Blessed Secrets

Chapter 23: The Day I Met Her

Two human male heads were severed from their bodies before they collapsed. A red haired oni who is sitting with a silk haori over him smiles in awe from seeing a red haired fox with long hair that went up to his knees, his eyes are wild and are venomous from restrained anger. He wore a dark blue yukata with reddish black flames while over his yukata was a black haori with red flames, on his feet were white tabi and zōri.

"Brother you are here!" the oni says with glee before his brother turns to look at him, his eyes still wild and angry which left the oni blinking with an eager smile.

"Brother..." the fox said coldly as he sees a blue silk haori which contained a floral design being worn by the oni. "DID YOU JUST STEAL MY CLOTHES AGAIN AKURA-OU?!" the fox roared in anger.

"What's the big deal Silver? You have so many clothes" Akura-ou pouted "Besides you're ruining my game of siege"

"YOUR BODY MIGHT BE IMMUNE TO INJURY BUT MY CLOTHES ARE NOT! THIS IS EXPENSIVE DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW LONG I HAD TO WAIT FOR THIS TO BE MADE?!" Silver bellowed in anger "UGH!" the red haired fox carefully snatched it off his brother who was frowning "honestly no matter how many times I tell you not to take my stuff you always do it" Silver muttered before putting it on.

"It gives of a princely feeling brother, besides having an elegant comrade isn't all that bad you know brother" Akura-ou said as he stared at his brother's thunderous look. Silver then glares at the yōkai that are standing near.

"And who invited the useless pests?" Silver asks in a monotone voice knowing that he could kill them with one blow.

"They say that they want to become the servants of Akura-ou" The oni replied while Silver glares at every last one of the low level yōkais.

"Great... just don't go stealing or bothering me again" Silver mutters as he goes past the yōkai that have just become his brother's servants, his eyes go to a fur ball yōkai that was wearing a hat. Just seeing that yōkai made Silver cringe in disgust.

"You stink for someone so lower level" Silver said darkly "Stay away from me and if I find that you've bothered my I'll kill you myself without having to raise a hand" Silver warned, just hearing that threat made the fur ball yōkai gulp slightly as sweat started to run down his neck.

Silver then turned towards a yōkai that was a wolf yōkai who wore human teeth around his wrists and glared before setting the now screaming yōkai on fire. This left everyone startled or annoyed.

"What was that for brother?" Akura-ou asked with a pout, the other yōkai were in a state of panic when small lower level female cat yōkai that was being used for Akura-ou's pleasures had now been slit in half from the head down causing her to slump onto the floor.

"I don't tolerate traitors" Silver turned to give Akura-ou a cold look that left him surprised "He was giving information to those stupid higher ups in Izumo and she was his rat" Silver scowled as he continued to look at his brother. This took Akura-ou by surprise which was something that didn't surprise Silver, who in turn sighed and turned his head.

"It shows how little you pay attention, you're so obsessed with fighting that you can't even tell an enemy is nearby" Silver said in a dull voice before walking away.

"H-Hey where are you going?" Akura-ou asked as Silver slid his sword back into its sheath and now took out a decorative pink and brown fan, long before his brother would make fun of him for having a pink floral fan but there was something about this fan. How it had strange flowers called something Silver briefly remembered as lilies, just seeing that in one of the yōkai world's stalls had made him want to grab it. The red head did not know why but he always kept it close and had even kept it under the pillow just in case he got annoyed. During the nights when he slept with the fan under the pillow or in his hands, he would get dreams of a face less person who at times would be both face and bodiless. Silver was unsure of who this person was, the voice was so jumbled and he wasn't sure if it was a girl or boy but what he did know was that it pushed the bad dreams away to his relief. Maybe the fan had a spell to block out the bad dreams he didn't know but he was thankful so when his brother would make fun of him, Akura-ou would then be rewarded with the most coldest death glare that would make the oni shake for a bit until Silver had his back turned.

"I am going to out for two to three days, I do not wish to be disturbed" Silver said darkly before turning to look at his brother with the same glare that would make Akura-ou sweat bullets, to think his brother would be able to pull something like that off but hey they were close despite their petty differences.

"Make sure that this game is over by then" Silver said as smoke surrounded him until he was gone completely. Akura-ou who was staring at him whined.

"Oh come on! It was just getting good!" Akura-ou muttered "Why does he always do that? Every time since our last attack months ago he's been acting odd" he complained before looking at his servants.

Lily who was using her powers to allow her to breathe underwater smiled as she clung onto her ancestral dragon Sapphia. It was fun to know that even after the boat sank, Sapphia would have a way of aiding her in the most toughest times. Lily without thinking jumped out of the river and did a flip, the water sparkled around her almost as if it was sharing her joy as she wore her blue jumper, black trousers and socks since she had no shoes. She didn't mind right now for she was having so much fun with the water. Lily spotted two children by the bank and giggled before waving.

"Hello, nice weather huh?" Lily asked before going back into the water. The only thing she did have with her were the peach pill elixers but she didn't mind. She wasn't in much danger now plus she was capable of protecting herself. Very soon Sapphia guided her to the shore and vanished even though she was not seen by human eyes unless she wanted to. Lily mentally thanked her ancestor before looking at the children. Just as she was about to talk the pair scampered on in fear which left her blinking.

"Huh, oh well" she giggles while shrugging. This time away felt nice since she was exploring the past, Lily before seeing Mitsuha had looked at her pocket watch and noticed that she was about five hundred years into the past which left her shocked. Did that mean Silver was around? Would she be able to also pummel Akura-ou like she vowed to his future self? Either ways she was going to enjoy her time here for now.

