Blessed Secrets

Chapter 19: Why you shouldn't make a girl mad!

"So what are we going to do once we enter your home?" Lily asked after they landed, it seemed nice but she also sensed unease as she kept near Silver who held her hand. Shinjirou stayed close to them and Botanmaru.

"It's not too far, but this is sacred land. The cedar tree at the fork in the road ahead binds the residence, walk forward and you can enter our mountain" Botanmaru replied as he looked at them, Lily nods showing that she understands. Essy looked up at Lily as he sits on her right shoulder, his eyes showed that he was curious about what was going on and sneezed to her surprise.

"Ah, but why is it so tense here? Is that the miasma?" Lily asked as they walked forward.

"I think so, it's stifling here Lily so be careful" Silver said while Shinjirou was lost in thought. "If you accidently step off the path you could get trapped in the forest due to how it's distorting the area around us" Lily sighs as she keeps on the path.

"The atmosphere has gotten dark" Shinjirou commented as he looked at Botanmaru.

"It's because the Soujoubou has gotten ill Master Shinjirou, the miasma has caused everything to get sick until death claims it" Botanmaru said as he looks ahead "If only he gets well soon, I hope things will get back to normal and some day..." he looks at Shinjirou "Master Shinjirou will become the fourth chief"

Shinjirou blinks before biting the inside of his lip, he didn't want to be the chief. He had people who he cared about in the lower world and if he stayed, then he'd rarely be able to go back and visit. He was never going to be accepted in their eyes. It also reminded him of how he said to his older brother that he hoped that he would be the fourth chief even though he was the third chief's son, just thinking about it left him wanting to turn and look at Lily knowing that she would have a way of helping him with this issue that never seemed to fade away only-

"Where is she?" Shinjirou noticed that Lily and Silver were no longer behind them.

"They must have gotten lost" the young tengu replied as he looked at Shinjirou.

Lily stared at Shinjirou with a frown.

"Wow... and you said that you were immune to illusions I create... that is just bad" Lily said with a sigh as she shook her head.


"So wait you want me to baby you?" Lily asked as she tilted her head to the side, even Silver was shocked by how Shinjirou was acting.

"N-No!" Shinjirou turned to the side, Lily sensing why he was like this smiled and patted his back.

"It's alright, you're fine now" she grins causing him to look at her with startled eyes before covering his face for a bit. "It was not your fault"

"Sometimes... I can't help but think that" he murmured before going to a door.

"This is the Tengu mansion" said Botanmaru as they all looked at it.

"Let's go in then" Lily said blankly before going to knock on the door. Shinjirou's eyes widen as he saw what she was about to do and tried to grab her.

"H-Hey wait! Lily no-!" they stopped struggling as the doors opened to reveal a light purple haired man in a yukata, at first his eyes widened in shock before a smile bloomed on his face.

"Welcome back Shinjirou" the male said as he looked at Shinjirou.

"Brother!" Botanmaru cried as he jumped into the purple haired male's arms.

"Wonderful, you came back safely Botanmaru I am relieved" the male said with a soft smile. "Shinjirou you come to...hmm?" he blinked from seeing Shinjirou bowing at him.

"I am truly sorry that I haven't written in so long, brother" Shinjirou said feeling nothing but guilt for causing such a stir. The one who he saw as an older brother smiled at him warmly.

"Get up, let me have a look at you" he said as he patted Shinjirou's head.

"It's alright" Lily giggles as she leans on Silver's shoulder causing Shinjirou to look at his younger sister figure before looking up, it made Lily smile softly at how shy and emotional he was getting but didn't comment. It was a sweet moment that she wished that she could photograph but decided against it. She did blink when the brother nuzzled him while he was holding Botanmaru, this caused her to smirk knowing that it took her brother figure by surprise.

"Hi, I'm a close friend of Shinjirou my name is..." Lily paused as the brother looked at her before turning his head, this made her eyes widen in shock and anger. What an earth did she do to this guy?!

Silver felt a cold shiver enter his body while Shinjirou mentally winced as he saw her get offended.

"Your companions must be very tired after hiking up the mountain, come inside" the brother said causing the side of her right eye to twitch.

"Is this guy for real?! Why I outta!" she seethed in anger, she didn't care if he hardly saw girls that was beyond rude!

