Blessed Secrets

Chapter 27: Kidnappers and rants

Silver started to twitch in his sleep as he turned over from time to time.

"I... why can't I sleep?" Silver pondered as he tried to fight the urge to stay awake "Is there something wrong with me? Why won't my heart settle?" he asked grudgingly as he now saw no reason to sleep anymore. His mind went to the soft hand that touched and held him when he had been near deaths doors that moment of weakness had left him feeling confused as to why his heart was hurting from being away from her.

"How could I fail in capturing and killing this girl?" he berated himself as he looked up from where he was sitting. Just then he smirks in a devious manner as he gets up.

"I failed once... but who's to say that I won't fail in killing one measly girl again? Just you wait Umi... I'll be more than happy to tear you apart until there's nothing left" Silver comments with glee as he pushed the pain away

"You may have caught me off guard but it won't happen again... I'll make sure of that. I am done... done with this disgusting mood that you put me in, this unusual behaviour that you cursed me with. It'll be over once I slice you into a thousand pieces with my bare hands but before I do that..." Silver's smirk darkens as a thought came to mind.

"What do you taste like?" he chuckles darkly as he walks towards the exit.

"Now that idea... would be fun"

Lily sighs deeply as she leans back in where she was sitting. So far there was nothing and it was leaving her unsettled.

"Miss Lily" She froze "I'm tired and the luggage is really heavy can't we rest Li-" Lily glared at the culprit before lobbing a small ice block at his head.

"Do you mind?! If the demons hear you then we're all dead!" Lily hissed darkly at the annoying Sukeroku who looks at weakly. "The name is Umi got it? Umi!" She glares before looking a the men, her eyes grow sad from seeing them this way.

"Can't we just rest" Sukeroku asked weakly before she glared at him.

"If we stop the demons will come" Lily said sharply. "I know it's hard but would you rather be a killed while you're resting?" she asked before a man goes to her looking weary.

"Please we are tired" just hearing that made her sigh.

"Fine but if we get picked on like flies, it's your fault" She glares at Sukeroku who blinks in shock.

"M-Me?!" he cries.

"That's right! Don't think you're laziness and whining are about to go unpunished" Lily snapped before getting off the palanquin herself. Sukeroku winced before following the blacked haired female so he could keep an eye on the her.

"We should have taken the easy path" Lily muttered.

"Uuugh why must life be cruel to make us walk on the hardest path?" he asks before getting food out so he could eat. Lily glared and snatched the food out his hand.

"Save snacking for later! We have to go soon you fool!" Lily snapped.

"Just like Umi" Sukeroku muttered, hearing this made her leer at him.

"Jeez ever wonder why she's annoyed with you?" she asked darkly.

"Even if she leaves the commoners life and enters the lord's family, would she still prefer to live in a bed full of needles?" Lily narrowed her eyes at him as she listened. "After all no matter how beautiful a flower is, it's life is always short and if it doesn't reach expectations. The lord would kick her out" he muttered dully before he was slapped.

"Umi you idiot is not getting married jus so you can have a delicious meal you stupid, stupid boy!" Lily scolded darkly "She wants to have a family of her own that would bring her great joy and peace, yes Umi has suffered hardships but she has not once given up and that in turn you selfish boy is a more courageous act than you could ever hope to accomplish!" she hisses causing him to blink in shock.

"Do... do you think she'll succeed then?" he asked while looking at her, Lily looks at him before sighing.

"It'll take time but she will. She is a good person who has had a few issues but none that could not be solved" Lily smiles before getting up. "Let's get back now. I want to get out of this path before something bad happens" Lily said looking tired and weary, Sukeroku pauses as he stares at her as she walks away.

"She's... something else" he comments before something catches his attention.

"Umi? What's with this fog?" Lily freezes and then smirks, looks like the dairy was right once again to her relief.

"Looks like my trick worked" she points at the man nearby who is looking at her. She then looks at Sukeroku. "Get out of here with the men okay" he blinks from what she just said.

"What do you mean?" the teenage boy asks.

"Right now this fog is poisonous but the talismans I put on all your clothes is the only thing that's keeping you alive, but the demon who is here thinks that you have all died" Sukeroku's eyes went wide in horror now realizing that they were in danger.

"I'll run which would divert his attention, all of you then need to leave" Lily said as she pats the man who was near her on the arm. The man looks up and nods.

"Thank you Miss, we will but are you sure that you'll be okay?" he asks while the other men look at her in shock.

"I'll survive... somehow but you all have families and lives. I can't put you in anymore danger given that this demon will not hesitate to end you all" she smiles even though it's forced. The man frowns but does not comment about the smile.

"I hope you will be safe" he said, Lily winks before running out of the camp.

Just as she left the camp wood vines immediately caught her arms and legs causing her to scream.