To Lily's relief her clothes were dry but her socks were slightly torn and very dirty from walking on the ground. However she paid no heed since she needed to find help, Lily as she continued to walk gasped in happiness from seeing a village. Without wasting time she ran towards it and entered, she looked around with curious eager eyes as she took in the surrounding area.

"There's so many people, it's amazing how life is different to my time period and yet it is the same" Lily commented as she looked from side to side. Hair to her dismay had gone back to being long thanks to Sapphia which mean that she had to wear her purple hairband. Right now this was not a time to complain, should she look for relatives of this time period so they could try and help her head home or should she look for a time gate?

She spotted a few women and walked towards them.

"Excuse me misses but"

"Who are you? You wear strange clothes girl" commented a woman who looked at her, hearing this made Lily blink.

"Where did you come from? Are you a yōkai?" the second one who was working asked.

"Nope" Lily grinned as she tilted her head taking the women by surprise "I was dropped off here by someone, I was looking for someone who could help me get back home" Lily said with a warm smile, however both women sigh and look down.

"It really isn't peaceful here any more, and more neighboring villages have been brunt down" said the one working.

"That's awful! Do you know who's been doing this?" Lily asked with a frown.

"Akura-ou and Silver?" said the one helping the woman sitting down.

"Are you kidding me?! Ugh honestly" Lily said as she read their minds, talk about bad.

"Silver why must you make things hard here?" Lily whined.

"Do you know them?" asked the working woman who looked at Lily with suspicious eyes.

"Reputation" Lily admitted with a sigh as she rubbed the back of her head.

"There's a rumor that this village is next to be attacked" the woman helping said dully

"The mountain up north has been dyed red due to the blood" the working woman said with a sigh.

"I hope not miss" Lily smiles before patting the working woman's shoulder causing the pair to look at her with surprised eyes.

"Something good will happen, I promise so keep praying and keep the faith okay?" she winks, this left both women stunned. "I have to go now, but please rest soon. You're body can only do so much okay" Lily said before walking away.

"W-Wait how did you know about that?" the woman asked but Lily was already to far away to hear.

As Lily walked she had started to get tired and was about to rest until she heard a distressed voice.

"Give it back!" cried a boy this caused Lily to turn and look "That's Lady Umi's dress!" Lily paused before rushing towards the scene.

"What do you mean Lady Umi?" the one holding the dress scoffed.

"She's a woman with an unknown background" said a boy behind the one holding the dress.

"Everyone knows how cheep and odd she is no matter what you say" the one holding said with a dark smile while the boy that was trying to get the dress was jumping. "Just because she is the only survivor of a village that got attacked by the yōkai and has been adopted by a trader doesn't mean she'll get special treatment from us"

"She isn't wanted here!" the boy behind snapped coldly causing Lily to glare. "Some say that she is the reason behind the yōkai attacks, she even talks to herself which is weird. She could be a witch for all we know!" the boy holding the dress commented rudely.

"She must have committed adultery with a yōkai" this made the small boy upset, he tried to get the dress by jumping only to fall onto the mud causing them to laugh.

"How... How dare you insult Lady Umi, she is kind and is known here as a healer. She is more gentle, smart, pretty and more selfless than you guys would ever be" the boy said with tears in her eyes, Lily how had now started to get annoyed by the boys walked towards them. Just before the boys could send the dress into the mud Lily had not only snatched it but had bopped the both on the head really hard.

"What the hell?" she asked in a dark voice that left both boys yelping in shock "What do you two think you are doing? Picking on a boy and insulting a woman behind her back? Do you know how disrespectful that is?" she asked darkly "For a pair of boys you are disgusting and have no sense of decency no matter what" Lily said with a stern voice.

"A-AH! Lady Umi?!" yelled the boy who had held the dress.

"No she looks different!" the other one said with fear filled eyes.

"If you two have any sense of decency you will both leave and never pull a stunt like that again"

"You can't talk like that to us-" Lily immediately grabbed the collar of the boy who had the dress and gave him the most darkest, soul sucking look that would put the fear into anyone. The boy started to shake before running away, the boy who was left behind stared at her with fear filled eyes before running after his friend.

Lily sighed as she then looked at the parcel in her hands and then at the boy on the floor, she smiled softly leaving the boy blushing slightly before she helped him.

"You're not a yōkai are you?" the boy asked.

"Nope" Lily smiles "The name is Lily and I was sent here for some reason" Lily said as she gave him a weak smile, hearing this took him by surprise "Does Umi live here? She might be able to help me get back home" Lily admitted, his eyes went wide from her words since she didn't make any sense.

"That's her!" Lily and the boy turned to look for the voice.

"She's the one who suddenly emerged from the water, she even made the water glow as she flipped" the boy said with fear filled eyes.

"Is that really true?" the man who was near the boy asked in a stern tone. Lily tilted her head to the side.

"Um hi... oh you're that boy from the river, it's nice to meet you" Lily giggles before someone kicked her mouth.

"Yōkai! Don't think that we would have mercy one you just because you changed yourself into a woman, tie her up with rope!" yelled the leader.

"Excuse me?! What do you mean by yōkai? I am no-" Lily was silenced by a punch, even though she could have used her shield. It would sadly only fuel their anger.

"Keep your mouth shut!" the man who punched her yelled before they took her away.

"Lock her in the cell!" the leader yelled while the boy holding the dress shivered on the floor.

"This isn't good, I have to tell Lady Umi about this!" the boy cried before getting up.