"So why are you living in such a desolate old house all the way out here brother Suirou?" Shinjirou asked with a confused eyes as they all sat on cushions that were located in the living room. "I was expecting you to be living in the main house"

"Because he has no wings, the person now in charge sees him as a pitiful weak being that he calls a tengu and sees no reason for him to be living in the main house" Lily muttered darkly as she folded her arms, not caring if she sounded petty. She was still furious that he would treat her in such a rude manner especially since she's a guest and close friend of Shinjirou. Shinjirou however looked at her sharply before wincing knowing that she had a small cloud forming over her head signalling that she was still anger. Suirou blinked at how she could know that but still kept his eyes away.

"It is difficult to believe, but I can't be allowed to enter the warmth of the clan's household since Jirou would not allow it" Suirou said with a calm eyes, Lily pursed her lips as he once again ignored her only he also ignored her comment causing her eyes to narrow and twitch. Someone was going to die tonight...

"Brother Suirou being unable to stay at the house, that's my fault and I am-" Shinjirou froze as Suirou nuzzled him again.

"So tell us about Jirou-" Lily felt her temper this close to snapping as Suirou froze but didn't look at her.

"OKAY! THAT'S IT!" Lily grabbed his head and smashed face on the floor. "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH WITH THIS ATTITUDE YOU STUPID EXCUSE OF A TENGU!" Lily ranted causing Silver, Shinjirou and Botanmaru's eyes to go wide in shock. "SHINJIROU TREATS ME BETTER THAN YOU AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT!" Lily ranted before going to her seat and grabbed her bag.

"Lily... what are you doing?" Shinjirou asked weakly before screaming in shock as she took out THAT ribbon. Silver blinked not knowing what to say about it, it's just a ribbon. What harm could it do?

"Lily please be reasonable" Shinjirou pleaded weakly while Botanmaru and Suirou looked at him in shock, the purple haired male winced from how blood was staining the floor and his yukata but the pain he was feeling had hurt like nobody's business. What was with this girl? How could such a frail girl cause that much pain?

"No! If he won't look at me because I look like girl then I might as well get rid of a few things" Lily ranted as she glares at Shinjirou.

"Lily what are you doing?" Silver sighed as she tied her hair into a high pony tail before making it levitate.

"Lily come on I like you having long hair, please as your brother don't do it!" Shinjirou whined not caring if he was making a scene.

"Nope too late" she said crossly before cutting her hair using the ribbon in a scissor motion as she held the ends of the ribbon. Shinjirou and Silver yelped in shock as she literally sliced her hair clean from her head now making her have a boy's hair cut due to how short it was. Botanmaru gawked while Suirou blinked as he finally looked at Lily's appearance now. He watched her as she picked up her stretched purple hairband with one hand while holding the ribbon on the other hand, his face started to go pink at how cute she looked as her short hair moved.

"Done HAPPY NOW?!" Lily asked crossly, Silver was not and neither was Shinjirou.

"AAAAAW WHY?! Shinjirou whined before grabbing the hair that was sprawled around her form.

"What are you doing?" Lily asked blandly before yelped as he tried to shove it back onto her head. "KYAAAAA! GET OFF OF ME YOU PSYCHO!" Lily screamed as he tried to get it back on her head.

"Why isn't it working?!" he cried as it just kept falling off.

"It's permanently cut smarty pants" She said dryly. "Silver help would be nice you know" Lily said angrily as she tried to get her upset brother off of her, Silver however was too much in shock to even move... he really liked that hair.

Essy however got annoyed and started to latch onto Shinjirou's back and began to claw at the now startled tengu's neck before biting it.

"GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!" he wailed as he tried to get Essy off of him.

"No dice, that thing is lethal" Silver replied blandly as he folded his arms, Shinjirou gave him a withered look before yelping in pain.

"I'm going out" Lily muttered as she walked to the door, Silver blinked before getting up. "I want to be alone" she said sharply and then slammed the door shut, Silver then glared at Suirou.

"Nice going" Silver snapped before turning his head in a huff, ignoring Shinjirou's cries of pain.

Lily looked up at the withered tree that had been damaged by the miasma with saddened eyes before touching the body of the tree.

"Don't touch human!" Lily was immediately blinking at the sound of a scream and looked to see a tengu hopping on one foot while holding the injured foot. Beside him was a shovel. "Ouch! What was that about?" the boy who dropped the shovel asked.

"Well excuse me but no one likes to be kicked around" Lily said sharply causing him to stop jumping "Next time when you want someone to not touch anything ask, no one likes a bully" she said as she folded her arms.

"What are you?" the middle boy asked with a startled look. Lily tilted her head and sighed.

