Blessed Secrets

Chapter 9: Sick days and hiding Part 2 '

Lily cringes as she slowly began to feel her body ache, as it tries to recover from what had happened. This was the last time she was ever going to even trust Silver, she was going to call the engagement off the moment she arrived back to her own timeline. To think he would go that far had left her shaken, she could feel her eyes sting as she tried to open her eyes. She was too upset to think or care about anything anymore. Now knowing that he cared for Umi and not her had left Lily even more upset. She didn't care that Umi had said that he loved someone else, that was taking things too far and it hurt. Proof was from the pain her throat had to endure, her lungs sore from the lack of oxygen and her body stiff from running constantly. The only thing she wanted to do was sleep from the pain, but knew that it was impossible for her body was alert to who was in the room.

An elderly man was checking on her throat and nodded, looking satisfied by what he saw.

"It's good to see that you've regained consciousness, you had everyone worried once you were spotted" the man said as he checked her throat while undoing the bandages. Lily then noticed that the pillow was high up so the man could move the bandages without upsetting her neck, that in itself provided her with some relief. She blinked and made her brows furrow in order to alert the man.

"I am sorry you must be confused, my name is Sho I am the town's physician. You have been here for a few weeks given how bad your neck injuries were, I must say it is a miracle that you survived such a horrible attack" Sho said with a warm smile. His smile vanished when he saw tears appear in her eyes, the sound of a quiet weak sob had left her despite the fact that it hard to breath. Oh how Lily had now wanted to do nothing but cower and cover her face with her hands to hide how hurt she truly was, the man closed his eyes from seeing such sadness appear in her eyes. What must she have gone though to make her this way was the first thing on his mind, but he knew that now wasn't the time to ask questions for she was injured.

"I am sorry that you had to go through such an experience, but you are safe now" the man said softly as he sat beside her after applying medicine before patching up her neck with the bandages. Lily opened her mouth and tried to gesture that she was thirsty. Sho took note of this and nodded as he understood what she was asking of him.

He passed her a small bowl of water and helped her drink it without spilling it on her clothes, the water burned in her throat almost reminding her of what someone would feel if they had screamed very loudly without pause. However the water provided some relief, even though she had coughed a few times from the parts of her neck that the water had touched. Once Lily was able to finish the water did he help set her back down on the bed.

"Do you need anything else?" The man asked with warm eyes that reminded her of a father, just seeing that made Lily want to cry. She just wanted to go home so where was her grandmother? Didn't she know what had happened? So why did she allow it to happen?

The man saw that Lily about to cry and nodded slightly almost as if he understood.

"I won't leave the room, this is my house so there won't be any problems while you stay here" Sho said with a smile that made Lily shudder from her crying. She was relieved to have some comfort in this era.

"I had almost forgot" Sho said as he stood up leaving Lily confused.

"Someone had brought you here when you were spotted, you worried them a great deal" Lily was more than confused from what he said, who had brought her here and why would they be worried? A thought came to mind, was it Umi? No she was long gone so now this had left Lily even more confused as to who this person was, this didn't go unnoticed by the physician who almost frowned from her response. He was already getting second thoughts on bringing this person to visit her.

However it was good to check just in case.

"I will be right back" the man said before leaving the room, Lily remained in bed and waited until he came back with the person.

Within a minute he was back only the person behind him had left Lily confused, however that changed once she saw his eyes. Her stomach plummeted in horror... Oh no.

Lily moved away instinctively as she tried to force her body out of the futon and had tried to get away from the pair, her eyes filled with fear and was on the verge of crying once more. The teen behind the man had long red hair that had been tied up; he wore a leaf green yukata with yellow leaves on the sleeves and a yellow obi. However Lily was no fool, his eyes were metallic silver and had begun to panic from recognizing him. Unfortunately she began to cry and gasp in pain, the moment she moved her head and she turned her neck. Lily immediately tried to grip her neck in hopes of dealing with the excruciating pain but no avail. Seeing this made Sho react and tried to help her throat as it began to hurt even more, he could hear her sharp gasps of air now cursing at the fact that her airwaves might have been blocked from the sharp turn of her neck.

"You need to leave young man. It's clear that your presence scares her" Sho says coldly as he turns to glare at the teen. The teen to his surprise was rooted to the spot; he looked terror stricken to see her act in such a manner.

"I-I did this… I didn't want to go that far, I just wanted her to tell me about what had happened to Umi" Silver looked down and sighed deeply, his hair covered his eyes as he kept his eyes down.

"I guess I went too far… what was I thinking?" Silver walked away leaving the physician to glare even more as he turned in order to put Lily back in the position she was in before. Lily continued to gasp due to lack of air, she tried to cry out as loudly as she could but it was starting to hurt her even more. Lily was sure that she had damaged her neck and her spine; she began to panic as a thought came to her. What if she had gotten herself paralyzed from the neck down thanks to the injury?!

"Humans are so fragile and break easily… I guess I haven't changed one bit" Silver walked out the hut and didn't look back. He berated himself for being so reckless and for hurting her. The girl did seem confused and knew Umi somehow but where was the question.

"It's probably why Umi ran away from me… I really am a monster" Silver thought as he looked back to hear the man yelling in the house, his eyes filled with sorrowful and grief. Silver grimaced at what he was hearing; he took out a transformation leaf and frowned.

"If I can change my appearance, what about my eyes?" Silver pondered as he stared at the leaf.

Sho had tried desperately to keep Lily steady, but it was looking like she was about to snap her neck given how badly she was thrashing about. He wanted to do something to soothe the distressed girl but how? He couldn't restrain and treat her at the same time. She could damage herself even more if she didn't stop. Right now he needed a miracle and hoped that he could help her.

"Is someone there?" asked a meek boy's voice. Sho gasped as he turned round, a young teenage boy who was about Sho's height had shoulder with short black hair and reddish brown eyes rushed into the room. The boy looked like he had been running leaving the doctor both relieved and shocked, was something wrong?

"Is there something you need child?" Sho asked as he held Lily's head straight so she could stop moving her neck, the boy winced as he saw the situation and cautiously move forward towards them. The boy then placed Lily's head on his lap and looked at Show with soulful eyes that almost intimidated the man.

"Can I help?" was all the boy asked. Sho watched him before nodding.

"Just keep her head steady while I deal with her bandages okay?" the boy nodded stiffly as he looked down at the distressed girl. The boy patted the sides of her face lightly before holding her in place. Lily opens her eyes slight to see the boy's faint image before shutting her eyes in order to fight off the pain. She couldn't breath causing her to panic more.

"This isn't good Serena she needs the physicians in her time period! She might paralyze herself if she keeps moving!" the physician cursed as he tried to undo the bandage in her neck, the man went pale as he saw her neck bone had shifted from when she moved it sharply. Lily on the other hand almost stopped moving once she heard her grandmother's name coming from his mind. Did that mean her grandmother had in fact sent help? But where was she?

Lily's eyes opened and flitted to the physician who took note of her reaction, he guessed that it was because she had heard his thoughts.

"I need you to calm down okay, I know this hurts but you have to stay still. Can you do that?" Lily continued to whine and gasp but blinked once to show that she was listening. Sho nodded before moving to his bag and grabbed something that looked like a neck brace.

"Serena warned me that if you moved then you might damage your spine, stay still okay?"

"How do you know my grandmother?" Lily asked while her voice sounded strained as he tried to adjust the brace. It was definitely going to raise suspicion since it wasn't from this time period. The boy didn't comment except held her head in place. Sho on the other hand smiled softly as he adjusted the straps.

"I am not who you think I am… but I think once you are well, you might be able to figure it out" Sho said with a warm smile. Lily blinked as she looked at him carefully. Within seconds she saw a small ball of black fur with rabbits ears and feet in the place of the physician. It had a blue teardrop on it's forehead and closed eyes.

"What happened to your other form?" Lily asked weakly, she grunted from moving her head. Sho smiled.

"I know one of your parallel selves who is called Aline, I was one of those assigned to protect her. She's fine now but Serena needed my medical skills to aid you now. That's why I am here, I have lived for five hundred years from the Hein era" Lily's eyes softened as she sensed sadness.

