Blessed Secrets

Chapter 12: Ocean Complaints

"So what do you want to know?" Silver asks as he sits at the kitchen table, sitting opposite was Lily who was giving him a pensive look.

"How about starting from the beginning, that way there will be no confusion as you start" Lily suggested as she looks at him. Silver nods.

"Okay, that sounds simple enough" Silver replies softly, he hugs his arms as he rests them on the table. Silver began to tell his tale of how he woke up with no memory, he spoke of how he meet Mikage who had taken him in and raised him as his own to when he had suffered memory loss from the landslide. This left Lily pursing her lips in anger but kept her face straight in order to prevent him from stopping, he had spoke of how he met a demon named Akura-ou who had took him down a dark path that he had immediately regretted turning to, however he could never shake off the sadness that came from the demon he befriended given what they had both been through. Silver sighs loudly as he places his hand on the side of his head, Lily then silently placed her hand on his right hand that rested on the table and smiled softly. Encouraging him to speak more and more until gradually everything began to leave his lips. He spoke of the places he did go, some he secretly didn't bother and hadn't mentioned to his brother. After all some part of him hated creating blood shed and violence but was so shrouded by fear and resentment for feeling like he had to and hurt the deities badly by hurting the humans, he had wanted to escape but always found his way back to being in the never ending darkness until he was saved by Lily. He spoke about how he remembered briefly meeting someone who looked like Lily who had given him a dark look leaving him laughing, he mentioned about the yukata she destroyed by making his blood stain the clothing but commented about how she left a strong impression on him.

"You showed me that you didn't have to be a yōkai or a man to stand up for yourself, and you weren't afraid to give me what's what" Silver commented leaving her to nod sharply.

"Someone has to knock some sense back into you" Lily says bluntly and that he did not complain about. Instead he smiled and was about to lean forward to kiss her, only he froze as he remembered the promise. Leaning back he then continues his story about how he had to kill his brother after recovering from his injuries, that way he would never come anywhere near Lily. Still Lily was confused for she didn't save him at all, even he was puzzled but was definitely sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the one who saved him was definitely Lily. Nothing would change his mind on that, for that Lily did not argue.

Silver spoke about how he ended up back at the shrine and saw Mikage who was curious as to why he was at the shrine to begin with. The man had been kind enough to let him stay to help him find out who Mikage was in exchange for finding out who's the hairband was in his possession. It took Silver a while but he had been able to remember the man who took him in, as promised Silver was told that Lily had not been born yet and had to wait five hundred years until she was born. Silver was not happy about this but as long as he had Lily's hairband he would tolerate it, that was until Mikage offered him a drink during the first night of his official stay. Only that had been a mistake for the next day Silver was horrified to find out that he had been made a familiar, when a drunk Mikage slipped badly from the floor and ended up kissing the drunk fox who in turn had fallen asleep before he knew what was going on. Silver during that time had been screaming and cursing the man regardless of whether the kiss was an accident or not. Even Lily's face was red from what he was commenting about before a laugh escaped her mouth, Silver on the other hand was scowling.

"Yeah Yeah laugh it up" Silver mutters darkly as he bites the inside of his bottom lip Silver then spoke about his time at the shrine to meeting a strict Serena who accepted him. Silver had spoken about a woman named Umi who had lost her husband and was pregnant, it had got to the point that both Serena and Mikage had assigned him to watch her until the birth which in fact had been a total nightmare and completely nerve wrecking. As a lot of demons kept coming, some in swarms, some alone and some were sneaky enough to attack when they were sleeping. At times Silver had almost died but ended up injured as a result to Lily's dismay. He smiled at when the baby had been finally been born safely leaving him relieved to know that his assignment was successful, but he was shocked to find out that Umi had been in fact Lily's ancestor leaving him more relieved and happy to know that he had been the one to save and allow Lily's family to live. Silver had spoken about how Umi left with her thanks which ended him going back to the shrine to work the rest of the time, he spoke angrily about Mizuki who had always had it out for him, always causing problems. Blaming him and left Silver in so much trouble as a result. Lily sighs at this knowing that Mizuki was young and hadn't been disciplined or taught properly on how to treat people or yōkai the way they needed to be treated. Hopefully she would be able to help him get along with the red head before it was too late.

Silver then mentioned about what Serena spoke about when Lily had left the shrine, about how she lost her immortality and status as Goddess to allow him to live which even confused Lily. After all she had no ties to Lily until she had been reborn.

"She sees the past, present and future Lily. She spoke about how she would never change the decision she had made. In a way this encouraged her to live a semi normal life minus the fact that she still carried on her job like nothing had ever happened once she reached eighteen" Silver explains. Still it didn't make her feel any less guilty for causing a woman to give up everything and just for a pair or kids who knew nothing of the world. Who were so naïve that it left Lily rotten on how blind they were.

"Don't blame yourself Lily" Silver said softly as he recognised the look in her eyes. However Lily remained unconvinced to his dismay but does not lean forward again even though he wanted to. She was not ready and he didn't want her to resent him then assume that he was taking advantage of her.

Instead he gets up in order to get lunch ready for it was nearly twelve. Lily remains silent and continues to brood from what she had heard from Silver, so by the time Silver placed before her a plate of sushi. Lily had placed her head on the table while her arms were under her head. He smiles softly at her before patting her head.

"She would not have it any other way Lily, if anything you gave her a chance to be happy and she would never change that" Lily looks up weakly but says nothing. However Silver did not say anything else, after all she needed time to process this and adjust to this new found information.

A pale skinned teenage male with black hair and red eyes looked at the bookshelf before him with a pensive expression, none of these books were what he was looking for, in fact they only left him with the option of buying them all just to take notes from each of them. Sadly for him that would be a waste of time leaving him more frustrated than ever. A hand appeared beside him almost making him jump but keeps his composure.

"Take this, I have a feeling you'll want this" Lily says with a warm smile taking him by surprise. He looks at the book in her hand 'Ancient Japanese law and of today' surprisingly this was the book he was looking for, his eyes went wide at how quickly she spotted it but how did she know that he was looking for it. Lily then spied the spot above the book and grabbed it.

"This will have about Ancient creatures, both celestial and mythological ones" Lily grins before a giggle escapes her lips. 'Celestial both Myth and Ancient' the boy looks at it oddly and sees a picture of a tree sprite sitting on a tree branch.

"It might not look much but that's what the author wants you to assume" she passes the book to him "Not everything is black and white as we want it to be, there is always grey areas we tend to cross without realising it" Lily explains while the sleeves of her blue dress ruffle from how she laced her fingers and allowed them to rest in front of her.

The male is at a loss for words leaving Lily curious, why was his soul and body different to her eyes. As she looks at him she is only met with a red haired male with horns on his head. Was he a demon who picked up this body after losing his? If so then why? What did he do to lose his body?

"So do you want these books?" Lily asks as she looks at him. The male blinks before narrowing his eyes as he goes to the counter with both books.

"I take that as a yes" Lily mutters before going to deal with him. After scanning the books she bagged them. "That'll be ¥34" Lily said before the boy handed her the money. Once that was done she passed him the receipt and the bag.

