Blessed Secrets

Chapter 24: Even Though I'm Sick

"Lily who is that child?" Umi asked with suspicious cold eyes leaving Lily slightly intimidated enough to want to step back but refrained from doing so.

"He's a child I found by the riverbank, he's been injured by someone Umi" Lily replied as she tried to keep eye contact on the woman. Umi's eyes narrowed.

"By the riverbank huh? Pass him to me now" Umi said now showing her knife causing Lily to tighten her hold on Silver.

"What? Why?!" Lily cries in shock as she looks at Umi.

"That could be the fox Silver and yet you are bringing such filth-"


Umi held her cheek in shock as Lily gave her a furious look; Fuuta was left rooted to the spot from what he witnessed.

"Your mother would be ashamed of you Umi" Lily hissed angrily as she scolded Umi while she held Silver to her chest. "To think that you could be so bitter and cruel!" Lily snapped as her eyes narrowed.

"Your mother like Yumi would never turn down a person in need. Be them yōkai, human or anything that is injured. Whether he is Silver or not, it doesn't excuse the fact that he's injured. Why hurt or kill someone when they are already down? Well?!" Lily yelled causing Umi to stagger slightly by the tone of her voice.

"Your family would be ashamed, didn't your sister give her own life to save you and instead of being kind you are being bitter and twisted to the point that you can't see past black and white" Lily looked at Umi fiercely leaving the woman more intimidated but why? Just how did this girl have that much effect-this much power over her?

"A patient is a patient now matter how you slice it Umi, it doesn't matter if they are a rapist, a killer, a drug dealer, a drug addict, a homeless person or anything for that matter. The fact is he needs help and Yumi like your mother Yulina would have seen that and helped without hesitation. Now I'm going to have a physician look him over whether you like it or not" Lily snapped as she walks towards the house.

"And even if he is Silver" she looks at Umi who was rooted to the spot, her chest heaving up and down from Lily's words to even stop or respond to the younger girl's words. Was she really that bitter and cold? Was she that narrow minded that she couldn't tell good from bad anymore? Was she truly straying away from her family's teachings to help those in need?

"If he is then wait until he's recovered before you go after him, he didn't destroy your village Akura-ou did, after all he orchestrated it more than Silver would have just helped in some way" Umi gasped in shock at how Lily would have known about that. "Just... just wait until he's recovered before you interrogate him please? He needs help right now, so can you?" Umi sighs with her eyes closed as soon as she heard Lily pleading. She remained still with the knife in her hand. She knew thanks to her sister's spirit that like their mother Yumi had in fact helped both good people and the worst of the worst like missionaries or yakuza, but she did it knowing that only God had the right to punish not man. So why must a healer be judgmental, it is their creed after all to help those in need no matter what.

"All right" Umi said softly before opening her eyes, allowing Lily to see her frowning.

"I'll get the physician but please, don't make me regret doing it" Umi said softly. Lily's eyes widened in shock before a shaky smile followed by a chuckle had left her lips. She nodded feeling more tears run down her cheeks, Silver will be saved after all to her relief.

"Thank you, Umi" Lily said sounding like she was sobbing even though she wasn't, she moved to hug a shocked Umi, the older woman froze before smiling softly and hugged Lily back mindful of who was in Lily's arms.

"Get inside now okay, I'll take care of things from here" Umi spoke softly shocking Fuuta at how she was allowing it, Lily nods before running indoors.

"Lady Umi are you sure? What if it is Silver in disguise?" Fuuta asks Umi who was smiling softly.

"Whether it is or isn't, I will never turn down a patient after all my sister, mother and ancestor would never let me live it down" Umi replied now showing eyes filled with joy. She looked to her side and saw the ghostly form of her sister who had a smug smile on her face.

"At last you are growing up!" the sister said with a smirk making Umi laugh lightly.

"Only you would say that Sakura" she said as she shook her head and went to get the physician.

Lily to Umi's surprise had not gone to see the boy who she called Ruby. As soon as she went to Lily she was taken completely by surprise to see Lily coughing.

"Have a bad cold" Lily explained before coughing for a bit making Umi smile and shake her head, she felt Lily's head and clicked her tongue from how hot Lily's head was.

"Come on you, let's get something for that cold" she smiled leaving Lily happy to know that Umi was at ease after what happened with the villagers who had demanded that they gave 'Ruby' to them. It had taken a while before Umi's adopted father had arrived to stop the commotion.

