Blessed Secrets

Chapter 16: Off To Izumo

"WHAAAAAAT?!" Silver screamed in shock.

"Like I said you are not going" Lily said sternly while Mizuki was doing a mini dance to the fox's anger.

"But why?! Why are you letting that snake go with you?" he cried now feeling like his life was now ending thanks to that.

"Because I want you to attend to my collage since I have work that needs to be given in, and someone has to look after Luca" Lily replied as Essy went up her arm and sat on her shoulder. Silver's eyes narrowed and a growl escaped his lips after Essy had stuck his tongue at him before nuzzling Lily's neck.

"Flaming rat" Silver muttered causing Essy to screech in anger while Lily cried out in shock.

"Silver come on! Enough please, the fact that I'm trusting you to look after Luca is a big thing isn't it?" Lily asks weakly. Silver scoffed before turning his head and folded his arms making him look childish.

"Fine" he snapped as he continued to look away.

"Now I'm going to go to the shops to get some stuff for the trip, YOU stay here and help with the chores" Lily said sternly causing Silver to stutter violently. "And don't do anything stupid when I'm gone" Lily warns before going out the shrine with Essy. However as soon as she left-

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Silver roared as he launched himself at a terrified Mizuki who had to endure a series of beat-ups by a very angry fox, Luca however watched and blinked from the whole thing. Mizuki continued to wail and cry from being injured.

"Help me Luca! He's being mean to me!" Mizuki cried as Silver summoned his foxfire.

"Nah I think I'll just do my homework" Luca replied sounding tired as he gets up and leaves the room. Silver and Mizuki watch him go before the red head slowly turns his head to Mizuki and gives him the most devious smirk ever imaginable, a smirk that would forever haunt the snake familiar's nightmares.

"Well...well..." Silver spoke in a very happy tone, his eyes now feral and showed that he was very angry and happy now that he had leeway to hurt Mizuki. "Looks like it's just you and me now isn't it?" Silver asked to a now pale snake who was almost shaking in fear. "And the best part" foxfire gets bigger in Silver's hand.

"No one will ever know or help you" Silver's smirk gets wider reminding Mizuki of when Silver had gone rogue in the past.

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Mizuki's cries of pain filled the shrine while Silver was having the time of his life.

"Oh that felt good" Silver flips his shoulder length hair from one of his shoulders. "Almost made me miss my old life" Silver said in an now ultra calm voice as he goes off to get something to eat. Meanwhile Mizuki is left twitching on the floor while completely charred, cut and bruised all over the place. If anyone had leaned closer they would have heart the faint sound of a whimper.

"Okay and that's the last item" Lily said as she placed it in her shopping trolley, she then went the cashier and paid for the items that she was going to take with her to Izumo.

"Got a suitcase so that's lucky" Lily said as she grabbed her stuff and placed it in the suitcase so she didn't have to carry much. Essy who was sleeping on her shoulder had nuzzled her slightly before he flinched. He then jumped off and turned into a purple haired green eyed seven year old boy with pale skin, he wore a white shirt and cotton white shorts while his feet were bare. She caught him look up and frowned, there's bad spirits heading this way" Essy's stern voice caught her attention.

"Are you serious?!" Lily looked round before catching a twinge in the air. She was then dragged by Essy to the park and stopped knowing that it was best not to cause trouble in public areas. Not knowing that there was someone watching them from where they sat.

"Great just great why now of all times" Lily bit her lip as she looked at the incoming miasma that was charging at them before surrounding them.

"Human God!" yelled a woman who looked disturbing leaving Lily shocked and confused at their appearance.

"Those are fallen Gods who have been stripped of their divinity!" Essy cried leaving Lily to frown.

"If so then why are they here?" she asked coldly.

"Are you the human summoned to the God Summit?" a woman asked, Lily who heard the question blew out of her nose and frowned.

"Sadly yes" Lily muttered taking them by surprise "What? I was played into coming! I didn't know it was rigged!" Lily snapped.

"Unforgiveable!" the woman screamed angrily. "A lowly human like you should know your place! No human should enter that heavenly realm!"

"Refuse or else-!"

"Or else what?!" Lily snapped "You'll bit my head off?! In case you've not noticed you are already doing that!" Lily snapped causing the fallen ones to grit their teeths.

"I will take pleasure in ripping your guts out" the male one snapped.

"Look! I told you I didn't want to go but as Mikage's representative I have to!" Lily yelled as she glared at them.

"You dare look at us with such eyes you vile human!"

"So you're the new God of Mikage shrine? The one who houses that pathetic filthy fox?" one the males asked causing Lily to twitch.

"What can that beast do that a holy familiar cannot?" another male asked with a glare. Just before Lily could bite back she caught the sound of laughing and turned to check if the one laughing was feeling alright, her eyes went wide from seeing Kirihito only he was laughing like crazy causing her to frown.

"You know that's just going to make them more angry right?" Lily asked dryly as she leered at him weakly.

"You there! What are you laughing at?" the woman yelled.

"If you could see yourselves right now, you'd have to admit that you are the ones who are lowly yōkai" Kirihito replied with a smirk. "After all, ganging up on a Land God just to scare her into not going just proves how cowardly you truly are"

This didn't go well with the fallen ones who glare.

"Shut your mouth human!" the woman slapped him to Lily's shock, she watched Kirihito hit the floor a few times before he stopped moving causing Lily to glare at how they were now laughing.

"Oh so you think THAT'S funny do you?" Lily asked sternly as she looks up at them.

"What can a measly human do to stop us?" the woman asked as she cackled with her fellow fallen ones. However Lily's eyes glinted sapphire blue without them noticing, suddenly the area around them went even more dark as something appeared behind Lily. It took the form of a giant dragon who's eyes had silenced them.


"So you think it's okay to bully and underestimate the weak huh?" Lily asked as her voice now started to change. Her hair now changed to sapphire blue just like her eyes.

"H-Human what are you doing?" the male fallen one screamed as the air started to become stifling for any of them to take.

"Oh? Did I not tell you?" she asked bluntly before grinning darkly "I'm more than just a human you rotten scumbags" Lily replied coldly as smoke appeared from the dragon's nose causing the fallen ones to quiver in fear.

Kirihito looked up after regaining his bearings and froze from what was being shown before him.

"To think fallen ones would just grow to be so petty after losing their divine powers? What a pack of morons" Lily said coldly "I should kill you all now and be done with it!" she snapped causing them to move back slightly.

"Y-You have no kind of power" the woman said shakily before looking at the dragon who's eyes shone murder and glee leaving her more uneasy.

"Actually darling, I do" the fallen ones froze. "Don't recognize me? Pity" Lily said with a mock sad look leaving them more unsettled.

"I'll tell the perverted idiot when I see him about you lot! Not that he'll be able to argue when I'm done with him" Lily said with a glint in her eye.

Essy looked up at Lily fearfully as he sensed a lot of power coming from the mark on her right arm, it was surprising that no one could sense it building up.

"Any last words before I toast you all and then send whatever's left of you to Yomi?" Lily asked while folding her arms. The fallen ones started to run only their way out was blocked.

"Why do you guys always run when you finally realise that someone isn't so weak as you think them to be?" Lily asked in a bored tone before lightning was shot down from the sky, without warning the fallen ones were incased in ice before they shattered to pieces the moment they landed on the floor.

Lily chuckled darkly as she shook her head.

"Now that was anti climatic" Lily muttered before turning to look at Kirihito. "I'm on to you so no funny business" she warned before the area went back to how it was before the miasma surrounded them. Lily stretched as she yawned.

