Blessed Secrets

Chapter 21: He's Tall, Dark and Trigger Happy!



Something cold and hard was locked and loaded, placed into a large case and locked up for safe keeping before gloves were put on.

A black haired figure with long black hair that was put into a high ponytail and wore nothing black, that involved a black shirt, black jacket, black pants, socks and trainers. The person’s eyes were brown and cold as they looked at their bare room before picking up the large case.

“Let’s see what this place is about” the person muttered as they walked out the apartment.

Lily woke up to feel a chill in her body, someone was coming and she was sure that it was not going to end well. She walked round the hallways with a pensive expression, it had just reached new years and Silver was still in a dismal mood. Then again it was understandable, what was suppose to be a good day for him during the festivities ended up being a real nightmare.

One nightmare that he wished the he had forgotten, after all it had resulted him suffering with loneliness and emotional pain in his father’s house.

During that time Lily had told Mizuki to be nice and not try to find a way to upset Silver anymore than he already was, confused but eager to listen to her request while Luca on the other hand tried to not only give the red head space but had tried to give him a reason to know that he wasn’t alone in the house.

Silver as grateful as he was, was still miserable and left often screaming in his sleep before forcing himself awake in order to escape his past. Which in itself caused him to have no sleep at all, it was still a blow to his heart knowing that something that should be the happiest day of his life had been reduced to a night filled with blood that continued to fill his childhood with more blood until his birth month had been defiled.

His brother Akura-ou never did understand why he would scream, cry and wail in his sleep which always leaving him either shaking or forcing himself awake. After all how could he know if Silver had no idea either, given that Silver had no memory of his past and yet he had been reliving most of it the whole time without realizing it.

Silver even during this year was blessed and happy to know that Lily and her family was trying to be very supportive during his painful time, he was never going to change that for the whole world.

The person continued to walk down the streets while carrying their case even though it had a strap so they could carry it on their shoulder. At times the person ignored the people who looked at the person’s direction, some often called the person a ‘strange guy’ or ‘why is he carrying such a heavy looking case?’ this made the person smirk mentally as they walked up the steps to Mikage’s shrine only once the person went up… the shrine was in fact no where to be seen to the person’s surprise.

The person now known as a male pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes before taking his phone out and began to dial a number.

“Cousin… where is the shrine?” The male asked in a very smooth tone that left the person on the phone surprised.

What? It’s suppose to be on top of the hill” The person on the phone replied before pausing “wait… Don’t tell me you are here already?!” the person cried in shock before a crash hit their ears.

Dr. Hikari can you please concentrate you’re doing surgery” The nurse snapped on the phone causing the doctor to apologise.

“My sister is not here and neither is the shrine Vincent, care to explain that?” The male said darkly.

S-Shade?! Please I am in surgery! Can’t this wait another time?” Vincent pleaded weakly knowing that it was bad to get on this guy’s bad side and at the same time he wanted to save this little boy’s life.

“You’ll be next on the table if you don’t tell me where my sister is cousin” This left everyone on the phone frozen at how cold and sinister that tone was.

Look I don’t know where she is and I’m surprised that the shrine is even gone. Can you please go and ask dad or something please?” Vincent pleaded weakly. “And while your at it don’t put a hole through someone again please, it’s hard to deal with your mess as it is” Vincent pleaded.

“No promises” was all Shade had said before hanging up. He narrowed his eyes and his upper lip twitched as he approached the hole; he touched the dented floor with his and began to focus. His eyes then narrowed once more as he opened them.

“Looks like I’m paying a visit to someone after all” he muttered darkly before vanishing, within minutes Silver, Mizuki and Luca had rushed back to the shrine.

“Where is it?! Where’s auntie?” Luca cried as he looked round in shock.

“I don’t know!” Silver snapped before huffing.

Shade continued to walk around tracking the person who had decided to visit the land, given that he had ties to their ancestor it wouldn’t very hard to get him to help. After all what he saw and smelt was rain water, it appeared that yōkai had took his sister in order to approve of a marriage between two yōkai and his sister was not co-operating. This in turn made Shade smile darkly and looked up at the sun set.

“You always did know how to speak your mind sister, now to find this git who angered you first given how he was suppose to be keeping an eye on you” Shade muttered darkly before jumping onto walls, he started to jump from area to area before spotting the one he was looking for. He listened to the guy talk to a human who was injured and frowned.

