Blessed Secrets

Chapter 13: The Eye And A Talk

Lily shivers as the wind howled while the snow blew right onto her, trust Silver to steal the eye when there was a blizzard going about. She hugged her arms as she looked around and began to walk slowly. Thankfully Mizuki had provided her with a cloak a while ago but she was still cold. At that moment Lily regretted wearing a long two layered white dress that went up to her lower legs and white flats. She looked like a snow maiden spirit and she hated the fact that looked so pale to make anything that she was a ghost. The wind and snow nipped at her skin leaving her to want to curl up into a ball and hide from the cold but she couldn't. Lily had a job to do and that was to find the eye. Lily looked up to see foxfire that definitely belonged to Silver and ran without knowing what was up ahead. Lily as soon as she reached the ocean gasped and froze in horror, Silver was definitely at the ocean but he had long hair however that wasn't what terrified her. It was the fact that he was covered in blood that shook her to her core. Was she too late to stop him?

Silver wore a black flamed red yukata and shivered from the cold, Lily was mildly surprised at how his expression was different compared to when she saw him in the parallel time. But what changed? Why did he look so scared? Desperate even?

"Silver return the Dragon King's eye at once!" yelled a few sea creatures. Silver grimaced as he held the eye; no he was so close to healing Umi. He was not going to give Ryuu-ou the satisfaction, he had to get back before he lost both Umi and her baby. His eyes narrowed at them.

"Don't you idiots get the message? If Sapphia's descendent dies then there will be anarchy! Your homes will dry up leaving you all as good as dead! I'm sure you are wiser than that pathetic man you call a king!" Silver sneered at them. The creatures screamed and hissed at his insults regardless of who he was doing it for.

"You will pay for this!" they yelled before charging at him, Silver sighs before using his foxfire as a barrier and burned them to death. Lily cringed at how tentacles and other body parts were severed by the fire and landed in heavy heaps. Silver looks at them solemnly as he sees their dead forms.

"Forgive me but I have a job to do and Umi has been left unattended for far too long-" Silver says softly before turning to the direction of where Lily was. He froze and was rooted to the spot from seeing her. The girl's hair whipped around her as she stared transfixed at his appearance. Regardless of the fact that he was covered in blood, she felt sadness and guilty for what he was doing. He was only trying to protect Umi for Lily's sake and it left her feeling sick to her stomach. Why bother with protecting a family that was not even a part of his? As much as she wanted her family to live she didn't want him feeling like he had to protect her family without him having a life of his own. Didn't he want to do something other than protect Umi or her?

Silver's mouth parted in shock from her appearance, she looked exactly like Umi to his surprise. But that wasn't possible Umi was at home waiting for him- wait Umi!

Silver cursed at how he was distracted by this illusion that he had forgotten all about Umi. He summoned his fire chariot and jumped on it knowing that he had a small window left now thanks for his carelessness.

"H-Hey wait!" Lily cried as she ran after him, she stopped at he was now too far away leaving her to bit her lip in anger. How was she going to get to him now?

She took a deep breath and tried to think, however it was then that her body gained a mind of its own and started to run to her surprise instead of fighting it she allowed herself to run even more until she jumped. Instead of landing on the ground from that jump she was now going higher and higher to her shock. It was when she turned to look behind her did she then notice a pair of white wings that made her almost scream in shock and almost broke her pace. However now wasn't the time to get distracted, she had to chase after Silver now so she continued to fly faster by beating her wings harder. She slowed down once she saw him finally go down until he reached a small hut; Lily was no stranger to that hut. It was the hut she visited in the parallel time era.

Once her feet touched the ground did the feathers scatter and vanish into thin air. Lily immediately ran towards the hut.

Silver rushed into the room where Umi was, who in turn turned to look at him oddly. She was wearing greyish white yukata while her eyes were this time not blindfolded.

"What is wrong with you?" she asks while blinking at him. Seeing her safe and sound made him collapse on his hands and knees now feeling nothing but relief.

"Dare I ask why you are acting like someone was about to kill you?" she asks dryly making him laugh weakly.

"I saw someone that looked exactly like you except she wore strange clothes" this piped her interest.

"Exactly like me?" she asks now thinking back to a girl who she saved from the village she lived in after being adopted. The girl didn't stay long to Umi's dismay but hoped that she was okay. Now hearing this left her with hope. Without thinking she giggles.

"Oh? And that scared you?" she asks with a smile taking him by surprise. Silver looked up at her in shock.

"She looked like a ghost! I thought that your spirit had showed up to hint that you were dead!" he cries out in horror. Hearing this made her stop and pause, she smiles before getting up and pats his back in a soft manner. Silver grabs her hand and sighs deeply, before long he moves to sit down and hugs her knowing that Umi deep down was still upset over what happened with her husband.

"I am sorry about what happened it wasn't intentional" he murmured. Umi smiles as she lays onto the crook of his neck, more thankful than resentful about the fact that he was a yōkai. The words of the young girl still rang into her ears and allowed her to be more open minded towards some yōkai, yes she was weary but knowing that Silver was determined to help even though his aim was to protect and see her family line flourish left her smiling. Umi smiles as his past memories revealed to her that the same girl that she met was actually her own descendent and that she had left a major impact on his life, leaving him more determined to stay alive for her sake.

"You smell like salt, did you just come from the sea?" she asks softly as she looks at him only to notice that he was covered in blood.

"What happened to you?" she asks her voice now laced with worry and lifts her hand up to touch his blood stained cheek. His long hair covered his eyes as he looks down.

"A setback… Ryuu-ou refused to give one of his eyes to help you" this left her frowning, so much for trusting that yōkai.

"But why?" her voice quivers in sadness.

