Blessed Secrets

Chapter 15: Cat fights And a Dirty Rotten Cheater Part 2

"Ugh!" Lily grunted as Madison who had finally cornered her after school by the alleyway of a market. Lily felt pain in her stomach but didn't respond to the violence, she was not going to fight back.

"Think it's funny to show me up in front of the idol?!" She snapped "Big mistake you wretch and I'm going to make sure you pay in full" the girl clicked her knuckles before punching Lily in the face. Lily's face was forced to one side and hit the wall, after connecting to the wall did she feel something run down her face. Lily lifted her hand and placed it to where the pain was-under her eye. Lily almost hissed as she felt a cut had been formed from the injury. However just before she could do anything else Madison grabbed her by the hair and sent her head against the wall. Black spots entered Lily's vision but she didn't retaliate.

"Why won't you fight back bitch? Come on! Let's see what you've got" Madison yelled before sending a concussed Lily to the floor.

"You know it's kind of cowardly to attack someone who won't fight back right?" said a voice, Madison turned and glared at the newcomer.

"To think such a girl can allow such a mere mortal to attack her" Kayako said with a frown. "I'm surprised in you Lily" she comments as she looks at them.

"What's it to you? My problem is with her not you stupid" Madison snapped angrily, Kayako on the other hand folded her arms showing that she won't be moved. "You think that you can just interrupt and think that it's okay?"

"You see that's where you're misinformed, this girl is my rival and if you hurt-"

"Enough Kayako" Lily said as she tried to get up to the girl's shock. How could someone who was bleeding badly from the head still try and get up let alone stand. It left her amazed but worried not that she would admit it aloud.

Lily staggered as she leaned on the wall for support but kept her eyes on Kayako.

"Fighting gets you nowhere so please don't get yourself into trouble" Lily said as she tried to get closer to the shocked girl. Sadly Lily didn't get far for she collapsed onto the floor, Madison who had watched Lily now began to scoff in disgust before walking towards Lily. To Kayako's shock Madison had booted Lily in the stomach making the injured girl cry out in pain.

"Next time learn your place and heed my warning, leave Kurama alone or I'll do worse" she snapped before walking away. Kayako was in utter shock at how someone would kick a person when they were down, why had Lily allowed this was beyond her? Just before the girl could do anything she had felt a weak hand touch her foot. Her eyes then went to Lily's crippled and beaten state; to her surprise Lily had actually managed to shake her head.

"" Lily mouthed before closing her eyes and allowed her arm to go slack, leaving Kayako rooted to the spot. Of all the things to see, this was one of the things that she had wanted to remove from her mind at any cost.

"Kayako what are you-?" Kirihito stopped once he got a clear view of the alleyway by the market. His eyes void of emotion but inside he was in shock to see the girl who had helped him, the girl who had also to his anger stole his brother's heart was now reduced to a bloody mess. Just seeing her this way left him feeling numb and stunned.

"What happened?" he asked now gaining the will to speak, Kayako however was reduced to tears leaving him almost guessing on what happened. To think that this girl would reduce Kayako to a mess, how she did that was shocking to say the least?

"Why would someone attack a person who would not fight back?" Was all she asked and for once not even he knew the answer to that.

Vincent raised hell at a now awakened Silver as well as a shocked Shinjirou and Mizuki who were told to come to the hospital. He was beyond furious with them, he had trusted them to watch over her and this happened. Something he had hoped would not happen and yet it did. This time Lily had to endure surgery to their horror after she suffered internal bleeding and a serious concussion to the head. Luca once he had found out immediately rushed out the shrine with the familiars in order to see if Lily was okay, however the sight of his aunt had left him shaken up deeply.

"I want to know who was responsible with looking after her today, who was it?" Vincent hissed angrily. Silver looked at Mizuki who looked down weakly.

"She almost died for goodness sake!"

"I didn't mean to-"

"Right now you're lucky she's still alive!" Vincent snapped angrily making them wince.

"It was definitely Madison" Shinjirou spoke leaving them to look at him wanting him to explain why he would say that. "Madison was picking a fight with Lily but Lily wouldn't take the bait, so I went to stop Lily from being attacked and it might have set her off with Lily" He explained now feeling guilt settle in, Vincent sighed deeply.

"Okay, now here's what's going to happen" Vincent said sternly "I'm going to call the police and I want you to tell them about this, I will not stand for this anymore! She's my cousin, my flesh and blood and I'll be a fool to let this continue whether Lily says to drop it I'm still reporting this for assault" Vincent warned. No one argued or disagreed.

"Who brought her here?" Silver asks now looking curious; Vincent paused as he thought back.

"A girl with black hair according to the paramedics was the one who called for the ambulance" Vincent replied as he tried to remember the details

"Did she give her name?" Luca asked as he looked at his relative, to their dismay Vincent had shook his head.

"I was more concerned about my cousin to ask for any names" Vincent replied looking worn and tired, not that they could blame him given that this was a major shock to them as well.

"I'll stay with her" Silver said immediately going to Lily's bedside, he held her hand and sighed deeply. This was the last thing he had wanted to happen and it was one of the reasons why he didn't want to leave her at all, because the one who did this was always trying to make her life a living hell. Why? Was the main question that wouldn't stop bothering him. There had to be a reason for this kind of behaviour but what.

Silver lifted her hand and placed it to his lips giving her a small kiss.

"I'm so sorry Lily...this should never have happened" he said softly.

"How is the little Land God?" said a voice that left him wanting to growl.

"What do you want Otohiko?" he asks coldly leaving the Wind God to put his hands up in surrender.

"I mean no harm, I was just worried after finding out about this stunt" Otohiko said while putting his hands on his hips and looked at the pair. "I have to say she looks like she's taken a serious beating from a yōkai" he comments dryly.

"Look Lily was just attacked, why and how this happened is what I want-"

"What if I were to tell you exactly what happened when she was attacked?" Otohiko said with a frown, even he was shocked and angry, but he was more surprised at how Lily refused to fight back. She could have easily taken the mortal girl down but chose not to, why she didn't left him more curious than ever.

"I'd say why bother telling me all this? There's nothing for you to gain" Silver asks bitterly.

"You're right there isn't, but I know for a fact that she owes someone for getting her here to begin with. She didn't have to, could have let the little lady suffer and bleed to death but chose not to" Otohiko replied as he folded his arms. He looked at Lily and blinked in shock as some of her cuts were healing up to the point that there was no scarring.

"How did that happen?" he asks mentally feeling intrigued by the whole thing, Silver sighs as he looks at the man who was friends with his father figure. Even though he didn't want to acknowledge it the man was knowledgeable on some levels and knew a lot of gossip thanks to the winds.

"What's the catch?" Silver asks now finally giving in as he looks at Lily.

"Izumo" was all Otohiko had said, Silver bent his head down. Of course after all Lily was the successor of Mikage, it's only natural that he would want Lily to go even if she didn't want to but some part of him still wanted to know why this God was so driven. Why was he dead set on her going?

"Why are you so desperate for her to go? You have the other girl Kayako who is participating so why not allow her by default?" Silver asks looking at the man.

