Blessed Secrets

Chapter 17: Silver Serves His Time

Silver watched Lily as she slept with eyes filled with worry and yet they held adoration from watching her sleep. It was shocking to know that so much had happened once Lily had departed from Yomi.


"What is she to you?" Asked Kirihito leaving Silver blinking in shock as he looks at him. Not knowing why it was any of this human's business. However there was no doubt in his voice as he responded

"She's my wife, in more ways than one" This took Kirihito by surprise at how firm his answer was before his eyes narrowed slightly at him. Silver smiled softly as he remembered the times he had with her when he was human to when he met her again, only she was a young child who wouldn't have remembered it but he still treasured those moments with her no matter how small they were. Lily who was listening as she spoke to her grandmother had froze and gasped from his words.

"We had our ups and downs, but that's what a relationship is" Silver replied with a smile, "to be there for the other and to love them unconditionally. She saved me not once but twice, even when I was at my lowest. She never gave up on me" Silver explained before looking up.

"I had lost a brother back in the past, but then we drifted apart just because of a misunderstanding" Kirihito's eyes went wide as shock entered his system, after all he hardly saw that expression coming from his brother.

"But I couldn't let her get hurt in any way, she is the love of my life and knew me before and after I saw her, it was thanks to an event that drove us apart before we even knew what hit us. But in truth she's my past, present and future and I would never hesitate to put my life on the line for her, no matter what the cost" Silver's voice was stern and filled with determination that had left the male human seething mentally in rage. So that's it? He was just a substitute until she came along?! The mere thought had left him disgusted at this fox he had once called a yōkai, maybe once he gets his body back he'll force Silver to watch him as he slowly drained the life out Lily bit by bit. Watching Silver's helpless broke eyes would be satisfying given what he had gone through no thanks to him.

Silver's eyes went sad however did leave Kirihito to blink and look at him now wondering what he was up to.

"I could never replace the one who cared me, no matter what I do care for my brother and hope that one day he'll realise what it means to be happy as well. But sadly he is dead and I cannot change that" Silver said as he shook his head from how sad and guilty he was from the whole thing

"However I can still make sure that I will not lose whatever people I have left in this world" Silver said softly as he folded his arms.

"Lily unlike my brother knew more about my past than he would ever know and if he did find out my secret..." Silver paused and sighed deeply leaving Kirihito confused "I do wonder if he would still see me as a brother" was all Silver said.

"Do you truly mean that?" Lily asks causing Silver to turn and face Lily who was smiling softly at him, Silver in turn smiled back.

"Every word Lily, I do love you no matter what" Silver said as he held her hands. "I won't ask you to marry me since I know we'll still need to work on things, but I know for sure that I do want to spend the rest of my life with you" Silver replied softly as he held her hands gently so he didn't hurt the girl that he loved.

Lily as she listened smiled before taking one hand out his grasp, she then put her hand to her pocket leaving him confused as to what she was doing, once her hand was out did his eyes go wide in shock. That was his mother's bangle!

Silver gasped allowing his breath to shudder at how she could have had that in her possession given that she made him take it back, he watched her as she placed it in her left hand so she could slip her hand through the object allowing it to rest on her right wrist.

"I'm not saying yes but I'll think about it, this is me saying I'll promise to think about it" She grinned before pecking his nose making his face go red.

"I-I-I see" he stuttered making her laugh loudly. Kirihito however frowned and vanished with his shikigamis.

However before Lily and Silver could go back to the grand shrine they were ambushed by the Deities who immediately seized Silver due to the fact that he was no her familiar. Sadly the Deities also refused to let Lily reestablish the contract knowing that this was their time to punish him for the crimes he had committed.


Just knowing that she was thinking about wanting to marry him had left him thinking that he was the luckiest guy in the world for having such a kind person to love him no matter his faults.

Sadly he was now stuck in the dungeons while shackled to the wall preventing him from moving, however they could not contain him for long once he decided to melt the metal chains.

"It's alright Lily, just do your duties for now and come back when you're free" Silver remembered saying to Lily as they dragged him away. He sighed knowing that he couldn't even celebrate her birthday even though it had already passed. How long had he been caged for? What where they planning to do to him was the main question, after all this was their time for revenge and they would never forget the unthinkable things he did.

Silver even till this day regretted those acts. Murdering, raping, stealing and had treated what he and Akura-ou were doing as a game. It was wrong and he was now paying for it to his dismay, it was annoying since he was already serving time at the Mikage shrine for five hundred years but taking a life was and still is costly.

