Blessed Secrets

Chapter 14: When The Bell Tolls For Otohiko

Ding dong!






"UGH! Mizuki get the door!" Silver yells now feeling annoyed and frustrated from the doorbell noise, did they even have a doorbell? In fact he was sure that they didn't when they left the house that morning.






Mizuki for the twenty ninth time opens the door with a frown, blinking as a groan left his lips as once again he sees no one at the door.

"There's nobody there!" The snake familiar yells back as he closes the door and yawns.

"I think someone's playing a trick on us" Lily mutters as she leans on the side of the sink while folding her arms. She wore a beige top and a pair of black shorts.


Ding dong!


"UGH! DOOR MIZUKI!" Silver yells as he finishes washing the food for lunch.

"WHY CAN'T YOU DO IT?!" Mizuki yells back but does as he's asked.

"BECAUSE I'M COOKING!" Silver snaps back causing Mizuki to grumble and open the door. Once again nothing was there to his annoyance which led him to slamming the door shut once more.

He walks back feeling vexed that once again there was that noise and no one was there to greet them.

"I think you're right" Silver agrees as he finishes lunch, on cue Mizuki entered the room looking tired and angry.

"That's the sixtieth time I've had to go to that door" Mizuki said as he slumped on to the table. Silver glares at him.

"NO slouching on the table I had it cleaned" this got the snake up, sadly there was brown varnish sticking to his chin and his uniform. Lily winces before passing Mizuki a cup of tea that Silver had brewed a few minutes ago; the snake familiar nodded his thanks before sipping it. Lily smiles before going back to the sink and leans on it.


Ding dong!


The room goes silent before a series of groans fill the shrine.

"Not again" Lily says now going to the door.

"No I'll do it" Silver says now stomping off to the door. The pair opened the door to see no one there. They looked at one another before going back to the kitchen feeling tired and deeply annoyed.

"I hate that doorbell" she mutters darkly, Silver and Mizuki groaned in agreement before she leaning on the sink once more.


Ding dong!


The trio goes silent from the noise just after she leaned against-the sink?! Lily shoves the boys out the way and opens the doors under the sink to see to her annoyance-a doorbell.

"OH COME ON!" Silver howled in anger as the fur on both his tail and ears bristled in anger.

"That was here the whole time?!" Mizuki asks now looking at them in disbelief, even Luca who had entered was surprised to see such a thing hiding there. Lily instead of ranting went to get a screwdriver from the storage area and undoes the screws that attached the doorbell to one of the doors.

"To think that this was pressure sensitive" she mutters darkly as she has it in her hand.

"But where did it come from?" Mizuki asks looking disturbed that they were fooled by such an item, who knew that it would cause that much damage?!

"I don't know but someone is going to pay big time" Lily mutters angrily as she gets up in order to store the doorbell however a thought came to mind…maybe.

Lily greets Shinjirou the next day as soon as they meet up at college.

"How was your weekend?" Shinjirou asks looking tired but relaxed, Lily grumbles slightly before yawning.

"We had to put up with the fact that someone was pulling a prank on us with the doorbell" Lily says looking more tired as she spoke. The tengu raised a brow and looks at her.

"Wait how long was that going on for?" he asks now looking worried, Lily looks at him dryly.

"Five days" she mutters darkly leaving him to blink as she goes to her class. By the time lunchtime came around did he take her to the library to talk quietly, confused she allowed him to take her there and took out a book for studying before greeting him at a desk.

"Look Lily I've to tell you something" Shinjirou says weakly leaving her to frown.

"What's up?" Lily asks as she looks at the book.

"I- is Silver listening or nearby or something?" he asks as he looks round, Lily moved the book down and frowns at him.

"No why?" she asks before putting the book back up so he didn't see her face.

"Well I have a slight confession to make" he says with a weak smile that got her looking at him.

"Did you get a confession letter or did you find someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?" Lily asked as she moved the book down to look at him properly.

"Erm no"

"Did you get evicted from my old home?" this got him blinking in shock.

"No I doubt that's possible" he says with a frown.

"Unless my uncle says so, he might have if you destroyed his home" Lily commented. "I hope for your sake that you didn't" this time he frowns.

"Like I would destroy your home, you'd murder me on the spot" that she couldn't disagree with.

"Did you hire women into the house only now you're facing a lawsuit?" she asks dryly, Shinjirou did a double take and looked at her as his eyes went wide.

"What the-no" he hissed as he tried to make sure that no one was listening.

"You didn't bring a homeless person into my home only to find them stealing half the stuff in there right?"

"Lily please stop" the tengu asks weakly now wanting to leave thanks to all the images she was filling him with, to his relief she shrugs and puts the book up.

"Look I know about the doorbell"

"Did Luca tell you about it?" she asks as she reads.

"Well no, not really but I have a slight confession to make about it. You see I installed the door bell onto one of the doors under the sink, so if someone leaned or pushed the door it would make anyone assume that someone was at the door" Shinjirou said with a sheepish smile. Lily went silent before putting the book down after a few minutes; the red haired male went rigid from her glare.

"You're a real A-hole you know that right? It was driving us nut for days" she mutters as she glares at him, this sadly made him laugh.

"It was mostly suppose to be a prank, since I had a feeling that the fox would go crazy over the noise" he says with a smile. Lily however looked at him dryly.

"He, Luca, the shrine spirits myself and Mizuki were getting agitated over it. You have no idea of how long we were trying to figure it out" she replies blandly. Shinjirou smiles as he looks at her.

"Think of it this way, you can use this to get out of situations" This piped Lily's interests as she looks at him.

"Hmm…you're right. Not bad you dope" she says before kicking his shin under his desk. The tengu winced from the force of the blow that it was taking all his will power not to react.