"Have a good day and I hope you'll find them interesting" Lily waves with a smile never leaving her face. The male frowns at her smiling nonstop as she not only helped but handed him the bag. However what took him by surprise was the mark on her forehead.

"Who would have thought that a Land God would be working in such a place as this" he comments to himself. Lily however pursed her lips from the insult.

"Well excuse me for trying to help, next time I won't bother" Lily said before going off in a huff, the male was in shock from what she said but didn't retort. Instead he goes off in hopes of avoiding her.

"With luck I'll never see her face again!" he mutters as he leaves the shop, however once he reaches half way to his home he looks down at the books in his bag.

"Why bother showing me this rubbish book?" he mutters before opening the Celestial book only to blink. There on the fourteenth page was a picture of a sapphire dragon that looked elegant but powerful, just looking at it gave him shivers down his spine.

"Sapphia the Celestial dragon to this day is still alive but lives within her descendants. Their location remains a mystery to anyone but the mark will be proof their heritage" he frowns at the next part "Despite their short tempers and frightfully violent natures. They are said to give good luck to those that are kind to them and do not possess the power offer eternal life, those who devour their hearts risk instant death as their blood is poisonous to anyone who dares drink it. That sounds like complete rubbish" he mutters as his mind went back to the rumors of when yōkais believed that if they located Celestial dragon and devoured their blood they would bring eternal life and power. So why was this book saying the opposite. However the next part left him baffled and stunned.

"Sadly some try to devour the unborn babies of the pregnant Celestial dragon. Till this day rumors have been circulating around saying that eating the child will grant them power, immortality and the ability to heal from life threatening injuries. This rumour remains untrue, the reason why is that despite the fact that the unborn babies release either a sweet scent that attracts demons and unwanted attention towards them or it'll be their untapped pure power that will draw them in. If a pregnant Celestial dragon is spotted, do not upset the mother due to their emotional instability for they will protect their young whether they want to fight or not" his eyes narrow from the text before putting the book away.

"I will not be stopped, not even by something like this" the male said as he saw the bin, just as he was about to toss it into the bin he froze. He didn't understand it but something told him to keep it given how badly his hand was shaking. Was it fear? No he feared nothing, right?

Looking at the book he opens it once more to see the sapphire dragon's page. His eyes narrowed.

"So the rumors were all false after all?" he mused before looking for the author's name, he froze as he saw the name: Serena Hikari.





What was a Goddess doing making a book like this and showing this to everyone?!

Lily continues to eat her lunch alone in the refectory area until a pink haired girl showed up. Lily ignores her but knows from her memories that this girl was called Ami.

"Erm… Miss Lily" Lily doesn't move knowing that it's best not to make a scene. Instead she continued to eat quietly until Ami stood beside her, it was then that Lily looked up with blank eyes.

"Is there something wrong?" Lily asks as she looks up, seeing this took Ami by surprise and left her stammering.

"I errm I wanted to say thank you" Ami bowed politely taking Lily by surprise.

"I don't follow" She spoke after a few minutes, it was then that Ami looked up with a smile.

"You helped me when there was demon in the girl's changing room and when the boys were being horrible a few weeks ago, you see" Ami looks away shyly "I was always trying to pluck up the courage and say it but I always got intimidated and chickened out" Ami says with a weak smile. Lily blinks still unable to understand.

"You are a strong and kind person, the fact that you stood up for yourself against those guys in class" Ami giggles, "I heard you put some of them on coat hooks" she comments leaving Lily to blink again. She did not do anything of the sort… so did that mean that Silver had done this?

"He must have… I don't even remember doing any of the sort" Lily mused to herself. "I'm still surprised that he would do that…"

"I also want to thank you for handling Joseph after he tried to make fun of me when I fell" Lily blinked and saw Ami's mind.


"Hahaha! Ami you're too shy and your underwear matches your kiddy personality!" 'Lily' looks up from the refectory area with a frown. Ami starts to cry as Joseph continues to mock her making 'Lily' stand up and walk towards her.

"Honestly no guy is going to want a girl like you unless they were THAT desperate-H-HEY!" Joseph cries as 'Lily' grabs him by the scuff of his neck and drags him as she walks away.

"What are you doing?" He yells as she drags him only to see her open the door to the arts room and grabs a shocked Joseph by the sides of his waist and hauls him up in order to have him dangle on the hook that rested by the wall.

"Learn to respect girls or you might as well die alone baka" 'Lily' snaps before going off and closes the door.

"You can't do that!" Joseph yells as he tries to get himself free but no avail unless he wanted to damage his shirt.

"She can" said a male's voice only it was meek to his surprise. He turned around only to have his eyes widen in horror from seeing not one but FIVE guys suffering the same fate as him. Only one was dangling in the middle of the room due to a chain that was attached to a hook.

"She's scary" the boy says weakly now wanting to go home.

"Who knew that she would act like this" Aoi says gruffly while folding his arms.

"Tell me about it, who knew that she had it in her to snap like that" said another guy that was in their class.

'Lily' walks towards Ami and frowns

"Wear a longer skirt if you want to avoid an accident like that again okay?" she asks softly taking Ami by surprise before watching 'Lily' walk away.

"I…erm hey wait!" but 'Lily' was too far away.


Lily blinks before scoffing slightly and pats Ami's shoulder.

"Okay I get it" Lily smiles as she pats a space beside Ami, signalling that she could join her. Ami is in shock but sits down regardless.

"You're welcome Ami, by the way what course are you studying?" Lily asks as she passes a spare sandwich which Ami took gratefully due to forgetting her lunch.

"Oh I'm studying Art and design" Ami says shyly. Lily smiles at her before looking up.

"Oh Shin-Kurama! Over here!" Lily hollers making Ami pause into a sweat before blushing.

"Wha-?" Ami looks at Lily as her eyes go wide.

"He's a good friend of mine, we're like siblings" Lily explains catching Ami's attention.

"Wait so you two are not?" Lily laughs catching the tengu's attention.

"Oh no sorry but I wouldn't date him even if the world was ending. It'll be so weird" Lily replies making Ami's face go redder from the blunder. Shinjirou blinks as he joins them.

"Ouch Lily! First you invite me and now you insult me" he jokes making her giggle.

"Oh come on we're like siblings, honestly wouldn't it be weird to date each other?" Lily asks with a wide smile, he shakes his head while smiling.

"Can't argue with you there Lil" he replies before looking at Ami. "So who's your new friend?" he asks making Ami jump slightly. Lily looks at her and smiles.

"Oh this is Ami Nekota, she's studying Art and Design and is a major fan of you" Lily winks making Ami want to hide under the desk.

"Plus she really likes you, why not ask her out?" Shinjirou gives her a weird look before looking at Ami who's face was so read that it could pass for a traffic light. Seeing that made him smile in sympathy.

"I don't consider myself dating anyone at the moment and you know it'll be hard to date a human given our life spans" Shinjirou comments.

"I'll tell Silver about the X-Rated magazines you hid in the bathroom and need I remind you that's my home before you ever set foot in there" Lily says dryly as she frowns at him making his face go red and gulped in fear. Ami blinks at how quiet the pair were but said nothing.

