Blessed Secrets

Chapter 10: From The Pain Comes Tears

Silver leans on the wall of his temporary room with dead eyes, his hair messy and matted from the lack of sleep and from the never ending stress. His clothes wrinkled and his yukata was slipping from his right shoulder allowing anyone to see very pale skin as he leaned against the wall. His long red hair remained uncut and laid around him like a messy curtain as he continued to lean on the wall. Below him is his futon but cares not if it's messy or not. Right now he was filled with hurt and resentment. He was confused as to how this had got this far. At time the red head had been tempted to go to either do something stupid like fight a pack of yōkai, go on a killing spree, go drink himself into a stupor or go to the red district but chose not to. He didn't have it in him to do that even though he was a free agent. However Silver could still feel that some part of him was still tied to Lily as much as he hated to admit it. He almost cursed at how fated loved to be cruel and vindictive towards him.

Playing him for a fool, giving him hope only to have that hope slip away from him in the of an eye. What a cruel mistress it was. He was lucky though, he had been found when he was teetering due to how broken and pained he was. However seeing the person in question left him wanting to scream and curse at how she could just allow him to suffer in this manner, why though? What did he do to deserve such pain? How could such a thing happen? They were doing okay… right? So why did it happen? Despite being brought to her home Silver continued to put some resistance, acting like a wounded animal that had watched something tragic or had been a victim of something unspeakable. He didn't want to think of Lily and yet here this woman was, showing up and bringing him to her home. Silver once he arrived at his usual room screamed, cursed and cried while she hugged him close as he clawed at the floor. His nails leaving marks on the floor but she cared not, his broken heart came first and the worst part was that she couldn't interfere. But she could allow him a place to stay and allow him to heal in someway.

Feeling sick and tired he lays on his futon while he tries to close his eyes.

It was hopeless.

But what could Silver do? He was all alone and the one he loved had just proved that he meant nothing to her.

Lily on the other hand was either angry or silent both inside and outside the shrine, it both scared and worried people but Lily refused to speak. Refused to look at anyone without allowing them to see her resentful, hurt eyes. Because if she did allow them to look at her, Lily was sure that she would shatter into pieces. Her heart felt hollow and she felt dead to the world, it had taken her resolve to even go to college even after her Aunt Laura spoke to her. Trying to help the poor niece that she saw as her daughter, but it was proving hard that it got to the point that Vincent had sent a letter telling Lily to see a shrink.

The first thing Lily did once she saw it was glare, tore it very tiny pieces and threw them on top of a cooker while the fire was still going. The group were at a loss of what to say the moment she removed the pan as food was being cooked and just threw the torn bits of paper onto the open fire. It scared everyone just to see her act in such a bitter mood, she then turned to glare at them.

"What?! You got something to say?" She had said harshly making them either move back or stay sitting still. "Anyone who says to Vincent that I need a shrink or anything similar of that manner to the other others and you'll be living outside! Am I clear?!" No one had commented after that, but Luca was no fool. Lily didn't truly mean what she had she had said, she was merely taking her frustrations and anger out on them. It wasn't right but he knew she needed support from close people, not from outsiders who would not understand a thing about the situation, someone who wouldn't judge or take sides. Agree on some parts yes but say nothing after that, for if Lily had wanted advice she would have asked for it.

The first thing Lily noticed once she entered the class was silence after enduring a weekend of purposely isolating herself. The girl's classmates looked at her before turning their head, but their minds told a different story.

"It's her" One thought grudgingly.

"Ignore her" thought the second one

"I can't believe she has the gals to act like that after what she did to us" another one commented dryly.

"She truly is a manipulating bitch" muttered one who was sitting by the left wall, hearing that made Lily cringe. What did she do to even deserve their hate? Other than being born and being in their class, nothing at all.

Once she entered the password on her computer she immediately took out her earphones and external hard drive, she then attached them to the computer so Lily could work in peace despite the fact that she could still hear their minds.

By the time lunch came she was then greeted by Shinjirou who had to endure the fact that Lily had walked past him, blanking him as she walked past almost as if he didn't exist in her world. People who watched began to gossip now wondering why she was ignoring the idol, despite being shocked he followed her until he grabbed her elbow. She stopped and turned to face him allowing him to see pained eyes that broke his heart.

"Do you want to talk about it? He asked softly and that did it. Shinjirou's eyes widened in horror from seeing her breaking down and loud crying, the shocking part was that it was in front of everybody but he cared not. This was his sister and he would be a fool to think about his image at this time, he held her close allowing Lily to cry as she buries into his chest while clenching his shirt tightly as the pain from last week had slowly began to unravel.

Silver walked down the hallways of the area he was staying in, so far he had not spoken a single word nor did he look well. In fact he looked as if he had purposely deprived himself of food, water and sleep, his zombified look confirmed any suspicions of what was going on. He even dropped a few items and looked dead to the world leaving the owner of the house wanting to purse her lips in anger.

All this happened because of a calling from a parallel time which resulted Lily being put in immediate danger, the owner was upset and guilt ridden for there was only so much she could do in regards of interfering.

Something had to be done about this soon or else there will be hell to pay.

Lily was sitting in her class with blank eyes, dark were seen under her eyes but cared not. She ignored everyone's judging looks and words; she was getting fed up with them and their minds anyways. However surprisingly no one had the galls to even bother her at all once she came back from her sick day, just gossiped however some who did look at her once she entered had made a b line away from her. Almost as if they were scared of her leaving Lily confused but shrugged it off, letting them do what they wanted for it was no concern of hers.

It had been a week and still nothing, no change just silence and although Mizuki was not causing problems or slacking off anymore to her surprise, Oishi and Dai were not trying to keep their distance or had tried to cheer her up but had ended up failing. Luca on the other hand just sat with her and allowed her to feel like she was not alone while the others gave her space. Something that she did not want. She just wanted to be comforted, to speak to someone about this predicament was that so hard? Apparently so to her dismay.

But she did not complain, not after what happened. Right now Lily had wanted nothing more than to go home, lock the door, listen to music and lay in her bed but she had school, she had a life to deal with which the girl had started to hate with all her heart for her spark had now flown out the window for some reason to her dismay. And right now she needed… a distraction. THAT'S IT!

Lily's bones ached from standing and moving things around, sure she was late home but she was happy slightly regardless. She was glad that she had something to do now instead of moping, now she could get her college work done without having to worry about the annoying buzz in her ear.

Lily greeted a surprised Luca who waved back with a slightly weak smile as he waved at her from where he sat.

"Hello dear Luca how are you this fine evening?" Just hearing that made Mizuki drop the tea pot which led to them all hearing it smash as it landed onto the floor, Oishi and Dai looked at him frantically while Lily shrugged.

"Don't worry Mizuki we can get a new one, just get it cleaned up please" Lily said with a peppy smile, the snake's eyes were wide from how her temper had seemed to evaporate. What had happened when she was out?!

"So! What's new today?" Lily asks as she looks round at everyone with eager eyes, silence echoed in the room as she smiles at them.

"Well… I had a test today" Luca was the first to break the ice.

"Really? How did it go?" Lily asks at him now interested at how it went, Luca smiled weakly.

"I almost failed" he admitted now feeling embarrassed, Lily's eyes widen from shock.

"Oh no! What subject was it?" Lily asks as she leans forward.

"Math" Luca admitted weakly, Lily giggles from his reply and from the subject.

"I hated that with a passion, do you want me to help you with it?" This took Luca by surprise.

"S-Sure if you can please" Luca replied now feeling his voice go high from change of attitude.

