Blessed Secrets

Chapter 18: Lily Vs Stephanie and going to Kurama Mountain

L-Lily how are you?" Shinjirou asked shakily as he saw Lily and Silver glare at him.

"Is it true that you were kicked out of Kurama Mountain or did you run away?" Lily asked coldly causing him to gulp.

"W-Why are you bringing this up?" the red haired tengu asked weakly before Lily rolled her eyes and moved out the way so he could see Botanmaru, his eyes went wide from seeing the small kid.

"Where did that kid come from?" Shinjirou cried as he watched the boy bow in respect.

"Master Shinjirou I'm Botanmaru from the mountain, to be able to be here on this wonderful day. To meet you I'm so ha-happy, so very happy" Botanmaru said now happy to see Shinjirou.

"Hey kid, how old are you?" Shinjirou asked with a frown on his face, deep down he was worried about the boy knowing that he was a little too small to leave the mountain.

"Ah seven years old" Botanmaru replied as he stared at Shinjirou in awe.

"Look" Shinjirou turned is head, his face void of emotions "I don't know why you have come here to see me but you should return to the mountain immediately" he said in an emotionless voice that left Lily confused. Silver on the other hand blinked at the change of behaviour, not knowing what was going on and why the older tengu had a negative look on his face.

"I don't know why the adults didn't stop you, maybe you ran away I don't know but I don't have time to spare. I don't look after runaways" Shinjirou said bluntly as he folded his arms.

"NO! I-I came to meet you Master Shinjirou" This took the older tengu by surprise. "Right now the mountain is suffering from an illness ever since the Soujoubou fell ill, dark clouds have now covered the whole mountain and tainted everything" Botanmaru's words shocked Lily and Silver as they listened.

"The mountain's people are restless as they don't know what is going on, please Master Shinjirou. Please come back" Botanmaru pleaded as he bowed at Shinjirou who sighed as he looked at the young tengu.

"What can I do Botanmaru?" This left the young tengu looking up in shock. "I left the mountain seven years ago, I am a drop out to them and I don't even have what it takes nor would I be accepted back onto the mountain" Shinjirou asked with a bitter smirk. "Besides I like it here on the lower world-"

"No!" Botanmaru pushed Shinjirou slightly taking him by surprise. "Master Shinjirou is not a dropout! Master Shinjirou is my goal!" Botanmaru cried before he slumped onto a stunned Shinjirou who looked down at the weakened tengu.

"What happened?" Lily asked as she looked at Botanmaru.

"Tengu children live and are raised on the mountain, the mountain protects them from the poisonous air from the lower world. This one absorbed too much of the poison and it's making him ill" Shinjirou said softly as he looked at Lily before they looked at Botanmaru's arms. Silver's eyes went wide from the marks before hatred filled his mind, just seeing those marks reminded him of how his father would beat him. Sensing his anger Lily looked at Silver and rushed up to calm him down.

"He's been beaten" Silver said darkly as he looked at Shinjirou with angry eyes.

"Yeah..." Shinjirou said softly while Lily sighed knowing that Shinjirou had suffered a lot before leaving the mountain.

"Look we have to go now, I'll give Botanmaru a peach pill elixir but you will have to help him with this problem since this is a family issue" Lily said now trying to get Silver to look away from the marks after handing a pill to her brother like friend, Shinjirou however was in shock.

"Wait! Where are you going?!" Shinjirou cried as he had a 'don't leave me here with him' look but she ended up glaring at him leaving him shaking slightly.

"I have a date with Silver" Lily said blandly. "So deal with him before I deal with you!" Lily warned as she went to the door leading to her old house to his shock, she pauses and looks at his petrified look knowing that he didn't want to go back to his tormentor. "Look if you are finding that you are unable to deal with this issue then wait for tomorrow okay" Lily said before closing the door leaving him to take care of Botanmaru.

Shinjirou almost gawked at how she would easily leave him in this mess; it was funny given how when they were children. She had been the first to be friends with him and would never let him go out alone knowing that he was new and a little scared. It left him surprised at her treatment towards him compared to how his brothers treated him.

He even remembered how she would try and cheer him up, showing him that he wasn't truly alone in this human world. In truth Shinjirou would never forget and it left him not only grateful but smiling as well.


Shinjirou was shivering in the bushes after trying to fly, still he couldn't do it to his dismay. He was so far from home and he knew that he would not be allowed back, he weak, small and couldn't fly so why bother?

The red head refused to go back, he did not want to go back to being beaten and just seeing those marks on his arms left him more angry than upset.

Just as he was about to get out of the bushes something caught his attention, it was the sound of something slapping the floor lightly as it made its way to his direction. Without warning the branches in front of him were lifted up revealing a sharp light that made him cry out and bite his lip. He hated this, all this hiding and being unaccepted.