"I apologise for the wait dear bride, I the producer of beauty Kirakaburi has arrived to welcome you into Akura-ou's life!" a demon said with glee, Lily however scowled at him. "I will apologise again for being late since last night I was still thinking about how I could decorate you" he said with an embarrassed smile, hearing this made her twitch in anger.

"So he sends a buzzard instead of coming after me himself?" She barks "Is he too lazy to come and get me himself?" Lily taunted which rewarded her with the expression she was looking for anger.

"You dare insult Lord Akura-ou? I will do more than present your head to Akura-ou! I'll tear your body to pieces you ignorant girl!" Lily glares before slashing the vines with her knife before landing on the floor. She then immediately started to break into a run.

"You're master is an idiotic child with no manners! Why would you even serve someone as lame as that" His brow twitched.

"I'll kill you for saying that!" He yelled before grabbing her again only- his vines had her robes with a talisman that was inside them saying 'Lily'

"What is this?! You dare mock me?" he yelled as he began chasing her. Lily while in her white yukata used her power to enchant the forest to give him the slip. With luck she'll survive and escape him for good.

Just as she was about to leave the heart of the forest-

"AAH!" Lily screamed as a stick hit her leg causing her to collapse, she glared at the stick before using her power to send it off her. The girl almost winced from how much blood was leaving her ankle, to her dismay the illusion barrier was now gone leaving her vulnerable to attacks.

"Try as you might you disgusting girl, the poison that has entered your body is anesthetic that I made. Starting from your leg" he smirks as he approaches her "It'll travel to your head, very soon you will lose the ability to move" he chuckles like a mad man as he sees Lily curling up by the tree looking weak and tired.

"This will makes sure that you're face won't be distorted from the pain" the yōkai said with glee as he leans closer, Lily glares weakly as she grips the grass. Yes her power was now crippled as well but she had enough to stop his heart, killing him instantly. The thought of killing however left her sad but she had no choice, it was either that or she would end up dead. Just as Lily could attack her eyes went wide as blood shot out of Kirakaburi's shoulder which left the male yōkai and Lily speechless from what had just happened.

"Do excuse me Kirakaburi but this bitch was mine before you could get to her, so who told you to interfere?" Silver asked with a sadistic smirk as he folded his arms, his sword now near his head as looks down at the weakened Kirakaburi.

"I... why is he here?" Lily grunted from losing feeling in her body.

"Ar-Are you betraying Lord Akura-ou Lord Silver? What are you up to?" Kirakaburi asked weakly "You know that he wants her so why are you doing this?" Silver sneered at him before kicking him in the side causing the fallen yōkai to grunt in pain as he's made to spin until he hits a tree. Kirakaburi then screams in pain as Silver stomps on his back so hard that there's a crunch, Lily winces and tries to look away. Finding that she couldn't she shuts her eyes even though she couldn't block out the noise.

Kirakaburi continued to scream out in agony as he lost a few fingers due to the sword and had a stab wound on the back of his left leg where his muscle was.

"I care not you stupid yōkai, I never even was apart of this anyways so don't group me with you idiots. Banding together how weak and cowardly, then again that's expected from you lot!" Silver gives him a dark look "And like I said she is mine before my brother had even laid eyes on her!" Silver smirks as he slams his foot on the yōkai's back even more. "Stealing from me has its consequence remember? And I don't like my stuff being stolen by him so tell him that once you finally gain the ability to move... that is if you can" Silver sneered.

"If not well... I'm sure you'll make another demon happy in knowing that you'll be his next meal" Silver laughs before going towards the fallen Lily. He grips her arms tightly and smirks.

"Finally got you now Umi" he chuckles in a cold tone "Now... how should I end your miserable life you sneaky witch?" Lily's eyes went wide in fear from what he had just said, she almost yelped as he picks her and slung her over his shoulder like she was nothing but a sack of rice. Not caring if it bruised her stomach.

Rain starts to pour down to his annoyance given that this was rotten timing, without wasting time he then goes to seek shelter.

As soon as Silver spots an abandoned house he flings her across the room causing Lily to mentally cry out in pain, due to the pain in her head and back from slamming against the wall. Silver then storms over towards her before pulling the hair from the top of her head up as he forces her to look at him, he smirks at her expression.

"You can't move due to the poison?" he asks in a mocking tone as he undoes her sash. "No matter, I'll just continue to break you once the poison has left" he said with a dark chuckle as he licked her now bare neck, this left her shivering in disgust.

"So this is what Silver was like when it came to the women in the past?" Lily asked herself feeling sick to her stomach as started touching her, not once did she look at him as her mind went to the Silver she knew. The one that refused to hurt her this way. No this Silver was filled with so many scars and even hated the world for what it did to him, the one that was with her had no memory of her what so ever which left her feeling saddened.