"He refuses to help regardless of the fact that I mentioned your name" Silver shows her the eye taking her by surprise. "I'm not proud of it, but this will help you with the birth won't it?" Silver asks hoping that he had provided something to help her live longer. Umi looks at his tired and worn eyes and allows him to wrap his free arm around her; she relaxed knowing that she would be safe for now.

"Silver you no good bast-aaaaard!" a girl screamed catching their attention.

Lily watched them silently with Mizuki who had turned up to help her. Her eyes narrowed at how Silver was too comfortable with Umi to her anger, she wasn't jealous but she was angry at how little she meant to him. Without thinking she walked stood up and faced the door.

"Silver you no good bast-aaaaard!" Lily almost yelped in shock as Mizuki covered her mouth and pulled her away from view. He cursed mentally at how Lily gave them away.

"Who was that?" Silver's voice could be heard followed by the sound of footsteps. The snake familiar mentally groaned from the fact that he was heading their way.

"I don't know… maybe it was the wind or something" Umi's voice says meekly, hoping that the girl she sensed was hidden.

"Oh he'd love that wouldn't he?!" Lily screams darkly catching her attention. "Just wait until I get my hands on that jerk! I'll wring him that bloody Casanova's neck and then feed his remains to Prim!" this made Umi giggle at how the girl was acting and knew instantly that the girl was her descendent. No one had a temper like that unless they were a part of her family, that was The Dragon's Temper alright and to her surprise there was no signs of jealousy there only pure anger and betrayal followed by deep hurt. This left Umi wincing at how much emotions there were coming from this one person.

Silver handed her the eye and sighs now that there were no more noises.

"I'll get you a drink of water okay? Just yell if anything happens" he says before going to the kitchen. Seeing this as her opportunity she bit Mizuki's hand and went to the kitchen to see a shocked Silver.


His face was sent to the side.

"For someone who was seeking a girl you really are a two timing bastard and I'm sure the girl you're looking for wants nothing more than to kill you for that!" she snaps going off in a huff. Silver was at a loss for words but didn't say anything; instead he was rooted to the spot not looking at her except the floor.

Lily stomps all the way towards where Umi was and froze. Her heart lurched from seeing Umi clenching her chest before she collapsed onto the floor, the eye slipped from her fingers leaving Lily to react and grab the Dragon King's eye. She looks at it as she picks it up, her eyes softened at how far Silver had went to getting the eye, even though it was utterly extreme. Lily turns to Umi who is panting and gasping for air, she helps the woman up in order to aid her in swallowing the eye.

"Why are you letting her swallow it?" Mizuki asks now frowning at her, to his surprise Lily smiles.

"Do I need a reason to save my ancestor?" this took left Mizuki speechless to hear that this woman was related to her. "Silver risked everything to save her, but I will not tolerate him getting to chummy with her. She lost her husband after all" she says grudgingly leaving him to smile for no reason. Lily turns to face Umi and helps her swallow the eye.

"Her daughter is going to be so cute and with hope will be ignorant to the bloodiest history we faced. A history filled with blood, vengeance and despair" Lily says softly before letting Umi lay on the futon.

Hearing this made him grow sad at the thought of what they had to go through. It wasn't fair that they had to endure such vile pains and yet they persevered, he was thankful though otherwise Lily wouldn't be standing.

Lily carefully placed the covers over Umi's sleeping form and got up, as soon as she left the room she crashed into something and was forced onto the floor and groans. Mizuki winces as he smells the fox was now on Lily.

The girl hears someone groaning and looks up to see Silver looking down at her. Once again he was at a loss for words.

"Why do you look like Umi?" he asks looking utterly mind blown, just being around this strange girl reminded of the hairband but why?

Lily's eyes narrow at him as she glares at him.

"Ugh!" Silver winces and grunts as Lily rams her knee up right where it hurt the most and fell to the side of her.

"Bloody pervert can't even help himself" Lily mutters as she gets up while dusting herself and scoffs at him as she leaves through Umi's room door. Keeping her composure and her nose in the air before teleporting out the area. Mizuki who used the incense burner was able to travel back safely.

Minutes later Umi came to and looked to see much to her shock, Silver who was limping badly as he tail dragged as he forced his feet to move.

"What happened to you?" she asks now looking stunned.

"Why did your look a like hurt and called me a pervert?" Silver grunts as he found himself unable to sit down. Umi blinks before laughing loudly.

"Oh that was my descendent, she probably came to see how I was or wondered why you gave me the eye" she suggested. Silver went rigid from her words. Did he really just see the one who had saved his life not too long ago and yet he didn't even realise it until Umi commented about it?! Just thinking that made him want to ram his head against a wall but decided against it since they already were in a spot of trouble with the lack of protective walls.

"Darn it!" he mutters weakly while she laughs.

"You have an interesting way of picking women don't you?" She asks slyly making him grimace.

"I didn't know okay?!" he cries only that didn't make her stop laughing anytime soon.

Lily grunted coldly as she looks at the demon woman who could locate where the Dragon King's eye was.

"Look get this eye out and I'll tell no one about how you're ripping people off" the demon woman glares.

"Why would I do something like that-hmm?!" She suddenly screams in fear as Lily glares. Mizuki's eyes widen in fear as Lily's eyes turn to dark sapphire blue slits.


"A-Alright" she says now helping Lily lay on the table. Once she extracts the eye, Lily places the eye in a small bag filled with seawater and frowns before turning to Isohime.

"Wh-What is it now?!" she screams in fear now wanting to be well away from Lily at the very moment.

"Do you have any tickets to the Dragon King's palace?" Isohime shakes as she nods before handing a peeved off Lily the tickets. "Thanks come along Mizuki" Lily mutters before walking off. Mizuki didn't argue and ran after Lily.