"Good workout" she said before her hair and eyes changed back to normal to Kirihito's surprise. Lily as soon as she opened her eyes blinked and looked round.

"Errr... what happened?" this made his eyes go wide in shock, just who was this girl?

Lily then looked at Kirihito and gasped before going towards him.

"Are you okay?" Lily asked.

"Fine" he replied bluntly causing her to roll her eyes.

"Uh huh... so blood dripping down your face means that you're fine?" Lily asked sarcastically "I doubt it" she said before placing her hand on his face making him pause.

"What are you doing?" he asked coldly before he felt his face go warm just from having her hand touch his. After a few seconds did he pull her hand off his face and glared at her.

"Well you're fixed, see ya and sorry for the pests" Lily waved before going off with Essy and the suitcase.

Kirihito raised a brow as he looked at her, not knowing what to say.

"Master Kirihito! We got the plane ticket!" two males wearing fox masks appeared.

"We even got you a ticket that has a seat with a window!" the other one chirped with glee.

"Fine fine" Kirihito muttered "Let's go"

"Master Kirihito what happened to your clothes you're covered in blood!" the first male asked in panic.

"Leave it" Kirihito said coldly as he wiped his head where blood rested.

"How can you say that?!" the first one cried.

"It's a human body-"

"Shut up!" Kirihito yelled causing them to flinch in fear "I won't be in this body for long anyways"

One of the males rushed towards him taking him by surprise and looked at the injuries.

"What are you doing?" Kirihito snapped.

"The injuries are all gone" the second one replied taking him and the first one by surprise.

"What?!" Kirihito barked.

"How is that even possible... unless that girl!" he paused rubbed the blood that should be under his eye and blinked. There was hardly anything there now so did that mean that she healed him? But how? There was no record of any in her family that had the ability to heal right? Unless... it was not recorded!

"WHAT?! BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR LILY!" Silver whined again as he tried to change Lily's mind.

"I told you, no Silver and besides I refuse to have you get looked down upon by snot nosed idiots who think that it's okay to judge you just like how Mizuki did in the past" Mizuki froze while Silver gave him a death glare.

"She has a point" Luca replied as he sat at the table. "There are some holy familiars who will do anything to create a fight which is something we can't allow unless you want Mikage and auntie Lily to be discredited" Silver bent his head weakly knowing that he was beat.

"But I won't see you for a while" Silver said weakly causing Lily to have a lopsided smile.

"I'll be back soon" Lily said weakly.

"Oh and great grandma Serena asked me to give this to you, something about warding off the evil woman so she can't find you" Silver went rigid while Luca mentally smacked himself as both her familiars now started to go crazy about this 'evil woman' and were demanding answers.

"Who is this woman that he's talking about?" Silver hissed as he glared at Lily.

"Why didn't you tell us that a bad lady is after you?" Mizuki cried while Lily chuckled weakly.

The night sadly consisted of both familiars having a tantrum about how she didn't tell them something so crucial that it almost left everyone with next to no sleep.

The next morning Lily had yawned as she got up and got herself some breakfast before setting out with Mizuki.

"Be sure to look after Luca or else" Lily warned causing a sullen Silver to glare at her.

"So I am the only one who came to see you off?" Himemiko asked with a stunned expression while Lily chuckled weakly.

"Yeah... Silver was not happy and has to look after Luca, my brother like friend is doing school work so I don't miss things and my sister friend is helping out with Joanna" Lily admitted as she gave her a weak smile.

"I see, you are have busy schedules" Himemiko commented as she looks at Lily. "Where is your other familiar?"

"Oh he's gone ahead so I'll meet him once I land in Izumo... not exactly thrilled since I was tricked into going" Lily admitted now looking glum. Lily wore a black top and blue pants, around her neck was an eye with a teardrop resting below the eye.

"So your grandmother gave you this?"

"Yup something about warding the bad demoness who is after my family. My family years ago had made a pact not to go there for protective reasons after our ancestor Yumi sealed the demoness there" Lily explained.

"I see, I do hope that the pendent will keep you safe" Himemiko said with a worried smile.

"The eye is suppose to shroud me and the tear is suppose to represent the barrier so hopefully it'll work" Lily said cheerfully before hugging her friend.

"Oh right! I took something called a photo and I wanted to give this to close friends" Himemiko said with a blush "It was done during our date" she said in a dreamy voice as she reminisced the date.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed your date Himemiko" Lily beamed as she looked at the picture.

"And it was all thanks to you Lily" Lily paused and looked at her friend. "For me who is a yōkai, to date Kotarou a human it almost seems impossible but you Lily. You did this for us you gave me a reason to believe that yōkai and humans can love one another" Himemiko said with a warm smile.

"Now you are going to the God summit, I cannot be anymore prouder than I am not. And I can't be anymore happy to have met you Lily. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart" Lily beamed as tears ran down her face, she hugged her friend dearly.

"It was no problem at all Himemiko, I was more than happy to let this happen. You and Kotarou are a perfect match for one another, regardless of your differences" Lily commented with a soft smile.

"You really think so?" Himemiko asked as she looked up with tear filled eyes.

"Yeah" Lily replied in a soft tone.

"I will miss you but I know you'll do well, if anyone can do it it's you Lily" Himemiko smiled "Travel safely"

"Thank you Himemiko and I'll miss you as well" Lily grinned as she hugged her friend until her plane number was called. "Looks like it's time" Lily said now pulling back.

"Take care Himemiko" Lily waved as she grabbed her bag and ran to the terminal in order to get on the plane.

"I wish you all the best Lily" Himemiko spoke in a soft tone as she looked at Lily's retreating figure.

"Does it seem rather cold in here?" asked a college student who had gotten the sudden chills.

"Yeah, it's giving me goosebumps" said another student while Aoi looked at Silver's disguised form with a frown.

"Classy... you managed to leave people on edge this time" Aoi commented as he saw Silver's eyes narrowing in anger as he glared at the computer with intense hatred.

"Damn snake gets to go with Lily! How dare she allow that to happen and it's for a whole flipping week! Darn you Lily!" Silver muttered darkly as he tried not to claw the table in anger. "What's worse?! You even had me babysitting your nephew! That kid doesn't even need saving!" Silver ranted darkly before sighing weakly.

"I miss her... and she knows how I feel about her? So why?" he looked at her computer and smiled softly at her work. She even left him her note book and recorded everything for him including the passcodes to what needed to be put onto the computer and this internet thing. Sure it was hard but he was sure that thanks to these notes it would make things a whole lot more simpler.

"Hey Lily! How are you this fine day?" Shinjirou's voice left Silver twitching angrily as he tried to save her work.

"Did you decide to leave that annoying perverted fox at the shrine or something? I can't see him anywhere?" Shinjirou asked with a peppy smile that left Silver really mad, ignoring his fan girls who were making a scene behind him.

"GHAAAAAAAAAA!" Shinjirou screamed as he was immediately set on fire, Silver stomped out the classroom feeling furious from the insults and what's worse is that the crow had the gals to say that to someone he assumed was not in the college.

"Kurama is on fire!" screamed one of the fan girls.

"Someone bring him water!" the second one screamed as the fan girls went crazy.

"Stupid dumb crow!"Silver muttered angrily. "Knows nothing about me and yet he just shoot his mouth wherever he sees fit!" Silver ranted as he stormed through the corridors.