Seeing her turning her head left him smirking at how she even as she was poisoned could still resist him, so he leaned towards her while groping her with one hand.

"Hey... look over here" Silver cooed as she continued to look away "My face is over here you know" Lily however refused to do as he says, just knowing that he was touching her in such a vile manner kept her from looking. The last thing she wanted was to hate him and replace the image of the Silver she knew with this... this wild yōkai who knew no boundaries or respect. One who like Akura-ou was a spoiled brat and wanted to ruin the world around him without a care in the world. Lily bit her lip from what his wondering hands were doing; she would make no noise or look.

Seeing her resisting almost annoyed Silver and yet amused him so he pulled her up by her hair and had her back against the wall so he could use his mouth causing her to mentally cringe, the only telling sign that she didn't like this was the twitch on her eye and mouth. She just wanted to go home and yet no matter what she as always going be caught in situations similar to this and she hated it.

Lily very soon tries to drown things out as he licks and nips at her neck, it left her cheeks pink but she did not enjoy it one bit as she kept her eyes away.

"Look at me Umi, I want to see the your eyes when I do this" Silver snapped as he grabbed her legs. Lily froze from what he had just said, just hearing that felt like a sick joke to her. One that she wanted no part of, but just hearing that made her heart clench with pain and grief, of course it is Umi that he wants. Lily not once was the jealous type but knowing that he's infatuated with someone else and assumes that she is Umi left her completely hurt and torn from the inside out. Was he that shallow and blind to appearances that he could not know that she wasn't Umi?

"Ah..." Lily opened her mouth and a small whine sound hit his ears causing Silver to stop and look at her.

"-Se..." a small voice could be heard, however Silver was more shocked as he looked at her- she was crying.

"-Ease..." the voice was heard once again, not even Lily could recognize her own voice.

"Please... don't... don't look at me" Lily spoke in a near dead voice. He might as well kill her and burn her alive, because this pain it started to tear her apart from the inside out. Silver watches her body as it starts shaking despite being poisoned, tears continue to run down her fact to his shock.

"DON'T LOOK AT ME!" Lily forced out her words before a sob left her lips even though she bit her lower lip to stop it from trembling.

"I'm ugly! So don't look at me!" Lily forces her words so they were more louder than the last words she spoke, her voice is strained as she cries while forcing her hands to cover her face.

Silver at that moment feels like a part of him is filled with guilt and sadness, he didn't want this. Just seeing her crying tore him to shreds without knowing why, just how did she do it? Get him to feel these types of emotions without putting any effort into it? She could be pretending and yet her voice, her body's reaction to her crying. It was anything but fake and left him wanting to swallow thickly from how bad he messed up.

"Don't cry... please Umi" Silver pleaded softly "It really pains me to see you like this" Silver cradles her bare form while her head is against his clothed chest. Lily tries to clench his yukata tightly as she weeps, she was not Umi! She wanted to scream out but she doubted that he would listen. If he did he would get angry and no doubt kill her for deceiving him, which would mean that she would never get home to her dismay.

Each cry Lily had let out felt like daggers were that attacking his heart, he knew without a doubt that he was responsible for her pain. For her being in this state and it sickened him, and yet he is still boggled as to why he could not kill her. Why could he not? Was there something about her that drew the red head to her? Silver strokes her hair softly only to notice that it's been cut really short to his surprise.

"You... you cut your hair?" Lily tries to stop crying as she hears the comment, she's annoyed that now he notices that she is different to Umi but she doubted that he would think that she isn't Umi. Sadly as much as she wants to scream and rant at him for hurting her in this way, it doesn't isn't able to stop her from crying given that as soon as she tried to stop crying she resumes again within a minute.

"What's wrong with cutting my hair? Is it a problem if I decide to want to cut it?" Lily cries angrily as she tries to move even though she is paralyzed, Silver notices this and pulls her close.

"No... I am just surprised that's all" Silver says calmly as his ears catch the sound of raining. Shortly after a few minutes Lily falls asleep in his arms causing him to look down. He sighs as he sees her bare skin and then eyes the yukata that she was originally in, without looking at her he slipped her in the yukata and then looked at her once he folded the ends together so he could tie the sash. After that was done did he hold her once more, unable to stop himself from wanting to be apart from her for long. Just seeing her shiver however left him wincing knowing that humans could not stand the cold for very long, he then laid them on the floor before pulling her frame so she was facing him as she slept given that the red head wanted to see her face. Just seeing it calmed and lulled him into a deep sleep as he hugged her.

The next day Silver wakes up due to movement from the girl he had taken, he opens his eyes and spots Lily trying to crawl away to his amusement. At the same time he is shocked to see her moving given that the poison would still be in her body, she was even sluggish in her movements and looked like it was taking a lot of effort to move. So why bother?