"Because boy she's the successor of Mikage and given her grandmother's status regardless if she is a Goddess or not anymore. She is by right the one who has to sit in either seats" Otohiko replied bluntly. Silver sighs deeply. "Let's not forget that she's being tested to see how strong she is and quite frankly she's going to get Mikage into trouble if she keeps acting like this, he is being lenient but I will not be" Silver's ears pinned themselves after hearing Otohiko's tone of voice- displeasure.

"In fact her attitude as a whole is disappointing, for a Goddess she should be better than this-" Silver saw red.

"Stop insulting Lily!" Silver snapped at a frowning Otohiko. "She might have her flaws but doesn't anyone? Stop acting like you are better than her because you are not, no one is in my books" Silver said bitterly. His mind went to his troublemaking brother and didn't comment after that.

"Regardless I want her taking that test before the week is up. If she doesn't then she will fail the test and lose her position as Land God, Mikage meanwhile will severely be punished as a result" Otohiko said coldly, this left Silver sighing.

"I'll see what I can do but I'm making no promises, after all Lily knows her own mind and won't bend so easily" he replied weakly, hearing this made Otohiko nod feeling satisfied by his words.

"That's what I'm afraid of" Otohiko murmured weakly. "As promised I'll tell you what happened" Otohiko then spoke of the one sided fight which ended in the girl who attacked her leaving after Kayako turned up. At first Silver was very angry before shock entered his face. To think that she would turn up just before that girl could kill Lily, yes he was relieved but at the same time worried. Knowing that Lily would have to pay her back for what happened which meant that she owed that girl a favour, and he knew exactly what favour she would have in mind.

"Thank you... for letting me know" Silver said softly while Otohiko looked at him.

"Just keeping my word, now you do the same" and with that he was gone leaving Silver with a sleeping Lily. The red head sighed deeply as he watched Lily with her hand in his.

After six days Lily was able to leave the hospital to her relief, the reason why she was delayed to leave the hospital was because her cousin had refused to let her leave until all of her injuries had been completely healed and showed no signs of infections or getting worse. As soon as she left the hospital she and Silver had stopped to see Kayako standing in front of them.

"I see your out now" Kayako commented as she looked at Lily, who in turn was a little weary.

"Been delayed due to an overprotective relative" Lily replied in a monotone voice. "Dare I ask why you are here?" Lily asks now dreading the reply.

"I came because you owe me a favour and you know what I want for helping you, that is if you do not have a sense of gratitude given how I helped you from getting killed by that girl" Kayako replied.

"Look I don't want to go but given that he's got my familiar in a bind with Otohiko, I guess I'll have not choice but to comply then" Lily's voice showed that she was tired and was admitting defeat. This in a way made Kayako happy, except the moment Lily mentioned the Wind God's name did Kayako start to feel a sense of resentment and anger towards her once more.

"I'll take the stupid test" Lily spoke in a semi determined voice.

"Excellent I know that if I had struck a deal with Silver that you would have to take the test" Otohiko said while beaming, however Silver and Lily were leering at him with annoyed eyes. Some day...this guy was going to pay for this.

"Now I have your tests right here" he showed them two eggs. "These two are shikigami eggs, hatch them in seven days-"

"Mine!" Lily yells while masking her frown she grabs the egg that Otohiko is about to give Kayako taking him by surprise, her hand after she takes the egg brushes against the other egg but doesn't respond once she felt an aura within that egg and not hers leaving the girl slightly confused. Why was it void of energy and life aura?

Silver's brow rose from what had just happened, not really understanding what was going on.

"Wh-WHY THAT EGG?!" Otohiko cries leaving Kayako like Lily suspicious.

"Why not? Is there something wrong with it?" Lily asks sharply while narrowing her eyes dangerously warning him try anything funny which caused him to begin sweating like mad.

"N-No keep it if you must," he stutters as he looks at her. "Here I guess this is yours then" Otohiko says grudgingly as he gives the shikigami egg to Kayako who is a little confused as to why Lily wanted that egg but didn't complain.

"Probably saw that it was a strong shikigami, I better get started and raise a strong shikigami since she might have a head start" Kayako pondered as she looks at Lily who is staring at the egg with pensive eyes.

"You have seven says to hatch a strong shikigami the winner goes to Izumo good luck" he said before vanishing.

Lily kept the egg close as the pair walked home, not once did they speak leaving the other inhabitants confused as to what as going on.

Lily continued to do homework until Silver entered the room; he eyed the egg with suspicious eyes before putting a tray containing her drink down. This got Lily looking at him before thanking the fox for the drink, he smiles softly before sitting down beside her and watched what she was doing.

"And save" Lily commented as she finished her essay with a grin. This made Silver chuckle as he then pulled her towards him after she saved.

"Now I want your undivided attention" he said with a wolfish smile making her smile sheepishly from his antics.

"Okay you, now what do you want?" She asks while chucking at him. Silver smirked as he looked down at her. Lily's brow went up as she looks back at him.

"And what do you have in mind?" She asks with a sly smile.

"Birthday" He said with a wide grin.

"Huh?!" Lily's blinked in shock...what?

Seeing that look made him laugh.

"Oh come on Lily! You know my birthday and yet you never told me anything about it" Silver whined making Lily sigh and whine at how he had managed to trick her into lowering her guard.

"Oh come on Silver Why?!" Lily cried as she tried to get out of his hold which made his grip tighten.

"Please Lily! Won't you tell me your birthday?" Silver asked as he tried to give her the pouty face, Lily's face heated up causing her to turn her head.

"No!" she snapped making him groan.

"Oh come on Lily! At least tell me why" he pleaded as he nuzzled her neck making her not only laugh loudly but she was now struggling now more than ever to get out of his grip.

"I just don't celebrate birthdays baka now get off!" Lily cried as she gave him a withering glare which only encouraged him to try and nuzzle her more until they landed on the floor with him hovering over her, her legs away from his waist as they panted for air.

"Lily" he now said with a sad smile. "You know why I never celebrated my birthday, can't you tell me why you don't celebrate it?" he asks softly leaving her to stare at him sharply for a few minutes.

"UGH fine!" she groans making him mentally cheer for managing to break her barriers down even if it was temporary, the teen moved up so she was leaning on her elbows which in turn made their faces close to one another. She sighs as she tries to collect her thoughts.

"You know Amaya?" Silver paused, that was Lily's elder sister who went way and was the mother of Luca right? He nods in reply leaving her to sigh once more.

"The week after my birthday was the week I had heard that she had been murdered" Silver's breathing hitched as he looked at Lily's eyes as they grew heavy from the memory.

"M-Murdered?! But that can't be possible-"

"I know, but someone had staged it to seem like she had been and it was around the time I turned five, we had her shirt which was covered in blood delivered to us and it made us assume that it was sent to us by the killer. Only when grandmother looked into it did we find out that someone had broken into her temporary home as they tried to hunt and kill her. However Amaya had left her shirt there behind just to throw off the killer knowing that it had her scent on it" Lily replied feeling tired and miserable from remembering how stressful and upset her and her family were. It was chaos that time and it had taken her grandmother months in order to track Amaya since she didn't cross over which lead to the assumption that she was still here but in spirit or she was in fact alive. Still it didn't make any of the family any better knowing that she could have been killed during those months and no one would have known about it.