Lily stretches as she leaves the plane and gets herself checked out, she was sketchy about this area due to safety reasons but hoped that nothing would go wrong. After all her grandmother was not coming so she had to come as a representative for both Mikage and her grandmother. That was a lot of expectations resting on her shoulders but she was willing to tough it out.

"Lady Lily there you are" Mizuki smiled as he waved at Lily who was smiling weakly.

"H-Hey, how long were you waiting there?" she asked as she saw a giant white snake resting behind him.

"Not too long, an hour maybe" he replied with an eager grin.

"So when do we have to get to the summit?" Lily asked as she looked at him with a frown, not happy or eager to get there due to the seal.

"Well we are a little behind but I can get us there in no time" Mizuki grinned as he helped her on the white snake and immediately went straight to the God Summit.

"So that's where the meeting will take place?" Lily asked as she looked at the area below her.

"Yup!" Mizuki chirped. "Over there is where the Sacred Lotus Shrine was, it's was once a place where people went to heal until the person who was in charge of it died suddenly" Mizuki explained with a sad smile. Lily however glared at it knowing that even though it was at a distance, the feel and pull of the shrine left chills down her spine.

"You know that shrine's a replica of the real one right?" this took him by surprise.

"How would you know that?" he asked looking at her with bewildered eyes. She then looked up.

"That replica is a mirror image of the real one that was sent to sky, what really houses the replica is that demoness who was sealed a thousand years ago" Lily replied taking him by surprise.

"So that's why no one enters it, some familiars often complained that there was a lot of miasma surrounding it and no God since then has allowed anyone near it. They even spread stories to the humans saying that it was haunted or something" Mizuki explained as he looked at Lily.

"Not surprising, she could possess someone just to break out" hearing this made him go pale.

"Let's just hope that no one goes near the seal then" Mizuki said weakly. "Okay I'm going to go down so hang on okay" Mizuki cried however just before Lily could grab onto Mizuki a strong wind had hit Lily.

"So you think that you could hide from me with that item? Pathetic child..." Lily froze from the cold voice.

"I'll make sure that you don't survive the fall you foolish girl" suddenly Lily felt something wrap itself around her before slowing down her fall. It was then that she heard a vile bone chilling scream that was silenced by something.

"That was close" Lily commented as she landed softly. She looked at the pendent to see that it was glowing lightly causing her to smile.

"Thanks grandma" Lily grinned as she looked round to see the torii gate.

She then turned to see people appearing and realised that they were deities, taking her by surprise. She watched them talk to one another with mixed emotions.

"Why couldn't they change the date already?" asked a woman that Lily identified as Inahohime.

"Look who's talking Inahohime" Said one of the old men known as Sumiyoshi Sanjin.

"You're just going to sleep during the whole of the meeting" the second old man.

She then spotted a man with hair that went up and was wearing armour.

"I'd expect everyone to be here on time since this happens only once a year!" Lily identified as Ikusagami.

"You there novice human God" Lily turned to look at him with blank eyes.

"Yes can I help you?" this made him twitch at her reply.

"What do you govern? Show me you divine skills?" he said sharply causing her to glare and fold her arms.

"I don't have to show you anything!" she snapped causing him to glare.

"Why you-!"

"I don't have to show that I'm anything when I know I have power, doing that is personal gain and it's frowned upon. Shame on you!" she snapped before walking to the entrance of the grand shrine.

Lily heard the drum sound and saw everyone going leaving her annoyed.

"Narukami was right, this girl is useless! Don't go entering and stay out of my sight you weak girl" the War God snapped before heading off.

"That's nice... ugh" she muttered "So much for being polite and humble. Most of them are just so stuck up!" she snapped before walking towards the area that they were heading to and paused, the area was now dark to her dismay.

Lily sighed as she looked at the floors to see if she could get a path that led her to the gathering hall, it was then that a green butterfly that Lily had identified as Mikage's incarnation had flown beside her.

"M-Mikage?" Lily asked, stunned that he would be there before following him to a pair of doors, she stopped and glared at the person standing in front of her.

"You know I have every right to hurt you for what you did" Lily growled causing him to smile softly.

"I know, but your grandmother did truly want you to go. She just couldn't let it be obvious" Lily blinked.

"But why? She knew that I was in danger" Lily paused as he patted her head.

"You are more stronger than you'll ever know Lily, you have Sapphia on your side remember and she wouldn't just chose any of her blood lines so willingly you know. Then there's Silver who is like Luca is waiting for you to come home, don't give up for even though they seem strong or are not what you expected. They like you have faults which they tend to try and make sure are not visible. You however don't allow your faults to get the best of you; you are kind and are passionate about those around you. Even towards your fellow humans and the yōkai" Mikage smiled. "It's what they lack since they chose to see it often as a sign of weakness"

Lily looked at him before looking down, seeing her like this made him smile.

"I have something for you" Lily immediately looked up to see him holding a parcel and blinked.

"You didn't" she said with a sigh.

"I know you don't celebrate it but it's not everyday that you turn eighteen you know" Lily looked away shyly.

"You didn't tell-" Mikage chuckled and shook his head.

"No, I had a feeling that it was something you weren't too keen on telling due to reasons of the past" Lily nodded meekly. Remembering that a week after her birthday was the day that her sister Amaya's shirt was delivered to her home only it was ripped and covered in blood, which in turn caused everyone in the family to assume that she had been murdered until her grandmother had confirmed that it was not true. However it still didn't leave Lily's mind, after all who would be comfortable seeing something like that?! Especially at the age of five. Was it an omen she wasn't sure until she saw Silver die in front of her.

"Thanks" Lily said meekly causing him to smile softly.

"Things will be hard at first but I know you'll do well. By the way you might find that there will be a person or two on your side" Mikage winked before he vanished, Lily on the other hand was confused.

"I wonder who that could be?" Lily looked at the parcel and smiled softly. She looked at the tag and smiled.

"Happy eighteenth birthday Lily

May you enjoy your day to the fullest

Mikage" Lily looked at the parcel before taking a deep breath, she then opened the door and watched everyone drinking while being merry causing her to cringe.

"Sorry I'm late" Lily called "Lily Hikari Land God of Mikage Shrine reporting" however no one was paying attention causing her to mentally scowl.

"You'd think they'd actually learn to listen and be polite when someone is trying to talk" Lily twitched.

"You there!" Lily almost rolled her eyes from whose voice that was. "Why are you even here? Didn't I warn you to stay out of my sight?" the War God said in a scathing tone. Lily however just turned and frowned.

"Against my will I was summoned" she said with a glare "Now keep your mouth shut and deal with it" Lily hissed causing him to glare.


"Oh hush!" said a voice that Lily knew well, without warning Ikusagami was sent forward by a kick "First day of the summit and already fights are breaking out, bad tempered as ever Ikusagami" Otohiko said in a cheerful voice.

"Lady Lily!" Mizuki wailed as he hugged a sheepish Lily while Essy joined in and wailed. "I thought you were seriously hurt! Don't leave me like that again!" Mizuki cried.

"I'm fine Mizuki don't worry" Lily chuckles at her familiar and shikigami.

"OTOHIKO YOU ARE LATE!" Ikusagami yelled in anger.

"Well you can't put a price on beauty right?" Otohiko said with a happy smile.

"Are you the one who brought that useless girl into this place?!" Ikusagami roared.

