Blessed Secrets

Chapter 11 Lily gets a what!

"What are you doing here?" Lily asks bluntly, still in her bed clothes as she stands below the tree. Silver on the other hand looked too relaxed to her anger. Lily at that moment had almost resisted the urge to slap him off the tree and then stomp on his body but chose not to. No she refused to have yōkai blood on her garden.

"Oh your up?" Silver asks in a monotone voice while smiling. Lily's right eye twitched in anger.

"The nerve!" She spat angrily.

"And what are you doing here? Last time I checked you were kicked out" Lily said coldly. Silver on the other hand shrugged leaving her to scowl.

"It's a wonderful morning isn't it? Kind of peaceful given how your presence brightens the area up" Lily resists the urge to accept the compliment and glares at him.

"You're not answering my question, what are YOU doing here?" Lily asks now getting rattled from seeing him acting like he hadn't had a care in the world. Silver shifts so he can look down at her from where he was, the male blinks as he looks at her, masking his amused look from seeing that he was getting to Lily.

"Why not? This is my home" Silver asks with an amused smile.

"Correction- use to be your home. You were kicked out" Lily spat darkly.

"Not your call" Silver replied with a smirk leaving her hands to clench in anger.

"Oh ho?" Lily challenged now giving him a stern look while her right brow rose.

"This is Mikage's home and-"

"Sorry to burst your bubble but he's not here, he's retired so therefore you've lost that footing" Lily replies coldly as she stares at him with frosty eyes. Silver shrugs still.

"Still my home since he entrusted this house to BOTH of us, so I can do whatever I want" Silver replies as he grins at her. Lily however kicks the tree causing it to shake and almost send him to the floor had he not griped the branch he was on as she walks away.

"Stupid jerk freeloader" she mutters darkly.

"Haven't I heard that before" Silver replied with a casual smile before a rain cloud appeared over his head, without warning the cloud started to rain but he cared not that he was being soaked. He was going to get her to take him back, not only that but he was going to redeem himself. Even if it meant being a stalker at their own home.

Lily was finished getting ready for college, now wearing a wide sleeved white dress with black stars on the sleeves and waist, the dress ended at her lower knees while she placed on a pair of white shorts that reached her knees, she slipped her white socks on and glared at the now closed door. Lily was sure that she closed the door, so that left Silver who had opened the door earlier on to announce his arrival. Lily at that moment wanted nothing more than to throttle the smug jerk in the face but kept her cool. No boy was ever going to get into her business again. No more relationships and to prove it, she eyed the bracelet and felt herself tense. The teen girl's eyes narrowed at what it signified- trust and innocence. Now it was tainted with pain and lies.

Grabbing the offending item she storms out to the garden in her shoes and throws it at the lounging kitsune who still chose to rest on the tree, he yelped immediately from being hit.

"What was that for? I was finally getting a good nap up here" Silver scowled lightly as he notices her glaring deeply at him.

"Keep it as a cheep souvenir and go stuff yourself" Lily spat as she walked away, Silver looks at her blankly. He then looked at his lap as the item that had quickly bounced from his head had then landed on his lap. Silver's stomach tightened from seeing the bracelet, which had originally belonged to his mother and sighed deeply. He held it tenderly and pressed the cold metal onto his forehead.

"What am I going to do mother? She won't speak or look at me" Silver asks quietly feeling guilt and dread enter his system. The red head then catches her walking down the steps with Luca. Now that she was gone, he sprung into action and began to check the shrine. Mizuki was not in the house as expected, but that didn't stop Silver from touring round his home. He notices that it was slightly clean, but there were some things that did need cleaning like the porch. Rolling his sleeves up he immediately gets to work.

Luca as soon as he entered home was left completely speechless; he was in shock from how clean the shrine was compared to this morning. Did Mizuki do all this?

The very thought impressed him a lot until he saw Mizuki glaring at something, curious Luca turns to see what's got the familiar's eye and blanched in shock.

"S-Silver?! What is he doing here?" Luca's voice captures Silver's attention as he rests on the tree branch. He smiles and waves at them once he notices.

"How are things?" Silver asks as he waves.

"Fine" Luca replies nervously while looking unsure of what was going on. "Why are you here?" Silver shrugs.

"I do live here as well you know" Silver replies with a smile. He notices that Lily's not there with him.

"Lily running late?" Silver asks sounding curious. Luca turns his head and sees Mizuki who is looking at Silver with distain.

"Lily's been coming home late for almost five weeks" Luca replies now looking back at Silver. Mizuki's eyes widen from Luca's reply.

"What are you doing?" he hisses until he sees Silver's pensive expression.

"I see" Was all he had said. Luca twigged as he remembered the clean shrine.

"Mizuki did you just clean the shrine?" Mizuki gave him a sour look.

"I saw that there were some areas that hadn't been cleaned properly, so I took the liberty of cleaning" Silver's words surprised Luca who blanched from the response.

"So wait! You're coming back?" Luca asks looking at him with disbelieving eyes. Silver's smile confirmed it.

"Why not? You guys wouldn't last much longer without me" Silver shrugs as he smiles. Luca sighs before smiling at Silver's playing hard to get attitude, in truth Luca noticed the black circles under his eyes that looked really bad. He was really hurting over this more than he would ever let anyone in on.