"Thanks for that talk, I'll try and persuade Mizuki and Silver not to kill you" Lily says as she gets up and walks away.

"Oh come on it was funny" Shinjirou cried as he looked at her, suddenly two hands grabbed both of his shoulders however the hands were of different strengths and size.

"Oh it was alright" Shinjirou went rigid from the voice of who was speaking. The voice was laced with anger and amusement.

"In fact I was the one who had to answer it more than sixty times I have you know" said the other voice who sounded like he was angry as well. Shinjirou who was frozen turned his head shakily to the right and saw to his terror Silver's furious gaze before turning to the left and saw Mizuki smirking. Lily came back while folding her arms.

"Told you he would blab" she said bluntly. "Just don't leave a mess please and keep him alive" and with that Lily was off to class.

"Lily? Lily come on it was only a joke-Lily?!" Shinjirou cried while she walked away. Sadly Silver's grip tightened making him flinch.

"Oh it was funny, but it wasn't when we were trying to sleep" Silver said coldly before forcing the tengu up.

"Act causal and if you so much as alert anyone about this, you might not be so lucky after that" Silver said with a dark smile that left the idol sweating like mad.

"It won't be so bad, after all it's just a private chat right?" Mizuki asks with narrowed eyes, despite the fact that he was smirking. Just seeing that made Shinjirou not only gulp but it had left him thinking that it wasn't the best idea to prank a trio of short tempered people whether they were yōkai or not.

"Just leave the face alone" was all he said before they hauled him out the library.

"Oh I don't think we can guarantee that after what you did" Silver said with a smirk knowing full well that the tengu had a performance tonight.

"Oh crap" Shinjirou panicked as he stared at them in fear and horror.

Lily patted her shorts lightly while smirking to herself, after sorting out her blue and light green shirt she went to brush her hair before using her hairband.

"Let's hope this works" she said as she left the room in order to do some chores.

"So why not do a festival here?" Luca's voice hit her ears as she walked towards the kitchen.

"Yeah Silver why not? After all it'll attract more worshipers to the shrine" Mizuki asks with glee.

"No thank you, we have a decent amount as it is" Silver says bluntly as he drank some tea, Lily smiles at him knowing that he was doing his best not to drink sake and was using an alternative instead.

"I think that's a good idea" Lily piped up to Silver's dismay, his hears flattened themselves to his ears while the others cheered. "After all it'll be a good experience to host a festival" Lily smiles as she beams, Silver looks at her briefly while his eyes narrowed.

"Plus the God has to do a sacred dance and it's called the Kagura Dance" Oishi added with a grin.

"Mikage did the dance every festival" Dai commented "But Serena's dance left more people wanting to go there leaving him losing followers" he winced from the memory. Lily blinks in shock from what he said.

"It was a contest hosted in Izumo" Serena's voice caught their attention as she entered the room looking tired to their shock.

"Hi Grandmother" Lily greets before hugging the woman tightly, Serena chuckles as she hugs her back.

"It took a lot of attention from the other Gods and Goddesses as well" Mizuki said as he thought back to when it happened, Serena grumbled.

"It was that fools fault for hosting it five hundred years ago" Serena mutters darkly.

"Who?" Lily asks as she looks at her, Serena gave her a withered look leaving Lily in shock from the fact that her grandmother was that affected by one person.

"The God of Wealth who's name I refuse to acknowledge for personal reasons" she mutters, Silver snorts from her response leaving her to raise a brow.

"What did he do?"

"It's what he is, he's a flirtatious git who I would curse and hit every time I see him" Serena mutters as she grabs the tea Silver gives her, she mutters her thanks and drinks a bit. "He's the head God of Izumo and everyone takes orders from him" she commented.

"Everyone except you, your sisters and the one who put you all to the tasks you were set right?" Silver asks as he looks at her. Lily blinks in shock as she tries to process what was being said.

"True, but I am not a fan of that perverted, flirtatious arrogant flamboyant blond idiot" Serena mutters, this left Lily's eyes widening so much that she was sure that her lashes had touched her eyebrows. "I'm so glad now that I'm not a Goddess since I don't have to look at his ugly mug ever again whenever there was a yearly conference" Serena continued to mutter darkly leaving Lily smiling weakly at how bitter her grandmother was. Mizuki and the others were shocked to see how mad she was except Silver who gave her a sympathetic look.

"Just do me a favor Lily" this got the teen looking "There's a test coming up since he and some others don't see you worthy enough, just use your powers to and tricks to outwit the plonker who will be coming to test you" The woman comments while looking at Lily.

"Who is it?" just hearing that question made Serena grumble.

"You've met him at the seaside, he's got an odd taste in fashion who is friends with Mikage and he's a Wind God to boot. You must be careful but polite" Serena comments before smiling suspiciously "you don't want him to see how much of a 'firecracker' you truly are" she winks leaving Lily blinking before a smirk appeared on her features as she recognized the look. 'Give him hell'

"No problem, you did send me to that school you know" Lily says as she flips a lock of her fringe back. "I can be lady like if I want to, just erm where do you keep the-?"

"In the storage area and by the way be weary of the box with a talisman in it" Lily blinks from the information "There's a spider demon in there and he was too powerful for Mikage to exorcise so he locked it away for good measure" Serena added before sighing from her drink.

"By the way I heard Silver knows the sacred dance, he's a mean teacher but he'll help you. Isn't that right young man?" Serena asks with a smile that left Silver cringing.

"Yeah sure whatever" he mutters before looking away, now wanting to hide in the basement again. Serena smiles before patting his back.

"Don't be like that, didn't you tell me that you wanted to impress Lily with the dance?" Serena asks with a soft smile as she winked at the blushing boy. Lily blinks before smiling at him.