"Doesn't it get lonely?" Lily asked, Sho smiled.

"I have a cousin Aoi who you might have seen in your school" Lily's gasped so loudly that it made one of the bones make a noise leaving her to cry out in agony.

"Control your breathing okay?" Sho instructed in a soft voice as he finished securing the brace.

"Ow! Ow! He bullied me a lot!" She whined from the pain but tried not to move as best as she could. Sho shook his head.

"I know and he's been told off for that, I apologise for his foolishness. He was just making sure that no one had figured out what he's up to" Sho said with a humorous smile. Lily however gave him a weak one.

"And that is?" Lily asked weakly as she squinted slightly, she then noticed Sho's forlorn expression as he worked.

"To stop Zerla from coming after you" Sho when the boy wasn't looking slipped a few pieces of empty papers in her hand; Lily in turn clenched them tight to hide them.

"Like me they use to human but they gave up their human lives, although we can turn human it won't be our original appearance" Lily grew sad despite being in pain.

"Don't you miss your old lives?" She asked. The boy watched them quietly, he was a little confused as to they weren't talking even though the girl was in pain. Sho smiled softly after securing the brace.

"A little but knowing that we can help is worth it, I do have descendants who have no idea about what happened but I am proud of my wife for what she has done" Sho replied, Lily could also sense sadness and longing but also happiness for knowing that his family was safe. That in turn allowed Lily to slightly relax.

"Will she be okay?" The boy asked as he looked at them. Sho smiled and nodded in reply, he then moved Lily away from the boy's lap and placed her on the futon once more. Once she was on, Lily who was still suffering from what happened whimpered from the pain in her neck.

"I will get some medicine to help you sleep Aya" Lily almost blinked from the name before realizing that he was just giving her an alias in order to prevent anyone suspecting her. Once Sho left the pair immediately became silent, the boy looked at her slightly making Lily uncomfortable. His mind was a little complex and a little disorderly leaving Lily with a feeling of distrust.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked softly as he shifted positions so he could sit cross legged and could see Lily more clearly. Lily not trusting her voice or neck grunted in reply.

Again silence greeted the pair until Sho showed up with a bowl and his bag. He sat beside Lily and began mixing some ingredients until all that was seen was a green paste. The physician placed his finger in the bowl and scooped a small bit out of the bowl before smearing a small bit onto her nose.

"I wouldn't lick it since it is incredibly bitter, it's just for you to smell" Sho said as Lily gave him a dirty look, seeing her reaction made him almost laugh so he snorted quietly instead. Lily's eyes started to droop from fatigue thanks to the smell of the medicine, within seconds Lily ad drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep. Once Sho was sure that she was asleep, he began to quietly pack his stuff away.

"That medicine is potent but it will help her heal more quickly" Sho explained as he covered the medicine up. The boy watched as he observed the man with guarded eyes. Sho in turn had tried to suss out the boy, it was clear to him that the boy was not of this village so why was he here? Despite looking harmless looks were definitely deceiving, that Sho was aware off.

"I haven't seen your face here boy, where do you come from?" Sho asked he picked up his bag, he gestured for the boy to follow. The boy looked at Lily from the corner of his eye, Sho could see longing and could see how reluctant the boy was to leave her side, why left had Sho boggled but Lily needed space and rest.

"You can see her when she gets up okay? Right now she needs to be alone and has to be able to rest without it being crowded" Sho said softly as he smiled. The boy lingered before standing up, eyes never wavering nor did they leave her. Sho watched the boy who then walked over towards him and left the room, he looked at Lily's sleeping form one last time before closing the door.

Sho sighed deeply as he rested his head on the door, that was definitely a close call for anyone. Who knew that would have happened if he could not put the brace on.

His eyes then went to the boy who stood close by, watching Sho with pensive eyes. However that was a façade, Sho was no fool for he could see sadness and traces of guilt. The same look in the other boy's eyes causing Sho to fold his arms and stare.

"Who are you really?" Sho asked as he looks at the boy. Despite looking normal Sho's eyes were able to help him see fox ears on the boy, the ears themselves had pinned themselves to his skull while his tail had sunk showing his mood. Sho at that moment blinked once he saw who the boy really was.

"You're a yōkai aren't you?" Sho asked the now surprised boy who looked up.

"H-How do you-?"

"Know? It's simple you're not the only one here who isn't human. I however use my skills to help people while you on the other hand I am sure have not" Sho said in a scolding tone. The boy's head went down from guilt.

"Someone I know-"

As the night wore on Lily had remained asleep thanks to the medicine, oblivious to the world around her.

The door slid open to show a figure who was covered in shadows enter the room. A bowl was in the person's hand as they walked over to Lily's sleeping form. Next the figure sat beside her with a pensive expression, before stroking her cheek as they removed some of her fringe from her face.

Silently the person began to observe her while fixing the neck brace so it didn't come loose. After doing that the person continued to sit with their legs beside them, eyes void of emotion before laying down beside her. The person then opened their haori and wrapped them both within it's warmth, the person then pulled themselves closer to her sleeping form. Watching her as she slept the person's eyes softened and sighed deeply before sleep took over.

Silence continued to comfort the pair as they slept until the first light of dawn hit the person; it groaned before opening its eyes and looked round the empty area. Confused eyes then went back to Lily before realization hit them. A pale hand stroked her cheek once more as the person looked at her, despite being tired the person continued to look at her before nuzzling her lightly only to catch her floral scent. The person was tempted to wake her but chose not to, not after what happened.

The sound of feet approaching the room caused it to react and rushed out the room silently, leaving no trace of their involvement in the room.

Sho entered and looked around the room oddly.

"Strange… I thought I saw-oh there you are" Sho noticed the boy walking towards him with tired looking eyes; he rubs his eyes with his sleeves as he keeps looking at Sho. "How was your sleep?" Sho asked as he smiled. The boy shrugged slightly before looking at Lily's sleeping form.

"Is Aya ever going to wake up?" the boy asked as he looked at her a slight pout. The boy folded his arms making Sho laugh at how 'eager' the boy was towards Lily's sleeping habits.

"Well she almost did suffer irreversible damage to her neck, so why not let her rest up just a bit more Iwao? We have to clean some of the hut since you are so willing to stay here for a while" Iwao pursed his lips before sighing deeply.

"Fine" Iwao says bluntly before going to the kitchen. Sho just shook his head before following the young boy. For a fifteen year old he had an attitude on him. Then again this reminded him of his cousin who had a spunky nature… speaking of where was he anyways?


"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU DUMB RABBIT?!" Screamed a very disturbed and worried male.

Nighttime grew closer and Lily had made no progress to Sho's dismay. She was just sleeping in her futon and hadn't moved an inch. Iwao at times would clean the floors and sadly burned food due to his lack of cooking skills. This would then lead to Sho who had then begun to teach him on how to cook simple meals without damaging anything. Once that was done Iwao entered Lily's room with the broth he made, only Lily had not moved an inch. Seeing this made the boy sullen but kept his composure as he walked over towards Lily and had set the tray beside her. Sho entered shortly to see Iwao sitting beside her with a pensive expression, just seeing this made Sho chuckle under his breath at how protective this boy was. On the other hand he as relieved to see that Iwao would determined to keep her safe and calm compared to that red haired boy who entered, Sho had gritted his teeth from how that boy could have hurt and upset Lily in such a manner. He had never seen that much fear in her eyes until now and he was determined not to let it happen again. If that boy ever did show up, then Sho was sure that he wasn't going to hold back with his temper.

That boy was also a yōkai for sure and it left Sho wondering on how many were after her, did they know about the rumors surrounding her? He hoped with all his heart that it wasn't true.

Moonbeams shone into the room while Lily slept, the wooden door slid open revealing a figure covered in shadows. The figure walked over towards her silently before sitting down, the figure's hair covered their face as they looked at her.

"I... I never meant to go this far" the person said softly in hopes of keeping everyone asleep. Images of a black haired girl with brown eyes who had laid beside the person as their mind wondered back to a field full of Sakura blossoms, it was utter bliss to be with her as she smiled warmly at the person.