"Your body is still poisoned and yet you still move? Why?" Silver tilts his head as he looks at her with curious eyes.

"I have to go, I cannot stay here I have to go home" Lily grunts as she pushes herself closer towards the door.

"How can you defend yourself when your body is almost useless?" Silver asks as he moves over in order to lay on top of her weakened form. Lily whines from the sudden weight and glares at him.

"Oi get off you're heavy!" She growls and whines until she feels his hands on her chest. What was it with him and women's cleavages?! Sure he had some but they were not as big since he is not a girl!

"You can't even fight me off" Silver smirks as he looks down at her.

"Get off!" Lily whines as she struggles against him once more, seeing this left him more amused than last night.

"I have decided to keep you" Silver declared with a pleased look on his face, Lily however stiffens with him his grip.

"I won't hand you over to Akura-ou I hope you know" Silver chuckles "So you might as well get use to the fact that you'll never escape me for I'll always find you no matter where you go" he comments as he licks her neck again.

"Hey get off me that's gross!" she yelled angrily "Look I cannot stay here, I have to go" hearing her say that once more left his right eye twitching as he started to get annoyed with her.

"Your resistance is getting on my nerves woman, I could turn you into a pile of ash if I want so don't even think about ruining my mood human" Silver smirks at her as he places her on his shoulder like she was nothing more than a sack of rice. Lily's eyes start to go wide in anger. Hell no!

"Don't you get it? You are just a toy that I can play with and then once I am done with you, I'll get rid of you" Silver comments with a dark chuckle, Lily however felt her upper lip twitch in anger.

"What the hell did you say you damn punk?! I dare you to say that once I regain control of my body" Lily snaps angrily.

"MORON!" Lily screams in anger after she pulls his ear close to her mouth, this caused Silver to release her due to the sudden pain as the noise vibrated in his skull. The red head then had moved his hands so they were on his ears as they flattened against his skull.

"I will leave if I want to! How dare you think that this is okay to treat me no any girl like this! I am not a girl from the red district you stupid man whore!" Lily barked in anger as she glares at him with intense hatred. Silver at that moment feels his eye twitch in anger from the insult.

"M-Man whore?! Who does this girl think she is?" Silver was about to retort back until her next words left rooted him to the spot.

"For you to say such things Silver, I hate you!" Lily screams as she turns her head away. Silver at that moment had like felt his breath had been stolen, those words left a mark right where his chest was. She couldn't mean that... right?

"You hate me...?" Silver asked in a blunt tone as he stares at her, she then turns to look at him with an angry look.

"That's right! You are a scumbag who prays on the vulnerable and weak just because he's all so powerful!! When in fact you are just as weak as everyone else. Take away your powers and you are just a fox who is nothing more than a man who whores around like no bodies business! It's no wonder people, Deities and demons alike don't respect you!" Lily snapped.

"That's enough!" Silver hisses at her as he grabs her chin not caring if he let a bruise. "You would be dead if it weren't for me and now, you say that you want to leave?" Silver looks at her fierce determined eyes. It was as if there was a fire in her eyes which took him completely by surprise.

"Obviously I can't stand someone who thinks that violating people is a sport! Drinking!" Lily starts to poke him angrily as her repressed emotions begin to surface thanks to the book her duplicate gave her. "Killing! Lusting after women you know are not meant for you but you do it anyways because you think you can! Smoking as well just because you are bored! I HATE THAT IN ANY GUY!" Lily screams at the top of her lungs leaving him completely stupefied at how much anger she was releasing. His eyes narrow at her.

"Funny, you can't even stand up and yet you bark but your bite is weak human! How are you ever going to head back home in this state?" Silver asked while folding his arms.

"This girl is unbelievable!" he ranted angrily, before her feisty attitude was amusing but now it was starting to leave him irritated and angry.

"I'll...I'll think of something!" Lily snapped back angrily as she glared at him.

"How foolish can she be? She would be dead if it wasn't for me and yet there is no gratitude! Nothing!" Silver suddenly releases foxfire from his hand causing Lily to narrow her eyes.

"Oh so you're going to kill someone who doesn't agree with you? Well go on then! Death is better than being in the same room as a shameless man whore!" Lily roars hoping that it would send him away. Their eyes are locked on the other until Silver's fire goes out. Lily doesn't let up and still glares at him even though he sighs and looks away.

"Fine, do what you want. Die from the cold or hunger for all I care" Silver walks out the room leaving Lily by herself. Lily scoffs as she looks away.

"Hmph man whore, good riddance!" she muttered darkly.

"The nerve of this girl! Who does she think she is saying all theses things to someone who could kill her without a second thought...? She's just a human what can she possibly do?" Silver pauses as he looks at his pipe as smoke leaves it.