Silver sighed deeply as he used right arm and pulled Lily's back close so they were hugging.

"I am sorry you had to go through that, I know it must have been a nightmare" he said softly as he looked at her. Lily shook her head.

"I should be the one who's should be sorry after all, your sister-" Silver leaned his head onto the side of hers before putting her on his lap so he could cradle her.

"It happened because my father was a bastard. He was suckered into going into that life by his mother and believe me they will suffer deeply" he said softly as he held her close. "I know for a fact that he's been sentenced to death in two weeks which will give me some time for closure" he said causing her to look at him.

"Won't you talk to him?" Lily asks feeling sad about the whole thing.

"He lost my sympathy and the right to called my father the moment he chose that life, it was because of him that my sister and mother had been murdered" Silver replied calmly as he gave her a saddened look, his ears now pinning themselves to his head while his tail went limp. "I have already seen his mother executed last year for crimes that are too horrific to mention about anyways" he added in a blank tone leaving her to sigh as she looked at him, feeling sad about the whole thing. Not even he deserved that kind of pain and if she could, she would try and change things for his sake. Hopefully they could patch things up and take it slow even though it will take a long time.

Lily leaned her head against his chest making him hug her a bit more tightly before a shudder had left his lips as he leaned his head on her as well. They stayed like that for a while until he looks at her.

"Birthday please" Silver had asked her so bluntly that it left her mind blank as she tried to process what had happened, within minutes she began to laugh.

"Silver!" She cried before slapping him making him laugh as well.

"What?! I want to know!" he whined while he looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Fine! Just wait a month" she snapped as she glares at him.

"No NOOOW!" he whines as he tried to get her to snap, Lily almost raised a brow at how childish he was being.

"What's the big deal? It's just a year that goes by" she asks while frowning at him, now wanting him to get off her. Silver on the other hand was in shock from hearing her words.

"Come on Lil! You can't let one bad event ruin the day-" Lily looks at him dryly. "Hey at least she's alive right, mine isn't" he said softly as he looks down.

"Nice try I'm not telling" she says bluntly causing Silver to groan and forced his head to dip in frustration.

"Please Lily!" He pleaded as he looks at her.

"For the last time no! If you want to find out wait until next month" she said sternly. Silver looks at her wearily.

"Why-" his eyes widen "Is November your birth month?!" he asks with glee. Lily looks at him blankly.

"We'll see" was all she said, part of her was a little ticked but slightly relieved that he had not remembered that she did tell him her birthday-when he was human!

Silver cheered while shaking one of his fists before hugging her tightly.

"I'll be back soon!" Silver yelled before running out the room, Lily looks at him with a raised brow.

"I'm starting to wonder if it was a good thing that he did forget" she mutters as she looks at the calendar. " family hasn't" she now dreaded that her family might drop her in it, then again he will be upset knowing that he was missing out on her birthday. But still, the one thing she refused to do was to celebrate her birthday after all given how each time it was her birth month it always ended up in disaster. Last year ended up with the apartment Lily's uncle had given the girl to her shock it was almost being seized for chemical leakage thanks to a neighbour who was dealing with cooking crystal meth in their kitchen leaving her and Shinjirou wondering how on earth they were in one piece.

The year before that, the party had been crashed by a stripper who had broke into the house only to realise that he was at the wrong address.

Just thinking about those events left her shivering and groaning from the thought. No this year- no parties even if she could help it. Silver wouldn't have to know, she could put it off with luck...hopefully.

Lily then looked at the egg and frowned, she stroked the shell but felt sad. It was for the best anyways. Everyone will get what they wanted-well almost everyone.

Later that night Lily was preparing for sleep before she collapsed on the futon. The girl's eyes looking at the egg before she slowly went to sleep, oblivious to the world around her.

As Lily continued to sleep, the door leading to the outside world opened revealing a person surrounded by shadows. Walking towards Lily silently the person took something that resembled and egg from their pouch and placed it beside the egg Lily had resting on a pillow beside her. The person then watches as with a smile lit up on their face as the eggs started to resonate and begin to fuse into one egg. Feeling satisfied the person then looks at Lily before stroking her head softly.

"That'll teach that meddling fool, worry not my dear the joke will be on him" the person giggled softly before leaving the area and closed the door without making a noise.

Mikage was currently sitting under a tree by the roots as he listened to his friend, who was screeching and yelling like mad from something that had happened recently. Most of the anger however was directed at a shocked Mikage for the fact that Lily will lose the contest without a shadow of a doubt.

"And why's that?" Mikage asks looking confused as he sips his sake; given that both Goddesses were suppose to have an egg containing an actual shikigami inside them. Otohiko gives him a withered look leaving the blond haired God more confused than ever.

"Because I purposely tried to give her an egg that already had a shikigami in it but she snatched the empty one instead! UGH that girl is unbelievable!" He cried while biting and pulling on his tissue at the same time, but it refused to tear from the pressure to his anger and frustration. "That was her shikigami and she just took an empty one instead" this made Mikage smile softly but doesn't say anything.

"It appears that she wasn't fooled one bit, no one likes to win in a rigged contest and better yet Lily had just ended up outwitting him once again" Mikage mused as he sipped his drink. "I wonder how Serena's taking to the whole thing, I hope she is proud of Lily, after all not everyone would turn down a victory when it's been handed to them just like that... but then again, they are not Lily" Mikage continued to smile as he enjoyed the full moon, knowing that Silver was not allowed to drink had set the man at ease. Especially since Lily wouldn't allow it...speaking of Lily.

"I just realised that someone's birthday is going to occur during the conference" Mikage commented as he looks at his friend who had suddenly stopped ranting.

"Oh who cares? Can't you see I'm in a crisis right now?!" he cries leaving Mikage to blink in shock...ouch!

The next day Lily had woken up due to the alarm clock and began to stretch while she yawned. Her eyes went to the egg and sighs softly. Even if it was empty, at least Kayako would be happy to know that she had won, given her history Lily was sure that this would leave the teen feeling like she had achieved something. Although she was sure that Otohiko was raving mad from the fact that she took the empty egg whether he was aware that she had done it on purpose or not, she stroked the egg despite all that after all. Even if she had to keep the charade that her egg actually did store anything, otherwise it would be deemed suspicious.

Lily after changing held the egg and placed it into a pouch she made from tying a short scarf around her waist. That way it won't fall out or get damaged along the way.

She greeted her familiars, shrine spirits and nephew with a smile while entering the kitchen where everyone was sitting around the table.

"Morning auntie, did you have a nice sleep?" Luca asks before drinking his orange juice, he passed the carton of orange juice to Lily who thanked him in return before Silver passed her a glass.

"It wasn't too bad, what about you?" she asks as she looks at him. Luca smiles softly before snapping out of his daze.

"Y-Yeah I did" he replied with a shaky smile making her grin.

"Someone got a crush?" She asks with a teasing smile that made his face light up.