Umi had surprised Lily by her knowledge of what herbs to use for her illness and was able to feel a bit better later that day.

"Ruby isn't fairing too well, I've done all that I can though" Umi admitted leaving Lily to nod slightly.

"Thank you Umi, I know it isn't easy" Umi waved it off.

"No, you were right" Umi admitted with a smile. "I was so closed off and full of hatred that I didn't see that what I was doing was wrong. Of course some yōkai are not bad but given how things have been, it was only natural to believe in such things" Umi explained. Lily smiled softly at her.

"I know that, it's why I don't fight back in certain problems. It's not that I'm giving up, it's that I've realised that there is better things in life than to fight knowing that it only makes things worse" Lily replied, hearing that made Umi smile softly.

"I swear you must be like mum so says Sakura" Umi comments before both girls look at her dead sister who stuck her tongue out at Umi.

"What can I say? I knew mum enough to know that she wouldn't like to fight. She died protecting us and that encouraged me to protect you, if I hadn't don't that then the woodsman wouldn't have found us!" Sakura replied sharply making both females giggle at how her sister was behaving.

"That is true" Umi commented before rubbing tears from her eyes. "Thank you sister, for everything" Sakura smiles before putting her hand down.

"No worries, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!" Sakura replied, seeing that made Lily beam at how tight their bond was. Lily placed her hand to her side and blinked, she then placed her hand in her pocket. To her surprise felt something cold and smooth as she took whatever was in her pocket out.

Lily's mouth parted in surprise and gasped causing Umi and Sakura to look at her with worry.

"What's wrong?" Umi asks

"What do you have in your pocket?" Sakura asks as she looks at them.

"I...This could help Ruby" Lily declared with a smile, how could she have forgotten the peach pills she put in her pocket at all times in case of an emergency?!

"What is it?" Umi asks as she moves close to the bottle.

"These are a peach pill elixir, they will help heal his injury!" Lily said now looking up with relief and happiness in her eyes.

"I can turn this in to a drink and give it to him, hand me one now Lily" Umi said now rolling up the sleeves. Lily grins as she hands one to Umi who now goes to make the drink.

"This's going away now but how? What was in that medicine they gave me?" Silver asked himself before opening his eyes weakly; he looked beside him to see some sasamochi to his confusion. Why that stuff?

Very soon his eyelids began to close and he drifted off to sleep.

Lily then now knowing that he was asleep walked in quietly wearing the yukata Umi had given her while her hair was in a messy bun thanks to her purple hairband, Lily placed a wet cloth on his head and stroked his cheek softly as she smiled softly at him knowing that he was safe for now. Her eyes filled with relief and sadness knowing that he must never see her at all, or else something bad would happen to him and time itself which was something she did not want.

Silver at that moment felt something touch his cheek causing him to stir; he was discreet as he opened his eyes just a bit to see Lily's form but did not know who she was. He was confused as to what she was doing and why she was doing it, after all this wasn't her business right? He watched her place a new plate of sasamochi down before getting up to go, this made his heart lurch from her leaving. He didn't want her to go, he...didn't want to be alone anymore and that surprised him more than anything.

"When I get better, I'll take you with me" he thought weakly before going to sleep, as he slept images of the girl entered his mind leaving him feeling mixed emotions. Wondering if he was well or if he was sane to think such things.

"Humans die easily, so why would my eyes be drawn to such a human who would die just like that?" he pondered as woke up in the morning to see Fuuta looking at him with worry.

"Thank goodness you are awake! I was worried about you" Fuuta's eyes glistened with tears before hugging a shocked Silver.

"W-What are you doing?!" Silver scowls before pushing him away weakly and tries to get up. He looks to his side and frowns at the rice cake that rests on a plate.

"Hey Kid!" Silver barks causing Fuuta to blink "Mind telling me who's been putting these things here?" Silver asks as he points at the sasamochi leaving Fuuta to frown at his tone.

"Please don't tell him anything about me, not even my name" Fuuta's mind went to Lily's words and sighed.

"For someone younger than me you have a mouth on you" Fuuta comments coldly before checking Silver's injury "As for who's been bringing this food I have you know it's Lady Umi. She made this so you had better eat it all got it?" Fuuta warns leaving Silver to glare. No human tells him what to do, to think that this kid had a nerve.

"Look Ruby for Lady Umi's sake please don't cause any problems okay?" Fuuta asks weakly, Silver on the other hand blinked from the name.