"Smoking just because you are bored! I HATE THAT IN ANY GUY!" Silver's hand which held the pipe trembled slightly from the sting of her words. How could she get to him so easily? It wasn't like she was telling the truth... right?

"This girl is getting to me" Silver muttered as he pushed his long red hair away from his face. "I wonder if the cold will end up killing her? Maybe the animals or demons or maybe starvation even. It will server her right, maybe once she is near death's doors she will end up crying and say 'Master Silver, please save this miserable human. I am wrong to say such things...' maybe then will she learn her place as an insect who should submit like any other weak human would do when I appear in their presence" Silver mutters darkly.

"For you to say such things Silver, I hate you!" At that moment Silver had felt his chest sting from her words, words shouldn't hurt him right, he had put up with it for so many years. So how and why would her words sting him so much?

"To think she could hurt me with just one word... how pathetic" he muttered angrily, suddenly the sound of a snapped trig caught his attention causing him to turn and see men carrying things like swords and sacks.

"So this is a bandits house? I thought that it was strange for a place to be deserted" Silver mused as he looked on.

Lily shivered slightly as she laid on the floor but refused to complain, no she needed to buy herself time in order to escape. She just needed a window of opportunity and then she was home free. Just he waited; once she was better he was going to face an earful of her wrath for this. Even if she wasn't that violent her temper was another thing.

Suddenly the door opened to her surprise, was it him? No it wasn't... a chill however started to leave her more cold as the thoughts of a few men hit her mind which could only mean one thing... bandits.

"Well, well look what we have here. A woman is sleeping here in our hideout and she's pretty cute to" Lily opened her eyes despite feeling fatigue.

"I'm sorry for intruding, I was injured with poison-" Lily tried to reason with them even if it was a lost cause.

"She looks good" one said causing her to mentally cringe, not just from his words but his mind as well. What a pack of complete disgusting animals!

"Can I have her first" asked another one of the bandits to her surprise. Lily on the other hand knew better than to panic, no this was what they wanted. To make her scream which in turn would excite them. No she had to play it in a calm and collected manner. To do that she needed to focus on her power. Would illusion help or would freezing their feet to the ground with ice? No ice in a way would mean killing since the ice would not melt so easily, which would result in causing hypothermia and she refused to take any life no matter who they were.

Just as one of the bandits had grabbed her collar, he was immediately set on fire by flames made of blue and black.

"I knew it! You can't even do anything by yourself. I told you so" Lily at that moment felt her brow twitch from the insult. Oh he was definitely going to get it!

"Well I wouldn't have had to deal with this if your stupid brother hadn't allowed one of his servants to poison me!" Lily yelled while glaring at him. Silver stares at her before scoffing at her words, trust his brother to create an issue that he didn't want to deal with.

Silver then revealed his katana that was resting beside his thigh. Just as he was about to kill one of the bandits who was kneeling on the floor. Lily had not only forced herself up but had tried to tackle him causing him to stagger from her sudden action.

"What are you doing?" Silver snapped as he looked at her. "These guys were trying to rape and kill you, would you rather they continued where they left off?" he barked at her.

"Don't kill them please! Just doing this will only prove that you are no better than they are Silver" Lily pleaded weakly; her eyes as she looked at him were full of sadness leaving him unable to stare at anything but her eyes. "It's not too late to do the right thing, just stop and think for once. Or are you just like Akura-ou who likes to kill without a single shred of remorse?" Lily asked coldly. Silver continued to stare even as she slumped to the floor due to the poison, at that moment he just wanted to ignore everything and help her up without knowing why.

"Then..." he paused for a bit, without meaning to the words slipped out "Say you don't hate me... take it back" Silver's mind reeled in disbelief from what he had just said. What was he thinking? Just saying something that was so pathetically weak especially to a human even if it is just her.

Lily blinked from hearing his words as she started at him with bemused eyes. His face reddened slightly from looking at her expression, she looked so- cute! Just seeing that look had gave him a slight headache to his surprise, at the same time he was sure that he had seen that expression from somewhere but where and how was the question.

"Was that it? Was he really hurt by that word?" Lily pondered to herself.

"I... I don't hate you" Lily said without any emotion, however that didn't sit well with the red haired kitsune. He wanted her to mean it. Just hearing those empty words didn't suit her one bit to his confusion, after all why would he be so desperate to have her mean it?

"You-you don't mean it! Say it properly, those words meant nothing and you know it" Silver snapped hastily before turning his back to her, this caused Lily to not only blink but feel her heart skip a beat from hearing his words. He really was upset and his heart even showed her how lonely he truly was. Just seeing that had left her saddened by this, Lily then tried to get up while pulling on to the bottom part of his yukata without undoing it. Which as a whole would have been embarrassing to the both of them.