"Really?" Lily asks eagerly leaving Silver to groan mentally at how embarrassing things had gotten thanks to her grandmother.

"Don't be so bashful Silver" Serena smiles as she pats his back "Besides Mizuki can practice on how to use the flute" she added to an eager Mizuki.

"Can we try today?" Lily asks now bouncing up and down in her spot leaving Silver wanting to leave while she wasn't looking at him.

"Why not tomorrow lunch, after all Silver would need to prepare wouldn't he?"

"Sure" Lily chirped before getting something to eat only to see a tray of food on the kitchen table.

"Must you really want to do it?" Silver grumbles as he wraps his arms around her middle.

"Why not? I want to see how you do it as well" she says while smiling.

"Yeah but I was young and too eager to please back then"

"Plus he did fall on his tail when Mikage tried teaching him when he was six" Serena called making Lily turn her head to look at a red faced fox.

"Daaw I'd have love to see that" she says while cooing.

"Why?" he whines weakly "It was embarrassing and I was wearing big clothes so I tripped up a lot" This got her smiling even more.

"Ah but it was cute" she says while tilting her head to the left and patted his arm gently. "Can't you show me just this once please" she pleaded leaving him wincing.

"Lily…please" Silver whined as he tried to leave until she pulled him close.

"I'll let you date me" This made him freeze as she smiles, his breath was caught by what she was suggesting.


"What? We haven't dated or anything plus think of it this way, a free day of no working. Instead we just go somewhere fun" she suggested while smiling eagerly. "Please I really want to see you do it" Lily pleaded as she pouted and batted her eyes while looking at him. Just seeing her do that made him blush like mad as the kitsune's heart started to beat like crazy from the fact that she was not only too close for his comfort, but from what she was suggesting. Sure he wanted to spend some time with her without the usual interruption, but he wasn't sure whether she would want to given what happened before.

"Pretty please Silver" she pleaded as she gave him the cute look that left him turning his head.

"A-Alright fine! Just stop that" Silver pleaded loudly as he tried to avoid Lily's eyes so she didn't see what he looked like now, however instead of moving away Silver was left completely stunned by the tingling feeling in his left cheek.

"Thank you!" Lily chirps with a wide smile before taking the tray to the living room to eat. Silver was left rooted to the spot as he slowly lifted his left hand to touch his cheek, his face now beet red from the fact that she pecked his cheek and left slightly skipping away without looking back.

Silver slowly exhaled before going to the sink in order to wash his face with cold water. Talk about unexpected but on the bright side he did get a date out of it.

Lily sat in the corner of the empty room with Silver wearing his uniform; he looked like a nervous dear that was about to cross the road to her surprise. In his right hand was a light brown stick with bells.

"Right…erm" Silver looked at the stick weakly before Lily stood up and walked towards him, she placed her hand on his before sighing.

"Silver, would it help if I was not in the room?" She asks lightly leaving him wincing at how nervous he was; after all he hadn't done this dance in years. Lily frowns before taking out a blindfold leaving him startled at the fact that she had it to begin with.

Lily then tied the blindfold around his head in order to cover his eyes.

"This is silly" He whined as Lily's hands left him.

"Think of it this way, if you can't see me you might do better"

"But I can't see Lily" he muttered.

"I thought you had a good sense of balance" She said with a teasing smile leaving his face to go red.

"I-I do have a sense of balance Lily" he says feeling offended.

"Then try or should I leave the room?" Lily asks with a smile knowing that he can't see her but he can smell her. Silver rolls his eyes behind the blindfold and shakes his head.

"No I will do it" he says before trying to move, his movements were slightly clumsy and he almost went into a wall to her dismay. Feeling that he was not only embarrassing but hurting himself at the same time did he stop.

"Lily I can't do it I'm sorry" he says weakly before he felt one hand grab his hand that held the stick.

"Why don't I keep you steady and you nudge where you want to move, would that help?" Lily asks behind him. Silver felt himself grow red and started to feel his body heat up from how close she was, it didn't help that his tail was between them so it could brush itself against her leg by accident. This was making sweat run down his brow from the position but that stopped once Lily moved his hand to shake the bell.

"Let's start" she says with a cheerful voice, Silver then swallowed thickly before trying to look back on how Mikage showed him the dance. His movements were a little sloppy before he slowly picked up on the steps, imagining Mikage teaching him the steps. As kind as he was, the man was patient to his relief.

Silver to Lily's relief was moving in a fluid manner and stepped back allowing him to move more gracefully. Watching him as she leaned against the wall, a smile bloomed on her face as he moved until he walked towards where she was and stopped to her confusion.

"Silver-Ah?!" Lily yelped as Silver pulled her towards him and this time her back was towards his front. Hand now holding the stick as he moved with her while her back was still against him. Lily tried to follow only to trip a few times to her dismay but tried to pick up when he would shift, turn or move. Very soon Silver stopped and placed his head on her shoulder before a sigh left his lips.

"Not so easy right?" he asks huskily from moving without pausing. Lily nods and leans against his head.

"You can still teach me right?" Lily asks until she felt his happy emotions bubble up from inside his heart.

"All right, but I won't go easy on you" Silver replied sounding like he was amused.

"No worries, I can try and manage but I still want the festival to go as planned" She said making Silver groan and bang his head on the crook of her neck making the girl laugh at his reaction.

"Come on you big baby" she laughs as she pats his head in a mocking manner.

"But I don't want to…it's bad enough that I have to teach this hard dance as it is" he mutters making her laugh even more.

"Ah but you get a date out of this" she hints with a grin, hearing that made him grumble slightly.

"Better be a good one" he mutters darkly leaving her to burst out laughing once more, however part of him was smiling at the fact that he had something to look forward to.

"No turn left not right" Silver said before slapping her foot with his fan and frowned. Lily stops and glares at him.

