Blessed Secrets

Chapter 3: Story Time

"Look I'll take you to Mikage but I am not staying there" Lily said as they walked out the house, she frowned as Silver turned his head and began to pout in a child like manner… how childish. Shortly before he began to pout Lily had explained to him that he couldn't keep hiding in her house after the fourth day. Even Shinjirou was getting edgy with him in the house even though Lily had assured him that he was too injured to do anything stupid. However Shinjirou was too annoyed to care, it was their house not that damn fox so why was he freeloading there in the first place? Sadly he did have a good point, although Lily wouldn't admit out loud to the fox as he rested in the spare futon since there no more beds available. And Shinjirou was not going to relinquish his bed for a stalker who gave him a headache, and all because he bothered Lily.

Silver didn't like the fact that he had to go back to the shrine but he had no choice in the end, he was just delaying it because it meant that he wouldn't be able to see Lily for some time. Silver knew that he wouldn't be able to endure her soft caresses as she tried to treat him from his injuries that had been created by his stupidity. But there was nothing the fox could do. Mikage was sure to have a search party ready and wouldn't sit still if had he found out that something bad did happened to him. That man was crazy and annoying that it made Silver miss his old life, yes this God doted him as a son. But it would get annoying to a point, given that he almost did nothing but tease and did do his work diligently.

"I have life too you know and it doesn't involve moping!" Lily continued which snapped him out of his daze.

Silver glares from the insult but says nothing. He couldn't really since he was a guest at her house. Now putting on his sky blue haori that had purple butterflies over his slightly torn black hakama. Part of him hoped that no one would see the damages and was about to leave the apartment until he noticed that Lily had stopped walking. He looked back to see her pursing her lips while her arms were folded, seeing her do this made his brow rise from confusion.

"Are you sure you should be walking around with a pair of ears and tail?" Lily asked dryly. Silver looked at her oddly.

"Why not?

"You know people don't see that as normal so unless you can hi-" Lily almost gawked in shock as Silver took out another leaf from his sleeve and used it to hide his ears and tail. Well that was one way of using them.

"Anything else?" Silver asked in a monotone voice as he looked at her.

"Yeah don't make any moves on my sister idiot and don't come back here!" Shinjirou said coldly as he popped his head out of his door. Lily felt a part of her shrink as her shoulders sagged at the comment.

"He couldn't have just waited until the fox had left the house? Jeez the last thing I need is to endure an argument here!" Lily muttered to herself before shoving an angry Silver out the house. What did he mean by sister? They weren't even related and even he could tell.

"That's enough boys! Save your testosterone for outside so I wouldn't have to deal with the damages" Lily ordered as she slammed the door shut leaving the tengu alone in the house.

"H-HEY LILY!" Shinjirou yelled as his face went red from embarrassment.

The journey back to the shrine was long and quiet to Lily's liking, minus the fact that Silver's mind was going to what Mikage was going to say. Surprisingly Lily had memorised the route but Silver didn't comment or complain after all that could be a good thing right?

Silver would try and look at her with discrete eyes; she had grown well over the years to his surprise and began to feel like his stomach was in knots for some reason. What was wrong with him? She was the tiny but shy human who would greet him when her family wasn't aware, not that it was a completely good thing but felt happy to know that she always saw him as a brother. Despite that he still cared for her deeply so why should this teenager Lily intimidate him? After all this could be the last time and yet here he was being silent. Oh right… he hated humans… but was it completely true?

"So… this place you're living in?" Lily nodded as she resisted the urge to stop and glare. What business was his? Just thinking that made her bit her lip in order to prevent her from gritting her teeth in anger.

"So? Is there a problem with where I am living?" Lily asked while trying to be polite even though she was sure that he could hear her sharp tone. Silver mentally winced from the tone but remained void of emotions.

"No… I was just curious about why you went back to that house?" Lily stopped while her eyes went wide. How did he know that she use to live there?

"Did you spy on me when I was a child you bastard?!" Lily cried as she took a step back so she was standing behind the torii gate. Silver froze from the slip up and cursed mentally.

"Still hear you moron! Answer the question!" Lily yelled now giving him a dark look. Silver noticed her eyes hardened in anger, trees rustled as they stayed silent almost daring the other person to make a wrong move. After a few minutes Silver opened his mouth in order to explain.


"SIIIILVEEEER!" Mikage cried before hugging the now annoyed kitsune. The man had a purple yukata with green butterflies.

"Mind getting off me old man, I'm not dead" Silver muttered darkly. Lily however remained glaring at him; she was not going to let him off the hook that easily.

"Don't you dare scare me like that again! What if something were to happen to you? If it wasn't for Serena who informed me that you were being treated at Lily's house then I would have sent a search party" Lily's mouth dropped open in shock from hearing the name, images of her grand mother entered their minds leaving her stupefied. Silver's eye twitched from being caught out, only Serena could rat him out.

"Wait wait! First of how do you know my grand mother and second! If you knew that he was at my house then why did you not come and collect him?!" Lily ranted at the two stunned males. However Mikage recovered quickly to their surprise.

"Lily it's been too long!" Lily side stepped in order to avoid the man. Lily gave Silver a stern look making him gulp.

"Explain!" Lily barked while ignoring the blond haired man's whining how she wasn't like this when she was younger, this caused the pair to stare at him oddly. Silver scratched the side of his head weakly before looking at her. This wasn't going to end well.

"She visited the shrine five hundred years ago… she told me that you weren't born yet and to wait five hundred years from then. She also asked me to guard a girl named Umi and to make sure she lives, I didn't know what she meant until now" Silver explained as he stood facing Lily. Lily continued to glare before folding her arms.

"Did she tell you where I lived?" Lily asked him, he nodded in reply to her surprise. The girl began to feel slightly uncomfortable from the knowledge, what else did he know about her? The thoughts left her wanting to bolt quickly.

"Lily how about some tea? We should catch up-"

"No" Lily said coldly. "I have things to do and I don't want to stay here a minute longer. Now after what I have just heard… how crude can you both be? What goes on in my life and where I live is none of your business" Lily turned on her heel and began to walk towards the stairs.

"Serena said that you might want to listen to what I have to say" Mikage's words froze her to the spot. She was not going to fall for it, not again.