"Hey Ami, do you like ice-cream?" Shinjirou asks taking Ami by surprise.

"Oh-Yes I do" Ami replies stutters as she looks at him. He looks at Lily quickly.

"Why not go and get some after college? What time do you finish today?" he asks leaving her shell shocked.

"…Erm…" Ami looks at Lily for help before looking at him "four thirty I'm staying an extra hour for classwork" Ami replies feeling more shy than ever. Shinjirou smiles.

"Great, do you want to meet at the reception area?" he asks now feeling sweat running down his head. Lily knowing that was not a funny matter who knows what would happen if she blabbed?!

"I-I-" not trusting her voice Ami nods meekly.

"Great! I'll see you there" he says before hastily going off leaving Lily to smirk mentally at how she got to him. Score one for the matchmaker and she didn't even support love that much.

"Well that was interesting right Ami?" Lily asks a speechless Ami. What did she just agree to?

Lily almost skipped through town with a smile on her face, she had got Shinjirou to finally have a date and with a nice person as well. Sure it'll be awkward but it'll be interesting to see how the other is like… sort of.

Lily continues to walk home now

"Come on lady just hang over the bag will you?" Says a guy's voice that caught her attention.

"Yeah we won't hurt you if you just give it to us" said another guy making Lily frown and go turn towards the source of the noise. Lily spots a purple haired wearing an expensive white dress with floral stitchings around the top part of the dress, she had red flower earrings that had white small pearls attached to the other by a metal wire and were dangling close to her shoulders. Her skin was pale and her eyes were purple. Sadly the woman to her dismay was forced to deal with trouble with three guys who are trying to harass her and grab her bag. Lily glares at the trio and grabs her whistle from her bag and storms towards the four. The woman is in shock as she sees Lily walking towards her.

"Hey who asked you to join?" asks the third guy before Lily places the whistle to her lips. The first one laughs.

"She's only a kid! Look at her whistle-" Lily blew the whistle as hard as she could catching everyone's attention.

"RAPISTS! THIEVES SOMEONE STOP THEM!" Lily screams in terror making a shop keeper nearby grab the phone while a patrolling officer rushed towards them.

"Oh hell no! It's the police-Hey! I can't move!" the second one screams as their feet are stuck to the floor. Lily smirks mentally knowing that her powers were rooting to the spot.

"Neither can I what's going on?!" the third one cries while Lily blocks them from going near the woman. The woman on the other hand was in shock from how Lily was dealing with the situation, she was more shocked to know that someone would just help a random stranger. Who was this girl?

"Alright boys you're coming with me! No one upsets or harass girls and thinks that they can get away with it" the patrol officer says sharply before taking the trio away after they had been cuffed to their surprise. Thankfully the officer was able to get back up and a police car had driven towards them.

The woman is shocked from what she is seeing and turns towards as Lily smiles while watching the boys complain as they get taken away."Are you alright?" the woman asks looking at her with worry. Lily smiles at her as soon as she turns to face the woman.

"I'm alright, what about you?" Lily asks with worry.

"I am fine thank you for your concern" The woman says with a kind smile.

"That's good, I wouldn't want to see anyone getting bullied by thieves and bandits" Lily says glumly.

"Aren't you frightened? They could have hurt you" The woman asks feeling worry set in. Lily shakes her head while smiling at the surprised woman.

"It's okay, I can take care of myself" Lily grins in reply "You on the other hand I am more worried about. They didn't do anything did they?" Lily asks before looking at the brown paper bag in the woman's hands.

"No they didn't, they were about to take my bag until you showed up" She says before bowing "I thank you very much for what you have done" Lily beams before nodding

"It's no worries, I can't stand to see guys harass girls for no reason" Lily looks at the time "I've to go but be careful with your bags, it's not good to appear defenceless and vulnerable. Thugs will take your stuff without a care in the world" Lily says shocking the woman. "Bye~!" she waves goodbye shocking the woman who watches her go.

"But I didn't ask for your name" the woman says in a breathless voice before smiling at the girl's retreating figure before looking down at her bag. "Thank you my dear"

Lily enters her room looking tired and worn; she dumps her bag at the door and lands face first into her futon. A grumble escapes her lips as the pillow covers her face, talk about exhausting.

The door opens when she isn't paying attention only-

"AAAH!" Silver screams loudly as he trips over her bag and lands right on Lily who unfortunately turns round to see what was going on. She almost cries out from being winded by the impact.

"Oh come on Silver why?!" Lily cries out in anger and frustration.

"Why the hell did you put your bag in front of the door? You're lucky I wasn't carrying food girl!" Silver snaps as he looks down at her. Lily glares.

"But you weren't! And if you were I'd have killed you a thousand times over!" she snaps leaving him to growl angrily until he tried to move. Lily and Silver's eyes widened at the position they were in. he looks down and gulps.

"GET OFF ME!" she screams causing him to get off of her quickly due to fear thanks to her loud screams. Silver's stomach did flips as he looks at her fearfully but said nothing.

Lily gets up slowly before frowning at him.

"Honestly don't you ever knock?" she grumbles darkly.

"I did" his eyes narrow "But you weren't listening" he snaps before pausing, he sees her lip bleeding due to a cut and winces.

"Lily stay still for a second" he says softly before leaning closer. This leaves her on edge and moves back quickly, he stops and frowns "You have a cut on your lip" this still makes her glare at him.

"And this involves you coming near me?" she asks bluntly before kisses and licks the cut until it heals up. He moves away from her before standing up.

"There all gone" Silver mutters as he goes off leaving a stunned Lily sitting on the floor.

"E-Excuse me?!" she screams now mortified that he would pull a stunt like that. Silver on the other hand closed the door to give her privacy…sadly.

Two hours later


"GHAAAA!" Lily screams as Silver once again lands on her as she was sitting on her bed, sadly the position was not what either one had in mind.

"LIIIIIIIIIILLY!" Silver yells as he feels a cut has formed on his ankle. "MOVE YOUR BAG ALREADY!" Silver continues to yell while Luca, Mizuki and the spirit children looked at the direction of where the pair were. Unfortunately this time Silver had definitely had a tray of food that went right all over Lily to her dismay

"How about knocking?!" She yells back.

"My hands were full!" he yells again.

"Oh jeez! What about your tail? Is it that light or is it a decoration" Silver growls as he frowns at her.

"You know it is not" Silver growls at his tail flicked at her head to prove a point to her anger.

"Watch it or I'll pull it right off your backside!" she snaps leaving him to glare and gets off of her. He leaves after getting the broken bits and glass on to the tray and goes off silently. Lily watches him with guarded eyes before looking down at her long top and shorts that were soiled by broth.

"Great thanks moron!" she yells as she gets up and shivers as how it runs down her skin and clothes. She gags from the smell and grabs a long blue top that went up to her lower knees and black shorts. She then made her way to the bath area and closed the door before peeling off the ruined clothes and placing them in the hamper.

"Gross…ugh" she shivers as the leftover broth continued to slip down slowly leaving her feeling creeped out by how slimy the broth was on her skin. She walks towards the shower area and pauses as the door opens.