"Gee thank you now is the hitting necessary?" she asks blandly before redoing the steps.

"It is if you're making the same mistakes" he says as he gets up and tries to show her the steps again. "You have to be confident when you do this, it's hard to do yes but if you do it correctly it'll zap your energy regardless since you're moving constantly" he says bluntly. Lily didn't complain, instead she tried again to follow what he was doing after watching him repeat the step.

Very soon the pair were on the floor with their backs against the wall, both were panting from working very hard to get the Kagura Dance perfect.

"T-Take a break" Silver said before flopping over and whining. "I can't believe I asked Mikage to teach me this, I could have gotten away with it as well" hearing this made Lily release a shaky laugh.

"Ah but would have taught me this dance?" she asks while trying to smile, this made him bark out a laugh.

"You're grandmother?" Silver replied even though it sounded like he was asking a question leaving them laughing even more.

"I doubt it, she would have wanted you working both you and I to bone with this dance" Lily replies before yawning.

"I'll get us some dinner…once I get up" Silver said before his hand drops after he tried to lift it up but lost the energy to keep it there. Without warning the pair had released a chuckle from what had happened.

By the time the pair had gotten up it was past eight, this meant that dinner time was going to be late to Silver's dismay since he didn't trust Mizuki round the kitchen. However to their relief Serena had whipped up something for them leaving Silver wanting to thank the woman a lot.

"You were helping my granddaughter this is the least I can do" she giggles as she pats his head in a kind manner. The group began to chat about what to do for the festival thanks to Luca who mentioned that the reason why people weren't coming so much was because they had thought that the place was haunted, Lily glared at Silver as soon as she heard that leaving him sweating like mad.

"Okay! Okay! We can do the festival" Silver says feeling annoyed that he was being badgered into doing it, Mizuki smirks in victory knowing that Luca and Lily had got him doing something out of character.

"We should do a kissing booth" Mizuki commented leaving them looking at him sharply.

"Mizuki it's a holy shrine not the red district" Lily comments blandly leaving Silver to snort as he drank, this caused his drink to splash at his face but he was too amused to care at the moment.

"How about a goldfish station" Serena asks as she sips her drink.

"I'm not trafficking fish" Lily glares at her grandmother leaving Silver to laugh even more, this made the woman glare him which sadly only made it worse.

"I was talking about the shikigami fish I can create" Lily gives her a look.

"You never do that" Lily adds leaving Luca to snort.

"Come on Auntie, Some I'm sure want a fishing station and cotton candy" Luca says weakly.

"I'm still against holding fish hostage just so children can try and scoop them up" she mutters darkly. Serena chuckles.

"How about I create shikigami fish only they can give good luck" This had now piped Lily's interest.

"Yeah I guess that could work but how long will they live for?" she asks.

"They have the normal life span of a normal fish Lily, stop being too stubborn" Serena laughs at how protective her granddaughter was towards animals.

"Hmm" Lily kept looking at Serena before finishing her food.

By the time Silver and Mizuki had finished cleaning it was now time for bed, everyone had bid Serena farewell since she had to go back home.

"I had fun, thank you all" was all she said before leaving them to get ready for sleep.

"Lily Hikari, average height" Lily stopped at the entrance of the room and blinked from the pink haired person who was in hall that she was using for practice, she was currently wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

"You're looks…I'd give it a C" the man commented as he ticked something on the clipboard he held, seeing that made her frown. "Power very low" Lily had to scowl at that since she was concealing her power for a good reason which was to prevent a lot of dangerous people and yōkai from bothering her.

"Overall not even average I must say" The man says with a smug smile. Lily immediately felt her right eye twitch as she frowns while placing her hands on her hips; she glares at the man who was being rude as he smiled at her leaving her annoyed.

"Talk about disappoi-"


Ding dong!


"SILVER! GET THE DOOR!" Lily yells which interrupted the man's speech leaving him starting at her in shock.

"E-Excuse me let me-"


Ding dong!


"SILVER! I TOLD YOU TO GET THE DOOR!" Lily rants now looking at the hallway, still no one responded leaving her to bite her lip.

"Manners I'd give you a D-"


Ding dong!


"Alight! That's it!" Lily snaps a she storms out the room leaving him stunned at how short her temper was. Otohiko waited continued to wait while looking at his report; after an hour had passed had he then started to wonder where she had gone to. He began searching the place only to find no traces of the Land God leaving him to blink.

"Erm what just happened?" He asks now looking annoyed as he looked at the door to see no doorbell.

"Oh my gosh!" Lily whines as she flops on to the futon in one of Serena's guest rooms.

"You're telling me, who knew that he would show up" Silver sighs as he flops onto the chair, to their relief they had been able to practice in peace after giving the he/she guy the slip. Serena as soon as she saw them and Mizuki had immediately laughed at how they tricked Otohiko into thinking that Lily had gone to see where Silver was due to the fact that he was no answering.

"You are definitely your mother" Serena commented as she hugs Lily once she entered the living room later that day making the girl whine a bit.

"What makes you say that?" Lily asks as she got up to drink something.

"Because she would always pulled stuff like that to get out of sticky situations" Lily felt herself deflate slightly while Silver chuckles a bit, she looks at his sly look making her look back at her cup.

"But be careful" This got them look at her annoyed expression as she frowned. "He will test you on behave of that flamboyant fool regardless so you must be prepared to deal with whatever he throws your way" Serena added leaving them to go silent.

"Don't worry" Silver then looked at Lily with surprised eyes as she looked at her cup. "If he tries to trick my eyes I'll see right through it right?" She asks with a wink making Serena smile.

"The eyes that see the truth" was all Serena had said as she smiles to herself.

