Blessed Secrets

Chapter 15: Cat fights And a Dirty Rotten Cheater Part 1

"No" Lily said sharply as she narrows her eyes at the 'visitor' who entered her house. Otohiko stuttered before crying out in shock.

"W-Why?!" Otohiko screamed in shock, his eyes bulging out of his sockets from what her words.

"Because I have no reason to go" Lily says sternly as she gets up to refill her drink since it was early in the morning and she had college later on.

"But are you interested in finding out where Mikage is?!" Otohiko cried as he threw the boa that was dragging on the floor over his right shoulder.

"Not really" Lily replied bluntly leaving Silver mentally snorting even though he had a straight face on.

"How can you be so cruel? Mikage has left his post to you and as his successor you must go to the divine assembly!" Otohiko ranted at Lily who remained blank face.

"If I wanted to find out where Mikage is, I can easily look into your mind or go see my grandmother" Lily's voice was so bland that it left the Wind God stuttering before the words 'look into your mind' made him twig on something.

"YOU'RE A MIND READER?!" he screams while Silver was now trying extra hard not to laugh, for someone who gets gossip wherever he goes. He was pretty bad at finding info when it came to Lily.

"Nah! You don't say" she says in a sarcastic tone, Silver winced at her attitude but at the same time chuckled at her stubborn streak. Never bother a girl when she's suffering bone and muscle pain. "I was pretty sure that I made it clear just a few minutes ago" she said before Silver rushed up to help her with getting a refill. Lily nodded her thanks before he helped her sit down.

"But-But we had your second test prepared and everything-" Otohiko stuttered as he spoke.

"With another person yeah I know" she mutters as she takes a sip of the medicine drink Silver had made thanks to Serena who had gave them the recipe just in case things like what was going on occurred. Otohiko glared at her before slamming his hands on the floor.

"Look young lady you are having this test just like that girl-"

"I am not going! What part of that did you not get?" Lily snapped coldly. "Let her go in my stead I am not interested in going to a place where stuck up higher ups are staying at. I tolerate college as it is I'm not going to another place that is more dangerous compared to the humans I study with" Lily said with a frown. Otohiko mumbled an insult before getting up.

"You will change your mind"

"That'll be the day when actual pigs fly and cows come flying home" Lily said dryly leaving him to glare.

"I cannot believe Mikage chose such a rude and selfish brat" Otohiko said in a seething tone. "What's worse is that Silver is allowing you to act like this" This made Silver glare.

"She is her own person just like you are, so lay off her already" Silver scowls leaving Otohiko to scoff and walk away.

"I'm not changing my mind" Lily said sharply as he vanishes.

"You can't make me!" She yelled before leaning back in order to drink.

Lily groaned as she hunched over the college desk that had the computer she was using. Aoi caught her groan and winced but kept to his studies like she was doing, as much as he wanted to help he couldn't unless he wanted to rouse suspicion which was something they did not want.

"This stinks! I can't believe I haven't healed yet" Lily muttered as she continued to do some work on a building.

"Are you okay?" Miss Fila asks as she looks at Lily with worried eyes, Lily gave her a withered look even though she was smiling.

"Just muscle pains" Lily replied weakly, the teacher wasn't smiling.

"Go to the medical room and rest, I'll pardon some of your absence for now" Miss Fila said now grateful for the light bag as she picked it up. Lily winced but did as she was asked, she saved her work before grabbing her bag only to have Miss Fila pull the bag away.

"I will carry it, you walk to the medical room" She said sternly leaving Lily to smile weakly knowing that it was best not to upset the teacher.

As soon as they arrived Miss Fila informed the nurse about Lily's muscle pain and placed the bag on the Nurse's coat hanger before going off.

"This is really bad" The nurse said as she pursed her lips as she examined Lily's body.

"I tried medicine but nothing's worked" Lily admitted before the nurse touched the muscles in her arm making the girl cry out in pain. The nurse sighed deeply.

"Rest in bed and I'll get the medicine to help, in the mean time no heavy lifting" Lily groaned from the information.

"I thought I was being smart by leaving my laptop at home" Lily whined leaving the nurse to frown.

"You wouldn't have been able to carry it so don't you dare start, give your muscles a rest after all. You were a sickly baby and your ability to heal is very slow, you know that Miss Hikari" Lily winced from the scolding tone.

"Yes miss" Lily said weakly before trying to close her eyes.

"I'm having the doctor prescribe you strong painkillers but be warned they will cause a lot of drowsiness" the nurse said as she picked up the phone to call to Lily's dismay-Vincent.

She could even hear her cousin ranting on the phone and he was suppose to be in surgery, she was going to get it now.

After talking to Vincent the nurse sighed and hung up the phone.

"I must say your cousin is very angry" Lily whined even more.

"Ugh! Don't remind me please" This made the nurse smile softly and went over to pat Lily's head softly.

"This medicine is temporary but you mustn't over do yourself again, next time see the doctor as soon as possible if this happens again okay?" the woman asked softly Lily to look at her and sigh deeply. The nurse had chestnut brow hair with a hint of red in it, like Lily she had olive skin, she wore a dark blue dress that went up to her lower knees under her white doctor's jacket and a pair of dark blue shoes. "We have extensions in college remember" she said softly before walking out the room to see the receptionist in order to pardon Lily from going to class.