"Ruby?" Silver asks looking at him with suspicious eyes causing Fuuta to blink.

"That is your name right?" he asks causing Silver's mind to reel, talk about a lucky break.

"Y-Yeah" Silver replied while turning his head to look at the rice cake. He took one and began to eat it, immediately the disguised fox froze from the taste not knowing why he felt like he was drawn to the taste.

"It's good" Silver comments blankly as he looks down at it, seeing him eat had Fuuta nodding feeling satisfied by what he's seeing.

"Lady Umi made it herself I have you know" Fuuta said with a smile, however that he knew was another lie for in truth Lily had made them and passed it to everyone in the household before making these ones while adding something he didn't recognize. Whatever was in it made Fuuta surprised at how silent the boy had suddenly gotten, it must be good sasamochi to make him go quiet.

"So what's the deal with Umi anyways?" Silver asks as he looks at Fuuta while sitting sideways.

"It's Lady Umi to you kid!" Fuuta barked.

"Whatever" Silver mutters as he frowns at the human boy leaving Fuuta to scowl slightly.

"Look Lady Umi is the reason why you are alive right now so can you at least be a bit kinder, or you could get kicked out you know" Fuuta warns as he looks at him weakly, Lily did warn him that the boy might be a little tricky to get along with given his trust issues. But it's not like he wanted to endure it to begin with, however after seeing how ill Lily was had changed his mind given how she almost got sick in the bed. Given that Lily would try and treat Ruby as he slept had left Fuuta in charge of making sure that Ruby didn't go off the rails.

"Fine" Silver sighs in defeat, knowing that he couldn't leave while he was still not in full health seeing him admit defeat made Fuuta nod in reply.

"Good" Fuuta comments "Well you see Lady Umi is the daughter of the man who owns this house hold" Seeing Silver give him an unimpressed frown made Fuuta almost blanch in shock at how calm and bored this kid was. "A-Anyways you should get some rest" Fuuta said now taking the empty plate, Silver blinked at how quickly he could eat those things. The sasamochi tasted divine in his mouth and left him feeling like he had them somewhere before but where?

"Ugh this is irritating! Why does it feel like I know the answer but it keeps being pulled away from me?" Silver berated himself angrily. He looked at the open door to see a garden leaving him slightly at ease, just looking at it made him feel tired but he did not complain. Instead he laid down, his short hair fanning the floor not knowing what to do and the worst part was that he was bored with nothing to do except sleep.

Umi smiled softly at Lily who was coughing badly now as the worst of the cold had decided to come.

"You really should rest Lily, it's not healthy to be moving around when you should be resting" Umi commented while helping Lily who was close to passing out.

"I know, but I don't want to be lazing about. Your father might scold me" Lily replied weakly before getting light headed, seeing this made Umi react and stopped her from falling or hitting the floor.

"Rest now, I don't care what they say your health is more important" Umi said softly as she helped Lily into her room and into her futon. Lily smiled weakly at Umi before she was given some medicine.

"Thank you" Lily smiles as she got drowsy from the medicine and began to fall asleep. Seeing that Umi nodded feeling relieved that Lily was now sleeping before leaving the room. On route she spotted Fuuta who immediately ran up to her.

"Lily's cold has taken a turn for the worst, so I've given her a stronger dose to help her get better. Although she will be asleep for a while" Umi admitted with a weak smile while Fuuta looks at her with worried eyes.

"Will she be okay?" he asks feeling sad about the whole thing, Umi smiled softly from his caring heart and pulled him close in order to hug him.

"It'll take time but she'll pull through, sadly her body is like mine and catches thing too easily causing her to be seriously ill" Umi explains leaving him more worried.

"I hope she gets well soon" Fuuta said as he looks at Umi "I would hate to see her miss you when you depart for the city in order to see the marriage opposition" he says sadly. Umi smiles softly.

"I'll see her before I leave, but don't think I don't know about her sneaking out of her room in the middle of the night just to tend to Ruby" she says with a light grin, Fuuta's face went red from being caught out.

"We weren't doing anything bad, she was just checking to see if he was okay that's all" Fuuta pleaded making her chuckle and pat his head lightly.

"Do not worry, I know she's worried but that's what worries me" she admits as she leans against the wall. Fuuta blinked in shock.

"But why Lady Umi?" Fuuta asks as he looks up at her, Umi looks at him and smiles softly.