Lily glared at the males who had not only tied her to a small peg but had beaten her up.

"She has no powers, are you sure she's a yōkai?"

"For the last time I am NOT a yōkai!" Lily yelled before she was poked in the face with a stick.

"Shut your mouth yōkai, for all we know you could be a servant of Silver" Lily's eyes narrowed taking them by surprise.

"LIKE HELL I'D BE A SERVANT TO SUCH A SCUMBAG!" Lily roared taking them by surprise.

"What is going on around here?" asked a stern female voice. Lily turned her head to the side and mentally gasped from seeing Umi only she was much younger than before, however that wasn't the only thing that caught her attention. What caught her gaze was an eight year old girl with black hair like Umi and shared the same eyes and skin even though the main issue with this- she was a ghost.

"AH A GHOST!" Lily cried out in shock causing the men to react, Umi however moved back before folding her arms.

"Aysh! So noisy here? Can't we have peace and quiet for once?" Umi asked showing that she wasn't amused.

"This is jail room Lady Umi, no women are allowed to enter" Said the head of the group.

"The irony is that she is a girl and yet you are also torturing her with your weapons" Umi said while walking into the room, the ghost however blinked in shock from the fact that Lily was looking at her.

"You can see me?" asked the ghost, Lily blinked before nodding stiffly but made it not noticeable. The girl's eyes went wide as she took in Lily's appearance, she looked like Umi and her.

"Stupid girl Lady Umi! She is a yōkai!" the second male yelled.

"Yōkai?" Umi paused now surprised by this information. She then looked at Lily before walking towards her, without warning she went onto her knees and slammed her hand onto the wall beside Lily who would have jumped if she wasn't tired. Umi then grabbed Lily's collar and pulled her close. Her eyes were filled with hatred that would have left slightly intimidated, just hearing Umi's voice when she talked about yōkai left Lily a bit unsettled.

"Are you a yōkai?" Umi asked darkly. Lily who was now fed up glared at her.

"Are you flipping daft woman? How many times do I have to say- I am not a YŌKAI!" Umi stared at her with unreadable eyes "So get your stinking hands off me before I get myself out of my bounds and slap you!" Lily barked before head butting a shocked Umi. The males yelled in shock as Umi staggered back now feeling dazed. Lily who was also dazed bit her lip and glared at them.

"Who's next?!" Lily barked at them in warning, however the only thing they did was take a step back her eyes now had a sapphire blue hue in some parts of her brown eyes.

"Are you alright Lady Umi?" asked one of the men as she got up. Umi felt her head only to feel sore, she moved her hand down to see a small amount of blood and raised a brow. During that head butt she had a small vision coming from Lily's mind that showed her in a strange area that looked different to her. Was this girl not from around here? If that was true then why did she feel so familiar to her?

"I am fine, as for this girl release her" The men cried out in shock.

"Are you serious?! This girl is dangerous!" the head of the group froze when she moved too close for his comfort.

"An angry girl no doubt would lash out if she is being bombarded with such wild accusations that hold no water" Umi said while looking at the ghost who was sitting with the girl she know knows as Lily.

"She was seen jumping out of the water! The water had glowed with her as she jumped" the head argued.

"She could just be good at swimming given that she was most likely washed up by the river" this made the male flinch.

"She also knew about the yōkai Silver!" the head tried to add more accusations to Lily's anger.

"Don't they know how to quit" Lily muttered darkly.

"I'm afraid that's men for you" Lily blinked from hearing Umi's voice even though she had not moved her lips as she stared at the head of the group.

"You guys are always spreading news around the village" Umi replied dully.

"It's true! I spoke to some women about them" Lily piped up, hearing this made Umi smile.

"And there you go, it doesn't help your case that you've been saying that you were given a message from God to capture the head of the yōkai" Umi said with a frown while she folded her arms. This didn't sit well with him.

"You insolent woman! How dare you speak so rudely-!" Umi placed her hand on his mouth in order to silence him, her eyes lethal but contained a charm that left him blushing.

"You dare insult the gender that carried you until you were born before nursing you during your infancy? How tragic" Umi said with a dark smile. "Sadly for you she is not a yōkai, her aura suggests human" Umi said before moving back. This took the men by surprise "As I spoke to her I had used my power to check her honesty and she is being truthful so in the end of it. You were attacking a human girl, that wouldn't be looked kindly on by other neighboring villages and the Gods. For if they knew about your brutality, it would cause them to cease helping us wouldn't it and then who's fault would it be?" Umi asked with the same expression. The men were left stuttering in fear knowing that she was right, Umi in truth was never known just for her beauty. She was known for spotting the lies and truthful ones. At times she could heal and ease the spirits who would be unable to leave due to unresolved issues, which in turn made her most feared and treasured especially by her adopted father.

Some had often wondered if it was it luck or fate that she was found for she was seen washed up on the banks of the river looking tired and injured, ever since her adopted father had helped and treated her with such kindness had good things happened to him and left unease until she shared her good fortune to those around her did they become more open. However they all knew better than to tell, some who knew about her kept her gifts a secret.

"Your name is Sukeroku right?" A teenage boy stood behind one of the men looked at her.

"Can you untie this girl?" Umi asked with a stern gaze that meant she wasn't asking she was demanding him to do what he was told. Instead of being intimidated the boy was in awe.

"Yes Lady Umi!"

"Wh-What Sukeroku?! What are you doing?" the head cried in anger.

"Are you alright?" Umi asked as she looked at Lily who entered the area looking annoyed but okay.

"I guess... but I am angry with how they treat women" Lily said with a fuming look while the ghost girl smiled at her.