"It's good to have you back though" Silver blinks at Luca while Mizuki frowns at him. "It's been quiet without you and Lily bickering, then there's you and Mizuki always bickering over chores" Luca said with a genuine smile that left Silver touched but kept it quiet.


"He's lying it's not been that quiet" Mizuki said now trying to avert the mood. Silver's brow rose.

"So where does Lily go?" Silver asks as he looks at them.

"Don't know, she never lets me hear her thoughts at times and she's very guarded now a days" Luca admitted sheepishly.

"She was wearing new clothes" Mizuki commented as he remembered this morning. Luca looked at him oddly while Silver propped up from his perch by his elbows.

"Really?" Luca said now showing surprise.

"Yeah it was that white dress" Mizuki replied now surprised to see Luca's reaction.

"I thought it was old" Luca comments to himself as he places his clenched hand to his lips. "Then again she's been bringing and reading new books lately"

"Really that is odd" Mizuki now tries to think of reasons as to how and why she has new stuff. "Maybe she's using the shrine money?" Silver rose a brow from Mizuki's suggestion. Although she did look good in the dress and it left Silver wanting to look at how the clothes made her skin pale but not in a bad way.

"Maybe she's seeing someone?" Silver looks at him oddly. She didn't smell of guys, then again he could be wrong.

"Waaah?! Lily seeing someone?" Mizuki cried in shock as he looks at Luca.

"Well she has been getting a lot of stuff" Luca replied while shrugging. Silver frowns as he ponders from the thought.

"As long as she's not at the red district" Oishi comments, Dai stares at him in horror while Luca and Mizuki gave him stunned looks.

"D-Don't be ridiculous! Auntie would never do that!" Luca said now stuttering from thinking that, Mizuki's face went red from the very thought of that before going green.

"That's right! Lady Lily's power is pure so therefore she would never stoop as low as to do that" Dai snaps while Silver gave Oishi a dark look, warning the spirit to never speak of something so wrong again.

"I'm home!" Lily calls leaving the boys scrambling towards Lily while Silver keeps in his perch.

"How was your day?" Luca asks a now confused and slightly startled Lily, she looked slightly tired to them which in a way was a bit worrying.

"Fine… how was yours?" Lily asks lightly as she puts her bag down slightly.

"Great!" Luca said with a nervous smile.

"I had fun seeing Yonomori's shrine" Mizuki added with a smile.

"That's right, the shrine has been safe in your absence" Oishi commented. Lily on the other hand noticed that the house has become more tidy than usual.

"Did you clean up Mizuki?" Lily asks looking confused, seeing his weakened smile confirmed that Silver had done it.

"Just what is that beggar trying to prove?" Lily asks bluntly as she picks up her bag and begins to walk through the corridors that led to her room. The boys then follow her to her surprise.

"Why are you following me?" She asks now giving them a disturbed look.

"Just wanted to know where are you going" Luca replied as he smiled; however Lily caught the weak smile and rose a brow.

"Getting changed. Is that a crime?" now placing a hand on her hip as she looks at him.

"Nope" Luca shook his head frantically before they walked away leaving Lily alone.

"She's up to something" Luca said with suspicious eyes.

"Why was she blocking again?" Mizuki whispered, to his surprise the teen nodded.

Silver on the other hand just rolled his eyes and took her dinner tray, without knocking he opened the door causing her to scream and hide behind the changing screen.

"KNOCK YOU IDIOT!" Lily screams as she throws icicles at him. Silver puts the tray down and backs away from the ice in order to avoid getting skewered.

"Sorry!" Silver says sharply before closing the door. Lily who was wearing her bra and shorts glared.

"Why are you in my house?" Lily asks coldly.

"Our house!" Silver corrects sternly as he looks at the door. Lily scoffs as she takes out a blue long shirt.

"Only when Mikage was the owner. Now it's my home so out you go!" Lily snapped.

"Sorry but no can do" Silver shrugs with a smile.

"And why's that?" Lily barks angrily.

"Because you're not the boss of me" Lily rolled her eyes. Of course he would go there.

"Ah but you're a yōkai trespassing on sacred grounds" Lily reminded bluntly.

"Not really"

"Yup you are now clear off" Lily said coldly as she finishes putting her blue shorts on. However before she could put her clothes in the hamper Silver opens the door.

"No" Silver said in a monotone voice before closing the door. Lily glares before releasing a growl.

"Unbelievable" she mutters darkly as she gets ready to do her homework. Lily shivers and jumps in her seat as someone pulls her into a hug and pecks her cheek; images of when the parallel Silver tried to kill her entered the girl's mind. Lily turns to glare while the arms immediately pull away, she heard Silver laugh as he runs way. Lily sends icicles at him only they miss to her anger.

"Leave me alone!" Lily snaps in anger.

"Sorry not happening" was all he said and she could hear his amused voice. She sighs deeply now wanting to slap the amusement off of his perverted face.

On of these days she was going to get even but how?

Lily almost flopped on her desk due to stress and tried to relax, sadly that was thrown out the window as Luca knocked.

"Can you help with my homework?" Luca asks with a smile. Lily frowned/smiled at him before getting up to follow him. However as soon as she approached the kitchen she saw Silver making something before turning to wave.

"Hmm?" Silver blinked from seeing her walking out as soon as she stepped foot into the kitchen.