"Hello? Why are you in the bushes?" asked a timid girl's voice that caught his attention. Shinjirou looked up and felt his eyes grow wide, there before him was a strange human with long black hair almost covering wide eyes that were filled with a lot of emotions leaving the small tengu surprised. He saw her wearing strange clothes but was more interested on who this person was and why they were near him to begin with? Weren't this person scared of him?

The girl blinked before lifting her hand and patted his cheek lightly.

"You cut yourself on the branch?" she asked taking him by surprise, why did she care? Just seeing her act like this reminded him of his brother that he left on the mountain, the one who was suffering thanks to the fact that he couldn't fly.

Just thinking about it left him sick with guilt and self loathing.

The little girl looked at him with sad eyes before pulling him out of the branches causing him to flinch.

"Don't touch me!" Shinjirou cried as he tried to get his arm back from her but hissed from the pain. Those marks still hurt him deeply and he didn't want to look at them, just then the girl paused, looked at him and pouted.

"I just wanted to get you better" She said as she puffed up her cheeks to his surprise, he was stunned by how she would just say that.

"You hardly know anything about me" he said bitterly before looking away.

"I know you're hurt" the girl said as she looked at him with sad eyes. "Did you run away?" Shinjirou went rigid, how did she know.

"Lily! Where are you?" came a man's voice that took him by surprise, Shinjirou wanted nothing more than to hide but this person would not let him go.

"Uncle a boy has been hurt!" the girl yelled as she faced the direction of where the man was. "I think he ran away" Shinjirou's eyes went wide at how she just blabbed.

"Leave me alone! I don't want your help" Shinjirou cried before Lily turned to face him.

"I don't like seeing people get hurt for no reason. I would hate to leave you when you are not well" Lily's words once again took him by surprise; she actually cared for someone as weak and worthless as him?

"Don't be afraid, I promise you you'll be better in no time" Lily grinned causing him to stare at her with mixed emotions, his mouth parted not knowing what to say. It was as if he lost the words that he wanted to say, to think he was rendered speechless by this Lily's words that reminded him of his brother. His brother who can never fly again because of him...

Shinjirou shook his head and tried to move his hand back, he didn't want another incident that was caused by him. He didn't want to hurt anyone but this Lily refused to let go and it was agitating him even more.

"I an not leaving you" Lily smiled before giggling "I'm Lily as you know, what's your name?" she beamed as she looked at him, her hair bouncing as she looked at him. Shinjirou was rooted to the spot, this Lily was actually smiling... for him?

He didn't think that it was even possible for anyone to be nice to him except his injured brother and yet here he was, looking at someone who was trying to talk to him and was smiling as well. Should he risk it?

"Shin-Shinjirou" He stuttered weakly, Lily blinked as she tried to process his words before grinning.

"Okay! It's nice to meat you Shin-Shinjirou" Lily beamed while the poor tengu's eyes went wide from her words before they narrows in annoyance.

"It's Shinjirou weirdo" he muttered darkly, Lily's eyes went wide before she snorted a bit and then released a strange sound taking him by surprise.

"What are you doing?!" he yelled now feeling his face heat up from how she was acting.

"You're funny" she laughed even more causing him to pout.

"I am not" he muttered before looking up to see a man smiling down at them while folding his arms.

"I see my niece has made a new friend" the man said with a humorous warm smile that took the small red head by surprise. Friend? he didn't even know what that was but somehow... he liked it.

As soon as they arrived at her home, Shinjirou had to deal with his arms being treated.

"They are slightly infected but they'll heal soon" her uncle had said while wrapping his arms in bandages. The little tengu said nothing as he bit his lip and looked down meekly, without warning a big hand touched his cheek causing him to flinch but looked up when he realised that he wasn't about to be hit. His eyes showed uncertainty and fear.

"You are okay, no one will hurt you here in this house" the man said softly taking the tengu by surprise. "If you have no where else to go you are more than welcome to stay here" the man's words left him more surprised, after all when was the last time he was accepted? And these were humans and didn't scream or freak out when they saw his wings. They didn't see him as a freak or anything of the sort, he didn't know why but he felt warm and happy. However...

"Hey what's wrong?" the kind man asked as he saw Shinjirou's shoulders shake as he cried, he covered his face with this sleeve as tears ran down his face since his tormentor hated him to show any signs of weakness. To his surprise he wasn't yelled at or beaten, he was given not only a tissue but a hug as well causing him to cry even louder. Lily who entered the room started to cry as she saw him in his state, not knowing why she was crying but something told her that he was in pain and this pain ran so deep that it was scary to even understand. Lily walked towards the red head and patted his back lightly while tears ran down her face, staining her lips as she looked at him with a pouty look. Shinjirou looked at her weakly before burying his face in her chest as he hugged her. Instead of complaining Lily hugged him back and cried as well while her uncle watched.

