Blessed Secrets

Chapter 22: A Jump Too Far

"Done! The shrine is now back to normal after finally getting it back to dry land!" Silver said while whipping sweat off his head.

"Here have something to drink while you celebrate!" Mizuki grins as he hands Silver a bottle of water, Silver almost eyes the bottle knowing that it was open and removed the cap. However instead of drinking it, he tipped the water onto the floor before glaring at how the ground was burning from the acid. Mizuki gulped as he saw Silver look up at him with the most demonic stare ever.

"What... was that?" Silver asked with a cold dark look.

"Eh hehe" Mizuki scratched the back of his head before Silver rammed his foot onto Mizuki's back.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU DUMB SNAKE?!" Silver roared in anger.

"I saw you bit Lily and almost gave her an infection!" Mizuki yelled in anger "You almost hit her bone as well you dirty fox!"

"I was only being rough in order to get that THING out of her body!" Silver ranted as he threw the bottle at Mizuki's head. "Yes I bit her but at least I was keeping an eye on that stupid imposter! Where were you?"

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW HARD IT WAS TO NOT EAT LILY?!" Mizuki pulled Silver's hair which left the red head very angry enough to claw at Mizuki.

"YOU WHAT?!" Silver bellowed in anger.




Silver and Mizuki froze and looked down to see a hole in Mizuki's right sleeve that looked like it was hit by a round object.

"Yo pests got anything better to do than bicker?" Shade asked with a frown on his face while the pair went pale from what was in his hand.

"Will you put that away?!" Silver yelled now getting antsy about the gun in the area.

"Chillax idiot I have it lock-"


The bullet hit upwards and down suddenly came a bird that was now coated in blood.

"Oops" Shade looked away before Lily ran out the shrine to look at what had just happened, she looks at the dead bird and then glares at her brother.

"Put that gun away right now you stupid idiot! Honestly what If you had killed someone other than this bird?" She shrieked as she gestured the dead bird that had vanished leaving only a dead leaf with a hole in it. Shade blinked as she picked it up and glared at him.

"I was fetching news! The last thing I need is to feel like I had been shot you rogue!" she snapped while folding her arms.

"Look it was one time Lil, I didn't mean to shoot your arm" Shade frowned as he looked at her while Silver blanched in shock before anger took over due to how he died.

"Get that thing out NOW!" Silver bellowed taking Shade and Mizuki by surprise, Lily and Luca who had joined the group stared at them feeling sad and knew why Silver was in a mood. Shade however tsked and rolled his eyes before putting the gun in the case.

"Fine..." Shade muttered darkly as he sat on one of the tree branches. "At least I got them to stop fighting"

"Okay but don't make anymore holes please" Lily pleaded and to their surprise he relented.

Footsteps run through the shrine, it's a warm day and a Sakura tree can be spotted near the lake that is situated in the garden.

Laughter could be heard followed by the sound of feet, how many people that are running are not known but the shrine's air felt pure and fresh that allowed spirits to be lifted up. As time passed, someone stood out the shrine human maybe?

But the person did wear traditional familiar clothes and had a soft smile on their face, very soon someone appeared behind the person and hugged them. This in turn made the person nuzzle the other one due to old habits, just seeing the gesture made the one behind chuckle and smile.

"I love you" said the person behind as they watched the scene in front of them take place.

Silver woke up with a start before groaning thanks to the sound of footsteps thundering through the hall.

"NO! GIVE ME IT BACK YOU PRAT!" Lily's wailing filled the shrine, Silver however was half asleep before his eyes went wide just from hearing her voice. Not caring about his ruffled appearance he shot out of bed and rushed to where Lily was only to blink as he saw her standing under a tree with her arms folded, he moved his eyes up to see the one responsible for her annoyed look and saw to his surprise Shade. In his right hand was a book that red head now recognized as her diary.

"Why bother there's nothing in it" Shade smirked causing Lily to glare.

"Baka! It's protected by magic so only I can see it" Lily whined as she folded her arms.

"So how is it useful?" Shade asked with a smirk, Lily folded her arms.

"Seriously how mean are you? Must you always try to either shoot me or invade my privacy?" Lily whined as she looked at him, Silver blinked as he watched the scene unfold. Who knew that her twin would cause her to act like this and he was surprised to see Lily's attitude change so suddenly.

"Come on you know I don't mean to shoot you" Shade said with a pout.