"So much for that" Luca sighs as he eats the food Silver had prepared, even Mizuki was happy about the food but kept it quiet.

"Must still be angry" Mizuki commented before grabbing his drink, Silver on the other hand frowned but said nothing.

Lily was seen once again walking out in a U necked long blue bell dress top, the sleeves were wide at the end while the ends rippled as she walked, the bodice had gold stitchings that resembled flowers, she had a pair of black trouser on, black socks and black trainers. Luca blinks from the new look as she grabs an apple. Mizuki almost dropped the tea while Silver to Lily's annoyance was caught staring at her, his eyes were wide from what she was wearing and almost gulped at how her appearance left him rooted to the spot.

"Gha Gha Ghaaaa OW Silver!" Mizuki cried as hot eggs and oil from the pan dripped right on to the snake familiar's head. Lily rolled her eyes and left without another word while Silver remained transfixed on her.

"She really got you speechless there" Luca teased as he continued to eat his cereal. Silver remained silent while Mizuki tried to use the tea towel to get the gunk off his head and tried to wash the burn off with water. Instead of speaking Silver turned the cooker off and began to clean up the mess, his tail moved slightly as he ringed the wet cloth out before cleaning the cooker. His ears now pinned to his skull while focusing on the task at hand, the kitsune's mind was on how he could get Lily to take him back and the answers-left him wanting to cringe.

Luca piped up from Silver's thoughts.

"Why not give her lunch?" Luca offered, Mizuki and Silver looked at him briefly.

"You know Lily would kill me right?" Silver said bluntly, Luca however smiled.

"Not if she's in class" Silver's eyes trailed to the left, that could work.

Lily sat rigid in her seat while Silver entered the room with a box in his hands.

"Excuse me who are you?" Miss Fila asks bluntly as she stares at him coldly. Silver shivered mentally from her stare.

"I'm here to give Lily her lunch" This took the teacher by surprise while the class minus Lily started to gossip, Aoi on the other hand gave him a 'really?' look leaving Silver slightly discouraged.

"O-Okay… Lily?" Silver walks over towards a VERY annoyed Lily and passes her the box.

"So sorry I'm having lunch outside the college" Lily said tartly as she glares at him, Silver winces from the frosty look.

"Lily you shouldn't keep eating junk-"

"If you continue to lecture me on my eating habits you stalker I will have to throw that box on your head" Lily said sternly, again he winced from the cold tone. "Now can you leave with that THING you're disrupting the class" Lily hisses darkly before turning round to get back to work.

"Give it to Aoi or Kurama if you're that desperate since I'm sure that you've given Luca lunch already" again he winced from being caught out.

"Lily please just-" Lily swerved round in her chair and glared.

"I SAID NO!" Lily yelled as she took the box and sent it onto his chest harshly making him wince as he holds the box.

"L-Lily?!" Miss Fila cries in alarm.

"You let a stalker into the classroom?!" Lily replies back with fury as she points to Silver who was gasping for air due to being winded. Some of the males cringed from imagining how bad the pain was. Miss Fila on the other hand shot up.

"You out the class NOW!" the woman gestured to Silver knowing that Lily was getting agitated. Silver didn't complain and followed her out the room. Lily sighs deeply before turning to face the computer in order to do work.

"What was that all about?" Miss Fila snaps, her blond hair moving as she flicks the front part of her hair back. Silver looks at her weakly as he saw her disapproving look.

"I was just giving her lunch"

"In class?!" Miss Fila cries in anger, this makes him cringe.

"Y-Yes" he replies weakly, this makes her sigh deeply before folding her arms.

"Why didn't you just give it to the receptionist who would have given it to Lily then?" This took him by surprise.

"I didn't know" was all he said.

"I can see that you, now pass me the box and I'll make sure she eats it" she says sternly.

"But how? She knows it was from me" Silver says weakly as he looks away. Miss Fila shakes her head.

"I don't think she would complain once I pass it to her, just give her time and stop pushing her" Miss Fila says in a motherly tone that took him by surprise. "Now run along little one and go do some chores round the shrine okay" again he was surprised by her words, she smiles softly as she sends him away.

"That was close" said a voice that had her turning.

"I know that Aoi" Miss Fila said, her green eyes twinkled from the sun light.

"Although I'm surprised that you didn't make him wear flowers like you did to me when I was in a bad mood" this made her giggle.

"I would have had him hold a bouquet but we both know that she would ruin them" she smiles before sending into class. Lily eyes the box the teacher placed on the desk and almost whines until Miss Fila gave her a soft look that said 'take it'

"But I don't want to-"

"Lily please, he went out of his way to try and offer an olive branch" Lily scowls before taking the box.

"Fine I'll eat the dumb food" She mutters darkly before putting it beside her. However the woman giggles at her stubborn streak.

"Don't throw it away or else I'm telling Serena" this made Lily gulp and nodded mutely before getting back to work.

To Miss Fila's relief Lily had eaten the food grudgingly while some people in the class gossiped about how and why Silver had showed up, some even commented about how Lily was eating the food even though she didn't want to. Even Shinjirou was surprised to see her eating the food but said nothing knowing that she was in a bad mood.

By the time class ended Lily once again began to leave college and instead of going home to Shinjirou's confusion, she had went somewhere else.