Lily and the others went back to the shrine after three days in order to prepare for the festival; Luca immediately contacted Shinjirou about getting a permit so they could sell food at the shrine. To their relief the dark red haired male had come through and provided some help for the festival that would be taking place in less than two weeks on a Saturday.

Lily during that time went to distribute fliers and was able to encourage some children to come.

"It's going to be a really fun festival, there'll be lots of food and activities like getting goldfish" some of the children were left stunned while some were in awe before they left now chatting about what was going on.

"I'm surprised that you managed to show your face after that stunt you pulled" said a very annoyed male who Lily could now identify as Otohiko.

"Surely I made it clear that I don't want anything to do with you" Lily says coldly as she walks off leaving him glaring at her.

"Well you don't have much of a choice I'm afraid my dear, after all since you are Mikage's successor I would want nothing more than to see if the successor is as good as he says you are" Otohiko says coldly. "Quite frankly I don't see what the fuss is about with you, after all you're just an average girl with no sense or respect to your elders" This made Lily stop and turn to glare.

"Humph! I don't respect idiots who think that it's okay to look down at people regardless of their position. In the end of the day we are all the same, give that we have all been brought into this world. We share the same moon, the same sky, the same air and yet it's idiots like you who take it for granted so excuse me for being so 'cold' to an arrogant jerk like you" Lily's voice was laced with venom as she glares at him leaving his mind to assume that this was Serena instead of Lily who was standing in front of him.

"Regardless girl, you are unworthy to even host such an important event so I'll test you to see if you are in the slightest bit worthy" Otohiko said before making Lily go into a deep sleep, the Wind God caught her before she injured herself and watched her mind as he began the test.

"Just great where am I?" Lily asks as she sat up and looked round the moment she woke up, Lily noticed the streets and realised that she had passed out for some reason. She stood up and went to head back home knowing that the others would be looking for her given how the sun was already setting in the distance.

"Lily!" a woman's voice reached her ears causing Lily to look round the area to see nothing; she frowned but said nothing as she now tried to locate the source of the noise.

"There you are Lily!" this time a man's voice could be heard before Lily turned to the left and blinked showing empty eyes.

"Oh Lily there you are! We missed you!" A woman cried, at that moment Lily could identify the woman as her mother had appeared with a smile on her face as she hugged Lily, Lily looked as the woman's long brown wavy hair had covered Lily's shoulders as she was hugged. Beside the woman was a man that she recognized as her father who was smiling brightly as he patted Lily's shoulder; it was then that Lily turned to look at a boy who around her age stand beside her father. Instead of smiling he had given her a 'are you really believing this BS?' look leaving her mood to sour.

"Seriously he/she guy?" Lily asks blandly "You could have done better" She says while shaking her head before yawning loudly.

Suddenly the area was reverted back to normal leaving Otohiko in shock as he stood looking at her after he had just placed her against a lamp post.

"H-How-?!" he cried out in shock.

"I haven't seen them since I was four days old. You of all people if you have read my file properly would have known that" She says while narrowing her eyes at him. This made him sweat like mad as she glares at him.

"Th-that wasn't even a minute and already you passed the test!" he says as he looks at his stop watch now wondering if the stop watch was even right. There was no way that anyone could pass in a minute.

"What can I say? My parents are dead" Silence now filled the area leaving him feeling completely uncomfortable from just looking at her.


"Talk about awkward" he said weakly as he looked at the clipboard.

"You're telling me, how sad can you get?" Lily said as she got up and brushed the dirt off her shorts "Well I'm going home" she said dryly as she walked away leaving Otohiko stupefied and stuttering the whole time as she walked away.

"T-That brat passed!" He said now feeling mortified at how easily she passed the test and it was to do with desires as well.

"Hoooooow?!" he whines now feeling like he had been cheated.

Mizuki, Silver and Luca were shell shocked from hearing why Lily was late after she turned up looking tired if slightly annoyed.

"Are you telling me that he actually brought your parents into your dream state in order to test you?" Luca asks now wincing from how Otohiko was taking it.

"Yup…should have really thought that part through, oh well" Lily says bluntly as she sipped her drink slowly while Silver was snorting a bit after recovering.

"All right Lily time for bed" Silver said as he stood up, Lily gave him a dry look.

"What are you my dad? I have work to do" Silver however ignored her and lifted her up so she was forced to put her arms around his neck.

"You're eyes are drooping and you have practice in the morning, you don't want to leave people disappointed right?" he asks with a soft smile that left her quiet. Lily nodded grudgingly as she looked down.

"Fine" she said while sighing as he places her into bed and turns to leave.

"Have a good sleep" he says softly before leaving her to sleep since she had already gotten ready for bed before dinner time to their surprise.

By the time it was morning Lily was greeted by the sound of shouting.

"You have no idea of how to even host a human festival" Shinjirou's voice reached Lily's ears making her sit up and blink before yawning.

"What time is it?" She asks while rubbing her eyes cutely before grabbing her phone to see nine am to her dismay.

Sadly she had to get up to sort out the arguing.

"Having a place with alcohol is a bad idea" Silver comments as he glares at Mizuki who whined.

"Plus she did put the ban so none of it near the shrine" Shinjirou added as he looks at them blandly while Lily entered the room with a tired look.

"Morning auntie" Luca grins as he waves at her, Lily grunts as she goes to get something to drink.

"Did you have a nice sleep?" asks a females voice that got Lily looking behind her to see to her shock.

"P-Princess Himemiko?!" Lily gasps as she almost drops the glass. "Wh-What are you doing here so early?" Lily asks now looking down at her white shirt and black shorts.

"Well you did invite us and I must say if that it's worrying if you greet your guests looking like that" Said a male voice that left Lily wanting to grit her teeth in anger, instead she turns slowly to see Ryuu-ou frowning at her.