"That was disgusting! Honestly I swear Lily needs to pick up her stuff" Silver mutters as he grabs his clean clothes and makes sure that they are not soiled as he walks with them.

He moves straight to the bath area and opens the door; once he opens the door the kitsune freezes as he sees Lily standing there naked in the bathroom.

Like him Lily's eyes widened before she released a loud ear splitting shriek that sends him flying though the hallway and hits the other side of the area. She then slams the door shut and locks it.

"DON'T YOU EVER KNOCK?!" she screams loudly while Silver is in a daze. He was mortified by the fact that he saw her naked, his face went red and went to his room without saying another word. There was no way that he was going to look her in the face after that. Silver's face was red and tried to kick what happened out his mind but no avail.

"What is with that girl and doors?!" he whines weakly now feeling his stomach go in knots, talk about embarrassing.

Lily's face was beet red as she storms to the shower area and begins to scrub herself furiously causing her skin to go red from doing it so hard. Once she was done with her hair she placed the bathrobe on and dried off before putting the clothes on. Now dried and dressed, she storms over to her room and locks it.

The next day proved to be a little awkward for the pair as they sat at the table in the kitchen. Luca blinked from what happened in Silver's mind before coughing weakly while his face went red. Lily glares at Luca, daring him to say or comment whether it was mentally or not making him gulp weakly.

"Lily!" Ami calls while bringing an orange haired girl who Lily was able to identify as Kei. Lily stops and turns to see Ami waving. Lily stops in order to wave at them.

"Hi Ami how was the ice cream outing?" Lily asks, this makes Ami blush from what happened yesterday.

"It was nice thank you for that" she says weakly while Lily smiles.

"Not a problem, he's fun to hang around with" Lily laughs allowing Kei to look at her oddly.

"For an ice princess you're not what the exact opposite of what the others say about you" Kei comments bluntly making Lily blink.

"Well I'm only 'icy' towards those guys but I prefer to be nice to my friends" Lily says with a smile that shocks Kei who finds herself smiling as well.

"Interesting" Kei comments as she looks at Lily while Ami was debating with her nerves to ask Lily something.

"I wanted to know if-if you are not busy tomorrow during the weekends?" Ami asks shyly leaving Lily puzzled.

"Why what's going on?" She asks looking at them curiously.

"Well I was wondering-" Kei sighs as Ami starts to hesitate.

"Ami wanted to know if you wanted to come with us to the seaside for the weekend" Kei interrupted to Ami's relief. Lily blinks for a few minutes, in truth she had never been invited by anyone to go someone minus Shinjirou since he is like a brother to her. So hearing this was a massive shock, then again. After reading the diary it might have been inevitable however, Lily wouldn't have to deal with the Dragon King involving the theft of his eye.

"S-sure" Lily says with a nervous smile now excited and curious about how well this trip will turn out to be.

"Absolutely not!" Silver barks in anger to her shock.

"Why not?" Lily asks sharply which involved him giving her a 'are you an idiot?' look much to her anger.

"Are you seriously asking me that? You know that where will be yōkai after you Lily so why must you ask such a dumb question?!" Silver yells before going off leaving her annoyed.

"I am going and you can't stop me!" Lily yells leaving him with a sour look.

"Oh yeah and how are you going accomplish that?" He asks coldly, his eyebrow suddenly rises from seeing her smirk.

"Silver I order you not to stop me from going with the girls to the seaside!" Lily says with a smug smirk, just hearing and seeing her do that made his jaw slacken from what she did.

"Are-are you insane?!" he screams in anger.

"Unbelievable that girl is something else" he mutters darkly as he pulls his duvet cover over him. He continues the mutter before the urge to sleep slowly took over his mind allowing him to close his eyes.

His mind then slowly drifts of to the lake he knew well of when he and Lily were children, the peaceful happy time before blood and death had not only ruined their childhoods but had scared them for life.

"Silver come on!" came a peppy voice that left him laughing and chasing after her. His hands before he chased her were that of a child not that he cared. They played by the tree and he watched Lily dangle with her arms waving at him as her legs kept her on the tree trunk. Silver grins as he grabs her hands and tries to get up.

"Yay this is fun!" Lily cries with glee making him smile. They look at the lake with eyes filled with wonder and excitement before getting off the tree to play tag.

As they began to either run or chase Silver's eyes caught something in the distance to his confusion, who would be here at this time? No one comes here except them.

His eye catches a black haired girl around their age wearing a big blue beanie on her head, she wore a big white hooded coat, blue scarf and blue boots, One of the things that surprised him was the black furry tail and the brownish metallic eyes, despite the brownish silvery metallic eyes the little girl looked exactly like Lily to his shock only she had a tail when Lily didn't.

The girl looks at him in shock as she holds sides of her coat stings, why though? Did she not want to be noticed?

Silver woke up in a shot and sat up, beads of sweat ran down his brow as he panted heavily. What was that dream about? That was no ordinary dream and he knew it. That girl was not there before right? Oh had he not noticed?

She looked curious and had tilted her head to the side as she looked at them, but he was more surprised to see her smiling and had the look that looked almost as if she knew them but he didn't know her. He knew no one outside the house except Lily and Loez who had spotted him once.

Light entered his room leaving him to grunt in discomfort, he lifted his right hand and looked at the sun's rays hit his hand. It was weird… the dream felt so real but that was not possible.

It was not possible…although it wasn't the first time he dreamt of her.

Silver shook his head in order to recompose himself, now wasn't the time to go back to dreams like that. Maybe it was a memory he didn't know but he was not going to dwell on the past, he was alive now and not in darkness anymore.

Getting up Silver grabbed his work clothes and went to the bathroom area, as soon as he opened the door-

"Oh come on GET OUT!" Lily's screams alerted him that someone was in the room and had been hit by a bucket to his dismay. His ears rang from the pain and groaned from how hard the impact was.

"I'm sorry but was that necessary?" he cries in anger as Lily slams the door shut. Given that she was trying to put her swimming clothes on and had only had her white shirt over the one piece suit. Left her feeling shy and awkward, it was a good thing that it was modest to some degree but still embarrassed her. Once she placed her brown shorts on did she leave the room.

"Luca your turn" Lily called to his dismay.

"Oh no! I need to do chores" Silver snaps as he closes the door behind him after entering the bathroom. Lily glares before teleporting him out to his shock.

"Wh-WHAT?!" Silver yells while Luca entered the bathroom.

"Sorry waited twenty minutes to go in there" Luca said with a weak smile as he closed the door.

"Then where am I going to change? I need a shower!" Silver yells at Lily who was frowning

"How about clean first then shower afterwards" Lily says before going to the kitchen. Silver growls angrily before going to find Mizuki who was to his fury sleeping.

"GET OUT AND GET TO WORK NOW!" Silver booted the shocked snake out the room, he screamed from the kick and from being sent out of his room, before long he landed in the lake to his anger.

"Jeez…what's got him in a mood?" he muttered as he got up to change in his room.

Silver mutters darkly as he gets the breakfast and lunch ready knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop Lily from going, but he could at least get her something decent to eat given the temperature today. He looked at the calendar and frowned, very soon it was going to be his Full Moon Week and he was not looking forward to it one bit. He was so glad that he didn't have it when he was looking after Umi or it would have been utterly awkward to have her witness that.