Lily sighed deeply as she slowly felt her eyes close until dreams of when she was younger had entered her mind.

Lily felt herself being woken up by an aura filled with loneliness, resentment and self loathing, it shocked the tired girl deeply as she tried to find the source of the emotions.

"It's strange, I can't find out much about you" said a girl's voice that caught her attention. A girl with long black hair with straight bangs that were cut just above the eyes was touching Lily's head. At that moment Lily could see a mole that was resting on the right side near her eye. The girl had a white shirt and brown skirt on, on her feet were knee high socks and brown shoes.

"Who...?" Lily asks weakly as she looks at her while her eyes were blurry just from waking up.

"So you're the Land God of Mikage Shrine? I am a candidate that will be tested with you to see if I can go to Izumo" She said with a smile but Lily wasn't fooled as she tried to sit up but winced as she did so. "My name is Kayako Hiiragi, nice to meet you" Lily frowned.

"Never heard of you" She said bluntly before going back to lay down and pulled the covers over her. This made Kayako blink in shock at how Lily was behaving.

"Won't you tell me your name?" Kayako asked politely leaving Lily to have a 'are you kidding me?' look on her face.

"You know who I am and for the last time I am not attending this stupid test" Lily said dryly to Kayako's surprise. "In fact you can go since I don't WANT to go to Izumo" Lily said angrily as she turns to frown at Kayako. "And another thing drop the nice act, I'm not buying it" she snapped leaving Kayako to bite the inside of her lip.

"Why the Wind God Otohiko had suggested to pit me in a competition with you what a let down, and here I was interested to see how you would compare against me" Kayako said with a sigh, Lily continued to frown at her.

"Your mind games are a little boring now can you go away please I have really bad muscle pain and I can't do much until I'm better" Lily grumbled "And Otohiko what did I say about the fact that I don't want to go" Lily asked dryly. On cue the Wind God came in the room and glared.

"Aren't you going to give this a chance?" he asks in a high pitched voice.

"Tsk no! I told you before, you can't make me so unless you want me to get my grandmother on you lay off" Lily said dryly leaving Otohiko to back up a few paces.

"Yeesh girl you're such a hassle" Otohiko muttered as he looked away.

"Thank you now can you both shove off, I can't move for a while and Silver's coming to pick me up...oh" Otohiko flinched from the angry aura that was standing behind him.

"Why are you here?" asked a woman's voice that made him almost jump into the air. Instead he grabbed the light attached the ceiling and looked down at the Miss Fila who was glaring at him.

"What is going on with you people?!" Otohiko cried as she glares at him, Kayako was left confused and surprised at how he was behaving. How can he act like that to a few humans?

"May I remind you Otohiko she is on strict bed rest" the nurse snapped as she entered the room with Silver glaring in pure anger.

"Oh come on! It's just one test-" Miss Fila scoffed.

"We know that, but Lily said no so learn the word NO" the nurse snapped harshly leaving him to wince.

"Plus we know that you don't play fair anyways, so let Kayako go instead if she so desires" Miss Fila said with a frown. Otohiko gritted his teeth until he saw Silver glaring at him with feral eyes. Kayako at that moment could sense that he was no ordinary human.

"OUT!" Silver's sudden cold tone had made Otohiko vanish from the room, this left both women to sigh in relief.

"Honestly we leave you for an hour and he shows up" The nurse mutters weakly while Silver goes to pick Lily up.

"Come on, Vincent sent me the prescription so I'll pick it up on the way home" he said with a soft smile as he carried her bridal style. Lily whined weakly before frowning at Kayako.

"How did you get into college anyways?" she asked bluntly, Kayako gave her a 'you're so stupid?' look leaving Lily to narrow her eyes at her.

"I told the security guard and the receptionist that I am a family friend who needed to give you something" Lily groaned at the reply.

"I told them I don't want people visiting me! Especially during class hours" Lily muttered weakly. "Heck Luca doesn't come here unless he calls me" Silver rolls his eyes before taking Lily out the room after bidding both women farewell.

"Such a nice boy" Miss Fila said with a smile leaving the young teen who was standing by the bed Lily had rested on to blink in shock.

Lily sighs in relief after being put into her futon and was given her pills. Silver stroked her forehead as she was slowly lulled into a deep sleep thanks to the pills.

"Man those things are strong, what was Vincent thinking?" Silver commented as he took the glass to the kitchen in order to clean it. It was kind of quiet at the shrine since Luca was at school; Mizuki on the other hand was doing the groceries in order to give her some peace and quiet not that Silver was complaining, He looked back to the direction of where Lily was sleeping before the shrine children showed up floating towards him.

"Is Lady Lily going to be okay?" Oishi asked looking worried as Silver continued to clean the kitchen quietly.

"Lily's going to be outfit some time and won't be able to do her chores until she feels better. Vincent has given her strong medicine so she's going to be out like a light most of the time" Silver admitted with a small smile even though he was worried about her wellbeing.

"How long will she be out?" Dai asked now helping Silver by handing him the broom, he thanked the spirit before getting back to doing chores.

"About a week or two, depending on how well she'll get better" Silver replied before Oishi pulled the full bin bag out of the bin and gave it to Silver while Dai placed an empty bin bag into the bin with Oishi. Silver thanked the shrine spirits as he continued to work. His thoughts went to how Lily from time to time even though she was asleep.