"Well this sucks" he muttered, no doubt Mizuki will be having a field day from hearing that he had been arrested and was going to be put on trial. Worst case- execution and he knew that they wouldn't let her interfere somehow which would make it even worse, he wouldn't be able to talk or state his case since he was guilty without a shadow of a doubt.

Lily walked around the grand shrine until she came across a room, she opened it and entered it after knocking.

"Sorry to disturb you I-" Lily paused as she looked down after her feet stepped on something solid. She almost laughed as she saw that it was the War God who's head was being stepped on by her.

"What happened to this guy?" Lily asked the God who was sitting on the other side of room as she pointed at the smoking form of the War God. She also noticed that he was eating peaches which were interesting since she liked peaches as well.

"Don't mind him, he just dealt with Serena's divine wrath so he's recovering from the peach pill I gave him" said the God as he eat. Lily tilted her head.

"Peach pill?" she asked while a curious look appeared on her face.

"It heals any ailment or injury" he replied.

"Oh is it alright if I can have some?" she asked, his eyes narrowed at her before she blinked in shock, her eyes then showed sadness before a sniffle escaped her lips taking him by surprise.

"I have been having bad tummy aches and no one's been able to help me. I was hoping that you could help me but it's okay" Lily said as tears ran down her face causing his eyes to go wide at what was going on. Ikusagami twitched from hearing her crying but was unable to move.

"Is she really serious? To think that this girl would just cry over a measly tummy ache! She's not even worth a single pill!" Ikusagami snapped mentally.

"Don't worry about me, I'll suffer even more in silence" Lily said before turning in order to walk away, seeing this made the God feel guilty as he looked at his bag that had a peach picture on it and food in his hand.

"Well if you are in pain-"

"No don't worry yourself, I'll leave you both now" Lily's voice broke as she cried causing him to wince from feeling more guilty.

"No I insist" he said as he got up and handed her a bottle containing pink pills "I always carry extra bottles in my bag for emergencies" he said as he looked at her. Lily's eyes went wide as her bottom lip quivered from shock and sadness.

"You really mean that?" Lily asked as she looked at the bottle in her hand "You really want me to have this?" she asked weakly, he nodded and smiled.

"Hey us Gods and Goddesses need to stick together right?" he said with a grin. Lily's mouth formed a watery smile and hugged him before wincing.

"Thank you Mamorinogami!" Lily cried weakly before taking something out her pocket.

"This is a good luck charm, grandma gave this to me when I was nervous about something" she showed him a teardrop pendent. "Keep this as my way of saying thank you" she said with a wide watery smile. Mamorinogami blinked before looking at the pendent, he could sense a lot of power coming from it taking him by surprise.

"I will thank you Lady Lily" Lily nodded with a smile before going out the room.

"Thank you again Mamorinogami, many blessings with you and your future" Lily waved as she left the room, seeing her happy left him smiling without knowing why.

Lily as she walked smirked and dried her tears, not believing that her act actually worked as she took a pill out. She blinked as she looked at it.

"I sure hope this can help with my eyes, here goes nothing" she shrugged before eating it. She released a happy sound signalling that she liked the flavour as she walked. Very soon the pain in her eyes started to ebb away to her relief, she didn't have a mirror but she was sure that they weren't so blood shot anymore.

"Maybe I can give this to Silver" she suggested as she went to the main workroom to deal with her chores. After she was done did she stretch from being free from having to do more work, given that there were hardly any prayers at the shrine but there was some which was something right?

Just as she was about to get up she heard a clattering sound and turned to see Lady Inaho asleep to her shock.

"Not again" cried one of the three old men causing her to sigh and get up. She then took out something sweet and placed it under the Goddess' nose, without warning she got up and looked round before seeing a sweet flower.

"You should get some work done, you don't want to create problems you know" Lily smiled before sitting beside Inaho. "How about I do half and you do half okay, given that there's a lot here" The old men yelped in shock while Inaho blinked.

"Okay but what is that flower? It's unusual" she pointed at the blue flower that was used to wake her up.

"Oh this is Sweet Flora, it's grown in my grandmother's home" Lily replied as she got started with her half of the work, ignoring other deities as she worked.

Once she was done did she then go to Silver's cell.

"Hey there" Lily beamed causing a weary Silver to look up, he looked a mess to her dismay and frowned. "Not feeding you right?" she asked with a pout causing him to smile softly.

"Not a morsel" he added with a joking smile, this made Lily shake her head before smiling.

"How tragic" she commented with a smirk, she then pulled out the bottle of peach pills causing him to blink. "Got this from a God that does Peach Pill Elixirs" Lily said before Silver could ask.

"Okay, but why are you showing them?" Silver asked, he watched her put them in his hand that was nearest to her.