“You know my sister was taken right Ryuu-ou?” This left a chill in the Dragon king’s spine before he looked up shakily, just seeing Shade had left him screaming in fear.

“Who are you?!” Ryuu-ou panicked while Kotarou was in shock from seeing Shade, for some reason he looked familiar.

“Shade, my sister Lily you know” Shade said darkly causing Ryuu-ou to gulp.

“No way… how do you look identical-unless- OW!” Ryuu-ou yelped in pain as he felt something hit his left shoulder, he turned to see blood to his shock and looked up at Shade to see him holding a gun?!

Kotarou was also in shock while at the same time shaking, how did this guy get a gun out so quickly and wait- was that thing in the now open case that rested by his feet?!

“OW! WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!” The dragon king cried in anger before flinching at Shade’s stone cold look.

“We're twins idiot, now get a move on my sister could be in danger and right now and I just lost my link to her” Shade said darkly causing them to stare in shock.

“How is that possible?” Ryuu-ou cried in alarm.

“You tell me, now are you going to help or am I going to have to tell Sapphia that you failed to protect one of her descendants again?” Shade asked dryly.

“N-No no! I’ll help! I’ll help! Just this human-”

“Wants to see Numano Himemiko the swamp princess who is being made to married to some punk Nishiki yeah I know, well what are we waiting for? They won’t let my sister go until it’s either done or we sabotage it” Shade snapped before getting off the wall while holding the closed case that now held the gun, placing the strap on his back he glared. “That is unless you want to tell me something since I’d be more than happy to tell Sapphia and your wife-”

“Don’t you drag my wife into this!” Ryuu-ou cried in fear knowing that she was fond of Lily. Shade however wasn’t impressed.

“Well? What’s it going to be?” Shade asked bluntly as he looked at the dragon King from the corner of his eye, his eyes daring the male yōkai to say no.

“I’m going…” Ryuu-ou muttered “Besides I have to give this to her anyways” suddenly there was a hole in the parcel to his horror causing the Dragon King to scream at how the attack almost hit him.

“Anything else you fool? Now get a move on or the next hole will be on your backside or spine” Shade asked coldly.

“N-Nothing let’s go!” Ryuu-ou said with a shaky smile knowing that his wife was going to kill him for the damaged kimono. Kotarou however was in shock and sweating like mad, what an earth did he get himself into?!

He jumped from seeing Shade’s narrowed eyes.

“Hey kid” this made Kotarou jump slightly “This is no picnic so unless you’re determined to find Himemiko and stop this wedding, then you had better buckle up” hearing his tone took Kotarou by surprise, after all even though this guy was being scary as he held the case in a scary manner, the brown haired teen could tell that the black haired teen was more worried about his sister than anything “those pests stole my sister and I’m getting her back, whether anyone likes it or not” Shade said before looking at Ryuu-ou.

After following the pair to the Tartara Swamp had began to look around while keeping his eyes on them. There had to be a reason why his connection with her had been blocked and it was leaving him irritated, after all she couldn’t have been killed. Their grandmother would have told him.

Thankfully after gaining a tidbit of where the ceremony was being held the trio then went to where the marriage was being taken place.

Right now Shade stood over the building while carrying his case, his eyes pensive as he looked down at the whole area below him. Even now he couldn’t sense her and it was leaving the male irritated after all, this person who looked like his sister was parading around with who was suppose to be Lily’s familiar and maybe fiancée. How could this idiot though be marrying his sister? After all if he was as close as Vincent had described, why was he not picking up this odd feeling from this imposter?

Shade smirked now realizing what might have caused this issue. Unless that was his sister’s body and someone was parading around while trying to ‘act’ like her to the point that no one was able to tell the difference, that or they were just plain dumb.

What an idiot… I’ll take pleasure in torturing this one” he smirked before getting ready to attack. Once that boy interrupts the ceremony will he then jump down and get his sister’s body back, even if it meant getting a kick out of beating the person who had stole and possessed her body.

Now that the ceremony had been disrupted, Shade had made his move and entered taking people by surprise. Even the imposter had no idea of what was going on which made him smirk even more even if it was a mental smirk; his outer appearance showed that he was frowning.

“It’s been a long time hasn’t it?” Shade said in a cold tone while the body snatcher blinks not knowing who he is, he could tell that the body snatcher was looking at him up and down before thinking mixed feelings. Some emotions however made him cringe at how this old thing would conjure up such things.

