Blessed Secrets

Chapter 25: I'm Dealing With A Child Instead Of A Grown Up

The demon stared at her oddly before opening a tin that he spotted from her bag. Lily narrowing her eyes as she almost recognized the tin.

"Excuse me? But did you take that from my bag?" Lily asked coldly, the demon shrugged after he stopped to look at her.

"Didn't seem like you needed it, this is good-OW!" the demon cried as Lily smacked him on the head.

"Don't you know that it's rude to take what's not yours to take?!" She scolded as she pinched his ear making him yelp in pain. "Never! And I mean NEVER take without asking you stupid thieving demon! Are you out of your mind?" She scolded before taking the tin and pushed him to the floor with one shove.

"Honestly stealing from one person is like stealing from everyone, in fact it's also like stealing from yourself as well" Lily snapped while giving him a scolding look to show how annoyed she was as she leered at the open can before picking her bag up

"Do you know who I am?" the yōkai asked in an arrogant tone; just seeing her speaking and reacting to him like that without showing any fear or hatred because of his appearance had left him intrigued if slightly amused, part of him was unsure if she was being brave or plain stupid.

"As if I give a damn you moron! Now if you excuse me I have somewhere to be" Lily barked before walking away from him. Lily was forced to stop when he grabbed her shoulder which left him turning to glare at him.

"WHAT?! WHAT NOW?!" Lily screamed in anger which left him immediately releasing her before he realised who she was.

"I decided human, come with me to the human village I'm looking for someone" the demon said with a smirk however Lily wasn't smiling, instead-

"GHAAAOOOW!" the demon cried out in pain as he hobbled on one leg due to the fact that she had kicked his leg.

"The idea is to ask someone" She said darkly as she glares at him. "If you want me to come with you then ask, but if I say no then get the hint weird boy that I am not interested" Lily snapped before turning her head and then resumed her journey, after all coming here was a waste of time so she had might as well see how Umi, Fuuta and Sakura are doing.

"Hey! Hey! You don't go until I say you go!" the demon snapped before she turned to glare at him.

"And what if I don't give a flying damn and say no? Then what?" Lily snapped before getting in his face, he said nothing causing her to scoff "Just what I thought" Lily without saying anything else began to walk once more to the village, the demon however paused before a wide grin formed on his face while his cheeks went red. For a human she wasn't so bad, in fact she reminded him of... his brother.

Lily grumbled as she felt his presence follow her all the way to the capital. It was starting to get on her nerves that he would just walk side by side for a bit before walking behind her, at times she had to turn and slap his hand away from her bag since he would always go after the can of peaches.

"For the last time no I am not helping you so stop following me Akura-ou!" Lily snapped before they entered the capital. Akura-ou blinked before yelping at her.

"So you do know who I am?" he asked loudly causing her to groan.

"Of course I do, I saw a wanted poster at a water Goddess' shrine you idiot! Last thing I want is to die because they assume that I am an accomplice so go away!" Lily ranted

"Woman hand me a-" Lily saw red and turned to face him.

"SHUT THE-" a loud bang blocked her next word "-UP!" Lily screamed while Akura-ou and some people who were listening had turned to look at her fuming. The demon was stunned that such words could come from a human much less a female.

"Look I have-"

"Hey is that a demon?" asked a male causing Lily to mentally whine before slapping a talisman that says 'air' on it, this caused Akura-ou to 'vanish' into thin air.

"What did you do to me human?!" Akura-ou screamed as he looked at her.

"Look just don't annoy me okay, and anyways why are you coming to the capital to begin with?" Lily asked with a frown.

"Woman hunting" he smirked while lifting his hand up so she could hand him a peach tin, Lily's face however went red in anger before she growled to his surprise.

"YOU SHAMELESS MAN WHORE!" Lily roared before she sent him flying with dragon's howl, all people could see was a hole and an angry girl so they shrugged as it wasn't their business. Moments later he came running back to where she was and glared.

"WHAT IS YOU PROBLEM HUMAN?!" Akura-ou glared before she slapped him hard on the right side of his face. He blinked in shock as he held his face.

"If you want a woman to not get scared of you or the towns folk to go running in fear because you like to scare them, then stop it! This talisman is the only thing stopping them from freaking out but to them I am a crazy person talking to myself so please spare me less of a headache that I am no getting from just having to deal with your childish antics" Lily whined. Akura-ou blinked before grinning.