"I want you to break out and run, they are not going to hear your case so it's best to lay low until things settle" Silver gave her a look of disbelief before a frown appeared on his face.

"No" Lily blinked in shock from his tone. "I am no separating myself from you nor am I going to turn coward when things get tough"

"But Silver" she murmured weakly.

"I know the risks and I know that they won't give me a fair trial, heck they might not even give me one at all and immediately punish me or execute me" Silver added as he looked at her. Lily bit her lip as she looked back at him.

"All the more reason to run" She said weakly, Silver shook his head.

"I lost you twice Lily, I'm not allowing it to happen a third time" Silver's eyes were cold as he looked at her but they showed he was determined not to run causing her to sigh.

"Silver I want you to live and I doubt that they'll let me even defend you" Lily said weakly as she sighed heavily, Silver gave her a lopsided smile before moving to face her properly. Placing the bottle back in her hand he then held her hand gently before kissing it.

"I know, but if I turn coward then what does that prove? That I am not sorry for what I have done" Silver explained as he looked at her with sad eyes knowing that this was hurting her as much as it was hurting him. They moved their faces closer and allowed the other to touch the others forehead with theirs. What a mess...

"I wish I could get you out" Lily said guiltily while Silver remained quiet.

"I know Lily, I really do" Silver murmured wanting nothing more than to break out and hug her tightly, not a second, minute hour or day that has gone past that he didn't miss her warmth. They looked at the other before Lily used her free hand to lift his chin up so it was close to one of the gaps, Silver twigging that it had enough room for a kiss leaned in and kissed her gently. He groaned as he felt the invisible shackles latch themselves to him but did not complain, after all if it was her then he would allow himself to be tied to her for as long as it was possible.

Once Lily was out did Silver take a deep breath and sigh. He looked at his chains and glared at how much of a nuisance they were before melting them to nothing. Silver then stood up and brushed the dirt of his clothes before melting the lock on the door, once the lock was melted did he leave the prison to see one God- Ookuninushi.

Ignoring the looks he had from both deities and familiars Silver travelled to the God's room and waited to be let in, his long hair moved behind him as he walked. Once allowed to enter Silver approached Ookuninushi with a frown.

"Look I made many mistakes, many that I want to take back but that makes me just like everyone else. You can't say that you have not made any mistakes Lord Ookuninushi, however there is one thing I will not allow and that is for you to take me away from Lady Lily" Silver said sternly taking Ookuninushi by surprise.

"Is that so?"

"What I did in the past was unforgiveable and yes I was in my right mind but at the same time I wasn't" Silver explained with a sigh, Ookuninushi raised a brow as he observed Silver, this was not the same fox he watched years ago cause havoc no he was more calmer and yet more mature.

"Explain" Ookuninushi said sternly causing a few familiars to gasp in horror not believing their ears. Silver then looked round and then glared at the rabbit familiars.

"I will talk, but I will not say it in front of others who will gossip about something so sensitive to me and to Lady Lily" Silver said sharply. Ookuninushi watched him for a bit to see that Silver was in fact being serious about his words waved everyone away.


"In truth I would never have caused this much havoc or problems" Silver admitted.

"And what do you mean by that?" Ookuninushi watched Silver sigh.

"I had amnesia when I caused all those problems, I can guarantee no I promise you that I would never have done this if I had my memories intact" Silver explained.

"You don't make any sense, what does having no memory have anything to do with your crimes fox?" Ookuninushi asked sharply. Silver paused as he tried to collect his thoughts.

"Before I was this" Silver gestured to his body "I was a human" This took Ookuninushi by surprise.

"What do you mean you were human?"

"You see I was born human, I had suffered from my father's cruel treatment after losing my mother and sister. Before I died no was murdered I was friends with Lady Lily" Ookuninushi was taken by surprise by his words.

"What do you mean murdered?" Ookuninushi asked with a serious look on his face, Silver pushed his hair from being near his cheek and looked at Ookuninushi with a determined look.

"Someone has been targeting Lily and still is" Ookuninushi went rigid "I sadly was shot after pushing Lily away, I don't know why I did it but I had a feeling that something was wrong and didn't want her hurt" Silver explained.

"Do you know who's doing it?" The God of Wealth asked with a frown.

"No, however this might not seem relevant but she has suffered abuse at her study area, she was almost killed a few times before Mikage passed his rights of the shrine to her" Silver replied looking annoyed and worried to Ookuninushi's surprise.

"I see..."

"I wouldn't lie about this subject"

"But then how did you come back? The dead hardly become yōkai" Ookuninushi asked as he looked at Silver.