"Do excuse me but I was not aware that I had to be up and dressed to see people at this time" she says calmly.

"Personally I'm here because my wife had received an invitation to come to the festival" Ryuu-ou said bluntly while Lily went to get something drink and moves to join the group.

"Oh so she won't be coming?" Lily asks looking surprised.

"She gives her condolences" was all he said leaving her to mask her disappointment. "But I must thank you for helping her when she was being harassed by a group of thugs" Ryuu-ou said in a way that looked as if he had a bitter taste in his mouth. Lily just looked at him and shrugged to his surprise.

"I don't like leaving people to suffer in such a manner" Lily says bluntly before taking a sip of her drink. "Anyone with a brain would have helped"

Himemiko who listened smiled mentally at how kind Lily was.

The group at that moment began to discuss what to include for the festival, thankfully Shinjirou had been able to save Lily by introducing more ideas to help with the festival, he had also informed Lily that he had managed to get a certificate from the health center so they could sell food.

"You'll need a few toilets set up and a fortune telling booth" Shinjirou added while sitting to the left of Lily while Silver sat on the other side.

"Grandmother will love to help with the prediction booth" Lily piped up; she mentally smirked at how Ryuu-ou had not only gone pale but gulped at well.

"The toilets can be set up without a problem" Silver added while smirking at Ryuu-ou, he sent his brows up and down as he looks at Lily who snorts as she drinks.

"So…how's Serena doing?" Ryuu-ou asks looking slightly tense as he looks at Lily.

"Probably finding a weapon to beat you with" Lily replies with a cheerful smile that left him sweating under the brow.



"Nope, nope, too brutal I need him alive" Serena said while sorting through the weapon room "Too girly, too classy-" Serena says bluntly while throwing a dog shaped bat out the huge trunk that was the length and size of an average bed.

"Nope too kinky" she throws the whip out "Too-NO!" she throws a bear trap out the box leaving the floor a little messy.

"Maybe I should go for the harpoon method since he does live in the sea" She says as she sits and cups the side of her face with her right hand while her elbow leaned on the back of her left hand.

"Nope too medieval, too Spartan so what should I use on that guy?" she asks with a frown, her hair moved in a wispy manner as she moves.

"AH HA!" A huge grin formed on her lips as she finally came to the conclusion of what to do. Her eyes glinted from what she had in mind.


Back at the shrine

Ryuu-ou almost choked in fear from what Serena would do to him as he went extremely pale to Mizuki and Shinjirou's surprise. The things that woman could do when she was mad were so horrific that he would not even talk about it. In fact she almost rivaled Sapphia in the fear factor.

Luca blinked at the yōkai while Himemiko was stunned to see the yōkai, now wanting to go out for some air. This had left the group in shock at how quick he was when it came leaving the room.

"I think grandmother scarred him for life" Lily says weakly while the boys nod in agreement. Himemiko on the other hand was confused as to what was going on.

"It turns out my grandmother and I are descendants of a Celestial Dragon called Sapphia and she terrifies Ryuu-ou deeply" Lily explains while Silver chortles from her words.

"You missed out the bit in where she took over your body in his palace, I'm not joking Princess Himemiko that woman had left him for us to see the once proud king lying half dead on his own floor not too long ago" Silver said with a weak smile. Just seeing her anger look was enough to give him the chills. Himemiko clacked her teeth while her eyes went wide in shock.

"You're Sapphia's descendent?!" she asks now looking at her with petrified eyes. Lily pulls back in shock from how much emotion was spewing out the startled yōkai.

"Y-Yes is that a problem?" Lily asks as she sees Himemiko looking down weakly.

"Forgive me I had no idea you were related" she said shyly.

"I didn't know either until a while ago, I'm still trying to adjust to it all" Lily waved her hands as she spoke.

"But still, had I know I would have-"

"No Himemiko" Lily said sternly shocking yōkai disguised girl to look up "I don't want any 'royal' treatment, I am me and I'm glad to know you on a personal friend level" Lily says with a warm smile as she holds Himemiko's hands lightly. "I wouldn't have it any other way, honest" Lily continued to smile as she spoke; Himemiko was in awe from how kind Lily was.

"I remember Serena when she first met me, I was quiet small at the time but she gave me a warm smile just like the one you often show. I never met such a kind person even if she was once a Goddess or one who chose to be reborn as Sapphia's descendent. Her words were so kind that it left me feeling more courageous and at ease, even when she sang it was like listening to a mother singing a lullaby" Himemiko said with a smile as she reminisced about the time she first met Serena. Lily smiles softly to herself leaving Shinjirou thinking back to when he first met her grandmother, she was strict for sure but she had a kind heart. To think that she knew his father left him speechless but didn't say anything as his mind went back to the traumatic place that he had once lived in.

"Grandmother always did sing songs, she sang me songs that were said to be filled with power if you sing it correctly with the right feeling" Lily replied, she smiled as she thought back to the time when she was a child. Her mind went to a certain song that left Lily wanting to join in and sing, but Serena would always say that she wasn't ready to sing it yet leaving her to pout but listened regardless.

Silver's eyes softened as he watched Lily smile guessing that it was to do with Serena, he was happy that the woman did play an role in her life but did wish that Lily's parents were around. But he knew that it wasn't safe nor wise given the recent problems.

"Hopefully soon" he thought to himself as he gets up to clean some stuff that had been left in the sink.

"Right not left and lift your arm up" Silver said sternly as he moved her arm up and moved back "again from the top"

Lily groans but doesn't complain. Instead she starts from the top and tries to get the moves right while listening to the dubstep music on her laptop. Mizuki was with Luca trying to practice the flute only-

"Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze" Luca groans as he hung his head from the lack of music.

"Let's just take a break" the boy says weakly and gets up. Mizuki looks up from playing and blinks.