"Tell her I do not want to-"

"Young lady" Lily stilled from hearing a female voice coming from Mikage's left. There walking towards her was a tall woman with long flowing water blue hair appeared, like her hair the woman's eyes were also azure blue, she had a long blue dress that went up to her ankles, the dress had dark blue rhinestones attached to the bodice, she also a blue stone gold headdress that had a blue stone resting on the back of her head. The woman's appearance was slightly intimidating except for Lily, she was beyond unhappy. The woman stopped before Lily placing her hands on her hips, she then tilted her head to the side and smiled softly at Lily.

"Please listen to what he has to say-"

"Grandmother as much as I am happy to see you, I will not go with these two into a place that scared me out of my wits. Who ever this blond weirdo is" Mikage cried out in shock while Silver almost snorted at the insult, had Serena's glare prevented that from happening.

"I will not step another foot back in a sacred shrine" Lily said stiffly as she gave her grandmother a stubborn look, however Lily felt the air had been taken out of her lungs once Serena hugged her tightly.

"Oh she's growing up with the family stripe alright" Serena gushed with glee leaving Lily embarrassed.

"She sure does" Mikage said weakly. There was no way he could win against Lily when she had Serena's temper.

"As for you two!" Serena turned to glare at the startled males. "What the hell were you two thinking? Of all the things to and you just had to upset my granddaughter! Mikage didn't I tell you not to rush her and to let her come in her own time!" The woman roared at Mikage who shrank back a bit from being scolded.

"S-Sorry Serena, sorry Lily" Mikage apologised weakly. She nodded sternly before turning to look at Silver, her hair moved to one side as she glared at him.

"You foolish foolish drunk!" Serena yelled before slapping Silver with her left hand. Lily's eyes in turn went wide from the slap.

"The legendary left hand… man and I thought Asanoha and Anna from Shaman king could do that slap… Grandmother pulls it right off the bat!" Lily thought weakly as she watched both males get scolded badly. By the end of it Silver was sure that his ears were bleeding from the noise and length of her rants.

"Now that you both have learnt your lessons?" Serena asked while challenging the pair to dare and say no.

"Yes Miss/Serena" Silver and Mikage said at the same time causing the woman to nod sharply. Serena now clapped her hands together as she placed them to her right cheek; she smiled widely while her eyes were closed. This signalled that she was done ranting to their relief.

"Good now can we go in and have some tea-"

"I don't like tea!" Lily argued leaving Serena to chuckle again. The woman then patted Lily's head softly as she smiled, Lily was sure that her grandmother's eyes were pools of endless water as she looked at them, they left the girl completely mesmerized by how beautiful they were.

"Oh I know that don't I dear?" the woman said before winking at her. Lily felt a blush of embarrassment appear on her face and nodded weakly.

"Well Mikage's shrine spirits brought some over an hour ago, so shall we have a drink?" Serena asked with a wide motherly smile. Lily almost pouted at how Serena was trying to bait her with a drink.

"Sorry grandmother I have college in an hour" the woman then smiled before patting Lily's head softly once more.

"Oh I know about that, that's why I had a duplicate enter your college in your place" Lily's jaw hit the floor in horror.

"Grandmother why?! You know I go there to learn" Lily said sulkily while ignoring the males who wouldn't have it in them to comment, in the end of it Serena always had her way no matter what. And that was the ugly truth.

"I know but this is important Lily, this needs to be heard by your ears" Serena said softly as she looked at Lily, the girl could see concern and worry etched on her grandmother's eyes meaning that it must be important.

"Why though, I see no reason in to meddling with affairs that don't-"

"They do Lily, this one definitely is to do with you" Lily felt a chill enter her spine, what did her grandmother mean by that?

Lily sat at the low table in the living room. The room looked undamaged to her surprised but then again it could be a façade. Mikage sat beside Serena while Silver had been forced to sit with Lily who was now frowning at the kitsune, just what she wanted. A stalker sitting beside her.

"Now how to start? Mikage?" Serena asked as she looked at her friend. Mikage took a sip of his tea and sighed.

"I think it's best that you tell them, you are a Time Keeper so you were aware of it before I was" Mikage replied while looking back at her. Serena nodded in reply.

"Quite right, my apologies" Serena said with a warm smile before placing her cup down. However the smile vanished before she spoke, Lily took this a sign of something bad.

"Please what ever you both do, do not leave that spot until we are finished alright?" not knowing why she was asking this the pair paused before nodding.

"Right well, I will start this story back to when you were five Lily" Lily tilted her head as confusion settled in, why that time?

"A long time ago there was a young girl who befriended a boy, they were inseparable once they came across the other. Almost like fate had brought them together" Lily almost groaned from the start, why a story? She wasn't a child anymore, however remained quiet in order to hear the woman out.

"They met almost everyday and at some times during the night, especially when the boy was unable to escape during the noon. They would play and talk about things that were on their minds. However the boy had a terrible secret. His father had been beating him for seeing things that his father had tried to hide and for running out the house; every time he was caught he would be slapped causing him to wear long sleeved clothes. But the two places that he couldn't hide from view were his hands and face" Silver felt his body tense for brief moment as an image of a child's hands covered in blood entered his mind, just thinking about this left his hands to clenching tightly against his will as they rested on his knees.

"Freak!" a voice said mockingly.

"Motherless child!" a faceless child stood in the middle of a group of faceless children. Each one continued to mock the child with their giggles and constant jabbing words leaving Silver wanting to clench his chest. Something about those images left him uncomfortable.

"Always alone doesn't he get bored?" one jeered.

"I bet he buried another person!"

"They always say his father is up to no good"

"Really?! Does that mean he's going to grow up to be like him?"

"If he isn't already copying his father that is" voices continued to give Silver a headache until Serena's sharp cough caught his attention. His ears flattened from being caught out but not once Serena comment or complain. Her soft eyes soothed him somehow; in a way they reminded him of a mother.

"Unlike the other children the girl would never call him names or judge him; instead she would always show concern before patching him up to the best of her abilities. However given how the boy's father would say that kindness was a sign of weakness would often tell her not to bother. The girl however would never stop until she had treated his injuries; the boy was awed by her selfless kind acts that it encouraged him to finally talk about his home. The girl was upset by how he was being treated and in truth didn't need to hear it from his lips, for his heart told her everything. The boy knew this but was grateful for her kind acts regardless" Lily pursed her lips while listening to this, something about that rang a bell but from where? This would continue to nag at her until she figured it out. Silver at the same time was confused by the story. Why did he need to know about this?