Her eyes on the other hand looked like they were holding back for some reason, it pained the person to see her this way, all the person wanted to do was to take away the reason for her unease. Was it the person? Was it because she was with a yōkai that it had unsettled her? Oh the person wished that it wasn't the case, for all the person wanted to do was make her happy, even if it meant changing completely. If she wanted the person to stop killing then that's what the person would do. Moving their hand to cup her cheek the figure moved closer until their lips met, it was then all uncertainty the person had seen in her eyes had been washed away. Instead the person could see warmth in her eyes which made the figure's face go red and ended up smiling in a goofy way that made her laugh, they were both oblivious to the raining petals around them as they stared at the other.

In truth that night contained the only one moment that allowed the person to feel any longing or sense of attachment to any one, especially when it came to a human girl like the one who was laying beside the sitting figure.

The person then remembered once they woke up to see that no one was there beside them except a pendent she had wore, it made the person sad knowing that she had left and without saying good bye either. But the person did promise themself that they would wait for her and they did, only it wasn't the reunion the person had been waiting for. No what greeted the person was a massacre and burning buildings. A demon the person knew too well had created this mess and for what reason was beyond them.

After saving her the girl became withdrawn and cold, it hurt the person to see her this way but there was nothing the person could do except be patient. Only at times it reached breaking point but chose not to snap. However things did change one night when she slept, the figure entered her room because the person had forgotten to take the tray out to be washed. Only the figure was left transfixed by her sleeping form and went towards her before sitting down. The figure was slightly confused by this predicament that had been put in front of them, the figure was sure that it was her but something had said otherwise. Was it because she had another man's scent on her, probably but would she truly betray the figure for another man? Did she know that the figure would always come if she needed help so why? Why didn't she call? It made no sense at all.

The figure then looked at her before leaning down and gave her a chaste kiss only... it didn't feel right. It didn't stir any emotions from within the person leaving the person lost and confused. After all, the last kiss they shared had left the person's chest beating so fast that it left the person breathless.

Only things went worse when the figure had found out that she was carrying another man's child, just knowing this had tore the person apart from the inside out and began to curse and cry out loud when she wasn't around. Wanting to know why she betrayed the person and had allowed herself to be with another man. Was the person not good enough? She had promised and then this happened. The person wanted to be sick, the person wanted nothing more than to rip out the unborn child regardless if it killed her, the figure wanted answers but she refused to give them making the figure sick, resentful and angry, but sadly there was nothing the person could do to change it. She wanted the baby to live and that's what the figure had done, regardless of what the person had wanted. Only now she did a runner leaving this look alike in her place, just knowing that she ran made the person's blood boil with hatred and left the person wanting nothing more than to track her down, and then drag her back to the house. Only that had to wait given what the person had just done to this girl who was lying there before them. Guilt plagued the person as they watched her sleep, she was an innocent party and the person had took out their anger out on her. It not right and the person regretted it the more they looked at her.

As the person watched her sleep, the figure had then begun to feel something from just watching her sleep in an angelic manner. She looked so peaceful leaving the person at ease, without thinking the person leaned closer and placed their lips on to hers. Surprisingly the figure had begun to feel a sudden charge, which entered their system without warning causing every part of their body to react to her. It was shocking and unexpected to have that happen. Was it because she looked like the alike, the figure couldn't tell but all the person knew was that they were drawn to her. The person felt the urge to kiss her again but refrained from doing so, just doing that would betray the girl that the person had promised. Even if she did hurt the person deeply, the person would never retaliate in such a manner. No she was the person's mate who promised… but where was she now?

The person closed their eyes as sorrow plagued their mind. Looking at Lily's sleeping form.

"Aya…" the person says softly while looking at her. For some reason the name didn't sound right to the person. It was bugging the person as they tried to find the answer to this new problem. The person caught a floral scent coming from her which reminded the person of their mate, why would everything about this girl connect the person to her? It was so irritating and had left a bitter taste in the mouth. However before the person could do anything, light shone from outside signalling it was nearly morning. The person cursed for being reckless and looked at her one last time.

Against the person's better judgment, the person leaned forward and captured her lips before leaving, it almost proved harder to even detach from her but the person had no choice. However if the person had noticed just after they moved away from her and hadn't without looking back, the person would have noticed Lily slowly opening her eyes. Confusion settled in her as she looked round feeling disorientated and tired. She then felt her lips tingle for some strange reason.

What happened when she was asleep?

The sound of doors caught her attention and noticed Sho starting at with a mixture of surprise and disbelief, that had soon vanished leaving only happiness and relief.

"I am so happy to know you're awake, you were out for two days this time" Sho chuckles as he approached her. Lily as much as she wanted to get up had found that she couldn't, the teen also noticed that her throat was also parched thanks to her long sleep. Sho without wasting time had helped her drink the water from a brown bowl. Lily still choked from the water but was relieved to know that she was getting better.

"Tha...nk yo...u si...r" Lily said weakly as she looked at him. Sho smiled before patting her head lightly.

"You are most welcome, if it's okay with you I will need to check your neck" Sho said as he placed her down gently before opening the neck brace. Sho sighed with relief etched on his features from knowing that she was getting better. The marks also vanished leaving her with some small scars but they will also vanish soon enough.

They heard shuffling and looked to see a boy by the door.

"Iwao good morning there, it appears our patient will be making a full recovery soon isn't that great?" Sho asked, meanwhile Iwao just stood where he was; he looked nervous from seeing Lily awake to Sho's surprise. Lily on the other hand was confused, who was this boy?

Lily grunted a few times causing Sho to look.

"Oh sorry L-Aya" Sho said in a hurried tone that got the pair looking at him. "I forgot you were asleep, Aya this is Iwao he's going to be my assistant for a while. Iwao this is Aya. She visits me from time to time" Lily looked at him discretely while Sho mentally laughed from her reaction before patting her head.

"I know your cousin" still Lily wasn't convinced making him smirk. "The skinny guy who has a short tempered father and unruly son" at that moment Lily could feel only embarrassment as her face went red. She closed her eyes as she masked her emotions, so that's where she saw this guy from! Talk about embarrassing. Iwao on the other hand was surprised to see her act like that as he stood.

"Were you able to get some breakfast Iwao?" The boy nodded before passing them the tray that was in his hands. Lily once the tray was down could see something similar to porridge resting in the bowl, sadly she couldn't complain since hadn't been on solids for a while, nor she could move parts of her neck. It was irritating but it was the price for surviving the attack, Lily however hoped that she wouldn't have to meet Silver again. She wanted out now after that stunt.

During her time in bed, she watched Iwao moving in and out of her room doing various tasks. Seeing him do that interested her but sadly her powers were restricted on Sho's orders.

"You just escaped death, your powers will be able to heal you properly if you don't interrupt them" Sho instructed as he patched a new neck brace on. Lily however grumbled but did as he asked, after all the sooner she was well, the sooner she could leave and never have to look at Silver's murderous face again.

Darkness settled onto the hut once more, only this time Lily was getting her neck brace off in order inspect the damages. As she watched Sho while Iwao observed the man who was checking ever inch of her neck. Without warning the physician had leaned back in his seating spot and wrote down some information. Tension was getting on Lily's nerves and she was growing agitated as a result.

"Well..." Sho commented as he placed the item down in order to look at her. Everyone grew tense as they waited for the results.

"It appears your neck is now fully healed" Lily realised a short laugh and began to smile at the news.

"But I want to keep you here for an extra day to make sure that you are able to go without any problems" Sho said sternly causing Lily to whine, Sho chucked at what she did while Iwao was void of emotions. So that's it? She can go tomorrow? The news didn't make Iwao feel any better. He didn't want her to leave, he barely got to know her and just knowing that had made him feel resentful. What was this feeling he had? The one which involved her leaving without thinking about looking back? Would she look back though?

The mere though made him sad as he guessed the answer.

Now that Lily could sleep without the brace, she had immediately wasted no time after washing the gunk off that had formed from both her comas.

Fully refreshed and clean, Lily had donned on a plain white sleeping yukata and went to sleep in a clean futon. Within seconds she was out like a light due to months of fatigue that had decided to catch up to her. However she refused to complain and allowed herself to sleep.