"Hey Luca?" Shinjirou asks as he calls Luca

"What is it?" Luca asks as he walks with Hoshi to the shrine.

"Lily's going somewhere again" the tengu heard her yelping in alarm.

"Do you know where she is going?!" Luca cries in alarm leaving him suspicious about where Lily was truly going.

"No… I lost her" was all he said.

Weekends began leaving Lily sour at how Silver continued to move about in the shrine as if he owned the place. Time was reaching ten and Lily smiled, now donned on with the same white dress with black stars, she now placed at pair of knee high shorts and white socks. She waved good bye to Luca and Mizuki before grabbing a prayer book for her spare time. Once she placed her black trainers on Lily left the house with a skip in her step.

"You don't truly think that she has a boyfriend right?" Luca asks now getting worried.

"No! she would have told us right?" Mizuki cried in alarm. Luca shrugged while Silver's mood dampened, sure she had the lunch he made the day before but Lily had left a message on the bottom of the box.

"Make me lunch again and you'll regret it!" Silver shivered at how angry the message was but did not retaliate; after all she did eat something right?

"Not really since Lily's not talking to Silver" Luca guessed. "But she might if it was to push him away" Mizuki blanched in shock.

"We should follow her!" Mizuki cried now wanting to find and question Lily.

"Say we did then what?" Luca asks, he could sense Silver was filled with sorrow leaving him sad. "She won't like us spying" this didn't sit well with Mizuki.

"But I want to know!" he wailed, that Luca couldn't disagree about.

"It's not like we can put a tracker on her" Luca mutters as he leans on his hand, he paused before looking at Silver who is busy cleaning.

"Hey Silver"

"No" This deflated Luca's hope of finding out.

"Please! Aren't you just the bit curious as to what Lily's been hiding?" That Silver could not deny but that didn't mean that he wanted any part of it.

"Even so, Lily has made it-"

"Don't give me that" Luca snapped to their surprise. Even the shrine spirits went silent. "You've been curious and always checking up on her when she slept, don't tell me all those feelings you have of her are just infatuation otherwise why pursue her for these past five hundred years? And don't say it was to thank her when you knew that something was amidst" Luca snapped, Silver sighs deeply.

"Say I 'do' help then what? Lily doesn't want to talk to me nor does she want anything to do with me" Silver asks as he faces Luca, his hand as it held the cloth was on his hip.

"It hasn't stopped you from coming back here and trying to get her attention… has it?"

Once they were ready the trio set off around twelve o'clock leaving the shrine spirits to stay and guard. Silver used his foxfires to locate Lily, sadly they had no luck as they looked round for hours, that was until Luca spotted Lily walking around at six o'clock. Luca alerted Mizuki and Silver who met up by the café and followed Lily towards a house; Luca blinks as he recognizes the house.

"Aunt Laura? Why there?" Luca ponders as the males look at him with confused expressions.

"What should we do now?" Mizuki asks knowing that the family will keep an eye on her.

"Go home I guess, Lily's in safe hands" Luca shrugged.

"For now" Silver said before they all walked back home.

"They're gone thank goodness" Lily sighs deeply as she closes the curtains to the living room. She sighs once more and slouches on the couch before laughing at the twins that decided to attack her with their small hands.

"Okay! Okay I miss you all" Lily laughs as she hugs them tightly.

The oldest twin was a little six year old girl with long red hair that reached her lower back, she had freckles that almost complemented her light brown eyes, she wore a pink dress with a blue bird stitched to the front of the dress, beside her was her twin brother who was black haired and had browned eyes, he wore a cream t-shirt with green shorts on. He grinned before kissing Lily's cheeks as she hugged them.

"We missed you auntie!" the girl chirped with glee.

"You didn't come here yesterday!" the boy pouted as he snugged against the crook of her neck.

"Saya, Shinji you know I have a home-" Laura appeared from the door way holding a cup as she dried it with her towel.

"Why can't you stay here?" Shinji whined to their amusement, Lily patted his head softly.

"I'm here now aren't I?" Lily asks with an eager smile causing the children to cheer.

"Let's play-!" Saya's eyebrows furrowed from the word that was hard to pronounce.

"Operation?" Lily asks lightly causing Saya to smile widely.

"Yeah yeah!" the twins took Lily to their room to play leaving Laura chuckling, yes this was what she wanted indeed.

"Auntie I want to ask you something!" Lily called catching Laura's attention.

"Oh ho? What is it?" Laura asks with an amused smile as she enters the room.

As soon as Lily reached the top of the stairs, she looked round quickly before rushing towards her bedroom and to her relief. No one was there, not even Silver which would have been slightly awkward. Now taking her shoes off at the porch Lily opens her room door and leaves it open for a few seconds until she closes the door. Once that was done she sighs with relief and leans on the wall by the door.

"Where were you today?" asks a blunt voice that made her jump in shock, she then looked round to see Silver standing by the hallway door. It was then that Lily recovered before glaring.

"None of your business now mush" Lily snaps.

"Not my boss remember- hmm?" Silver's ears catch the sound of a very annoyed growl and looks beside Lily to see a cream coloured cat whose height was up to Lily's waist to his surprise, on its back were a pair of two long white ovals that rested on its shoulder blades to the middle of its spine it had a curly tail while its eyes were pure red. Just seeing the cat hissing and growling left him unsettled.