"A few months later the boy met the girl with a cut on his cheek, shocked by this the girl asked how he had it but the boy was still grinning at her to her surprise. Instead of asking, he presented her with a bangle and told her it was his mother's" Silver's ears twitched from hearing that comment. "The boy passed it to the girl and nervously asked if they would be friends no matter what, and that they would never be apart the girl nodded eagerly while smiling at how he got away with taking his mother's item. The boy then said to her that the bangle that was given to her was a symbol of marriage, in a way this was like an item to propose with given it's important value was to the beholder. Not knowing what it was both fascinated the pair deeply that the boy asked if he could marry her in the future" hearing this made Lily's face burn from embarrassment, what was wrong with those two? Agreeing to something they had no idea about, that's like agreeing to ride a car or bike and not knowing how to use it. Silver even frowned at this.

"Please tell me she said no" Lily whined weakly. However to her surprise Serena shook her head while smiling.

"She actually said yes and hugged her friend dearly before he placed the bangle on her right wrist" Mikage smiled softly from the answer.

"Uuugh!" Lily groaned as she turned her head, Serena immediately gave her granddaughter a sharp look after hearing Lily's rude reply. Mikage at the same time choked on his tea while Silver looked at them wordlessly. Not that he was complaining, it did seem farfetched to say the least.

"Lily stop being rude and listen please"

"Fine!" Lily groaned before rolling her eyes and looked at her grandmother. "What happens to their happy moment? Did he leave?"

"No actually he didn't" Serena said dry as she matched the tone of Lily. Lily's jaw almost dropped in surprised.

"But you said they were-" Serena put her hand up silencing Lily.

"Things changed… things that could never truly be forgotten. Two nights after that, an unthinkable happened. A tragedy occurred when the girl went to find him, he hadn't show up that day and it had passed sun set. Without telling anyone the girl went to his house" Lily's hand slackened on the glass, this didn't sound good.

"Just as she located the boy, she tried to get him to safety but were caught by his father. Not knowing that someone had broke into the house also to kill someone, not knowing that the main target was the girl" Lily's brows furrowed while Silver blinked.

"Why would someone track her down to that house? Were they stalking her or something?" Silver asked bluntly.

"All I can say is that demons who have an obsession with taking bodies who have been dead. These are known as Corpse Demons" Lily shivered from the words. Those demons had no interest in rules, they only saw that people who had power or some characteristic that were appealing were prizes and they were like bounty hunters. And they kept the prize.

"This one had a child who would cause problems for the girl and wanted to devour her because of a rumour but I am getting off topic. The person behind the father had a gun and fired it just seconds before the boy pushed her out the way causing her to hit the floor. Not knowing that this would have devastating effects, the girl was traumatised by what happened and looked from the floor she immediately screamed and tried to stop the bleeding, the person behind the father left without anyone's knowledge, cursing for his miss failure. The girl wouldn't stop crying for her friend and unknowingly used her power to send him into the past. This however saved his life but she was unaware due to how far she had sent him back" Lily tilted her head to the side.

"How far are we talking about?" Lily asked before Silver could speak, the kitsune frowned before placing his hand down.

"Five hundred years into the past" Serena said without missing a bit. Both teenager felt that their eyes had bulged in shock from the answer.

"Are you serious?!" Lily cried out in shock.

"That's not possible" Silver agreed while folding his arms. Serena and Mikage shook their heads.

"It's all true, even I was surprised to witness such an event" Mikage commented while smiling as the rim of the cup almost touched his lips. The pair looked him oddly.

"You lie" Silver said coldly.

"No Silver it is, I should know Lily almost killed herself because of what she witnessed, and it's taken her a very long time to block your death from her mind" Silver and Lily froze, the girl's breathing was caught. She refused to acknowledge Silver's gaze. This was all a lie. This had to be…

"Lily!" Mikage called as Lily stood up and move away from them, her back still faced the door before turning her eyes to see Silver's bewildered eyes. Surely he didn't believe this rubbish.

"I'm sorry Lily but it's true, the pain left you so traumatised that you became empty leaving you with only one thought death" Lily turned to face Serena sharply.

"If that's true then how am I still here? How am I alive?" Serena bit her lip before sighing.

"Someone from a different time line changed your fate that night. You don't remember him but you do have his haori" Lily's eyes went wide for a second before they narrowed in anger.

"I'm out of here" Lily forced the door open before leaving the shrine.

"Give her time" Mikage said softly to Serena.

"No I understand her pain, this is a lot to take in… are you alright Silver?" Serena asked the silent kitsune who was at a loss for words.

"So that's it? The reason I'm a kitsune is because I died?" Silver's hands gripped the cup too tightly causing it to break, the adults winced form his anger.

"Silver…" Serena placed her hand on his shoulder before he shrugged it off. She didn't mind that and kept looking at him. "You might have been young but your love, your bond had stopped you from crossing over, please believe me that I was shocked to find you stuck in limbo for some time that a price for your freedom had to be paid. The God of Wealth and Izanami wouldn't have let you go otherwise" Serena said softly. Silver looked up with slitted eyes.

"Oh yeah?! Then what was the price? My memories? My humanity?!" Silver yelled angrily. Serena's eyes softened.

"My immortality" this took Silver by surprise.


"Life for a life… I lost my immortality and my status as a Goddess before being reborn as a Time Keeper. Even before I knew you both, I felt some part of me know that this was the right thing to do" Silver immediately placed his hands to his mouth to mask his horror. This woman had done this all to help them… this sounded ludicrous. No it was but seeing their morbid expressions stopped him from saying anything. He had no idea that she was a Goddess; he knew that Mikage knew her and they treated each other like siblings. But this was too much even for him to swallow.

"I-I…" Serena patted his shoulder lightly.

"There is no need to apologise, I would have done this over and over again if I had to. I have no regrets" Serena beamed with glee. "I have children and grandchildren. I have had siblings, a husband and cousins; I am even an aunt as well Silver. This was both your doings and I am thankful" Serena's smile left him slightly at ease. Still this woman took a huge risk and he ended up spitting at her sacrifice by creating undoable damages. He killed, raped and destroyed things, how could she forgive him for all this and still smile?