"I was sure that I was doing okay" he said before putting the flute down.

Lily smiles as she hands the box containing a seal to Serena who kindly disposed of it for protective reasons.


A box appeared in front of a blond haired man who was running the Izumo shrine. Sadly one of his familiars opened the box and was swallowed whole scaring everyone in the area.

"WHO BROUGTH THAT THING HERE?!" the man yelled as more of his familiars were being eaten.

"Save us Lord Ookuninushi!" Cried one of the familiars as he was about to be eaten by the giant spider demon that was coated in very heavy miasma.

Mikage Shrine

Lily was able to help get a few stalls up and running, smiling at the kitsune-bi that were illuminating the area around them.

"So pretty" she said in awe while Silver smiled and held her close so her back was against his chest.

"They say it's traditional for them to light the way to the shrine, that way no one would get lost and the kitsune-bi will appear until the day of the festival. Allowing people to come and visit safely" Silver said softly. Lily smiles as she looks at them, not knowing that Shinjirou was watching them with pensive eyes. As much as he was happy that they were getting along he worried about her deeply, the last thing he wanted was for her to have her heart broken once more by this guy regardless of their history.

"I'm happy that Mikage let me stay here, just seeing and knowing about all this is really amazing. It's all so magical and it makes me think that I am living in a dream" she says softly before he kissed the top of her head.

"You're doing well, just tomorrow and the festival will start. Just have confidence and you'll be fine" he said kindly leaving her to chuckle softly.

"I hope your right" she says with a warm smile as they look at the kitsune-bi continue to illuminate the area around them, she feels his arms tighten slightly around her middle but she doesn't mind this time. After all this was an interesting sight to see and she didn't want to rant or anything just because he wants to hug her from behind.

Even watching them had left Shinjirou feeling slightly empty even though he was happy to see them interacting, sure the engagement had been broken off but their bonds were now more stronger than ever to his relief. He just hoped that in the future that someday he could find someone just like Lily had, to him it was a lucky find since she wasn't even looking for anyone even when they were children. To think this all started because that bully who had ruined Lily's only item that had been left to her by her mother.

It was the night of the festival and to Lily and Luca's surprise it the area was packed with people both yōkai and humans. Some were in their own shops selling items, some were buying the merchandise on offer while Silver patrolled the area to make sure that nothing was going wrong.

Lily during that time was walking with Luca since Shinjirou was attracting a lot of attention to their dismay, which mean that she couldn't hang out with her brother/friend. However seeing the people happy with what they were seeing while some children were taking part in activities and were having fun as well left them at ease.

"This is going to be amazing auntie" Luca said as they walked through the street venders, Lily smiles as she looks at him.

"Don't be too nervous, just play with the flute and you'll be fine" Luca said with a grin before passing her an amulet that had the symbol of good luck. Lily took it and thanked him as she pulled him close for a hug.

"Let's go see where Mizuki is since Ryuu-ou and Himemiko are making sure that things are going well for the festival" Lily said with a now honest smile. Luca chuckles and links his arm with hers so they don't get lost.

"Let's hope no one is scaring the customers" Luca teased, this left Lily groaning at the thought.

"Please no jinxing" she pleaded until she spotted someone.

"Hey book guy!" Lily waved as she approached the black haired male who she helped find a book in the bookstore she worked at.

The black haired male turned to look at her in a purple butterfly white yukata, he frowned at the name she called him.

"Did the book help you in some way?" Lily asks as Mizuki looks at them, even Luca was confused by this sudden turn of events. The male looked at her blankly before turning his head.

"It was interesting" he said in a monotone voice.

"I'm glad, so enjoying the festival?" she asks looking slightly relaxed and eager from all the people's positive emotions.

"In a way" he replied making her chuckle.

"Tough guy huh?" she asks while nudging him lightly which almost made him drop his fox mask. "Don't be too shy, this is a time of happiness surely you're with someone right?" she asks while grinning. The male frowned at her.

"What is with this girl? Why is she so happy?" the male thought darkly leaving Luca uneasy.

"Why shouldn't I be happy sir, it's a festival and-"

"Lily!" the group turned to see Silver frowning at her. "You do remember that you have to preform the Kagura dance in ten minutes right?" he asks while walking towards her. During that split second Lily could sense shock and anger radiating off of the black haired male to her surprise.

"Come on" Silver said sternly before pulling her away from Luca.

"WHA-!" Lily yelped from the force of the pull. "Okay I'll talk later bye guys!" Lily said with a smile as she waved at them before following Silver back to the shrine.

Lily walked towards the curtain leading to the center stage wearing a yukata Serena had left for her. It was a plain white once to the pair's surprise with a white obi resting on top of it.

"It will be what you want it to be, don't underestimate it's appearance or you'll end up losing sight of what's ahead.

Love you lots

Serena" Lily smiles as she slipped it on and had Silver to her dismay tie the obi up. She grabbed the stick with bells and waited as Silver tied her hair with a simple stick.

"Don't know why she went with just plain stuff Lily, but that woman knows more than both of us right?" Silver said quietly leaving Lily to snort lightly.

"Yup" she turns round to look at him while smiling.

"Wish me luck" Lily says with a nervous smile, she froze when Silver kissed her forehead.

"You've got this, no worries" Silver said with a warm smile that left her speechless. "Knock em out or whatever you humans are saying now a days" he then chuckles as he waves while leaving her to go and give her a moment. Lily chuckled softly before going out to the stage. Silver walked towards the curtain a few minutes later and watched her.