"Great! I look forward to helping and the books I just got will benefit you as well" Lily grins as she pats his head lightly.

"So Mizuki how are chores?" Lily asks with a genuine smile as she leaned on her closed hand while sitting at the table, Mizuki on the other hand was at a loss for words. "Were you able to get all the chores done?" Mizuki nodded slowly not trusting himself to speak.

"That's great! I've left something in the freezer for you if you want it now" This took him by surprise and slowly went towards the freezer. Once he opens the door his eyes widen from seeing a tub that said vanilla ice cream.

"L-Lily!" Mizuki looks up quickly now looking pale and shocked, Lily laughs.

"It's yours, it's my way of saying thank you and I know you've been wanting some ice cream for some time now" Lily said as she laughs. Mizuki's eyes widen with happiness and immediately rushes over to give her a huge hug.

"Thank you Lily! Thank you!" Mizuki cried with glee before getting the tub out. He then passed some scoops to Oishi and Dai who were cheering from the treat.

"Well" Lily slaps her knees as she stands up "Let's get started Luca" Lily said with glee. Luca follows after receiving a bowl ice cream and a spoon.

Lily continues to sort out her bed top as she gets ready for bed. Now sorting out her blue ribbon white top she places the end of the shirt down only to feel a chill, she shivered as she felt something touch her waist. Lily then slaps her waists instinctively before turning around to see no one there which was odd.

Seeing nothing confuses Lily as she narrows her eyes, now turning back to her futon the girl begins to lay down. The teen then turns the light out using her power and begins to close her eyes, Lily almost moves back from her bed as she feels something touch her forehead. Which in itself was odd since no one was there.

"Someone's messing with me" she mutters darkly. Very soon she tries to relax but is left uncomfortable and starts to get her phone to play a piano song. Very soon Lily smiles at how it leaves her comfortable and begins to sleep, just before she loses consciousness a pair of arms circle themselves round her but the weird part was that no one was there.

Who was doing this?

Silver lays in the futon still unable to fall asleep, tears running down his face as he lay there. He was still confused and unable to comprehend why this happened. He cursed the incense burner, he cursed his actions of the past, he even cursed Mizuki and himself for allowing it to get this far. He should have told her but he was scared and ashamed. It had never been his intention to hurt Lily and yet he did.

He looked to the side to see that it was dark outside and felt his body go cold from sadness. She would probably be asleep at this time he assumed as his ears twitched, images of when everyone had been getting ready for bed entered his mind. It had been a nightmare for everyone to use one bathroom, rants from Lily saying that they needed an extra bathroom and toilet always reached his ears from when he was sorting out his room, Mizuki complaining about why he had to share the bathroom sink with Silver. Silver had to almost bark out a dry laugh at how silly the argument was now, all because they couldn't decide on who should go first since they both wanted to be first leaving them stumped. Hearing Lily ranting at that blasted tengu on the phone to eat properly and to sleep on time left him smiling bitterly, he would never be able to hear or see those moments anymore and it saddened him.

Part of him wanted to be with her now, he could almost imagine her sleeping now and moved his arms so he was now hugging himself in order to keep warm. Knowing that the duvet was no where near him. Yes he had been ordered to wash from time to time but he still kept wearing the same clothes before changing after the fourth wash. He wanted to make himself useful and occupy himself in his temporary home but had found it impossible, he had lost his spark and he hated every second of it.

What could he do when he had lost his very reason to get up in the morning. Yes he was angry at how she still didn't see him that way which in a way was odd since when they were children, she would always cling on to him until now. Before when he was a human child it had almost annoyed him at how little boundaries she had but now he missed all that. But he was a child who was going through that Lily could almost imagine thanks to seeing what he was thinking and feeling what he was feeling. Yes she was an odd girl… but she was his odd girl.

Imaging her in his arms Silver pictured kissing the crown on her head like he did when the fox had visited her during the nights he had snuck out the shrine to see her.

"Good night Lily" he said before closing his eyes in order to at least get a few hours of sleep, even if he had a few seconds it was something for this growing insomnia was leaving him more tired and miserable than ever.

"Hey brother what do you think of this?" a voice entered his mind causing him to look at a red haired demon who grinned at him. Silver twitched from seeing the head of a dead leader who ran the nearest village.

"Why did you do that Akura-ou?" was all Silver asked.

"Why the look?" Akura-ou whined as he dumped the head next to him as he sat on a branch above Silver.

"Surely killing is wrong?"

"Why is it wrong? Those humans were mean to us for no reason!" Akura-ou whined angrily. That Silver could not disagree about. He had been kicked out of another village due to a misunderstanding. Just because they were yōkai they had been accused of stealing food and money which in fact had been false, but no one paid any heed and kicked them out with rocks and swords. Saying that if they came back there would be trouble.

"It doesn't mean that killing is right brother" Silver said sternly, however Akura-ou giggled at him.

"It is if you make it a game" the nine year old rose a brow from that comment, why did he have a feeling that this was going to get ugly and fast?

Lily remained quiet as she entered her class, however this time just before she could go past the teacher's desk a hand grabbed the girl's arm to her surprise. She turned to see a black haired that reached up to his middle back that had been tied, green eyed boy staring at her deeply, almost as if he was trying to assess her for some reason. Just seeing him do that left her uncomfortable and tried to get out of his hold.

"Can you let go please?" Lily asks meekly but he still looks at her, it was then Lily looked at his forehead to see a teal tear drop on his forehead which surprisingly was on the same spot she had with Sho.

"Aoi…" Lily said in a breathless voice, silence suddenly filled the class as they noticed what was going on. Without talking Aoi stood up allowing her to see a traditional black Chinese top and black pants, without speaking he dragged a surprised Lily out the class causing her to yelp in surprise.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Lily screams as he pulls her to the stairs, oh great was he going to kill or upset her as well?

"Settle down already, I'm not going to harm you" Aoi said in a low tone as he walked up the stairs, dragging a surprised Lily behind him. By the time he reached the door leading to the roof he opened it and dragged her out with him before slamming the door shut. He paused before turning to look at her with pensive eyes, if it wasn't for her power she would have been intimidated by his cold look.

"Why did you drag me up here?" Lily asks bluntly as she folds her arms.

"Sho's been worried about you ever since he heard from Vincent about your depression" Lily scoffed at what he said, typical Vincent and his interfering attitude.

"Look I'm fine now, I took a hit on something personal-"

"Cut the crap Lily" Lily froze from his words.

"Excuse me?! Language Aoi" Lily scolded sharply, hearing that made him chuckle.

"You can hide your problems from others, but you can't hide from Luca, myself, your aunt or anyone who can hear your heart" Lily gulped while narrowing her eyes.

"I told you I hit a rough patch nothing more-"

"Then where's that red head that likes to stalk you?" Lily's mouth tightened in anger making him grunt from seeing her reaction. He turned to the side and kicked air for no reason while his hands were in his pockets.

"Thought so, so seeing one of Silver's many moods can be quite shocking huh?" Aoi asks bluntly. Lily glares angrily.

"Why am I here Aoi? It's clear that you hate my guts!" Lily asks sharply. Aoi tilts his head to look at her.

"Hate your guts? Don't be stupid girl" Lily blanches at his tone. Aoi then turns so he was now facing her, eyes now void of emotions but the tear drop now appeared on his head.

"I had to put on an act otherwise I'll be alerting other numbskulls that I'm protecting you" Lily growls at him making him scoff under his breath.

"Look Zerla wants you dead right?" This takes her by surprise. "Gotcha didn't I?" He said with a dark smirk that almost left her on edge.