"He wasn't normal, his eyes even turned to feral" Kayako said to a black haired boy with dark red eyes. The male looked at her as he listened half caring about what she said until she mentioned about the boy's eyes.

"That is probably her familiar" the male replied as he looked at the building he was living in which was a traditional Japanese home.

"What can I do though? She refuses to take part and the Wind God refuses to let me go to Izumo until the test has finished" Kayako asked sounding annoyed, as happy as she was that Lily was refusing to take the test, which would mean that the injured teen would automatically get disqualified it left the teen feeling slightly cheated and unsatisfied by how things have turned out. Part of her was hoping for a challenge and yet she was denied that right. She was sent here for a reason and yet this had happened. Even the male was surprised at how the Land God of Mikage shrine was acting up; surely she wouldn't allow her reputation to be soiled by forfeiting? This girl had surprising him yet again and yet he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

"Try and give her a reason to take part" the male suggested as he looked away, his mind once again went to the red fox and frowned to himself. To think he would finally meet his brother after so long only to be ignored as if he had meant nothing to him to begin with, just thinking about it made his blood boil in anger. In a way it was like his brother had poured salt all over the wounds that had refused to heal after so long. One for killing him, two for leaving him just to go after woman only it wasn't a female yōkai it was a human woman.

Just thinking about it made him want to kill the woman with his bare hands and yet the moment he saw his brother with the girl who he brought the two books from that fateful day walk away, his eyes when he was with the girl were lively and full of excitement. Yes in a way the books themselves she had helped him get were extremely useful to him leaving him which in turn had also shocked him at the fact that she knew what to get him and without talking to him either, a mystery indeed.

His mind now back to that moment when he had witnessed how different his brother's mood and behaviour was after being forced to part from him for five hundred years, in a way it had left him feeling sick while emotions like anger and betrayal were bubbling from within him, threatening to explode the more he watched sappy brother act in such a manner with a weak human girl. Who was that girl to have capture his brother's attention so easily while he could not get that many emotions out of him? No he saw love and adoration from that kitsune's face, the need to protect her, the look of someone who was content and had no signs of being or feeling bloodthirsty, none of what he was like before it was as if he was a different person. One he could not recognize at all leaving him stunned to the spot. It made him mad to see how soft and weak his brother had gotten, this wasn't his brother at all no he was strong, ruthless, bloodthirsty, calculating, devious and a trouble maker. No this was someone who had no right to be called his brother, this was an insect who he would get revenge on for killing him. The sappy backstabbing idiot.

"How though Master Kirihito? The Land God won't budge and she's been sent home due to muscle injury" Kayako asked looking sad from the fact that she hadn't been able to prove herself nor could she take him to Izumo with her.

"Wait until she's recovered, that is unless you want to get her at her weakest?" he suggested. Kayako looked at him before shaking her head.

"It will lead to unnecessary trouble so I'll wait" she said even though she sounded annoyed. He raised a brow but said nothing until he leaned closer.

"Do you know what you lack compared to her?" He asked with a smirk.

"No as if I lack anything" she said coldly this made his smirk grow wider.

"What you lack is a familiar of your own" hearing this had made the gears in her head turn before the sick realisation had sank in, of course!

Lily groaned as she tried to stretch. Her arms had felt like noodles due to sleeping while her bones had gotten stiff from the constant long naps. Silver chuckled from hearing her whine and yawns as they filled her room.

"Better? Silver asked while sorting out her futon so it could be ready to wash and dry.

"Hmm not too bad but I feel tired from all the medicine" Lily replied weakly as she rubbed her eyes, it left Silver think about how cute she looked at that moment leaving her to scowl.

"I hate that word" she muttered leaving him to laugh and move to sit behind her in order to ease some tension from her muscles and bones, Lily hummed for a bit before looking at him slightly.

"You know that's just making me sleepy right?" She asked dryly leaving him chuckling once more.

"Just something to help since you can't just up and move around so easily given the amount of hours you've slept. I have to admit it's been very quiet when you were asleep" Lily's eyes narrow at him.

"What? Is that a good or a bad thing?" She asks darkly leaving smiling softly, he leaned forward and pecked her cheek.

"We were all sad and worried about you" Silver admitted showing her his sad expression. Lily rolled her eyes as she looked at him.

"I just hope that there were no problems when I was asleep" she said with a frown, signalling that she wouldn't be very happy if there had been. Silver shook his head.

"Everyone was quite tamed" Silver replied with an amused look, Lily's brow rose.

"Even you and Mizuki? No arguments?" She asked sternly, Silver shook his head once more.

"Luca handled things well in your absence" Lily hearing this had sighed deeply feeling relief from his words.

"That's good" she said before yawning.

"Take it lightly" Silver said lightly before kissing her neck "you've been sleeping a lot thanks to those pills"

"Man those pills are dangerous, who knows what a drug maniac would have done with this lot" Lily gestured to the empty medicine sheets containing empty pockets that once housed her pills while some sheets were still unopened. Silver looked at them and shook his head.

"Do you want me to dispose of them?" he asked as he helped her up.

"Nah I'll give them back to Vincent" Lily replied before looking at Silver who she noticed was giving her a 'is that wise' look. "Nah just burn them"

Hearing that made him smirk but instead of dealing with them now he helped her as they went to the kitchen, as soon as they entered Lily had then moved stiffly towards the chair closest to her and sat down slowly.