"N-No! Don't be s-silly" he replied feeling his face grow hotter by the minute, Lily shook her head and smiled.

"Blond girl notice you yesterday?" Luca immediately dropped his toast and looked at her, Mizuki blinked at what happened while Silver was listening in as he finished making the breakfast.

"Auntie!" Luca whined making her chuckle, Oishi and Dai looked at one another with blank stares not knowing what as going on.

"Stop it you're embarrassing me!" he cried causing her to laugh some more.

"What I think it's cute! Although Hoshi might end up being your competition given the way you're going" she said with a teasing smile that made him go more red than ever.

"I have school" Luca whined as he took his toast and left without another word.

"Be sure to give Hazel my regards!" Lily joked which resulted in a loud thump and a whine that made Silver and Lily laugh. Mizuki sniggered at what could have happened, given that he did just clean the floor earlier on.

"MIZUKI! YOU PUT TOO MUCH POLISH ON THE FLOOR!" Luca cried as he entered the room with polish on his face, hair and clothes. Mizuki winced while Silver and Lily frowned at him, however on the inside the duo were trying very hard not to laugh at how silly Luca looked.

"Mizuki please be careful next time" Lily said weakly as she stood up and went to help Luca get the polish off. By the time they were finished the pair had then went to their place of learning. This time Silver decided to stick around and keep and eye on Lily thanks to the incident with Madison.

Lily as she went to the library was shocked to see that Kayako was even there trying to look for a book.

"Need any help?" She asks causing Kayako to turn and look.

"No I don't need your help" Kayako replied coldly until she saw Lily grab a book and pass it to her, what shocked her was that she didn't even say that it was the book that she needed leaving her confused.

"Look, I appreciate that you didn't attack Madison" Lily sees Madison from the corner of her eyes glaring right at her from a distance leaving Lily to mentally roll her eyes and look at Kayako. "And I do pay my debts but I do not appreciate you acting like you are God's gift to the world" Lily said sternly leaving Kayako shocked.

"It doesn't matter about your skin or where you came from or who you are born to be, in the end we are still the same and I don't appreciate the fact that you think that it's okay to look down on me just because you think you can. It's rude and leaves people not wanting to be your friend, regardless if you are stressed with these 'followers' that want to hound you with things that you don't want to talk to them about" Lily added before putting her hands on her hips. "It's your life not theirs, if you don't want to do something then don't. Don't just wait until someone has to tell you all these things" Lily then turned to walk away.

"What makes you think that you even know a single thing about me?" Kayako asks as she tried to recover from what Lily had said, what did she know? She had to work hard unlike this girl. She knew nothing about how she had to deal with these people ever day since she started to be a God to them.

Lily sighed before turning to look at Kayako with a frown leaving her baffled at this girl's behaviour.

"You think that's bad? Try having you and your family hunted by not only people but also yōkai until there's no one left" Lily replied coldly leaving Kayako shocked. "There's only about fifteen of us left in this world all because of stupid lies and rumors" was all Lily would say until she felt a chill in the air and began to look round. Kayako blinked as she tried to process this information until she saw Lily's narrowed eyes.

"What is it?" suddenly the lights went out which had caused everyone to panic.

"Black out?!" cried a girl nearby.

"Why is there a black out?" the librarian asked now getting up.

"This isn't good-hey why are you looking up?" Kayako asked as she saw Lily look to the left part of the ceiling causing her to look up as well, the girl went pale as she saw a giant spider sitting on a web.

"Great Great uncle Kamaji would have loved this" Lily commented with a frown.

"This is no time to make jokes you know!" Kayako cried while Lily's brow went up.

"Who says I was joking? He use to do experiments and had somehow cursed himself into having eight claw arms like a spider, he went into hiding after that and no one had seen ever since" Lily replied bluntly leaving Kayako at a state of shock, that must have been bad.

"Re-regardless there's a Tsuchigumo running above our heads" Kayako cried before people started to scream in terror.

"Let's get out of here" yelled a student leaving the pair to look at the demon.

"So any ideas on how to stop it?" Lily asks as she looks at Kayako, who in turned rolled her eyes.

"Allow me since it seems like you are incapable of doing anything" Kayako muttered leaving Lily's eyes to go wide.

"Well excuse me for asking!" Lily replied in a very angry tone and folded her arms, Kayako shook her head and started to make the talismans around her move rapidly.

"Killing is not what I had in mind but I guess I'll have no choice" Kayako said before sending an attack onto the spider demon, who in turn screamed in pain. She patted herself in order to get dust off of her.

"Well that was easy" Kayako said with a smirk while Lily frowned.

"You miss are the biggest cockiest idiot I've ever encountered" Lily said darkly causing Kayako to scowl.

"What was that?!" She yelled before Lily pointed at where the demon once was only- it was still there and it sounded very angry as it roared.

"B-But how?" She cried in shock while Lily walked forwards until she to stood beside Kayako.

"You done?" she asks blandly before looking at the spider. Lily suddenly gasps before Kayako could talk and, the next thing anyone knew was that Lily had pushed a very shocked Kayako out the way and then glares at the spider after it sent a web attack on them.

"Why you-!" Lily's eyes turn sapphire blue but were completely feral to Kayako's shock.

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Lily released a full blown ear piercing shriek, the wind made rippling noises around her as she sends the spider flying, not only did it get sent out the building but it was burned alive and disintegrated into dust from the sunlight to Kayako's shock. Lily however scoffs before walking in a huff, ignoring the fact that there was a HUGE hole in the library ceiling. Seeing that left had Kayako shaken up as she holds the book tightly until her knuckles turn white.

"J-Just who is this girl? No what is that girl?" She asked feeling herself panic from what she had just seen

Lily continued to stomp through the college almost scaring everyone that had been unlucky to be in her path, Silver however rushed to find Lily thanks to hearing her loud scream only to blanch in shock from seeing the large hole in the library leaving him to only wince. He spotted Kayako and raised a brow.

"Wh-What was that?!" She screamed making him shake his head slightly.

"Dragon's howl, you're lucky to not have your eardrums ruptured from that attack. Which means that Lily protected you" Silver replied before walking away, Kayako was rooted to the spot from his words. Dragon's howl?! But she didn't even look like a dragon demon! So how was that possible?

Kayako rushed out and informed a stunned Kirihito about this sudden development while shaking the whole time.

"But you are not hurt are you?" he asks while patting her shoulder, Kayako looked up and shook he head.

"Good then you have nothing to fear, it appears that this Land God has been keeping more secrets than I had thought" the male's words had left her confused until he showed the book Lily had offered to give him. Looking at the chapter had left Kayako in a state of fear, if that is what that Land God truly is then she was in for a world of trouble due to their grudges. But at the same time it now did make sense especially when Lily had said that her family had been hunted down by humans and yōkai.

Silver smiled weakly as he heard Lily rant nonstop for hours leaving Mizuki, the shrine spirits and Luca to keep their distance just in case she blew up on them.

"And then she actually thought that such a move would do that! We almost died because of her ignorance!" she snapped.

"I know your upset-" Lily fumed at him leaving Silver to wince...oops.