"Look I don't have to explain anything to you about anything, just know that we are here to protect you because we want to. We're not what you expect and we can't be all happy go lucky, exposing ourselves like that stupid tengu Kurama" Lily's eyes narrow.

"Don't get rude to Shinjirou!" Lily barks angrily. Aoi rose a brow.

"Just stating the facts Lily, no need to get your panties in a twist" Aoi said bluntly as he shifts his head from side to side. "Like I said our job is to protect you and that idiot fox is messing up big time" Lily was about to speak until he cut her off "I don't want to hear why! Just know that by leaving you walking alone, it's left some yōkai eyeing you and Zerla will be looking to kill you. It's the same with every dimension, she wants you dead and will not rest until your line is dead. Hence why that corpse stealer tried to kill you when you were five" Lily froze in shock, what was he talking about?

Seeing her confusion left him sighing almost in sympathy.

"What those dolts have told you is beyond me, but that fox without knowing why had took the hit you should have been dealt with. Then the next day you were suppose to die due to Zerla's influence as she tried to tempt you in your moment of despair when your barrier was down, but it was prevented because Serena made it so" Lily looked down now feeling hatred and resentment. All that time being consumed with guilt of being the reason why only now did Lily feel sick.

"Zerla used him…" Lily said bitterly. Aoi looks at her oddly.

"What do you mean by that?" Aoi asks in a monotone voice, he blinks when she looks up at him with hardened eyes.

"She manipulated him to push me out the way, knowing that when he died I'd be so upset enough to want to die" Aoi lifted his right thumb and bit the tip while masking his emotions.

"That witch… I knew she was being too quiet that night" Aoi mutters darkly now realising why Silver had pushed her away, Aoi had been there watching the whole thing. Seeing the parallel Silver saving Lily while the Silver in her world had if anyone had been sharp enough to spot slightly blank eyes. Eyes that reminded Aoi of a puppet that was being manipulate, but even without being manipulated to push her. Aoi could sense the need to protect Lily coming strongly from the boy. Seeing that shocked Aoi deeply enough to almost to miss the eyes shifting. Even if Lily was in denial, Silver had truly genuinely cared for her enough to resist Zerla's hold. That boy fought tooth and nail to live, he had even tried to resist death which would surprise anyone for someone so young and yet with Serena's help he did. But at a cost he lost his memories for his new form.

Aoi was sure that Zerla was also responsible for sending Lily to the time where her future self had unknowingly allowed Silver to think that she was Umi, Umi was in trouble and the demoness had used this to her advantage knowing that if anything did happen to 'Umi' Silver would get angry enough to kill Lily.

It was a cleaver trap but she had left one factor out- Sapphia's wrath. That woman was not to be tested at any cost; she was older than Zerla and older than Mu itself. She would not submit so easily after how her past had almost destroyed her. Angering that woman was not a sensible option for she was over twenty thousand years old and like her kind, both spirit dogs and dragons who took the form of humans at will. They were not an easy bunch to get a long with, but Sapphia on the other hand whether she wanted anyone to know or not might have been hard to be around with, but she had poured all of her love towards each and every of those in her line whether they bore her mark or not, protecting them from harm even it appeared that they were 'witches' which were a load of lies.

Each time an alignment appeared every five thousand of years Sapphia's line would grow in power and wisdom, only one though was sadly chosen to bear that power alone and Lily had been the one to carry that alone. Not that the little tyke would complain to Aoi's amusement.

"Regardless Lily, things are never black and white-" The door rattled to Aoi's annoyance.

"Just remember that Silver might have kept things from you but he wasn't doing it out of spite" was all he said before the door opened to reveal Shinjirou's cold look.

"Why did you bring her up here Aoi?" he asks masking his anger. Aoi tilted his head sideways.

"Can't I talk to my charge? By the way nice one in allowing people to see you hugging her. Why not allow more demons to go after her why don't you?" Aoi asked spitefully. Shinjirou's eyes narrow as he steps forward.

"She was upset, what would you have me do?" the tengu asks coldly.

"Why not wait until you're alone? Unfortunately for me I had to drag her out of our class just to chat" Aoi replied coldly, the tengu flinched at the jab.

"Look she's a sister to me-"

"Like they would understand! I had to deal with her mood in class and then there was those foolish idiots who gossip because she decided to go nuts on them"

"Eh?!" Lily screeched now allowing them to realise that she was still in the area.

"I get it, it was bad" Shinjirou said as he pushed his fringe back, hearing this made them both ignore her by accident. Aoi barked out a laugh.

"Bad?! She scared almost everyone in the school!"

"HELLO?! RIGHT HERE MORONS!" Lily yells angrily before smacking their heads. Both males wince from the injuries near their ears.

"Come on Lily you know that hurts" Shinjirou grunted as he looks at her.

"Well don't ignore me!" Lily snaps angrily making them wince.

"Sorry" they muttered weakly. Lily huffs before folding her arms, allowing them to know that she meant business. Just seeing that pose left the males slightly shaken up.

"Oh shoot! It's the look!" Shinjirou croaked mentally.

"I keep forgetting not to make her mad! Great! How my ears are going to bleed for this" Aoi mutters almost feeling his eyes twitch in fear. Lily's eyes however twitched in anger.

"Now care to tell me EXACTLY what happened on Friday?" Lily asks sternly. Both boys blink before looking at the other.


"I'm interested in your reactions! I want facts! Start talking!" Lily says sternly. Both males looks at the other weakly.

"Why are you asking us?" Aoi asks as his voice went slightly high from fear.

"Yeah!" Lily's eyes however told them to start talking and gestured the roof's edge.

"WE know that one of you can fly, the other will be splattered rabbit road kill. But since we are in a human area would you risk it?" The boys murmured in fear before shaking their heads rapidly that she was sure that they were going to lose their heads.

"Gooood… Now start talking" Lily said in a silky but cold tone which made the boys gulp in fear.

"W-Well you when you first came in to class you had this dark look on your face and started to terrorize everyone in the class" Aoi replied shakily. Lily rose a brow.

"Oh ho?" Lily then turned to Shinjirou who looked as if he was going to lose his feathers from shaking too much.

"I saw you take a few of your classmates and sticking them onto easel pegs. Y-You really put the fear into everyone in the school!" the tengu stammered while his voice shook. Lily looks at Aoi sharply.

"Is this true?" Lily asks in a baritone voice, Aoi nods quickly.

"Look I don't know what happened to make you snap but was it necessary to have some of us hanging out of the roof?!" Lily rose a brow, that was never her style anyways.

"Is that so?" Lily's eyes narrow from the thought. Looks like Silver did make a mess after all to her annoyance.

"Great that's why almost everyone in the class hates me even now more than ever" Lily thought grudgingly.

"Look I apologise for what happened, but you have to know that I didn't do it" This confused the males who looked at her oddly.

"What do you mean by that?" Aoi asks sternly now narrowing his eyes. Lily folds her arms and sighs.

"That day I had a massive fever so Grandmother asked Silver to go in my place" Lily explained bluntly."HAH?!" The boys screamed in shock, now that they thought about it. 'Lily' did go nuts compared to the times when she would just take the hits and leave it at that. how did they miss that?!

"Wait wait!" Aoi screamed as he lifts his hands up. "Time out! Are you saying that-?"

"We were beaten up by a boy?!" Shinjirou asks as his eyes went wide. Lily looked at them with an expression that showed that she wasn't unimpressed.

"…Wow… how sad" Lily mutters darkly.