Lily just eat the toast absentmindedly to his annoyance.

"Can you eat properly or you'll end up dropping it" he says bluntly before going to finish cleaning the shrine. Mizuki this time was cleaning the steps of the shrine knowing that Silver would just kick him down them if he didn't clean them this time.

By the time that was done Silver immediately went and took a shower cutting Luca off from the bathroom for half an hour. This shocked Luca but he didn't complain, instead he used the other toilet area and went to get ready to go with Lily.

Silver after showering wore a light blue shirt and white shorts, as soon as he arrived at the door to the shrine did he slip on brown wooden sandals while Lily grabbed her black trainers. On her shoulder was a brown cotton bag in order to make sure that she didn't hurt either of her shoulders.

Mizuki had a dark blue and white shirt that reached his mid thigh, along with a pair of matching shorts. Luca arrived wearing a light green and white shirt shorts. Once they were set to go did they meet up with Ami and Kei at the seaside. Kei already had her orange two piece suit on while Ami was wearing a pink and blue one piece suit.

"Why are those two here?" Kei asks bluntly at Silver and Mizuki. Lily who looked at them sighs deeply in response.

"They wouldn't leave me alone as for the one beside me, this is Luca my nephew" Lily replies weakly. Kei raises a brow at him leaving Luca uncomfortable by her look as she lifts up her sunglasses.

"I didn't know that you had a nephew" she comments bluntly making him chuckle weakly.

"It was a surprise for us as well" he replied while lifting his hand up to shake her hand, to Lily and Ami's surprise she shook hands as well with him.

"Now are we going to stand here or have fun in the ocean?" Lily smiles at Kei who is changing the uncomfortable subject.

Lily was running from Luca while her shirt was completely unbuttoned, Silver frowns and glares at how revealing she almost looked while sitting on a chair while under an umbrella. Mizuki on the other hand followed his example for a bit in order to relax.

"My how shameless these humans are when it comes to wearing such revealing clothes. It turns anyone in to savage animals right Silver?" Mizuki asks with a smile. Silver on the other hand kept an eye on Lily, he wasn't happy to be near the ocean again especially after what happened the last time he approached it.

"Ugh I hated that guy and he calls himself a King! He was lucky Sapphia wasn't in the room when that happened" he mutters mentally as he leans back.

"Hey guys look what I found" Lily's voice brought their attention as she showed a rainbow shell. Silver's eyes showed that he was intrigued while his body said otherwise.

"That's really beautiful Lily" Mizuki comments while Silver remains silent. Lily rolls her eyes and puts it in Silver's hands.

"Here Mr I like to look cool and quiet" Lily says with a sly smile leaving him surprised. Mizuki's eyes narrowed at what as going on, why did she have to give him that? That fox didn't even care about her otherwise why did he hurt her in the first place?

Silver's eyes remained transfixed by the object in his hand. This wasn't the first time she had given him something unusual. Seeing this look made her giggle and got him looking at her oddly.

"You have the same look that you had when we were children when your mind had exploded the moment you were given something interesting" Lily says while covering her mouth as she laughs. Silver's heart skipped a beat from seeing her giggle. He wanted to smile at how she would remember something like that, but knew that he couldn't hug her given his promise not to make any advances on her. Instead he nods stiffly while looking down, his cheeks red from blushing lightly. Seeing this made her laugh once more.

"Same old Silvy" she says before running to meet Luca. This left his eyes widening at how she could say that, she even mentioned his old nickname to that foolish snake as well!

"Silvy huh?" Mizuki asks in a teasing smile. "It's a good name for you, maybe I should-" Silver rounded on him with the most angry look ever.

"Call me that and I'll tear you up from the inside out and I mean I will tear you apart" Silver warns before folding his arms and looked away so he didn't have to look at the vermin beside him. Mizuki frowns before huffing slightly.

"You're no fun" he says before taking his shirt off and went to join Lily and Luca. Mizuki to Silver anger was wrapping his arm around Lily, this made Silver's tail slap the sand harshly creating a mini gust of sand leaving him more annoyed that the grains were latching onto his tail. Lily noticing this told Mizuki to play with them and went towards the brooding kitsune leaving Mizuki vexed. Kei and Ami blinked before looking at Luca who shrugs; suddenly he winced as the ball hit Kei making her glare at him leaving him want to shrink into the size of a bug and hide.

"Now you're getting it" she says as she grabs the ball and starts to hit him with it leaving Ami giggling, Luca was panicking but laughing as Kei smirked signalling that she was playing.

"Silver?" the kitsune's head shot up to see Lily looking at him with worried eyes. He frowned before looking away

"What got bored already?" Silver asks stiffly leaving her to bit her bottom lip from seeing him behave.

Silver suddenly jolted in shock as soon as she sat on his upper legs causing them to not only fall off the chair but land on the floor with Silver on top. He winced at the predicament while Lily was in shock from what happened. Their breathing quickened as they looked at the other.

"Silver?" Lily's voice was uncertain leaving him to sigh deeply and tried to move off her.

"Sorry" he mumbled weakly before she grabbed his shirt, this took him by surprise and looked at her worried eyes.

"What's wrong?" she asks sternly. "Don't tell it's nothing Silver since I can feel that your heart is conflicted" Lily looks at him to show that she was being serious. Silver eyes slowly narrowed at her to leaving her at a loss for words.

"You want to know?" he asks coldly before leaning close. "You came here when I said no, then you used word binding on me instead of taking my feelings into account once more" he replies while he glares at her. "Then you wear such clothes thinking that it's okay to walk around to walk without a care in the world" he leans closer leaving her heart to beat quickly to her surprise.

"Do you know what that does to me? I hate having those perverted scumbags looking at you in such a way, and what burns me up the most? I can't even touch or cover you up so they can keep their eyes away from you" he hisses darkly, his breath fanned on her neck. Sweat ran down Lily as her heart skipped a beat with how close he was.

"If it weren't for that promise, I would have taken you away and never allowed you to be seen by any male again, whether they were human or not. I would have marked your neck to show that you were mine but I didn't. No I wanted to prove that I was better than that Lily but you are trying my patients here" he says coldly leaving her eyes to go wide. Silver's eyes narrow before moving away, his tail curled around his lower waist as he sat away from her.

"Now you know, so do me a favour and leave me alone" Silver says grudgingly as he looked at his bare hand and clenched it. The way he said it had left Lily almost gasping for air, his emotions were so conflicted that it made her wanting to hug him but couldn't. he was restraining himself for her, to show that he was better than that and just thinking back to how she acted before left her slightly guilty. He was acting exactly like when she met him not only at the shrine but in the past when he was a human boy…minus the possessive perverted bits. He was anything but that when he was younger. No he was shy, timid but sweet despite the fact that he would often put up barriers and yet here she was doing the same thing. Silver even tried to prove himself by being honest enough to tell her everything so why was she hesitating? Why the sudden need to keep pushing him away it was as if she was…scared.