Lily sighs with relief as she places the eye beside her on the chair.

"Finally some rest" she whines as she lays back on the seat. Mizuki on the other hand say opposite her, not daring to think about how she treated Silver in the past. As much as he was happy to see her act like that, he had a sinking suspicion that there was more to her temper than met the eye.

"I've never seen you this angry and threatening before" Mizuki comments as he looks at her, hearing this made her laugh weakly.

"Sorry, I was just a little annoyed over the Dragon King's behaviour and from the fact that Silver's going to be sent off to a brothel" she grins weakly. He frowns at her words.

"Do you like Silver?" he asks now wanting to find out the truth. Lily pauses from his question and looks down taking him by surprise.

"He and I have a history that dates back to when he was human…before this mess occurred. I feel responsible and guilty for what happened to him, I want to try and get him out of this mess-" Lily was jerked forward from the sudden movement of their ride, Mizuki immediately grabs Lily in order to steady her to the girl's relief.

"What's going on?" Lily asks now looking up.

"New passenger entering the ride" said the turtle's deep voice. Lily and Mizuki turn to the door that opened revealing a purple haired and purple eyed woman who wore a green dress, she wore red flower earrings that reminded Lily of someone.

"Pardon me for intruding" the woman says politely as she held a parcel in her hands. Lily was sure she heard the voice from somewhere as well.

"Excuse me miss but have we met before?" Lily asks taking them by surprise. The female yōkai looked at her carefully before gasping in shock.

"Oh! You're that kind girl who helped me when those men were trying to take my bag" she said leaving Lily gawking in shock, Mizuki turned to look at Lily now feeling his eyes go wide.

"I'm sorry Lily but I'm a bit lost here" Mizuki's voice caught their attention.

"You see Mizuki I helped a woman who was being harassed by a few men three days ago. I didn't know that if was you miss, my apologies for not realizing it sooner" this made the woman smile.

"It's quite alright, I wanted to personally thank you for your kindness but I didn't know where you lived. Nor did I know how to contact you" This made Lily grin.

"It's fine I don't want anything in return, just knowing that you were safe is all that I care about" Lily tilts her head and smiles leaving the female yōkai smiling at the gesture.

"I insist though, I hate to know that I could have done something to repay you for what you've done. My name is Kamehime" the woman introduces herself politely as she bows leaving Lily to smile more.

"Lily Hikari I'm the Land God Of Mikage's shrine and his successor after he retired" Lily introduces with a small bow. The woman was taken back by the name.

"Hikari as in Serena Hikari?" Lily nods with a while smiling weakly.

"I take it that you know my grandmother?" she asks meekly.

"She was once the Goddess of Time and Knowledge, no one knows why she gave up her immortality and status, but she works as a Time Keeper in order to make sure that time is kept safe and in balance" Lily nods.

"That part is true, apparently according to her we descended from a Celestial Dragon called-"

"Sapphia who is has authority over the Dragon Kind, that I am aware of" Kamehime replied.

"Ooooh" Lily looks at Mizuki before wincing causing Kamehime to blink in shock as she sees them looked away from her.

"Did something happen?" She asks leaving Lily to bite her bottom lip.

"You see it's like this-"

By the time Lily finished talking Kamehime was pale as a sheet, who knew that the Dragon King had caused such problems. Especially towards the Hikaris which was the one thing that he was not suppose to do.

"So he's threatening to send the fox to a brothel if you don't give him his eye back?" she asks now looking at Lily in disbelief, Lily nods weakly leaving her more stunned than ever.

"I'm going to kill him" Kamehime mutters darkly. Lily blanched from hearing what the woman's thoughts she was mad now. Lily then looked at the cloth and tilted her head.

"What's in the cloth?" Lily asks now wanting to change the subject, this left the female yōkai blinking as she remembered why she was even going towards the Dragon King's palace.

"This is a haori for my husband" she says with a soft smile and shows Lily the half coat that had been beautifully made leaving Lily to gasp in awe.

"It's so pretty!" Lily runs her finger down the flowers and feels herself moved by how much work was made into putting it together.

"This must have taken you months to do" Lily says looking so interested that Kamehime smiled at how transfixed Lily was.

"This has taken me seven days to do, they were the best seven days of my life as I pictured his face as I present this to him" Lily nods with glee.

"He'd be a fool not to love this" Lily smiles leaving the female yōkai laughing brightly from thinking about her husband.

"Do you have someone in mind as well?" Lily pauses now going quiet, her smile vanishes altogether leaving Kamehime to feel concern and worry.

"Has something happened?" she asks softly as she looks at Lily, who continues to look at the floor weakly.

"It's a long story miss, it's complicated and no offense Mizuki but I need someone to talk to who isn't a guy right now" Lily replies numbly as she looks at her familiar, he winces slightly but says nothing. Kamehime took note of this and watches Lily's posture, it was clear to the woman that Lily was in need to talk to someone about her problems but was finding it hard to do so.

"How about after this is all over, would you want to have some tea and talk about the matter privately?" Kamehime offered leaving them speechless.

"Oh I couldn't impose" Lily says now wincing at the thought of burdening this woman of her problems. Seeing this made Kamehime smile softly.

"It is not a problem" she laughs lightly leaving Lily slightly at ease from knowing that it was okay.

"Sure… I'd like that" Lily says with a nod and smiled at the woman. This made Kamehime smile from seeing her slightly more at ease.

Suddenly to their dismay the ride started to move sharply causing them to move to one side, which was leading them away from the palace much to their confusion.

"What was-?" Mizuki was cut off from Lily's startled cry.

"Oh no that half coat!" Lily cries as she sees it get sent through the window. Just as she was about to grab it Mizuki instinctively pulls her back.