"Are you serious?!" Lydia screamed in anger as she sat facing Shinjirou in Joanna's living room, her tail curled around her as she looked at him with wide eyes.

"Afraid so" Shinjirou said weakly as he looked at her, he knew that it was a bad idea to tell her so why did he do it? Lydia growled in anger before looking at her cup. Beside her in the room was Vincent, Loez, Joanna (who had closed the shop once he showed up), Aoi, Sho, Laura, Mia (who came back from her trip with Sobo to Loez's dismay as she had almost broken her hip again), Hoshi and Luca.

"That must be really awful" Mia said as she looked at Laura who was seething in anger.

"I can't believe he tried to kill her!" Laura shrieked in anger while Lucas looked at her weakly.

"He didn't know darling, please don't get angry again or the you'll upset the baby" Lucas pleaded weakly at his fourth month pregnant wife, she glared at him.

"I have every right to be upset!" Laura pouted angrily.

"Don't forget Zerla did this on purpose" Sho warned causing them to look at him. "She knew that Silver if he assumed that something happened to 'Umi' who we know is Lily he wouldn't hesitate to hurt the person. Silver regretted it even before Lily sealed his memories" Sho explained feeling sad about what happened. Vincent looked down while clenching his hands.

"Damn… why did this have to get so messed up? Lily's too scared of him now because of it" Vincent muttered angrily.

"Why not get them together somehow?" Mia asks. Loez raises a brow.

"They're not you Mia, they will not speak to one another and speaking of you're missing one thing crucial thing" Loez replied bluntly. Mia gave him a cold stare.

"And what's that?" she asks coldly.

"Where's Silver?" This made everyone look away knowing that he proved a good point. Silver had decided to go missing leaving everyone at a loss of what to do.

"Shinjirou and I can try and to locate him"

"Whoa whoa! Why me?" the tengu asks as he glares at Lydia who frowns at him.

"Well unless you want our sister miserable, you might want to rethink that question.

"But they won't speak to each other Lydia! Don't you get it!" Shinjirou stressed now losing his cool.

"Okay! Okay! Settle down you two" Joanna said sternly, the teens nod before looking at her.

"First of locate Silver then we can deal with them meeting up after okay?" Everyone nodded.

"I'll check where we live" Laura said softly.

"Same here" Loez nods along with everyone else.

"Wait what about grandmother?" Vincent piped up; just then the room went silent.

"Now that I think about it… mother has been very quiet as of late" Loez said sternly now looking at his son with blank eyes "Good job Moron" he said in a monotone voice. Despite the compliment Vincent still cringed at the nickname. Why his father still had to call him that was beyond him. He could feel their eyes on him almost giving him discrete looks of sympathy but it did nothing for his self esteem.

"Why would mother be so quiet-?" Laura gasps in anger and shock. "Unless she's got him in her house!" Laura snapped angrily. Lucas gave her a weak smile.

"Calm down love!" Lucas pleaded weakly as he tried to get her to sit back down. She flashed him a look before sitting back down.

"So ignoring my sister stressing out episode" Loez mutters causing her to growl at him.

"How are we going to get him to see us?"

"I did say Shinjirou and I will volunteer to retrieve him. Then after that I have an idea that might get them to talk" Lydia said with a fanged smile. Some of them gulped, knowing that when she had that smile. It would be a very bad idea.

"Assuming that Serena would let you both in" Aoi mutters bluntly. That he did have a good point on.

"She will" Hoshi replies coldly. They look at him oddly.

"How would you know that?" Joanna asks now looking confused. Hoshi shows his phone making Loez scowl.

"What have I said about using your phone during family discussion you stupid boy?!" Loez roared before slapping Hoshi's head making the teen yelp in anger.

"Hey she texted me alright old man?!" Hoshi yelled, this made Loez angry enough to stand up. The group minus Hoshi start to rant and yell at Loez to sit down and drop the belt as he undoes it from his belt.

"I'll show you old man when I beat the hell out of you for being such a smart mouth!" Loez yelled quickly before drawing close, despite the fact everyone was telling him to stop. "Hmmm-?" Loez stops and snatches the phone out of the annoyed boy's hands.

"HEY!" Hoshi yells while Loez reads the message.

"I'm done looking after him! Pick him up now and sort this mess out or you are all going to pay for this!" Loez gulps as he reads the text. His mother was furious. He then looks at them weakly leaving them either suspicious or confused as to why he looked like he was about to wet himself.

"So Shinjirou… Lydia you said that you were going to pick up Silver right?" Lydia nods while Shinjirou shakes his head.

"Good luck then" their faces drop from his words.

Serena's sour look confirmed the pair that she was anything but happy. In fact she looked like she was close to hurting someone.

"SO…took you both long enough" Serena said darkly.

"Eh hehehe" The pair chuckles weakly as they look at her.

"Sorry we didn't know" Lydia explained now feeling like she wanted the ground to swallow her whole, just looking at Serena as she folded her arms left Shinjirou and her wanting to just leave the house and never come back.

"So I see" Serena said dryly as she continued to glare at the silent duo. They looked at her then at each other causing minutes to go by.

"So how was your week?" Shinjirou said with a carefree smile, sadly Serena was not impressed leaving him slightly intimidated.

"Just go to him" Serena said bluntly causing the pair to rush while muttering their thank yous,

The pair checked all the rooms until they see Serena just glaring at them with hate filled eyes and the worst part was that she hadn't moved from her spot.

"He's right here you two" she gestured to the door right BESIDE her. The pair felt their stomachs drop as she gave them very angry looks, Shinjirou being the gentlemen went in first while Lydia looked at the door and at Serena occasionally in order to avoid the angry stares. Within ten seconds he comes back out and doesn't look at either of them.

"Nope! Can't make me! I am not taking THAT OUT!" Shinjirou said as he walked away from the surprised kitsune and annoyed Serena. Suddenly Lydia winced as thunder echoed in the hallway and almost whimpered from seeing the woman's thunderous look.

"I'll… just…" Lydia pointed to the door while Serena kept giving her the look. "Yup I'll go in now" Lydia said sounding numb as she entered the room.

Once she entered the room she almost screamed out in fright as she saw Silver's dead look, he laid on against the wall with vacant eyes which almost made her heart stop. Lydia immediately backed out the room and closed the door halfway until she saw Serena gave her a 'well?! Are you going to get him out or not' glare. This left her uncomfortable before swallowing her pride. This was demeaning especially since this was the second most powerful yōkai… or was given how he looked.

"HE looks like he's been living in the streets Serena I can't do this"

"Do it now or else!" Serena spoke in a clipped voice, Lydia nods sharply before going back in. However this time Serena pushes her in and slams the door shut while muttering "this is your problem" to a now miserable Lydia.

Lydia now notices that the room is completely dark and void of positive life. Taking a deep breath she walks closer towards Silver who still doesn't speak or move. Testing that he was alive she nudges him with her foot.

"The bright side… he is breathing still" she commented weakly before an image of Lily crying entered her mind, just then a switch enters her mind leaving her with nothing but contempt for him.

"Are you going to lay there and mope like an idiot?" She asks bluntly. Silver doesn't move leaving her irritated.

"You know you made Lily cry right?" this makes him twitch slightly, at least he was listening.

"For someone who likes her, you can be a right pain in the ass you pathetic waste of space" Lydia says coldly, this time he doesn't move.

"Wow… for a strong yōkai you've hit rock bottom. Never thought a murdering rapist would stood so low" Lydia said blandly, just then a murmur hits her ears but it was almost hard to make out given how quiet it was.