Lily clutched her shirt ends together leaving her feeling guilty and slightly exposed at how this could have happened. How did they get so distant? They trusted each other and let the other know about their past…or did she? Lily never told him about how badly his death affected her, she never told him about how she met Lydia or Shinjirou. Nor did she invite them to play with Silver, yes she was worried that they might not like him, but she was also worried about his trust levels and how he would react to new people. However was that the truth?

Did she not tell them because she wanted to be the only friend in Silver's life? That in turn left her stomach twisting leaving her slightly sick at how secretive she had been, how deep down she only wanted him as her friend, ignoring her other friends in order to play with him secretly. She wanted to be the only one that made him smile, make him laugh and have fun with. How selfish could she get? Just thinking about it made her sick and left her wanting to run away from him. Did she truly rob him of having a chance to make new friends?

Just how low could she get? And yet here she was acting in such a manner, disgusting.

Silver looked at her with guarded eyes, he could see her eyes were filled with conflict that it left his heart tightening itself. He wanted nothing more than to pull her into a hug and tell her that it was okay but he couldn't. No advances he promised and that was what he was going to do, whether he wanted to or not.

Lily without saying anything stood up shakily before running away from him. She needed to get away from him, needed some air and needed to think. In truth she needed advice but who was going to give it to her? And even when she did get her answers would she be happy and accept them? She didn't know what to do anymore.

"Auntie?" Lily looks up and stops walking to see Luca looking at her "Are you okay?" his voice showed that he was worried but why?

"Y-Yeah why?" she asks, her voice shakes to her surprise. Ami, Kei and Mizuki were looking at her with concern, why though she was fine. Just startled but fine.

"You're crying" Ami's words shock Lily; she lifts her right hand up to touch her now wet cheek.

"I…" Lily was at a loss for words, she didn't know what to say or do. What was she even doing crying when she was suppose to be having fun? How stupid could she get?

Luca's heart sank from feeling her sorrow knowing that she was conflicted over Silver.

"Ami why don't you and Lily play in the water?" Luca asks catching their attention. Ami's eyes lit up while Lily looks at him while her face was stained with tears. She shuddered as she tried to calm herself down.

"Sure let's go Lily!" Ami says before grabbing a surprised Lily's hand and dragged her to the area where they had ring floats that they could swim in.

Mizuki looked at Silver and glared at how the fox had once again made Lily cry, seeing Mizuki's look made Luca frown.

"Go easy on him, they're both conflicted right now" he says stiffly making Kei look at Silver and then at Lily with a frown.

"Sorry about crying like that" Lily says while they floated in the water, away from the other people who were swimming.

"It's okay" Ami smiles softly. "You helped me with Kurama, I wanted to cheer you up somehow if I could" Ami replied while smiling, Lily blinked in shock before a smile bloomed on her face.

"Thanks Ami, I appreciate this I really do" Lily said with a grin.

"So what made you upset?" Ami asks looking worried. "You don't have to say but it looks like you want to talk about something" this made Lily smile at how kind Ami was.

"It's very complicated…" Lily says softly as she looks round and admires the ocean around them.

"This is really beautiful Ami, thanks for inviting me" Lily says with a grin. Ami smiles softly at her.

"I didn't mind, I actually wanted to be friends with you a while ago but you always were closed off from people and it worried me a lot" Ami's words took Lily by surprise, she looks away weakly.

"I have sensitive ears… it makes it hard to be around people at times" Lily admits looking at her with a sheepish smile. This made Ami's smile vanish.

"I'm sorry I didn't know" Lily waves her hand.

"You couldn't, only Silver, Kurama and Luca knew about this before Mizuki showed up" Lily comments. Ami looks down slightly.

"I feel bad that you have to go through that and I had no idea-"

"Ami, it's okay I'm use to it" Lily says in a reassuring tone, despite that the pink haired had still felt uneasy.

"Besides having this is kind of fun" this takes Ami by surprise.

"How so?" She asks now sounding curious, Lily grins.

"I knew just from looking at you that you had a massive crush on Kurama" this made Ami's face go bright red.

"Ah-!" Ami was in shock.

"But! But how did you know?!" she asks now looking at Lily who winks at her slightly.

"Wanna keep a secret?" she asks with a sly smile, Ami looks at her eagerly as she nods.

"I can hear the hearts and minds of people" Ami goes rigid from the information.

"Hah?! So that's how!" Ami cries out in shock while Lily nods with a smile on her face.

"Yup and by the way Luca has this hearing as well" Lily grins while Ami's face goes redder.

"Doesn't it hurt your ears and mind when you hear everyone at once?" Ami asks now sounding worried.

"It does" Lily admits weakly. "But that's why I have earphones to block out the noise. Ami nods, part of her is reassured was still worried, this Lily smiling at her genuine concern.

"Don't worry Ami, I've been dealing with this since I was nearly five" Lily says before looking at the rocks formations. She blinks and frowns when she sees a pink haired man wearing the most atrocious swimming costume.

"Man that is butt ugly!" she comments with a frown. Ami blinks at her sudden cold mood.

"What is it?" Ami asks before looking at where Lily was looking at, she blinks in shock the moment she sees the man blow a kiss at their direction leaving Lily to growl lightly. Without warning her eyes go blue catching Ami's attention, just as Ami was about to ask why Lily's eyes had changed colour. Ocean water had shot up from under the rock, however instead of cold water it was scolding hot water leaving the man to do nothing but scream in shock and agony before he fell into the water. His screams were now high pitched to Ami's surprise, what they didn't' see was that the man was trying to swim away but the water still kept burning him to his dismay.

"Why did your eyes go blue? Why did the water act like that and why was that man looking at us?" Ami asks now looking at Lily showing that she was panicking. Lily looked at her with her normal eyes and giggled.

"Oh I was teaching a perverted Peeping Tom a lesson" Lily says while covering her mouth to mask her amused smile.

"But how did you do that?" Ami asks now in shock.

"I can bend water to my will" she replies with a laugh. "You're face is funny" Lily comments before Ami looked down at her reflection, now seeing it made her laugh as well.

Mikage lays on an isolated part of the beach. He smiles feeling content as he rests under the umbrella. Just as he was about to fall asleep the sound of screaming hit his ears leaving him to sit up and look at the direction of the water.

He sees his pink haired friend running out of the ocean, he sounded like he was in pain as he ran out. To Mikage's surprise his skin was blistering red not knowing that it was caused by scolding hot water.

"Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot HOOOOT!" Otohiko screamed as he tried to go under the shade of the umbrella from his side only that proved futile. Mikage grabbed something from the cooler and tried to put the ice pack on Otohiko's skin only that proved to be mistake. The man howled in agony as he tried to move only his skin screamed in agony.

"What is up with that girl?! How dare she attack me in such a manner!" he cries, he couldn't lay down, move much or stand up as his skin burned everywhere.

Mikage blanched in shock from how much damage Lily caused. He smiles weakly catching Otohiko's attention.

"It's a good thing that we can heal" This didn't make Otohiko feel any better.

"That girl is going to get it for doing such a horrible thing! My skin! Look what she's done to it!" Otohiko cries in agony leaving Mikage smiling weakly.