"A... human" Lily replied while biting her lip and turned her head.

"She's a girl!" yelled the injured boy causing them to yelp in surprise. Lily looked down to realise that she was wearing her dress still and shrugged.

"So?" Lily asked with a blank stare. "You're boys go figure, anyways what are you doing here with that baby boar?" she pointed at the animal in the youngest tengu's arms. The boys were still panicking and talked about how they were going to be in trouble for talking to one to listen causing her to twitch. Her mind went blank for a second and in her place was a boy with the same hair style, except her clothes now consisted of a black jacket, black shirt, black pants and trainers. Her eyes turned to slits as she glared at them.

"HEY BRATS! SHUT UP!" Lily yelled in a male's voice causing them to freeze and look at her with terrified eyes before realizing that she looked different.

"How did you do that?!" The middle boy asked while she glared.

"It's something to blend in, it's more of an illusion than an actual transformation spell" She snapped before turning her head. "Honestly it's bad enough that punk Suirou got rude and now I have to endure such disrespect from children" she snapped harshly causing them to wince.

"S-Sorry miss" said the youngest who was holding the dead animal. Lily looked at him with hardened eyes and then at the animal.

"Some punk Jirou did that to it?" Lily asked sternly, this took them by surprise.

"How did you know that?" the injured boy asked as he looked at her. Lily bit her lip and then touched the tree causing them to yelp, however as soon as she touched it within minutes life entered the tree. Lily's hands emitted energy that allowed the tree to gain some health and made the blossoms to bloom creating a picturesque scene. The boys were in awe from what they were seeing, even though she looked like a boy she still managed to leave them astonished by what she could do.

"Let's get one thing clear, it doesn't matter if am a girl or not" they jumped slightly as they realised that she was talking. "You are in charge of what you feel not the opposite gender got it?" Lily asked sharply even though what came out other mouth was not her usual voice but was a male's voice. The youngest looked up and nodded.

"Can I burry this boar please?" the boy asked with sad eyes, Lily looked at him from the corner of her eye before releasing her hands from the tree. She patted his head softly before smiling.

"Sure, he deserves it and by the way. It takes true courage and strength to cry, those who don't are the weak ones" She winks before pecking his head softly. "You have nothing to be ashamed of" this left the youngest in awe while the other two were shocked by her words.

"Working together shows that you are more than willing to admit that you can't do things alone and that's okay, we all have weaknesses and faults. No one's perfect" she said before grabbing the fallen shovel and began to dig up a spot, the middle boy blinked before rushing to help her. Lily smiled at him and nodded her thanks leaving his face to go red slightly.

"Ever since Master Soujoubou fell ill, the fog of miasma has started to cover everything" said the injured boy as he helped put the rock on the grave.

"I see" Lily comments as she looks at him.

"Now there are demons appearing in the mountains, and fewer animals" the middle one said with a sad look.

"Which means less life stock and more danger, some demons who can't stand miasma will get sick and become desperate to get rid of it. Unable to see friend from foe" Lily commented, they nodded.

"I'm sure he'll get better" Lily grins as she hugs the youngest "I hope to talk to him soon and see how I can help"

"But how?" The middle one asked in shock.

"I'm a healer, I'm not just someone who can create barriers" she smiled "Grandmother taught me how to heal people who are either yōkai or humans. In fact this goes back to our ancestor a thousand years ago who was a healer as well" Lily grinned.

"I hope he can get well again, but that idiot Jirou said that it's already too late and that Master Soujoubou won't live long. I don't want him to be the fourth chief after the Soujoubou dies" Lily looks at the taller one and nods.

"First I'll have to examine the Soujoubou before I can tell for certain but what type of life force does he have?" Lily asked.

"We... don't know" the middle one replied sullenly, Lily purses her lips but nods.

"Don't worry I'll sort this out, something good will happen soon just you wait and see" Lily grins taking them by surprise.

"Do you really mean that miss?" the youngest asked in awe and sadness. Lily smiles.

"I do, otherwise why am I here?" Lily chuckles and nuzzles the youngest softly.

"For a girl you're not so bad after all" the taller on commented.

"Thank you, just remember not to judge a book by its cover. It's a mistake for anyone to make, a BIG one" she said sternly making the two chuckle nervously.

"You said Suirou upset you?" The youngest commented causing her to look at him "I'm sure he doesn't mean to"

"I know" Lily sighs and rubs the top of her head. "But the irony is that he's being rude to a gender that helped bring him into this world. It's not right" Lily said weakly.