"What's that?" She puts her hand to her left ear. "Couldn't hear that, might want to speak up you lazy quitter. Honestly how someone can say that they like someone and yet don't even try and fight in order to retain their relationship is beyond me"

"I don't need you acting all arrogant, it's not like you've ever been in one" Silver finally spoke only his tone was bitter. Lydia twitched while pursing her lips.

"That may be but if I was in one, I would try and find a way to make it right. you gave up too quickly and didn't even seek ways to repair the damages-" Silver turned to glare at her with hate filled eyes.

"I made a bunch of mistakes I'm not proud of but I would never want to hurt Lily. Why must you always look down on me when you don't even know me" Silver hisses angrily, he shakes his head before turning away. "You know what never mind, just leave me alone since you've just come here to jab at me, kick me when I am already down… how nice of you" Silver muttered. Lydia continued to give him a look of distain.

"If you're done, can you leave please? I've better things to do than listen to your jabs" Silver spat angrily as he continued to lean on the wall, Lydia twitches in anger.

"Like what? Continuing to mope against the wall like a defeated coward? What happened to you moron?" Lydia asks angrily. He gave her a sideways glance.

"He had his heart ripped out" Silver spoke so bitterly that it almost made her wince. "When the person you thought was your soul mate acts like they care only, once they see what you were before you met them. Instead of seeing past your flaws they just leave you high and dry like you meant nothing to them to begin with. Would you still look me in the eyes and say all those words?" at that moment Lydia had wanted nothing more to than to leave and hide under her bed. That was just scary just thinking about it.

"N-Wait a minute! Listen Silver" She barks as she lifts him up by the collar. "After waiting five hundred years for her, are you truly going to give up?" Silver looks away from as she spoke leaving her annoyed.

"You are going to speak to her and sort this out! Whether you want to or not!" Lydia says sharply. Silver makes no move or comment.

"Get yourself sorted now, you're going out END of discussion!" Lydia hissed as she forced him off the wall. Silver whined from time as she sent him to the changing screen.

"If you don't change I'll do it my self" Silver almost snorted from the comment but did it anyways.

"Might as well see if this works… not that I want to" Silver mutters slightly.

"Did I mention that Lily does miss you" Silver pauses "She's just acting out because she's hurt"

Lydia starts to smirk from how quickly his mood had shifted just from hearing that.

Lydia continues to grab a tidied up Silver by the arm as they reach a restaurant in the yōkai world. Silver now having his hair tied up wore a black flamed white yukata that was given to him by Serena not too long ago. Once they enter the pair see Lily talking to the tengu. Lily could be seen wearing a simple blue dress with sequins at the front part of the dress where the collar was, her hair had been tied up into a bun allowing Silver to see her neck. She looked miserable when he looked at her, just seeing her like that made his heart wrench with guilt. As soon as Shinjirou turns to look at them, Lily stops talking to see them. immediately her eyes narrow in hatred as she looks at them, seeing her glare made him gulp.

"Oh heeeeeeell no!" Lily says coldly as she stands up quickly only Shinjirou sends her back down as soon as the pair get closer towards them. Silver paused from her reaction and winced, right now the only thing he wanted to do now was leave.

"Sit down Lily please, we need to talk" Lydia said sternly, Lily continues to glare at them while staying in her seat.

"Why is HE here?" Lily asks spitefully causing Silver's ears to flatten from hearing her intense hatred coming out of her in waves.

"Enough Lily!" Lydia warned, the girl scoffed angrily as she folded her arms. "Sit Silver now" Silver was rooted to the spot, there was no way that he could be near her let alone sit in front of her. However Shinjirou forced Silver forward without warning and sent him straight onto the seat making male kitsune grunt from being slightly winded.

The pair stood in front of them while glaring at Lily who was currently fuming in her seat while Silver remained saddened that Lily still hated him, not that he didn't deserve it because of how he almost violated her years ago. However he was confused as to why they were being set up; it did occur to him that Lily had no idea that he was even coming, just knowing that left him unsettled and deeply upset at how Lydia could have lied to him like that.

"Look I know you both are hurting" Lily immediately turns to glare at Shinjirou who winces from the intense look "…inside" Lily's look said otherwise which left him to gulp in fear. She was going to kill them by the time this was over, without a doubt they were so dead and it almost left him shivering in fear.

"But you must still care otherwise why bother with such feelings?" he said, Lydia rolls her eyes and coughs in her fist. Causing an angry Lily and dismal Silver to look at her, while Shinjirou looked at her with hope filled eyes leaving the female kitsune to roll her eyes.

"Look you are both NOT leaving until this matter is solved okay?!" She says sharply as she glares at them. Lily pouts while glaring right back at her friend, Silver just scoffs and turns his head as he folds his arms. Right now he just wanted this night to end so he could go back to Serena's home.

Lily and Silver continued to sit in the yōkai restaurant that had been picked by Lily's friends. The pair were looking at the other with either hatred or annoyance in their expressions, that it made anyone who went close to them shiver from the intense emotions. Other yōkai who watched the pair or were on their dates, all end up feeling slightly tense and uncomfortable as a result from how things were going.

"Seriously Lily, I didn't want to come" Silver said weakly in hopes of calming her down after staying silent for ten minutes, even though he is still upset with what happened. He still wanted to make at least some peace and try to find a way to patch things up between them.

"Drop dead dipstick!" Lily snaps causing Silver's ears to pin themselves to his skull and looked at her with shocked eyes, his tail went limp from how cold her tone was. Filled with hate and was unforgiving towards him.

"Excuse me?"

"You're not deaf Silver so why bother?" Lily snaps as she turns her head in anger, memories of when he tried to kill her still were fresh in her mind and was taking everything in her power not to jump over that table and throttle him. Sadly they were in a public place which had been their plan the whole time to her anger. Very soon… they were both going to pay…dearly with their lives.

"Hmph" Silver scoffs before turning his head. "Bitch" he mutters under his breath, this made her eyes twitch from the insult but kept her composure.

"Man whore" Lily says dryly, Silver turns to glare at her sharply with hate filled eyes.

"Oh that's how you are going to go there you brat?!" Silver rants as he stands up. Lily follows his lead.

"Yeah! Yeah I am after all no one wants a guy who cheats on his fiancée and thinks it's okay to lie and hide it from her!" Lily barks angrily as she glares at him with intense hatred.

"I did not lie! I just didn't want you to know-"

"Because I wasn't ready! What a load of crap Silver!" Lily spat angrily, her eyes narrowed from repressed fury leaving Shinjirou and Lydia sinking in their booth now feeling fear enter their minds. Some couples start to leave and aimed to go somewhere else knowing that it was best not to get caught up in the fight. Especially when it came to Silver and he had a reputation for having a nasty temper, the proof was when his brother had stolen his items.

"You're not! Look at you-!"

"You tried to bloody rape and kill me you asswhole!" Lily yelled sounding bitter and furious, Silver growled angrily while his tail bristled as he looked at her.

"I DID NOT TRY TO KILL YOU!" Silver exploded while two foxfires circled him in a dangerously slow manner.

"I know it was you Silver! Who else has red hair, metallic silver eyes and has a bipolar attitude? Oh wait that's your sorry ass!" Lily yelled as she stares at him hatefully, ice starts to form on the table without her noticing. Both were too angry to care about any damages they might be unleashing.

"At least I don't act like I've a stick up my own ass!" Silver rants in anger as he edges closer.

