she succeeds making him annoyed as he turns back to see that she vanished.

"Now where did she go?" Silver mutters as he looks around.

"Oh great oh great I am in so much trouble here! Why Umi? Why did you do that to me?!" Lily cried as she ran through the trees in order to escape the potentially mad fox. Oh she was in dead trouble one he chases after her! She was sure that he would kill her the moment he catches, but she refused to go down without a fight. She had to get home.

Lily groaned when she sensed his presence drawing nearer and nearer with each second that went past. Lily turned to look behind her and threw ice at the snowy ground in hopes of making him slip, she then continued to run only now did her lung decide to slowly fail as they started to burn from the lack of oxygen. She had to hide and fast, but where though? She couldn't teleport long distances because of how tired she was. As Lily continued to run her ears caught the sound of yelping and guessed that he had slipped to her relief. Right now the last thing she needed was a killer after her right now.

Lily looked round for places that could hide her and found no such luck to her dismay. She was also running out of time and was getting desperate. Lily felt something coming after her and dived sideways to avoid a- foxfire?!

Lily almost went pale as she shot up and ran, that to idiot tried to kill her! Was Lily main thought. Yeah Umi tried to have her impersonate the pregnant woman but was it necessary to torch her? However a thought came to mind, what if he assumed that she was a demon because of her powers or from the fact that she and Umi were identical?

Just thinking about it left Lily panicking, she had to hide NOW!

"Ugh!" Lily cried as something pinned her against the tree while putting pressure on her neck, he has caught her.

Lily struggled against her captor's grip and tried to break free but it was all for naught.

"Who are you? Why do you look like Umi? SPEAK UP!" Silver roared as his long hair blew behind him. Lily felt air was being cut off from her lungs as he held her there with his arm pressing itself into her throat, if it wasn't for the fact that she had been running then she might have lasted longer. She almost cursed at how the black spots were starting to appear in her line of vision, didn't he know that he was choking her or was he blind to care?

"Where is Umi and what have you done with her? Answer me!" He bellowed as he applied more pressure causing Lily to hyperventilate from the lack of oxygen. She tried to claw at his yukata but it was not working, she had to escape but how?

"Hmph! What a pathetic fool" came a bone chilling voice from within Lily's mind, Lily almost gasped in shock as she heard a woman's voice, was she nearby?

"H-help m...e" Lily started to lose more oxygen and was about to pass out.

"You see child? This is why I hate men" said the woman's voice as she tutted. Lily could hear distain and disappointment.

"" Was all Lily asked before passing out.

Silver continued to glare at the imposter as he kept putting pressure on her throat. Was she human or demon to even launch an attack? But that mattered not, Umi has gone missing and he wanted answers.

"Where is she?!" He roared once more, his eyes now wild and slitted from anger.

"You really are a stupid boy aren't you? Attacking a girl who has done nothing to you" came a woman's voice that startled him; he noticed the voice was coming from the girl making his eyes narrow.

"So you are finally talking?" Silver then gasped as cold air hit his chest, he was sent against the tree behind him and almost slouched from pain. He heard snow being crunched quickly and looked up only to be sent up against the tree by his collar. When he looked at the girl, his stomach had dropped from what he was seeing. Wild sapphire blue slits had replaced her brown ones, the eyes now showed nothing but hatred and disgust.

"You males disgust me, did you think that bullying a girl to talk would not have consequences? Almost killing a girl who has done nothing wrong? Pathetic mortal" the said in a furious manner that left shivers up his spine.

"And yet here I thought that you were a changed yōkai...Silver of the West" Silver started to shiver from her words, yes he was known but to hear such words left fear in his bones. Next she sent his body against the soft snow and scoffed.

"Disgusting parasite just like your foolish brother, don't ever let me see your face in any era do I make myself clear?" She asked the moment she turned her back to him, she had vanishing into thin air. Silver left shaking and panting from fear, at that moment he was sure that his life had flashed before his very eyes. That was not normal for sure, just who was she?

Just seeing such eyes filled with hatred startled him, compared to the brown eyes that drew him in, those blue eyes however did the opposite and terrified him deeply.

Silver began to stand up and was about to search for Umi until a thought came to him; his face went pale from what the voice had said. He had almost killed her? Was that why her eyes changed in the first place? The thought left a bad feeling in his stomach and made him want to do nothing but throw up from what he had almost done. He wanted to change for Umi but how could he look her in the eyes of how he almost regressed back to what he was like before?




What had he done?

The woman inhabiting Lily's body made a stop to the village and collapsed from the lack of energy, she knew for a fact that the body as dying and needed help soon, she gritted her teeth at how careless the kitsune was and to think that she gave her blessings to such a vile thing had sickened her. She just hoped that Lily's healing abilities would act up soon. She just had to make it, the woman on the other hand barked out a laugh. Was this how her last descendent was going to perish? By a fool who didn't know better and would care little for others? It was a little amusing to say the least.

The woman could see darkness enter her line of vision and it sickened her, she never did die all those years ago. But she was sure that she was about to now... and from an idiot as well.

How sad...

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