"I believe Lily might get too attached to the little boy and end up broken hearted, alone even and vulnerable to the bitterness of the world" she says softly before biting her lip. "I would hate for that to happen to anyone" she comments leaving him brooding in silence before she pats his head.

"Worry not Fuuta, I'm sure things will turn out okay" Umi says before turning to see someone near the well. The person was a small black haired girl with metallic grey eyes with hints of brown in them. She had strange clothes compared to Lily and had a curious look on her face before turning to face Umi's direction making Umi blink. The girl immediately bowed respectfully to Umi before running away before she was spotted by anyone else, however what shocked her was that she looked like Lily but possessed a certain allure that had left Umi drawn to her. But how and why? Where did she come from? She was more surprised that she couldn't sense the girl in the area at all leaving her more confused.

"Lady Umi?" Fuuta asked breaking her out of her trail of thoughts "Is something wrong?" he asks looking worried, seeing that made her smile and shake her head.

"No Fuuta I'm fine" she replied politely before going to her room to get some rest.

Hours later Lily went out of her room feeling better than she was before, but she could still feel that her nose was still blocked to her dismay.

"It is probably the season for flus" she thought grudgingly as she walked to the kitchen to get some water to drink, the flu seasons for were the worst for her. However she ventured into Silver's room with a mask that covered her mouth and nose to prevent herself from spreading her germs to anyone nearby, she looked at the spot where the plate would have been located if she has been well enough to leave it there and frowned slightly. She then walked briskly out the room leaving Silver confused as to why a person would just leave just like that, did they know about him? However before he could get up and look, Lily had entered the room once more after half an hour had passed. This in turn had left him trying to relax and close his eyes as he laid on the futon in order to make the person think that he was sleeping.

He almost stiffened as someone stroked his cheek before patting his head where his ears were lightly, that in turn left his face slightly flushed but did not respond. No that would raise some unwanted attention.

"Is he asleep?" The voice of the boy he remembered from before entered the doorway, silence echoed in the room followed by the shuffling of clothes. He then heard footsteps approach him leaving the fox slightly tense, why was there so much quiet?

"How are you feeling though? Shouldn't you be resting?" Fuuta asked as he looked at Lily who then shook her head slightly. She smiled even though her mouth was covered but her eyes showed that she was smiling.

"I'll be alright" Lily replied in a hoarse voice that left Fuuta frowning. Silver as he listened frowned mentally, why was she even up when she was sick?

"Just don't push yourself okay?" Fuuta asks as he pats her arms lightly, Lily gave Fuuta a thumbs up and giggled a bit even though it came out raspy.

"I won't but I was thinking that maybe you both can go fishing when he wakes up, I'm sure he'll like that don't you think?" Lily asks while redressing Silver's injury. Fuuta blinked and smiled.

"Yeah that's a great idea, I'm happy that his injures are getting better but he is human so I'll know that it'll take time for him to recover" Fuuta commented as he sat beside Lily with the bucket of water he had placed beside her so she can clean and dress the wound that was healing up.

"He's strong" Lily comments with a soft smile taking Silver by surprise at how she was still talking when she was sick, but that wasn't the only thing that surprised him. No it was how kind she was even to someone like him, but part of him grew slightly sad and disappointed. After all if they had all found out who and what he was. Would they still do all this? Would they still say such things? Silver could feel his eyes grow heavy even though his back was to them as he slept. He didn't want to feel all this, all this sense of not being alone and this warm feeling that continued to leave his chest aching with feelings that he had tried to push away to the point that it was almost hard to even look for it. Just what was this girl doing to him?

"He's stronger than any of us know" Lily's soft voice and kind words had left his heart skipping a beat at how she could say such things without even knowing a single thing about him, if they all knew they would have fled without a shadow of a doubt. After all that's what humans were, they scorned and cursed his kind without getting to know them. That's how his painful life began, waking up to see his brother worried about him and then it went straight to being hunted and scorned by humans. There was so much that he could take, so much hatred and he snapped without meaning to. The first person he had killed left him paralyzed with fear until his brother had encouraged him to think that they deserved it just like the other yōkai who tried to hunt them down. He could never forget what his brother had been through and almost didn't believe it until he saw the hatred in his brother's eyes. Who had very soon decided to turn this all into a game where they could play, them against the world. No one to stop them as long as they had the others back, sadly things he knew would have to end. No matter how he tried to squish his fear of blood, the very thing that left him shaking without knowing why. He could remember the day he first killed without meaning to, his hand stained and dripping with blood had shook so badly that screams of someone entered his mind leaving him in a state of panic. His breathing had started to escalate to the point that he was hyperventilating in front of his shocked brother who had watched him run away to escape not only the voices but the blood which he wanted desperately to wash off.