As she slept something entered the room once more, as expected the silent noise did not budge the sleeping girl. She was also oblivious to the who was now sitting beside her. The figure as usual had made no noise as they watched her sleep, eyes still filled with guilt and an emotion that surprised the figure-yearning. Why did the figure yearn for someone who they had hurt? It baffled the person to some degree.

The longer the figure looked at her the more hard it was to stop themself from leaning closer, just enough to close the distance between them. Their breaths mingled as Lily slept.

Lily while she was sleeping felt something on her lips and almost woke up as a result, however there was apart of her that wanted more of what was on her lips. A taste that reminded her of... Honey? But how though? Especially since she doesn't sleep walk right?

Just tasting it made Lily want to move closer towards the source of the taste.

The figure was startled by what happened, was she really asleep?!

However instead of pulling away the figure had began to see the Sakura trees and to his surprise the girl in front of him, but why was the girl that had promised the person to be their wife had not appeared like the person had hoped. It was getting confusing as to why this girl had taken over their state of mind, had she bewitched the person somehow? Making the person wanting nothing more than to hold her tightly.

Lily almost whined from how close this newfound weight was. She could feel the weight's presence loom over her leaving her feeling slightly scared but at the same time at ease. What was she doing? This wasn't her at all; she wouldn't allow something to take over her mind and the only time she had allowed it was... Oh God no!

Lily began to feel sick as she tried to push him away. She how could she have been so stupid to allow him invade her space when she was still recovering? She felt foolish, bitter and humiliated.

Lily opened her eyes and shoved him away causing the person she now saw as...Iwao?!

Only given her power as she willed it to come had been able to show her that the outer appearance was a façade, it was actually Silver who had been here this whole time!

Oh how Lily wanted to throw up and scream, she needed to run away but how could she when he always tracked her down?

Silver was a few spaces away from her, his sleeve on his mouth while his eyes were wide from finding out that she was awake now. This did not go well, he just wanted to watch her sleep but had unexpectedly lost control.

"Just what do you think you are doing demon?" Lily hissed in anger making Silver flinch from her rage filled eyes. She was disgusted which was something he could not complain about. He had done this without caring about the consequences, only now he could hear the physician rushing over towards them. This left Silver with one other alternative and it would involve this girl hating him even more.

Sho entered the room with horror filled eyes, it was as he suspected Lily had been taken and Iwao no Silver had broken his promise on leaving her alone. Especially during those nights. He was no fool; he knew that Silver had snuck into Lily's room to see her. But Sho had never guessed that Silver would go as far as to kidnap the girl that he had almost killed.

Sho looked down slightly, as much as he wanted to go after them he couldn't. Especially since Serena had informed him that after what he had done, the yōkai would never harm her. However Sho had found that hard to believe given how bad her injuries were, from seeing Lily panic once she saw him angered Sho deeply. No matter what dimensional timeline he was in, it was still the same. She would always be his little sister and nothing would change that face. No matter what he, his friends and cousin would always risk their lives to protect her no matter what the costs were.

She had given light to their lives and he wasn't going to let it die because of some stupid demon's obsession with her. And he had made a secret promise to his teacher, her ancestor from his own parallel timeline that he would protect the girl who was and always be like a daughter to him. Who was his own precious treasure whether he knew that she was his descendent.

Lily glared at Silver once he placed her in Umi's room.

"You had no right! JUST LET ME GO!" Lily screamed at him, the fox kept masking his expression from hearing her angered words. She was right, he didn't and yet some part of him was becoming more possessive of her compared to when he was with Umi. This girl was making his heart race, making him breathless and despite her angry looks, it had made him happy to see those types of reactions. Even though he wanted to see her smile at him just this once. Was he sadistic? He wasn't sure. But he had felt that he had done the right thing.

Something about her called out to him, maybe it was when they kissed that added to his resolve in taking her away. Now that she was well again he could keep her, only his time he would not allow himself to hurt her physically even though emotionally he was sure that he was upsetting her a lot.

Knowing this had made his ears pin themselves to his skull but what could he do?

"You jerk! LET ME GO!" Lily screamed as she stands up, just as she is about to leave Silver's pulse quickens and instinctively grabs her arm stopping her from walking. She glares angrily at him.

"Get off me! Why did you do that?!" she screams again, Silver tries to ignore her screams and stares at her with blank eyes.

"Why won't you say anything? Just let me go" Lily pleaded as she looked at him. His heart was torn from seeing her expression, but he just couldn't do it. He didn't want to let her go.

"No" Silver replied bluntly making her more upset.

"Why not? I told you before I don't know where she is! So stop following me!" She snapped angrily. Hearing this caused Silver to bite his lip and without warning his mouth began to move on its own before he could stop it.

"Right now I want to know how you know her" Lily froze from the statement.

"I don't" Lily says sternly, showing him she was being truthful. Just seeing this made Silver scowl mentally. So much for that lead but then again, something didn't add up. Why would Umi leave this girl here in her place? Of all the look a likes why her? Her mannerisms didn't even match this area.

"Look can I go now-" Lily cries out as he not only kisses her but sends her against the wall, his hair covered them as he bends down. Lily feels her face go hot but tries to push him away, sadly he refuses to do so.

"That's it! Her skin, the scent it's her! But why am I drawn to Aya and not Umi! Don't tell me I was lied to" Lily mentally gulped as she heard Silver's mind. He was so conflicted right now and that was not a good thing. An angry yōkai was a dangerous one indeed.

Lily pushed him away as hard as she could causing him to stager for a bit, he saw her panting as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

"You sick animal!" Lily says in a breathless voice. Silver felt his chest clench from the insult. "I am not one of those women who you can play with. You blooming man whore!" Lily snapped as she glared. That's when Silver's mind went back to a bandit's house that he had been staying in not too long ago.

"I will leave if I want to! How dare you think that this is okay to treat me no any girl like this! I am not a girl from the red district you blooming man whore!" screamed a female's voice. A girl that almost reminded him of her was glaring at him from the floor, her eyes filled with anger and unrestrained fury.

"What did you call me?" Silver asks, his voice is of a whisper due to a wave of disbelief that began to course through his veins. No way… there was no way that this was a coincidence.

Lily glares at him while folding her arms.

"What are you deaf? Learn to clean your ears more moron!" Lily snaps before walking towards the door. Silver's eyes flashed before he tackles her to the floor. Lily grits her teeth from the pain that shot through her head as he hovers over her injured form.

"What did you call me?!" Silver screams as he glares at her. Lily however is too angry to care.

"Gets your ears checked because I'll say this once!" Lily says coldly. "You! ARE! A! MAN WHORE!" Lily screams as she projects his voice into his ears. Silver in turn moves away from her in order to try and deal with the ringing in his ears, his ears flatten themselves to his skull as he whined from the pain. Seeing him immobile Lily begins to run out of the room and into the hallways leading to the outside.

Silver now cursing his weakness staggers as he tries to stand up, he bumped a few times into the walls as he rushes after her. There was no doubt in his mind that she was the girl who had promised to marry him. But if that was true, why was she running? However another thought came to mind, why did she allow him to think her name was Umi? In fact why would she hide her identity at all?

Something wasn't adding up and it was leaving him more uneasy from what was going on.

It was as if she didn't want her presence to be known and she was even acting like she's scared of him but why?

Silver gritted his teeth as he got up in order to chase after her, despite the pain in his ears he ran.

Lily jumped off the porch, her feet landed in the snow but she ignored the cold sting it created and began to run as if her life depended on it. Lily then screamed in terror as Silver's weight had sent her to the floor; he then tried to bring her back into the house. The kitsune grunted as she flailed in his grip.

"Stop struggling" Silver grunted as he almost fell. "Do you really want to die out here? There's a blizzard on its way here and you wouldn't even last the night" the red head said as he sent her on to the wooden floors as softly as he could.

"I don't care!" She screamed taking him by surprise; she shuffled so she was on her knees.