"UPSET?! Oh Silver I am beyond upset" she wagged her finger at him making his tail go limp, him and his big mouth. "I'm utterly livid!" Lily snapped. Silver mentally groaned until he caught her glaring at him causing him to stop half way.

"Had a good groan?" she asks sarcastically leaving him pale.

"You! Me! On the computer now you're so dead now!" she bellowed making Silver hang his head weakly. On the bright side she'll be selecting a game to blow off steam but the down side is that if he lost then that would mean severe pain for him.

"Yes Lily" he said weakly as he sat beside her and waited for her to get the game going. This was going to be a long afternoon.

Three days had passed and Lily was trying to remain void of emotions whenever she saw Kayako, however today she did not even see that girl at all which had left her suspicious.

Deciding to track the girl down Lily made a temporary dove shikigami using her sakura petal in order to locate and find Kayako. As soon as she located Kayako's home did she blanch.

"Who told you to come and visit me?" Kayako's brow twitched from looking at Lily and the dove shikigami. Lily glared before shoving the sick girl past her in order to enter the apartment.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Lily yelled shocking Kayako who had to close the door and look at what Lily was looking at. "It's no wonder you are sick" she snapped before rolling her sleeves up.

"I didn't ask for your opinion" Kayako muttered until Lily shoved her bag at her, she then grunted from how heavy it was and looked down at it. How much did this thing weigh? And how was she able to carry such a thing to begin with.

"That's it I'm cleaning! Go somewhere that isn't contaminated by this filth!" Lily snapped before getting started on cleaning the apartment.

"Who told you that it's okay to-" Kayako froze from seeing Lily's sapphire blue slit eyes.

"Get out or I'm shoving you out!" she warned making Kayako grab her egg and run to the balcony in a panic as Lily began to work furiously with the room.

"Honestly I might be a pack rat but you are not a homeless woman! Start tidying yourself up and learn how to cook fool!" Lily ranted as she sent all the dirty stuff out the apartment and into a dustbin. She then went to get a few cleaning supplies and food to make dinner before going back into the house, placed the food in the kitchen and then got started on cleaning the house more until it was liveable. Kayako as she watched was left utterly speechless at how Lily was even doing all this work and was not even taking the time to rest or complain about how hard the cleaning was. She just did it and then took anything dirty out.

By the time Lily was done it was about nine in the evening and she had already called Silver saying that she was going to be late.

Lily immediately shoved Kayako in the room and went to get started on cooking leaving Kayako frowning.

"Why bother? I always have take out" Kayako asked bluntly leaving Lily to stop and glare.

"Start learning about the need to cook, it saves money and you then start to get a sense of accomplishment" Lily said sternly as she continued to cook. "This here is simple and easy" Lily gestured for Kayako to come close; once she stood beside Lily did she find out what the girl was up to.

"What exactly is that?" Kayako's nose crinkled in disgust until Lily glared.

"This is dinner, deal with it or go hungry" she growled making Kayako take a step back. "So how's your shikigami?" Lily asks as she placed red cheese over the sauce covered spaghetti. This made Kayako look at the small egg.

"It's doing well, what about yours is it close to hatching?" Kayako replied bluntly.

"Rule number one, I tolerate no TV but get a fridge it will store healthier stuff, since I know your stuff will go off this will be a good time to plan a head. Second rule is change your attitude or you'll lose people and lastly" Lily turns to look at Kayako. "Don't bit the hand that feeds you" Lily warned before hearing her phone beep. Lily then had two plates along with the clean cutlery ready thanks to buying them at the shop.

Next Lily placed the spaghetti covered sauce on the plates and sprinkled parmesan cheese on the top before handing one of the plates to Kayako.

"Here, dinner's served" Lily replied blankly, she watched Kayako hesitate before scoffing as she took the plate.

"I suppose I should say thank you" Kayako said bluntly as she sat down. She blinked at how simple it was and yet the smell had made her stomach make the most embarrassing noises leaving her face to heat up. Lily mentally chuckled as she grabbed her plate and fork before sitting down opposite her.

"Definitely haven't had a property home cooked meal" Lily smiled before getting started with her food, her eyes lit up as the food entered her mouth.

"Yup this is good" She grinned before placing the plate on her lap in order to eat properly "I have to warn you it can get a little messy" she comments while Kayako just sat and stared at her with wide eyes. She looked down before copying how Lily dealt with the food and placed some in her mouth. Kayako's cheeks went pink from how good it was and looked down at it.

"Average" Kayako replied knowing that Lily was watching, Lily smirked before shrugging.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night" Lily replied with a smirk, she then placed the fork load of food in her mouth and dabbed her mouth with a large tissue square. Kayako's eyes narrowed before looking down at her food and began to resume eating. It was then that Kayako had realised that Lily didn't answer her question about her shikigami's progress.

"You didn't answer my question about your egg" Kayako commented, she then spotted Lily suddenly go still before shrugging.

"It's just a test Kayako, just take care of your egg okay" was all Lily had said leaving Kayako blinking. What was that all about?

"Why bother concerning yourself about my egg when you should be concerning about yours?" Kayako asked in a monotone voice, once again Lily shrugged.

"No reason" Lily replied leaving them in silence.

"Why do you allow that girl to hurt you?" Kayako asked causing Lily to look up.

"Oh? Well it's been like that since I came back here, it's not a big deal she just sees me as an easy target so I try not go get into a fight knowing that it's pointless" Lily replied weakly feeling shy about the whole thing which was something that Kayako had took note off.

"Still don't let her push you around like that" Kayako said sternly before pausing. Why did she just say that in a way that made her sound like she was worried? Lily smiled softly.

"I can't even use my power on her, it's exposure and it'll solve nothing being violent all the time" Lily replied softly causing Kayako to look in awe. "So why are you trying to go to Izumo so badly? The Divine assembly isn't all that it's cracked up to be you know, too many stuck up higher ups who think that they're better than us human dwellers" Lily replied with a shake of her head. Kayako blinked.

"Is that why you aren't interested?" Kayako asked in shock. Lily smirked at her.

"You didn't answer my question" Lily commented

"And neither did you" She replied sharply making Lily laugh shocking Kayako once more at how she could laugh like that.

"My grandmother hates most of them including the Wealth God, apparently he's too flamboyant and a flirtatious weasel that goes after any pretty girl that catches his eye" Lily replied with a smile.

"That doesn't answer the question much" Kayako muttered as she eat.

"No it doesn't" Lily replied with a soft smile. "I just like to work and I hate crowded areas that are filled with people thinking that they're better than everyone" Lily explained now eating once more.

"Is it because that the one who wants you dead is sealed in Izumo and the moment you step foot into Izumo would mean death?" Kayako asked suddenly now wanting to know that if it was true. Lily's hand shook causing her to look up showing that she was utterly pale from dare Kayako say it- fear.

"How? How do you know about that?" Lily asks shakily conforming Kayako's suspicions.

"So it's true, that's why you didn't want to go to Izumi?" Kayako asked.