"The current's too strong at the moment Lily and Silver would murder me for putting you in danger again" Mizuki says before shivering at the last time Silver got mad. Lily glares at him but says nothing.

"I'm surprised that there was a strong current" Kamehime comments as she looks at the pair. Lily frowns at her words.

"Did something happen?" Lily asks now having a sinking feeling that something had happened.

Silver sends Ryuu-ou against a wall with his hand, claws now sharp and long due to how angry he was which took the Dragon King by surprise.

"I almost skinned you alive for what you said and did back there on the beach" Silver hisses darkly "What the hell were you thinking? Do you really think I would allow you to sell me to a brothel?!" Silver yells as he pushes Ryuu-ou closer to the wall, choking the life out of him but paid no heed.

"I told you that once I got out of that restraint that I would come for you and I did, didn't I?" He says with a dark smile. "It's bad enough that you decided that I now suddenly owe you especially when Sapphia is the one you take orders from, but to insult my lady is a grave insult on any part" Silver says coldly while foxfires surround him. Silver sneers at him before sending him against the nearest pillar, the Dragon King coughs as he tries to take deep breaths from the lack of oxygen.

"She's your lady huh? If she saw you now that would truly leave her scarred for life" Ryuu-ou says coldly as he tries to breath but is finding it hard since the fox had pushed his hand deep against his throat before he had been thrown like he was nothing more than a rag doll. Silver hisses at him darkly. "She's already seen my worst thanks to an unfortunate accident but I swore to her that I would be a better person, sadly it's idiots like you who like to drag me back down to your nasty ass level" Silver spat as he leers at him, talk about trying to get a break from his past. He leans closer and glares.

"I still haven't truthfully paid you back for how you treated me five hundred years ago, the eye was only because it was the only thing to save Umi but" Silver yanks him up. "The way you acted all arrogant and foolish, as you spoke badly about your queen and leader. Even though she wasn't in the area at the time had made me sick to my stomach" Silver hisses now baring his fangs and glares at Ryuu-ou who gulp heavily.

"You disgust me" he hisses.

"Think about what you're doing! If that girl found out what you're doing now then she would never forgive you for this" Ryuu-ou said in a shaky voice. Silver's eyes glinted.

"Right now I care not, it's because of you that I almost lost my reason to live" this took Ryuu-ou by surprise.

"What is she your lover or something?" Silver immediately threw him across the room and glares, masking his blush as he looks away.

"Whether she is or not, she saved my life and I owed it to her to make sure that she would live. You on the other hand almost erased her from existence you selfish twit" This made Ryuu-ou swallow harshly, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he looks at the fox.

"What do you mean by that?" Without a doubt there was something that he was missing and he didn't like being in the dark one little bit. Silver glares at his question.

"Oh now you want to know?" Silver asks sarcastically as he sends one of his three foxfires at Ryuu-ou purposely missing. "To bad I'm not telling, you lost that right after what you did what you did back there and not once did you feel guilty for almost being responsible for allowing Sapphia's heir to die" Ryuu-ou gulped in shock.

"Wait are you telling me that Umi really was Sapphia's descendent?!" he yells in shock, now going paler than ever before "I though you were just saying that just to get my eye!" Ryuu-ou cried out in fear as he almost got hit again.

"Did you really think I'd sink as low as to do something so stupid?!" Silver's eyes wide and his body shook with rage.

"Well given your reputation before who wouldn't be so cautious-"

"Not once did I attack when I arrived at your palace. Did I?!" Silver screams in anger now making the Dragon King shrink back in fear.

"N-No! But you had no proof that you were telling the truth. Sapphia always said to carry proof if you were her acting on her behalf!" Silver howled in anger.

"How could I when Umi was close to losing her baby?!" this took Ryuu-ou by surprise. "Demons were swarming at my home and I couldn't leave there for long periods of time since she couldn't defend her self and protect her baby at the same time could she?!" Silver yells. "Well could she?!" He asks now looking at him with fury filled eyes.


"Silver!" Lily's voice took them by surprise as they looked at the door. Her hair was a mess but she cared not since her priority was to get Silver back, she continued to pant from running until she stood up straight and faced them.

"Did I get here in time?" she asks before Silver frowns.

"I am kind of in the middle of something" This left Lily stunned at how cold he was being.

"Care to be a good girl and get out please" Lily's mood and concern vanished leaving her glaring at him.

"What did you say you stupid moron?!" Lily screams leaving Silver's hairs to go up in shock as he saw her eyes go sapphire blue. Ryuu-ou gulps in shock as he recognized those eyes.

"It can't be! Not those eyes!" Ryuu-ou screams in fear.

"I dare you to say that to my face you stupid yōkai!" a woman's voice took over Lily's leaving Silver to gulp and panic. It was no surprise that Sapphia had now woken up, that woman was determined to get even and no one was going to stop her.

"S-Sorry I was just-"

"Oh I know Silver and you had better get out of my way while I deal with this pathetic excuse of an underling!" This left Ryuu-ou shaking in fear as Sapphia turns to glare at him. She was beyond furious and knew that it was his fault. Silver nods now going pale, his eyes now dilated from fear as he stares transfixed by hearing Sapphia's voice. Lily's hair now changed to sapphire blue just like her nails to match her eyes. Her skin deathly pale as her sapphire blue aura surrounded Lily's body, while the mark of the dragon on Lily's right arm was glowing.

He nods quickly before running out the room leaving Ryuu-ou and the sea slugs shaking in fear.

"Don't leave me here with her!" Ryuu-ou cried in fear before Silver slammed it shut, however the noise hit Kamehime's ears as she stood beside the petrified fox. Silver looked up shakily to see the woman.