Meanwhile Shinjirou's hands started to shake as he tries to pour himself sake only it starts to not only spill over the rim but it had also started to overflow leaving the cloth on the table to stain, however the tengu is too scared to even move his hands. Lydia starts to shake her head before glaring at him weakly.

"This is all your fault" Lydia mutters, he looks at her with narrowed eyes knowing that was half true.

"M-My fault! Who suggested this date?" he snapped now wanting to leave the restaurant so he could find somewhere to hide, Lily was going to go after them next, he was sure of it.

"That was you smart alec" Lydia says dryly making his face go red from her insult.

"Yeah but who set them up to come here?" Shinjirou asks shakily. Her face goes pink knowing that was definitely her idea.

"Yeah so! They're here aren't they?" Lydia asks sharply over Lily and Silver's ranting.

"Yeah and I have to pay for the damages!" Shinjirou yells as he stares at his sister like friend who glares at him.

Meanwhile Lily and Silver continued to throw curses and insults at the other, those who watched cringed at how colourful their vocabulary was. In fact a family had to take their children out after Silver mentioned a body part in a crude manner leaving Lily to scream louder and threw two more impersonal insults. Shinjirou and Lydia cringed at what she said, both were sure that if this got worse then the pair might actually create World War Three to their horror and it would not be in the most pleasant manner.

"Butthead!" Lily snapped bitterly.

"Stick up the ass!" Silver retorted back.

"Getting old grandpa!" Silver growls from the insult while he glares at her.

"Oversensitive Prima Donna!"

"Overbearing pervert!"

"Whiny cow!" some gasped from the insult, a female yōkai dropped her fork as she glares at him.

"Idiot with red hair! You know the volcanoes are getting annoyed that you stole their colour" Silver gritted his teeth in anger.

"Plain Jane" Lily smiled bitterly from that comment.

"I'd rather be a Plain Jane than look like you any days!" Lily spat. Some ooed from the comeback. "So take that insult and shove it where the sun doesn't shine you pathetic waste of space!" Lily spat venomously. Some of the boys looked away from the meaning, some even started to become sympathetic until they remembered what the fight was about.

"Moody brat!"

"Devil Spawn!"




"Man whore!"


"You're just as bad workaholic! And you're a major clean freak that doesn't know when to take a break!" Silver growls angrily and slams his hands onto the table causing it to shake before he digs his claws into the sides of the table.

"At least I like to stay in a clean area!"

"Excuse me! I'll clean when I want to clean! What do you take me for? One of those girls who's lives are suppose to be in the home cooking and cleaning all day while rearing your dumb brats?!" Lily jeered; this made some girls glare at him while some males frowned. They hoped that it wasn't true.

"Why would I assume that idiot?! But at least I don't act frosty and let people beat me up!"

"There's more to life then being fighting" Lily replied in a monotone voice.

"Oh I know that! I stopped killing in case you didn't realise!"

"Oh joy! Why not get a gold star for all your hard work" Lily claps sarcastically to his fury.

"At least I don't demean people and put them down whenever they already are feeling low!" Silver spat.

"Well unlike you I don't keep throwing myself onto people just because I feel like it!"

"And yet you never said no!" Silver smirked knowing that he was right. However Lily sneered at him coldly.

"It's hard to when someone's sticking their tongue down their throat! And another thing why couldn't you have just stayed dead?!" Lily snapped in anger, Silver's face went pale as shock and anger began to surge through him rapidly, now she was going too far on that. He clenched his hands in anger as his eyes went feral but she paid no heed.

"You're so difficult! I hate you!" Silver roared in fury. A glass had been shattered from the sudden word, however everyone was too shocked to notice as they were so focused on what was going on to care. Even the workers had stopped working just to see this unfold which surprised the manager.

"Oh I hate you an extremely larger amount that you cannot begin to understand!" Lily spat angrily. "At least I didn't sleep and rape women whenever I felt like it moron!"

"At least I am doing something that means something lazy!" Lily's eyes go wide as she releases laugh of disbelief.

"What? Tending to a shrine?! We hardly get any income anyways" Silver's eye twitches from the jab. The males wince from how that would hit below the belt.

"We do!" Silver snaps angrily.

"Then where does it go baka? In case you've not noticed we had more bottles of sake then we do actual money!" Lily spat dangerously. Silver growls as he glares.

"I have you know I've tried to store the money-"

"Bad move because either you or Mizuki have been spending it all! I had to open a bank account to store the money so NON of you morons could get your sticky hands on it!" Lily rants at him. Silver's eyes twitch in anger.

"Oh yeah? Why not actually be more productive since you've kept our money? Like I don't know do more chores at the shrine?! The shrine is a mess you slapper!" Lily gasps in anger. Lydia turns to give a mortified Shinjirou a thunderous look, the tengu started to slide off the chair until Lydia forced him back up. Warning him not to move to his dismay.

"You want to go there again you bastard?! At least my father didn't go beating me up! Oh boo ho ho ho!" Lily mock cried to his anger, oh she was going too far there. Silver roared angrily.

"At least I had parents and they were with me from birth" Lily's eyes glinted in rage as he knew that would hurt deeply given her situation.

"Oh yeah? Well at least my sister is a live and my father isn't in jail, all because he's a child beater and allowed his co-workers to kill both his wife and daughter!" Silver's hands almost tore the table apart and felt a loud roar escaped his mouth as he threw the table to one side, some people screamed as it nearly hit them but both were two angry to care.

"You know my old life is a touchy subject so why go there?!" Silver yells.

"That's right! Old!" Lily bites angrily "I am part of your old life so why are you standing here talking to me?! I mean nothing since you chose to forget about me and commit such stupid acts! Heck I bet you enjoyed every last one of those moments huh?!" Lily snaps now feeling even more bitter and resentful towards him.

"Why would I enjoy them? I hated to be touched by those women" Silver snapped as he referred to the tanuki girls, Lily glares bitterly.

"Oh yeah I'm sure! Oh so does that mean females are not your favourite you bastard? So were you just playing with them while deep down you were pining for your own team?" Lily screams, this makes the remaining people who were trying to ignore the yells stop and stare at them. Silver's face goes red from the question.

"What?! No! Lily!" Silver screeched in now feeling his face heat up from such a ludicrous question.

"Then what Silver? Why did you want to do it so much?! If they meant nothing to you then why didn't you tell me? Why would you be so secretive knowing that I could find out anyways? Why even embrace those girls anyways if they meant nothing?" Lily snaps angrily now close to breaking point, Silver on the other hand was close to exploding as he gnashes his teeth in anger.

"Oh I slept with them alright Lily! Heck I even enjoyed hearing them screaming and crying out for mercy! Is that what you want to hear?" Silver roared as she shook with hurt and anger but masked the hurt as she gave him a defiant stare.

"Crystal clear" she hissed angrily now wanting to leave or chuck the nearest item at his head.

"But I hated touching them regardless of whether I wanted to or not" Silver spat angrily as he saw her close to crying but refused to back down. No she had to hear this!

"Why not? Weren't they not fulfilling enough for you?" Lily yelled angrily as she gripped the table. Shinjirou and Lydia watched the area shake thanks to their anger; it had built up around them and created a mini earthquake as a result.

"No!" Silver replied coldly, Lily scoffed as she chuckles dryly.

"And why not? Were they too boring or something?" Lily asks sarcastically.

"BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T YOU! HAPPY NOW?!" everything and everyone went silent from his confession, it was taking all of Silver's resolve not to cover his mouth in order to hide his blush. Lily on the other hand continued to glare despite the fact that her stomach twisted and her heart lurched from his words, but the damage had been done. Silver sighs as he looks at her weakly.