"We're sorry" the two bowed causing her to smile softly.

"It's alright, just be careful next time and imagine if this was you in their situation. Would you like to be treated like that?" Lily asked as she looked at them.

"No" the three replied causing her to nod.

"Good and by the way about this strength issue Jirou has. It's a selfish ideal" This took them by surprise. "Truly skilled people should win just with strength, but with smarts, teamwork and knowing their limitations. Bursting into every battle you see just gets you hurt. You are never alone so don't act like you are and by the way" Lily said with a firm look "that jerk can't truly do a thing to you if you are all complaining against him, a hundred to one there's no way he'll be respected if he makes everyone unhappy over something he does. It doesn't work like that" Lily pats the youngest one's head.

"Thank you sister" the youngest said with awe.

"Thank you for letting the thousand year sakura bloom" the middle one said with a grin while the taller one grinned as well.

"You are really wise, did you come here because you couldn't bear to see this mountain or us be destroyed?" the taller one asked with eager eyes, Lily smiled softly until they heard the bell.

"That's the evening bell telling us to head back to the temple" the taller tengu said before the youngest leapt out of her arms.

"Thank you sister, we hope you can help with Master Soujoubou" the youngest called as they left. Lily smiled widely at them before a petal landed on her shoulder, she then used her power to make it become a phantom shikigami.

"Here's something for you guys!" Lily said before sending the phantom dove to them. They were in awe from how seeing it, it had a translucent body even though glowed in a bright light.

"Thank you big sister!" they chirped before running to the temple with the dove. Lily folded her arms and smiled, she then turned to look at the tree and sighed as she touched it softly.

"It's not much but it should last you a whole day until the Soujoubou is well again" Lily said softly before changing back to her true form, only what she didn't know was that she had a pair of white wings that were covered in a translucent bright light that made it hard for anyone to see it. She sighed at how messed up everything was. Her expression was forlorn and confused at how they could fix this, if she could see the Soujoubou then she could try and find a way to help but how could they when it seemed impossible?

Just as she turned did she hear a crack behind her, she turned to see a tall male with black wings, around his neck were huge beads and he had two scars on both sides of his face.

Lily tilted her head to the side and looked at him with a frown, not knowing who he was. He looked familiar but where had she seen him?

"A Tennyo?" the man thought as he looked at her blank cautious stare.

She then turned to walk away not noticing him now glaring.

"Who are you?" she stopped and looked back at him, he looked furious but she cared not. "This is a mountain sacred to men. Women are forbidden here" he snapped.

"Says who?" Lily asked with a frown, challenging him to his shock. "I see no reason to cause trouble but I will not tolerate such rude behaviour boy" she said with a disapproving frown. His eyes narrowed after stopping them from go wide, who does she think she was? Talking to him like that?!

"Who are you woman? How did you make the blossoms bloom?" Lily frowned as she looked at him.

"It's my business, I have no reason to talk to you" Lily said in an airy voice before turning to walk away. The male glared and bit his lip as a growl left his lips, sensing and attack she kicked him just as he was about to grab her. The male skidding onto the ground, stunned that this small girl could land a hit. How though? He was a strong tengu right? How could he easily lose to her?"

Just as he got up his eyes widened from seeing her glare.

"So you're the scumbag who hurt Shinjirou and that child tengu" his eyes went wide from the name and from the mentioning of a child tengu.

"You hurt my brother" she said darkly "I'll break your bones the next time you touch him or anyone close to me, that includes animals got it?" she bit sharply before walking away leaving him rooted to the ground. Never in his life did he feel scared until now, that was not normal... right?

"You met Jirou, did you get hurt?" Suirou asked as he looked at Silver, Lily twitched angrily.

"Hey asswhole I'm right here!" Lily muttered darkly now wanting nothing more than to strangle his skinny neck.

"I'm glad you weren't hurt" he said still not looking at her.

"No but I'm going to the do the exact same thing to you that I did to him if you don't stop this charade" she said darkly now twitching in anger. Silver sighed and looked at Suirou.

"Please just look at her, you're really hurting her feelings" Silver pleaded.

"He's still a cruel and stupid man... my bad" Suirou said weakly " I'll prepare the other toilet for you at once"

"OKAY THAT'S IT!" Lily barked before Shinjirou rugby tackled her to the floor causing Suirou to look at his brother in shock.

"Easy sis!" he pleaded to her anger as she struggled.