Later on Shinjirou was left even more surprised at how he was allowed to eat with them and not in a separate room just because of his heritage, not once did Lily or her uncle ask about his past knowing that it must be bad which was something that he deeply appreciated. It was then that it was time for bed which meant sleeping in a dark room by himself, he didn't mind it in a way since he knew that he was safe but he hated to sleep alone given how he slept with his brother figure.

As he laid in bed he shivered and sniffled at how he was alone in this world even though he was being taken in by a kind man and his niece who he had recently found out was a girl, which did explain why she looked different to him and her uncle.

Shinjirou looked at the window to show the sky and some buildings with sad eyes, he was tired and yet he couldn't sleep to his dismay. This in a way felt so unreal and too good to be true, the small tengu could almost imagine himself waking up to see that this had in fact been a dream and after what he witnessed with these tow. He truly wished that it wasn't, he was having so much fun and actually felt wanted in their presence and dare he say it- safe.

Shinjirou didn't want this to end no he wanted more not caring if he sounded ungrateful, weak or greedy. This place and these people actually made him feel something and he didn't want to lose that feeling, knowing that once it was gone it would never come back. No one here pretended to like him just to get something out of him, no they were honest and he felt more wanted than back at the mountain. No he was just a black sheep who couldn't fit in, he had to be the son of the Soujoubou and was his successor. At times he was told he was either unworthy or had to act in a way that didn't make him feel comfortable.

Here there was nothing but equality, even the girl's uncle had assured him that he would not be treated differently and that suited Shinjirou just fine. Lily he was sure had no idea about his life but accepted him regardless; she hardly talked about his wings or about how he couldn't fly either which completely took him by surprise.

The door to his room suddenly opened and revealed a sliver of light causing the red haired boy to look.

"Psst Shinjirou, are you awake?" Lily whispered, Shinjirou's eyes went wide as he heard her voice.

"Why are you up?" he asked as he turned to face the door, watching Lily as she entered in her nightdress. The small lass looked up and blinked, her eyes sad as she looked at him.

"I wanted to see if you were okay" Lily replied as she looked at him, this left him feeling warm and turned his head slightly.

"I'm fine" he said shyly.

"Then why aren't you asleep?" this made him grimace from the reason.

"I... I can't" he admitted weakly.

"Why?" Lily asked as she went closer so she was standing at his bed, Shinjirou sat up and sighed as he placed his hands on his lap.

"I keep thinking that this isn't all real" he admitted causing her to tilt her head. "This sees too good to be true and I keep thinking that if I go to sleep, I'll wake up either in the mountain or outside in the cold" Shinjirou gripped his sheets while looking down, his eyes were pained from the thoughts causing Lily's heart to clench from seeing how upset he was. Her eyes went wide for a bit as a thought came to mind.

"Help me up" Lily said with an eager smile, this left him blinking at her words.


"I'll tell you in a minute" she giggles as she lifts her hand up. Curious he helps her up so she was now sitting on the bed, he watched her go to the side he was sitting on and lifted the covers causing his eyes to go wide in shock.

"What are you doing?!" he hissed weakly now feeling his face heat up, Lily tilted her head as she looked at him.

"If you're scared about it being a dream then why not let me sleep here, this way when you wake up and see me you'll know that it's not. Also this way you won't feel like you are alone" Lily smiles widely causing him to look away shyly. It was kind of weird and yet it left him feeling nostalgic at how this reminded him of how his brother would let him share his bed. Shinjirou's eyes went down as tears started to form on his face, seeing this Lily patted his head in a sisterly manner and hugged him. Shinjirou hugged back without caring if this was a little weird and uncomfortable, knowing that he was safe here and could he didn't want to leave this place. He didn't want to leave this girl or her uncle, they were like family he never had and he was more than happy to stay here.

The next day Lily's uncle had blinked at how Lily was not in her room and at how her door was open, curious he looked round the house until he came across Shinjirou's open door. Peering inside he almost yelped in shock but then paused before a soft smile bloomed on his face as he saw the most adorable scene being played out before him. Lily and Shinjirou were hugging the other in their sleep and had no idea of how close they were, it was so innocent that it left her uncle smiling. Lily really did see Shinjirou as a member of the family and was more than welcoming to their new friend.

Flash end

Shinjirou never did forget her kindness and how she would always try and help him whenever he was unhappy about something, however their sleeping habits had to end after a year given how they were a bit too old to share a bed. That and he had to stay with Joanna after the incident until Lily returned. Even at that time he wanted nothing more than to go with Lily and her uncle, but Lily according to Satoru was emotionally unable to be with anyone thanks to what she witnessed.