Lily sighs when she closes her eyes before opening them eyes. After a few seconds Lily then began to smile at him softly, just seeing that smile had left Silver at a loss of what to say or do. Why did he feel as if he had seen such a smile before? It didn't make sense to him what so ever.

"I don't hate you" The young female spoke to him in a soft tone, this time Lily was being honest. Silver could see that she was being her sincere with her words which as a result had made his face go red, while at the same time his ears suddenly went down slightly from what he was feeling. His heart in truth had skipped a beat and had the sudden urge to hug and kiss her to his shock. Lily almost giggled from seeing his reaction to her words and facial expression. He definitely was acting like the child she had once knew, maybe he wasn't so bad after all. He was just lost and lonely without anyone being truly there for him to make him happy. Did he laugh and smile freely?

Maybe he does have a heart.

"Umi you had better eat this" Silver placed a dead fish near her face which then made Lily grimace from not only the smell but from the look of it, ugh! Yuck!

"I stand corrected, he's a horrible human being" Lily said bluntly as she leers at the offending item.

"I can't eat raw fish! I'll get sick and die" Lily snapped as she moved the slimy scaly fish away from her. Silver looked at it before frowning.

"You humans are weird" he muttered as he sat down cross legged.

"Thanks" She said dryly before standing up. "Well I have to go, I have already wasted enough time getting sick from the poison" Lily added bitterly.

"Don't tell me you are heading home" Silver asked coldly as he looks at her.

"I have to, people will miss me if I am away for too long" Lily said as she looked at him with a frown.

"You're going back to that man in order to be his wife? He's an insect who will not last very long. Do you really want to be the wife a man who would not be able to protect you?" Silver asked as he stands up and grabs her chin. Lily however glared at him before shaking his hold over her; the irony is that he's insulting his future self which did leave her laughing mentally.

"I have you know that once I marry I will be able to start a family of my own" Lily commented sharply while smiling to herself which didn't sit well with Silver "I will be able to share what I know of the world to them and know that no matter what I will always love them" Silver pauses from hearing her words before seeing her facial expressions when she spoke. "Seeing their faces every morning, having someone to rely on me without asking for much in return, ones that would never take me for granted, that will stay by my side and never think of me as an invalid member of the family... a man with such a kind, caring, understanding heart is one who I would be proud to marry to" Lily said with a small blush appearing on her face as she thought of Silver's future self, one who was determined to change himself and put Lily first before anything that it left her blessed and happy. Her mind then went back to when she was a child, the boy who proposed without knowing, only it had left a dent in her heart from knowing that she had lost him before due to horrible circumstances that left her traumatized for life.

Lily was however relieved to know that she saved him but seeing him now act like this, had made her more sad to know that she was the cause of his pain even if he was aware of this or not. Did he not want her anymore that he would just forget her without a second thought?

"Was this thing given to you by that man?" Lily now puzzled by his words had turned to see the dragon pendent she would wear as a child, her eyes went wide while he frowned at her.

"Hey that's mine!" Lily cried as she reached for it.

"I just picked it up at the hut just now? Did you receive this from the insect?" Silver asked coldly, at that moment he was feeling something unwanted enter his system just from the thought of her being married to someone else had left him angry and betrayed in some way, but why? She was a weak human being who he barely knew anything about.

"That's mine you idiot! It's my grandmothers and mother's pendent and if you damage it I will never forgive you!" Lily snapped as she snatched it out of his hand before looked at it carefully, thankfully there was no damage to the necklace causing her to sigh with relief.

Silver scratched the left side of his cheek weakly as he looked at her. He was at a loss of what to say and do.

"You always cry and yell at me with those angry eyes..." Silver muttered, just then a thought entered his mind, the red head didn't know why but he trusted his gut and hoped that she wouldn't be so angry anymore after this.

"Come" Silver hoisted her into his arms and then stood on the chariot with fire on the wheels that just appeared.

"S-Silver what are you doing?!" Lily screamed at the top of her lungs as panic filled her mind. To her dismay they began moving through the air, which was the last thing she wanted. "Put me back on the ground now I told you I can't come with you" Lily pleaded weakly while shaking slightly.

"Why? I thought you said that you weren't angry nor do you hate me anymore" Silver looked at her startled expression and almost froze.

"I am not idiot! I just have somewhere to be" his eyes almost narrowed from how she kept pushing him away no matter what he does to please her.

"So that's it? You are scared of me then?" Silver bellowed over the harsh wind.

"Moron who said I'm scared of a-" Lily was left speechless once he set her down, there before them was the most beautiful picturesque scene that she had ever witnessed.