"Don't look at me? That tasteless rebellious girl-"

"Can freaking hear you! You bloody pests!" Lily turned to give them a thunderous look that left Otohiko shaking. "WELL?! WHAT WAS THAT?! COULDN'T HEAR YOU!" Lily boomed ignoring the silence as she snapped at them.

"N-Nothing, nothing at all" Otohiko turned his head as he felt fear enter him due to how cold this place was getting.

"That's what I thought" Lily bit crossly as she folded her arms. "The next time you slander someone make sure that you don't!" she said in a sickly sweet voice that was laced with venom.

"R-R-Right, I'll keep that in mind" Otohiko looked away.

"Why are you allowing this girl to tell you what to do? In actual fact why are you even taking orders from her?" Ikusagami asked coldly. Otohiko gave him a withered look.

"Don't trouble yourse-GHAAAAAAAA!" Otohiko screamed from seeing someone stand behind Lily. Even the War God was left paralysed from fear causing Lily to tilt her head.

"Okay what's got you two scared?" Lily barked crossly.

"Bothering one of the new ones are we?" said a voice that was like Lily's but older. Lily turned to look only to gasp mentally. There stood a tall woman with short black hair that rested up to her shoulders. She had a black kimono on that had white flowers on the sleeves and sides of her hips.

Most of the deities gossiped from what they were seeing while someone that was sitting with an empty space bit his lip.

"N-No L-L-Lady U-U-U-Uniliya!" Otohiko shook his head in fear while Ikusagami turned his head.

"Then why is she upset with you two?" Uniliya asked in a cold tone causing them to go pale. She then looks at Lily before patting her shoulder dainty.

"I do hope that you are okay" the woman comments with a soft smile leaving Lily to only stand and nod. This makes her chuckle and kiss Lily's cheek softly causing a few to talk.

"I'm glad, don't mind this guy" the woman gestures to the war guy to his shock. "He cannot do anything when someone has been summoned" she said softly.

"L-Lady Uniliya! What are you doing here?!" Otohiko cries leaving her to scowl at him, this makes him yelp in surprise while Mizuki and Essy are beside Lily. Both had confused looks on their faces.

"No hello? Typical although your taste in clothes are almost as bad as your attitude, do sort it out" She warns coldly before looking at Lily, as she ignored his response.

"Worry not child" she winks before walking slowly to her seat. The other higher ups gulp in fear, hoping not to invoke her wrath given her reputation and power.

"Who is she?" Mizuki asks causing Otohiko and the war guy to look at Lily.

"What I want to know is how you got her to be nice to you" The war guy said coldly. While Lily remained silent.

"Oh...em well" Lily looks away now feeling embarrassed by his sudden interest in her.

"Well she is the Keeper of death and the one who works aside Ootokunishi's relative. She's been here since the beginning of time, like her brother who is the keeper of life. They are very dangerously powerful" Otohiko explained as he looked at Mizuki. Lily almost relaxes knowing that they don't know why the woman was being nice to her.

"If they found out then that would be a blood bath" Lily said weakly.

"So wait I'm confused! Who summoned you and why was Lady Uniliya being nice to you?!" Ikusagami looked at Uniliya who was sitting next to a man with long white hair, who was wearing silver armour. The War God gulped from seeing the man give him a frown.

"The one who called her was me" said someone in the middle. The veil in the middle of the room opened up to reveal a man in blond hair.

"Lord Ootokunishi!" Otohiko cried with glee causing Lily to scowl.

"So that's the guy who organized this farce?" Lily thought bitterly.

"Lord Ootokunishi it's so good to see you!" Otohiko went straight to the host God of the summit with a wide smile.

"Hello Otohiko, you look very gorgeous today" Ootokunishi greeted with a smile.

Uniliya on the other hand had the same idea as Lily and had released a mock laugh causing Lily to look at Uniliya quickly.

"Now now sis please behave" the white haired male said weakly while feeling embarrassed.

"Oh do hush Unilion" Uniliya waved him off causing him to frown.

"Seeing you on the first day is unusual even for you Ootokunishi" Ikusagami said with a glare.

"Well I do have some important business to attend to" Ootokunishi said brightly before looking at Lily.

"Miss Lily before the summit begins, can you do me a the honour of-"

"Go stuff yourself you melodramatic perverted arrogant flamboyant twat!" Lily bit harshly causing everyone to either stare or yell in anger. Ootokunishi however was stunned, his hands twitching as he looked at her.

"Come again Miss Lily?" Ootokunishi asked weakly.

"There is no way in hell that I am going to do anything you ask! You flipping twat!" Lily snapped causing him to shrink back slightly.

"And why not?" he asked weakly, Uniliya sniggered darkly knowing that he was getting a taste of his own medicine.

"Oh I'm sorry do I look like I'm a waitress? That I'll just bend over whenever you say so?"

"Well no-"

"Can you also explain to me what the word NO means?"

"W-Well erm-"

"And yet you tricked me, lied and cheated just so I can come on to this bloody summit only to be insulted, ridiculed and mocked!" Lily bit angrily causing him to wince. "Not only that but a girl who you were also testing with me was lied to, from OTOHIKO'S WORDS. He said that she would come here when it was obvious that it was all a bunch of bull!" Lily snapped. "Do you have any idea of how much pain and hurt that you had caused?! That girl was so eager and yet you had the nerve to give her false hope!" Lily snapped as she got in the scared man's face, she then grabbed the front of his clothes and pulled him so her face was close to his.

"Here's what you are going to do! You are going to Kyoto and will apologise to Kayako right now or else-"

"Miss need I remind you that I am the head-"

"You'll be the head of this flipping floor unless you want my grandmother on your ass!" Ootokunishi went pale.

"Y-Yes right away" he moved to the exit to everyone's surprise but stopped, his face turned grave "oh and please do go to the gates where Yomi is " he said softly "There was a yōkai attack on the gateway and who knows what damage could be caused from such an attack"

"Get your ass to Kyoto and I'll think about it" she said coldly "And I find out that you DIDN'T go then you had better stay away" Lily warned, her eyes now turning sapphire blue to his horror.

"R-Right Lady Sapphi- I mean Lily" he rushed out; as soon as he was gone did she sigh while putting her hands on her hips.

"Good riddance" Lily muttered as she looked at Otohiko causing him to yelp in fear from seeing her eyes.

"Oh Otohiko" Uniliya sang causing him to look at the woman.

"Do be a dear and go with Lily to the gateway please" Uniliya said with a smile before sipping on some water due to her condition.

"Why do I have to be your guide? It's not fait!" Otohiko wailed as he looked at the floor.

"Your fault for being late, deal with it" Lily snapped causing him to look at her.

"You truly are heartless aren't you?" he asked with a pout.

"With good reason" Lily glared.

"Oh come on then I'll take you since Uniliya won't leave me alone until I've done my job" he said weakly.

"Mizuki can you make sure that no one goes into my room please" Lily yelled while Essy latched himself onto her arm.

Mizuki blinked before nodding, something must be important for her to have him go there.

"Honestly girl, your fashion is bad but your temper is worse. Ugh dragon girls-GHAAAA!" Otohiko cried when his arm that wasn't holding Lily started to burn.

"Uniliya said not to be rude to me right?" Lily asked blankly causing him to glare and whine at the same time.

"How do you do that? That woman hardly is nice to anyone and yet you get the royal treatment!" Lily smirked mentally knowing why.

"Just be warned though, we're going to a gate that is a threshold between death and rebirth, humans cannot stand the smell for it will make them rot immediately. Those with no soul or are lower yōkai will be reduced to dust however a God can only come and go. If Uniliya is out then that means it must be serious after all she hardly enters the summit" Otohiko said sternly.