"Erm Lily… where did you get that cat?" Silver asks now feeling sweat dripping down the nape of his neck. The cat screeched and growled before charging at a horrified Silver who tried to bolt from the angry feline. Sadly he only made it as far as past the door before screaming. Lily closes the door but still hears the sound of clothes being ripped and his cries of pain.

"Get this cat off me!" Silver yells but Lily instead just ignores him. "SOMEONE HELP!" Silver continues to yell as it started to claw and bite his skin leaving marks.

Luca who was running due to the sudden screams froze as he tried to take in what was going on.

"Who's-? Wait a minute…" His eyes widen in horror "Prim! No bad cat get off of him now!" Luca cries as he tries to grab the angry feline off of Silver.

Meanwhile Lily snickered as she placed her earphones on.

Silver who was now wearing new clothes was grumbling from what happened as he was now coated in plasters and bandages.

"That cat is not right!" Silver mutters as he glares at direction of where Lily's room.

"It's not a normal cat" Luca commented while Mizuki was shaking in his seat, after helping Luca with the cat he ended up suffering a large scratch on his cheek as a result.

"W-What do you mean by that?" Mizuki asks in fear as he looks at Luca, who in turn winces at the predicament.

"It's half shikigami half normal cat" This left them confused.

"Don't ask how that happened, I don't want to know" Luca said causing the males to sigh.

"So how did it get here?" Mizuki asks weakly.

"It's great aunt Laura's so Lily must have brought her here" they give him a funny look.

"It's a girl? No wonder it's moody" Silver mutters darkly before Luca kicks him causing him to glare.

"Watch it will you, it's bad enough great uncle Loez hates her, don't make an enemy out of her" Luca hisses sharply leaving him confused.

"The only thing that can do is claw me-" Luca shook his head.

"Don't go testing her, last time great uncle Loez made her upset she zapped him with electricity" Silver's stomach dropped.

"How is he alive?" Silver asks bluntly.

"She used a low volt" Mizuki and Silver looked at him weakly.

"But why did she bring that mangy cat here?" Silver asks coldly.

"Maybe because of you" Luca shrugged. This made the trio shiver at the thought of why the cat was there in the first place.

"I'm going to sleep" Silver scowled as he pushed the right side of his fringe back. He was going to his old room and hope to life that he could sleep this off, however just as soon as he opened the door.

"GrrrrEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" Came a very angry screech that left Silver slightly disorientated for a moment until he saw 'that' sitting right on his futon- oh no!

Silver screamed as Prim immediately started to pounce on the startled kitsune. Once again the shrine was filled with screams and his desperate pleas to get her off of him.

During that time Lily had her newly brought earplugs in her ears and began to sleep with a smile on her face.

"That'll teach that freeloader a thing or two" Lily mumbles before nuzzling her pillow and snuggles her plushie close.

Lily once again waved at the group before taking off, Silver who was nursing his injuries glared at Lily for allowing the cat to take his room and turn it into the cat's private lounging place.

"I hate that mangy cat" Silver mutters. Memories of when he went to the kitchen ended up him being attacked by Prim who mauled him as soon as he opened the door.

Then came the time of when he entered the bathroom, which had ended with him being greeted by the angry cat who immediately attacked him without warning. Not only did he end up completely winded and injured but he was also in a pool of his own mess thanks to her foot as it stomped on his bladder, this left Prim hissing at him with angrily eyes.

"Clean yourself up fool!" She growls before sending her back feet towards his face.

"The litter box insult… I hate that cat" he scowled at the cat as she retreated to get herself cleaned up. Sadly for him and Mizuki, it ended in them having to purifying the bachi where the spoons were located, not only did they have to clean it twelve times but they had to replace the water after seeing a very angry Serena who had to give them the purified water for the basin.

"Can we try and see where Auntie is going now?" Luca asks weakly now wanting to change the subject. Mizuki immediately got ready while Silver sighs as he stands up; he places the ice pack down before following the pair. However once he opens the door he's greeted with a VERY angry Prim who immediately growls and pounces on not only Mizuki but an annoyed Silver. Luca in the midst of the one sided fight went past them and began to chase after Lily.

"Where are you going?! Get this cat off of us!" Silver yelled while Mizuki cried from the injuries he was sustaining.

Luca continued to run through the streets in order to follow Lily, however Lily pauses before looking behind her quickly which in turn causes Luca to hide using a parked car as a shield. Once the ghost was clear Luca checked to see where Lily was only… she had gone missing.

"Wha?! How did you do that?!" Luca cries now slumping on the pavement, ignoring the passersby as they looked at him oddly. Luca then went back to the shrine to see Silver and Mizuki with very frizzed up hairs taking him by surprise.

"Turns out her voltage is not so weak as we thought" Silver said bitterly while Luca looked at him weakly.

"Lost Auntie" Luca said weakly, Silver on the other hand frowned.

"We will meet up at her college tomorrow after school and try to see where she goes" Silver said bluntly leaving Luca almost relieved with how the fox was taking it.

Silver, Mizuki and Luca who had finished school watched by the front gate, they immediately spotted Lily who was walking the opposite direction of where their home was.

"Quickly" Mizuki urged while Silver glares.