"By forgiving yourself and do right by Lily. Right now she is hurting and in denial, she closed herself up because of what happened to you. You need to know that we love only once so do not break her heart a second time okay?" Serena said before sipping her drink daintily. "Although I have had visits from my sisters even thought I have been reborn… too much" Serena whined lightly as she placed her head in her right hand. Mikage smiled lightly.

"Two of them worry about you"

"But one is the Lady of Chaos and is being locked up for her childish behaviour… why does she love to create chaos is beyond me. I might have to see if there is someone who can counteract her…" Silver winced from the comment. However he looked to the left while feeling slightly cold from fear. Chaos was something that created destruction and it was something he would try to avoid at all costs.

"Do not waste my time okay… although I had a feeling that something would happen to Lily… that's why I gave her insurance" this confused the males from hearing this information.


"You wouldn't notice it but when she gets injured, you might notice her super healing abilities… someone who wronged one of our family members had came to someone dear to me in the future-"

Unknown time

"I never expected you to find me Kirihito… or should I say Akura-ou?" the female who was sitting with a two children with a pair of ears and a tail looked at the male with owlish eyes. The woman patted their heads with adoration that left Akura-ou slightly unsettled, he didn't want to be here but knowing who she was and why she was close to Umi left a part of him wanting to redeem himself. Whether the Gods knew about this or not.

"What business do you have at my shop? You know your brother doesn't want anything to do with me? Or do you want to bond with your niece and nephew?" the female said with a warm smile. The demon in a human body grimaced. It was no secret that his brother jilted her at the altar even once he knew that she was pregnant. Her sudden change in appearance had scared him off leaving the girl broken and hurt by this. However instead of hunting down the bastard who hurt her and reeking havoc- she ran to her home country to bare the children without demons gaining the urge to devour her because of the aura the twins were giving off. Akura-ou was mildly impressed until he spotted how broken his brother truly was, guilty or not it didn't excuse him for what he had done. Now Akura-ou knew that he had to redeem himself for the crime he committed despite the fact that he was in his body once more thanks to the Time Keeper. And thus here he was confronting the one who was now known as the Oracle of Balance and the Temporal Witch who could grant wishes for a price.

"I wanted to fix my mistake, is there a way to do it?" this took the woman by surprise before ushering the twins away. They were greeted with silence before she stood up.

"Yes… but you will not like it" the young woman said before turning her head to look away from him.

"What do I have to do? I want to help…" he bit his lip for a bit. "I created a mess and killed an innocent woman, what I did was wrong but I want to make up for it" the woman sighed deeply.

"The way to do that is your eye and to ensure safety of one is your memories" Akura-ou's jaw dropped in shock.

"M-Memories?!" Akura-ou cried out in shock. But why?

"Yes… The eye is to extend time and to heal… grandmother wanted you to give someone we both know well the ability to heal quickly. The memories are to make sure that your brother lives through out five hundred years ago, as we both know it's dangerous in that time" Akura-ou sighed knowing the answer to why she would say such things before nodding.

"I agree. Which eye do I need to give up?" the woman looked at him oddly before picking up a biscuit.

"Your left eye" and then she bit into it. The woman jolted slightly once his hand touched her shoulder.

"I am sorry for everything, he's a coward but he does love you. He wants you back home, but he doesn't know where you are" the woman pursed her lips in anger. Not that he was complaining, she was feeling betrayed and hurt deeply by what had happened those years ago. Given her appearance it had definitely taken her some time to try and heal from the damages that had been done to her, part of him was happy to know that she was still alive and well.

"He should have thought about that before whoring off with that corpse snatcher. He's got a baby with her to deal with so why bother with us?" Akura-ou's eyes softened at how upset she truly was. "I didn't kill her nor did I go after her, I should have! but I don't want to fight, not anymore. I am too tired Akura-ou to even do that nor do I want to compete for someone who might have a shred of interest in someone. After all she always stole what I liked. I even saw him that night before the wedding!" she had a bitter smile on her face taking him by surprise. "She confessed to him and he hugged her, that bastard" tears started to form in her eyes causing him to react instinctively. Maybe it was because she had carried his niece and nephew that made him see her as his sister, or was it knowing that she had not only carried but cared for the children without feeling a shred of hatred towards the twins, this might have allowed him think that she as family somehow he wasn't sure. Maybe it was the protective instinct to shield her from the pain thanks to the emotions that were welling up inside him. Did he like her? He didn't know but what he did know was that he didn't want her to cry.

"If I remember this part then I'll give him a good talking to" the girl's brow rose in surprise.

"What no violence? You've changed demon" she said coldly making him laugh. Spying a peach he grabbed it before biting it, he moaned from the flavour and looked at her.

"I grew up, now when are we doing this?" he asked while grinning at her. The woman rolled her eyes as she looked at him.

"Lay down and I'll extract your eye" the demon immediately did as she asked.


Serena then remembered being given a box and was instructed to give this to Lily shortly before the incident. Lily at that time was sick and almost rejected the item as a result leaving Serena distraught and fearful for her granddaughter. To think that a demon would do so much… then again time does change someone, the proof had been Silver who was sitting before her.

Lily the next few days had tried to continue her life as a college girl while ignoring the words her grandmother had spoken. The woman was wrong; there was no way that this was all true. The haori was a present from her uncle the day she woke up to find out they were moving back home, there was no way that some stranger would have stopped her from dying if it was true. Lily once she went home that day had chucked the box containing the bangle to the other side of the room in anger so she didn't have to look at it. However it didn't make her any better, only feelings of loathing continued to hit her like mad and it made her want to not only pull her hair but scream until there was no sound left in her voice. Images of blood entered her mind leaving her wincing and made her clutch her head. This was not real, it was all a story, lies to deceive her and yet… the bangle left her wanting to pick it up and sort out it's box before placing it back in its resting spot. No this was all a lie and yet she didn't have it in her to damage the bangle. It felt wrong somehow.

Two days later Shinjirou was called to the studio despite the urge to look after Lily. He could tell something was bothering her and he didn't like it one bit. As much as he wanted to speak to her, Lily would say that it was because of a headache. Not that the excuse would sit by the tengu but he refused to push to Lily's relief.