"Why? I hate this treatment! So I'm a girl does that mean I get no respect by anyone on this mountain! He's so rude I can't stand it!" Shinjirou sighed as he saw her shaking slightly, he looked at his brother with a frown.

"Brother please just look at her, she's not just a dear friend but she's a sister I treasure" This took Suirou by surprise "She and her uncle took me in when I was alone and had no idea of how to survive in the lower world" Shinjirou smiled at her softly. "I'm in her debt and regardless she's family, anyone who upsets family upsets me" he said sternly. Suirou looked away weakly now feeling guilty for upsetting his brother and Lily.

"...Forgive me, it's just been so long since I've looked at a female" Suirou admitted weakly. "I don't even know how to treat a girl... especially a beautiful girl like you" he added as he looked away. Lily scowled at him.

"Should I be flattered or offended by that comment?" she asked darkly before getting Shinjirou off of her. To his relief she didn't attack Suirou but instead... took out her- laptop?

Lily then started doing something on it before putting her earphones on.

"Since I'm just a hindrance I'll occupy myself don't mind me, I'll but out of this meeting about how to help your father Shinjirou" Lily spat angrily as she began to press play to Shinjirou and Silver's dismay. Shinjirou sighed and looked at his guilty brother before talking about how to help his father get better.

"There's no way to get this to him, he's being heavily guarded at the moment" Suirou said as he started to slice the peel off the apple "The only way to get this to the Soujoubou is to-"

"AHAHAHAHA!" Lily cackled with laughter as she slapped her lap harshly. "OH MY GOSH! ANNE FRANK DOING A STRIPTEASE?!" Shinjirou turned to look at her sharply before rushing to her laptop, his eyes went wide before he snatched one of her earphones and placed it in his left ear. Taking Silver and Suirou by surprise. Silver then leans closer and blanches from what he's seeing.

"What kind of game is that?!" Silver cried in shock while Suirou went pale from what was going on before looking at Shinjirou who was laughing.

"Cards against humanity!" Shinjirou howled with laughter while Lily bent over from laughing.

"Crystal meth and throwing a virgin into a mountain!" Lily laughed before whining "Who uses the heart of a child?!"

"I don't know! But I can assure you I don't do drugs!" Shinjirou said before snorting so much that it burned his nose, ignoring his brother and Silver as he laughed.

"A b-slap?! Don't I already do that?" Lily asked while Silver went pink.

"Don't remind me" Silver muttered.

"We should play this when we get home" Lily chortled with glee.

"YES!" Shinjirou yelled knowing that it was going to be a funny blood bath meanwhile Suirou almost fainted from what was going on, what kind of company did Shinjirou keep?!

Who watches or even thinks about doing such horrible thing and most importantly- WHO CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA TO MAKE SUCH A DISTURBING GAME?!

After the pair finished watching the game and had talking about how to get to the Soujoubou, there was then a sudden confrontation from the other tengu who were there to see Shinjirou. Shinjirou had ran out the house until Lily and Silver followed him.

"You're not alone brother" Lily grinned as she patted his back causing her brother figure to look at her with scared eyes. "You have us to help you and you know that we'll never turn you away, no matter what you choose" Silver shrugged and smiled.

"Someone has to watch over your weak ass, might as well do it" Silver smirked causing Shinjirou to stare in awe, after everything they went though this fox still had his back? It was shocking and yet he felt relieved to know that he was not alone.

"Shinjirou for better or for worse you're still my brother, your father loves you I know it otherwise why did he allow you to survive this long?" Lily smiled warmly.

"I... I can't do this alone, I don't want to be the next chief but I want to get my father better" he admitted lamely as he looked down while facing them, Lily smiled and held her hands behind her back.

"That's what we're here for" Lily commented with glee.

"Even though we have our differences, we both have something in common. We have had people who hurt us and in away you are lucky" Silver's words took Shinjirou by surprise, he watched Silver's hair get tousled by the wind slightly as he looked away. "If I could save my mother and sister, I would. My father well he was executed for his crimes just like his mother, leaving me with no family" this took Shinjirou by surprise, Silver looked at him. "But you have a loving father who I'm sure cares for you. Even though I failed to help my mother and sister, it doesn't mean that I will fail in helping you and your father" Silver grinned showing his right fang. "We have one extra thing in common though"

"And what's that?" Shinjirou asked.

"We can't stomach oppressors" Silver replied with a glint in his eyes. "HE tried to hurt Lily, I think that in a way will be a good reason to fight back even more don't you think?" Shinjirou blinked before frowning. Lily rolled her eyes.