A field filled with Sakura trees. Just seeing the petals fly through the air took her breath away and for once she was truly at ease and began to smile with glee. Without realizing it, she giggled and ran towards the center of the field. Silver watched while folding his arms, his hair tousled lightly from the wind, he was mesmerized by how she interacted with the environment that they were in now. Silver watched Lily as she twirled with glee and began to laugh in a carefree child like manner leaving him speechless and if it was possible happy.

The petals moved around her as she smiled. Only this smile wasn't strained, nor forced no this was a truly happy smile. Silver as he watched began to feel warm from seeing her smile. Despite having short hair, it complimented her a lot. Sure it was a shame that it would have been nice to see it long like it was when she saved him but he did not complain. Umi was Umi and that was what mattered. His eyes went to the glint of a metal object around her right wrist. It had an interesting design and left his mind wondering. Where did he see it before?

"Kyaa!" Lily yelped as she slipped causing him to move instinctively, however he stopped once he saw her giggle before she released a full blown laugh. Hearing that had immediately set Silver at ease to know that she wasn't hurt.

Lily looked up to see that he was kneeling by her head, to her surprise he was smiling.

"You actually smiled... compared to back when we were at the bandit's house" Lily blinked from his honest reply.

"You should smile more often, it really suits you" Lily paused, her mind went back to when she was younger, the boy she knew back then had said the exact thing to her and was looking away shyly. His face had reddened to her surprise back when they were children. Only right now she was finding his blushing quite cute and smiled at the reply.

"If you want, I can build you palace so you can see the Sakura anytime you wish" Silver said softly as he stroked her fringe. Lily almost frowned from his words, she couldn't stay for long given that she was not suppose to be here. Yes she was here to find out what he was like with her own eyes and to heal his heart, but now she wasn't so sure anymore. Yes he assums that she is Umi but she was finding it hard to keep up the facade. Umi felt nothing towards him and Lily hated to even think about lying to the one who she loved... wait loved? Lily almost blushed at the thought; it did however leave a warm taste in her mouth and made her heart skip a beat. It felt right just thinking it but she couldn't keep up the facade. Even now she could predict his fate thanks to the diary which involved him making a contract with a demon... because of her and it made Lily sad. She had caused him so much damage with the selfish lie. Would he love her enough to accept her?

"Silver..." She sighs "the Sakura don't last long, they will scatter at one point before new ones will take their place" Lily's words caused him to look at her; she started to sit up taking him by surprise.

"Well it's been fun but I have to go, if it's okay with you?" Lily asked with a weak smile. Silver on the other hand felt a growl coming along and nearly glared at how she would just ruin the moment by saying that she wants to leave.

"Are you an idiot?" Silver barks as he pushed her to the floor and placed his hands by her head, his hair now covered them like a red curtain.

"Be mine" Silver said it softly but it was enough to make Lily blush from his words.

"W-Wha-?" Lily looked at him with disbelief in her eyes. Silver immediately felt his face go red and turned to the side while covering his mouth with his hand from realizing what he had just blurted out.

"No wait... you don't like me talking like this..." Silver took a pause and slowly uncovered his mouth; Lily however continued to look at him with curious eyes.

"Do you remember that rainy day? When I found you being attacked in that run down house?" Lily paused from remembering that time when Mizuki had accidently sent her to the past due to his broken incense burner. She was left scared thanks to what Silver had done and as a result it had taken her a while to trust Silver she knew thanks to that stunt.

"You had bared you teeth and glared at me, injured me with your head, hands and even kicked me despite the fact that you had almost died at the hands of that demon... I was confused by what I was feeling was and wanted nothing more than to have it vanish from my life. I didn't understand why or how this happened but..." Lily looked up to see his conflicted eyes show warmth as he looked back at her.

"I think I am falling in love with you" this made Lily's mouth open slightly from hearing his confession.


"Even back when you rescued me by the riverside. You would come to my bedside at night and caress my head in such a kind gentle gesture, even when you were sick you still came to visit and treat my injuries. It made my heart skip a beat in knowing that you would do such a thing to someone you didn't know. I... I know for a fact you are the most loveliest thing I have ever seen" Tears immediately came to Lily's eyes from seeing and feeling how happy his heart was, in fact it was singing with warm feelings that made her feel more guilty and happy.

Even after all this time he still had a way of making her feel blessed to be by his side. She could only wish that he would remember but it was near impossible according to her grandmother, his heart had been hardened in order to escape death and it made her more sad.

"Please stay by my side" Silver spoke with love as stroked her head softly until he caught the scent of salt water- tears. She was also shaking slightly for some reason which left him panicking.

"W-Why are you crying girl?!" Silver yelled in shock as he saw her tears.

"Sorry Silver..." Lily looks up and smiles softly at him. Right there before her very eyes was the boy she had fallen in love with since they were children.