After college the young girl then walked over to the library in order to study. So far things were going well in regards to her studies and nothing seemed to be going wrong, nothing seemed to be after her which allowed her to think that this was all a dream. No one could upset her here after all this building was her playground. Like the college it was a place for her to relax and get away from everything before going home to deal with everything else.

Sadly Lily felt her mood change as Madison confronted her again just as she leaves the library. The angry teen follows Lily out, knowing that she could get into trouble for hurting someone inside the building before cornering her to the side of the library.

"Still not listening to what I've been saying huh? You're still getting too comfortable with Kurama" Immediately Madison starts to lose her temper before she begins to beat up Lily with more force than necessary. Knowing that Madison was on the warpath and Lily knew that things wouldn't get any better if she called for help, after all no one would come and that was the ugly truth. Who would want to stop someone who is well known to an idol? She was one less stepping stone to worry about if she disappeared. Lily despite all the pain continued to remain possum and did nothing but take it the abuse as it came. After all nothing would change if she did cry out for help. After all what hurts you just makes you stronger, right?

The past few days continued to take a toll on Silver, during that time the only thing the kitsune wanted was some time to think from what he heard. Without asking Silver decided that night to go off for a walk to reflect. This time however Mikage had allowed him to go much to Silver's surprise. Not that he was complaining but Mikage would often object to things like that, now it seemed that Mikage was actually allowing him to try and relax as he tried to reflect on everything so far. It made Silver happy to know that Mikage was on his side with this.

What a mess though, the answers he seeked after all this time were not what he had seen coming. To think this all happened because he died. However to his surprise Silver had no regrets at all. In fact the only thing he was feeling was relief, relief in knowing why he was here. Why he had no parents to greet him when he lost his memories. But alas the damage had been done and there was nothing Silver could do to change it. The only thing he did want to change was his attitude prior to when he met Lily after all that time he had lost with her. If he could, he would have without missing a beat.

On route he walked through the empty set of streets, his ears started to twitch leaving him puzzled as a series of grunting noises left him confused, why had he even stopped in the first place. This shouldn't be any of his concern but curiosity caught his attention and paused. What was going on?

"I told you to stay away bitch. Now look what you have done!" Madison yells in hatred as she punches Lily's stomach making the injured girl cry out in pain, she ends up hitting the wall once more thanks to the force of the blows. This caused her legs to slump slightly from the injuries. "You've ruined my nails and I just had them done!" Madison snaps before slapping Lily's face, the injured girl however continues to stay possum and not fight back to Madison's anger. When would this girl actually start fighting back? Is she that much of a weakling? Just thinking about it made Madison boil with rage.

Curious about what the noise was about, Silver had then started walking to the alleyway that was by a building and immediately freezes from what was being shown before him. Part of him is left sick with shock and anger. There before him was Lily and she was just allowing this girl to beat her up. But why? After all she could fight back right? Just thinking about this reminded him back when his brother like him would hurt others, only Akura-ou would torture someone without remorse before killing them. In truth it sickened Silver to even think about it.

Without thinking Silver confronts that pair who are oblivious to his presence.

"Hey!" Silver yells loudly as continues to walk towards them, at the same time he hid his ears and tail to prevent the bully from seeing them. Madison now hearing his voice turns her head and is about to snap at Silver for interrupting; instead her breath was suddenly caught from seeing his appearance. Silver almost glared at her but did nothing but stare with anger.

"He's gorgeous" Madison thought while blushing. Now ignoring her fallen victim she turns her body to face him. Lily who was listening to Madison's thoughts had made a gagging noise before Madison kicked Lily's cheek in order to shut her up. It took all of Silver's self restraint not to attack the girl for hurting someone in such a shameless manner.

"Well hi, I didn't see you there" Madison said in a flirtatious voice while twirling her hair with her left index finger, ignoring how much blood was on her knuckles. Silver however tries to ignore how sick he was feeling from how this girl could just act like she was doing nothing wrong. Lily in turned remained slumped against the wall and frowned.

"Care to tell me why you are hurting my fiancée?" Silver asks her coldly leaving the teen to feel like frozen water had been dunked on her head- FIANCÉE?! Did he just say that he was engaged to this whelp?

Madison gulped until Lily groaned from trying to sit up and felt pain just from moving.

"Sod off bastard! Need I remind you that I don't even remember you…" Madison looked at her with shocked eyes, how could this brat insult him shamelessly and get away with it? More importantly if that was true then why was she living with Kurama?

"Don't tell me she's having an affair or something like that with the star? Is she two timing them? How shameless!" Madison thought angrily now wanting to beat Lily up more than ever.

"Even if I did make such a promise… ugh… it would have been to a person that would never have left me in the first place" Lily spat out blood while opening her brown eyes weakly. They were hard from anger she was currently feeling, while at the same time Silver continued to look at her with sad filled eyes. Madison took this as her cue to leave; only Silver looked at her from the corner of his eye had grabbed her wrist without warning. He then gave her a 'If you want to live then stay' look. Madison shook slightly before looking at Lily with petrified eyes. This would have been funny to Lily if it weren't for the fact that she was in terrible pain.

"I never meant to leave you! You of all people knew that!" Silver said sharply. Lily despite being injured released a dry cackle and raised her head up, Silver didn't move or shiver, she was angry and it was understandable. He had broken a promise without meaning to or knowing that he had made such a promise in the first place.

"That's rich! Who got himself shot bastard?!" Lily asked while turning her head to face him. Silver saw how angry she was given how her eyes turned to dark blue slits.

"I never wanted to get you hit! Would you rather have died-?"

"Yes!" Silver froze from her confession; even Madison was shocked to hear such a thing. "If it meant that I wouldn't be riddled with guilt that I had let it happen, then yes I would! You have no idea of how much it destroyed me, watching you bleed out in front of me!" Silver now turned to glare at Madison who gulped weakly, she was in trouble now that his attention was on her. What was he going to do to her? he looked scrawny but his eyes told a different story.

"We will finish this later, right now I have this insect to deal with" Silver said darkly before hauling a scared Madison away.

"Do save me a scrap" Lily yelled sarcastically as she watches him go off. Now that he was out of her line of sight. The girl's eyes had started to lose focus before darkness claimed her. Lily could feel her body slump on the floor before becoming numb.