"Good idea! This way I can see what type of girl Silver likes!" Lily blinks.

"Say what?" Lily tilts her head "You mean to tell me that you've been doing all this just to see what type of girl he likes, but why?" Lily asks with curious eyes as they walk.

"You see this fox has a habit" Akura-ou said with a smirk not knowing why he was saying this but somehow this girl didn't seem all that bad.

"A habit?" Lily asks bluntly.

"He has a habit of hiding his important things, while I on the other hand like to find out those things and take them from him" Lily glares.

"It explains why you like to steal my tin peaches" she growled before snatching the can he took out of her bag back and slapped his hand causing him to frown at her.

"After taking away his precious things, he would always look at me with either an annoyed face or an angry one and say 'Not you again Akura-ou' just seeing his expression is something I like seeing from time to time" Akura-ou confessed with a small smile while Lily glared.

"Charming" she scowled before bopping sweet tea that was in a cup on his head, he frowned at her before taking it. "What no thank you?" she asked coldly.

"Why should I have to lower myself to thanking a human-"

"I didn't have to give you it so at least be grateful" she said darkly "And anyways, if you keep this act up with your brother then he'll end up hating you for it" Lily said as she sipped her own tea.

"Humans are creatures that irritate me, especially their scared expressions and not to mention they are too weak to fight back. They break easily which ruins the fun as well" he said with a frown.

"Then why bother?" Lily asked as she narrowed her eyes.

"Well given that I heard that my brother has some relationship with a human, it's left me interested to see what type of person she is" Akura-ou commented with a grin. Lily sighed as she took a can out, his eyes lit up before she placed her free hand up.

"Nah ah! You have to promise to not cause any trouble for me or anyone else got it? And you have to work on your manners or I'm taking it away from you! Is that understood?" Lily warned causing him to grumble.

"You're no fun" he muttered "Fine I'll behave" he said loudly as he leaned back, hearing his honesty she had handed him the can.

"What do you say for the can?" she asks sternly leaving him to frown.

"Thank you" he mumbled.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you from the fact that you are mumbling" Lily said sharply

"Thank you!" Akura-ou yelled, hearing this made her smirk and nod.

"Better and you are welcome Akura-ou" Lily smiles taking him by surprise as he realizes that she had got to him, however her smile also threw him off given how bright it was.

"Let's go up there!" Akura-ou pointed to the tower, seeing it made Lily's eyes to go... oh shoot.

Lily almost shivers from looking down from the tower, knowing that there was one thing that would terrify her and that was heights. Especially if she had no means of being able to stop herself from falling to her death plus it was hard to stay calm even though Akura-ou was having fun. What's worse, she had used the last blank talisman to make him invisible.

"This is great! I can probably see my brother from here!" Akura-ou yelled with glee. "They all look like ants from up here!"

"But this is too high, I don't like it what if we fall?" Lily screamed as she looks at him. Akura-ou looks at her before grinning.

"You're right" he jumps off the tower causing Lily's eyes to go wide in shock.

"What are you doing?! Get me down from here!" Lily screams as her body starts to shake as she grabs the bar that would prevent her from falling off, he almost staggers as he lands and looks up.

"What are you doing up there still?" he asks with a frown, hearing this made Lily's eye go wide.

"Seriously?! I can't get down you idiot!" Lily shrieks as he looks at her, she almost shook while her head grew slightly dizzy from being this high up.

"Why not jump?" Lily gasped while her eyes widen in horror.

"I'll die! SOMEONE GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" Lily cries as she yells where she is standing. Very soon people look up and gasp from seeing a girl holding the wooden edges. Akura-ou frowns at how she attracted attention and is about to destroy the bottom part of the building until a scream catches his attention. The red haired demon looks up and gawks as a few demons appear in order to try and attack her.

Lily panics as she leans her back on the railing as the demons look at her with hunger filled eyes.

"Don't be shy human girl, we won't bite much" said a winged demon with disturbing eyes.

"We only want to live forever" the second demon that looked like a deformed troll crawled towards her slowly leaving Lily in a state of panic.

"Demons!" a male human below the tower screams in fear causing some humans to disburse knowing that they didn't want to die, why couldn't have the demons come some other day when they weren't holding a celebration to welcome the spring?

"Just go away!" Lily cried while not knowing what Akura-ou was doing, the demon in question was looking up in shock still not believing what was going on. He frowned at how the demons were looking at her and didn't even know why they were bothering.