"Please forgive them, they have not seen a yōkai before" Umi said with a sad smile.

"But we have and lived to tell the tale!" the ghost girl grinned at Lily who smiled back.

"I see" Lily said softly.

"You really are not from this village are you?" Umi asked causing Lily to blink before shaking her head.

"No miss, I... I was sent here by someone" Lily admitted weakly this took them by surprise.

"Sent here?" Umi asked as she tilted her head to the side.

"I was sent here by time travel, apparently someone had sent me here I think but it seems like it was a prank so I'm trying to head back home" Umi paused before looking down, she nods while the ghost girl frowns.

"Must you go? I like having you here?" the girl asked. "Oh my name is Sakura Hikari and this is Umi Hikari!" she chirped with glee, just seeing that made Lily smile back.

"My name is Lily" Lily replied, being mindful about her surname.

"Nice to meet you" Sakura grins as she holds Lily's hands, Umi smiles at them although she is curious about why Lily hasn't mentioned her surname put had a feeling that it was best left unsaid for now.

"I feel relieved to know that I was able to catch up to you, I must admit that using your head to hit mine was very strange thing to do" Umi commented as she gestures to her bruised head, Lily feels her cheeks heat up before a small chuckle escaped her lips.

"Yeah, sorry about that I was getting fed up with being accused of something that I wasn't" Lily replied weakly, Umi gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I know what you mean, just being in this village or any other village that has rude men would do that to you" Umi said with a soft smile. "Does your head hurt still?" Umi asked before her smile vanished the moment she spotted something.

"No, not really" Lily replied while shaking her head lightly.

"Lily... your injury is gone" Umi commented as she moved close to touch the cut where Lily had suffered from the head butt. Lily touched the injury and blinks once she feels smooth skin.

"Oh..." Lily was at a loss for words until Umi examined her injures or healed ones as she would note.

"All healed but do you feel any sore?" Umi asked surprised by this turn of events.

"No-aawhahaww" Lily winces from the pain in her right cheek where she had been injured by one of the men, seeing this made Umi chuckle before she pulled Lily into a hug.

"I'll get you some ice okay Lily?" Umi asked with a fond smile that left Lily smiling widely.

"Sure thank you!" Lily chirps as she beams from seeing Umi's kindness, compared to now seeing the hatred in Umi's eyes the moment they talked about yōkai had left Lily slightly unsettled after all. Not all yōkai were bad so what caused Umi to have a closed heart. Lily smiles as Umi makes ice out of the water she had frozen. Lily then winces from the cold chill once it's placed on her sore cheek but it was nice to feel something other than pain. Lily relaxed in the young adult's hold, just this reminded her of being in the loving arms of a parent.

Lily sighed in content as she closed her eyes.

"Oh Silver where are you? Why did you have to be like this?" Lily asked softly.

"Why did things have to get so messed up with you? Couldn't there have been another way?" was all she thought about before having a short nap due to using up so much energy.

"How utterly boring" Silver muttered darkly as he laid on the futon in one of the rooms while leaning on his right fist, he was brooding heavily over why he was even here to begin with. At first he wanted to go to the World Over Yonder in order to see if something exciting was going about, only his eyes then went to the Red District as it caught his attention from near where he was. Deciding to humor himself he went into the building so he could relax and enjoy himself with women. Only now did it prove to be a bad decision for most of the area was busy leaving him to wait for at least one tanuki girl to show up in his room.

One did finally show up but she had smelt of the other yōkai she had been with, it left him sick and annoyed that she would be that bold and shameless enough to enter a room carrying that other yōkai's scent with her.

"Ne Master Silver, I haven't seen you in a while" cooed the tanuki girl leaving him to mentally cringe but not once did he retaliate or glare at her. Something was off and he didn't like it one bit. Just being here with these women didn't seem fun anymore, nor was the thought of hunting down human women for his pleasure. None of it seemed to amuse him and he didn't know why.

What was it? What plagued his mind and left him feeling like nothing mattered, that this place or what he was doing anything with his brother. None of it seemed fun or exciting. He couldn't tell his brother for he would just laugh while asking why he was having such thoughts before doing something to aggravate him. Silver was already angry with his brother stealing his clothes again and had to kill those fools before blood stained his expensive blue flowered haori.

"I've missed you, you haven't visited me for months" the tanuki girl said as she looked at him with eyes filled with lust and happiness but he did not respond, instead he looked at her briefly from the corner of his eye.

"And now this" he thought darkly, sighing mentally as he looked up at the celling with his wrist resting on his forehead while one of his legs was resting flat on the floor, his other was bent allowing the bottom part of his yukata to slip showing the skin of inner part of his leg not caring if it made the girl blush crimson.

His long red hair however splayed out behind his head as he laid down. The tanuki girl whether he allowed it or not had began to touch his hair before picking it up in order to feel the threads, amazed by how he kept his hair in such good condition.

It was so confusing as to what caused this unsettling feeling. Maybe coming here was a bad idea given how the place reeked of sullied yōkai, how did he not notice this before?

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU DAFT PUNK?!" Silver's eyes twitched from remembering that confrontation, even though it happened two months ago, it felt as if it was only yesterday. He could still feel the slap as her hand connected to his face leaving him grunting at how hard such a slap could come from such a frail human girl, seeing her act in such a rage was shocking to say the least. Silver continued to look up at the ceiling with distracted eyes, his showing no emotion even though he was feeling a sense of lost.