"I think she just wanted to say hi" Lily said weakly, this made him look at her.

"Child why would you say that?" he asked with a frown.

"If I told you that she's my ancestor- hypothetically speaking. Would you believe me?" Lily asked with a sheepish smile causing him to glare.

"I hope that is not true"

"Why's that?" Lily asked looking curious.

"Because that woman would never allow such a tacky girl like you to be boOOORRRRN!" Otohiko screamed in pain causing her to glare.

"Well you were warned, I wonder what strike three would be" she asked blankly causing him to glare.

By the time they arrive they spotted a pack of yōkai near the gateway.

"Ew so many yōkai have gathered, reasons beyond me on this one" Otohiko said with a look of distain. "Kyo Gan Mon is completely open no wonder it stinks"

"Th-That's the Wind God Otohiko!" yelled one of the yōkai.

"Oi stupid!" Lily yelled causing them to look up. "Mind backing away unless you want to die! You know lower level yōkai can't last once they enter that gateway right?" Lily asked sternly.

This made some of the yōkai glare at her insult.

"Oh yeah well our leader will survive right?" asked a goblin yōkai.

"I doubt it" Lily said with a frown.

"Oh do move it girl!" Otohiko pushed her off the cloud causing her to glare.

"You know you could have asked right?" Lily bit angrily.

"Oh please just let me-GHAAAAAAA!" Otohiko screamed so much that he fell of his cloud.

"Well that was strike three" Lily said with a shake of her head.

"I told you not to get rude!" Uniliya's voice echoed from the mark as he twitched like mad causing a few yōkai to back away in fear.

"She did warn you" Lily yelled as he twitched like mad, patting the dirt off of her Lily had then face the yōkai.

"Okay, who wants to be sent away first?"

"Don't you move or this human gets it!" yelled the head yōkai who grabbed what turned out to be- Kirihito!

"A God or Goddess wouldn't want to cause a human death right?"

"D-Did you s-say human?" Otohiko was trying very hard not to twitch thanks to the mark.

"Ah go on and do it then" Lily said as she waved her hand to their shock. "What? It's one less human to worry about"

"How can you say that you selfish girl?!" Otohiko cried.

"You really do no value human lives?" the head yōkai asked looking bewildered as he moved backwards in order to reach the gate.

"Well first off he shouldn't be here" Lily replied bluntly.

"She has a point" one of the goblin yōkai added causing the leader to scowl, Kirihito glared at her but said nothing knowing that he had his reasons.

"Second technically speaking you need him to live so without him being your leverage, you'll be reduced to being a fish out of water" Lily replied with a frown.

"You know what I've had enough of this girl! I'm taking this human with me to Yomi no Kuni after all you are my safe ticket"

"Actually he's human so his body is going to be reduced to dust moron" Lily replied bluntly while looking at her nails.

"You are not helping!" Otohiko cried as he leered at her, he then paused when he saw the look in her eyes. The look that said trust her which left him gulping from what she had in mind.

"B-Be quiet!" the head yelled "I'll have an immortal body once I come back out just you wait!" he then jumped in with Kirihito causing Lily to charge after them in a shot by using her power to propel her towards Kirihito. As expected the yōkai leader had been reduced to dust while Kirihito lost his gloves as he went deeper into the gateway.

"Gotcha!" Lily yelled as she grabbed his hands and pulled him into a hug that took him by surprise.

"Honestly why can't you stay out of trouble like a good demon?" Lily asked with a frown. Kirihito's eyes went wide from how she had found out but right now there was no time for questions for they were plummeting towards the grounds of Yomi.

Lily groaned as she woke up, she then looked round to see darkness surrounding them. Was this Yomi?

"God has woke up" said a voice causing her to look up. She blinked from seeing three human like cavemen causing her to blink once more.

"Oh hello" Lily greeted with a smile as she confronted them; they looked at the other before looking at her.

"Nice weather right?" she asked with a weak smile. "No rain or anything today ha ha" Lily chuckled weakly as she looked at them.

"God from above hungry?" asked of the there before handing her something on a leaf.

"Oh? Thank you" Lily smiled before taking the leaf containing the food. She was about to put it in her mouth before something kicked it out of her hand.

"Hey girl that's poisonous so don't go eating it" Kirihito said sternly as he looks at her. Lily looks at the food and pouts.

"Oooh... that's mean!" Lily said bluntly as she looks at him "Mind not kicking someone, I'm not a punching bag you know" Lily glares.

"Well basically I just saved your life" he said coldly. "Anything in this world isn't safe and if you eat it, you can't return to the land above"

"Still no excuse to hit females you know!" Lily snapped "Did your mother teach you any manners?" Lily asked with frown that got him looking at her sharply.

"Well if you are so desperate to become like them then that's another story" he said with a smirk.

"Ah! But how would you get out huh? You need someone to guide you out you know" Lily said with a smug smile that left his brow twitching at how she got him on that. "And speaking of how are you not rotting away?" Lily asked with a glare before looking at the front of her hair to see that it had been cut.

"You scumbag! I should just leave you there if you're going to take take take!" Lily ranted before turning her head. "You know why I'll let these pests get you" Lily gave him a cold stare.

"Alright! Just get rid of them you use-" Lily's glare froze him to the spot.

"Finish that and then see what happens!" Lily warns which had left him gulping, what was with this girl? She appeared weak but her eyes however told a different story. Seeing that he was not going to start a fight she then turned to look at the dead and cleared her throat.

"(Excuse me! But I'm afraid that there's been a misunderstanding)" Lily greeted while Kirihito was left blinking in shock, the dead however looked at her before looking at each other.

"What exactly are you doing? Why are you talking in gibberish for? We have more important things to do!"

"(Please excuse him, he's known to always act like he as has a stick up his bottom every time he meets me as well)" Lily commented with a small apologetic smile. This made the dead snigger while he glared at her. "(That and he's an idiot who likes to get roped into situations that are dangerous.)" Lily added.

"Look you can waste your time-"

"Human does act like he's got a stick up his bottom" said of the dead causing her to snigger. Kirihito raised a brow from the one who spoke's words.

"What did he just say?" Kirihito asked with a glare before he twigged on something. "He understood you?" he was now in shock while Lily looked at him smugly.

"Ancient tongue, my mother tongue and it can be understood by the dead since they can understand almost any language. My mother tongue however acts as a bridge allowing me to talk to anyone who's language is or is not familiar to me" Lily smirked.

"I can't tell whether you are smart or are just playing to be useless" Kirihito said with a frown while Lily rolled her eyes.

"(Can you tell us where the lady of Yomi is please?)" Lily asked as she looked at them. The dead looked at her before pointing past the direction of where the river was.

"(Great! Thank you!)" Lily chirped before dragging Kirihito with her after she waved at them for a bit.

"Tell male human not to act like he's got a stick up his bottom all the time" said another member of the dead causing Kirihito to scowl and glare.

"Come on stick boy let's not get the inhabitants angry after all they were nice enough to tell us where Izanami is" Lily said sternly while smiling.

"Why are we even going to her home when the exit is over there?" he asked with a frown.

"Because according to grandma we have to greet her since this is Izanami's domain. It would be rude to just enter and not say hello before going back, after all it's common courtesy" Lily commented before stopping at the river.

"So how are we going to get across Miss I talk to the dead?" Lily rolled her eyes.