It was until he visited Loez at one point who had told him why Lily was being isolated for a while did he feel sick and hurt. To think that his little sister had witnessed a murder and was dealing with the problems that he could scarcely imagine. Beatings were something he understood and he refused to wish anything worse than that to happen to Lily.

As the years had went by, Shinjirou had worked hard to be an idol to be something that he could be proud of. To his amusement Lydia, Lily and her family did not see him as anything but a friend and family. He was never anything but himself and that's what he liked, sure to his fans he was untouchable and was a fallen angel from hell however to Lily, her family and Lydia he was a tengu who was good at what he did and worked hard to be who he was now. Even at times he did lose it and had some power go to his head but he had Lydia and Lily to put that ego of his down a peg or two.

He looked at Botanmaru and his eyes softened; maybe he did go a little too far.

"Will he be okay?" Silver asked they entered the amusement park.

"Shinjirou will take care of him" Lily winked "Now come on let's have some fun after all we did agree on this remember?" Lily grins causing a smile to bloom on his face.

"Right, so errm why an amusement park?" Silver asked as he looked at her, Lily looked at him and grinned.

"We did talk about going to one when we were children remember?" Lily asked as she saw his face and tried to see if he remembered, Silver's brows however furrowed from thinking. In truth he didn't remember, somethings were still missing in his mind but he did remember Lily and how they met to how he died.

"I don't but..." Lily's brows went up from seeing him trying to concentrate "I do remember one night we were laying on the grass watching the stars" Lily's eyes lit up with glee as she remembered that night.

"That's the night we talked about coming here, saying that you never went to one or saw one up close but wanted to see what they were like" Lily said with a laugh taking Silver by surprise. He felt warm from knowing that she remembered and held her hand as they walked. Dressing in a white shirt under his long black hoodie, he also wore a pair of black pants, black socks and trainers.

Lily however wore a cream shirt with ribbons attacked the ends so she could tie them up, she had a pair of black trousers that were wide at the bottom with socks underneath them and a pair of black flats. As usual her hair was in a messy bun which left Silver wondering why she would wear it in such a manner, this however ended with Lily sticking her tongue out playfully causing him to tease her and chase her down the hall until he caught her.

"You remember that?" Silver asked feeling more happy that she would remember. Lily grins.

"Of course silly, I even wrote it down when grandmother told me to voice down any things that I would have thought about doing if you were around" Lily replied as she held his hand. "So what do you want to want to go on first?" she asked with an interested smile.

Silver smiled softly at her before looking up to hear people screaming.

"That, What's that about?" Silver pointed at the rollercoaster causing her to look up.

"Oh that's a rollercoaster" Lily replied.

"Can we go on that? It looks like fun" Silver asked with an eager smile, seeing this made her smile and nod.

"Sure why not" Lily chuckles as they head over. Sure she had a fear of heights and it didn't help that the rollercoaster was a screaming metal deathtrap but she was willing to go on it to cheer him up.

Silver as soon as their ride started moving began to laugh as the cart took a sharp dive. Lily's hair moved up while she looked at his reaction, smiling as well from not only feeling but seeing him this happy left her with the same emotions as well. This was going to be a good day, she was sure of it.

There were a few times that Lily was sure that she was going to fall out so she held Silver's hand in reflect, Silver feeling her hand grinned at her.

"Don't worry I won't let you fall" He gave her a wolfish smile causing her to stare at only him. Lily at that moment felt happy and blessed to have him in her life, he was there when she least expected it in the past and still had a way of making things better even now. She didn't want that to end anytime soon and smiled as she leaned her head back on the seat, looking at the sky as she began to think of maybe accepting the marriage proposal. They knew each other almost too well but at the same time they kept secrets, it was normal but they always told in the end.

Silver looked at her with a startled look before smiling once he saw a soft smile appeared on her face, at that moment he wanted nothing more than to kiss her but remembered that they were taking it slow still. It was fine by him since he knew that if they did rush then things would end bad like before.

Before they knew it the ride had ended causing them to whine but had no complaints, they exited their ride and went to another one followed by three more rides until it was time for lunch.

"So where would you like to eat?" Silver asked as he looked at the map he held in his hands. Lily looked over his shoulder and blinked.

"There's an all you can eat buffet near the tunnel of love" Lily commented, hearing that made Silver smirk which didn't go unnoticed by Lily who gave him a smirk.

"Yeow!" Silver cried as she clipped his ear.

"No funny business" Lily said slyly causing him to hang his head and groan.