"YOU BLOOMING ASSHOLE PERVERT! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TOUCHING ME LIKE THAT WITH YOUR FILTHY HANDS?!" were her next words just before she grabbed is collar and then came the pain in his nose from when she had injured him with her head. Just remembering about it left him touching his nose to see if it was still bleeding, to his relief it wasn't allowing him to slightly relax. Who knew such a girl would act in such an unlady like manner, no girl he knew would ever fight back, not in the way he saw. No she attacked him, not just with her words, her eyes even stunned him more than her movements and what's more shocking was that he could not fight back at all. The whole situation didn't make sense for the girls around in the human and yōkai world did not fight back at all, no they would just cry and scream for help allowing him to relish in their terrified voices as he stole their innocence or killed them. Seeing their broken faces now seemed less fun to his shock.

"Ugh! What is wrong with me? Why couldn't I fight back against one measly human?" Silver thought angrily, more angry at himself then at the girl. No she irritated him and yet she didn't leaving him at a state of confusion.

"Ne Master Silver, are you listening? Do you feel unwell?" asked the tanuki girl as she looked at him with flirtatious eyes, his eyes then drifted over to her without commenting or replying about how she was touching him. All he could do was almost picture the girl who caught his attention leaving him with mixed emotions; it irritated him at how he was reduced to being a weak boy, which was almost as bad as being a human. It was as if she was the demon and he was the human which made no sense to him what so ever.

"That girl" he growled mentally as his eyes narrowed from just thinking about the human girl. "I wonder if I can find her, shouldn't be hard to spot right?" he pondered before getting up by his elbows and looked at the tanuki girl as soon as he tilted his face slightly. His fangs almost baring in his mouth from the thought of tearing the girl who was haunting him to pieces.

"M-Master Silver!" the tanuki girl cried before her eyelids went heavy from what he was doing, he seemed rather violent today to her shock as he nipped at her neck after pushing her to the ground. He grabbed her clothes and started thinking about the human girl, imagining her screams of terror as he attacked the girl in front of him. Silver was sure that he was going to make the human girl suffer the humiliation that he went through, he ignored the noises coming from tanuki girl as he pictured the girl as he craved- sweet revenge.

If only he had chased her that night when he had her in his grasp, forgetting that he was injured and bleeding so he could violate her. She showed no fear as he tried to come onto her leaving him smirking, yes she would do. She'll entertain him the moment he finds her; it filled him with glee to know that she was pure and untainted, which in turn mean that the girl was anyone's game until she was caught. Just thinking about it hurt Silver's mouth as his fangs bared, longing to mark the girl and play with her until he grew bored just like he was with other girls. So why not chase after her now?

Silver suddenly stopped, now realizing where the fox was and who he was with before he looked down to see how messy the tanuki girl was. Her face flushed from what he had been doing leaving his eyes to narrow knowing that she wasn't who he was imagining, she still smelt of the man she had been with leaving him disgusted and moved away from her in order to lay on the floor.

"I'm bored and you still reek of the other yōkai you were with" he muttered coldly as he leaned on his right fist, how could he have allowed himself to touch her to begin with, this had made the tanuki girl's eyes go wide from realizing that she had not been able to satisfy him.

"Nee! Master Silver why?!" she cried feeling like she had been played in a way, she placed her hand on his pale chest which had been revealed as his yukata slipped open.

"Now what was her name again? Umi was it?" Silver pondered as he tried to think about what the girl looked like, not caring that the tanuki was trying to get him to continue what they had been doing.

"Don't you like me Master Silver?" She asks in a nasal tone that left him annoyed now. "I would die for you, do you know that?" she said with lustful eyes causing him to look at her from the corner of his eye.

"I highly doubt that you would woman" he sneered mentally from her words. She was all talk and he had a feeling that she wouldn't act on what she had said leaving him more annoyed at how she could just say such things. Right now the only thing he wanted to do was wash away her stench, anything she touched he wanted to scrub away until there was nothing left. He felt dirty and disgusted without knowing why, after all he did it with other tanuki girls and touched unwilling girls so why the sudden change of heart. Was it the girl? How did she do it? Make him drawn to her without doing much except fight back. Part of him felt like he was both amused and intrigued by her feisty personality, which in turn left him feeling the urge to hunt her down now.

The tanuki girl moved his face so he was looking at her and he allowed it, should he just continue with this fantasy in his head and finish what he was doing with this girl or should he find this human girl? Right now he was leaning towards the girl who plagued his mind now, so why not?


Silver shot up from the moment the door to this room was sent open, why did he almost imagine her showing up? Only now as he saw who it was did he scowl and glare at the newcomer, so another idiot wanted to challenge him huh?

"Silver the demon fox!" came a thunderous voice who Silver could recognize as male. "Finally I have located you" the male revealed himself to have purple hair and purple armour.

"I Ikusagami Takehaya who have received a command from the head God of Izumo, have come to eradicate the yōkai that disrupt this world. Starting with you Silver!" the man sneered.

"Anyone associated or tries to help will suffer the same fate as he!" The War God warned as he glared at Silver. Silver's eyes narrow before a smirk appears on his face.

"M-Master Silver" the tanuki girl said while covering her mouth with her sleeve.

"What's wrong?" Silver asks with a smirk causing the girl to look at him. "You heard him, so why don't you go and die for me. That is if you can get rid of him for me" Silver's smirk goes wider showing how amused he truly was, the girl gulped in shock as she looked at him.