"Every time… I had always felt that something was off, like something was missing from my life and it made me feel cheap, dirty and even guilty for every act whether it was willing or not" Silver admitted as he looks at her. Lily however just folded her arms and scoffed.

"I doubt it" she mutters darkly.

"I have never stopped thinking about you! Subconsciously I was looking for you, waiting but at times I got side tracked and yet touching those women didn't feel right. It wasn't the same compared to you and it hurts knowing that I had cheated on you with all those women. I feel sick and rotten Lily but I can't change what I've done" Silver said now feeling pain in his heart as he spoke, at that moment he wanted nothing more than to cry but resisted.

Lily however gave him a stone look.

"So that's it? You expect me to forgive you? To understand you? Did you think that everything would be all right? While the whole world starts to spit up sunshines? Did you expect rainbows continuously throwing up unicorns and leprechauns? News flash Silver THIS is the real world and REAL people get hurt!" Lily snapped. "And another thing! Fantasizing someone when you are sleeping with someone else is just plain sick you dumb git!" Lily added before leaving the space. Silver continues to glare at her as she leaves. Very soon he catches people gossiping about what happened, some had voices of distain while some had amused tones leaving him to cringe mentally. Not wanting to hear anymore he leaves in order to head back to Serena's home.

Meanwhile Lydia and Shinjirou are still rooted to their seats due to fear.

"Well… that went well" Shinjirou said bluntly, just hearing that made Lydia glare at him darkly.

"Oh yeah that went SPLENDIDLY! Idiot!" Lydia mutters darkly before hitting his head.

As soon as Lily arrived home she slammed her bedroom door shut, walked a few steps before landing on her futon with a small thump, so much for that going well but what did they expect? Apologies and forgiveness? Flowers? Love confessions? No one was going to be civil thanks to the raw wounds that had been inflicted before and now. Lily especially was not going to forgive him after what he put her through, whether he was from a parallel time or not. In the end it was all him and no one else, no doppelganger and it left her angry and sick. Regardless of when he said that he 'loved' her, those who love would never commit such unspeakable acts to her or anyone for that matter.

Lily wanted to drown her eyes and mind out with something, would bleach hurt? Maybe but she wouldn't have to hear anymore of his lies or anything for that matter.

Maybe she should just leave but she knew that she couldn't. Luca, Mizuki and the shrine spirits needed her here. Wait a second! Why was she even allowing a guy to take over her life? No way! She was a seventeen year old girl who wanted to achieve something in life! Not allow some guy to dictate and hurt her, what was wrong with her? Surely she knew better than that! And even Aunt Laura was right: "Don't go trusting men" was something she would always say when Lily was a child. So why not listen now?

Now feeling a burst of energy Lily pushed herself out of bed and went to get herself ready for sleep.

Serena threw the door open and glares at Silver's somber look, she was furious beyond reason and it left him more guilty than scared.

"Seriously?! The C word?! You do remember who's granddaughter she is right?" Serena screams angrily as she stomps closer.

"I'm sorry, I lost control of my temper-"

"Dragon's temper is deadly you foolish idiot!" Silver winces from the jab. "Now get up now! We are going somewhere" She hisses as she pulls him up, Silver yelps from her inhuman strength and drags him down the hallways.

"Where are we going?" Silver asks now feeling a sense of dread enter his system.

Lily sat at her futon reading a book called School for Good and Evil and smiled at the plot twists, not having Silver around left her with more moments to herself and was going to take advantage of those moments. Homework was done, chores were all completed on record time and now it was bed time. Lily treasured those hours knowing that peace wouldn't last for ever. Now donned on a white shirt and black knee high shorts, Lily was currently trying to finish the chapter before the door was forced open leaving her to jump slightly. Lily immediately checked the book to see that there were no damages and sighed before looking to give the one who surprised her a death glare. However that almost vanished once she saw who were standing at the door.

Serena chucked a surprised Silver on to the floor beside Lily who had moved herself and the futon away so he could land on the hard floor.

"Thanks…" Silver scowled at her before getting up and looked at Serena.

"Was that necessary?" Silver cried as he went to sit properly.

"Shut up" Her voice was so crisp that it startled the pair. Serena folded her arms and gave them thunderous looks.

"WE! Not just Silver and I, but you as well Lily! WE need to have a serious talk NO discussion about the way you have both been behaving" She warned. Almost daring Lily to make any excuse or move. Lily on the other hand knew better than to incur her grandmother's wrath and stayed put.

"Right! Now first things first-"

"Grandmother why are you letting him in here? He tried to rape and kill me" Serena sighed deeply the moment she was cut off just to hear Lily whining at her. she did have a good point but it was rude to interrupt. Silver on the other hand glares.

"For the last time I did NOT try to kill you!" Silver yells as he glares at her.

"You did" Serena's replied bluntly.

"There see-huh?!" Silver paused the moment he processed her words and turned to look at the woman with eyes filled with disbelief.

"HA! I told you! So take that jackass!" Lily spat before Serena flashed her a cold look, Lily on the other hand gave her a look of her own. Warning her grandmother not to cross her anymore than Silver who had already done that to begin with. The women almost scoffed but knew it was best not to anger Lily anymore than she already was; Silver on the other hand was deeply confused and ignored Lily for now.

"What are you talking about?" Silver asks sharply. That could not be true! He would never raise a hand to kill Lily, yes he almost violated her but she escaped. Still this didn't make him feel any better.

"I'm sorry Silver but you did" Serena at that moment almost felt sympathy for the poor teen but kept it hidden.

"But how? I would have remembered"

"In truth Silver you did attack her and yet you didn't" Silver felt himself gaining a headache from her cryptic words.

"Enough with the riddles Serena, you know I hate how you get cryptic on me" Silver says as he rubs his head weakly. Serena frowns at him.

"I should have sealed your mouth shut when I had the chance" Serena said as she rubbed her head slightly, her hair moved as she closes her eyes.

"Should have stolen his voice and hid it somewhere more like" Lily mutters as she gives him a filthy look, Serena raises a brow at Lily who shrugs. "Just saying"

"No one is stealing anyone's voice box. Look Silver Lily had been sent to a parallel world and was attacked by your parallel self" Silver's jaw slackened, his heart plummeted as he looked at Lily who was giving him a heated glare confirming her grandmother's words.

"I…I" Silver looked down allowing his fringe to cover his eyes, his tail slumped and wrapped itself around his waist as he felt nothing but guilt enter his system. Serena sighs knowing that it was hitting him hard.

"I know this is hard but-"

"I didn't know… I would never hurt Lily, honestly I would never do that" Silver said as he looked up at her grandmother with pleading eyes, he then looked at Lily and saw how closed off she had gotten. In fact he noticed how far she was sitting away from him, she may be cursing her head off but in reality she was scared to be near him. That in truth was a painful thing to ever happen. Silver moved towards Lily.

"Lily I-" Lily moved away instinctively making Silver pause, and sent his hand down in defeat. He nodded before getting up knowing that there was no point in reasoning with someone would never allow them to listen.

"Silver!" Serena cries in frustration but Silver was already at the door to the garden.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you Lily… it was never my intention to do anything that would hurt you" was all he said before leaving. Lily avoided his glance while Serena frowns.

"So that's it? You're not going to do anything about this?" Serena asks sharply. Lily looks up at him.

"What do you want me to say grandmother?" The woman bit her lip.