"You brought a pistol to school! I had to sit on a tube because I was shot!" Lily whined at him while stomping her foot "Who does that?"

"Hey grandma healed you so you didn't get a scar"

"That's besides the point Shade, you shouldn't have been running around with a gun to begin with!" Lily yelled before the left side of her hair got singed causing her to be rooted to the spot at what just happened.

"What? You don't stop whining" Shade complains as he lets the pistol that's in his hand point upwards so no one gets shot. Lily glares before the tree sent him the floor, the male winces as a bullet grazes the bottom part of his right elbow.

"How's that for whining!" she snapped before going off in a huff.

"Lily!" Silver cries before turning to glare at Shade who's pouting at her. "Are you happy now?" he snaps before going after her.

Lily however is left sitting on the floor of someone's house to her shock. One minutes she was stomping near the streets and the next she had passed out for what she was sure was a brief moment before coming to, this in turn left her completely confused before she tried to stand up only she couldn't with one leg. She looked at her right ankle and glared at the offending bracelet.

"Man that is tacky..." she mutters darkly.

"Ah you're finally awake Land God" said a voice that made Lily want to strangle the life out of.

"Oh gosh kill me now!" Lily groaned loudly before tilting her head up so it was facing the roof, first her brother now this. Couldn't she ever catch a break?

"Sadly for you, that wish will come true" Lily almost blanched in shock from hearing Yatori's words.

"After all we need to bury you alive so we can enter Yomi, right master Kirihito?" Lily immediately looked at Kirihito with shocked eyes before she frowned.

"You have got to be kidding me! Is this the thanks for getting you out of Yomi? Now you want to kill me just to enter Yomi again?! Ugh come on! Can't you just NOT do it?" she whines weakly causing him to blink.

"But you're the only thing we have to get us into Yomi so I'm afraid not! I'll go and get the preparations now master Kirihito!" Yatori said with an eager smile as he runs off. Kirihito however continues to stare at Lily.

"You are-"

"Look I just had to deal with my twin who is a real pain in the backside so please understand I don't want to be buried alive. I am NOT in the mood to play around I just wanted to be alone, is that so hard to ask?" she asks weakly as she looks at him, just hearing her words left him thinking back to his brother who had stabbed him in the back. He gritted his teeth in anger.

"So how long until the body dies out?" he blinks before looking at her. "You've grown skinner, which means you're not eating enough food" Lily comments with a frown which left him taken by surprise.

"So what? It's going to die out" Kirihito said stiffly causing her to frown.

"Look if you don't take care of that body then you had might as well be bodiless" Lily said before sighing, "Tell you what. Where's your kitchen?" she asks as she tries to get up.

"Why would I want you in there?" he asks with a frown.

"Because you have not eaten all day moron, it's taxing your body and health so it's no wonder that you're not coping well" she said with cold eyes that left him paralyzed by her actions. Why is she so caring to others even though some would want her hurt or worse dead?

Seeing him not making any signs of moving left her rolling her eyes as she found out where the kitchen was from her mind.

"Fine then stay here, I'll bring the food to you" she said before looking at him "And you had better EAT it got it?" Lily asks sharply before forcing herself to move only...

"The bracelet won't let you leave human" Kirihito said with a bland look on her face, Lily in turn huffed, glared and rolled her eyes before snapping her fingers. Once she did that she touched the bracelet and watched it fall apart before their very eyes.

"You were saying?" she asked with a frown before going to the kitchen, once she left did the male realise that his 'mother' was home.

"You can't just walk around in this house" Kirihito barked in anger as he chased after her.

"Should have thought about that when you kidnapped me you idiot!" Lily barked as she went ahead into the kitchen. Without delay she looked round for what there was in stock before getting started with cooking, she wasn't that good per say but she did know how to whip a simple meal up.

As soon as Kirihito arrived his nose was immediately greeted with a pleasant smell that left his stomach growling loudly, his face then started to go red before looking at where the smell was coming from to see Lily cooking with a few pots and pans.

"What are you doing?" he asked with a glare as he stood behind her and was about to pull her way by her waist.

"Hands away, I'm dealing with oil and fire Kirihito" Lily said sternly before putting mushrooms in one of the pots, he twitched before sitting down and glared at her as he leaned on his hand.

"So tell me, what were you like before you lost your body?" Lily asked while cooking, this made his eyes narrow.

"Why the sudden interest human?" Kirihito asked coldly.