“Erm who are you?” the imposter asked as she took a step back, Shade smirks knowing that this was not Lily but could tell that this pest was using her body.

“Ah yes… who am I indeed?” Shade then grabs her neck and lifts her up, seeing this caused Silver to get up and was about to stop this guy from hurting Lily until he hears the guy’s next words. “Where the hell is my sister you ugly toad?” This shocks everyone in the room while Himemiko on the other hand was left stunned. Silver blanches in shock from hearing that this guy was her brother, why did Lily not mention about this guy?

“S-Sister?!” the body snatcher asks in shock while choking from his grip, Shade smirks showing his right fang taking Silver by surprise at how vicious this guy was. In a way it reminded him of what he was like in the past leaving him in more shock. Also How were they even siblings? They were polar opposites of one another!

“My twin sister last time I sensed her was startled by something and something tells me that you were the one who last saw her” Shade said hissed darkly “Now spill” he throws her to the floor causing her to cry out from the impact.

“Where is my sister’s spirit or I’ll blow a hole in your head” This scares everyone as he takes out a gun from his case and lets it lean on his shoulder.

“Whoa! Whoa! If she’s stolen her body should you really blow a hole in her head?” Silver cried now panicking about how crazy this guy was, Shade however pretended that he did not just hear that mental comment for Lily’s sake.

“Wait you don’t believe him do you Silver?” The body snatcher cries in horror leaving Silver slightly conflicted as he looked at her. “Don’t let him do this to me!” she wailed while Shade glared at her.

“I’ll do more than that, how dare you hurt and steal my sister’s body!” Shade yelled as he hauls her up by the collar.

“B-Brother? Oh Brother! I don’t even remember seeing you” the body said with a weak smile. Shade scoffs at her darkly.

“Last Christmas, it involved that dead dog I shot down for going after me” Shade said coldly Silver gulped in shock from hearing that information, the body snatcher however was left petrified by his words. However before he could hurt the imposter he was forced to release her thanks to a few yōkai, he glared before pushing them back with sharp winds thanks to their father's power. Once he turned to the imposter he glared as she vanished, however he smirked as he sensed her aura and vanished before Himemiko and Silver could process what had happened.

He appeared on the roof and spotted her trying to shoot Kotarou, only she didn’t get much of a shot when Shade fired his gun at hers causing her to whine and yelp in pain. She then turned to look at Shade before running off.

“You can run, but you can’t hide imposter. I know where you are and you can’t stop me from getting you” Shade smirked before vanishing.

Silver however was trying to locate Lily or at least her body so he could get her back to normal, to his surprise... the body found him.

“Silver, please let’s leave I can’t stand this place!” ‘Lily’ cried. “That guy is crazy! Can you believe his vicious lies?” she cried as she looked up at him. Silver then looked down at her and moved some of her hair to see a talisman on her forehead.

“I don’t know, he did sound like he knew you from somewhere Lily” Silver said in a tired voice that almost sounded mocking. “I have to admit, I am curious as to why he looks like you” he said before stroking her cheek. ‘Lily’ shivered from his touch before standing on her top toes to kiss him, Silver paused as she kissed him. Even though it felt like Lily, he was now sure that this feeling he had for this ‘Lily’ was not genuine.

“Let’s run away, I don’t want to be a Goddess anymore. We can start all over just the two of us right?” ‘Lily’ asked with hopeful eyes as she looked at him.

“You know... there have been things that you’ve been hiding from me Lily” this left her blinking in shock. “It makes me wonder if you truly do love me” he said in a sad tone.

“What are you talking about? Of course I love you” she cried looking offended. Silver however tilted his head to the side.

“I don’t know… you have been acting odd and I always wonder what you do think of me. I do have to ask, what things do you like about me?” Silver asked with curious eyes. ‘Lily’ looked at him before stroking his cheek.

“You have soft skin, you are strong, dependable and always put me first too” she said with a smile.

Lily who was in frog form glared darkly at Mizuki.

“One more step and I will hit you!” Lily warned as she remembered that snakes eat frogs, Mizuki however takes a step back as he too had the same problem. After all his instincts were about to act up but kept himself in check for her sake, meanwhile Essy sits by her in order to keep her safe from Mizuki.

“So let me get this straight! Silver’s whoring around with the person who is using my body?!” Lily asked sharply.