And it made Lily very happy as well, after all her family could only fall in love with one person and that love was for life. Like yōkai her family had that trait and it made it hard to get over such sorrow. Even now when she had thought that he died, she could feel like a piece of herself had been taken along with him and didn't know why it would bother her so much. Now as she sits in front of him, he was live- different. But alive to her relief and she was more than happy that she had waited. During those years Lily would always subconsciously feel like something important had been missing from her life. Now that piece had appeared before her, she began to feel whole once more leaving her smiling once more.

Lily at that moment had wanted to speak as herself for once, and not as her ancestor who would always reject his advances like back at the house he made for her when she was pregnant. Yes he had felt betrayed and hurt but it was to be expected, yes he had found out that Umi was no the one he loved but Lily, however that had to come to an end as Lily erased his memories of her so he could move on and cope without anything holding him back. Yes it was a hard thing to do but it was worth knowing that he was safe. However this Silver was going to make a deal in the end of the day once he rescues Umi and it was her-Lily's fault, and for that Lily had a more stronger resolve to change things for the better. If it meant not meeting him then so be it.

"But I am already yours to begin with..." Lily said as she gave him a watery smile as she placed his hand on her cheeks it was a double meaning, which meant that since they met as children. She had already belonged to him. Sure she felt silly and embarrassed to have him see her puffy eyes, but at the same time she didn't care for he loved her for her. Silver on the other hand felt relief settle in his heart as he heard her words.

"I but I can't stay here with you just yet" the red head blinked in shock as she sat up. "There is something I have to do but I promise I will be your wife in the future Silver... I swear on my life" Lily stroked his cheek before leaning in to peck it, Silver's heart skipped a beat from having her lips touch his skin.

"Promise me when the time comes, don't avoid me. Just tell me properly like now" Lily then hugged him tightly while she smiled. Silver however frowned from what she was saying.

"What do you mean by the future?" Silver asked bluntly causing her to look up at him.

"Do you think I would agree to something like that?" Silver asked as he pulled her away from him, his breath was caught the moment he saw her saddened eyes. Why was she upset? He didn't like this; he never liked seeing her upset.

Without thinking he tipped her chin up and kissed her fully. Lily gasped before melting into the kiss.

"Stay with me tonight, as proof that you want to be with me. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to stop myself from coming after you" Lily could hear desperation coming from his heart, what made her heart clench even more was from seeing him plead for her to stay, his heart was full of fear. He was worried that this might be in fact a dream even though he truly wanted to be with her no matter what the costs.

Lily replied by pecking his lips a few times, she then felt his mouth curve into a smile as he returned the kiss.

The Sakura petals continued to fly through the midnight sky as they continued to kiss, not caring about the world around them.

By the time it was morning, Lily had fixed her sash before looking at Silver's sleeping form. She felt guilty for leaving him this way but it was for the best. Bending slowly she kisses the side of his head before sighing, time to go home.

Silver opened his eyes once he woke up later on that morning, he groaned slightly from the strong light that hit his eyes, why weren't the windows covered? Wait... windows?

Silver looked up from where he sat and saw only a necklace that lay beside him instead of Umi. He fingered her mother's dragon pendent and smiled softly. Yes he would honour their promise although, he never did get to say goodbye which left him slightly sullen.

Akura-ou yelped as she slapped his face so hard that his teeth rattled from the force of the blow.

Lily was relieved that she had sent Silver to a kind elderly couple while giving them a peach pill to help him heal. Only now she had a dilemma to deal with before going to a Time Gate that was open nearby to her relief.

"Honestly stealing from one person is like stealing from everyone, in fact it's also like stealing from yourself as well" Lily snapped while giving him a scolding look to show how annoyed she was.

"Do you even know who I am?" Akura-ou asked in an arrogant tone as he looked at her; he was shocked that this human girl had just showed up out of nowhere and started slapping and ranting at him. Seeing her speaking and reacting to him like that without showing any fear or hatred because of his appearance had left him intrigued if slightly amused, part of him was unsure if she was being brave or plain stupid given that he could kill her on the spot.

"As if I give a damn you moron! Now if you excuse me I have somewhere to be" Lily barked before walking away from him. She then turned a corner that was to the left of her. Lily now satisfied had left the castle that he invaded with a happy feeling.

Kirihito frowned at the paper he was reading before a white dove appeared before him taking him by surprise. Very soon it vanished and in its place was a photo which left him completely confused as to why it was even here to begin with, he looked at it before his eyes went wide. He blanched in shock from seeing a picture of him when he was in his own body only he was being slapped by a VERY angry Lily.

"Did what I set out to do, a promise is a promise ;)" it said. Just seeing that left him blank faced for a bit before hysterical laugh left his lips. Oh he definitely remembered this!

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