Now that he had brushed against deaths doors which had also left him shaking in fear, he didn't want to go near the darkness again. The never ending darkness of his mind terrified him enough, he didn't want to die even though he originally wanted to. No, but for some reason though being with this girl had left him slightly at ease to his shock. He could feel nothing but a sense of calm and wanted nothing more than to keep her close, knowing that she was shielding him away from the shadows in her worn way. Which in turn did seem silly after all why cower behind a pathetic human woman? He was a strong yōkai for heavens sake! He relied on no one, saw this world and its territories as a place to conquer with his brother, saw women as play things before he decided to get bored and throw them away, drank sake and did whatever he pleaded without taking orders from no one. But this nagging feeling even now refused to leave his mind, why after all this was he not satisfied? After all he had whatever he wanted and desired so what was it? What was missing? What was this hole in his chest? The never ending ache that refused to be filled or leave. No matter what he still continued to feel irritated and angry at how these feelings would never leave him no matter how many times he tries to push them away.

"I'll take you to the area where we fish once you get better, let's see who can get the most fish" Fuuta said with a grin while Lily smiled softly as she finished dressing the wound.

"Get well soon" Lily said her voice above a whisper as she strokes Silver's head in a caring manner leaving Silver once again feeling warm and comforted. There was something about this girl, something he was missing and he wanted to know what was as it left him feeling conflicted about the whole thing. Part of him wanted to lean against her hand and nuzzle it slightly but refused and stayed still, no he had to play the sleepy patient to his dismay. But there was a bright side; once he was better he could always take her with him. Yes, he'll do that and then once he grew bored of her eventfully, then as time went by he'll discard her or kill her. Part of him then froze from that word, but why? Why was something in him telling him not to hurt her in anyway?

By the time he woke up, it was morning which meant that he didn't see her face. Once thing that did bother him was why she would always come at night when he was suppose to be asleep?

Lily winced as Umi had as expected scolded her for being up at night when she should have been resting.

"I appreciate the food you've made for us but this is your health we're talking about Lily!" Umi said sternly while Lily looked at her.

"I know I was just making sure that he was okay, after all seeing that he is okay is my responsibility" Lily replied weakly leaving Umi to stand and huff while her hands were in her hips.

"Lily tonight do not go into his room okay, Fuuta will deal with changing and washing the injury alright?" Umi asked sternly causing Lily to look up in shock "No buts! This is your health we are talking about! And I will not stand for you to ruin it just to stay up at night just to treat a patient" the older teen warned leaving Lily wincing before she nodded slightly.

"Alright" Lily replied on a hoarse voice leaving Umi to sigh.

"Go and rest now Lily after all I want to see you before I go you know" Umi said in a grudging tone. Lily's head looked at her shocked.

"I'm going to the city later on to see a family that has a son that wants to marry me" Umi explained with a smile leaving Lily sad, seeing this made the older teen smile softly and hugged regardless of the fact that Lily was sick.

"Won't pull that face, marriage isn't a scary thing and on the bright side I'll be able to have a family of my own. Given how unlucky I was earlier in life" Umi replied feeling sad.

"My mother like my sister was hated by people who had spread foul rumors about us, saying that we destroyed their crops, cursed them and their lively hood. That we talk to demons and conspire with them even though we can see and talk to the spirits who cannot be seen by normal eyes" Umi explained. "It was one month before my mother's death that my father had showed up, not knowing that why he was there but ended up saving mother and sister from the angry villagers. He stood up for them leaving the villagers shocked before they began to question things. For mother always had crops that thrived since she used her powers and kept the food and medicine herbs she grew safe. Was always aware of things thanks to the spirits and could heal people leaving people thinking that she was a demon or something" Umi said as she sat down, a sad smile bloomed on her face.