"Fine..." he muttered even though he was mentally smirking. "By the way I have a question" Lily looks at him with curious eyes.

"Do we really have to go to an all you can eat buffet?" Silver asked while grinning.

"Why do you ask?" Lily asked as she tilted her head.

"I just didn't know that you wanted to get fat so much" Lily gave him a thunderous look as her eyes went wide.

"What is that suppose to mean?!" she yelled in anger.

"Well all you can eat buffets mean eating all you want and that would mean putting on some serious pounds" Silver said with a smirk before Lily slapped the back of his head.

"Watch it!" Lily warned while smirking even though he was laughing.

"Come on it was funny" he cried while laughing, Lily on the other hand rolled her eyes at him.

"Yeah yeah laugh it up" Lily said before shaking her head. "Okay Mr. I want to keep my girlfriend skinny as a stick where should we go to then?" Lily asked as she looked at him sternly even though she was playing along, Silver looked at her and then at the map.

"There's a sandwich bar near the water slide" Silver said as he looked at her briefly.

"No you are not splashing me when we reach it" Lily said darkly causing him to groan, so much for that plan.

"I won't" he said in a pleading tone that left her look at him.

"Fine just no funny business" Lily conceded to his glee. "I mean it!" Lily warns as he senses his joy however that didn't ruin his mood.

"Okay" Silver laughed as he folded the map up and placed it in his right pocket "There so I can't wet you even if I wanted to" he said as he slapped his pocket, Lily looked at him with suspicious eyes.

"Is that suppose to mean something?" Lily asked, Silver's face almost went red but kept his composure.


"Silver" Lily warned as they walked towards the sandwich bar.

"I won't do anything funny I promise" he whined slightly before reaching one of the benches that were being placed near the bar.

"Hmm" Lily looks at him blankly as if saying that she didn't buy it.

"So can we go to the tunnel of love after eating?" Silver asked quickly, Lily who had heard this released a loud sigh/groan as she sent her hands in the air.

"Are you serious?!" Lily cried while Silver gave her a weak smile.

"It doesn't hurt to... you know" he shrugged weakly as he saw her give him a withered look.

"Silver we talked about this" She whined.

"I know but Lily" Silver paused and looked at her "We're going out and are also talking about getting married, I promise that I won't even go that far" Silver said weakly.

"Silver, it's frowned on to even do that before marriage. Love is special and it can't be rushed" Lily said weakly, Silver nodded as he looked at the ground somberly before looking at her.

"Alright" he said softly.

"Hey I am thinking about saying yes to you but you can't rush me okay, please Silver" Lily pleaded as she looked at his sad expression, he wanted to be hopeful and yet anything could happen after all if his past scared her. What were the chances of something scaring her off even more? Silver had learned to trust her with his past and yet he was scared of losing her. Given that he fought tooth and claw to be in her life, he couldn't take anymore disappointment.

"Fine..." Silver commented before going to the sandwich bar.

Lily watched him feeling sad and guilty but she took a vow to make sure that she didn't lose her innocence until after marriage. She wasn't going to make Silver an exception to the rule since anything could happen right?

As Silver gets the food, Lily looks round and admires the place with eager eyes knowing that after eating they should go on another rollercoaster.

Just as Silver comes back Lily then turns to look at him with a weak smile knowing that he was still feeling bad about what they had talked about almost escalated into a fight, which was something neither wanted.

She continues to smile at him until something decided to make an appearance, that someone was a person that Lily had wished would keep her hands to herself- Stephanie. Lily's smiled immediately vanished from seeing the female talking to Silver and was trying to flirt with him, however Lily did know that Silver was not comfortable with this and wanted nothing more than to get back to Lily. But how when this girl would not leave him alone? In fact what made both Lily angry and Silver shocked was that Stephanie had took Lily's sandwich and took a bite out of it before smiling as she made a happy noise, Lily's eye twitched in fury knowing that Stephanie was trying to get him by any means necessary, however that was not going to happen. Thanks to Lily's clone who had armed her with what happened with the time when Stephanie had tried to interfere with their date had left Lily more furious than she would ever admit, clenching her fist as she looked at them.

"No way in hell, she is not getting away with it this time!" Lily spat mentally as she stood up, thanks to the clone who gave her the heads up about this had even left Lily a message in the diary: don't let that bitch put you down and fight for your man! And that was exactly what she was going to do.

She left the bench to confront them just before Stephanie could lean and kiss a very disturbed Silver.

"Silver, what's taking you so long?" Lily asks politely as she hugs Silver's arm tightly catching his attention, he looks at her almost shivering from how cold the side of his foot was and guessed that she was furious given how there was ice forming near where she stood. Lily on the other hand could sense his relief that she was getting involved before Lily looked at Stephanie.