"First off before I even bother to help say: I was wrong to be rude to you and I am sorry for being a butthead" Lily said while folding her arms as she looks at him. Kirihito gave her a look of disbelieve.

"You are joking right? Like I would apologise to a woman" he said coldly causing her to shrug.

"Okay then I guess you can stay here of starvation and dehydration after all I can easily get myself to Izanami and to the exit in no problem" Lily said with a mock hurt look.

"You are getting on my nerves woman" Kirihito gritted his teeth in anger as he look at her.

"It's Lily smartass and second since you're not so willing to accept my condition then I guess it's goodbye then" Lily waved as she went to the river.

"You're being stupid woman what can you-?" he froze when she jumped into the river and instead of falling in she was now standing on ice that formed under her feet. "Do..." he stared at her in shock.

"What? I'm an ice user" she said with a shrug before walking away, each time the ice vanished the moment she left that spot on the water. "See ya!" Lily stuck her tongue out playfully before skipping on the river to the other side of the shore leaving him to grit his teeth. Like hell he was going to apologise to some human girl... but what choice did he have? He couldn't survive here for long and he didn't want to lose his chance of never getting his body back. This girl did save his life and was helping him whenever they met up, and what was he doing?

"H-Hey woman!" Kirihito yelled. "Woman!" he yelled again since she wasn't responding, seeing her not respond made him groan in frustration.

"Alright! I AM SORRY! I was wrong to be rude to you and I am sorry for being a..." he winced "A butthead!" Kirihito gritted his teeth in anger knowing that he had to lower himself to such a female regardless if she was strong or not. After what seemed like minutes she still did not turn around leaving him more angry and frustrated.

"What took you so long?" Lily asked blankly only she sound like she was-

The male jumped in surprise as he looked to his right and saw her looking at him with a frown.

"H-how did you-?" he looked at the river and saw nothing causing him to think that he was losing it.

"I was here the whole time" she replied before smirking.

"Then who was that?" he looked at the water again before looking at her to see a petal float into her hand.

"A phantom shikigami" Lily stuck her tongue out playfully "I just love illusions" Lily smirked as she patted his stunned back.

"Come on smart guy we've a woman to visit" Lily grabbed his hand and stamped on the river causing it to turn to solid ice.

"Now tread carefully Kirihito, ice is dangerous when you don't have traction on your feet" Lily instructed with a grin, Kirihito however was still annoyed that she tricked him but was secretly impressed by her level of control as she froze the whole river. They walked slowly on the ice while making sure to keep their hand in the others so they didn't slip or fall.

"So you never really explained to me why you are so desperate to get into this place" Lily commented as they crossed one third of the river. She felt his grip tighten but she could feel his anger.

"I have my reasons" he said bluntly. "Why would you be so interested anyways?"

"Well it does seem odd that you would want to come Mr I am a yōkai in human skin, did the human who used that body before you die?" Lily looks at him briefly to see that she was right.

"You don't have to tell me but I don't like having to invade other people's minds just to get the answers you know" Lily commented.

"Then don't invade my mind, my reasons are my own-"

"So once you gain your body back then what? Everything goes back to how it was before?" he froze from her words. Lily then looks at him with a frown "Your brother whether you realise it or not loves you so much, there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't regret what he did" Lily said with a soft smile, he however gritted his anger.

"You're wrong woman, he doesn't care" Kirihito said darkly, Lily however shook her head to his shock.

"Wrong, you have no idea why he did what he did" Lily said softly before she grunted due to his grip on her wrist.

"That yōkai is no brother of mine, once I get my body I swear I'll kill him" he said bitterly.

"And then what? Actions have consequences and it whether you know his past or not, Silver had a reason for what he did" Lily gave him a soft look before she pulled him with her in order to reach the other side of the river, to her surprise he had no come back especially about Silver's past. After all Silver during that time had amnesia so how could Kirihito know about her?

Once they reached the shore did the ice immediately start to turn back to how it was before Lily had changed it to ice. They then started to walk a few more miles before a light caught their attention.

"Lady Lily and her companion please come with us" Said one of the women who appeared in the light. Both women wore cloaks and scarfs around their necks.

"Our master of Yomi Lady Izanami awaits you both at the temple" said the second woman causing Lily to release a sigh of relief.

Lily sighed in relief as she looked around the area she was now in, it looked dreary but in a way Lily was starting to get use to Yomi. Even though it was always dark and had a 'I like solitude and don't like being bothered' aura around it leaving her almost giddy causing Kirihito to give her a funny look.

"What is wrong with you woman?" he asked coldly while she hummed for a bit.

"Oh nothing, just liking the area" Lily replied with a grin causing him to eye her oddly.

"You really are a strange woman" he muttered.

"Watch your step" said one of the guides causing her to look down, as expected Lily looked down only to scream from the skull that moved before a laugh escaped her lips as she leaned on Kirihito and lightly punched his back.

"Oh wow that was a good one am I right?" Lily asked before walking ahead a now disturbed Kirihito.

"What is with this girl?" he thought as he narrowed his eyes. By the time they reached the end they were greeted with doors.

"Our master is within" the first woman said with a smile before the doors opened.

Lily entered the chambers to see some ruined pillars but the décor was very interesting to say the least, just seeing it took her breath away and moved towards the center of the room.

"You have finally arrived Land Goddess, I am the Goddess of Yomi no Kuni"

"It's nice to meet you Lady Izanami!" Lily chirped with glee as she tilted her head and held her hands behind her back, this had gave her a cute appearance to Kirihito's surprise.

"My name is Lily Hikari and this is my companion Kirihito, we arrived here by circumstances that were beyond our control and I am really sorry about dropping in, in such a manner" Lily greeted as she approached the veiled area. "Is it possible to help us find a way back to the world of the living please-"

Lily turned to Kirihito and saw that his stomach was rumbling before tossing him something from her pocket.

"Munch on that and stop making a noise" Lily muttered as she watched his stunned look.

"Wait you had food on you and you didn't eat it?" he asked crossly before looking at the squished cereal bar.

"Eat it and be thankful I even gave you anything you ungrateful mulch!" Lily snapped causing him to glare before eating without complaint.

Suddenly the doors opened revealing a woman with a tray carrying a range of food that took Lily by surprise.

"This is to mark your arrival, although you cannot eat anything in Yomi. You can at least-"

"Chomp!" Time stood still as they tried to process what was going on "Hmmm! This is so good!" Lily squealed with glee as she munched on a piece of cake to their shock. Kirihito gave her a look of disbelief as his face showed that he had no words for what had suddenly happened.

"Oh..." Izanami was at a loss of what to say as she saw Lily munching the cake down.

"Oh this is good! Good old grandma and her orange cake!" Lily grinned as she continued to eat, not caring that she had cake frosting on her face. She then looked at Izanami and smiled.

"Thank you for allowing grandma to give this to you, although I have a feeling that she asked you to hold onto this until I arrived right?" Lily asked as she swallowed the cake. Seeing this made Izanami and the woman giggle while Kirihito was still in a state of shock.

"Your grandmother left this the day you arrived at the summit, I was hoping to sing the happy birthday song since I have never sang it before nor have I taken part in a birthday party" Izanami admitted causing Lily to pause and look down.

"Oh... sorry" Lily winced now feeling guilty. She then looked up to see what looked like Kayako smiling at her.

"It's no worries darling, it's only natural to be hungry since you didn't eat anything since the time when you had plane food. Lady Lily you should eat something for breakfast you know it's never good to put things off that are important to your health" Izanami said with a soft smile. Lily nodded before conjuring a few candles.