"No matter how many times sister had tried to talk and reason with the children around her who tried to bully her they never listened, for their parents were always right to them. Mother was truly grateful for this man and ended up falling in love with him, not knowing that he had done a lot of bad things. Had cheated death using a power but mother paid no heed to the people who had stared to the rumors. He didn't stay long but it was a memorial time she cherished dearly, sadly a month had passed and she was pregnant with an illegitimate child even though she had widowed before due to the ones who started the rumors, they had killed him for reasons beyond her. Was it to hurt her she never knew nor did she show that she knew? However just before she died she somehow used her power to send me into my sister and told her to run just as the man from the family that started the rumors had showed up to kill her. He had called her a whore who would just allow such an evil man that killed without remorse to sleep with her, my sister carrying a one month old inside her had sadly watched this man kill her in cold blood. By the time I grew older I had then found out that my father and the man's brother had found out that mother was in danger and tried to stop the man but it was too late, my father who was hated had been slain by the brother who had then went to confront the man. I also discovered that the man had been slain by his own blood for things that were unspeakable" Umi explained, shaking slightly from the memory. Lily as she listened grew more sad at how bloody and twisted her history had been, Umi then looked at Lily with a soft smile.

"It's hard when people live unlucky lives but to then also find out that the ones who ruined your lives were also the ones who are your distant relatives stings even more" Lily's eyes went wide in horror not believing what she was hearing, to think that her own family would also want to take them down. But why? What possessed them to do such a thing?!

"They had been tricked and lied to by a woman no a demoness who promised them power and that they would be the head of the household if they could kill us all" Umi fiddled with the sleeve of her yukata, Lily immediately frowned from the description. So Zerla too had tried to end it only she used her distant family that was from another branch to do it, how cowardly. "Even though I am the last in my family, I won't be for long... I can only hope" Umi said while smiling softly leaving Lily in a state of awe, surprise and hope. Knowing that after all she had gone through, she still tried to persevere no matter what.

"Demons might have ruined the home that I had moved to after I left the woodcutter's home at an early age, and I might have lost my sister who like me had suffered hunger and thirst that day I was born, but the fact that she gave her life up just to let me live. Not asking for anything in return no matter what, the one who even in death had stayed with me without crossing over" she smiled softly "I am more than grateful for what she has done" Umi commented as she saw her sister smiling softly. Lily smiled as well before hugging a chuckling Umi.

"Yes in a way I am blessed for I would never have met you Lily" Umi commented feeling nothing but happiness and content.

"I wish you luck for the future" Lily spoke as they continued to sit on the porch.

"Promise me that you'll be here when I get back" Umi said as she looked at Lily who in turn shrugged.

"Can't make any promises, you never know what would happen" Lily replied cryptically making Umi roll her eyes playfully, she moved closer and kissed Lily's forehead.

"Stay safe you two. I'll tell you what happened once I come back" Umi said as she went on her horse while wearing make up and a decorative kimono.

"Bye Lady Umi!" Fuuta waved while Lily smiled.

"Behave yourself!" Lily called making Umi laugh at what she was suggesting.

"Whatever do you mean?" Umi cackled with glee, she was going to miss the playful banter between them.

Lily waved at Umi as she left on her horse while standing beside Fuuta, Lily smiled softly as she felt a sense of sadness and yet happiness.

"It's time for me to go" Lily commented once Umi was out of sight, Fuuta hearing this looked at her sharply.

"But why?! Didn't you promise-?" Lily hugged him lightly.

"I made no such promise Fuuta, just watch over Ruby for me please" Lily said with a soft smile that left Fuuta really sad.

"I'm going to miss you, will you come back soon?" he asked with hopeful eyes, Lily smiled at him.

"With luck I might" she winks leaving him grinning before he hugged her once more.

"I'll look forward to that day" he said, his voice muffled by her clothes. Lily said nothing and allowed him to hug her.

"She's not here today either" Silver said grudgingly until he spotted Fuuta.

"Hey where's Umi?" Silver asked bluntly causing Fuuta to narrow his eyes at him, however instead of lashing out he remembered Lily's request.

"It's Lady Umi Ruby, honestly you have a potty mouth" he mutters as he looks at Silver. "Lady Umi's getting ready to leave for the city, she's going to see a family about marriage" Fuuta said with a soft smile. Silver said nothing instead he stared blankly at the boy in front of him.

"She'll be married into a rich family and have a big house, servants and everything she'll ever want. I can't wait to see her get married since that would mean that she would get a family of her own" Fuuta commented with a grin. "Lady Umi was really unlucky no thanks to yōkai-" Silver released a loud yawn that almost made Fuuta give him a sour look.