Lily stood on the stage with the bells; she took a deep breath as she saw all the people looking at her. The teen closed her eyes in order to regain some composure before the sound of a flute could be heard, only then did she move. Her moves were slow at first before they became elegant leaving people transfixed at how precise her movements were. At first people were confused as to why she wore such clothes but then all that left their minds as they saw what looked like white feathers appear and fly from below her feet the moment she moved. The bell chimed in tune with the flute making noise when it was necessary, slowly but surely the yukata began to change colour and doves appeared on the yukata, the base of the yukata was now slowly turning into purple. The end of the stick now started to gain a single sakura flower while beads hung from below it leaving Silver stunned at how slowly the items started to change.

This left them more transfixed at how elegant her moves were, it was as if doves were actually flying around her as she danced. Very soon the volume of the flute started to go quiet but Lily continued the dance until the last step, after she finished she faced the audience and did a bow before leaving.

Lily slowly made a whining noise from what happened, before she could process what was going on the sound of an applause reached her ears leaving her now blushing from realizing that what happened was not a dream. Silver smiled and pulled the now embarrassed girl into a hug.

"That was good, no more than that it was beautiful" Silver said now grinning at her.

"If you say so" Lily said weakly before looking at her now purple sleeves. She then pulled away to see doves on the yukata and blanched.

"How did they get there?!" Lily yelped before Silver released a full blown laugh.

"I think that's your motif" Silver replied with a smile, this left her confused.

"Motif?" she tilted her head to the side as she looked at him, Silver smiled and patted her shoulder.

"A dove it seems is your incarnation" Silver explained leaving her to blink.

"I'm a human so-"

"A Land God Lily, I don't know if that happened after-"

"No I always summoned dove shikigamis when I was young" this piped his interest "In fact one of them helped me find you when you were passed out drunk" This left him now wincing from the memory.

"Not my best moment I can assure you" he said weakly. "But that dance" he commented as he looked at her.

"Yeah?" Lily looked back at him with confusion.

"It reminded me of Serena and Mikage" this took her by surprise. "You combined their dance moves in the Kagura dance"


"As much as I hate to admit it she did okay with the dance, but she's not deemed worthy to join the summit meeting" Otohiko said to a smiling Mikage.

"Come on my friend, that was good and you know it" Mikage said while drinking non alcoholic sake to his surprise.

"Pah! That girl's manners are poor, her spiritualism and divinity are bad-"

"Actually I have a slight confession to make" Mikage said with a weak smile, this left his friend confused. "Lily has been concealing most of her powers since she was very small" Otohiko was now confused.

"I don't get it what do you mean by that Mikage? Ugh you never did make much sense when it came to this girl" the pink haired man said dryly.

"Did you not notice how much the yukata and stick changed?" Mikage asks with a small smile as he took a sip, his friend gave him an odd look.

"Well yeah at first I was thinking that she was going to disgrace the sacred dance with that utterly plain yukata, what was she thinking wearing that is beyond me" Otohiko muttered darkly. Mikage on the other hand smiled at him.

"Serena had given that yukata and hair stick to her. In hopes of seeing if her power had increased a lot after she came to the shrine" Mikage replied with a happy smile. Otohiko on the other hand glared at him.

"Are you telling me that she changed that plain yukata and hair stick all by herself? Come now Mikage do not joke with me here" Otohiko asked as he looked at his friend.

"Sadly I wouldn't be able to joke. Nor could I deny that feathers were appearing before scattering from the moment she lifted her feet in the dance" Mikage looked at his stunned friend.

"Th-That's not possible!" Mikage chuckled at his stuttering friend.

"I'm afraid so, she was born during the time of the alignment so it would mean that like Sapphia she would inherit something" Otohiko gulped.

"I just hope that it's not what I think it is" he said weakly.

"Well she could be like what her grandmother wanted her to be and that is an Oracle of Balance or-"

"That…ugh that woman terrifies me" Otohiko admitted taking Mikage by surprise.

"I thought Sapphia and Serena terrified you" Mikage commented leaving Otohiko pale.

"One was a Goddess but the other was a Celestial dragon, where she got that title from is what bothers me and how she managed to get it even when we all thought that the line had long forgot it's own legacy…" Otohiko shivered. "To think that Sapphia's ancestor is close friends with Ookuninushi's grandmother" Mikage chuckles lightly.

"Well they do work in the same department" Mikage commented lightly while Otohiko gave him a dry look.

"If that girl chooses death over balance I'm coming after you, got it?" Otohiko warns before Mikage passes him some sake.

"I highly doubt she will choose death, after all it would mean that she wouldn't see those closest to her again until they die" Mikage said softly as he smiles and watches the people moving about during the festival, he chuckles mentally as Otohiko whines and mumbles about the woman that deeply terrified him.



"Oh there you are Ryuu-ou" said a voice that left the Dragon King shaking violently as he turned round to see a peppy Serena.

"Oh h-hi S-Serena-"

"Do me a favour and hold this" Serena said as she sent something into Ryuu-ou's arms before going off to look for things to play with. This left him confused.

"Well… that went…" his voice slowly vanishes as he looks down to see-OH GOSH!

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ryuu-ou screams and drops the thing in his hands. There now resting on the floor was his head only it had been aged due to goodness how long he would have been alive. His dead face appeared as if he had died terrified by something.

The Dragon King started to hyperventilate before releasing a high pitched scream and ran off in terror ignoring the fact that Serena had asked him to look after it.

"Hehehehe sucker" she snickered as she came back to grab the hair of the now dead future Ryuu-ou. Instead of putting the head back in it's grave she began to walk casually with it in hopes of scaring him the whole night, which in turn made the happy people confused as to why someone was screaming in fear and dread.

"GHAAA! GHAAAA! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!" Ryuu-ou screamed in a high pitched voice while his face had gotten even more paler and paler with each minute she had the head. However to the people it appeared that she was holding a lantern leaving them confused as to why the thing was even scaring him to begin with.

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