"Just what were you thinking?! Making that girl your successor! She's worse than Serena!" he screams from the pain. Mikage winces from the mention of his sister/friend. Regardless of being reborn she was still his older sister like friend who had made him feel welcome in regards to his job as a God and helped him find something he wanted to do which was be a matchmaker. Despite the fact that his father was a matchmaker.

"Actually Lily's more tamed than Serena you have to admit" this made both men shiver in fear and dread, for that was definitely true.

Ami gasps in awe as Lily sent a small bubble up from the ocean and began to make shapes and changed its appearance to her glee.

"That's so amazing, so you can use ice and bend water?" Ami asks looking at the bubble turn into a crow.

"I have the power of a psychic and can time travel… but sadly I'm not experienced with the second part" Ami looks at her in awe.

"You could pass your history exams with ease just by going back in time if you wanted to" Ami comments with a weak smile. Lily chuckles at the response.

"I'd rather not" this takes Ami by surprise "Personal gain is a bad thing, plus it'll change history if I do that" Lily replies leaving Ami wincing.

"That's not good" Ami says softly.

"Yup and my grandmother would scold me big time for messing with the timelines just for homework" Lily says with a sheepish smile, hearing this took Ami by surprise.

"She's a time keeper" Lily says sounding like she was nervous just talking about her. Ami blinks from the information.

"What's she like?" Ami asks as she leans on the side of the ring, Lily gives her a weak smile.

"She always gets her own way" that left Ami in shock.

Otohiko glares at the water before using his power despite the fact that his skin was still burnt from the hot scolding water.

"Time to teach that little madam a lesson" he says grudgingly making his friend smile weakly.

"Please don't be rash" he pleads but it is on deaf ears.

"I will not be insulted or injured in such a cruel manner! I came here not only to tan but to test her" he glares at Mikage "But this is not what I had in mind!" he cries angrily before getting the wind to influence a tidal wave.

Ami continues to splash for a bit until Lily's sudden mood made her pause.

"What is it?" she asks as Lily looks at the wide ocean beside them.

"Ami get to shore now" Lily said sternly taking her by surprise.

"What?" Ami's breath was caught as she looked at the empty ocean, nothing seemed to be wrong so how is it that Lily could sense it? Was this thanks to her ears or her power?

"Ami listen to me carefully, there's going to a tidal wave coming, get back to the shore and I'll try and hold it off" she looks at Ami with a small smile "can you do that?" Ami freezes feeling nothing but shock and disbelief, she slowly nods knowing that it was best not to argue. This makes Lily sigh with relief.

"Good, just don't look back okay?"

"Will you be okay?" Ami asks now filled with fear. Lily winks at her.

"Trust me" she smiles "now go and don't look back". Ami looks at her fearfully before swimming back to shore. Lily making sure that Ami will be okay had the ocean push Ami closer to the shore so she didn't get caught. Then when she was safe did Lily look at the upcoming tidal wave, she frowned at how big it was and sighs. Her eyes go blue as she continues to look at it. Very slowly the wave starts to go down while ice started to form from the top and work it's way to the bottom. Sweat started to run down her brow at how powerful the wave was, it was getting to the point that she would not be able to stop it at all to her dismay. Just as some water slid through the cracks and was about to hit her, Just then Lily was pulled by something. However what shocked her the most was that foxfire that was blocking the tidal wave causing some of the water to turn to steam. Lily looks behind her to see Silver glaring at the wave while his left arm was wrapped around her.

"You know better than to put yourself open like that!" he snaps leaving her stunned. The kitsune then tries to get her to shore before anything else happened, to his relief nothing did.

"What were you thinking Silver?" Mizuki asks coldly. "You know that you can't go into the ocean" hearing this took her by surprise.

"Like I give a care about that! Lily almost died and you did nothing as usual! What kind of familiar are you?" Silver scowls at him angrily. Mizuki winced but said nothing as he turned his head. Silver on the other hand held Lily tightly to her surprise. Her head was facing away from him as he hugged her front.

"Don't ever scare me like that again! Do you have any idea of how worried I was?" Silver asks, his voice muffled by her wet arm. "You've got to stop doing this Lily" he says weakly leaving Lily at a loss for words. She turns to see Ami crying as Kei holds her close to try and calm the hysterical girl down. Luca's eyes were wide and he looked pale from what he witnessed leaving Lily to grimace at how bad the situation was, on the bright side she did save Ami's life so that was something right?

Lily sighs as she leans against Silver allowing him to hug her to his surprise. Instead of pushing her away he allowed her to stay in his arms, not caring if it was improper right now it was just them and no one else.

"Are you alright Lily?" Ami asks now looking at Lily, she had no injuries to her relief but it didn't stop Ami from shaking from the experience. Lily smiles and slowly shakes her head.

"I'm fine, just tired" she replies looking at Ami with tired looking eyes.

"That was reckless though" Kei says as she looks at Lily, she was beyond shocked and stunned to know that Lily had something to do with the ice that stopped the tidal wave from getting to shore. Who knows what it could have done. Lily closes her eyes and smiles before looking at Kei.

"Sorry for making you all worry like that" Lily says softly leaving them feeling slightly at ease from knowing that she was okay.

"Just be careful next time will you, and thanks for saving Ami back there" Kei comments while the people around them were talking about the tidal wave but had no idea of what caused it to show up like that. Lily on the other hand grins at Kei and Ami.

"It was nothing" she giggles "I would do it again in a heartbeat" this made them shocked and happy to know that Lily would do that, but they were more happy to see her smiling since it was rare for that to show up.

"Thank you!" Ami bawls as she hugs a startled Lily who laughs and hugs back, very soon they stood up in order to leave the sandy beach.

"Silver" the red haired kitsune looked up to see Lily looking down slightly. "Thank you for saving my life" Lily says with a soft smile, she could feel her cheeks heat up slightly. Just seeing her smile and hearing her thank him made his heart beat quickly leaving him hot under the collar, he tugged at his collar as he looks at her with soft eyes.

"It was nothing" he repeated leaving her to blink in shock and then smile once more.





"Yes Silver thank you for going into the ocean" said a male's voice that caught their attention. Very soon Ami and Kei along with the other humans except Luca were put into a deep sleep taking them by surprise.

They turn to see a purple haired man that had his hair into a ponytail which rested on his left shoulder, he had a black eye patch containing a red pattern, his right eye was bluish grey. Lily almost blanched at his ears and from realising who he was thanks to the diary.

"Ryuu-ou?! Why is he here? He's got no reason to show up since Silver hasn't done anything…wait why does he have the eye patch still?" Lily asks now feeling a sense of dread settle in. Silver tensed up from seeing the demon.

"It's been a long time Silver" Ryuu-ou said with a wolfish smile leaving Silver to grimace.

"Oh come on why?!" Silver yells now feeling his ears pin themselves to his skull.

"Let's see, I came here to collect a debt you owe me" Ryuu-ou said grudgingly as he stood on the ocean water's edge. The red head glared.

"Why should I when it was your job to help? It's not my fault that you were incompetent!" he snaps, the purpled haired yōkai glares in anger.