"Do you want anything to eat or drink?" Silver asked as he went to the sink.

"Just something to drink please, food isn't going to agree with me for a bit" Lily replied as she tried to settle, however before she fully settle the door was suddenly forced open.

"Hello everyone!" they were greeted by Otohiko.

"No taking part" Lily said bluntly leaving the Wind God's mood to immediately shrivel up.

"Are you seriously still refusing to take part?" Otohiko asked with a frown, he sighed loudly and looked away.

"And yet I had such high hopes for you-"

"You and me both, sadly the high hopes of you giving up is the same as you wishing that I would take part. Looks like we're both in for a whole heap of disappointment...shame" Lily replied bluntly. Otohiko frowned, his brow rose from her words.

"Touché, but seriously you should give it a shot. What do you have to lose?" He asked as he tilted his head and folded his arms.

"My sanity, my self respect, my patients and the ability to stand you all even though I'm finding it hard to as it is" Lily replied as she leaned on her right hand that was resting on the table. Otohiko glared at her from the insult.

"Look this isn't up to me, I can't pull you out-"

"You can, you're just being stubborn" Lily replied dully before yawning. Silver remained looking at the sink, not wanting to get involved since he was this close to laughing leaving Lily to chuckle mentally. Otohiko pressed his forefinger and thumb onto the bridge of his nose.

"Okay, but I want to see what you are made of"

"Still to the no" Lily replied in an over exaggerated tone, next thing they heard was someone sniggering. Lily looked at Silver who's shoulders were shaking as he slowly lost the ability to control himself. Otohiko frowned but shook his head at the fox.

"Just one day-"

"No now unless there's important information please leave" Lily replied before yawning. "I just woke up from the meds and speaking of meds here you go" Lily showed Otohiko her last sheet of pills.

"What are those?" Otohiko asked as he frowned at them.

"Happy pills, for you" She grins before handing them to him, the God looks down at them and blinks.

"Why thank you..."

"When you're feeling stressed best to take them then" Lily said with a warm disarming smile, seeing that left him feeling touched by the gesture.

"Really? I didn't know humans made things like that" Otohiko commented as he placed the sheet in his pocket.

"Be sure to have fun when you take them" Lily said as she smiled.

"Oh I will, see you for now and this isn't over by the way" he said with a peppy smile before vanishing from the shrine. Silver turned to look at her before releasing a full blown laugh.

"Did you just give him the extra strong muscle relaxers that made you fall asleep every time you took them?!" He gave her a look of disbelief until Lily's smirk confirmed it. They ended up laughing loudly before Silver turned to slap the draining board right by the sink.

"That guy is going to get you for that" Silver commented while Lily shrugged.

"Had it coming" she grins before yawning. "I'll be heading to college tomorrow" Lily replied, Silver paused from laughing before nodding.

"Okay but take it easy alright, I'll carry your bag so you won't have to deal with it most of the time okay?" Silver offered, Lily paused as she tried to see the pros and cons of what he suggested.

"Sure that would be nice thank you" Lily replied with a smile, seeing that made his heart skip a beat. Releasing that he had been staring the red haired fox shook his head and began to get something for her to drink, meanwhile Lily looked at him before turning to face the floor. Talk about a little awkward but surprisingly it wasn't too bad.

Lily woke up feeling refreshed and happy to her surprise, but she minded not since she was going to college today which left her feeling giddy.

She got out of bed and grabbed her mint blue two layered dress that was up to her lower knees, light blue shorts and white socks before putting them on. Once that was done she rushed to the kitchen to see Silver looking at her with surprise etched on his face before smile appeared.

"Slow down Lily" Silver chuckled "we have time" he commented before placing her breakfast on to the table just as Lily sat down. Luca shortly entered the room with Mizuki, both looking tired but okay.

"I can't help it Silver, I've been out for over fourteen days and I've missed out on a lot of work" Lily replied leaving Silver to shake his head while smiling.

"Didn't your teacher say that you that you had an extension? So don't worry about it, you have time to catch up" he said softly before sitting opposite her. Mizuki slumped on the table after sitting down. He did look draining to Lily's surprise.

"I trust all the laundry has been put away snake?" Silver asked sternly. Mizuki grumbled before nodding, too tired to comment or reply.

"Good, but don't forget you have grocery shopping today because I'm looking after Lily today, since she's decided to go to college today" Silver said sharply. This made the snake familiar whine slightly before he clicked on the last bit and look up quickly.

"Are you okay to even go to college?" Mizuki asked looking worried. Lily smiles and pats his head lightly.

"Yup, I'm feeling better compared to yesterday" Lily replied with a wide smile, this set him and Luca at ease from seeing her now happy and moving right compared to before.

"I'm glad, we were all worried about you" Luca admitted before Lily hugged him, the blond haired boy smiled and hugged her back. Once the pair had parted they began to eat their breakfast before heading off to their places of learning. Lily thanked Silver for holding her bag before going to the open door leading to the gate.

"I'll see you at lunch okay" Silver commented before going to find a place to sit and watch Lily while she was in class in peace.

Time or him slowly was slow to his dismay but he was relieved that nothing bad was happening leaving him to sigh deeply, knowing that nothing was happening allowed him to rest his eyes for a bit until it was lunch time.