"Hush and stop talking" Silver scolds quietly as they follow Lily. This time thanks to Silver they had remained undetected, the walk lasted for a while until Lily enters a building. Confused Luca walks ahead towards the door.

"GHAAAAAAAAAA!" Silver's strangled screams alert Luca causing him to turn around. He then sees to his shock that Prim had Silver on the floor while Mizuki was frozen to the spot thanks to his last encounter with the angry cat.

"J-Just go I'll be fine" Silver cries as the cat continues to maul him badly while static appeared out of her fur, much to their horror. Luca approaches the sign that says "Books Menagerie" As odd as the name was, Lily was inside the building and he wasn't going to leave until he sees why she's going in there. Was she really seeing someone?

His hand shook as he opened the door, taking a deep breath as he opened it. The smell of musty books hit his nose as he looks round… it was a bookshop. Luca was surprised as he looks round, there was rows containing a lot of books while people both young and old were admiring or reading the books as they either stood or sat in the bean bag chairs.

In the middle of the shop was a counter, BUT! That was not what shocked him. It was who was standing behind the counter that had surprised him. The person looks at him with very startled eyes, not knowing how he found her and why he was here.

"What are you doing here?!" the person cried out in alarm after bidding the customer farewell.

Silver who had managed to escape Prim's grasp rushed into the shop and panted as he leaned against the door, hoping that the cat would not get in. He yelped and jumped suddenly from hearing a sudden noise that crashed into the door, followed by a series of clawing on the window and a low angry growl.

"Luca why are you just standing there?" Silver asks as he looked at Luca briefly, he jumps as the cat slams into the door again and tries to get her way into the building so she could finish what she originally started. Hearing nothing come from Luca made Silver turn and froze.

There behind the cashier was in fact-Lily!

Lily grumbles as Laura passes the males a drink, the female teen watches them grudgingly as the males sit by table.

"It's been awhile Silver" Laura comments while eyeing her cat as Prim sleeps in her basket. Silver blinks from the choice of words.


"Last time I saw you, you had somehow gone into my house when Lily was a little girl" This made Lily glare at him but he says nothing except sip on his tea in order to prevent himself from speaking.

"Stalking pervert" Lily mutters darkly before looking at Laura "I'm going downstairs to work" Lily says to her aunt before storming down the stairs.

"Oh dear… looks like you both made her mad" Laura comments softly as she looks at her angry niece.

"How long has she been working here?" Luca begins to ask the question that had also been bugging Silver and Mizuki a lot, Laura's attention then went back to Luca before sitting down on the chair by the kitchen.

"Oh? A few days before that mess you two had created at the restaurant. Lily had said something about wanting a distraction" Silver's ears flattened from the words.

"Why didn't she tell us? I was worried" Luca asks while looking at her with hurt filled eyes. Laura smiles softly at him as she holds the tray in her lap.

"She wanted to be independent for once, she's either relying on us or shrine offerings and wanted to stand on her own two feet. Plus having something to distract yourself when your heart is conflicted is a good idea unless you want to go off the deep end" Laura comments leaving Silver more miserable. She watched his ears go down and ended up looking at his tea with a defeated expression.

"Worry not Silver, just give her some space. Like you she's hurting deeply after what happened-"

"But I didn't know Laura" Silver's words left her sad. "I had no idea until Serena allowed me to see what Lily had witnessed and it leaves me with nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth, she's scared of me and it's bad enough that our trust was already low as it was"

"Then why didn't you try to build up that trust when you had that chance?" Laura asks as she leans forward, her red locks that were not in its bun fanned around her shoulders. Her eyes watched him as he looked conflicted from where he sat. This left her biting the inside of her lip as she stared at him.

"Talk to her, be honest and stop hiding behind the past and those wretched barriers. She will never believe you if you don't" Silver's head remained at his tea, how can he be honest when he was too ashamed of himself. He didn't want her to understand because he was scared of what she would say or do, there was so much he wanted to avoid happening and yet here he sat. Miserable and Lily had in fact sent him away due to seeing his past.

"Look Silver" He flinches from her touch "Put yourself in her shoes, do you really think that this is what she wants?" the red head looked up slightly, at that moment Silver had now realised why Lily had done what she did and pushed him away. Silver shot up from his seat and immediately rushed out the staff room, shocking Luca and Mizuki who were left looking at the spot that Silver had once sat in.

"Well that worked out well" Laura said with a cheerful smile.

"What just happened?" Mizuki asks looking at the smiling woman.

"Oh Silver's just received a little tip, that's all~!" Was all Laura said before stroking Prim as she came close to her owner.

"Such a nice girl" Laura cooed while Prim purred from the gesture. However the boys weren't so sure about that statement but chose not to say.

Silver rushed down the stairs to see Lily trying to sort out the books in a secluded area, she stood on a stool as she sorted out the books. Almost wincing from how high they were but did not complain for Laura was busy with 'guests' upstairs. In truth this bookshop had been around since Lily was ten and had been growing steadily as more people turned their attention to how Laura had run the store. It was a mixture of being a library, a mini class area for those who wanted to learn but couldn't afford it and a bookshop.

Silver's eyes softened from seeing how hard she was working, suddenly Lily stumbled as she moved her foot slightly and was about to move backwards leaving her startled.

"Ah" Lily panicked knowing that she had nothing to grab reach, knowing that if she did then the bookshelf might end up falling on top of her. Silver who was in a panic rushed forward without thinking.