"Kayako swear to me that you won't breathe a word about this, please" Lily pleaded taking her by surprise. "If I go there it'll mean that she'll try to break the seal and once she is out she will without a doubt kill innocent lives just to get to me" Lily said sternly trying not to break down as she spoke. "She won't stop until my family and I are all dead" Lily explained now choking on a sob leaving Kayako pale now knowing how bad the situation was as she saw tears running down Lily's cheeks, Lily places her plate down and stands up.

"Sorry I'll be back in a minute" Lily said weakly as she walked briskly to the bathroom.

Today was now the seventh day of the when the shikigami eggs were to hatch. Lily and Kayako were in their homes since it was a weekend waiting for their eggs to hatch, although Lily didn't really seem bothered since she knew that there wasn't any life in it so she hardly bothered to Silver's confusion. At times he would just see her holding the egg with sad eyes before putting it in either her pocket or her pillow and leave it there. Silver at times checked the egg to see if it was in piece.

By the time it was lunchtime Kayako had arrived at the shrine followed by Otohiko to Lily's displeasure.

"So I see your egg hasn't hatched" Otohiko commented as he held the egg for a bit, Lily however gave him a frown before snatching the egg back.

"You would know wouldn't you? Blooming rigging the test so I can win without a shadow of a doubt" Lily muttered darkly before sitting down. Kayako looked at Lily briefly before bringing her egg out, she froze as she felt something move within the egg. Almost as if it was reacting to something to her surprise.

"Mummy?" Came a voice that caused Lily to drop her cup in shock, Silver reacted by grabbing a towel and cleaned the spot as Lily grabbed the cup.

"Sorry butterfingers" Lily said with a weak smile while Silver looked at her blankly not believing her for a minute. Kayako stared at her with a frown before she looked at her egg, her heart leapt from seeing her egg now finally hatching after seven days. Very soon a baby dove appeared from within the egg to Silver's shock, especially since doves were something Lily would often summon using a flower petal.

"What's going on? Why is that a dove? That can't be something that Kayako would grow" Silver mentally said before looking at Lily and then Otohiko who was twitching slightly but said nothing. Kayako was in shock to see such a creature for in truth she did hope for something more stronger but then there was Lily's shikigami to deal with.

The baby dove yawned slightly before looking at Kayako and then at Lily, it chirped weakly before it started to try and fly but ended up plopping on Kayako's hand. Lily looked at the baby at a sideways glance before looking at her egg.

"Hello Chii" Lily greeted softly causing the baby to look at her with curious eyes.

"Stay with sister Kayako okay? Don't let her get hurt please" Lily said softly knowing that Kayako or anyone who was in the room would be able to hear it except Luca. Who in turn slammed his mug down and looked at them in shock. Kayako however continued to look at the dove who chirped not knowing that the chirp was directed at Lily. Chii then looked at Kayako and nuzzled the girl with her head. Silver blinked at Luca walked away briskly almost as if he was angry about something to Silver's surprise.

"I can't believe this! Otohiko really did rig this whole thing?!" Luca yelled leaving Lily to mentally wince.

By the time it was midnight the egg still did not hatch to Kayako and Silver's shock. But what did that mean though?

Otohiko however almost glared at her and then at the dud egg, she was suppose to win and yet she threw her chance away like it was nothing! He was definitely going to give Mikage a piece of his mind for this.

"I guess that you win then" Lily said softly as she stood up alerting Kayako that she was going out the room. Kayako was stunned to see Lily smiling a little too forcefully which had left her confused, yes she was happy that she won but why did it feel like she hadn't at all.

She smiles and pats it softly leaving Kayako confused by the sudden turn of events, she was so sure that it would either be a tie or something. This just didn't make sense to her given how strong Lily is.

"Welp good luck Kayako and take care of Chii for me will you?" Lily said with a wide smile leaving Kayako confused as to why Lily would say that. Otohiko blanched in shock at how Lily could even name the shikigami that Kayako had hatched, so she knew the whole time and didn't let Kayako know at all. The mere thought had shocked Otohiko a lot but kept it quiet.

Lily leaves the room without looking back and goes to her room. Silver now realising that Lily was leaving had followed her and then closed the door behind him after entering to see a sad Lily who was holding the egg, it was then that he realised that the test was in fact rigged.

"Well congratulations Kayako I'll inform you of when the meeting will take place" Otohiko said in a nonchalant tone, Kayako bowed in reply before leaving the room suddenly Chii had flown off of her shoulder and began to take off down the hallway causing Kayako's eyes to go wide.

"Get back here bird" Kayako hissed as she followed the dove who had now stopped in front of a room

"You knew that the egg you had was empty, didn't you?" Silver's voice came from the room, Kayako as she listened had froze from hearing what had been said.

"You knew that the egg you had was empty, didn't you?" Silver asked as Lily gave him a sad smile confirming his suspicions.

"Yeah..." she said softly. "But I'm glad she's got Chii to look after her" Lily replied feeling her grow heavy heart from the fact that she had given up her shikigami, but was happy that it could protect Kayako.

"You know, I'm sad since it feels like I'm letting someone important go. But I'm happy to know that Chii is in good hands" Lily turns to smile at him, even though it was fake Silver was surprised to see her smiling. "You never wanted a shikigami in the house to begin with" she said softly leaving him feeling guilty.

Kayako felt herself go sick from the hearing what the pair had just said. To think that Otohiko would just pull something like that, was that why Lily had snatched the egg before Kayako could have it? She had known all along that it was empty and yet she didn't show any signs of knowing, she just allowed Kayako to think that it was a fair test. Instead it wasn't it was all rigged and that if Kayako had been given the egg she would have lost without a shadow of a doubt leaving her feeling more cheated.

Kayako then heard Otohiko being yelled at by Luca, the Wind God in turn got angry at Luca for talking to him in that manner.

"I don't have to explain myself to a mere human boy like you" Otohiko replied coldly.

"Then explain to me what you were hoping to achieve by doing such a thing? You lied and deceived people in that test, they got hurt thanks to you and the one who you take orders from!" Luca snapped.

"If you must know so badly boy it was to strengthen your aunt's powers only it seems that she purposely lost by taking the empty egg"

"You make me sick the lot of you! Do you even know why auntie took the egg? She knew how badly that Kayako wanted to win and allowed herself to lose! I bet you don't even know what would happen if auntie went to Izumo" Luca snapped.

"The grand assembly is coming up boy, she has to show up or else it'll discredit the Mikage Shrine" Otohiko replied coldly.

Not wanting to listen anymore Kayako had tried to sneak out feeling nothing more than hurt by how cruel Otohiko was, he didn't even care if she had gotten hurt if it meant that Lily would grow stronger. Only Lily had done the most kindest thing and gave Kayako her shikigami, something that she wouldn't have done at all leaving her more shocked at how different they both were.

Kayako had looked at Chii with heavy eyes as soon as she left the shrine, seeing Chii's sad eyes left her more hurt, cheated and angry about the whole thing.

"Go to her then" Kayako said sternly causing Chii to look up at her with confused eyes. "She's your master so go to her" Chii realising what Kayako had meant had immediately shook her head.

"Why not? I know you're not mine so leave me alone and go to her then" again the dove shook her head looking at Kayako with sad eyes. Kirihito who had heard that she had won went to see her standing near the shrine only to see Kayako looking angry at a-dove?