"Why not? Plus it would drown out the uncomfortable silence and would distract you from thinking about eating what's on the cooking stove" Lily said while touching a few dials "You know Kayako when I visited her was no still is worried about you" This took him by surprise. "She really does like you, you know so why don't you ever think about settling down or seeing how it goes with her?" Lily asks as she takes the chopping board toe the sink in order to wash it.

"I don't need to explain myself to you" Kirihito scoffs as he looks at her, why should he after all she was a weak nosey human. What could she say that would leave any impression on him? He already found her annoying and oddly putting people before her needs... he hated that type of person.

"Then who would you explain yourself to?" Lily asks as she cleans, he blinked from the sudden question before looking at her. "Surely deep down you do want to understand the world around you. Otherwise why wear these clothes and allow yourself to stay here with a loving mother who worries about you constantly? Not to mention you did break the mirror to Yomi just so she didn't die" his eyes went wide from her words. How did she know that?!

Lily then turns to look at him with a sad but worried look that took him by surprise.

"Surely even though you see humans as weak, I have to ask what even provoked this act and ideal? After all humans are expendable to you and yet you saved her without much hesitation. Was it because she cares about you and is the only mother you know? Or is it something else?" she asks blankly, Kirihito scowls and looks away in disgust. Him caring for a human? Rubbish! That's not true and he knew it, this girl didn't even know what she was talking about!

"That's a lie and you know it" he scowls, hearing that made her shrug.

"Okay then, have it your way" she shrugs before pouring the stuff that is in one of the pots into another and began to stir it.

"So let's get back to what you were like before" Lily suggested. Kirihito shrugged before leaning back, he didn't know why but some part of him wanted to humor her by telling a bit. After all it did seem strange that she didn't recognize him or react in an negative manner, so what was the worst that could happen?

"There's not much to tell" Kirihito replied as he humored her with a smirk. Lily however frowned showing that she wasn't buying it, that in turn made him smirk. "Okay then, before I lost my body I was someone who would take down anything that got in my way, I could never get enough of a good challenge and took it head on without hesitation" a smile bloomed on his face taking Lily by surprise.

"Isn't that bad and reckless?" she asks as she tilts her head, hearing that made him bark a sarcastic laugh.

"You might be right human" he admitted to her surprise "I had no direction in life except a purpose to take down anything that was a challenge to me"

"That's stupid" Lily says with a frown as she folds her arms even though she is holding the wooden spoon. "By doing that you're just asking to be killed"

"Yes..." he looks down "I had immortality and could never die from mortal injuries to my ability to heal, I assumed that I was invincible... until he opposed me which resulted me in this predicament" Kirihito admitted with a sigh. Lily paused before nodding.

"Silver really does miss you" She admits softly taking him by surprise. "If he could take back what happened he would, no hesitation but... he had a reason" Lily adds as she looks at him.

"Yeah... you" Kirihito thought grudgingly as he remembered how different his brother was that day once he had caught up to him. To think that she could be the reason for his end but it was also his own recklessness that landed him in this manner to his anger.

"If I were to ever see myself" she looks up at him "I'd pummel him to the ground for putting us in this situation" Hearing this made her giggle which left him raising a brow.

"Good luck Kirihito" she places the now cooked food onto a place and placed some small bowls for dipping on some food into. He looks up at her with a suspicious frown. "Last time I checked you're an immortal Yōkai that heals like nobody's business, do you really think given your attitude towards humans that you would not take being injured by a human lying down? You'd be dead in one minute flat" Lily laughs, hearing this made him scowl at how she right she was.

"Look" she pats his back lightly which then left him realizing that there was only enough for one person-him. "You can go hating for the rest of your life and continue this obsession of getting your body back or you could value what you have. After all, you'll never know what you have until it's all gone" she smiled softly before moves to wash up the stuff, meanwhile Kirihito looks down at the food with blank eyes.

"Welp I'm done, I'll see you later maybe and in the mean time do take care of your health" Lily smiles before leaving him alone. Kirihito's hands that were on the table and his lap clenched in anger and frustration. Trust this girl to get under his skin, just how did she do that?!

Just as Lily leaves the house she sees Shade with his gun to her confusion.

"So you finally made it out? Well that's annoying" he comments with a pout.

"How so?" Lily asks with a frown.

"Because I was hoping for an excuse to shot them for kidnapping you" Shade replied causing her to twitch before she glared at him for what he said.
"SHAAADE!" Lily roared to inhabitants shock before the sound of a loud scream hit their ears.