"I would rather die then be your captive!" Lily spat as she glared at him, Silver resisted to grit his teeth. No he wasn't mad at her, he was mad at himself, mad at this obsession for Umi's look alike. For these feelings were the exact ones he had when he took who he had thought was Umi to the cherry tree. It is her he's sure of it now more than ever but she's acting like she hates him but why?

"No one is going to die Aya" Silver bit back a sigh, hearing that name made Lily confused but that only revealed to Silver that it wasn't her name, so what was it?!

"So that isn't your name either?" Lily could hear his grudging tone and gulped in fear.

"What are you going to do to me?" Lily asked, almost unable to hide her stuttering seeing leaving Silver more upset.

"What is your name?" Silver asked calmly. Lily however wouldn't budge; he was up to something but what?

"You haven't answered my question, what are you going to do to me?" Lily asked as she stood up and moved back a few spaces.

"All I want to know is your name" Silver replied as calmly as he could, she was getting agitated he could tell given how uneasy her eyes were.

"JUST ANSWER ME QUESTION!" Lily screamed while startling herself with how she was behaving. All she wanted to do now was to go back to her own time period and then move back with her brother like friend, she wanted nothing to do with Silver anymore. This was not the person who she had considered a friend, this one did not make her smile nor did he make her feel safe. No this guy scared her with his attitude and his obsession towards her. It was just like when she met him in the shrine only worse as this Silver had tried to kill her.

"Nothing okay! I don't want anything from you except your name" Silver said sharply but she wasn't convinced.

"Liar you'd say anything to get me to let my guard down. Don't you dare try to deny it" Lily said coldly, she felt tears forming around her eyes but resisted the urge to cry, no this guy did not deserve to see her tears.

Silver however shook his head, still she wasn't convinced.

"That is not true"

"Then why have you brought me here against my will? What is there to gain from that?" Lily cried as she stared at him. Seeing her pained look continued to hurt him now more than ever. But what could he do to prove that he meant no harm?

"I just wanted to talk" Silver replied softly.

"You want to talk?!" Lily says with a hysterical tone as she paced round the room. "You want to talk to me but why? What is there to gain?" Lily asks as she looks at him. She did have a good point Silver agreed to himself she looked at her, she looked like she was going to lose her mind given what had been going on lately. Not that he could blame her.

"Why won't you tell me your name?" Silver asks as he looked at her.

"Why aren't you looking for Umi? Does she mean so little to you since you almost killed me just to find her?" Silver's ears flattened from guilt as he remembered what he had done.

"I am sorry, I was out of line when I did that. It was not in my intention to hurt you" Silver's pleaded with her to forgive him but Lily refused, no she was too hurt to forgive now. First she was transported by the incense burner and was almost violated by Silver and now she had to deal with the fact that something had brought her to this time period which she had no clue about. Now facing with this Silver who was acting bipolar when it came to her, surely this would have made her ability to forgive diminish right?

"Give me one good reason why I should forgive you?" She asks coldly as she looks at him. Without thinking Silver's words had left his mouth before he stop them.

"Because I love you" Lily's stomach plummeted from the confession, without knowing why laughter left her mouth, seeing this made Silver wince. Surely he would have done the same right?

"YOU love ME? Me of all people that you have tried to kill and rape. You sick sick demon!" Lily screamed, Hearing this made Silver's ears and tail flop from her anger... wait… rape?

"What are you taking about?" Silver asks as he looks at her with confused eyes. Now that he thought about it, her hair was different and she looked younger then when he had confessed. His stomach plummeted from realizing that something was definitely wrong.

"You may not remember this but you killed a demon in a shack when it was raining one night, only you then didn't stop after doing that oh no! You tried to rape me while saying that I was-"

"A catch" Silver answered in a hollow voice, oh God what had he done? So he was right, this girl was the one he saw at the abandoned shack it. But why was she still the same as she was back then? Don't humans age?

To his dread she nodded before turning her head in order to mask her fear and bitter filled eyes. Seeing this left him more sick than ever.

"I am sorry, I was foolish and didn't think about what I was doing. If I could turn back time I would-"

"Liar!" She shook her head sharply as she snapped, the girl then turned to look at him. "You'd say anything wouldn't you? Just to stop me from escaping wouldn't you?" Lily snapped, suddenly she froze as he held her close and to her surprise he was being gentle towards her.

"No… please don't ever think that" he said it so softly that it startled her a lot.

"I won't hurt you again I promise, just please don't hate me" Silver's words made her look up to see his pained expression. She could feel his emotions as they almost began to choke her.

"If you don't want to tell me your name... it's fine. I'll wait until you are ready" Silver said softly. Lily without knowing why began to relax in his arms.

"Just promise me this" Lily asks as she looked at him, without hesitating he nodded.

"What do you want me to promise?" He asked with curious eyes.

"Protect Umi, she has her reasons for seeking your help" Silver's face darkened from the name.

"Why would she-?"

"Umi's body is so weak that she can only carry one child. She is desperate for her baby to live and as mad as I am for knowing that she lied. It's not fair on the baby who has done nothing wrong. She does not care about herself, only for her baby. So if she comes back. Don't hate her, just protect them" Lily explained sternly. Silver winced from the promise but he could never refuse her, in the end he nodded.

"I promise but I-" Lily glared at him taking him by surprise.

"Your dumb brother has been harassing her, so you owe her for this BIG time" Lily said sharply. Silver without warning felt himself smile and laughed at her insult.

"I am glad my brother is not here to hear that..." Silver covered his smiling face with his sleeve as he looked at her.

"Alright I promise" Silver laughed meanwhile Lily glared at him but said nothing, instead she rolled her eyes at him making him laugh harder than ever. "But on one condition" Silver said, part of him knew that she going to snap but it was worth seeing her reaction.

"What?" Lily immediately screamed at he pecked her lips and immediately ran into the hallways of the shrine. As he ran he laughed at her stunned face. Lily had gone red from what he did before scowling and turned to glare at him.

"Silver you jerk!" Lily screamed before chasing after him. Silver however was laughing in a carefree manner to want to stop. Especially if it meant being beaten up by a human. Oh his pride would fall from that but he cared not, all he wanted was to see her smile. He turned a corner and hide, not knowing that Lily could see where he was via his memories. Lily instead took a detour and stood behind and unsuspecting fox who was giggling to himself, he was acting like a small five year old. Lily however was surprised to see this sudden change in him. It was different, who knew that he could be so playful and had some child like innocence to him. Just seeing it made her smile.

"What are we hiding from?" She asked in a low voice. Silver was about to reply until he remembered that it was just them, he jumped and fell on the floor from the sudden noise which mad her laugh. However the mood vanished once an image came to mind.

"UMI!" Lily screamed as she suddenly dashed out the house. Silver was shocked to hear her panicked tone until he twigged on the name; panic seeped through Silver causing him to run after her.

"Wait it's too dangerous" Silver called until he spotted why Lily was upset. He immediately sent Lily against the tree and motioned her to be quiet as he dealt with this new problem. Lily pulled a face but nodded regardless.

Silver pecked her forehead before walking towards the scene.

"What are you doing brother?" Silver asked coldly. Akura-ou turned to face his brother.

"So you are not human yet?" His brother asked masking his surprise but his voice said otherwise. Umi looked at them before moving back; sadly Akura-ou caught her foot crunching on the snow and glared.

"Not at the moment brother, I had things I needed to do" Silver replied in hopes of distracting his brother long enough to move her behind him before Akura-ou could touch her.

"And what is that? So tell me this is Umi right? You know that her baby isn't yours right so why are you going after her?" The horned demon asked coldly.

"I should be asking you the same question brother" Silver commented as he frowned at him. "Why are you going after her?" Akura-ou sneered as he looked at Umi's cold look.

"The baby she's carrying is giving off a strong power" Silver at that moment grew sick from what he was talking about.

"You were planning to eat an unborn baby? Have you gone mad?" Silver snapped angrily. While Akura-ou was distracted Lily used this time to take Umi away. At first Umi was started until she saw who grabbed her

"They say like a God's mark, this baby will give eternal live and strong abilities! Who wouldn't pass that up brother?" Akura-ou asked coldly.