"Go on, die for me and I'll watch you try to hurt him, that is if you can" Silver asks while smirking, his voice almost cynical and mocking that it left her slightly intimidated to the point that she gulped "That is if you truly are all talk and no action" he asks as he raises a brow at her before leaning towards her, this caused her heart to skip a beat due to fear. Is this what Silver is truly like? Ruthless, sadistic and cynical to the point that it would leave anyone would be shaking in terror? Seeing her not move made him chuckle, typical.

"Well?" Silver asks bluntly as he lifts her chin up. "What are you waiting for? Do it!" He removes his hand from her chin, eyes glinting with malice and disappointment.

"Don't keep me waiting" Silver asks with a sadistic smirk as he looks at her.

"You insolent fox!" The War God roared as he charged after Silver who had dodged, his hair moved in waves behind him leaving them to see a dark, cynical fox who wanted nothing except blood shed as some fire appeared behind him. It scared the tanuki girl as she almost saw the eyes of someone who would only see this as nothing more than a game.

"Just as I thought, you really are useless" Silver sneered before flipping out of the line of fire and landed on the screen.

"So a God has had to chase me all the way here just to kill me?! Ha! What a laugh!" Silver cackled with glee from having to deal with a strong opponent, maybe now he can finally forget about the girl and deal with this pest.

"You must be joking if you think that you can take me on!" Silver sneered as he took out his sword.

"You will die by my hand!" the War God yelled.

"Is that so?" Silver asks with a smirk. "Honestly you are all the same, acting like you can take me down and then it all ends the same. Your blood on the floor before I decapitate you"

"You should feel honored that you'll die by my hands!" The War God sneered as he steps close causing one of Silver's brow to go up.

"Really? Do you think you can defeat me with such a pathetic sword?" Silver grins before charging at the God with his sword, suddenly Ikusagami sent his sword out from its sheath and blocked the attack. Silver's eyes immediately went wide showing that he was surprised by the fact that his sword had reduced to two shattered pieces.

"But how?! How did this bastard destroy my sword?" Silver asks as he stares at the God.

"Surprised? I had borrowed this sword just for this occasion" Ikusagami smirks knowing that the fox was at his mercy. He swung the sword down at Silver who was now screaming in pain as a lot of blood had spurted from on his shoulder the moment the sword connected with it. His back landed on the floor harshly while blood stained his shoulder and the floor. Silver grunted as he struggled to get up, he tried to grip his injured shoulder with his free hand without it trying to shake, sweat running down his face due to the strain. That fool actually landed a blow on him?! And with a cheap trick?! The thought that he had been bested by someone who had to just borrow a sword just to get rid of him had left Silver's blood boiling in anger.

"M-Master Silver" the tanuki girl was shocked and horrified by the whole scene, she took a smoke ball from her pocket and threw it in front of her causing the whole room to be filled with smoke. Ikusagami cried out in alarm and tried to find where Silver was.

Silver seeing this as his cue to leave immediately went through a portal to the human world, as much as he hated that world he had no choice. He had to get somewhere safe to hide; if he could find his brother or somewhere safe so he could heal then it would be worth it.

As soon as the smoke Silver had completely vanished.

"So you escaped to the human world? With that kind of injury you wouldn't be able to lift a finger" Ikusagami smirked; his allies remained standing behind him.

"I'll alert the humans of the fact that he's back, they will no doubt kill him on sight" one of the allies said.

"Good, let the humans finish him off. It's only fair" Ikusagami replied as he continued to smirk.

"Damn damn damn!" Silver cursed as he limped while trying to run "To think that I was caught off guard!" Silver berated himself. How could this have happened?!

"Ugh!" Silver collapsed onto the earth and shook from the pain; he winced from his left wrist as he landed on the floor in such a manner. The red head removed his hand from the injury and looked to see it covered in blood.

"This... no this can't be my blood! How could I lose in such a manner?!" Silver cursed as his other hand clawed the earth as he tried to get up.

"I can't even move! Darn it!" he screamed in frustration before a light caught his attention.

Silver's eyes went wide as he looked up to see a small boy holding a torch. Silver forced himself up the moment the boy started quivering in fear.

"F-Fox demon" the boy whimpered as he looked at Silver. Suddenly the boy ran before Silver could stop him.

"Father! I found the fox demon Silver!" the boy cried as he ran to get his father. Silver's breath was caught, no this couldn't be! He was not going to die by those humans' hands. He had to find away to escape but where? How even without being spotted?

"Really?! Where is he?" yelled a man while his men were beside him.

"He's over there!" the boy cried as he then ran towards Silver only-

"Where is he?!" The man yelled as he saw nothing but blood on the ground by the... river!

"He's been washed away by the stream! Find him!" the father yelled before they dispersed.

"Thank you for the meal" Lily said with a soft smile as she looked at Umi, Umi smiled softly before hugging Lily.

"The pleasure was all mine, it's nice to have another girl around the house" Umi admitted. "Only with you, I feel like I can tell you everything and not have to worry" Umi commented as she held Lily's face up.

"I wonder why that is?" Umi asked softly making Lily smile.

"I guess we find it hard to trust huh?" Lily asks leaving Umi slightly surprised "We are in away alike given our powers and all" Lily commented as she made the bowl levitate, seeing this made Umi chuckle and sent the bowl down.

"That we are, I'm surprised though since I thought that I was the last one left of my kind" Umi admitted. Lily grins.

"I highly doubt it" Lily comments with a chuckle, very soon both females laugh heartily from the whole thing before they settled down.

"You've definitely traveled far though given how tired and hungry you are" Umi commented lightly causing Lily to look up; Umi paused from seeing Lily's reaction.