"You meddled with time and erased his younger parallel self's memories!" Lily winced from the memory. "You ruined him by doing that-"

"He was not going to stop chasing me Grandmother!" Serena paused while her body shook in anger. "Would you rather he chases after a ghost? I had set him free from coming near me" Serena glares bitterly at her.

"Wrong" This took Lily by surprise as Serena shows her a mirror; the girl looked in to the mirror and saw Silver sitting on the roof of the shrine to her surprise. How and why was he even there?

Silver was looking up at the moon while his short hair was tousled lightly by the wind; he looked vacant if not saddened by this sudden hole in his heart. A hole that had never been filled for five hundred years. Just seeing him like this left Lily pained but kept her composure, she was not going to let this bother her. No she was stronger than this.

Silver continued to look at the moon while the light twinkled on the thing around his neck, at that moment Lily's mouth slacked from seeing her mother's necklace. What was it doing there?!

How did he get it? Just then a thought came to her, it was a though that made her sick.

Did he steal it off of her?! The only time he could have done that is if she was in her mini coma. The mere thought made her seethe in rage causing Serena to bite her lip at how dense her granddaughter was. Silver looked down at the pendent and lifted it up to his line of vision, his eyes softened from looking at how the dragon surrounded the small ball in a protective manner. He pulled it close and kissed the head of the dragon before putting back in his line of vision. Where had he got this pendent was from Umi right? But she was no longer alive and the last thing she told him.

"The one you will love shall come, but you must be patient" Those were her last words before Akura-ou killed her. She wanted him to be free, protected from this bloody world but in order to do that Silver wanted one final score to be settled. He had to kill his own brother to stop him from harming anyone else, to stop him from hurting him anymore than he already had.

Now during his journey Silver had traveled for quite sometime until he came across a shrine and met Mikage. Mikage could see his lost torn expression and it hurt the God deeply to see him this way. Silver at that moment looked like a child who had been broken. Leaving Lily upset but moved her eyes away.

"Don't you turn away, you're missing something important" Lily glares at Serena weakly before looking at the mirror.

Just as Silver was about to move until the sound of footsteps caught his attention, he looked down to see to Lily's surprise- herself. Her parallel self walked towards the bell and began to pray before dropping some loose change; she rang the bell politely before walking away by herself. Lily's parallel self was wearing a mint green dress that has two layers that rests to the middle of her lower legs and a white long cardigan that reaches her upper knees, she is wearing a pair of brown knee high boots while holding her long black bag securely by her left shoulder. Silver was left curious as to why she was here, it had left him wanting to get a better look at her only luck wasn't on Silver's side he slipped slightly on the roof tiles leaving him panicking at how much noise he had made. Lily who was watching snorted at how he flailed slightly as he tried to grip the roof while his back was on the roof but how he looked was funny.

Lily's parallel self who was walking away from the bell hears the loud clatter noise, curious she then turns her head to see the roof and almost blanches as she sees him on the roof but she was also surprised to see him looking at her stunned with stunned eyes. Lily's parallel's self strangely enough had then tilted her head, wondering what is wrong with him and was wondering why he was looking at her like that. Silver on the other hand was in shock. She looked exactly like Umi only she had a certain allure that left his palms sweating and his heart began to skip a beat from looking at her, something about her made him want to go near her, it left him wanting to go closer the moment their eyes met. Pulling him towards her but resisted for he didn't want to make himself look like a bigger idiot of himself compared to what was happening now. He had no time to hide his tail and ears but she appeared not to be frightened of him to his surprise.

Seeing him not speaking leaves her confused as he kept looking at her which leaves her uneasy.

Suddenly Lily's parallel's self caught Kurama's voice from the bottom of the steps causing her to tilt her head down slightly before walking away briskly leaving him stuttering. Without realizing it Silver releases his hold over the roof and tries to go after her only to end up slipping, this causes him to fall and land on the floor in a painful manner.

"Oooow" Silver groaned weakly.

Lily snorted before laughing at what she saw; Serena however masked her smirk at how he was acting.

"What a lost puppy" Serena said to himself as she smiles softly at Lily, she pats the girls head causing her to look up.

"Lily… don't you see" Lily's eyes wince now realizing why she was shown this. "Silver no matter how many times you try to force him away, his love for you is unconditional and will never waver" Serena lifts Lily's head up by tilting Lily's chin up, this way she could look at her grandmother's warm smile. "Yes he has made mistakes, bad ones I know but he is willing to redeem himself. Can you see that?" Serena asks softly. Lily looks away while her eyes show sighs of resisting.

"I know it's hard but you must see that is why he hid his past-"

"I hate him" Lily mutters darkly, Serena doesn't respond. "He thinks that hiding things from me would make it all better, hiding his head in the sand thinking that it wouldn't bother me. That scumbag deserves to be alone" Lily spat, Serena pulled Lily close as she saw tears starting to form around Lily's eyes. Lily slowly began to shake as a sob etched itself into her throat.

"I'm scared of him grandmother. What am I suppose to do?" Lily asks weakly. Serena strokes Lily as she keeps her close.

"It's hard I know but things will change for the better, now" Serena pulls back and smiles at Lily's tear jerking expression. "If you didn't care about him, or hate him so much… then why are you crying?" Lily's breathing was caught. "In the end of it Lily, you love him and it hurts. But we have to endure hardships at some time, we cannot burry our heads in the sand every time something bad happens. No darling" Serena shook her head as she continues to smile at her distraught granddaughter. "Having hardships allows us to grow and learn and you can't strengthen your bond if there isn't a disagreement here and there. In the end of it you do care, you're just putting up a barrier to stop yourself from getting hurt. Don't for it'll provide you with such misfortune" Serena spoke softly as she smooth's Lily's hair back as she looks her, at that moment Lily continued to feel lost and confused due to her conflicting emotions.

"Besides when was the last time you had a full fledged argument with him?" Lily paused, they only had small petty ones but none of them were that bad Lily realised but what was her grandmother going with this. "Arguments can make or break people and I know this will push you both even closer than ever before, just stop running and believe" Serena spoke softly as she pecks Lily's forehead.

"Now it's time for bed okay. Rest easy now darling" Lily was guided to her bed and allowed Serena to tuck her in this one time. She pecked Lily's forehead before turning the light out, however she stayed by Lily's side until Lily was out like a light.

Silver remained vacant after drinking from a vial Serena had given him. Images of what Lily had to go through were fresh in his mind. Images of almost being killed left him shaking in fear, his own eyes scared him and left him shaking. Looking at Serena who was frowning at him as she sat opposite him.

"What am I going to do?" Silver asks softly as he looks at her. She sighs deeply.

"Are you going to give up? After all this effort, waiting for her only to throw it away without so much as putting up a fight?" Serena asks bluntly. Silver looks up slowly, his eyes still lost and vacant but very soon they start to become clearer, he nodded slowly before standing up.

"Excuse me" Silver said as he walked towards the door, he stopped and looked back at her. "Thanks for everything" he smiled at her. Serena chuckles softly before her eyes hardened.

"Get the hell out of my house you freeloader" She hisses angrily and surprisingly he did without any arguing this time.

Lily stretched as she got up, a loud yawn escaped her lips as she looked round. Just an ordinary day and hopefully no…hell no!

Lily's eyes wander towards her open door, sure she shouldn't be bothered by it but what she saw left Lily's eye twitching. There across from her open door was the red pest laying on a tree branch. He noticed her staring and waved, almost mocking in some manner leaving her wanting to gnash her teeth in anger. What was he doing here? He was kicked out, not allowed to come back since he willingly left and now he's back on the shrine grounds. Unbelievable.

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