After dealing with Madison who had run away in fear, not once did she look back leaving him more angry. All he had to do was smash the wall and giver her a harsh telling off to make her shake with fear. It was pathetic to know that this ignorant human could cause that many problems without any shred of remorse, then again he couldn't complain given what happened in the past. The past in truth was still blurry but he was in no hurry to remember them, after all Serena had given him the whole truth and he was satisfied with that. Silver immediately spotted Lily's unconscious form leaving his eyes lids to go down from sadness. He was sure his ears and tail had gone down in order to match his mood. Just seeing her injures left him slightly sick and knew that she needed help as soon as hospital. Hopefully Mikage would have the medicine to treat her injuries, but if he didn't then Silver was unsure of what to do then.

Silver continued to carry Lily as he walked up the steps towards the shrine in order to treat her injuries. Mikage and Serena immediately rushed out the shrine; only Serena's face showed she was truly panicking while Mikage appeared to acting like her rock at the moment. Silver didn't have to be a mind reader to see how worried Mikage was.

"Please tell me… never mind bring her into the room we've prepared" Serena ushered him into a guest room, without warning she kicked the poor boy out so she could heal her granddaughter. It took a few hours before Serena left the room, she looked exhausted but despite that she smiled slightly. Allowing the boys who were sitting in the kitchen to sigh with relief.

"Lily had some internal injuries and I was sure that she was going bleed out. But her body started to heal thanks to the medicine I gave her" Serena explained as she pushed a wet piece of hair from her face. Mikage smiled before pulling out a chair for Serena to sit on, she nodded her thanks before sipping on some tea.

"How long will she need to recover?" Silver asked almost feeling tense; knowing that if hadn't gone out when he did then Lily would have died. That was something he refused to let happen.

"A few days, she'll be sore and unable to move her body from time to time. It's normal though" Serena commented with a smile. She looked like she was about to drop off to Silver's worry.

"If you want I can look after her until she wakes up" Silver offered. Serena smiled weakly from the gesture and nodded.

"That will be nice. Just give her fluids and not many solids; her body might not be able to take it… oh Shinjirou! I'll ask Laura to give him a call about what is happening" Serena said with a goofy smile as she placed her hand on her cheek.

"Are they really siblings?" Silver asked quickly to their surprise, Serena chuckled slightly.

"No but they treat the other like they are. His father and Mikage in turn treat me as a sibling as well… it seems the cycle continued with that man… I should give a call to tell him how Shinjirou though" Serena looked away from the thought.

"I think he would be worried, it's not easy to know that his only son has run away" Mikage agreed before patting her shoulder. "Rest though you have been pushing yourself again" Mikage scolded with a smile. Serena smiled in return and stood up."You're right; I'll be going off to sleep now. Behave yourselves when I am gone" Serena teased before Mikage chuckled at her playful behaviour.

"I am behaving very well thank you!" Mikage retorted as she walked off. He chuckled before looking at Silver's sombre mood, immediately his smile slipped slightly.

"You saved her life"

"She shouldn't have been in danger in the first place! If they are like siblings then why did that bloody tengu allow her to go all by herself?" Silver snapped coldly. Mikage smiled at his son's protective behaviour.

"They had to earn a living somehow and Lily knows that he loves his job. She would never allow herself to come between his work" Silver pursed his lips before grumbling.

"She's too selfless… in a way I hate it" Mikage immediately chuckled at Silver's surprised expression. Why was he doing that?

"You're worried, just like the boy you both care so much and I am sure that it bothers him to leave her alone. However like you two she's just as stubborn…" Mikage looked at his cup before a small smile graced his features, seeing this left Silver confused.

"When she recovers… I will need to speak to you both about an important matter" Mikage said softly before standing up.

"What about Mikage?" Silver asked while eyeing the spirit children who were by the door. They immediately sprinted off knowing that he didn't want them to bother them.

"You'll find out now in the mean time, look after your fiancée" Mikage said in a teasing tone that made Silver scowl at the God.

"Really you're going to go there now?" Silver said before grunting at the sudden hug.

"My little boy is growing up so fast!"

"If that is the case then why are you still hugging me like a child old man! Let me go already!" Silver whined angrily.

"No way my little boy! Compared to your past self who committed all those bad deeds and your parallel self who saved her- you are the one who has matured the quickest" Mikage winked at a now red faced Silver.

"I-I d-did what?" Silver stuttered quickly while his ears went down in shock.

"You wouldn't know this but now you do!" Mikage sang while he still held Silver.

"How though?" Silver asked wearily. Mikage suddenly smirked to Silver's surprise.

"Weeeell! A certain someone was visiting a sweet young child in her aunts' house for a while when he should have been doing errands, not to mention Serena ratted you out when I asked her about why you were smiling when you were doing your chores" Silver immediately cried out in horror but Mikage refused to let go.

"Oh no you saw that?! Why?" Silver whined as he felt the urge to go into the basement and never come back out again. However Mikage would never allow that to happen to his dismay.

"It's cute Silver! You were patient with her when she played with you and not once did you ever complain. Admit it! You love her enough to try and see what she was like during her childhood" Silver then shrugged his master off before looking the other way.

"Enough with you old man! I'm going to sleep!" Silver said grudgingly. In truth he was going to move his futon to her temporary room so he could check up on her without having to move to and throw. It was the least he could do when she helped him.

The first thing Lily did when she woke up was groan from the sunlight, a few questions like where was she and how did she get here entered her mind. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light and saw that she was in a wooden room; Lily almost grimaced from knowing that she was in the shrine if Silver had in fact found her. Of all the rotten things to happen, it just had to be this!

She struggled to get up from the futon only to have a pair of hands push her back down.

"Easy you are recovering from internal injuries" Silver's voice entered her mind leaving Lily to scowl.

"Why didn't you just sent me to the hospital?" Lily asked dryly leaving him to frown.

"It was too far and the shrine had a healer here" Silver said bluntly. Lily raised a brow.

"Oh ho? Who was it?" Lily challenged him as she glared.

"Your grandmother and I have you know you upset her a lot from getting injured like that!" Silver spat leaving Lily startled. Her grandmother was the one who did that? But why?

"Because she loves you idiot now rest up, my master wants to speak to you" Silver said bluntly before walking off, leaving Lily to frown.