Lily after her third period had went straight up to the roof and waited for Silver to arrive since no one was up there yet. Very soon she spotted him in his purple yukata and blue haori landing onto the roof gracefully. His shoes were soundless as he walked towards her.

"How was class?" Silver asked as soon as they sat down, he pushed the front part of his hair back and yawned slightly signalling that he had just woke up. Lily shook her head and smiled at him slightly.

"It was okay" Lily replied now leaning on the side of the wall. "What about you? Did you have a bad night?" Silver paused from yawning and looked at her blankly until he processed her question.

"Oh no, I was up last night cleaning the basement since Mizuki left jars of sake down the steps and I knocked them since it was dark down there" Silver replied before yawning again. Lily blinked.

"The basement in your room or-?"

"The pantry" Lily nodded remembering that it had a trapped door leading to a basement that was used to store important items.

"Ah" she comments before getting her lunch out and gave half of it to Silver who looked at her quickly as he noticed that the half of her lunch was being passed to him.

"Oh no not hungry plus that's your lunch" Silver waved it off until Lily placed it on his lap

"Now Silver" This made him smile weakly, his eyes droopy from being up late typical Lily.

"Thank you" He smiles more before getting chopsticks and began to eat quietly. By the time they finished eating Lily had packed everything in the bag and rested for a bit since they had forty five minutes until she started class.

"So what do you want to do when we get home?" Silver asked as he looked at her, slightly more awake compared to before.

"Homework and then sleep" She replied while smiling at him as he chuckled.

"Okay wise guy" he mutters while he still smiled. Suddenly wind started to pick up causing them to blink and look at where the source was. Lily blinked from seeing Kayako who stood before them while being surrounded in paper talismans.

"Got you fox familiar" she said with glee as she sent the papers after Silver to Lily shock.

"Stop it! What are you doing?!" Lily screamed in now looking back to see Silver grunting from the sudden attack. Just as Lily was about to use her powers Kayako rushed towards Silver and kissed him leaving him stunned. Lily's heart twigged from what she saw, it left Lily wanting to clutch it in order to force the pain out but she couldn't move. No, this hurt her to see a girl doing that and to make it worse Kayako was smiling as she kissed Silver. Who in turn didn't move mostly due to shock.

"I don't believe" Lily's voice snapped Silver out of his dazed state and Kayako released him.

"Kayako orders you to obey me" she says sternly leaving Lily sick, so that's it? That was harsh even for her and what's more, Silver didn't say anything not even no.

"Are you serious?!" Lily yelled in shock and hurt, Silver turned to look at Lily and immediately wanted to throw up. There before him was the distraught girl who he loved with, with all his heart who had to witness something like that!

"Lily I swear I didn't-"

"Are you always going to allow other girls to kiss you like that?!" Lily yelled angrily tears now shining in her eyes while Kayako glares at her.

"N-No! Lily you have it all wrong! I would-" he stutters in shock now reaching his hand to grab hers but she refuses feeling angry that he would just assume that she would hold his hand after that.

"Save it Silver" Lily lifted her hand up "I will not watch this, I will not put up with you reverting back to that pervert who would go after any pretty thing that catches his interest" Lily said in a cold unforgiving tone as she walked towards the door before opening it. "Besides how do I know that this wasn't planned?" She asks in the same unforgiving tone.

"What?! Lily no!" Silver cried now pushing a shocked Kayako away, the door slammed shut leaving him rooted to the spot and immediately cringed at how angry Lily would be feeling. It's understandable but at the same time didn't she know that he cared for her and her alone? Silver turned to glare at Kayako before a low angry growl escaped his lips.

"What the hell girl?!" he hissed darkly leaving her startled by his sudden actions.

"Why did you do that?!" Silver snapped now giving her his undivided attention as he backed her into the wall..

"What? Why didn't the kiss work? You should be my familiar!" she asks in shock, this left him giving her a look of disbelief. All that just to make him her familiar regardless of what Lily would be feeling?! How sick and cruel!

"Are you telling me that this was all just to make me your familiar you heartless girl?!" Silver screamed in anger. But she started to shake as she tried to mask her fear as Silver's angry eyes and face left her wanting to get away.

"Seriously?! As if I wasn't having problems with our relationship already thanks to past problems? You had to go and do that?!" Silver snaps now giving her a look of distain.

"What kind of person goes and does that? Let's just get this one thing clear" he said now slamming his head to the side of her head leaving the girl jumping from the sudden noise. "I will decide on who I want to serve and when I want, I am not like other familiars or demons and by the way I run on a private contract of my own making" he hissed darkly remembering Serena who helped him come back, who helped gave him a reason to live-Lily. Yes he messed up but he wasn't going to regress all because someone wanted to throw themselves at him be it lust or to make him their familiar.

"Don't ever do that again or I will not hesitate to make your life a living hell" he warns before going off and runs after Lily leaving her stunned and rooted to the spot.

"Wait, they were in a relationship?!" she screams in shock now looking at the open door. This was something she did not see coming and knew that she had to tell Kirihito about this newfound development.

"Lily! Lily wait please stop!" Silver cried as he chased after Lily, he grabbed her left arm making her pause. "I swear I did not want that to happen!" he said weakly as he looked at her with pained eyes even though her back was to him.

"I don't even know or like her" Silver added almost feeling a whine leave his lips as he looks at the back of her, the girl remained silent for a bit leaving him wanting to plead with her to listen, to prove that he was faithful compared to years ago but would it work? Was he losing her something over as stupid as that?!