"Errm…give it a few minutes-"




The area shook more violently compared to when Silver was 'taking care' of Ryuu-ou. Silver winces knowing that Sapphia was beyond furious given that she was talking so fast that he could almost not hear what she was saying. However the down side for the Dragon King was that Sapphia was using the mother dragon language which meant that she was beyond furious without a doubt.

Kamehime was in shock while Mizuki rushed to greet them with the haori.

"What is going on around here?" Mizuki asks before blanching at how Silver had slumped onto the floor while blocking them from entering.

"It's best that you don't know snake. Believe me save yourself on this one" Silver's eyes twitched as he the doors almost forced themselves open but to his relief had not. Screams coming from the Dragon King were evident as Sapphia continued to 'teach' Ryuu-ou a lesson.

"Oh dear, it looks like Sapphia's not happy at the moment" Silver looks up from Kamehime's words.

"Wait you know it's her?" Silver asks, his face now showing utter disbelief while she smiles weakly.

"I remember how the servants told us about Sapphia's legendary temper. How she gave all royal family line a severe telling off every time they did something bad, but I've never seen her this mad. Is it because of Umi?" Silver froze in shock before nodding weakly.

"I was trying to get some medicine from Umi but the Dragon King wouldn't allow it, now he's in for it" they heard more screams of agony signalling that Sapphia was doing more than using her hands and her words. Kamehime frowns.

"I am sorry for the way my husband was towards you" she says with a small bow. This made him smile weakly.

"Thanks but I think we've got-"




They looked up to see that the roof of the palace had been blown up, followed by a furious dragon's screech causing them all to cringe from the loud pitched scream. Very soon the ground shook and then…silence.

Silver and the pair froze as the area became deathly silent, it was too quiet for their comfort and they did not like it one bit. Very soon the doors opened on their own to Silver's surprise as he almost fell on the floor. He looks back to see to his horror that the room had completely turned into a war zone area. The whole of the room was completely shredded and had nothing but rubble available. Kamehime and Silver entered the room while Mizuki stayed beside Silver, who in turned ignored him and kept looking down. They looked at the other end of the room to see a chair made out of rubble and on top of it was Lily's body but they knew that Sapphia was still in control, her eyes unreadable as she glares at the broken pillar near her causing them to look due to curiosity. Only now at that moment did they wish that they hadn't. Ryuu-ou was laying on the floor looking completely charred and his skin that was showing had black burns on him. Signalling that he had to endure being burned by flames, he had claw marks and cuts as well as bruises all over him. At that moment he looked as if he was dead. But to Kamehime's relief he wasn't, at the far end of the room were a group of sea slugs that were unlucky enough to have got in her way.

"Don't mind the dead weights my dear" Sapphia purred as she smiles at a shocked Kamehime, seeing her worrying over her husband made her smile lightly.

"Worry not the fool will live but I've just sent him a warning about what will happen next time he messes up" Sapphia winks before getting down. As soon as she was in front of Silver.


Silver's face was sent to the side from her left hand.

"Next time I'll do more than that" was all she said before relinquishing control over Lily's body. Lily groans as she slumps forward causing Silver to react and grab her before she fell to the floor. Silver shifts her in order to carry her bridal style and looked at her sleeping face, his eyes softened from seeing how peaceful and innocent she looked. If they had been alone he would have nuzzled her cheek but restrained himself, however Kamehime observed him silently.

"Is this the one who Lily likes?" she pondered while glaring at her husband.

"He is so lucky that he's out cold, once he's awake he's going to get it" she scowls at him leaving Silver to smile weakly.

"He's already endured two beatings, why not wait until he's recovered" Silver offered, if Ryuu-ou had been alive the yōkai would have thanked Silver big time but he was still out cold from what happened and was oblivious to the world around him.

Kamehime looks at Silver with a masked expression before nodding and then looks down at Lily's sleeping form.

"We have rooms if you want Lady Lily to rest there" Kamehime asks politely, this took Silver and Mizuki by surprise.

"A-Are you sure?" Silver asks as he stutters from the fact that the Dragon King's wife was being nice to him, was there a catch or something? The woman smiles to his surprise.

"The Land God and I were planning to have tea and a private talk once this mess was sorted, her friends are always welcome to tour the palace while we chat" Kamehime said politely. Silver's eyes twitched from the words 'private chat' catching her attention.

"Why would Lily want to talk privately to the Dragon King's wife for? Surely she knows that she can talk to me right?" Silver asks himself now feeling resentful and upset, he pulls Lily tighter which left Kamehime more determined to talk to Lily now more than ever.

"Be at ease fox it's just a small talk about something" she tries to assure him but it doesn't do much to her dismay. "It's late now, how about getting her to a bed so you can both rest alright?" Silver remains silent as she shows him to a room that Lily can rest in, Silver thanks the woman and enters the room but doesn't leave the room.

Once he puts Lily on the bed, he tucks her in and sits on the long chair and goes to sleep. His mind now wondering to what would upset Lily. It didn't make sense; he opened up and yet now that he thought about it. He knew next to nothing about her which left him frowning, but why would she not tell him?

It seemed unfair but he could only hope that she would talk to him in time.

"Just give her time Silver, time isn't an easy experience for anyone and you'd be a fool to think that she was happy" Serena's words continued to ring in his mind after he had turned up at her home after Lily relinquished the contract between them. It still stung at how bad things had gotten and now they were just master and familiar, but deep down he hoped that they could get back to how they were a children. Open and honest about their problems and feelings. Yes it would seem weird for him as a guy to be open an honest but Lily was known to him to refuse to leap unless she knew that it was safe. He just hoped that the meeting between Lily and the Dragon Queen would be helpful for her and that they could get along soon.

Silver sighs as he tries to lay on the chair and closes his eye in order to sleep.