"Oh so you want to go there do you?" Ryuu-ou yells while his sea slugs were behind him. "It's a good thing I have this!" suddenly a large shell appeared leaving Silver to cringe. Lily looks at Silver in shock.

"Silver what did you do?!" Lily yells leaving him to cringe from the memory.

"It's not of great importance" Silver replies now wanting to drop the ghastly subject. Ryuu-ou's eye twitched in anger.

"Is that so? Well let me list what things you did and we'll see if they're not so important after that" he yells before sending Silver into the air, the fox yelped in shock as the tentacles from the shell gripped onto him and showed no signs of letting go. Ryuu-ou took out a notepad and started to go through the pages until he found the one he needed.

"Let's see, ah here we go! In exactly five hundred and twenty six and twenty eight days ago. At two o'clock, eighteen minutes and four seconds the morning" Lily's jaw hit the floor while Luca looks at Silver sharply from how accurate the time was.

"Seriously?!" Silver yells "You actually kept record of when this happened?!" he rants, Ryuu-ou smirks knowing that he rattled Silver on that department.

"The demon fox Silver here, had wounded and killed seven dragons, three giant sharks-"

"Hey you didn't give me much choice there! I was running out of time you moron!" Silver yells at him, Ryuu-ou narrows his eye but continues to read.

"Five rays and a small platoon of sea slugs. After annihilating them he then moved to attack the north gate of Ryuuguu castle"

Lily and Luca were blinking in shock before looking at the other and then back at the pair. Just what an earth was Silver thinking back at the time.

"He continued destroying the buildings at the North Gate furthering the damage to almost all the ridge at the North Gate"

"Oh come on you blocked me from leaving and you know it!" Silver snaps now feeling a bitter taste in his mouth from having to deal with a lot of resistance, yeah what he did was bad but he had no choice.

"He also stole the right eye of this Dragon King Sukuna and fled the scene after that" Ryuu-ou concluded as he put the notepad down slightly.

"Seriously you're going there?! I told you who needed it for and you just blatantly paid no heed even though you knew who it was for was in serious trouble!" Silver rants. Ryuu-ou on the other hand resisted the urge to shiver and glares.

"I told you I didn't want to part with it and to ask another dragon for help-"

"YOU TAKE ORDERS FROM SAPPHIA AND YOU CHOSE TO BE AN ASS ABOUT IT!" Silver barks in anger. Lily's eyes went wide in from the name and from what Silver had done.

"Whoa whoa whoa! You stole the dragon king's eye?!" Lily screams in shock while Silver who was caught by the tentacles grunted as he tried to get out of their grip.

"Look Umi wasn't getting any better and none of the medicines worked so I asked the THIS idiot for help but he wouldn't give up his eye" Silver yells angrily as he glares at the Dragon King.

"So you stole it?!" Lily asks sounding hysterical as she had a look of disbelief, Luca's eyes bulged out of his sockets from hearing what Silver had done.

"I had no choice!" Silver cries out weakly.

"How did you not have a choice?! There is always a choice!" Lily yells as she glares at him.

"Because if I didn't then you wouldn't be here would you?" Silver snaps leaving her stunned.

"What…?" hearing that left her breathless before looking at Luca who looked sick to his stomach.

"Regardless you owe me a debt for that!" The dragon king says grudgingly. Silver glares back at him.

"I owe you nothing! You should have done as I asked even you know how Umi was the only living descendent-"

"You not only stole my eye but left me bleeding all over the floor. You think I'm going to take that lying down. You know what?" Ryuu-ou asks crossly.

"I'll have you pay this loan, plus interest with your body" Lily's eye twitches as she glares at him.

"Excuse me but he's not for you to sell to some dumb brothel! Just so you can have him pay you back for the damages you jerk!" Lily barks in anger. Ryuu-ou blanches at her choice of words

"Do you really think I would even think about sending him there…hmm that's not such a bad idea" he says now pausing from the thought. Silver looks at her with fearful eyes. That was the last place he wanted to even go to regardless of his history years before he turned over a new leaf.

"There is no way in hell that I would work in such a place!" Silver yells before lobbing foxfire onto a now panicking dragon yōkai. He removes it with water and glares at Silver.

"You know what! I was going to let the shell digest you until you became a pearl but if you're going to act like that then maybe I should send you over to the brothel in the World over Yonder!" Lily almost groans at Silver's slip up.

"Just wait you bastard! When I get out of this thing I'll kill you my bare hands and then burn what's left of you until there's nothing left but ash!" Silver yells now wanting to get out now more than ever, his eyes now feral leaving Lily and Luca wincing while Mizuki stares transfixed at what was going on.

Ryuu-ou laughs at Silver's threats.

"Your words don't scare me anymore Silver! Now it's time for you to cool off before I ship you off to pay me back for dishonouring me!" Ryuu-ou says coolly before snapping his fingers. Silver lurched forward suddenly causing him to yelp from the sudden drop. Within seconds he was put into the shell and was locked up tight.

"Hey wait a minute!" Lily yells now running towards Ryuu-ou, seeing a human girl took him by surprise.

"How are you still awake?" he asks looking at the sea slugs as he wanted answers as to how she was awake to begin with.

"Let him out right now!" Lily snaps as she folds her arms.

"As if I'll take orders from a human, let's go and take him back to the palace- H-HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Ryuu-ou screams as Lily lifts him high into the air.

"Now that I have your attention" this made him look at Lily's now purple eyes "GIVE HIM BACK NOOOW!" She boomed causing wind to whip around her. At that moment Ryuu-ou was sure that he was shaking in fear.

"That yōkai owes me a debt-"

"Even if he took the eye, it's probably long gone by now" Lily asks now frowning. This made him glare at her.

"That's his problem-" Lily forced him to be near her face.

"Now you listen here buster, the only one who is allowed to punish him here is me! Got that dead meat?" She says in a silky but deadly voice that made him nod as he shook. "Now cough him up or I will make sure that you'll never set foot in water for as long as you live" Lily warns leaving him wanting to cringe.

"H-How about a deal?" he says now trying to keep his voice steady but was failing badly. Lily pauses as she glares at him.

"I'm listening" she says coldly.

"If you can find and give me back my left eye within, I'll release Silver does that sound fair?" Ryuu-ou asks now hoping that she would agree. Lily glares at him still, not buying that he would uphold his end of the bargain.

"How do I know that you won't ship him off before two days?" Ryuu-ou's eyes narrowed at the insult.

"I am a yōkai of my word! Now do we have a deal or not?" he asks crossly. Lily gives him a dull look before shaking his hand.

"Deal but I see him damaged in any shape or form I'll make your life so miserable that no one will give you the time or day, GOT IT?" she yells leaving him to nod while he shook in fear. Lily smiles darkly at him and he didn't like the smile one bit.

"Good" she purrs before sending him flying until he was a thousand feet from them and landed on a rock that happened to be resting in the ocean.

Lily turns to groan as the shell and slugs took Silver to the underground palace meaning that her time had just started.

"Great, just what I needed" she mutters as she scratches her hair just above her right ear. "MORE agro! Thanks a lot Silver you no good bloody butthead! It's no wonder I broke off the engagement!" she hollered not knowing if Silver was listening or not.

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