During the days that went by Lily was able to recover fully without any interruptions, mostly because her grandmother had used the duplicate to take her place in school to her dismay. However she couldn't complain since she was sure that Madison had damaged pretty badly and had to rest up as a result.

During that time Silver had done his best to help her heal quickly but did not complain. He was probably doing this as his good deed for the day or because Mikage was asking him to, or was his way of repaying her back for helping him. Either way she was annoyed but didn't let it show. The sooner she healed the sooner she could leave was Lily's thoughts the whole time. Shinjirou most of the time had called to see if she was okay leaving Lily happy. Knowing that he and Lydia were worried and wanted her to get well also entered her mind. She could do this and just had to be patient.

However the day that she had fully recovered was the day Silver had escorted her to Mikage.

The man was wearing a black yukata with green butterflies but still had his glasses and happy smile to the girl's anger. How can he act so causal for upsetting and deceiving her like that?!

"How are you feeling?" was the man's question. It was a good thing Lily only believed in one God and it wasn't him! Otherwise she might have stopped believing in Mikage all together and would have cursed his name to the sun went down. Not that her grandmother would be happy to know.

"Look I just want to go home now. You've both done your good deeds for the day so now I need to leave" Lily said as she began to cut to the chase. However Mikage's glasses glinted which took Lily by surprise.

"Have a drink you two, there's something I need to discuss" this took the pair by surprise. Silver began to take a seat while Lily stood. "You might want to sit down Lily, it's important that you do"

Lily frowned but did as she was asked but sat away from the pair. She spied the orange juice that was sitting by itself in a cup and took it, despite being mad she thanked the man before sipping on the tart beverage. After doing that Mikage began to try and think of the best way of saying it.

"I am retiring from my post as the God of Mikage shrine" Silver spat out his drink and shot up in shock.

"WHAT?!" Silver roared angrily while Lily almost choked on her drink. That was not what she had in mind, and why did it have anything to do with her?

"Why? I don't understand" Silver asked now looking upset. Mikage smiled regardless of the situation.

"I have been working for far too long Silver and I haven't had the chance of ever taking a break from it all. Now that you have your memory back, I now think that it's about time to put what you've learned into good use m'boy" Lily didn't like where this going and neither did Silver. Silver was feeling like he was being abandoned and it hurt like hell. He trusted this man and yet he was leaving just like that.

"What do you mean by that?" Silver asked with suspicious eyes. Mikage in turn placed his cup on his lap hiding it from view.

"Well during this time I have been waiting patiently for a successor, a replacement to take my place. It's been a while but I am happy to say that now that she's here, she will be replacing me as of tomorrow" Mikage said with a small smile.

"WHAT?!" Lily screams in horror now realising what he was talking about. "No! I have a life and college! How dare you do think that you can do this without may say so!" Lily snapped angrily. While at the same time Silver is at a loss for words, why now? He was still didn't know why this was happening, was it all a dream? If it was then it was a very bad dream indeed.

"Your grandmother and I have agreed on this Lily. You are old enough to do this" Lily's cup shattered shocking Silver while Mikage remained calm.

"I hate you both so much!" Lily stood up before glaring at him with rage filled eyes. "Always thinking that you can control my life! You both have no respect or any idea on what I feel. I was fine without you all interfering, I never wanted this and yet you throw this on me without asking" Lily yelled in anger. Mikage stood up before placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Lily, I know that this isn't what you have had in mind in regards to your future. But I want no I am asking as someone who wants to explore the world, someone who has hardly left the shrine and has only went to meetings in order to just work. Please help me. Your grandmother trusts you and given what happened in your parallel time, she wants you to experience the unknown with eyes unclouded. You can make a difference with your power and you have Silver to help you. When I give you my mark you will have to establish the contract with Silver. He will not abandon you compared to his other self when he met a you that he never expected" Lily glared at a pale Silver who was rooted to his seat. What did that parallel him do to cause problems?

Without warning Mikage kissed her forehead causing her to feel funny for a bit.

"If there is anyone that I know that I can trust with something important, it's you Lily" Mikage's breath fanned on her forehead before pulling back. Lily looked at him weakly before putting a hand to her forehead.

"Besides your fiancée here will always be loyal to you since he loves you a lot!" Mikage said with glee before Silver threw his cup at the now ex master of the shrine.

"Silver you're so mean!" Mikage cried as he looked at his son.

"Bloody fool! Stop sprouting nonsense!" Silver snapped crossly.

"I was speaking the truth- oh when are you two getting married?" Mikage asked with glee making the pair go pale and red at the same time.

"Don't even go there! I would never marry this git after what he put me through!" Lily snapped crossly, Silver at that time felt like he had been punched but smiled weakly from her response. It wasn't surprising after what had happened. But all that was left was for him to seal the contract with her, not that he was in any hurry to do it.

"You'll change your mind since he'll be doing almost everything for you!" Lily's brow rose in confusion.

"Define?" Lily asked coldly as she glared at Silver. There was no way that he would be taking over and invade her personal space, not to mention she liked having the ability to be independent. Shinjirou for example would never take away her independence even after her beatings. So why would she allow Silver to do that?

"Cooking, cleaning, laundry-"

"And that's where I draw the line! There is not way he's touching my laundry! Hands off!" Lily snapped at Silver who went pale.

"I'll wash your sheets that's it!" Silver replied sharply, he was agreeing with Lily on that for sure.

"I refuse!" Lily said before snapping once more as she folded her arms.

"Fine jeez woman" Silver muttered before turning his head and also folded his arms in turn. "Who would want to touch your stinking clothes anyways" Silver muttered slightly, Mikage's mouth fell from the insult while Lily's eyes went wide from hate. The next thing Silver knew was a tea pot had hit his head when he wasn't looking. His eyes turned to face her as they narrowed n anger.

"You brat!" Silver yelled as he showed his fangs.

"Just try it moron! I'll freeze your ass to the ground!" Lily snapped as he went in her face. Both started to growl dangerously at the other. Meanwhile Mikage started sniffling from joy.

"To think a celestial dragon and a kitsune are actually getting along! It's the start of a beautiful relationship" Mikage said tearfully however at that moment Lily turned to look at him, while Silver who was guessing that Mikage had thought of something embarrassing that had been directed at them given how Lily was looking at his ex master.