Lily remains quiet as she sits on one of the long chairs with the table in front of her; on the table were two cups of tea, a pot of tea and biscuits. Kamehime who was sitting opposite her was sitting while holding an open ornament floral fan in her left hand.

Lily looked down at the borrowed Sakura kimono and looked at the right sleeve that hid her hand.

"Um, thank you for your hospitality Lady Kamehime" Lily says feeling her nerves creep up on her; both from the company and the clothes she was allowed to wear. The female yōkai smiles at her before gesturing the food and drink.

"It's an honour to have tea with a Hikari, I've heard a lot about you from Serena" Kamehime commented with a smile. Lily feels her face go red from the compliment.

"Oh…I see" was all Lily had said now wanting to burry her face in the pillows and never show her face. For a representative she felt like a joke compared to her grandmother, how did that woman even survive in such a polite manner but kept a straight face? To Lily she was nothing more than a human who was asked to be a successor of a Land God who wasn't skilled or well known, the only reason why this important regal woman was able to know was because of her family name and nothing else. Knowing that left Lily more deflated, power wise she was just a baby compared to others despite the fact that she had sensitive hearing that couldn't even be dealt with properly and her knowledge of much was appealing to others. She knew that she should learn in order to get better but Lily only wanted a normal life and forget the scars of the past, but sadly that was not going to happen anytime soon. In turn she was a failure and it left her wondering why Silver was even with someone so pathetic and useless.

"Is there something wrong?" Kamehime's voice broke Lily out of her thoughts and got her to look up.

"Oh no, I'm just thinking sorry for being rude and ignoring you" Lily said now looking guilty.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Kamehime asks softly. Lily on the other hand kept looking at her hands.

"How do you do it?" Kamehime looked at Lily now surprised by the question. Lily's eyes narrowed slightly as she clenched her hands. "How are you so calm and polite to someone you don't know? Especially who's only worth is because they are related to someone who has authority over your husband? Someone who could ruin him in the blink of an eye" Lily said grudgingly, eyebrows furrowed as her frustration suddenly decided to come out. "I'm a pathetic, useless and selfish human. I only cause problems and make people miserable, I make things worse when they could have been dealt with. It's no wonder-"

"Stop it" Kamehime's sharp tone and words took Lily by surprise forcing the girl into silence, she doesn't speak or anything allowing Kamehime to continue.

"You are anything but that Lily. You've taken huge hits and you help those who are in need regardless of your safety"

"Tch" Lily gritted her teeth feeling self loathing take over her still that she was sure that miasma was going to surround the room or something. The dragon woman frowned slightly but did not complain.

"You're reckless but the good kind who takes risks in order to make sure that those close to you are safe, so do not put yourself down like that Lily" Kamehime scolded lightly while smiling softly at Lily.

"You don't know what you're talking about" Lily said bitterly taking Kamehime by surprise. "I do cause ruin and misery, I got someone killed and it was my fault regardless of what you say" Lily's words continued to hit the Dragon Queen's heart as she looks helplessly at the bitter girl.

"Why not tell me what happened?" Kamehime asks softly. Lily looks up with a cold expression, just seeing it left the woman wanting to hug Lily tightly and never let go knowing that this was hurting the girl deeply than she was letting on.

"I had a friend…he was sad and broken and I killed him that night end of story" Lily said bluntly, hearing that made Kamehime cringe mentally but didn't let it show.

"Now I'm sure that's not what truly happened" Lily blinked in shock as she saw the woman staring at her fully "you're heart is anything dark, you're hurt and still have not let go of the past. So let's start with the beginning and this time, how did you meet Silver?" Lily's breath was caught.

"What?" she asks her voice now breathless as she looks at Kamehime who smiles softly.

"It's no secret that Serena had given up her title and status as a Goddess in order to be reborn as a human. She did it for someone didn't she?" Lily bit her lip now wanting it to bleed as she looked down. She wanted to vanish in order to escape the guilt but that's what got her into trouble in the first place, evidence was the diary that told her why it was there in the first place.

"Lily" Kamehime placed her hand on Lily making her look up. "Silver without a doubt loves you, never doubt that after all he went to hell and back just to find you. Losing his memories was a setback but he still held on for your sake" Lily continued to shake violently as she covered her mouth with her hand covered sleeve, tears ran down her face as despite the fact that she was trying to hold it in together but failed miserably.

"That boy adores you-"

"Why though?!" Kamehime froze from Lily's yelling, she looked at the girl in shock. "I didn't give him anything in return only pain and misery! I didn't even introduce him to friends I was selfish and cruel to keep him to myself. I don't even know why or how I got to be like that"

"I do" Lily paused and looks up in shock to even hear that the Dragon Queen actually knew the reason for this unreasonable behaviour, however what shook Lily was the fact that the woman was smiling at her.

"It's because you imprinted without realizing it. You were young and were unaware of this, but I can say this that boy adores you otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to be nice or care for you when you met him" Kamehime said with a smile while Lily was left gob smacked.

"I-That can't be right Lady Kamehime! I was only five-!"

"You're family have a condition thanks to a curse, to only love once. Some are lucky to have their loves ones love them back, like you that boy immediately felt something and that was the link. That condition you have makes you similar to a yōkai who only love once and once that love goes it never leaves us and we can never fall in love again. It's sad but do not take it for granted since that boy is jumping hoops to get you to smile. When you collapsed yesterday the look on that fox's face was heart wrenching and it's sad that you couldn't see it for yourself" Kamehime said politely as she sipped her tea. Lily on the other hand looked down weakly.

"Why not tell me about Silver, what drew you to him?" Kamehime asks with a smile. Lily continued to look down.

"…He was lonely" Lily said softly.

"So it was pity you felt or something else?" she asks Lily who looks up sharply before wincing slightly.