"Wanna start with the birthday song?" Lily suggested with a wide smile, meanwhile Kirihito was staring at her in shock. So the first day of the summit had been her birthday? But where was the fox? Surely he would want to celebrate given that he was her familiar.

After lighting the candles did Izanami and a few women who had appeared begin to sing Lily a happy birthday causing the young girl to blush and look away bashfully, sure they were strangers but her grandmother and ancestor were friends with her so that was something right? Plus Izanami did not show that she meant any harm which left her at ease. This might not be so bad after all.

Kirihito while he was confused had cake shoved in his shocked mouth.

"Here you go, I knew that your open mouth would attract something" Lily grins as she looks at him. "Don't worry before you ask grandmother made this in the land of the living" Lily added with a smile, however just hearing that left him relieved not that he would admit it aloud.

"Oh and before I forget Lady Lily, that human male called Kirihito cannot come with you to the surface" Izanami said sternly causing Lily to blink.

"Why? It was an accident that he was even in Yomi to begin with" Lily asked now upset by the sudden turn. Suddenly a hand shot out from the floor and dragged him into the floor itself taking her by surprise.

"His body is already dead, but you already knew that didn't you Lily" Izanami said with a frown.

"You're right I did know" Lily looks at Izanami. "But deep down he deserves a chance to redeem himself" this left Izanami baffled.

"Why? He is a demon possessing a human body"

"I know but he is hurting right now, he feels betrayed by his brother and needs to heal- to find closure. Please give him that one chance and I can assure you that you'll see how different he will be compared to before" Lily asked with a sad look. Izanami frowned.

"He is too dangerous Lily" Izanami placed her hand on Lily's shoulder.

"So is his brother but his brother changed, he realised he made a mistake and owned up to it. Heck he's a familiar at the Mikage shrine and he's worked really hard to prove that he's guilty and wants to do the right thing" Lily smiles taking Izanami by surprise "I believe in Kirihito, he could have hurt me before but he didn't. He actually kicked a mushroom from this world thinking that I would be a residence here when that would be deemed impossible if you know what I mean" Lily chuckles causing Izanami to shake her head.

"One day, if you can both find a way to get out of here in one day I'll let him go and give him that one chance. If you fail then he stays but you go" Izanami said with a smile. Lily's eyes widened while a smile bloomed on her face.

"Consider this my gift to you Lily now run along. Your time limit will start once you reach his cell" Lily smiles and hugs a stunned Izanami.

"Thank you Izanami" Lily chirped before running out the room.

She immediately summoned her shikigami phantom dove who without delay had began to race after the cell that contained Kirihito.

"Hang in there, I'm coming" Lily said with a determined smile as she followed the dove. Once she neared the cell did she sense fear, it was the fear of being in the darkness leaving Lily sad but relieved that it was him. Without delay she opened the doors and allowed the light to enter the room.

"There you are you big dummy!" Lily said with glee until she saw his look and how he was sitting. Without delay she took out her phone and a flash hit his petrified face.

"Cool working it!" Lily said with a smirk before showing him the picture.

"H-How did you?" Kirihito stuttered in shock "Where is this? What is going on?" he asked.

"Well..." Lily smiled "Izanami gave me a gift and that gift was a day" Lily smirks

"A... day?"

"She's giving us a day to escape Yomi so we had better get started now" Lily replied with a grin. Lily immediately froze from how he suddenly got up and hugged her. Lily's eyes grew sad by how much he was shaking and began to hug him back knowing that he needed it.

"It's okay, let it out okay?" Lily asked softly. Kirihito sighed after he stopped shaking and pulled back.

"By the way the time limit started the moment I reached this cell which was about an hour ago, we have twenty three hours left" Kirihito went rigid.

"NOW YOU TELL ME?!" he yelled as he ran out the room while dragging her with him.

Lily laughed as he continued to chase after her dove on the dirt path, knowing that it was instructed to find the exit that lead to the world of the living.

"What? You needed an outlet" Lily chuckled as he glared at the dove, however she did sense that his face had gone a little red.

"Whatever" he muttered as he continued to run, suddenly he collapsed causing Lily to fall with him.

"Ouch" she muttered as she got up. "Hey are you okay?" Lily shook his back slightly before he shrugged her off as he got up.

"I'm fine, how much time do we have left?" Kirihito asked as he looked at her. Lily looks at her phone and frowned.

"Thirteen hours" This made him bit his lip. "We're nearly at the exit don't worry" Lily said with a reassuring smile, Kirihito however wasn't so sure until the dove flew back.

"She says that we're close so come on" Lily grins as she puts his arm over her shoulder "let's get going okay, wouldn't want you to stay here forever right?" Lily asked with a smile. He nods stiffly before they began to walk a few steps behind the dove.

The dove as they walked started to get brighter and brighter before it collided with something causing it to chirp shrilly before turning back into a sakura petal. Lily's eyes went wide as she grabbed the petal and held it carefully.

"I don't understand, why would the dove just revert back to being a petal?" Lily asked as she looked at it with worried eyes.

"I think we've been here before, in fact..." Lily looks at him with worried eyes "This might be the place where we first fell into Yomi" Kirihito said while looking at spot where the dove had hit.

"But why is it so dark? Surely the entrance was light signalling the living world right?" she asked now starting to get a sinking suspicion that something had happened with the gateway.

"The entrance has been covered" Lily looks at him sharply.

"What?!" Lily cried in horror. "But who would do something like that?! Don't they know that I am stuck in here?" Lily cried causing him to frown.

"I don't think they wanted to risk anymore yōkai entering Yomi" he replied with a sick look on his face.

"Ugh! Of all the rotten things!" Lily kicked a rock beside her before slumping on the floor.

"So that's it? We're going to end up with you back in the cell and I get trapped at the entrance? That's really out of order! Who is blocking this damn entrance?" she snapped. While Kirihito watched her release her temper without making any comments, after all it made sense since they came so close and were now forced at a stand still.

"Is this it? Will I never get my body back?" he gritted his teeth as he started to pant from the strain. He then spotted Lily giving the entrance way a funny look before pressing her ear to it.

"What are you doing?" he asked as he looked at her, Lily lifted one finger up that signaled one minute.

"Call me crazy but I can hear a lot of yelling from the gateway" Lily said before leaning back. "We should tell Izanami since this is hardly a fair chase. We've made it to the entrance and yet we can't enter it, it's like being in the rigged contest" Lily muttered darkly before looking at the direction of Izanami's temple.

"IZANAMI! THE GATEWAY IS BEING BLOCKED BY A SEAL! WE CAN'T GET OUT!" Lily yelled as she cupped her hands over her mouth causing Kirihito's eyes to go wide.

"Are you insane woman?! That woman would not allow us any help-"

"Did someone call for Izanami nyao?" said a voice that caught Lily's attention. "I Aka-ou the servant of Lady Izanami have arrived to see if you give up yet?" said the female.

"No we have not! How can we leave when there's something there blocking our exit?" Lily yelled back.

"Excuses, excuses nyao" Purred the woman that Lily was now sure was a cat yōkai or shikigami. "I will catch you soon nyao!" Aka-ou said with glee causing Lily to sigh. So much for that!

"Now I'm stumped..." Lily muttered as she sat down.

"So that's it?" Kirihito asked with a frown causing her to shrug.

"Yup... that's it" Lily said before sighing deeply.

"Your power can't get us out?" Kirihito asked causing her to shake her head.