"I have a barrier you know" she said before Silver patted her head "I'm not a dog"

"Didn't say you were" Silver laughed while she frowned at him. "So what do you want to do now Shinjirou?" he asks with a sly smile. Shinjirou gulped before sighing.

"I want to sneak into the temple and deliver this medicine to my father, I want to make sure that there are next to no casualties if that's possible" Shinjirou explained as he looked at them shyly.

"Could... do you think that you two can help and lend me a hand with doing this?"

"Sure why not? I'm bored since Lily had to drag me here" Silver shrugged while Lily gave him a funny look alongside Shinjirou.

"Obviously I was going to help" she said before smiling at Shinjirou, Shinjirou paused before smiling in relief. Everything was going to be okay, he hoped.

"One room?" Silver blinked from seeing Lily in the room.

"Someone blabbed about being my shrine familiar, so now I have to endure you being in my room since he made the special arrangements" Lily replied blandly while Essy sat beside her scratching his ears. "Next time watch your words please since I can't get changed without having to either go the bathroom or I'd have to kick you out" Lily muttered as she sorted out her clothes. She then blinked in shock as he moved a screen and placed it in the middle so it blocked their views from the other.

"Jeez... so dangerous to be alone with you, even at night" he mutters weakly as he looked away while leaning on the screen, his words caused her to glare angrily.

"EXCUSE ME?!" she yelled angrily. "This is coming from the guy who took women and raped them" Silver flashed her a look signalling that he was not happy.

"I told you that I regret even doing that" Silver says dryly as he narrowed his eyes at her.

"If anything I need to be protected from you" Lily says darkly as she tucks Essy with a small blanket as he chose to sleep on her pillow, she then looked down at her grey sashed blue robes in order to make sure that they were done up properly since he would get some ideas if they weren't. Silver pursed his lips as he looked at her.

"Need I remind you that we are to be married soon" Silver says bluntly as he leans on the top of the screen, Lily scoffs before turning her head.

"Ah but we are not married yet so hands off-!" Lily looks at him sharply as she notices something. Just a second ago he was frowning on the screen and the next he was now sitting by her with his hand on her right wrist. His eyes went to Essy and chucked him out the room before slamming the door shut to Lily's surprise.

"H-Hey!" Lily yells as Essy wakes up looking around with sleepy confused eyes. Shinjirou, Botanmaru and his brother look at him before looking at each other.

"I'll show you just how much I've been holding back" Silver hisses as he leans closer to a startled Lily. "You think that it's easy to hold back when I want you so badly that it hurts to be around you" Silver says before kissing her. His hands roam on her shoulders and allowed her robes to slip slightly off her shoulders as he continued to kiss her.

Outside the four were still left surprised by what had just happened.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Lily screamed before a growl left Silver's lips leaving them disturbed.

"What was that?" Botanmaru asked looking confused by the sudden noises. Shinjirou then caught the sound of something that sounded like a moan causing him to take the child tengu out the house and closed the door. Shinjirou looked back at the room Lily and Silver were in with a red face. He was sure that Silver was touching his sister in an indecent manner and it was scaring his big brother a lot.

"N-No! Don't go there!"

"What is that noise? Why are they making those noise-?" Lily's embarrassed screams silenced the males. Essy had a sour look on his face as his tail swished from side to side as he knew exactly what was going on.

"W-Why there?! Get away from there!" Lily cried once more.

Never in his life was Shinjirou had been that embarrassed until now. This was his sister and that bloody fox was still touching her! And just hearing the noises made the red haired tengu blush like mad.

Lily was left flustered by what Silver had done while she closed the ends of her robe in order to hide her body from him once more. She was mortified about what he had done and the fact that he made her make that much noise. Silver was leaning on the screen while panting from what he did and didn't do. Restraining himself from going all the way had took it out of him and his body was paying for it, however he mentally smirked at her flustered face. She was blushing like mad from what he did.

"J-Jerk..." She said while breathing heavily.

"Hey at least I didn't do anything but that" Silver dodged the sweat covered pillow she threw at him.

"I don't want you touching there again you pervert!" Lily said before the door opened to reveal a flushed Shinjirou.

"Bloody late fool!" Lily said "Thanks for having my blood back- NOT!" she scowled as she got up only to stagger from the lack of energy, Shinjirou grabbed her before flashing an innocent looking Silver a glare.