“I’m afraid so” Mizuki said as he shrugged.

“THAT BLOOMING MANWHORE!” Lily roared in anger causing him to yelp in fear.

Jeez snake you really know how to get people angry” said a voice that left Lily twitching before a loud bang hit her ears. They looked up to see Ryuu-ou and someone that shocked Lily the most.

“SHADE?!” Lily screamed in shock causing Mizuki and Essy to look at her.

“Shade? Who’s Shade?” Mizuki asked before a hole appeared on the side of his hair, he yelped from the singed ends.

“Who do you think?” Shade asked darkly before jumping down to see his sister who had been reduced to being a frog. “Well… this is interesting” He comments bluntly.

“Hey I didn’t ask for this!” She snapped causing him to frown; he then looked up at the short female yōkai.

“Oi! Get my sister to the one who will help her or else” he said before firing near the yōkai’s head causing her to jump in fear.

“R-Right away” She stuttered before picking Lily up and began to run away.

“Aren’t you going a little-” Shade turns to give Mizuki a look “So who are you exactly?” he asks with a weak smile while Shade glares.

“Her twin, you’d think by looking at our appearances that you’d take the hint” he muttered before teleporting to where Silver was. He blinked at how Silver was threatening to break ‘Lily’s’ leg off causing him to raise a brow.

Just when I thought I’d seen everything… oh wait, I did!” Shade muttered sarcastically knowing that Silver had this under ‘control’.

The imposter who had Lily’s body started to panic and almost screamed at how Silver was being with her.

“You-you can’t hurt me! If you do then your master’s body will-”

“Hmm well since Lily’s out I wouldn’t have to hesitate in devouring her do it?” he asked with a smirk that had suddenly formed on his face. “I’m going to enjoy doing this after all you have no idea of how long I wanted you Lily” his breath fanned her neck causing the imposter to panic even more.

Ditch this body I’m out of here!” She screamed in fear and terror before leaving Lily’s body in order to go back to hers. Silver blinked before smiling softly knowing that his trick worked. Very soon Lily’s chest started to rise up and go down as she started to breathe again. However…

As soon as Lily opened her eyes she was immediately greeted by his smirk leaving the young woman confused as to what he was truly doing.

“I should snap your leg like a twig Lily, after all… you always do run away from me and never cease to get into so much trouble” Silver said in a flirtatious voice that left Lily who had returned back into her body staring at him in shock, what the hell was going on with this guy?! Was he actually doing this when that old hag stole her body?!

“Erm Silver” Lily said wearily before he shushed her a few times. Silver then placed his finger to her lips leaving her and Shade stunned by the bold move.

Did that bastard just shush me?! Oh hell no he did not just do that!” she ranted angrily now wanting to tear him apart, meanwhile Shade was smirking and had mentally snorted from knowing exactly what was going on his sister’s mind. This was going to be fun, even if Lily had let the fox off easily. It didn’t mean that Shade would.

“Shuush, there’s no need for words” he said in a suave tone that left her almost glaring at him while Shade’s jaw dropped from how the fox was being not only bold but was being very gutsy to shush her while she was trying to get his attention. “I know that you love to just rattle me up, but you know that the more you push” he bared his fangs as he neared her neck.

“Silver, you can stop now” she said sternly now wanting to get out of his grip now and kill him before going to bed, right now she felt tired and drained all over. Shade was shaking his head at how this was unfolding, was this fox blind or what?

“The more I just keep coming back for more” he said with a smirk.

“Silver” Lily said sternly but he didn’t listen. Shade meanwhile placed the side of his fist to his mouth while he was trying not to laugh. Oh wow this was going to end well for this fox!

“You have no idea of how you’ve kept me waiting. Always pushing me away and expecting a male yōkai like me to keep accepting no for an answer” his breath fanned on her neck causing the hairs on her neck to stand from the heat and his breath.

“Silver let go please” Lily said now starting to get annoyed, sensing her twin who was enjoying this very much to her anger. On that jerk was next her list!

Some brother he was…

“I’m never letting you go, and by the way” he paused causing her to look at him. “I wonder what would happen if I snap both your legs? Would you run then?” Silver asked almost chuckling from his crude humor, Lily looked at him sharply while Shade’s eyes went wide.

This idiot’s hilarious! Who knew that she would pick such a very clingy moron who doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries” Shade laughed mentally as he watched.