"So that's it? All she could come up with was a useless bird?" he thought while looking at her with a frown.

"Just go already! Why won't you leave me alone?" Kayako yelled leaving Kirihito shocked at her behaviour, why was she pushing her shikigami away?

"Mummy wants you to be safe, I will do as she asks sister" Kayako chocked on a sob from hearing a child's voice, tears then start forming in her eyes, Kirihito on the other hand was shock from hearing what Chii had said.

"What is that bird talking about?" he asked now approaching a saddened Kayako who turned to look at him.

"This test was rigged, it was only to strengthen her powers only she had anticipated this somehow and purposely took the empty egg so I could win" This left Kirihito shocked and baffled but did not let it show.

"Well the bright side is that we get to go to Izumo" Kirihito commented to her shock.

"Is that all you can say?" Kayako froze from her own words; Kirihito however narrowed his eyes at her.

"There's nothing stopping you from going to Izumo, she lost in the end of the day"

"Because it was RIGGED! I feel cheated and angry from the fact that it was not a fair test" Kayako hissed leaving him annoyed at how she was behaving.

"Since when did you care? After all she was your competition" Kirihito asked, hearing his words made her go cold given how that was what Lily was to her in the beginning. That was until memories of when Lily had tried to help Kayako in her home and had even made dinner, even though she didn't have to but still did it anyways.

"Because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have won" Kayako replied angrily.

"Going soft already huh? Did she really mean that much to you?" Kirihito asked in a bored tone leaving Kayako to frown.

"It's not about being soft, it's about doing the right thing. That Land God had did all that and even let me keep Chii, she in the end of the day was the winner for doing the right thing" Kayako replied coldly leaving him to blink.

Lily was sitting in the living room with Silver who then watches her take out the shikigami egg and holds it up to see zero on the egg. She sighs before smiling at it.

"I'm glad that it worked out well in the end" Lily said softly, Silver then grabs her hand along with the egg and looks at the sad girl.

"I never wanted you to be sad Lily, know that" Silver spoke with a determined look and kisses her cheek, Lily then smiles at him as a result leaving him relieved to know that she was slowly getting back to normal.

"You know, we never did get round to organizing the date for us to actually go out" Lily commented with a chuckle leaving his eyes to go wide before softening as he smiled at her as she tries to change the subject, but was happy that she still remembered after all this.

"Yeah... we didn't" Silver said warmly before kissing her hand that held the egg.

"I'm proud of you no matter what, that was a very nice thing you did. Even if she didn't deserve it" Lily shook her head with her eyes closed before looking at him.

"I knew it was empty, but I didn't want to leave her feeling upset and cheated so I let him give her the egg, I have no regrets" Lily said as she moved back and smiled. "Sure I can't see Chii growing up, but I know that those two will help each other after all" Lily giggles at the thought "Chii's job is to heal hearts of those who are saddened or are filled with negative emotions, I told her about this role mentally after I gave her the name" Silver at that moment had not felt more pride then he did right now, a smile bloomed on his face at how sly she was.

"You have a good heart Lily" Silver said before going to get them something to eat in the kitchen. Lily stands up and watches him leave, chuckle leaves her lips before looking down at the egg.

"Even if you are empty" Lily kisses it delicately "I am glad that things have worked out either way" Lily says softly before looking at Silver. The egg without warning started to shake to her shock, this in turn had left Lily yelping slightly causing Silver to rush into the room.

"What is it?" Silver asks hastily before his ears catch a sound coming from Lily's hand, very soon a crack started to form from the egg causing Lily to cup the egg as wonder and amazement filled her face.

"My... my egg is hatching" Lily said in a breathless voice. Very soon the egg broke apart revealing a baby kitten with purple fur, white sock paws and vibrant green eyes. It shook is body for a bit to remove anything from it's fur before looking up at her with curious eyes.

"Meow?" It tilted it's head to the side in wonder before trying to paw her arm in order to try and get up so it could get a closer look at her.

Silver in turn walked towards Lily's side in order to get a closer look at the kitten, he immediately frowns at what he's seeing.

"It's a flipping runt of a cat" Silver said bluntly leaving the kitten to go rigid before it hissed, spat and scowled at him with very narrowed eyes showing that it was not happy one bit from what it was hearing.

"Why on earth did it have to be a cat?" Silver asks now looking more annoyed as memories of when Prim had stayed at the house had entered his mind, and they were not good memories indeed.

The cat suddenly jumped onto her shoulder leaving them utterly surprised at what it was doing, they watched it then jump again sadly however Silver's tail had not so lucky as the cat honed in on its target and immediately latched onto his tail with it's tiny jaw. Silver went rigid before a loud scream filled the shrine leaving anyone listening shocked and confused as to why there was screaming to begin with.

"Oh come on boys! Knock it off will you!" Lily yelled as she tried to get the kitten off of Silver.

"IT'S A DEMON I TELL YOU! GET IT OFF!" Silver cried in agony while Mizuki and Luca had just stood there looking like they were at a loss for words, the shrine spirits were even left speechless at what was going on. What exactly happened? Where did the cat come from and why was it attacking Silver?!

After finally managing to the get cat off Silver had then tried to massage the pain out of his tail, he immediately glared at the kitten as he try to take the pain away.

"Flaming evil little-"

"That's enough Silver! He's only a baby" Lily scolded leaving him to bit his lip and look away at how she could easily take the cat's side over his.

"Now... what to call you-"

"Well I hope you're happy young lady!" Otohiko muttered as he entered the room "Ugh I had to deal with that girl having a tantrum-WHAT?!" Otohiko screamed as soon as he saw the baby cat. "WH-WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!" Otohiko screamed now looking like he was going to have a panic attack from seeing the cat in her hands.

"Oh? Him?" Lily looked down and smiled at the curious kitten who was confused as to what was going on "This is Essy and he's my baby shikigami" Lily answered with a wide smile, the Wind God on the other hand felt his jaw slacken.

"I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS!" he screamed while they looked at him.

"Believe me I'm just as confused as you are" Lily replied until she heard someone enter the living room. "Oh hi" Lily greeted a now stunned Kayako.

"How is that possible?" Kayako asked as she looked at the baby cat who was looking at her with a disarming cute smile.

"I don't know, it was empty after all"

"That would be my doing" said a woman's voice that made Otohiko look up sharply.


"Bit down Otohiko after all you and Ookuninushi were responsible for this rigging you worthless runts!" Serena snapped leaving him going pale, Kayako however was at a loss of what was going on. Who was this woman? And how did This Wind God know of her?

"So you gave me this egg?" Lily asked as she looked at Essy who blinked in confusion, Serena looked and smiled at her softly.

"Yes and no" Serena commented leaving them all baffled. "Let's just say it was in my possession since you were too young to even handle a baby shikigami, although you could summon phantom shikigamis given how old you were at the time" Serena replied with a smile and patted the baby kitten who nuzzled her in reply.

"What do you mean?" Lily blinked not knowing what was going on, Serena however chuckled.