"Oh?" Stephanie asks now wanting to ruin the date between the pair more than ever, Lily at the same time could sense hatred and resentment rolling off the girl in waves leaving Lily almost scoff in anger. What does she have to be angry about? She saw Silver first and they imprinted when they first met, Stephanie should know better than to anger someone and steal their man but she still kept doing it!

"What a surprise running into you here Stephanie" Lily asks the smirking girl who gives her a 'back off' look.

"It is a surprise, I'm shocked to even see you outside" Stephanie taunts discretely, Lily raises a brow while smiling bright even though it was face Silver was sure that there was venom in that smile.

"Yeah it is... so errm what are you doing to my fiancée?" this takes Stephanie and Silver by surprise. Silver was sure that Lily was still deciding on whether to say yes or not.

"Play along, she steals guys for a living and dumps them when the chase is over" Silver's eyes almost went wide from Lily's words.

"Okay thanks for letting me know" Silver commented feeling more annoyed by this woman who was trying to break them up.

"Fiancée? Now that is a surprise" Stephanie asks coldly while smirking as she moves towards Lily. She looks at Lily's hands to see no ring which made her smirk grow wider.

"That's funny, I see no ring on you" Stephanie commented with a snide smile "Correct me if I am wrong, but don't couples who are engaged wear rings?" Stephanie asks Lily dryly. Lily suddenly chuckles catching her attention.

"Well you don't need a ring to be engaged in my opinion" Lily replies coldly before leaning against Silver's arm. Silver at that moment knew better than to get involved but wrapped his arm around hers so he could keep her close just in case something bad happened. After all Madison was friends with this girl and they both had a vendetta against Lily, in fact if memory served Silver Stephanie had been the one who ruined Lily's teddy bear that was given to her by her mum. The thought that this woman in front of them would be so petty and destroy stuff that were treasured a lot by people who loved their items, knowing that they belonged to the ones that she stole from but had showed no guilt or regard to how someone was feeling as she did that just made him sick.

"Is that so?" Stephanie asks blankly.

"Well yeah... my fiancée proposed to me with his mother's bangle. Isn't he sweet?" Lily asks darkly as she smiled, her voice was a warning to Stephanie to think twice about stealing Silver from her this time. She didn't fight back when it came to her mother's teddy bear however that would change if Stephanie did decide to go after Silver. No one steals a celestial dragon's mate and gets away with it.

"Yes... very sweet" Stephanie said with a cold look on her face. "Although I could say that he could have done so much better"

"Oh?" Lily asked in surprise "You mean he should go out with a slut like you?" Lily asked with a frown, Stephanie glares at her.

"What did you say?"

"I know your reputation Stephanie, stealing boyfriends for the thrill of it. Allowing them to cheat on their girlfriends just for kicks and then once the game is over as they end up breaking up, you then dump the guy knowing that there's no fun to keeping them, not only that but you steal people's stuff acting like you are on their side but are just actually laughing at how naïve they truly are. Not suspecting that you would do anything so crude just like how you destroyed my mother's teddy bear, you see something that someone has and you either take it or destroy it. You're never happy with seeing others happy!" Lily spat angrily as she glares at her "You know that it makes me sick knowing that you did that to Madison and Rachel as well, both girls respected you a lot. Only one was smart enough to leave you" Stephanie twitched as she looked at Lily with narrowed eyes.

"And how would you know about that?" she asked angrily, Lily smirked and shrugged.

"I might have gossiped about this in front of Rachel who was smart enough to take the hint that you were just a slapper and would no matter what steal from her. Pretending that you cared about her but ended up using her all over again just like with Madison" Lily commented with a look of disgust on her face. "How do you even sleep at night knowing that you are hurting these people who actually care about you? How would Madison feel if she knew that you were the one that her boyfriend was cheating on" Lily asked with a look of distain. Stephanie glared at Lily with hate filled eyes.

"You had no right to say that" Stephanie says coldly as she went close to Lily only Silver kept Lily back so she didn't start a fight.

"That's funny coming from a corpse stealer" Lily said darkly, Silver looked at her oddly. Corpse stealer? What's a corpse stealer?

"I don't know what you are talking about" Stephanie says with equal coldness while masking her surprise at how Lily would have found that out.

"I know it was your father who tried to kill me when I was five Stephanie" Silver immediately looks at Stephanie in shock and anger as he listened silently. Just then memories of when he died enter his mind leaving him more shocked and horrified now knowing who tried to kill Lily. The thought that someone had tried to kill Lily made Silver want to bare his fangs and either rip that person to shreds or burn them to ashes. There as no way that anyone was going to hurt Lily, not on his watch.

"What?" Stephanie asks bluntly sounding like she had no idea of what Lily was talking about.