"Let's get this clear Mikage! I do not like Silver so shut up!" Lily yelled angrily. Silver's eyes widened in anger and shock before glaring at Mikage.

"Old man!" Silver roared.

"They're even backing the other up! Serena are you seeing this?" Mikage asked tearfully before the pair gave him a death glare.

"Go jump off-!" Lily started the insult with venom in her voice.

"-A bridge and stay there!" Silver roared before kicking Mikage out the kitchen.

"They're even finishing the other one's sentences Serena!" Mikage cried with glee before seeing Silver as he began to charge at him. Oh that was never a good sign and Mikage had now taken this as his cue to leave the shrine for a few minutes. Silver began to release a stream of curses that would make all the Deities blush from embarrassment. Mikage however was in an euphoric mood to care. He was even allowing himself to be beaten up by his adopted son for once to Silver's surprise.

By the time Silver had finished beating his father up, Mikage had been coated in burns and cuts. Not that Lily would complain, in a way he did have it coming.

The night rolled on for the trio, after dinner Mikage had then started to introduce Oishi and Dai two shrine spirits. Lily could hear Silver insulting the children because of their masks but didn't complain. They looked okay to her and in his own way he did care for them, just as they care for him.

Mikage could be seen on the porch drinking sake with Silver who had joined him after spotting him.

"Must you go? Lily doesn't know a thing about being a God and…" Mikage placed a hand between Silver's ears and rubbed his head softly.

"You'll be fine. Just don't be stubborn and speak to her. She may be a human but she is going to be your wife soon" Silver groaned from the statement, he wasn't complaining but he wasn't agreeing with this either. Was he truly ready to marry a girl who was hurt by what they went through? In a way he was scared about letting her down, not just that but could he prove his worth to someone who's heart had gotten closed after a long period of time? He truly hoped so.

"Think of this as a preparation for what it will be like when you live together as a married couple, although you had better not do anything I wouldn't allow. She's still too young to be interested in that" Silver's face flushed slightly from those words. It wasn't like he was going to go after her once Mikage leaves. No he would wait even if it meant a long time, after all she was here now and he was content for now.

"No drinking either please Lily hates that stuff according to Serena and no smoking I'm afraid" Silver felt his ears droop in disappointment. Drat!

"Dare I ask why?"

"You can ask her" Mikage winked making Silver whine slightly. The man sobered up quickly before looking at Silver. "It's best to seal the contract as soon as possible and promise me that you will look after her. She may not know this but she is family to me as well and I would hate to see her upset""Mikage I don't know what to do, what if I become a disappointment or fail in my duty" Mikage patted his head again.

"You won't if you try and put the effort into it. Love is serious business; you've seen how love is with my clients. It's precious and with her it's a one time thing. One that must be protected and cherished wholeheartedly do you understand?" Silver nodded after a few seconds. Hearing it was one thing but then trying to please her was another. What if he failed and didn't make the cut? The kitsune hoped that he could remember what was lost but also wanted to live up the vow. Serena had sacrificed so much and he gave almost nothing back in return, now he wanted to repay the woman by fulfilling his promise and Lily to love him back. However he knew that this would take time, Silver smiled from a brief memory of when she patched him up.

"I have to go now Silver, can I trust you to help keep this shrine in order once I come back for a visit?" Mikage asked with a smile. Silver smiled softly in return, his hair tousled in the light wind that blew by leaving it to slightly cover his eyes.

"I will, safe trip Mikage" Silver said before Mikage hugged him tightly and for once Silver did not once complain.

"No matter what you will always be a son to me. I am truly proud of you and you really have matured over the years… just keep your drinking habits to a minimum okay?" Mikage asked slyly.

"Sure" Silver replied with a smirk before watching Mikage leave the porch to pack. Silver leaned back in order to watch the moon, his left leg sat on his right one as it dangled over the edge.

After Mikage's departure from the shrine, Lily had then went straight back to her room to rest leaving Silver to think for a while. It wasn't going to be the same without Mikage in the house but Silver would manage knowing that his father figure had complete faith in him. He was not going to mess this up.

Silver after a few minutes began to walk towards Lily's room, he sighed deeply knowing that he needed to establish the contract. He wasn't complaining but he did want his freedom for a while, however at what cost came to his mind. Was it worth leaving her? If he did then what would he do after that? He couldn't go to the red district since his heart would never allow him to be unfaithful to her. It was bad enough he had committed such unfaithful acts in the first place and he wasn't going to go off the rails for anything. Guilt would and still continued to creep up on her for and now he was going to do right by her.

Silver hesitated to knock on the door due to feeling nervous, what was wrong with him now? This was Lily, the girl he was friends with, the one he made a vow to, the one he would sneak out just to see when she was a young child. Now she was here he should be happy, yes he is happy to know that she was within his grasp.

Silver heard the door make a light tapping noise and waited. Within a minute Lily had slid the door open and frowned.

"Oh… is something wrong?" Lily asked now looking at him. She knew that she would have to break the news to her brother like friend tomorrow and would need to pack up her stuff. Surely he would understand right? She hoped with all her heart that he would, especially since she was still trying to adjust to the sudden change. Then again he would laugh as he commented about her newfound ascent. This was going to be amusing to say the least.

"The contract…" Silver mumbled slightly causing him to slap himself mentally. Seeing her face scrunch up slightly left him feeling embarrassed. This was not what he had in mind.

"Oh… so erm how do you, I mean we establish it?" Lily asked weakly. Without warning Silver leaned forward and captured her lips with his own. Already he could feel invisible chains shackle themselves to him, but knowing who he was being tied to left him slightly at ease. If it was Lily he could tolerate this.

"W-W-What are you doing?!" Lily screamed as she moved back and rubbed her mouth with her sleeve, her face had gotten red due to the heat that entered her face and was at a loss for word. Silver however looked away slightly from feeling awkward for giving her a kiss. Not that it was the first time he had kissed her, but they were young and innocent… and it had been an accident leaving them at a loss of what had happened during that moment.

"It's to initiate the contract. As of right now I am your familiar" Silver said softly before he walks away silently towards his room. While at the same time leaving a stunned Lily rooted to the spot by her door.

"YOU BLOODY PERVERT!" Lily's scream could be echoed throughout the shrine causing birds of the night to fly away and caw in surprise.

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