"This little one was yours when you were three but I had to take him away since you were too young to raise one and would have zapped your strength leaving you unable to control it" Serena's answer left everyone stunned. Otohiko however had felt like slapping himself.

"So you're telling me that this little girl created a shikigami at the age of three?!" He screamed until Serena gave him a disapproving look.

"Yes you fool now get out, you have what you wanted. Kayako won-"

"No no! You know why I cannot except that!" He cried "How can I look the other Gods in the face knowing that I allowed this to happen?" hearing this made her sigh.

"What is it with men and their egos?" She mutters "It's late enough as it is. If you are so desperate wait until later since everyone needs a rest, then decide with both of them on what to do to settle this dispute and I mean it Otohiko, make my granddaughter upset again and I'll do more than skin you" She warns before going out the room leaving Otohiko pale and shaking, it had taken him a while before he could leave the room leaving Lily and the others minus Kayako to laugh at what happened.

"I can't believe great grandma scared him like that!" Luca wiped tears from his eyes while Lily and Silver were laughing beside the other.

"Who is that woman?" Kayako asked almost relieved and happy that Otohiko had finally met his match. Lily smiles at Silver who shrugged.

"That is Serena, she was once the Goddess of Time and knowledge, now a days she's known as the Oracle of Time and knowledge after she was reborn" Silver explained while Lily nodded in agreement.

"She is also a time keeper and makes sure that no one meddles with time" Lily added with a smile, Kayako on the other hand shocked by the sudden turn of events.

"What am I going to do Mikage?" Otohiko wailed to Mikage's dismay but kept it quiet. "I can't show my face if I allow this mockery to continue! But what can I do since they now have shikigamis?"

"How about a game?" Otohiko blinked before frowning.

"You know this is no time for games right Mikage?" he asks angrily while Mikage surprisingly smiled.

"Lily's an excellent game of bluff, she's never lost a challenge in her life. Even defeated Serena and her uncle Loez at a few games" Mikage explained hearing this had now piped Otohiko's interests.

"That could work" Otohiko replied now nodding "Yes thank you Mikage! Oh I am so happy now she can-"

"But you must give them a week to prepare, Lily will not agree if it's rigged again" Mikage warned causing Otohiko's mood to vanish.

"You're right sadly enough" he mutters.

Lily and Kayako were left baffled at what Otohiko had proposed.

"You want us to play bluff?" Lily asks with a look of disbelief.

"Aren't we a little to old to play games?" Kayako asked while the shikigami babies played with one another in the background, making sure not to harm the other as they had fun.

"Well this will be a good time to show me how good you are at reading another person. Here's how it goes. I'm going to judge you on how you score correctly, if you call someone bluffing and you are right then you get a point, get it wrong and you'll lose points. The first one to get five strikes loses" Otohiko explained, it did seem plausible but Lily wasn't keen on it.

"I don't know" Lily said weakly "This seems a little too suspicious" Kayako looked at her.

"Why would it be suspicious it's just a game right?" Kayako asked while Otohiko mentally hoped that Lily would take the bait.

"It's just that I've never lost a game and yet now he's suggesting it makes it seem like it's another rigged game" Lily replied weakly, she did have a good point.

"How about I give you both a week to prepare your poker faces darlings?" Otohiko suggested. Lily piped up and looked at Kayako who nodded.

"Three fours" Otohiko placed down three cards.

"BS!" Kayako yelled, she then turned the cards over and felt her heart thump from losing another round. That meant that Lily had three losses while she had just had her fifth and final one loss. Meanwhile Otohiko had placed a mark by her name while turning to a very tired and slightly annoyed Lily.

"Two aces" Otohiko replied calmly.

"BS" Lily said dully before going rigid at what she had just done. Otohiko blinked in shock at how quickly she responded while Kayako was shocked at what just happened. Silver as he was listening turned sharply to see Lily who was now in mentally kicking herself for what she did.

"Oh no! Please don't tell me I didn't just do what I think I just did-" she whined as she watched Otohiko turn the cards over to reveal one two and a six.

"WHAT?! NO!" Lily screamed now banging the table and slammed her head onto it. She began howl in misery at the fact that she had definitely won the game.

"OH COME ON I DEMAND A REDO! I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION!" Lily cried before wailing again.

"No can do, you young lady are going to Izumo" Otohiko said not hiding his glee as he ticked Lily's name.

"NOOOOOOOO! I DON'T WANNA TO GO!" She wailed before howling like an actual wounded animal shocking Kayako, Otohiko and Silver who had now started to look at her oddly given how she was behaving about the whole thing. Chii however started cheering while Essy sat beside her with blank eyes. Lily on the other hand glared at her weakly while mentally crying.

"Why are you cheering?! Stop cheering Chii I don't want to go!" Lily wailed while Otohiko smirked knowing that he had now got her to go.

"THIS IS RIGGED! RIGGED I TELL YOU! WAIT HOW DID YOU EVEN KNOW THAT I WAS GOOD AT THIS GAME?-YOU!" Lily bellowed as her eyes went wide in anger, which had caused them to look at her and then at Otohiko who had paused from her sudden change in mood.

"Who told you about this? Grandmother wouldn't even dare talk about it, in fact no one was aware that I was good at this game except-" The Wind God gulped now seeing that things were about to get ugly fast.

"I think it's time for me to make myself scarce" Otohiko now saw this as his cue to leave however before he could move he was then suddenly sent to the floor by Lily who was no starting to choke him.

"IT WAS MIKAGE WASN'T IT? WASN'T IT?!" she yelled now trying to strangle the life out of a horrified Otohiko. "ONLY HE WOULD HAVE A DEATH WISH!" she yelled as Silver tried to get a very angry Lily off of the Wind God while Kayako was at a loss for words.

"Lily come on, this isn't right-"

"Like hell it isn't right! This moron cheated I tell you! He's a dirty rotten cheater!" Lily yelled while Kayako looked at the shikigamis who were silent and looking at them with owlish eyes.

"I SWEAR ONCE I KILL YOU! I'M COMING FOR YOU NEXT! DO YOU HEAR ME MIKAGE?" Lily screamed as Otohiko continued to make choking noises as he tried to get Lily off of him. Never in his life had he been made to feel afraid of anyone besides Serena and Sapphia in his entire life. This child was not normal at all!

"I've got a quick question" Kayako said while looking at a very ticked off Lily. "What exactly possessed you to attack a Wind God like that?" Lily then looked at her weakly knowing that she was going to suffer for this when she entered Izumo.

"I was hoping that I'd be disqualified and that he would have stopped me from going to Izumo" She replied with a weak smile that had left Kayako and Silver utterly stunned by her reply.

"One question" Lily looked at Silver. "How is it that you were able to win all the time?" Silver asked, this had piped Kayako's interest.

"I read people, that and I can tell when someone is lying" Lily replied feeling tired and fed up. Silver and Kayako however went rigid from her words, knowing that once again Otohiko had rigged the whole thing again.

"Wait are you telling me that the test involved a card game named bluff and you had just lost it from three to five?!" Kirihito asked angrily not happy with what had just happened. He was furious about the fact that he would have to find a new way of entering Izumo now.

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