"Bet it was a massive surprise to see me coming back here last year. After all your father did say that it had been done... or did he?" Stephanie glares slightly knowing that she had been lied to by her own father, the mere thought had left her blood boiling in anger.

"So tell me" Lily moves closer even though Silver was trying to keep her back" what corpse did your father give you?" Lily asks with a mocking voice. Stephanie without warning suddenly loses control of her temper and tries to lunge at Lily, except Silver intervenes with a furious glare. Warning Stephanie to back off or else.

"You bitch! You should have died! That corpse of yours was mine the moment you died that time" Silver at that moment wanted nothing more than to kill her for saying that, he and his parallel self didn't risk time just to have her die nor did he want her body or soul devoured by a pack of despicable creatures.

"If you are talking about how you were vile to my clone then you really should have stayed away. Don't think that she didn't warn me about you and by the way my grandmother told me all about you as well" Lily snapped as she moved closer regardless of Silver's tight grip. "So don't think I'll forget what you and your father did. I still don't know why you are trying to make my life a living hell but you won't succeed. Bet it was a surprise to see me after all this time? Wasn't it?!" Lily roared before Stephanie lunged forwards again ignoring the scene that they were causing for some people.

"Bitch I'll kill you and your celestial family! Your blood is what gives us power and by the way I should thank Akura-ou for killing Umi... she was great" Stephanie replied with a dark smile causing Lily to glare harshly, just as Lily was about to use her powers to attack Stephanie, Silver intervened again knowing that the demon had gone too far. Not only that but if Lily had reached a point where she was too angry, she would destroy everything in her path just to kill Stephanie which was something Silver did not want. Why? Because he knew that Lily would not be able to live with herself if she took a life, even if it was someone she didn't like.

"That's enough!" Silver shoves the demoness away shocking her as she looks at him. "Stay away from my fiancée and I swear if I ever see you again demon, I'll kill you" Silver's voice is laced with venom as he speaks. Stephanie stutters sharply knowing that he was no ordinary human and knew that it was best not to create a scene if he was not human. Without another word she moved away from the pair, she did look back a few times to glare at Lily as she walks away briskly.

"I swear I will get back at you Lily. You should have just died that night. I swear I'll make sure that you die the next time we meet" Stephanie said cruelly as she walked away.

"Good luck, I'll be ready for you" Lily replied back with fury in her eyes.

As soon as Stephanie was gone. Lily then started to shake from the after effects of being in contact with one of her tormentors, one who tried to kill her numerous times and had be the reason why Silver had died to her dismay. At the same time Silver immediately places the ruined food by the table and moves to hugs her tightly, allowing her to grip his arms as she shakes violently. He cursed that woman for being the reason why Lily was so scared and often paranoid with the fact that she always had to look over her shoulder. Now that he was aware of who had been the reason for his death, he wanted nothing more than to tear that woman and her father up for causing their misery but chose not to. Lily needed him right now and he was not going to leave her in such a manner.

"It's alright, she can't hurt you now. Not when I am around" Silver said softly, Lily then looks up allowing him to see fear in her eyes. This made him but the inside of his cheek at how scared she was, he pulled her close and tried to make soft shushing noises in order to ease her troubled mind.

"That was too much" Lily whispers while she shutters in fear, she leans her head on his chest allowing her to hear his heartbeat. This in a way calms her down slightly knowing that he is alive, different but alive.

"You're grandmother wasn't kidding about the corpse stealers. That was not right" Lily looks up weakly as a thought came to mind.

"You don't believe the rumours about my family right?" Lily asks meekly despite how quick she was breathing, she wanted nothing more than to have her breathing slow down but given what she had just endured it was going to take a miracle. Silver frowns before pulling her close knowing that she was definitely traumatized and needed to know that he wouldn't believe the lies or leave her over something as petty as this. After all he fought to be in her life once more, he was not going to allow himself to be separated again.

"No I don't, don't ever think that" Silver said in a soft but firm voice, hearing this got Lily to look up briefly before moving her head down so she was looking at the ground. She could feel his hand as he strokes the side of her head in a loving manner.

"My brother was a fool but I am sure that if he did find out that he had been tricked, he would have regretted it... in fact he would have been angry about being lied to" Lily releases a choked up laugh along side with him, knowing that would be true even now Kirihito no Akura-ou would be majorly furious. He was not a person who liked to be fooled one bit.

"Come on" Silver nudges her lightly "this is what we wanted to do, going to an amusement and have fun given that we never went to one since the circumstances weren't so great" Lily looked up quickly before a smile blooms on her face.

"You remember?" Lily asks as she chuckles now realizing that his memory of the past had come back. Silver smirks before kissing her deeply.