I am so going to kill you Shade when I am free! You hear me?!” Lily yelled at him before turning her direction to Silver even though Shade was having a field day.

“Excuse me?!” she asked sharply while Shade gave a mental mocking reply. “You will not be biting my neck unless you want to be in a wheelchair” she snapped angrily.

“Let’s see shall we?” he asked now moving close.

“Silver? Silver I’m back so can you-!!” Lily grunted before going rigid as he bit the right side of her neck. “SILVER YOU BASTARD! GET THE HELL OFF MEEEEE!” Lily screamed causing Luca who had been sniggering instead of helping his now peeved of aunt to laugh like mad, Shade was howling with laughter as he slapped his left knee in anger before he started choking on his laughter. Lily glared daggers at Luca who now turned is head away while Silver blinked as he released her neck and looked down at her.

“Lily? Is that you?!” Silver asked in surprise. Lily’s eyes narrowed while Shade wheezed in laughter, who was this guy and how dumb could he get?!

Seriously Shade had hardly seen his sister in almost a year and yet he could tell that Lily was back before him.

“What was your first clue? The fact that I’ve been trying to tell you this whole time or the fact that you couldn’t tell the difference between me and that trashy slut who stole my body” Lily bit harshly causing Luca, Shade and Mizuki’s jaws to drop. Wow she is really mad now, however instead of being offended-

“LILY I MISSED YOU!” Silver cried as he hugged a scowling Lily tightly. His tail wagged like mad while his ears pinned themselves to his skull leaving Lily more annoyed at him, Shade on the other hand started to laugh even more at the sudden change of behaviour. “Do you have any idea of how worried I was?! Don’t ever go off like that again! I was scared to think that you had been killed and was replaced by that yōkai body stealing toad!” Silver cried as he nuzzled her. Lily however-

Silver grunted loudly from the pain thanks to Lily who kneed him where the sun didn’t shine, Shade's jaw dropped before roaring in laughter. Oh yeah! That was definitely his sister! Meanwhile the other males who were watching cringed from imagining the pain Silver had just suffered with.

“Get the hell off me now” she ordered angrily. Silver however was too happy to care and did as she ordered, even though his body was hurting from how strong her order was.

“Kneel” she said angrily as she got up. Silver once again was forced to do as she ordered, not that he was complaining after all if it meant that the yōkai possessing her body was out. He’d take any pain offered to him, hearing his thoughts left her sickened and angry at how shameless he was while at the same time Shade snorted from what was going on.

Did he forget that she bruised like a peach?!

“For a whole week you are to sit on that spot whether wind, rain or shine” Mizuki and Luca’s jaws dropped while Shade and Silver’s eyes almost bulged out of his sockets. A whole week?! “I do not care if you get sick or soaked, this is what happens to morons who pull stupid stunts like what you did now! Now as for me I have to go and call my cousin for a rabies shot so thanks a lot asshole” she snapped as she went indoors to get the phone. However instead of being angry or upset, happy tears ran down Silver’s face while the trio who were staring at him were left gobsmacked at how he could be happy.

“She’s back!” he said with a weak laugh before he sobered up after an hour, why? Because he was bored.

Shade now relived that his sister was back had packed his gun away only before it went in the case it hit the top left part of the case which made the gun go off.

"OOOOOW WHY?!" Silver wailed as a part of his tail was now sported a hole.

"Looks like my work is done and... Oops, my bad" Shade smirked which signalled that he was no sorry one bit.

“Wow he bit you good” Vincent commented as he looked at the mark on her neck.

“Just shut up and get me the shot after you sort this mess out” she glared at Vincent darkly.

“Yes miss-wait! I’m the elder her out of the pair of us so don’t you dare get rude to me-” Vincent snapped until he saw her very angry glare that would not hesitate to kill him on the spot.

“So how are you with your body now that you have it back?” Vincent asked lightly as he started to sweat like mad, Lily however glared at him.

"What's my brother doing out side of the military base?" She asked sharply causing him to pause "don't tell me he snuck out again" Lily's question was rewarded with Vincent going 'errr' causing her to scoff and sigh.

"Unfreaking believable... and just for kicks I'm guessing that you told him about Silver and I am, I correct?" Lily asked darkly before she was greeted with silence.

"I hate you..." She muttered darkly as he continued to dab her neck with disinfectant.

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