"I know" Lily said bluntly leaving his ears to flatten. She slowly turned round to see his saddened eyes and smiles softly. She then stood up on her tip toes and kissed his lips for a bit taking him by surprise, the red head immediately pulled her close the moment his mind processed the fact that she had kissed him. Before long a low moan left his mouth as he kissed more passionately almost close to sending her to a wall in order to ravish her. Before long they pulled apart allowing him to see her smiling lightly, this left him completely at a loss for words.

"Better now?" Lily asks softly taking him by surprise, it left Lily wanting to giggle at how innocent and shocked he looked given that he didn't realise what she was talking about. "Has the taste left from your mouth?" again he was stupefied before a wide smile graced his features leading him to pull her against him and breathed her scent, happy that she wasn't going to leave him again. He just wanted to keep her safe and away from those who wanted to harm her. Wanted to be alone with her and only her, in truth she was more precious to him than anyone else in this world. She had been his rock after his sister and mother had been murdered in such cruel circumstances, his own father left him an emotional wreck and if it hadn't been for Lily he wasn't sure where he would end up. Yes he was an emotional mess once he regained his memories, realising that he had been killed by someone unknown and was separated from Lily. But the hope of seeing her again fuelled his determination to see her once more. Something he hardly told anyone. Although Mikage and Serena were the only ones who knew leaving him happy, if slightly relieved to know that they would keep his secret away from the ears of those who might hurt him in some way. If his brother had known the thought made him shiver on what his brother would do to her if he knew.

"You scared me for a bit" Silver said as he held her, his voice above a whisper.

"I had to let her think that otherwise she would just keep coming after us and wouldn't leave you alone, sorry for tricking you" she said with a sheepish smile before pecking his lips again.

"Do you want to take me to class now?" Lily asks with a sheepish smile leaving him brimming with happy thoughts as he took her while her hand was in his.

"Yeah" he said softly as he walked with her to class. Hoping that no one would ruin this moment for him.

Kirihito looked at Kayako with a wordless expression, inside he was seething with raw anger. So that's it?! The reason why his brother acted the way he did?

And all for a pathetic weak human girl?!

Just hearing about this new information left him wanting to hunt down Lily and end her existence once and for all, however for some reason he started to hesitate but why? This girl...why? He berated himself constantly for stopping, what was stopping him?

"Stealing from one person is like stealing from everyone, in fact it's also like stealing from yourself as well" a stern female voice entered his mind just then.

"Do you know who I am?" He remembered asking the angry girl in front of him in an arrogant tone; just seeing her speaking to him like that without showing any fear or hatred because of his appearance had left him intrigued if slightly amused, unsure if she was being brave or stupid.

"As if I give a damn you moron! Now if you excuse me I have somewhere to be" The girl's voice entered his mind once more. There before him an image of a teenage girl appeared. Like Lily this girl had black hair and brown eyes as well. Just who was that girl? Oh he knew, he knew because she told him and that name was the one thing he would never forget and to think. She had been the one who caused him to die.

"I want a pet" Lily suddenly said while they were at the table eating, she pouted as she thought back to Prim leaving her feeling slightly lonely. Silver's chopsticks went down along with his bowl as he looked at her oddly.

"Why?" she whines.

"Because I said so" Silver replied sternly.

"That's not fair!" she rants while Silver ignored her whining.

"Lily we have a snake and a fox, that should be classified as a mini zoo right?" Luca piped up leaving Silver to scowl at the boy while Mizuki blinked looking confused.

"Yeah but they're not for petting, playing or brushing" she pouted, Silver narrowed his eyes at the words, Mizuki whined from what she said.

"Why not pet me now?" Mizuki asked before Silver gave him a dark look and slapped him on the back of the head.

"Need I remind you and say how wrong that sounded just now!" Silver hissed as Mizuki whined as he rubbed his head, he glared at Silver with one eye. "The answer Lily is no" he spoke sternly.

"No fair!" Lily whined as she slaps the table.

"I don't care! Lily I will not clean up after an animal! It's bad enough I have to clean everything else" Silver leers at Mizuki who shrinks in his seat.

"You won't have to! I'll do it and teach my pet to know where to go!" Lily replied angrily.

"Still no end of discussion!" Silver said now feeling like a parent who was had to deal with a child that wanted something they shouldn't.

"Why won't you let me have a pet?" She whines shrilly as she follows him through the shrine, Silver now getting fed up stops and rounds on her showing that he wasn't happy.

"They make so much mess Lily! Honestly and they are too loud!" Silver barks as he narrows his eyes, Lily pouts slightly as he looks at him. His ears twitch as he looked at her not knowing what to do about this situation or what she was up to.

"But don't you guys already do that?" Lily asks blankly leaving him rigid. She did have a point there-no! Not falling for it.

"The answer will still be no!" Silver snapped as he stormed off in anger, this left her huffing in anger and stomped her foot at how he managed to get away.

"Why are you always saying no to everything!" she complained before walking away. Lily stopped and had an idea; a grin suddenly appeared on her face.


Silver was left rooted to the spot with his bowl in one hand and chopsticks in the other, now looking petrified and red in the face as Lily brushed his tail after putting it on her lap.