"Well... we did talk about it quite a bit that one night when we were looking up at the night sky, you know" Silver replied huskily as he leaned forward in order to kiss her causing her to laugh a bit more.

"Not in the park please" Lily said in a teasing voice. Silver chuckles at her response.

"Whatever do you mean my dear Lily?" Silver feigned innocence as he smirks at her.

"Oh you know... making out" Lily pokes his chest lightly making him laugh.

"I have waited this long, you know I'll behave"

"Good because there are children here" Lily grins as she takes his hand and pulls him to another area.

"So can we go to the tunnel of love?" Silver asked eagerly.

"Absolutely not!" Lily said sharply causing him to groan loudly and hang his head, so much for that.

"You are not fair!" he whined.

"Life is full of disappointments, speaking of let's go to the Ferris Wheel tonight" Lily suggested.

"Why? It's so slow?"

"Ah but the lights are nice oh and by the way- I'm hungry!" Lily said sharply.

"What am I a food dispenser?" Silver whined.

"No but there's the all you can eat buffet nearby" Lily replied blankly.

"Fine! Turn into a pig for all I care" Silver said with a frown before she pinched his tail.

"Hey! Watch what you're touching!" Silver yelped as his face went red.

"It's never going to happen even if I pull that thing" Lily said in a monotone voice.

"Can't stop me if you pull it" Lily glares at him "it's a mating call! You can't stop it me once you do that" Silver said sternly.

"Try me" Lily said in a warning tone.


"Thank God for that" Serena said coldly as she sighs deeply. Mikage also looks at her with relief filled eyes.

"Are you sure about this? Changing time to stop the-" Serena looks at him sharply causing his voice to die down.

"Like hell am I allowing my granddaughter to suffer alone in that house with her twins. I appreciate Shinjirou's support but he is sacrificing his happiness and that bitch has gone too far!" Serena snaps coldly. Mikage almost felt his brows rise from hearing her say foul language, given that she hardly swore at all and that was saying a lot. Hearing her swear meant that she was beyond angry which was dangerous for anyone to be near.

"So what will you do?" Mikage asked with worried eyes, Serena looks at him sharply.

"I will be teaching you about our changes, especially during pregnancy" Mikage gulped knowing that she was using him to change time...

Uh oh she is mad now!

"Okay" he nods knowing that it was for the best, the last thing he wanted was for Lily and Silver to separate because of a stupid stunt caused by the demoness who was determined to kill Lily just like Zerla.

"First off we carry for nine to ten months, eight months is like with normal humans. But to us it means our baby is premature but it's normal for us to be in labour on the tenth month" Mikage's eyes widen in shock.

"Are you serious?!" he cried out in shock.

"I kid you not" she gave him a bland look that left him gulping, that is a long pregnancy.

Lily and Silver admired the time they had as they reminisced their time at the Ferris wheel, it was getting late but they were worried about Shinjirou and Botanmaru given what happened. Silver was beyond furious knowing that something like that had happened to the older tengu and he had no idea, how could he given that he and Shinjirou were always at the other ones throats. Now there was Botanmaru, Shinjirou's father and the other tengus on Kurama Mountain to worry about. Silver and Lily knew that it must be serious if Botanmaru had risked his health to come off the mountain just to find Shinjirou.

By the time they arrived it was about eleven, Lily had texted Mizuki to take care of Luca and had told Luca that there were problems at Shinjirou's birth home. Luca immediately texted back telling them to be careful and that he missed them a lot. Lily and Silver smiled at the text as Lily opened the door to her old home. Shinjirou looked up from where he was and looked at them with guarded eyes.

"So? When do you want to go?" Lily asked with a shrug and placed her hands on her hips, knowing that Shinjirou had been given time to think properly.

"It won't be a fun affair, it'll be dangerous for sure" Shinjirou said with worried eyes, the last thing he wanted was his sister to be injured or worse killed by Jirou would no doubt hurt her for intruding.

"We'll be fine, after all we decided to back you up" Lily smiled as Silver pulled her close so he could hug her with one arm.

"I won't tolerate abuse of this magnitude Shinjirou" This took the older tengu by surprise after all this fox hardly said his name and would always call him crow or pervert. To also hear him talk about abuse left Shinjirou wincing, knowing thanks to Lily about how bad Silver had suffered under his father's roof. Sure he had survived but Silver had lost his life due to someone who had been targeting Lily, however. Ever ways if the one who tried to kill Lily hadn't interfered, there would be no doubt that Silver's father would have done it or used his henchmen to do it. That didn't sit well for the older tengu.

"Alright, so how do we get there?" Shinjirou asked as he looked at them with a stern look.

"The Night Fog Carriage" Silver replied as if it was simple.

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