"It's locked from the outside, I doubt I'll be able to do anything- wait" It was then that something got her attention. If she couldn't do anything from the outside then- that's it!

"I think I got it" Lily said as she stood up, it was a stretch given how far the distance was.

"Are you going to try and use your powers or something?"

"No" Lily replied before shaking her head. "Look there's only one thing we can do that can help us get out of here alive..." she sighs deeply as she looks down.

"I don't follow" Kirihito looked at her with bewildered eyes as he tried to figure out what she was up to, he then blinks from seeing her sigh loudly as if she was not so happy about the idea she had.

"I just cannot believe that it's come to this" Lily said weakly as she gets her phone and dials a number, seeing this took him by surprise.

"How can you call someone when we are in Yomi? I don't think you realise that we are-"

"Hey er grandma, it's me" Kirihito's face drops in shock, THAT WOMAN WAS HER ANSWER TO GETTING THEM OUT?! "Look erm... I'm trapped in Yomi with a human who isn't dead yet" She winces from the yells that came from her angry grandmother and gives him the thumbs up.

"Don't you dare give him the thumbs up! How the hell did you get yourself trapped in there?!" Serena yelled in anger.

"Look grandma it's really cold, dark, miserable, dismal and lonely here in this place... and..." Lily paused as she looks at him and gives him a 'it's been nice knowing you look' which left him looking at her oddly at what she might be up to.

"And to be honest, I'm starting to love it here so can you get us out please?" Lily says weakly while smiling. In truth she was starting to REALLY love the area much to Serena's dismay "Before I decide to make myself a permanent residence here-hello? Hello?" Lily takes the phone from her ear and blinks.

"Okay... errm grandma hung up" hearing this left him a little worried about what that would mean.


Lightning suddenly erupts nearby taking the War God and a long haired Silver by surprise before seeing Serena storm her way over towards them and the boulder with a chainsaw.

"MOVE THE HELL OUT THE WAY OR I'LL ELSE I'LL USE THIS ON YOU!" She says in a thunderous voice. Ikusagami shivered as he sits on the boulder while looking down at the very ticked off grandmother "HOW DARE YOU TRAP MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN THAT PLACE! NOW GET OFF!" She booms now hitting the side of the boulder with her power. Ikusagami immediately leapt off and without wasting time had tried to run away from the very angry woman, only to receive twenty thousand hits to the head thanks to the lightning Serena had summoned.

"How is a chainsaw going to remove the boulder?" Silver asks as he winced from the injures the War God had sustained before looking at her fearfully.

"Watch and learn" She says darkly before turning it on. She then starts to make a big door out of the boulder and surprisingly the chainsaw was cutting right through the stone, which shouldn't be logically possible given that metal shouldn't be able to break certain types of rock.


Lily and Kirihito immediately turned towards the sound of a loud buzzing noise, both of them was either wincing or staring at the gateway blankly as they waited to see what would happen next. Suddenly a blue line started to form around the make shift doorway Serena had made, before it was kicked down and had landed towards the pair who had been forced to dodge it. Serena then entered the area leaving the cat shikigami who had just located the pair to run away in fear knowing that it was best not to aggravate Izanami's friend.

"You!" Serena booms after turning the chainsaw off, she had suddenly turned to glare at Kirihito causing him to jump slightly. "Get the hell out of here before I use this on you, you pathetic waste of life" he immediately nods before running towards the doorway and vanishes. Serena then glares at Lily with furious eyes.

"And you!" she pauses "Stop admiring this place and get out now!" Lily grins before rushing out, Serena once Lily leaves then begins to sigh deeply as she looks round the area.

"What my granddaughter sees in this place is beyond me" she mutters before leaving.

Lily as soon as she was out was greeted by a pair of strong arms that winded the girl a lot.

"Lily! What the hell were you thinking going into such a place?!" Lily's eyes immediately widened from hearing Silver's voice.

"S-Silver?!" Lily cried as she looked at her familiar who was a mixture of feeling happy and angry. Without warning she was being kissed on the cheek, neck and forehead leaving Lily to go pink from the sudden affection, it was then that she noticed Kirihito giving Silver a funny look.

"Don't you dare go into places like that without me! Do you hear me?" Silver warned before giving her a glare.

"All right I won't jeez!" Lily said with a frown before he hugged her again for a few minutes before pulling back, his eyes showing that he was really annoyed.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked as she tilted her head to the side.

"Can you explain to me why you didn't tell me that your birthday was on the day of the summit meeting?" Silver asked with a glare causing her eyes to go wide.

"HA?! How did you find that out?" Lily cried out in alarm.

"Your uncle Loez came to the shrine with a parcel!" Silver snapped while folding his arms. "I thought that your birthday was next month!" he whined as he gave her a withered look.


Silver knowing that it was the first day of the summit, sighed as he slumped at the table. Knowing that he was being reduced to being a guard dog for Luca. Not that he truly minded but Lily was with that snake which meant that anything could happen.

Suddenly the door to the shrine was being knocked catching his attention, he approached the door and blinked from seeing Loez at the door.

"Oh hello Silver, is Lily here?" Loez asked as he looked at Silver with a smile.

"No" Silver said looking miserable which had left Loez blinking.

"Oh is that so, well can you give this present to her please when she gets home" Loez handed Silver a box with decorative wrapping and a blue bow that kept the box together.

"Why are you giving her a present?" Silver asked causing Loez to chuckle heartily.

"Surely you know that today's her birthday right my boy?" Silver froze, his tail now limp and his eyes were wide which took Loez by surprise.

"No she did not tell me" Silver said stiffly causing Loez to shake his head and smile.

"That girl... I'm afraid that she has her reasons and hates the attention being drawn on to her" Loez said with a weak smile.

"But why did she make me think that it was next month?" Silver whined as he held the parcel.

"Lily had a bad experience a week after she turned five, it was the year we received a blood stained shirt that her sister wore leaving us to assume that Amaya was dead" Silver winced as he remembered that his birthday was something he never celebrated due to how one birthday turned out to be a living nightmare for him. To think that she suffered that kind of trauma.

"But Amaya is alive right?" Loez nodded.

"We believed though that it was a bad omen and Lily definitely took it seriously"

"How can it be a bad omen?" Silver asked as he looked at him with confused eyes.

"Well at the age of five was the year she lost you right?" this made Silver go cold, of course this would cause Lily to be more disturbed and more willing to think that it was true. What had he been thinking?

"I'll be sure to pass it to her when she returns home" Silver said with a thoughtful smile. Loez pats his shoulder.

"You really look out for each other, keep at it and don't take how she keeps her secrets hidden to heart. She's not so good at being open all the time" Loez smiles before bidding Silver goodbye.

"So wait! That damn snake gets to celebrate with her and I can't?!" Silver ranted after ten minutes the moment he recollected his thoughts.


"Traitor" Lily muttered darkly causing Silver to give her a funny look.

"Lily I really wanted to celebrate at least one birthday with you" Silver admitted with a sad look.


"If it makes you feel any better" Silver and Lily turned to look at Serena who was frowning. "Lily didn't even have the chance to, in fact she was insulted by Otohiko and Ikusagami" Silver twitched as he looked at where the War God had retreated to. Lily then looked up at Silver before something clicked in her mind.

"Errrm Silver"

"Yeah?" Silver looked at her showing that he was listening.

"Why has your hair grown long and why have your eyes turned feral?" Silver froze from the question and realised something.

Crap! He forgot!

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