"Well..." Lily looks away slightly. "You see I was sent to a place near here from my home. I was utterly lost and surprised to know that I was sent here, to tell you the truth this whole reason is a mystery to me. After all I was doing was going to my room and then suddenly I ended up by the riverbanks that is near, over there a young Goddess by the name of Yonomori Mitsuha who lives in a small home she made, she was in a spot of trouble thanks to a serpent yōkai" Lily said with a soft smile while Umi listened intently, angry that a yōkai was once again causing fear and destruction. "Even against the odds she will never give up nor allowed the yōkai to succeed and I know she'll be a wonderful guardian and protector of her Provence" Lily said before looking up with a wide grin that took Umi by surprise, Sakura on the other hand grinned at the tale. Knowing that no matter what, as long as you had the will to survive and the need to make a difference that you'll succeed.

"That's amazing! I hope she does become an awesome Goddess some day!" Sakura smiles as she sits between the pair. Umi smiles softly before getting up, Lily looks at her before flinching for a second the moment Umi hugs her. Just having Umi hug her had left Lily feeling warm, happy and safe. This kind of feeling almost reminded her of her family when they were with her during her childhood. Seeing their happy faces, talking and behaving like they usually would without a care in the world. Umi's hug had left her smiling and reminiscing; knowing that she should go home soon but how was the question.

"My clothes definitely suit you" Umi says with a soft smile as she looks at Lily's floral yukata, this snapped Lily out of her musing and made her look up at Umi with curious eyes.

"You think so?" Lily asks as she looks at the yukata as it contained many coloured flowers that had been stitched onto it.

"I know so" Umi replied as she pats Lily's head. "I'll let you keep it, after all if you wear clothes that you had before on. The others will not only get suspicious but they will no doubt hassle you regardless if you are a traveler from a different area of not" Umi explained leaving Lily to smile sheepishly from the comment.

"Okay, thank you Umi I really do appreciate it" Lily said with a wide smile at the kind gesture. Sakura smiles.

"If you ask me you two look like twins in a way" Sakura comments with glee leaving both girls to blink in shock.

"Oh Sakura don't be silly!" Umi said feeling herself go red from the comment, seeing that made Sakura laugh even more.

Lily and Umi blink from the presence that is approaching the house.

"Lady Umi! Lady Umi!" came the voice of a young boy, this in turn caused them to look at the door and see a black haired boy with brown eyes. He had a blue kimono and black jacket on while his feet were bare from shoes.

"Oh Fuuta? What's wrong?" Umi asks looking surprised.

"A fox demon has appeared!" Fuuta cried taking the girls by surprise "The village men are heading to the riverside to kill him and they think it's Silver the fox demon as well!" Fuuta added leaving Lily uneasy; if it was Silver then there he was going to be in serious trouble.

"S-Silver the fox demon" Lily cried now shooting up in shock.

"Yeah" Fuuta looks at her. "He uses bluish black flames but has a human appearance and wears human clothes" Lily almost went pale knowing that it was Silver without a doubt.

"Is there anything else?" Lily asks masking her worry.

"They said that he's very weak so the men are heading to that direction in order to hunt him down" Fuuta replied as he looked at them. Suddenly the sound of a cruel chuckle hit Lily's hears causing her to turn to Umi.

"Killing Yōkai huh?" She said with a cold smile as she stood up. "Well I guess now is a time to celebrate don't you think?" Umi asks as she uses a long stringed cloth to tie up her sleeves to her upper arms. "Fuuta come help me grill some fish in order to celebrate this fantastic news" Umi spoke feeling nothing but happiness, knowing that a demon was going to get his just deserts due to his past crimes. Meanwhile Lily looked at her with stunned filled eyes.

"You can't be serious!" Lily cried as she stood up, hearing this made Umi pause and frown.

"Why wouldn't I be?" she asks in a monotone voice as she looks at Lily.

"He's injured! There's no way that this should happen!" Lily explained as she grabbed Umi's arm, Umi's eyes narrowed as she knocked Lily's hand off her arm.

"I don't have to explain my reasons to you, after all that bastard and his brother had destroyed my home. Not to mention he has been doing nothing but terrorizing us. Why shouldn't I feel happy that he's going to be killed?" Umi asks coldly while Lily glares taking Umi by surprise.

"There's one thing to kill a demon but to kill one who is injured is disgraceful!" Lily snapped leaving Fuuta stunned before he looked at Umi who's hair was shading her eyes.

"Who cares? After all since when do yōkai care about us if we are injured? They do nothing but kill without remorse" Umi replied angrily, "All yōkai can go and die for all I care" she spat; Umi had suddenly flinched when Lily slapped her face. Fuuta's eyes went wide in horror from what happened before looking at Lily's angry eyes; at that moment he was sure that she and Umi had the same expression and eyes. Scolding eyes that could leave anyone wishing to avert their eyes due to shame and guilt.

"And that makes us any better?!" Lily snapped harshly "I'm surprised at you Umi. For someone who is suppose to be beautiful and kind, you truly are a cruel ugly hag!" Lily scolded shocking Fuuta, Sakura and Umi. "You are no better than the one who took your mother's life and what's more of a laugh is that he was human as well" Lily glares before turning to the door, Umi's face went pale from her words while Fuuta looked at Umi with worried eyes.

"You can stay here and act like it's a joyous occasion but I won't, I refuse to be happy over something so disgusting, so vile" Lily scowls as she puts her hand on the side of the door. "A person be them yōkai or human needs help, I won't stand for this kind of hatred over something so stupid! Yes what he did was wrong but does anyone deserve this kind of pain?!" Lily yells now leaving Umi biting the bottom part of her lip. Seeing Umi refusing to speak or help made Lily shake her head in disappointment.