"I was reborn as a kitsune only instead of starting as a baby, I was a five year old kitsune" Silver explained.

"Forgive me but I find it hard to believe that this could happen" Ookuninushi said bluntly.

"That's what I thought until Serena explained that it was thanks to her that I lived, Lily however unknowingly sent me back five hundred years with her power when she was with me as I was in a pool of my own blood" Silver explained. "You can try and see into my memories for I have nothing to hide" Silver added as he saw doubt in his eyes even as the red head mentioned Serena.

Ookuninushi stayed staring at Silver before sighing.

"No... I believe you" Ookuninushi finally spoke. "It does explain why Serena went missing for a certain time. I had a feeling that something was up when I saw that she lost her Godhood and immortality but kept her divine powers as well as inherited some power from Sapphia" Ookuninushi said softly "I had no idea of how serious this was until now. Thank you for letting me know"

Silver remained silent before Ookuninushi looked up.

"Your crimes however are still severe"

"I know but please, let me serve the rest of my sentencing with Lady Lily" Silver asked as he looked at Ookuninushi with pained eyes. Ookuninushi looked at him briefly.

"Why Lady Lily of all people? If you don't mind me asking" Ookuninushi as he observed Silver closely just in case the red head was lying.

"She was there for me and gave me a reason to live, even when I was dying it pained me deeply to know that I had been the reason for being upset. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret what I did but my biggest regret was being the one to hurt her" Silver admitted as he looked at Ookuninushi with serious eyes that left Ookuninushi blinking at how honest he was being.

"You love her?" Ookuninushi asked as if stating a fact.

"Yes and I have never stopped" Silver replied sternly.

Silver sighed as he walked with Lily; happy that Ookuninushi was being nice enough to 'drop' his sentencing only there had been a catch.

"So Silver, how does it feel to be a naughty maid?" Mizuki asked with glee causing Silver to mentally groan as he felt a draft on his legs, on the bright side he had to wear this until the last day when the part to celebrate the Deities for their hard work.

Lily on the other hand had let Silver in her room instead of the familiar quarters knowing that he would be teased like mad which would eventually make him crack and attack the next one who spoke. Silver was more than thankful for what she did and as long as he didn't try anything funny he could stay in her room.

Now it was the afternoon and every deity was in their room getting ready for the party.

Lily however was at Lady Inaho's room putting on a kimono Otohiko had given her, mostly as an apology for losing her. However that reason changed when he heard from Mikage that he was in fact being rude to Lily on her birthday. Confused he asked what day to which Mikage had replied the first day of the meeting, this had left the Wind God in shock to the point that he 'apologised' to Lily who had rolled her eyes but accepted his apology regardless.

Once at the area where the festival Lily stayed with her familiars and Essy who often still gave Silver the stink eye for the crude words that had been said them moment the kitten was born.

A familiar of Ookuninushi had appeared before them and lifted up their tray containing a cup of sake. Seeing this made Silver look to see Lily's frown, Lily's eyes went wide from seeing him take the cup and drain it in one gulp.

"Gha! Never again" Silver muttered as he gagged from the taste, he then looked at the ones looking at him and shrugged.

"What? Lily is teetotal so she refuses to drink sake not even a sip" Silver replied causing Otohiko and Mizuki to frown at him, the familiar of Ookuninushi blinked before nodding while having a glare of its own as it walks away.

"That was so rude!" Mizuki yelled while Silver gave him a glare.

"Well excuse me but Lily hates alcohol" Silver retorted before Lily rolled her eyes and walked away in order to observe the area around her, she smiled at how it was brimming with live and merry before something caught her attention and goes towards a large parasol.

As she walks Lily immediately spots Mikage and sees him sitting under the plain parasol with sake beside him.

"So how are you this fine evening Lily?" He asks with a warm smile, "Are you enjoying the festivities?" Lily however twitches in anger taking him by surprise.

"YOU BLOODY SNEAK!" she hissed darkly before launching herself onto him ignoring the fact that she spilt sake on them and tried to strangles him causing her to hear him gagging slightly as he tried to get her off him.

"YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?! YOU KNEW I DIDN'T WANT TO COME AND YET YOU TRICKED ME INTO COMING! YOU KNEW I WAS GOOD AT THAT GAME AND I DO MEAN WHAT I SAY WHEN I SAID THAT YOU ARE NEXT ONCE I KILL OTOHIKO! SO WHY NOT LET ME KILL YOU NOW TO SAVE THE BOTHER?!" She hisses ignoring the fact that he is making choking noises while the higher ups and their familiars look at them in shock and horror. None of them had any idea of what was going on but judging from the successor's behaviour, it had appeared that Mikage had done something to upset his successor big time before deciding at that moment that it was best to mind their own business and continue to party.