Lily while holding the books in her arms had closed her eyes as she braced the impact. Instead she stopped suddenly leaving her puzzled, now opening her eyes Lily saw Silver looking over her before looking down to see his arms had kept her in place so only her feet were resting on the stool.

"Gotcha" Silver says with a soft smile as he gazes at her stunned reaction, Lily on the other hand was not smiling. Instead she tried to get up but was forced to endure the fact that he was helping her.

"I could have done it myself you know!" Lily says dryly as she sorts out her white dress so it didn't slip from her sleeve, despite the fact that she was wearing a white shirt underneath she did not want to take any chances with him.

"I didn't say that you couldn't" he comments softly before picking up a book she had dropped. Lily snatched it without saying thank you and went to put it back.

"I get it" Silver said after sighing deeply. Lily on the other hand placed the book on the shelf. "I took you for granted and forgot that we use to talk about our past when we were children, we had been nothing but honest back then. Instead of telling what was wrong I left you doubting that there was something wrong with you didn't I?" Lily paused from sorting out the books; she looked down slightly trying not to let him know that he was right.

"I allowed myself to hide behind the shame and guilt that I had felt when I had committed those acts. I should not have done that, I should have told you regardless of what you would have said or thought at the time" Lily continued to work with her back to him as he spoke. "I'm sorry Lily I truly am" Silver's voice is filled with guilt and sadness as he hugs her, Lily's body is now pulled close so she was slightly resting against his chest.

"I'm sorry for what you went through, if I had told you about my past you would have been more prepared to what would have happened" he sighs deeply "I can't begin to tell you of how bad I feel about all of this" Silver says weakly as he places his forehead on the back of her head. Lily does not speak or move.

"I won't touch you if that's what you wish, just don't leave me please" Lily's shoulders slouch from hearing the pain in his voice, knowing that it was killing him to not only hurt her but to be away from her. Lily shrugs out of his grasp leaving him feeling a sense of hopelessness; his hair now shields his eyes masking his grief but his heart on the other hand revealed to her on what he was feeling. The girl then turns around in order to face him.

"You promise?" she asks sounding hesitant about everything. Silver still remained the same, he did not move but he forced his mouth open. He couldn't bring himself to say or do much.

"…Yes" Silver's voice sounded broken that it left Lily feeling sorrow but kept that concealed. Standing on tip toes she pecked his lips allowing the contract to be put in place. Warmth filled Silver's body leaving him with a deeper sense of longing; he wanted to hold her but knew better. This was for the best; he had what he wanted so why did he feel so hollow about it?

Instead of pulling away from him completely, she placed her lips onto his before pulling apart again a few times. Within seconds he responded as he hesitantly held her shoulders, Lily did not complain. Instead placed her hands on the sides of his face and accepted the kiss.

In truth no one came here most of the time so they could spend a few minutes kissing. Silver kissed her now feeling his need to have her slowly returning but kept himself in line. A promise is a promise and he would be a fool to cross that boundary, only if she wanted to would he allow it.

After finishing working the group minus Prim had walked home, Silver remained silent as he went to his room in order to sleep. Lily didn't complain, instead she goes to her room in order to get ready for sleep.

Later on Silver starts to get thirsty and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On route he starts to take in the smell of a yōkai and blinks. Who would be foolish to enter the shrine was beyond him. Curiosity entered his mind and began to follow the scent which led him to-Lily's bedroom?

Silver approaches the room and freezes from what he's seeing… what the?!

Standing in front of a mirror was Lily only she wasn't exactly normal.

On Lily's head were a pair of black cat ears and behind her was a black tail that moved slightly as she looks at the mirror with curious eyes. She then turns around to admire what she's seeing before tilting her head.

"Hmm" Lily looks at the mirror fiercely ignoring Silver who's eying her oddly, forgetting that he had a drink in his hand.

"Nah" Lily then takes something off her shirt revealing to be a talisman leaving him stunned. Why was she using that for?

Lily then placed another talisman that gave her black wolf ears and a black tail. Her tail started wagging a lot as she scratched the bottom of her right ear. She smiles at the look, ignoring the claws she developed from the change. She span around and made a cute pose that left Silver's eyes bulging out their sockets. Just what was going on around here?! Why was she even doing this for?!

Lily then took out the wolf talisman and replaced it with an ogre look, this left both cringing despite the fact that he was suppose to be quiet and in bed. Immediately she took the talisman off and held a talisman with pensive eyes, without delay she placed it on only Silver's eyes now went wider that he was sure that they would pop out from shock. His own tail started to wag from seeing her in this form that his body was crying out to go and claim her without caring about whether she was human disguised as a yōkai or not. Because there before him was Lily who was now a kitsune thanks to the talisman. She started to blink and smile at the appearance before twirling, this caused her white top to go up slightly allowing her stomach to be shown to Silver's dismay. Like the wolf form she did a little pose as she smiled at her reflection.

"Uuuh…" suddenly she cringes slightly due to feeling nothing but complete embarrassment and tears the talisman off of her shirt.

"WHAT WAS I THINKING?!" Lily cries as she stomps on the talisman until it becomes disfigured.

Silver on the other hand was leaning on the wall now feeling his heart beating out of his chest; the red head clutched his heart while his face went red.