"Jeez you're just a kid, honestly" Fuuta stood up and went to sort out Silver's shoulder. "It's almost healed now which is good, be thankful that we had the medicine or you'd be in trouble...speaking off" Fuuta paused causing Silver to look at him. "You never did say thank you" Fuuta commented with a frown. Silver almost twitched in anger.

"After what you humans did to me! You expect me to be thankful?! The cheek! He's lucky I'm pretending to be human or I'd have slit his throat!" Silver seethed in anger.

"Why is that?" Fuuta asked as he looked at Silver who's right eye almost twitched.

"..." Silver just started at him and didn't comment causing Fuuta to sigh.

"You know that you should be thankful right, after all according to Lady Umi things happen for a reason. Maybe this life threatening injury was a wake up call or something" Fuuta mused as he tucked a very disturbed Silver into bed, after all he was perfectly fine in regards to sorting himself out in bed.

"Lady Umi said that you get a chill in your chest from time to time if it's exposed, best see a physician if it gets too much" Silver's eyes almost went wide in shock. Was he that obvious?

Seeing that Silver wasn't going respond, Fuuta had gotten up and waved.

"Have a nice evening Ruby, if you need anything come find me" he said before leaving the room once he was out did he close the door.

Once Silver was alone did he sigh in relief, part of him was still on edge without knowing why. Maybe it was the fact that the girl he wanted to take was getting married.

That was something that made him sick to his stomach after all, some part of him was telling him that there had to be a mistake but why? Why this utter interest after all humans were so breakable? They die too easily from anything... maybe it was better to get rid of her all together so he wouldn't have to look at her knowing that she was going to be another man's wife.

Silver as soon as it was near dawn changed back to his normal form, spying no plate left him tense. The red head felt sad and disappointed by the whole thing, but knowing that he was going to get her now that he was well had made him smirk.

He immediately caught her scent and felt his smirk grow wider.

"Gotcha girl" he said in a low tone before going after her.

Lily seeing that it was dawn had snuck out the house in her shoes. Holding her stuff she sighed as she walked into the woods, hoping that a yōkai wasn't nearby but what she didn't know was that Silver was moving after her in a stealthy manner.

"Human girl, you're the one I'll do for now until I get bored of you" Silver muttered mentally as he was about to grab her.

Lily as she walked started to get a burning sensation in her chest causing her to bend over and cry out in pain, clutching her chest as she collapsed to the point that she was sitting on her legs.

"LILY?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Lily gasped and panted in pain as her face touched the ground, she knew that voice anywhere. That voice belonged to the Silver in her time. He was trying to reach her now of all times just when she was trying to move to another location in hopes of finding a Time Gate. The Silver of this time froze and felt his body shake in shock and horror from seeing her hunched over in pain, he didn't know about human illnesses but he did know that it was worrying. However before he could do anything he watched her get up shakily causing Silver to feel a tug at his heart, he wanted to help her. The red head wanted to get her somewhere to get her pain treated but he didn't know why. She was just a human right so why bother?

Silver watched her stagger as her legs shook while walking, hearing a wolf's footsteps he turned to glare at the wolf and threw foxfire at the wolf causing it to run off. Lily blinked and turned to where the light had been while she was panting heavily, shocked that there was foxfire and began to look round to see no one. Silver before she looked at his direction had vanished.

"I just wanted to play with you, I never wanted you to that so strange? For a yōkai like me to care for a human?"

Lily after recovering had managed to reach a small withered stone shrine and sighed loudly.

" is that going to take me home? You broke it!" she whined loudly knowing that her grandmother was probably laughing at her for even approaching something that had been wrecked.

"Nice try my darling grandchild but I'm not letting you leave so easily~!" She could almost hear the cynical cryptic response leaving her to do nothing but groan, she now sat down while she pondering on how to even deal with such a dilemma after all she had to get home before she mucked up anymore of this time period.

Hours later

"FREEEEAAAAAKKIIIIING HEEEEEEELLLL GRAAAAAAAAANNNDMAAAAAAA!" Lily screamed in feeling agitated and angry at how she was unable to find a solution. Instead a bag of what seemed to be sake and tins of peaches had appeared beside Lily to her dismay.


"Hey human why are you screaming?" asked a male voice that left her pausing causing Lily to turn her head to see a red haired demon with horns.

"Errm... who are you?" Lily asked blankly making the demon blink in shock.

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