"WH-WH-WH-WH-WH-WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Silver screams now looking more mortified than ever as Lily brushes his tail while humming to herself.

"Brushing your tail what else?" The girl asks not caring if he was in the middle of eating, if Lily couldn't get a pet then she knew that she had might as well make do with a furry 'pet' called Silver. Not that he wanted any part of her insane idea.

"I can see that but can you stop that?!" Silver barked as he tried to move his tail only to have Lily grab it and put it back down on her lap before she resumed brushing. Silver bit his lip and tried not to release a groan from the fact that she grabbed his tail in such a manner, his face now getting redder but tried to refrain from reacting. Mizuki on the other hand as he sat next to Luca blinked and frowned at Silver.

"Why is she brushing him for?" he asks with a pout.

"Furry" Lily replied in a blank simple tone. Silver then bit his lip as she grabbed it and pulled it slightly so the tail was resting on her lap while the tip dangled. Silver mentally whined feeling a wave of emotions coming along the more she continued to bother his tail, this was pure torture! He couldn't tell her to get off, nor could he react due to the promise of not touching her unless she wanted him to. Alas he could do nothing, nor would he give in and let her have a pet. No he had standards and having a pet pooping or making a mess wherever it went was one thing he would not tolerate, plus their hairs could get all over the place.

Mizuki glared at Silver before continuing his meal while silently seething at the attention Silver was getting, Luca on the other hand gave him a sympathetic smile knowing how much this was killing him to not react to his instincts and yet he was trying to push them away but it was becoming more difficult with each moment she had his tail captive.

Lily continued to brush while her eyes never left the tail, she petted it a few times amazed that it was even soft and slightly silky given what he does most of the time. Silver bit back a whimper as she continued to touch his tail without a care in the world. This was getting harder for him to bear, if she didn't stop soon then who knows what he would do.

"Lily I will say this until blue in the face" Silver said in a very calm tone as he resisted the urge to snap. "NO pets in the house" he said sternly before getting up, grabbing his tail so it was out of her grasp and left the room quickly, his meal now forgotten as he went to his room. Lily pouted in her seat but did nothing as she folded her arms.

"Auntie why a pet though?" Luca asked now getting Mizuki to look at them, Lily sighs as she looks at him weakly.

"I wanted to look after something in the house, I know I have you guys but I want a small friend and not a snake Mizuki" She said with a weak smile as his head sank from having his hope deflated. "I wanted something like a cat, having Prim around actually left things a little more brighter in the house remember?" She asks with a sheepish smile, Luca couldn't disagree with that after all Prim kept Silver on his toes while Mizuki at times had mini wars with Prim since they didn't get along due to their species. Despite all that it was interesting to see that Lily was very animated and active with Prim, maybe the should get a cat at least but given Silver's stubborn streak in regards to litter box training he did have a point.

Deep down Luca did hope that there was someway of them actually getting what they wanted. Lily a pet, Silver wanting no mess from any pets what so ever.

Silver remained in bed during the night, his eyes open and looking at the ceiling. He couldn't sleep for some reason; he didn't understand why this was happening. Was it stress? Or was it something else he didn't know. But what he did know was that he had a dilemma of his own, Lily wanting a pet.

It wasn't wouldn't be so bad but given that it was a cat, something he wasn't truly keen on thanks to that demon cat that stayed at their house earlier. He had also had a problem with how messy the cats can be, they scratch and destroy or leave their mess all over the place when they have not been trained properly. The mere thought left him annoyed at how their mess can stain the whole place.

This wasn't helping him sleep one bit but he was trying, he was truly trying to relax and sleep but it was for naught.

He sighed deeply and got out of bed, he needed some air if he was ever going to relax. The view from his door was breathtaking; he spotted a sakura tree that rested near the lake that was actually a portal to Serena-Lily's grandmother's home. The area was filled with clean pure air that filled his lungs with relief as he leaned against the beam with is arms folded. He could stare out at the scene without wanting to move for some time. It was amazing to know that Lily's powers were the reason for how peaceful this area was, it left him brimming with pride and happiness. Although he would laugh as he knew that she was anything but a damsel in distress, no she was a fighter who would never back down if she was in danger. Just knowing that made him smile knowing that he wouldn't have to worry much.

Sighing he looked at the tree until something caught his eye, he looked around and blinked from the sound of something that resembled soft footfalls. Very soon he spotted something at a distance, his eyes now widened in shock as he spotted something that he didn't think was possible after all it should have been a dream. But there before him was a small five year old girl wearing a different hat that he was sure was not a beanie. No this was a icy blue bobble hat with strings at the bottom so she could tie it up by the chin, she also wore a blue cotton coat and blue trousers, on her feet were long blue boots and on her hands were blue gloves. Silver for some reason felt drawn to her, but why was the question. After all he didn't know her, and yet he did...somehow.

Silver's breath was caught from seeing this girl, it made him want to go to her and then...what?

The red haired kitsune watched as she turned to look at his direction, it was then that his breath was caught as what he saw left him speechless.





This girl had Lily's eyes only...they had some metallic silver in them. However the main questions were: Why did she look like Lily? And why was she here?

Silver's eyes snapped open and immediately sat up; he panted heavily as he took in his surroundings to see sunlight. To his surprise he was in his bed but how? He was sure that he was just outside on the porch. How was this possible?

Silver groaned as he covered his face with his right hand before getting up, no point laying in bed since he had chores to do.