"Please don't stop" Silver pleaded quietly as he looks at her lit door weakly.

"That was so embarrassing! I am not doing that again!" Lily screams, he hears a small plopping noise and looks down to see his water being stained with blood, now placing a hand to his face he pulls his hand back slightly only to find out that his nose had started to bleed due to his raging emotions.

Silver almost yelped in shock before rushing to the bathroom to clean himself up. Talk about embarrassing! He could not believe that he had a nose bleed over something like that!

"But she did look attractive-no bad Silver! Enough already!" Silver berated himself before sorting himself out. Once that was done he took a hand full of tissue and went to his room while hearing Lily whining over what she had done. Silver at that moment wanted to blush and charge in there for that but kept his distance. He was not going to break that promise anytime soon.

Nope! Not for anything as alluring as that!

No he was going to bed pure and simple!

And maybe hopefully get rid of what he had just witnessed not too long ago… hopefully.

Silver groans as he wakes up from his slumber. He lifts his bare arm up and places one of them on his face, Silver then stretches and yawns as he moves his hand back he sees Lily sitting on his stomach. Just seeing her straddling him leaves his face red from what he was seeing.

No way!

"L-Lily what are you doing?" Silver then takes in the fact that she is wearing her very thin white blouse that was almost see through, however to his horror she was wearing only her vest and underwear. Just seeing her bare legs made him gulp sharply.

"What are you wearing?!" he cries, not understanding why she was in his room especially when she made him promise never to touch her again. So what was going on?

Lily shushes him as she leans down and captures his lips with her own. Silver blinks only to see that her blouse is open allowing him to see her tight black vest. He gulps again from seeing what she as wearing.

"This is fun right?" she asks while grinning as her palms rest on the floor by his head.

"L-Lilly! What is this?!" Already Silver could feel his ears go hot from the situation. Is this even real?

Lily leaned closer towards his head, immediately Silver lurches as she puts the top part of his ear in her mouth and licks it. Silver starts to pant quickly as she moves, he instinctively grabs her waist and tries to pull her back.

"Ah… ah!" Silver's face went red as she messes with his right ear before removing it from her mouth. Silver felt his stomach drop as his ear was coated with her saliva. He was already feeling his body react but restrained himself. Lily pouted at him leaving him almost grimacing from how she was reacting.

"Don't you want to play?" she asked in an innocent voice before taking out a talisman which had the words kitsune on it. Silver's eyes went wide from what she had in her hand.

"Lily what are you doing with that? You can't go messing around with that!" Silver cried as she placed it inside her blouse.

"Why not? Don't you like me looking like this?" Lily asked as she gained black fox ears and a tail that moved in a seductive manner leaving him to gulp weakly at what he was looking at, she then leaned forward leaving his heart beating like mad from his repressed emotions.

"Lily please-!" he froze as he pulled her blouse up leaving choking on his breathing. She was definitely wearing that thin vest to his dismay and it left him wanting to leave. Silver was not going to deal with this right now; they weren't even married yet for goodness sake! Heck they had split up not too long ago and were trying to patch things up in a slow but steady manner. On the other hand he also had promised celibacy until they were definitely married. The red head was definitely sticking to that promise and he wasn't going to break it anytime soon!

Lily then leaned down in order to capture his lips again, he groaned as he moved his hands and placed one in her hair in order to touch its soft strands. He could feel her smiling as she continued to kiss him.

Within minutes Silver had lost control and had moved Lily so she was now underneath him. Lily panted while smiling; her own hair was messy as it lay behind her head like a halo.

"You are trying my patients Lily" he growled before nipping at her neck, meanwhile she laughed at his playful behaviour.

"You're so gullible" Lily giggled with glee; this made Silver freeze before looking at her sharply.


Silver opened his eyes to see that he was in his room; he looked round the room to see no one much to his surprise which in a way was odd since he was sure that Lily was in the room. However before getting out of his bed, he pulled his covers up and looked down.

"Gaaaoww no!" Silver whined weakly as he placed the covers down and laid on his back.

"Why was I dreaming that?!" he cried now feeling embarrassed about dreaming of something like that before getting up. There was no use whining about it so he went to get his white and blue familiar robes before going to take a shower.

"It was so real… but why?" his mind then went back to last night. Silver grimaced from seeing her shape shifting into those yōkai forms. What possessed her into doing that had eluded him.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Lily asks as she looks at him with curious eyes. Silver looked up from the kitchen table now noticing that Lily has here as he tied his hair up. However instead of greeting her, his words had immediately vanished without a trace. Because there before him was Lily who was wearing the exact same clothes that she had worn in his dream. He gulped in shock as he looked at her bare legs.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Silver barked sharply. Lily blinked from his words as she stood from behind the counter.

"Bed clothes" Lily replies sounding confused. She looks at him before looking at her bed clothes. Silver on the other hand grabbed an apple before leaving the room in a hurry.

"Get some proper clothes on will you!" Silver snapped before leaving the room without looking back. Lily on the other hand looks down again to see her black shorts and nothing on her feet.

"I didn't realise that shorts were forbidden" She says blankly before eating her toast.

"What's got his panties in a bunch?" She asks looking at his retreated form with bemused eyes.

"Hmm must be a phase" she comments in a nonchalant manner before shrugging at his unusual behaviour.

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