Shade sat by the table with an ice pack on his right cheek and his left hand had been put into a cast.

"Take that and maybe next time you'll learn the true value of life you bully!" Lily snapped before going off in a huff.

"Stupid hormonal sister" Shade muttered before she turned to glare.

"I so bloody heard that!" she snapped before sending a few forks to stab him causing him to yelp in pain.

"Girl now that's going too far!" Shade yells as he stands up to glare at her.

"You started it by saying that you wanted to shoot a household! ONE of them was harmless you bully!" Lily yelled.

"Oh really so how did you get out to begin with?" Shade asked crossly while Silver, Mizuki, Essy and Luca were sitting at the table with the shrine spirits with stunned looks on their faces.

"All I did was cook for a malnourished guy who was not feeling well and left while he was distracted" Lily snapped.

"Oh super! While we're at it why not get a gold star while you're at it!" Shade snapped.

"Why are you even here moron?! After all you truly haven't even told me anything other than blow holes in MY house!" Lily yelled back.

"Someone who we both know had told me that you are getting engaged to a demon and had got herself into hospital for serious injuries more than once! Shouldn't a brother worry about their sister?" he ranted.

"Oh jeez! So when I was in hospital where were you? Honestly why do you even bother since you came too late like always! Plus if I get another call from Ivan about how you snuck out of the military base not to mention you ALWAYS bring your work stuff home with you" Lily ranted even more at him causing him to glare at her.

"Well excuse me for finding out too late, I was doing undercover work at a drug ring-"

"Oh jeez who's idea was it to join?! Not mine I assure you! I swear you and dad are one in the same!" she said darkly.

"And what's that?"

"You both act like a pair of assassins only he was made to at nine by the same idiot who killed his parents! Unlike you he was made to kill, you on the other hand do it because it's fun and to 'take out your frustrations' now how is that right?" Lily asked coldly. Shade however moved closer so the pair had to push the other's head from theirs as their anger spiked. Silver winced as he remaindered what he was like when he was younger, knowing that it was the last thing that he truly wanted to do but sadly it was the survival of the fittest with yōkai and some humans. Kill or be killed.

"Yeah but dad got out of it didn't he thanks to mum-?"

"Who was his target!" Lily interrupted with a cold look, Shade had bit his lip as he looked at her. "You know what? Go on back to the military after all it's what you love to do more" Lily said before turning her heels and began to walk way from him.

"Lily!" Shade yelled before wincing from the fact that he had hurt his sister yet again. Silver however got up before anyone could say anything and went after Lily.

"That stupid, unbelievable moron that I call my brother!" Lily ranted darkly as she turned a corner that led to her room. However without warning as soon as she stepped into her room- she was gone.

Silver on the other hand entered her room before blinking the moment he realised that Lily was not in the room, odd he had just saw her go into room so where did she go?

"Lily? Lily where are you?" Silver then starts to panic and runs through the hallways in a panic alerting Mizuki, Luca, Shade and the shrine spirits that something is wrong.

"What's going on?" Luca asks while Shade blinks at Silver's sudden change of behaviour, something wasn't right and Shade could feel a change in the area as well as Silver's anxiety which had gotten worse. Wasn't Silver suppose to be talking to his sister? So why was the fox searching for Lily?

"Silver what is wrong?" Mizuki asks as he rushes out the bedroom.

"Don't stand there Lily is missing!" Silver yells as he barges past Mizuki who drops his non alcoholic sake jar. Mizuki ignores the jar and begins his search with Luca, Shade and the spirits.

Shade started to get sick and felt worry enter his body, was this because of their fight? He didn't mean to upset her but did she leave because of that? No she couldn't have, even at their worst arguments she would never consider running away so what had happened to her?

Just as Silver exists the shrine front doors he is greeted by a worried Mikage who is standing at the entrance.

"What are you doing here?" Silver asks coldly as worry takes over his sense of manners.

"I was called here by her grandmother" Mikage replied softly, paying no heed to Silver's behaviour. The red head pauses from hearing his words.

"What are you saying? Does she know where Lily is?" Silver asked with worried eyes instead of neutral eyes.

"Silver please sit down, I will explain then" Mikage said while looking at Silver in hopes of calming him down before telling him the news.

"No tell me now!" Silver yells before Shade shows up.