"I…I could relate to him, he reminded me of…me" Lily says now looking confused.

"How so?" the woman asks now puzzled.

"Even though I had Lydia and Shinjirou as friends, it wasn't the same sure we were connected thanks to our bad experiences but Silver. Despite his tough guy personality I could relate to his loss, he was scared and hurt by the past and I wanted to help him. I didn't want him to suffer like I did when I lost my parents…" Lily sighs "I don't even know if they're alive anymore or not, no one tells me anything and it's hard to believe anything now a days. But Silver, he was all alone and felt like the world was out to get him after losing his mother and sister. His father was a bully and hurt him a lot for almost a year. When we first met it was scary given how mean he was but after a while we slowly got to know one another and became friends. It made me laugh when his face went red without knowing why, even a small hug got him going red and starts mixing up his words" Lily giggles. Hearing that made Kamehime smile slightly at how animated Lily was getting.

"It must have been a good that you both met" Lily smiles softly.

"It wouldn't have happened if that girl didn't damage the doll my mother gave me, it was the only thing beside the locket that she had given me" Lily said feeling down about the doll. Kamehime smiles as she moves to sit beside Lily causing her to look up.

"What things did you do with Silver?" the Dragon Queen asks as she looks at Lily. Lily thinks back and smiles lightly.

"We always played at the lake, it was our private play spot and I would always meet either after school or during the weekends. At times we climbed the tree and talk about things that bothered us…I remembered trying patch up Silver's injuries, giving him food because his father often starved him as punishment for running out the house. I always asked why he would do that but Silver would just smile weakly and say 'I'd rather be out here than inside that hell hole I call my father's home' Silver no longer felt like it was his home and it left me sad, wondering where he truly belonged and it made me want to get him out of there. He even said that when he was older that he would want to escape and that things would be okay, but they weren't and I knew it that's why I wanted to get him out of there" Lily clenches her hands as she looks down "Uncle Loez even agreed to hide Silver once we got out of there but it went wrong, someone followed me the night I tried to rescue Silver. The person wanted me dead and instead killed Silver who had pushed me out the way just to take the hit" Kamehime's eyes widened in shock, her breath was caught from those words but seeing Lily's eyes glisten with tears. Tears laced with grief, sorrow and guilt it slowly began to tore the female yōkai up deeply.

"It's my fault, no matter what you say. If I, If I hadn't turned up that night he would have still been alive" Lily says now choking on her sobs. Lily felt arms pulling her into someone, next a hand stroked Lily's cheeks despite how wet they were.

"Let it out Lily" she says softly making Lily weep even harder than ever as she clutched onto Kamehime's dress whether it was allowed or not. "It was not your fault. How could you have known that would have happened? You're not all powerful. No one is and we are all allowed to make mistakes, there will always be bad people or yōkai that will always seek to cause harm. Just try and be true to yourself and do not allow them to destroy you alright?" Kamehime asks while tilting Lily's chin up. Tears formed in her eyes causing her sight to be blurry but it mattered not.

"It was not your fault, never doubt that" was all she said as she gave Lily a tissue and allowed the girl to weep some more. "Now tell me why are you so conflicted? Is it because you feel like you're not good enough? Or is it because you are scared?" Lily winces at Kamehime's words leaving the woman to nod.

"I see… given what he's done it's natural to be unsettled but now that he's back where he wants to be, do not fret over it now. What's done is done, you can't change it and the fox would never forgive himself if he knew that he was the cause of your pain" Kamehime says softly as she uses her sleeve to wipe some of Lily's tears "so dry your tears and smile okay?" Lily looks at her blankly, looking like a lost child as she stares at the Dragon Queen. It saddened Kamehime to know that Lily was feeling lost and scared, but hopefully this talk would help Lily out of her shell and live the life she truly wanted to live. Lily looks down slightly still feeling sad and lost.

"But what if I can't, what if I mess up and become a deeper failure? I still don't know what Silver even sees in me to begin with" this made the woman smile at her softly.

"Why not ask him yourself?" This took Lily by surprise as she looks at the woman.

"You're not a screw up Lil" Silver's voice caught her attention making her gasp and turn. He stood at the door frowning as he wore a purple flowered haori over his light blue yukata. "I know you feel insecure and feel like you've robbed me of making friends but you didn't" this took Lily by surprise as he now walks towards her until he knelt down in front of her and held the startled girl's hands.

"I'm glad that you didn't since I wouldn't have been able to handle it, I could only handle one and I dreaded the pity in anyone's eyes but you, you did anything but show pity towards me and that I was grateful for" he says with a genuine smile that tore at her heart.

"But I also caused you to die, I was also selfish-" Silver shook his head.

"You were anything but selfish Lil" he smiles at her softly. "By just being with me alone you helped me slowly recover since I didn't want to be rushed, being with multiple people would have left me awkward and if I must admit it, feel slightly jealous that others had your attention and I didn't" Silver said feeling his cheeks heat up as he looks away. Lily blanched in shock, so he was feeling the same thing as her that time and just thinking about it made her stammer lightly.


"You felt that way as well didn't you?" Silver asks as he looks at her blankly, his eyes on the other hand showed mirth and amusement that left her wanting to scowl.

"Wow… you went there didn't you" she asks bluntly making him laugh lightly, this caused her to look at him wordlessly as he moved his head down to kiss her knuckles. Lily blinked at the sudden gesture.

"Look I will only say this once. I love you for you so stop doubting yourself, you in my opinion are one of the most kindest, most selfless person I have ever met and you'd be an idiot to assume the worst in yourself" this made her glare at him slightly but he paid no heed.

"You're nice" she says bluntly making him laugh at her sarcastic reply.

"I know, it's a gift" he smirks before she shoved his head back making his smirk grow wider.