"In the end of the day Umi, you truly are the weak one" was all Lily had said before running out the house.

"Lily wait!" Fuuta stopped after running a few steps towards the door. Umi remained still until she went to the kitchen to make grilled fish. Lily was wrong, she had no idea of what she went through thanks to those demons. Those monsters had ruined her life and that was enough to encourage Umi to be bitter and angry.

"Lady Umi! Aren't you going to stop her?" Fuuta asks with worried eyes, Umi however looked at the knife and sharped it, ignoring her sister's disapproving gaze.

"Let her do what she wants, she's not of my concern" Umi said bluntly leaving Fuuta to stare with sad eyes.

"We caught him! We caught the fox!" came a male's happy voice leaving Fuuta looking at Umi again.

"I...I can't ignore this, what if Lily's right but then..." Fuuta grimaced from how conflict he was. "If it's true about what Lily had said about yōkai...what is the difference between us and them then?" Fuuta asked himself before running out the house in order to find Lily. Sakura then looked at Umi.

"I never expected you to be so bitter and cruel, yes yōkai destroyed the village we had lived in before but mother would never turn down anyone who needed help. Yes it would seem strange but-"

"Enough!" Sakura went quiet. "I don't need to get you to understand my hatred, in fact I don't even want to look at his face. That bloodthirsty face that's tormented and ruined the lives of others!" Umi snapped as she looked at Sakura. "No Sakura, I would rather burn this house to the ground than allow him anywhere near me" Umi said coldly leaving Sakura to sigh.

"You've changed sister, and not in a good way" was all her sister said causing Umi to brood angrily.

Silver dragged himself out of the river's edge and panted. His heart was beating wildly in his chest that he was sure that if those humans didn't kill him. His heart would definitely give out or he could die of blood loss. There mere thought left him shaking in fear. He didn't want to die.

No something in him didn't want to as much as he hated to admit it. All those fights, always throwing himself into battles in hopes of losing somehow without his brother knowing. But every time he survived but why? Were the Gods trying to make his life more unbearable?

Now this, yes Silver was sure that this might kill him but in truth he never wanted to die like this, bleeding to death from a cheap shot. It made him sick and angry just thinking about it, even though he was getting what he wanted-death. So why was it not as fulfilling as he wanted it to be?

Blood started to dry up on his face and clothes as time went by, but the blood still left his shoulder in a steady manner.

"Shoot! I can't even move if I wanted to...would I die-" Silver tries to look around wearily "In such a place?" Silver asks himself as he slowly felt the area grow dark around him. Was it time already?

Suddenly his ears caught the sound of something heading his way. No way! Why couldn't he die in peace? Yes he was alone but at least he wouldn't be picked off at like they were vultures, he wouldn't have to deal with sniveling or jeers. He would...never see his brother's face again. Silver paused.

"Or that girl who is always plaguing my mind...just who was she?" Silver thought as his eyes grew heavy. "Something tells me to live and yet I see no reason to, what am I waiting for exactly? This makes no sense and yet..." Silver forced his hand to move and grabbed a transformation leaf in order to turn himself into a human child.

"I can only hope that they would not find out" He paused as his eyes grew heavy. "But what if they do? Would they kill me?" Silver's breathing shuddered as he felt himself get lightheaded, not noticing that the footsteps had slowed down to a stop but his eyes by then had closed.

"Silver..." came a soft voice that sounded like they were sighing. Silver's eyes shot open the moment he felt something touch his cheek, as soon as he looked at the direction of who was touching him did he freeze. His eyes went wide while at that moment he was sure that his breath had been taken by who it was.

"It's you..." Silver was in shock. "But how? How did you find me?"

"Silver... what am I going to do with you? You crazy idiot" Lily said with a soft smile while almost sounding as if she was scolding him just as his eyes closed from feeling tired, she picked him up and held him close so his head was resting against her shoulder.

"Those eyes? Why do I feel like I know them from somewhere?" Silver asked himself, he wasn't sure why but he felt like he could trust her somehow. How though? It's not like they've met before except in that abandoned hut.

"Why do I feel as if you have already stolen my heart without me realizing it?" Silver asked himself feeling at ease as she held him. "Why does some part of me not want to hurt you?"

"Don't worry Silver, I'll make sure you will get better soon" Lily said softly as she smiled and walked away from the riverbank, she stroked his head with her hand as she walked.

"Why? Why is this happening? It feels as if I know you from somewhere but how? Why does my heart skip a beat when I am near you?" he pondered as he sighed from the pain.

"Why do I have this need to make you smile? To make you mine?" was all he said before he blanked out.

"Lily!" Fuuta cried as he caught up to her, his eyes widened as he saw tears running down Lily's cheeks while she had a shell shocked look.

"F-Fuuta!" Lily cried "I...I don't know what happened but this child was attacked, please we need to help him... please Fuuta!" Lily pleaded feeling herself go hysterical over the whole thing, the last thing she wanted was for Silver to die. Just seeing him like this had tore her heart apart; Fuuta paused as he looked at the ground trying to think if it was a good idea or not. He then looked up and nodded sharply.

"Okay let's go" he said as he put his torch up order to light their way back.

Lily sighs in relief as she now runs with Fuuta towards the house; with luck Umi could help them. She could only pray for something good to happen.

As soon as they reached the house they spotted Umi standing by the gate with hardened eyes.

"Lily who is that child?" Umi asked with suspicious cold eyes leaving Lily slightly intimidated enough to want to step back but refrained from doing so.

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