"What's going on?" Shade asks but is ignored by Silver who continues to look at him, Mikage sighs as he looks at Silver.

"She's in the past" Mikage explains but tries not to sound worried as he looks at them. Shade's eyes went wide as fear and shock started to take over his features. Silver however almost chokes on a laugh from what he had heard, that was impossible. Surely she couldn't do that right?

"Mikage if this is-"

"Someone had called her spirit to the past" Mikage said with serious eyes that left Shade sick and confused, who would call her spirit to the past and what time period is she in now? Is she alright? If only he had the power to time travel but alas with boys it was very rare indeed. Silver to his dismay could see no lie or humour in his foster father's eyes which in turn made Silver freeze.

"No" Silver's voice shook before shaking his head in horror as he slammed his eyes shut, this couldn't be happening.

"Silver I am sorry" Mikage's eyes showed that he truly was upset as Shade and Silver. The male twin felt his heart had been torn from his chest, after all this time and instead of spending time with his sister without upsetting or hurting her. He had done the opposite.

"NO!" Silver roared in denial and had took a step back, she was somewhere in the shrine, she had to be. There was no way this could happen. She didn't need to go to the past right? After all there was nothing for there there!

"How Mikage?" Mizuki asked looking more pale than usual while Luca's eyes were so wide that they might fall out, he almost shook in fear of what might be happening to her.

"This isn't true" Silver felt his heart beating painfully in his chest from the fact that he could lose Lily again. First she was scared and wanted nothing to do with him the last time she went back into the past, now this! Could they just not be happy? Just when they were finally getting back to how they were when they were children this happened.

"Someone dear to her has been calling her for some time now and the pull towards that person has gotten so strong that she has been taken there" Silver as he listened did not want to show weakness to the snake. But he knew that this was true even if he was denying that it was.

"No I don't believe you" Silver said in hoarse voice as he looked away.

"By who?" Oishi asked looking confused as he looked at Dai who looked back at him before turning to face Mikage.

"I won't hear of this, it's not true!" Silver walked away while his legs continued to shake as he moved making it look like he was either limping or about to collapse from the overwhelming emotions.

"Where are you going?" Mizuki asked as he watched his fellow familiar walk away.

"I don't understand" Dai said as he looked up at his former master.

"Lily needs to understand how the past has changed him, it's only natural for him to be in denial since she went back to change her fate so she never met him in the first place" Mikage commented softly as he looked at Silver's retreating form. Shade and Luca blanched in shock not believing what they were hearing; all this time Lily had changed time to stop herself from seeing Silver. But why? It didn't sound like her to meddle with time since they were warned that time would end up damaged beyond repair.

"But why?" Mizuki asked not understanding what was going on.

"Silver before had tried to make a contract with a Fallen One in order to be human" Shade and Luca's eyes went open, no way they never assumed Silver do something so stupid "After realizing how he felt towards her, whether he knew that it was her or not he was in love and tried to be human for her. Sadly this ended up causing him to be cursed for the one he assumed was his love had gone about a different name so the contract ended up starting to kill him from the inside. Lily couldn't bare the guilt of causing his death so she changed time so they would never meet" Mikage explained, Shade looked down and sighed. Typical Lily, she would rather never meet Silver then expose him to death once more after all she had lost him once. His sister was not prepared to do this again to him; it would have been too much for anyone to take. But surely... they would have been a cure though right? So there was no need to change time, wasn't there?

"I don't understand why would she do that? After all they still ended up meeting" Mizuki asked while looking at the former owner of the shrine. Mikage gave him a soft smile taking the snake by surprise.

"Love never fades, even if one tries to sever the red string that ties them together. A piece of them would still remain for the other to see no matter what. Silver I'm afraid had to learn this shortly after arriving here, finding out her grandmother had hand in aiding him to find me. Her grandmother is quite the powerful time keeper" Shade looked up in shock while Luca was at a loss for words, their grandmother had done this? She had made Silver and Lily meet up? But why if Lily was so determined to separate them? "She does maintains the balance of time and it does make sense that she would end up interfering to make sure Lily would survive" Mikage added with a smile that left them more confused than ever.

"Interfere?" Oishi asked.

"A duplicate of Lily left a diary to her, explaining everything to Lily. So even if Lily is confused and lost, she would find the right way back home" Mikage replies sounding more relieved and cheerful to Shade's annoyance, sure he was relieved that the diary he had tried to tease Lily with was actually helpful but it doesn't stop Lily from enduring pain and hardships. Also why would Lily have a clone? Did something happen to Lily or something?