"I would! It's barbaric!" Silver snapped angrily. "Look this woman is under my protection and if you go after her! I swear that I'll never forgive you, even if you are my brother there are limits to how much I will take" Silver warned. His brother glared back.

"Has a human softened you that much? Can't you hear yourself right now?" The horned demon asked shrilly. It was as if his brother had somehow changed right behind his back, or had he been replaced by someone? The mere thought left Akura-ou at a loss of what to do. Was he being abandoned? The very thought angered and left him feeling like he had been punched in the chest.

"Yes and it was a promise I made, this baby is important for a reason that haven't I been told about, but you! Must you always not think before you act?" Silver snapped before walking off. "I do care for you brother but I will not stand for certain things. You even have your limits do you not?" Silver challenged angrily.

"Just tell me what least? Why you are doing this? You owe me at least!" Akura-ou asked as he stared at his brother, he was acting different and he didn't like this new change, Silver in turned signed.

"When you suddenly have someone that you want to protect with your very being... only then can you understand" Silver said softly. This however enraged his brother even more.

"You use to be strong Silver now look at you! You're pathetic and weak! You know what join the humans! Be one for all I care but in the end I'll just kill you like the weak insect you truly are!" He yells as he watches his brother walk away.

It hurt Silver deeply to hear this but didn't complain, after all it was time for his brother to learn and grow without him for a while. And maybe, just maybe they can finally speak on equal terms once more.

Silver walked through the snow with a heavy heart until he spotted some smoke coming out of the where he would set the fires up in order to keep warm. He sighed but knew it had to be done, now he had one no two issues to deal with. One was Umi who he wanted answers from and the other was the girl he had to call Aya. Still the name didn't sound right making him grimace but he still kept going until he entered the house. The first thing he saw was the girl he loved rubbing Umi's back in a gentle manner, he also noticed that the bump Umi had before had gotten bigger.

"Why did you come back Umi? You knew demons and other night creatures would be after you?" Lily whined as she sighed at the tired woman. Umi gave her a weak smile.

"I could sense you were in danger and the feeling didn't leave me at all. It was my fault for putting you in this situation but I knew that if I had stayed it would have raised unanswered questions and Silver might have attacked me without meaning to. I couldn't do that to him or you" Lily sighed again as she rubbed Umi's back, Silver pursed his lips from listening.

"But it wasn't fair leaving me with him when I was sick" Lily said grudgingly.

"I know! I know it was awful and there wasn't a moment in my mind that made me sick with guilt" Umi replied weakly.

"And you blindfolded me with a tight knot so I couldn't undo it! I almost broke my legs thanks to you" Lily snapped making Umi smile a bit.

"I will say this time and time again I am sorry. It wasn't intentional I promise but I couldn't delay" Umi said in a distressed tone.

"So did you go the safe area?" Lily asked, to her surprise Umi shook her head.

"I didn't even leave the borders because I had a bad feeling that something bad had happened to you" Umi replied as she looked at Lily.

"So what are you going to do? Your due soon and can't keep being in plain sight you know" Lily said sternly. This Umi couldn't disagree with.

"I didn't think that far ahead when I came back" Umi admitted with a sheepish smile making Lily groan.

"We'll think of something but first when Silver enters, you had better apologies for lying. He almost killed me just to get information about where you are" Lily said coldly, hearing this made Umi gulp slightly before nodding.

"O-okay... this will be my first time apologizing to a demon though" hearing made Lily frown.

"Don't be rude he's right behind us" Lily gestured to the door containing a blank faced Silver; he could see that she had gone rigid which was to be expected given what she had done.

Silver entered the room and sat a few spaces away from them in order to give them space while they faced him.

"I am sorry for all the trouble I caused. It wasn't intentional but I hope you can forgive me" Umi said while doing a bow despite the fact that she was sitting down, her fingers touched the floor as she bowed. Seeing this left Silver slightly uncomfortable and looked at Lily who just sat there and allowed it to happen.

"S-Sit up! I don't like people bowing" Silver stuttered slightly. "Look Umi I don't know why you did it but it was wrong! So don't do it again..." Silver's mind went to when he attacked the look alike and winced. Starting now he was going to change the way he handled humans. Umi at that moment looked up with surprise etched on to her face, she nods slightly and sits up, wincing as her baby kicks.

"Are you alright?" Silver asks as he hears her grunt quietly. She smiles weakly catching his attention.

"They share the same smile and eye colour... are they related or something?" Silver mutters to himself. Lily blinks from the information. It is odd she even agrees him on that part.

"Y-yeah... baby kicked" Umi said weakly, "She's a real fighter" Umi smiles as she strokes her stomach with fond eyes. Lily smiles at the scene, Silver watched with pensive eyes, it felt weird seeing a human woman act in such a manner with something that isn't even seeable yet. Although he noticed Lily cooing at Umi's tummy and was speaking to it of all things.

"What about a human village?" Silver suggested without knowing why. The females looked at him while showing them their surprised expressions.

"But you hate humans" Lily commented bluntly.

"And yet I don't hate you" Silver noted as he looked at them.

"So? She needs proper care since I don't know how the human anatomy works" he replies stiffly. Umi nods in agreement.

"He's right" Umi admitted. "My mother was a healer but..." Her mind went to how her mother died and cringed; even her sister paid the price for living.

Lily's eyes softened from seeing Umi's memories.

"If we go there we can blend in which will stop the other yōkai from suspecting anything" Umi said while looking at Lily who nodded in reply.

"Okay but we rest now alright?" Lily asks Umi, she smiles at Lily in a weak manner.

"That's fine" Umi replied, Silver nodded before going up.

"I'll prepare the futons so you can sleep" Silver said, in truth he needed some air, just seeing them not only look identical but acted almost identical as well was almost driving him crazy. No wonder he mistook them for the other.

As he walks back he hears giggles.

"I think looking identical might have left him unsettled" Lily commented as she giggled, Silver frowned he didn't want them to rub it in.

"I know, I feel bad though Lily. It wasn't right but I was getting desperate. I couldn't put anyone in danger because of the baby"

"But how were you planning on delivering your baby? You have no expertise and you could of got yourselves killed" Lily scolds. Silver blinks at the name- Lily? Was that her name? He allowed the name to roll on his tongue; surprisingly he liked it compared to Aya and Umi. It suited her to some degree but he still didn't know why she would not only hide but also lie about her name and identity. Was she in danger or something? The mere thought made his blood boil and his fangs bared at who could be the one responsible.

Umi looked away sheepishly while she smiled weakly.

"I was hoping to channel my mother so she could give me advice" she admitted meekly causing lily to give her a funny look.

"She would have said the same thing I did. She would have said 'get a physician and don't ever give birth alone' baby births are very complicated you know, anything could go wrong" Lily replied bluntly. This caused Umi to put her head down.

"You're right"

Silence grew in the room which gave Silver the opportunity to enter without interrupting anything. The pair looked at him now noticing that he had entered the room.

"I… I brought you these so you can sleep" Silver placed the two rolled up futons on the floor before smoothing them out. Lily smiled at Umi.

"I'll be sleeping alone if that's okay?" This took Silver by surprise, Umi however smiled in understanding her need to be alone.

"Don't worry, you had a busy few weeks it's understanding" Umi said with a warm smile, Lily in turn smiled back as she stood up.

"Thanks I'm calling it a night, have a good evening" Lily smiled as she walked off leaving the pair alone, Umi swallowed before looking at Silver. Her eyes almost widen from seeing the longing in his eyes, did he know?

"You like her?" Umi asked bluntly catching his attention. He looked at her a passive expression but said nothing.

"You lied to me this whole time Umi" was all he said, his voice gave nothing away but Umi was no fool. She could sense hurt and betrayal in his heart.

"I am so so sorry Silver, if there had been another way I would have took it. It was not my intention to hurt anyone but it doesn't mean I was right to do so" Umi said in a soft voice that took him by surprise.

"When your brother attacked and killed my husband I grew desperate, after years of trying I was sure that I would never conceive a child but I did and it was the happiest day of our lives but then your brother had took everything away me on the same day without any reason" Umi said with sorrow filled eyes. Hearing this made his ears pin themselves to his skull.