"I know but I was hoping that Serena would help you" Mikage choked loudly before Silver rushed towards them and picked up a failing Lily who was very angry.

"Let me go! I want to kill this git! H almost got me killed and gave Otohiko the idea to use that game knowing that I would win every single time" Lily yelled causing Silver to frown at Mikage.

"Are you serious? Mikage why?!" Silver whined as Lily was putting up a very good fight. Was it him or was he getting weaker? Mikage however got up and rubbed is sore red neck before looking at Lily.

"I know but Otohiko would not stop ranting until he was sure that you were going to Izumo"

"So you threw me under a bus just to come here on your behalf?!" She yelled "If it wasn't for Zerla I might have leaned to come but I hate stuck up people who look down on others in such a crude manner! So why did you not take my feelings into account?!"" Lily yelled, Mikage sighed and looked at her.

"I really did hope that Serena would be able to do something to help you, she couldn't come and I am retired so that meant you had to go as both our representatives" Lily folded her arms and glared at Mikage's guilty expression.

"No excuse to trick and rig things!" Lily muttered darkly.

"I know and I am sorry Lily if there was any other way then I would have taken it" Mikage said before bowing. Lily glares before sighing.

"All right but do that again and your head would be on my wall" Lily warned causing Mikage to choke slightly from the thought, Silver however snorted while Mizuki at a loss of what to do.

"Deal" Mikage smiled as he shook hands with Lily.

Lily smiled as she walked with Silver towards the direction of her college; even though her college break was over she was happy to get back to 'normality' as best she could. It was nice to be back home.

"I miss being back home, don't you get that feeling?" Lily asked Silver who looked at her with for a bit before rolling his eyes even though he was smiling.

"A bit" Silver replied causing Lily to nudge him with her shoulder causing him to laugh. After all two days after coming back resulted in Lily being involved in a mixer and had then decided to gossip about her book to her female friends, which didn't sit well with him and Shinjirou since it talked about their moves when it came towards women. On the bright side she away from that perverted guy who tried to make a move on her.

"H-Hey watch it! You've a bony shoulder!" he mock whined causing her to laugh as well, she missed this banter that they had when they were children. At times she did wonder what they would have been like if the accident had never took place. Would she still be a Goddess of the shrine? Would they still be in the other one's lives?

So many questions continued to run in her mind but at the same time she was more than happy to know that he was back in her life, and that was all that mattered to her now.

Just as they turned a block did she pause causing Silver to stop.

"What's wrong?" Silver asked before looking at the direction of where she was looking at. There by a lamppost was a small boy in strange clothes but what shocked Silver were things on the boy's back- wings.

Lily ran towards the boy and lifted him up, the boy opened his eyes weakly before gasping from looking at her.

"Are you okay? You shouldn't pass out like that in the middle of a-"

"I wasn't passed out!" the boy snapped causing her to narrow her eyes at him causing him to flinch and look away.

"Explain to me who you are and why you are here?" Lily demanded coldly, this didn't make the boy any less at ease.

"B-Botanmaru m-miss! I-I came from K-Kuram-ma mount-t-ain to find the th-third chief Master S-Soujoubou's son Master S-Shinj-j-irou!" Botanmaru stuttered in fear of getting her anymore angry as he showed her two scrolls containing pictures of the chief and his son. Lily and Silver however were rooted to the spot. WHAT?!

"I'm sorry but you want to see Shinjirou?!" Lily asked shrilly causing Botanmaru to look up.

"Wait you know where he is?" Botanmaru asked eagerly while Lily felt her migraine get worse. Instead of moving to Silver shock she opened her eyes to reveal sapphire blue slits, Silver immediately yelped in fear while the small tengu cried out in surprise.

"SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNJJJJJJJJIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Lily bellowed so loudly that it made the who town shake as she raised her voice to a very high pitch, Silver and Botanmaru meanwhile had to cover their ears in order to block out as much noise as they could even though it was futile given how close they were to her. Sadly for Silver his ears were sensitive which meant that he was in for it.



Shinjirou stuttered in shock as he froze from singing as he stood on the concert stage, his freaked out smile completely stuck to his face as he tried to process what had just happened.

All the power from the speakers had literally blown themselves up causing smoke to appear but that was the least of his worries.

He had just heard Lily's voice from afar before the electrical power started to go haywire while the earthquake they just had sounded a little too convenient for him to think that it was to be a normal one. Judging by her tone given how high her pitch was, signalled that she was NOT happy to his dismay. But why? What did he do now?

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