"I was going to say that brother Suirou gave us a map of the temple before I heard you touching my sister" he twitched crossly as he helped Lily settle back on the bed after changing the sheets.

"Great" Silver smiled causing Shinjirou to flash him a disapproving look.

"She's not married to you yet so hands off!" he warned causing Silver to shrug, Shinjirou sighed and shook his head knowing that it was useless to negotiate with a sly fox.

"Okay right now it's impossible to tell from the exterior how the interior's laid out, if we want to get inside it can only be as guests" he said.

"That's not good" Lily frowned, he nodded dully.

"I'm afraid that the temple may have some protective wards as well which I think your powers might come in handy if we can't get Jirou to lower the barrier" Shinjirou admitted with a sigh.

"Once inside we have to split into two groups, one uses this to get Jirou drunk and give us time to sneak the second group inside to get the medicine to my father" Shinjirou instructed. "I don't want anyone getting hurt as we do this okay?" Lily nods

"Wow tengu, if I didn't know any better you could make a good tactician" Silver said with a smirk, Shinjirou glared but said nothing knowing that it wasn't the right time to argue.

"The question now is how to get in right?" Lily asked, Shinjirou nodded meekly.

"Master Shinjirou!" Botanmaru's voice alerted them of who was in the room now.

"What are you doing here?!" Shinjirou cried as he was taken by surprise by the sudden appearance.

"I-I-I also want to help" he bowed with his head on the floor while facing Shinjirou.

"No you need to stay with Suirou, I won't let you get hurt" Shinjirou said sternly. "If anything happens I can't protect you"

"Ah but I can" Lily beams as she picks Botanmaru up. "I think he and I should partner up and you two work together on this one" Lily smirks knowing that Silver wanted to go with her. "Given how Shinjirou would be alone he'll need extra muscle in order to distract Jirou... I've got a good idea" Lily smirks.

"If he wants to see how you you've gotten then why not let him see you with a familiar" She said with a dark smirk that left Silver and Shinjirou pale. NO WAY!

Silver growled mentally at the idea of working with Shinjirou, he wanted to protect Lily but sadly... she had a point. Lily was more than capable of taking care of herself and only saw her brother being the one more in danger than her, it was sweet and selfless of her to put him before her but it didn't make Silver any better. Silver then got out of bed and looked over the folds to see Lily sleeping peacefully, his eyes warm from seeing her sleeping but not turning in her sleep.

He then moved to sit beside her and leaned forward to kiss her cheek softly, just this would do for him. Sure he did go far earlier on but it was interesting to see her reaction to all of it. And it left him smirking at her red face, he really loved her and would be more than willing to wait knowing that she would never leave him truthfully promise or no promise. Just as he was about to pull away he heard a low growl and looked to see Essy clawing her pillow causing him to gulp.

"Nice kitty I wasn't going to try anything funny-" Sadly Essy yowled really loudly before launching himself onto a stunned and shocked Silver who was then forced to move back and hit the wall, the fox started to yelp and scream in pain as Essy started to attack him like mad. It was then that Lily woke up weakly and rubbed her eyes before looking to see where the noise was coming from. She whined weakly from seeing Essy tormenting Silver and whistled loudly but sharply causing Essy to stop attacking and went back to her pillow but not before doing the litter box insult to Silver's anger.

"I'm going to kill that runt!" Silver yelled before he saw her furious glare.

"Some people are trying to get to sleep you two, shame on you both now go to bed now!" Lily barked causing them to wince and do what she ordered.

"Unfreaking believable" she muttered as she tried to get back to sleep, this made Silver wince but tried to get back to sleep regardless of the claw and bite marks.

"It's about time you woke up" Lily and Silver stare at Shinjirou who was wearing a brown yukata with cranes on it, on his head was a tall cap while he had a cloth over him which allowed Lily to see his bead bracelet. "You know it's rude to not help your master in regards to dressing" he smirked.

"I wouldn't help you even if you were the last person on earth" Silver muttered darkly causing Shinjirou to twitch "You are a grown tengu... you don't need any help that is unless you have a disability that involves no upper body strength" Silver said as he narrowed his eyes. Lily roll her eyes at him knowing that he was not a morning person thanks to last night.

"Cool look though" Lily comments with a grin, Shinjirou looked at her before winking.

"Thank you, always happy to please my sister" Silver twitched.

"Dawww" Lily cooed while playing along.

"Sadly there have been Tengu who left to become Land Gods, this may have put a damper on our plan and it is absurd that they would do that since we need this plan to work"

"That's true but since you have my talisman you'll be fine" Lily said before going indoors to change.