Sadly his mind wasn't in for doing them to his dismay. Instead it trailed back to when he just woke up, was it truly a dream or something else? But what?

"Silver are you okay?" Lily's voice snapped Silver out of his daze, he looked at her blankly before nodding.

"Y-Yeah, just an odd dream" he replied in a monotone voice that left her slightly worried.

"You can take the rest of the day off if you are not into doing your chores Silver" she said "There's no shame in admitting that you need a break from time to time" Silver closed his eyes and smiled, marvelling at how kind and sensitive she was even after what happened yesterday.

"No, I'll be fine just slowly waking up" Silver replied before kissing her forehead lovingly, Lily in turn blinked and stared at him. "Best get ready for college right?" he commented which in turn alerted Lily that she was going to be late.

"Okay, but if things get too much have a rest and that's an order" she said sternly before going to get changed. Silver blinked for a bit before a soft smile appeared on his face.

"All right" he said with a defeated sigh "you win I'll go to sleep" he said with an amused smile before returning to his room in order to sleep. Lily shook her head as she watched him go, what a stubborn fox indeed.

The black haired girl walked towards the kitchen to see Mizuki and Luca eating at the table.

"Silver not joining us?" Luca asked as he looked up, Lily in turn shook her head.

"Didn't get much sleep so I told him to rest otherwise he might end up getting sick later on" Lily replied as she joined them at the table. Mizuki frowned but said nothing leaving Lily to sigh.

"It's just for today, but seriously Mizuki I am not joking when I say that he did look awful" Lily added leaving him to sigh feeling a twinge of remorse from her words.

"If you can, can you check on him during lunchtime please" Lily asks looking sad, to her relief he nodded. "But that doesn't mean you can shirk out on chores, don't forget you have to clean the floors and the kitchen" she added sternly while smiling. This made them laugh at how kind but stern she was as a whole.

Lily went to college and resumed studying knowing that things were being taken care off. Very soon it was lunchtime which meant that she had to have a break from studying, on route she bumped into someone and winced.

"So sorry didn't see you there" said a cold voice that left Lily wanting to groan in anger. There in front of her was Madison who was glaring at her darkly, instead of talking or fighting Lily had chosen to walk away making the girl angry.

"Did I say you can walk away bitch?" Madison asks coldly as she pulled Lily back, "you can go when I say you can go" she spat

"Look I don't want any trouble so can you leave me alone please?" Lily asks as she looks at her.

"How about no" she bit harshly to Lily who almost recoiled from the intense hatred rolling off of her, just being near Madison left Lily slightly intimidated but did her best not to let it show.

"Can I ask why you are fighting?" Said a voice, just hearing the voice left Lily to sigh in relief- Shinjirou. Madison's mood changes from loathing to flirtatious leaving Lily wanting to hurl.

"Oh no! We were not fighting Kurama, we were just talking that's all" she said with a smile, Shinjirou was not convinced to Lily's relief.

"Look there are some things I will now put up with and bulling helpless girls is not something I will tolerate" Shinjirou said calmly before lifting his hand up. "Come on Lily" Shinjirou's voice became soft as he looks at her. Lily felt hatred coming from Madison and knew that the glare was a warning, knowing that if she did accept the hand that things would not end well for her. But right now Lily cared not, she wanted to be away from this psychotic girl as soon as possible.

Lily nods and accepts the hand allowing him to take her away.

"That bitch is going to pay, I swear she will suffer" Lily winced from the angry words but kept walking. She was not going to falter or make a noise, no she was trying to be strong now after all Silver wasn't well and she didn't want to get Mizuki or Luca worried. She was going to keep her head up high regardless. She was not going to be put down just because some girl was jealous, no she was stronger compared to before.

"Are you alright?" Shinjirou's worried eyes made her smile. "She didn't do anything to hurt you right?" Lily smiled and shook her head.

"She was just trying to start a fight" Lily replied while smiling, the red haired tengu on the other hand wasn't smiling.

"How can you smile? She almost injured you again?" Shinjirou asked feeling worry and frustration creep up, what if she ended up in hospital once more and he wasn't around? He couldn't protect her forever and he was shocked that Silver wasn't around.

"I know that you would come, Silver since you're wondering wasn't feeling well so I gave him a day off" she replied meekly before looking up "I'm not going to let her get to me. She can huff and puff all she likes, but I am not going to waver or give up" Lily said with a wide grin, it was the same grin that left the tengu reminiscing about the time when she suffered a major beating from both girls when she was a child and it had taken place before she met Silver, just seeing her like that even though she was injured left him almost cringing and tears had been threatening to fall down his face from seeing her that way.

"Don't worry about me, it's just a phase" she had said back then but he was no fool. It was anything but a phase, it had gotten worse to the point that when she did come back from England she immediately suffered a broken arm and couldn't write for some time. This had irritated both him and Lydia but Joanna had said even though she didn't want to that 'this was her fight, and she needed to stand on her own two feet' Shinjirou never doubted her skill but she was always passive in the wrong times but he had to agree about the exposure risk, what if a demon besides him and Lydia had found out about her heritage? She would be at risk and there would be no escape.

"Come on" Shinjirou said with a soft smile "Let's get you to class before you end up being late" hearing that made her grin.

"Sure big brother" she said with a wide smile and allowed her friend to escort her to class.

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