"Child of a Celestial Dragon, do you think we'll leave you alone?" the winged demon chuckled throatily.

"There's a price on your head for killing you, apparently your family has been very naughty haven't they?" the troll asked before Lily leaned a bit more on the rail, sadly she leaned too much causing her to fall backwards. The crowd below gasps before she grabs the ledge for dear life, still it did not put them at ease.

Lily was whimpering slightly from the pain and fear, she didn't want to die.

"She said that if we kill you and drink you blood that we'll live forever, think about it all the possibilities?" the troll laughed as he moved closer in a spider like manner. Lily continued to whimper as her hands started to get so sweaty to the point that she was slowly slipping off the ledge.

Akura-ou now having enough with the demons was about to destroy the tower until a loud scream hit his ears. He looked up only to feel his heart plummet- Lily had fallen from the tower and was now falling down towards the floor; the worst part was how fast she was falling after all she was human so she could die right?

"Someone help me!" Lily cried mentally as fear of dying entered her mind, at this rate she was not going to make it since she couldn't use her powers in public. Humans would not understand and Akura-ou would get suspicious enough to want to kill her just like the demons were. Lily was at a loss of what do to, should she create an illusion and then use her powers or should she risk it? She didn't know and it wouldn't be long until she was hit by something.

Without warning water shot out from below Lily taking her and everyone else by surprise as it breaks her fall. Lily at that moment had felt a whoosh of air had been forced out of her lungs from the sudden impact and looks down to see Umi looking up at her from her hiding spot by the trees. Lily now realizing that it was Umi had grinned weakly knowing that she had a lucky break as Umi helps her down. However the demons without them noticing were picked up by someone in mid air. Sadly their fate had been sealed and were reduced to a bloody mess.

"You are impossible" Umi shakes her head while smiling at a sheepish looking Lily. Akura-ou once he was done had rushed over to makes sure that she's okay without knowing why, after all she was a human so why should he even feel the slightest bit worried about her? Was it because she reminded him of his brother?

He shouldn't care much given that the whole reason for being in the capital was to locate this girl that had his brother's eye to begin with.

Very soon Akura-ou spots the Lily who was talking to someone who look almost exactly like the other to his surprise. His eyes were raised from what he was seeing given that it shouldn't be possible unless they were twins, but that was impossible given that they had a height difference while one looked more mature and older compared to the other.

"Sorry" Lily scratches her short hair still looking sheepish as she chuckles, Umi shakes her head while looking at Lily.

"I am surprised that you are here when I asked for you to stay at the house" Umi commented with a stern look.

"I had something to do so I couldn't stay at the house for too long" Lily admitted weakly. "The time gate turned out to be destroyed when I found it" This left Umi speechless from the information, she was sure that it was still intact so who could have done that?

"Hmm, do you want to head back?" Umi asks as she gives Lily her spare floral haori. Lily immediately thanks her in reply.

"Sure, how's Fuuta and everyone?" Lily asked as she looks at Umi.

"I don't know, I was just caught in a landslide" Lily grimaces at what happened. She was no stranger to how the previous one occurred.

"I know it was you who saved me from the first one though" This stops Lily from walking so she could look at the woman in front, Umi on the other hand turns around and smiles.

"You have my thanks" Lily now smiles in reply as she walks in order to match Umi's pace.

Meanwhile Akura-ou as he watched them interact was still in shock to see how identical they looked. Were they family?

"I don't even know the girl's name" Akura-ou blinked and looked down at the can that Lily had given to him, it was odd that he would even bend to a human's will but her mannerisms left him acting without thinking. She was an interesting human to say the least and maybe just maybe, he should go and look for her again sometime once he finds out about her name.

"Master Akura-ou I have news about the human that your brother has been with" This made Akura-ou turn to look at the fur ball demon, a wide grin now appears on his face.

"What is it?" he asks feeling eager to capture the human girl.

"Her name is Umi Hikari, she is known for her beauty and hidden talents" This left Akura-ou more interested.

"What kind of talents?" he asks with a grin.

"Some say she can see spirits" The fur ball looks up at his now smirking master.

"Well well looks like we have a miko right?" Akura-ou asked as he took another peach from the tin.

"No master she's a spirit medium" This almost took him by surprise.

"What my brother could see in a human girl like her is beyond me, but in the mean time bring her to me is that understood?"

"Yes Master" The fur ball bowed before leaving.

"Looks like I'll be playing with you some other time nameless girl"

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