"He had no right to do such things, on his behalf I am sorry for the pain that has been caused" Silver said softly. Within minutes the sound of a small sob reached his ears causing him to turn and look at Umi's who was hiding her face behind a sleeve, he moved towards her but hesitates in going any closer since she always pushed him away. Surprisingly she hugs him tightly leaving him stunned but stays still, however his mind went to Lily and wondered what she was doing. Hearing this almost made Umi scowl at him for being insensitive but then remembered why he might want to go to Lily instead of staying.

"Go to her if you want" Umi sniffled as she rubbed her eyes slightly; Silver looks at her with confused eyes and sees her starting at him as she dabs her eyes.

"You want to know if she's okay, there's no hiding it you like her" Silver averted her gaze, his cheeks started to heat up from thinking of Lily which confirmed her suspicions.

"I would say this, please don't upset her anymore than you have… but she can't stay for long" This piped his interest.

"Why not?" Silver asks as he sees her looking hesitant.

"She can't stay in a place for too long, it rouses suspicion and it will not end well" Umi replies as she sees him getting up.

"I-I'll just check to see if she's okay" Silver said now feeling his stomach becoming uncomfortable. Umi watched him while rubbing her stomach.

"Oh Lily… if only" Umi sighed as she looked at the snow.

Silver walked through the corridor to hear the sound of something that resembled ruffled fabric. Curious Silver approaches Lily's door and sees her closing the lid of a bag. This triggers alarm bells in his head as he watches her put it on her right shoulder, once Lily turns she stops to see Silver staring at her with a look of confusion.

"What are you doing?" Silver asks as he looks at her. Lily sighs as she looks at him with a blank expression.

"Well you're doing what I promised right? You're looking after Umi aren't you not?" Lily asks as she looks at him with deadpan eyes, hoping that he wasn't going to break his promise. Silver felt himself grow sick, she was leaving?!

"She can't stay in a place for too long, it rouses suspicion and it will not end well" Umi's words hit his mind as he looked at her.

"You're leaving? What about Umi? What about-?" Silver paused as he looked at her.

"Nothing is left me for me here, I fixed what had to be fixed and now I can go…" Lily replied softly as she walked away. "I just need to find the way out"

"So that promise meant nothing to you?" Silver asks loudly before he could stop himself, his heart quickened at the fact that he had her back in his life once more only now she was leaving without how this would affect him.

Lily turns round while she narrowed her eyes at him slightly, her mouth parted slightly as she stared.

"I had promised no such thing" Lily says sharply. Hearing this made his stomach turn. What does she mean that she made no such promise?

"You promised me under the cherry tree that you would become my wife? Did any of what I had said back then mean nothing to you?" Silver said now hearing his hysterical voice. Lily saw no lie but refused to allow herself to be distracted. No she had to leave now before time was once again put out of balance. Serena had always warned her about terrible problems that could occur if someone had even thought about traveling through time, and now she was once of the many people who had meddled even if it wasn't intentional.

"I told you I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't meet you under any cherry tree nor did I promise you anything. Please let me go, you do owe me for trying to kill me for no reason" Lily said calmly as she opened the door. Silver's ears flattened from her words. It is her he could never be sure about anything else in the world; this girl who he loves is the one that was walking away from him. Despite looking young things still didn't add up after all, why would she deny knowing about the promise. Umi's words still continued to hammer away at his mind.

Just as she was about to put her foot out the door did Silver react.

"LILY!" Silver screamed without thinking. Just hearing that name made her stop, so he was right Aya wasn't her name at all and nor was Umi. Lily turned to face him while masking her emotions.

"What? No my name is Aya, where did you get that name from?" Lily asked sounding surprised. Silver's eyes narrowed slightly as he approached her.

"I know your name is Lily not Aya" Silver says stiffly as he held her shoulders, he closed the door behind her and watched fear fill her eyes for a bit before vanishing leaving nothing but emptiness. Silver hated it when he saw her eyes become like that. Void of emotions, a fake smile here and there it hurt him to see her like this.

"I don't know what you are talking about Silver, let me go please I have to leave" Lily says coldly.

"Why though? Why must you go?" Silver lifts up the right side of her hair to see no mark, this shocked him since he was sure that he had marked her that night. What was going on here? His mind was at a loss of what to think.

"I can't stay here it's too dangerous" Lily's voice had brought him back to reality and looked at her with guarded eyes.

"Is it because of the other yōkai? I can take them down-" Lily shook her head sharply.

"No! It's not that Silver-" Lily whined slightly.

"Then what is it? Explain to me as to why it is so important that you have to leave me again?" Silver asked almost sounding like he was pleading, hearing his voice and emotions left her saddened but refused to allow him to upset her.

"Silver please, I-"

"I love you Lily, regardless of what your name is. Of who you are or look like, I only want you in my life. Is that so hard for you to accept this?" Silver asked in a pleading voice as he rested his forehead onto hers. His hair covered them as she leaned against the wall with him blocking her from escaping.


"Do I mean so little to you?" Silver asked as he looked at her, eyes filled with sorrow. Lily sighs as she looks up, she was deeply going to regret this but she had to push him away or he would go after her no matter what. Right now she knew partly why she had to go back to this time period. To stop him from making the mistake of chasing after her, she couldn't bear to let him suffer even though she wanted nothing more than to leave him for good.

"No Silver… I don't" Lily says bluntly as she looks him in the eyes. Silver's heart was breaking just from hearing her reply, she was lying he was sure of it. Seeing that he wasn't going to buy it she kissed him. Hoping that she could use her powers to alter his mind. Silver at that moment had begun to feel himself lose consciousness and tried to fight it off, only it was for naught.

"When you wake up, you will not remember me. I am just a fragment of your imagination. Do not look for me no matter what. For I will not want to see you anymore… I'm sorry but I want to cancel our engagement. I…I just can't be with someone who fills me with nothing sorrow and has hurt me with lies, secrets and doesn't trust me to tell me with their past" Lily strokes his head while putting pieces of his hair behind his left ear as she sat down. Silver at that moment looked as if he was having a nightmare due to how much his face had scrunched up, he was fighting her power but Lily refused to back down.

No this was for his sake.

"Forget me Silver… it's for the best. Be free and don't look back" Lily said softly as she stood up.

"L-Lily…" Silver said as he moved his head and lifted his hand. Lily turned to see him fighting off her power and continued to force his eyes to open, this was hurting him to stay awake and it hurt Lily even more to do this. But it had to be done.

"Good bye Silver" Lily vanished and in her place was a dove who immediately began to fly out his home.

Silver continued to run in the shrine while looking for any clues that could direct him to where Lily had vanished of to. Curse Mizuki for not protecting her, and his anger was also taken out on her grandmother who understood why he would act like this. But this was something Lily had to try and learn about. However… to think that Lily had been summoned for help. It shocked the Ex-Goddess deeply but understood as well why this had to happen. Not that Silver was aware of this.

"Of all the things I asked you to do snake and you couldn't do it!" Silver snaps before storming over to her room, in truth he had not slept a wink since he arrived at Serena's home and it was beginning to take its toll on him. Now that it came to his attention that Lily had vanished completely, this had made his mood more worse than it would have been compared to if he had any sleep to begin with. Sleep would have calmed him down but that had to wait until she was safely home, he cared not of what would happen to him for as long as she was home. Silver would endure her hatred and fear if it meant that she was alive, safe and at home was where she should be.

"I can't believe you! I knew that I shouldn't have left her alone with you" Silver continues to rant while Mizuki runs after him due to fear; there was no escaping the angry kitsune. Especially when he threatened to behead him for making him lose their master, not knowing why Silver was desperate to find her given his reputation before.

"I didn't mean to, she was in the bathroom I swear!" Mizuki cried until Silver opened Lily room door. Nothing to his chagrin, just seeing the empty room which made him want to lash out in pure anger but that had to wait. He refused to show any weaknesses to the snake.

"And that makes it okay?!" Silver turns to scowl at him. "She was JUST in the bathroom so nothing could go wrong? You know there's a door that can lead to outside? Oh and let's not forget the potential sharp objects snake! Like she wouldn't use it" Silver snaps at Mizuki who freezes.