Lily sits down in the makeshift house that was owned by a young Water Goddess by the name of Mitsuha. At first it was a little worrying since they had to hear a giant serpent yōkai making a mess outside just to lure the young Goddess out.

Lily who was not having it patted the stunned girl's head and stormed out.

"Oi stupid!" it looks at her "DON'T YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! TURN IT DOWN BEFORE I BLOW YOUR MOUTH OFF!" Lily bellowed as she glares at the yōkai, which in turn laughed at her.

"Do you truly think you have a chance of hurting me human?" the yōkai asked now sounding amused while Mitsuha looked at Lily with fearful eyes as she worried for her friend's safety. Lily looks at the girl and smiles.

"Get back inside where it's safe okay?" she asks with a smile that left the smaller Goddess stunned but did as she was told. Lily then looked at the serpent before a glint appeared in her eyes

"YOU DUMB HOODLUM! HOW DARE YOU UPSET AND HURT THIS GIRL YOU STUPID JERK!" Lily released a loud high pitch scream that made the serpent not only cry out in pain but had fell to the ground due to the pain it was enduring. She then stormed over towards the snake and used her power to lift it's head up so it could look at her.

"Now scram and leave this girl alone before I assert MY dominance on you, got it?" she asked with a dark smile while her hair and eyes were now sapphire blue. Sensing her changed aura the yōkai quivered in fear before nodding violently, without wasting time the serpent had fled without looking back. There was no way he was ever going to mess with Sapphia any day, that dragon lady was scary beyond belief!

Mitsuha peeped out before gasping at how quickly the serpent was running away, she then looked at Lily's appearance before her eyes went wide. That was Sapphia's aura!

Lily sighed as she changed back to normal and looked at the young Goddess, she chuckled weakly.

"I don't suppose you have something to eat, do you?" Lily asked before her stomach growled loudly. The pair began to laugh from how sudden that was, to think that hearing Lily's stomach would just set them off.

"I have never met a celestial dragon's descendent" Mitsuha commented as she handed Lily some food who thanked her deeply for the food.

"I didn't realise that my presence would cause that much fear" Lily replied with a sheepish smile before the girl showed her a poster showing the words most wanted. Lily not knowing what was going on looked at it before blanching.

"HAH?!" Lily yelped as she looked at Silver's picture. He looked like the girl who was in the Ring only a hundred times more scary given the list of crimes he had committed.

"That's Akura-ou and Silver, those yōkai have been causing problems everywhere they go and the Gods have issued warrants for their arrests. I hope they are stopped soon" Mitsuha said with a worried look.

"Sadly they will be stopped and it won't be in a way that anyone would expect" Lily admitted as she looked at the poster. She blinked from seeing Akura-ou and began to remember Kirihito's words, she then started to get a sense of déjà vu- WAIT THAT'S IT!

"I can always see Kirihito's spirit is a red haired demon and if that spirit's name really is Akura-ou, the one who in this time period is causing problems than I might have my work cut out for me in regards of getting back home" Lily commented as she looked at the picture.

"I hope so too" Lily said while looking at the young girl. Mitsuha looks at her shikigami egg and smiles as she places it near her face since she couldn't hug it with both hands.

"I hope that my shikigami will be my most important familiar" Mitsuha says with a soft smile before talking about what she wanted to in regards of the shrine and her familiar.

"I'm sure your familiar will be the best it can be" Lily said with a wide smile before hugging the girl. "Just do your best and stay strong, none of us are strong at the beginning but it does take time" Lily grins as she winks, the small Goddess smiles in reply before they laugh.

"This bamboo boat would take you west but be careful along the way, I do hope that you find what you are looking for Lily" Mitsuha grins as she hugs Lily.

"thank you, I hope to see you again soon" Lily smiles as she gets on the boat.

"My full name by the way Lily is Mitsuha Yonomori! Be sure to come back soon" Mitsuha waves while Lily beams as she waves.

"My full name is Lily Hikari" Lily calls back "Take care and be strong, don't let any yōkai get the best of ya!" Lily then smiles as images of Mitsuha's future unfolds before her, she smiles and leans back as the cherry blossoms, Mizuki and a bright shrine appear with the young Goddess now an adult who smiles with warm eyes.

"Thank you for letting me get to know you" Lily and an adult Mitsuha said at the same time.

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