"Whatever" she mutters darkly making him laugh even more, this time he kissed her now red cheek which made her look at him with mixed emotions.

"I will say this, I'll wait just like I've done five hundred years ago. I won't force you into anything if you feel uncomfortable with all right? So stop worrying about it" Silver says with a warm smile on his face that left her speechless.

"Now shall we go home now?" Silver asks as he helps her to stand, not even breaking eye contact as they stare at one another's eyes almost allowing the other to show what they were feeling towards the other.

"What you mean that THAT girl saved you from a group of thugs-OOF!" The dragon king cries out in pain as Kamehime hits him from where he was- the medical room.

"I have you know I was out in the human world trying to get thread to make your haori and they showed up, if it wasn't for Lady Lily I'd have been attacked and you wouldn't have known!" She glares darkly at him, this made him shrink back slightly.

"And by the way you are going to pay dearly for what you did five hundred years ago and for what you also did this week my love" Kamehime said sternly leaving him to sweat badly.

"I swear I didn't know!" he cries out as she pulls his ear in a painful manner.

"And that's alright? You think that it makes everything better? Selling her familiar to a brothel?! What were you thinking you foolish husband of mine?" she hisses darkly as she continues to torment him for a bit longer.

"No! You cheated!" Lily cries as she whines at him with a glum expression, Silver laughs as he she complains.

It has been three days after the 'rescue' and things were slowly getting back to normal, only now things were starting to go well for the pair to Mizuki, Luca and the shrine spirits' shock. In fact the pair were more civil and more polite to the other, they even smiled more and acted like they were actual long lost friends surprising Mizuki more as they almost forgot that there were people in the house other than them. Which sadly almost didn't sit well with Mizuki until Luca explained how Silver and Lily and actually met leaving the snake familiar utterly mind blown, and if he dared to admit feel slightly guilty to the way he acted. He often smiled and greeted the pair shortly after that, who in turn greeted with happy smiles leaving him feeling happy as well.

Hearing the pair act in such a weird manner as the time reached to about seven in the evening, it had left the other shrine inhabitants confused as to why Lily was yelling in the first place and went to investigate.

"How am I cheating? I don't have yōkai strength thanks to you remember?" Silver comments before Lily cried out in shock

"Ah the Mexican Suplex" he laughs loudly while Lily growls and glares at him before going back on the computer. Which was on the low table so they could sit down and relax.

Luca and the others decided to peek in only to see Lily on the computer with Silver. On screen was two guys holding themselves as they moved while grunting.

"What are you two doing?" Luca asks taking Silver by surprise, sadly that cost him.

"AH YES! I WON!" Lily cheers to his dismay.

"Thanks a lot guys, I lost" he says bitterly while smiling. "We're playing Wrestle Jump-"

"Come on Silver hurry up!" Lily whines leaving him laughing as she interrupted him as he spoke to the others. However Luca was puzzled by how Silver could even play to begin with.

"But how can you play? You're a yōkai so your strength might break huh-?" Luca blinks in shock as Silver flashes a talisman that says 'human strength'.

Silver smirks as he then turned to face the computer, before long the pair began to resume playing the game while ignoring those who were watching. Very soon the ones watching them were slowly starting to leave them alone in peace as they played, it was surprising to get all competitive over a game but it was funny in the long run to have them acting like cats and dogs as they tried to beat the other.

It was after the third round that Lily ended up cheering with glee as Silver who had lost began to sigh while smiling weakly at how he lost.

"Yay! I win-OWAAAH!" Lily cries out as she lands right on top of Silver taking them by surprise. However instead of blushing or feeling awkward or going red in the face which would have them going silent, the pair suddenly began to laugh loudly from how it had happened.

After they slowly sobered up they looked at the other while smiling at the other.

"This is nice" Lily admits while Silver smiles still.

"We should do this again sometime" Silver suggested as they got up from the position that they were in.

"I'd like that, thanks for playing Silver" Lily said while feeling her face go red from smiling so much, he nods in reply.

"You're welcome, thanks for also letting me wear this talisman so I could play properly. In a way it felt like old times when we would play games by the lake" that made Lily grin and sit beside him.

"Good times, I miss them" she admits while pushing a piece of hair so it rested behind her ear. Silver leans close and begins to take her hair band off to her surprise. Very soon he started to sort out her hair so it was now tied up to the left of her but was behind her ear, Lily looked at him with stunned filled eyes. This had made him smile softly at her.

"Try something new with your hair from time to time" was all he said before getting up "Well I've dinner to prepare. Does pizza sound okay?" he asks while Lily was left shell shocked by what happened. Instead of talking she nods slowly making him smile more.

"Okay, it'll be done in about an hour that is unless you want to join in and help me make it" this took her by surprise by how willing he was to include her in this kind of thing. Before he would always act solo or make Mizuki do chores, now a days Mizuki did cleaning without complaint while Silver tended to the food.

"I'd love to… that is if you truly-"

"I did ask" he said with a laugh and helped her up so they could go to the kitchen and prep for dinner.





Ding dong!






"Mizuki get the door!" Silver yells.






Mizuki blinks in shock as he sees no one.

"There's nobody there!" The snake familiar yells back as he closes the door now feeling nothing but confusion settling in.





Ding dong!

"Door!" Silver yells as he gets the stuff done. Once again Mizuki opens the door to see no one and blinks. Since when did they get a doorbell in the first place?

"Hey Lily, quick question" The girl looked up from what she was doing as soon as Silver spoke. The red head at that moment looked perplexed from the sudden doorbell noise after all they never had a doorbell right?

"You didn't happen to install a doorbell did you?" Lily blinks from the question and puts her pencil down.

"No I thought you did" Lily replied leaving them at a loss for words.

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