"Oh! Oh and let's not forget the ropes for laundry, then there my personal favourites the bleach and starving herself to death or forcibly dehydrating herself! Did you think that this would have ended well snake? Did you?!" Silver yelled so loudly that it scared Oishi and Dai enough to prevent them from coming out.

Mizuki jumped slightly before putting his head down showing that he felt guilty.


"Because you never think! Honestly instead of aiming you hatred at me use it to scare the bullies that I had to deal with at her college!" Silver said with a sigh, he pushed his fringe back with his hand. Mizuki however looked up in shock.

"Bullies?" Seeing this frustrated Silver a lot.

"Yes Mizuki, people who like to make the lives of others miserable are considered being a bully. Never heard of it when you kept coming here and tormenting me with your pranks and tantrums?" Silver asked coldly. He noticed guilt show up and knew it wasn't directed at him but at the injury Lily had sustained.

"And you did nothing to stop it? Great job Mizuki! Now just do me a favour and leave me in peace please" Silver said as he glared.


"No buts Mizuki! I just need to alone-?!" Without warning Lily had appeared out of thin air and stood in the middle of her room. The males were silent as Lily began to assess her surroundings; she was definitely back but was she happy to be with the boys after everything that had transpired? Not so much anymore.

Silver without caring if it shocked Mizuki had not only ran towards Lily but engulfed her in a hug, Lily froze from his sudden action due to seeing what he was like in the past. Silver paid no heed as he used his power to slam the door shut in Mizuki's face causing the young familiar to yelp in surprise, now he was alone with Lily he was more than relieved to see that she was back. He put his hand on the sides of her face and kissed her for a few seconds before pressing his forehead against her.

"Never pull that stunt on me again do you hear me?! I-you have no idea of how worried I was! I didn't know where you were nor did I-" Silver lifted her hair up and froze in shock.

"What the hell happened to your neck Lily?!" Silver screamed as he saw scars on them. Just seeing this made Lily shiver and move away in fear, almost as if a light had been turned on in her mind. Reminding her that it hadn't been a dream and she was more than scared now. She was completely terrified and mortified that something like that could have happened.

"Who did this Lily I swear they won't get away with this" Silver asked as his eyes went feral leaving her shaking even more. Seeing this confused Silver as he looked at her, why was she cowering? Was she still upset over what happened in the past?

"Lily please tell me who did this, I-" Lily backed away from him once more now showing Silver her fear filled eyes, eyes that showed distrust.

"You did it!" She said in a meek voice as she glared at him with as much strength that she could muster. Silver was rooted to the spot from her words, he did this? No he would never dare do that. That was impossible! He would have remembered that.

"Lily I would never do that I swear" Lily shook her head violently as she denied his claim.

"Liar get out of me room!" Lily screams as she moves away from a stunned Silver.

"L-Lily I swear I would never-" Lily however was having none of it.

"This engagement whatever is off!" She said while tears ran down her cheeks. Silver's heart plummeted from her words.

"W-What Lily?! Why? I am telling you I did nothing to you!" Silver's voice shook as he spoke, he didn't understand why this was happening. What made her act like this? It was starting to scare him and he didn't know how to deal with it.

"First you tried to rape me and then you tried to kill me because Umi did a runner! I don't believe you!" Lily's screams were filled with fear and terror, Silver's eyebrows furrow from her words. Umi didn't leave, he was sure she didn't after all she was ill most of her pregnancy while he had to make sure that no yōkai beside him were able to enter the house he owned. It was a request from Serena who asked him to protect Umi at all costs, at first he was confused only then he knew why after that. Lily was the descendent of Umi and this had left him more relieved to know why he had to protect Umi and her baby. It was a struggle but it paid off, once Umi had the things she needed after the birth they had left allowing him to head back the shrine. He was saddened though that she had been made blind from the demons his brother had authority over. The demons had appeared before his brother died much to Silver's disgust, his brother had ordered them to take down Umi and those who were loyal to his brother had succeeded in killing her husband and allies at the house.

"Lily I promise you I did not try to kill you, I admit that I now remember seeing someone that looked like you in the past but I promise you that was all I did since I couldn't locate you" Silver pleaded as he looked at her as she shook like a leaf. Lily had refused to believe him; she was too distraught to want to listen now to Silver's sorrow.

"I want you out" Lily bit coldly taking him by surprise.

"What? No! I am not-"

"Then I am Silver! It's as simple as that. I don't want you anywhere near me! Not after what happened. I can't breathe with you being in the same area as me" Lily said as she began to get her bag. Silver however refused to budge to her request, instead he moved towards her so quickly that it took her by surprise and was forced to endure a kiss from him. Lily squirmed in his arms but he didn't budge. No he refused to let her leave him again, he had risked everything to be with her and he wasn't going to let her go.

Lily felt his tongue go in her mouth and squirmed once more as he held her sides. He then went to her neck and nipped at her lightly causing her to gasp as a feeling entered her mind, she ended up pulling his head closer to his surprise and relief and suckled her neck enough to mark her but did not break the skin. No she wasn't ready for the mate mark so he refused to allow it even if he was losing control, just by being around her. Lily felt her stomach do flips as she allowed him to hold and bite her. What was wrong with her? Surely she should be resisting him because of what he did… no she had just allowed him to do what he wanted. It didn't make any sense to her at all; she wanted to scream and curse at him but couldn't find it in herself to do it. Not when she could sense his pain and worry over finding out that she went missing, did he truly miss her? She sensed no lie but it didn't mean that she would allow him to do what he pleased. She grunted slightly as her back hit the flat draws and almost sank down had he not kept his hands on her to stop her from falling.

Within seconds he placed his lips back onto hers and groaned, Lily could feel his fangs graze her teeth as he opened his mouth, it was scary but she didn't want to stop. Instead she released her mouth from his and went at his neck, she felt his hands. Tense up and heard a sound that was a mixed between a whine and a moan as her mouth latched on to his neck. The young male at that moment was sure that he was going to lose it but chose not to, the last thing he needed was for her to be scared of him.

He yelped as she bit his neck and grazed her teeth on his skin, just his made his eyes flutter with need but stopped. Instead he pulled her back and pressed his forehead onto hers.

"E-Enough of this please Lily. I love you so much that I can't even describe it. Do I mean so little to you Lily? Please just tell me now" Silver pleaded. Just seeing him acting like this had made her heart ache. Of course he meant a lot but it hurt because of what happened, could she really put herself out there again?

"Please Lily I need an answer" Silver pleaded again as he looked at her. She looked so petrified and confused, just seeing this made his heart sink.

"Just give me time please Silver" Lily asked sounding conflicted as she looked up. However Silver's heart plummeted to his stomach. So that's it? All this had meant nothing to her? The mere thought had left him feeling sick.

"Release me from my contract Lily, I need to be away for a while" hearing this made her gasp. He looked so worn and tired that it hurt her to see him this way.

"Where are you going to go?" Lily asks stubbornly as she looks at him.

"Why should it matter to you? Now do it!" Silver said as he moved away. "I have waited five hundred years for you, you of all people Lily! No one else. But you do not love nor care Lily. I can't keep putting myself through this situation anymore. I have been patient and I have tried to change for you and yet it is not good enough for you. I have to leave Lily so release me now" Silver said in such a cold tone that it surprised Lily a lot to hear him speak in such a manner. Lily bit her lip as she stared at him.





"Fine" she replied bluntly.





"Silver I release you from the contract, now get out of my sight" Lily spoke in such a hollow tone that shocked both of them deeply. Neither complained though, Silver just nodded before leaving the shrine via her bedroom door. His hair started to grow back to before he was under the contract. However he cared not.

He was free and that's what mattered.

And yet.

Silver felt nothing but emptiness and abandonment.

Lily on the other hand slumped against the wall and began to feel something wet touch her cheeks. She then saw Mizuki enter with distraught looking eyes, signalling that he knew what happened.

"What am I going to do Mizuki?" Lily asked in a broken tone that left him at a loss of what to do.

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