"Hmmm, in order to prove that I am a Land God I must test it's powers to see if they work" Shinjirou said after ten minutes knowing that Lily needed to put her outfit on, not knowing that she had another trick up her sleeve. Silver however glared.

"You dare and I'll kill you myself once that talisman is removed from your persons" Silver warned, not knowing that Lily was now outside watching.

"Spin around six times, then sing the Barbie song and lastly go meow like a cat!" Shinjirou ordered. Lily twitched while Silver automatically did it not knowing what the Barbie son was.

By the time he went meow in a cute manner did he feel shame over what had happened.

"Oh my gosh why?! I don't even know why I even sang that either!" Silver cried weakly not seeing that Lily had put her phone down while her eyes were twitching. Shinjirou however was laughing like mad knowing that Lily HATED that SONG, it was then he twigged on something- this actually worked!

"I can't believe being the Land God's Proxy is that effective!" Shinjirou yelled in shock while Silver wanted nothing more than to have the ground swallow him whole.

"Alright boys knock it off" Said an unfamiliar voice that caught their attention. there standing before them was a black haired boy wearing a black yukata with Essy on his right shoulder. What surprised them was the hair style which reminded them of- LILY!

"Lily?! What an earth do you look like?!" Silver cried while Shinjirou gawked in shock, that could not be his sister!

Lily pouted and looked at them with her arms folded as Botanmaru stood beside her. Remembering Suirou's shock and fright from seeing her change into a boy, her body had showed no hints of being a female. It had only shown that she was a proper male leaving him shaking on the floor while Botanmaru was staring at her for a while until it was time to go..

"Well since GIRLS are banned!" she leers at Suirou's direction knowing that he was in shock by her stunt. "I turned myself into a boy-"

"Please tell me that's not permanent?!" Silver wailed as he checked her over and felt no female curves only to realise now that SHE IS AN ACTUAL GUY! His face went pale. Silver then felt part of him shrivel up after checking her body with his hands only to feel that she was a genuine boy.

"It will be if you keep this up" She scowls at him before punching the side of his head, she then looked at Shinjirou who was rooted to the spot.

"What?" Lily barked before poking Shinjirou who had suddenly landed on the floor like a statue.

"Wow... you guys are nice" She muttered darkly, it was then that she heard both guys whimpering.

"This is not fair!" Silver wailed from what was going on.

"I want my sister back" Shinjirou cried, he didn't want his sister changing genders! It's bad enough he had a bully for a brother and one who had offended her without meaning to.

"Would you rather I get caught and killed by Jirou?" the boys did not say anything causing her to sigh. "Look you guys are being well overdramatic if this goes well then yes I'll change back BUT!" the boys flinched at her tone. "If anyone starts acting up, I'm keep the male form" the males whimper weakly while Botanmaru blinks not knowing what was a big deal, after all it was just so they didn't raise suspicion.

"Can we go now?" Lily asked with a loud sigh due to getting irritated that they were losing precious time. Silver after five minutes got up while Shinjirou followed suit.

"Please make sure you change back sis" Shinjirou pleaded as he got into the carriage.

"No promises" she barked before standing on the back of the carriage way where the door was, then she held Botanmaru who jumped into your arms.

"You're very cold as a guy" he commented as he looked at her, Lily groaned.

"Try my twin... he's a trigger happy guy who hurts people for a living" Lily muttered before the carriage started to move.

"Your twin?" he asked with confused eyes, Lily used her chin to pat his head lightly since her hands were tied.

"Don't hurt yourself from thinking about it" she muttered, remembering how Shinjirou had to deal with a scar on his hand from the fact that her twin had assumed that Shinjirou was bothering her one time during one of his visits and had shot him from long range. Even after explaining her brother still refused to see Shinjirou as part of the family causing her to wince... tough love.

Speaking of where was her twin?

"Wait are you telling me that she's living at a shrine as a Land God?!" yelled a male who was on the phone to Vincent who was smiling weakly.

"She's also thinking of marrying-"

"HELL NO!" Vincent winced from the yell before blinking as the call had been disconnected.

Uh oh!

Once they crossed the doors, Lily and Botanmaru had took this time to jump off the carriage knowing that everyone was busy looking at the front to notice the back.

They then snuck into the main house and began their search while Silver kept beside Shinjirou, hoping that Lily would be save while at the same time. He wondered if she would ever change back from that accursed form!

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