Blessed Secrets

Chapter 28: I'm home

Lily sighs as she looks at her reflection near the water. The mark was still there to her shock, so did that mean that time hadn't changed at all?

Without wasting time she rushed up the stairs to the shrine and looked round the area in hopes of seeing Silver once more.

"Lord Mikage?" came a voice that Lily recognized- Oishi.

"Where have you been Mikage?" A voice she knew as Dai entered her ears before turning to see large foxfires blocking her exit. On instinct she entered the shrine and looked round for anyone she recognized, to her surprise she couldn't sense Mikage, Mizuki, Luca or anyone except Silver and the spirits.

"Lord Mikage?" came a voice that left Lily's heart skipping a beat. It was Silver but why? Why was he calling her Mikage? Did he not recognize her or something?

"Where have you been Lord Mikage? It's been twenty years in fact" Silver said while he had foxfires on both sides of him, his hair was also short meaning that he had cut it. She blinked in shock when she realised something, if Mikage had been missing for twenty years...oh no THE CLONE!

"Twenty years and not one single means of communication" Silver said before turning his head to face her. "DO YOU KNOW HOW ANGRY I AM FROM YOU HAVING TO PULL THAT STUNT ON ME?!" Silver roared as he charged at her with his claws. Lily however had folded her arms and glared at him until he stopped once he was inches from her.

"Huh? Wait you're not Mikage!" Silver thought to himself.

"Are you done now?" Lily asked bluntly as she glared at him with a peeved off look. Silver immediately recomposed himself before getting his fan that had lilies on it.

"Oi Brats! I'm this isn't Lord Mikage you got the wrong one!" Silver barks before Oishi and Dai appear.

"But that's impossible I can see the land mark on her head" Oishi cried as he showed the glow on her head, Silver however scowls at them.

"But it doesn't mean that it is him, it's not like Mikage would die and end up being a girl since that would just be plain stupid" he muttered before glaring at Lily who glared right back. So this is what Silver would be like if he didn't know her. However she was shocked that he would have such a... feminine fan on his persons, she also did notice the string around his neck as in fact part of her necklace so did that mean he had lost his memories of her at some point from Mikage or her?

"But surely if she has the mark it means that she's the new Land God chosen by Mikage himself right?" Dai asked with curious eyes.

"And why are you even here human?" Silver asked darkly as he leaned closer to Lily causing her to narrow her eyes.

"Mind moving back a few spaces? I don't like having my boundaries invaded" Lily asked coldly, Silver twitched in anger before moving back. "Second I have this mark because Mikage had told me that he's retiring and had me take over" Lily replied with a frown. Silver wasn't convinced nor was he happy.

"And he's never coming back you say?" Silver asked in a bored tone as he snapped his fan shut.

"That's right!" Lily nodded showing no lie in her eyes.

"Oh wondrous day! The Land God has now returned to the shrine!" Dai cheered.

"We should prepare a feast for the occasion!" Oishi joined in.

"Count me out!" Silver replied coldly causing them to look at him. "I refuse to acknowledge her as the new Land God. What can she even do? She looks weak and scrawny" Lily's eyes went wide from the insult. "If anything she could just count the offering money that is left behind" Silver added with a glare.

"But Mikage has selected her as the new Land God" Oishi cried "You must-"

"No!" Silver yelled "I am or was Mikage's familiar you cannot make me bow to a weak human no would I want to" Silver said darkly.

Lily as she listened felt her stomach plummet; this was what she wanted right? To have Silver forget her and this was the result. He not only hated her but refuses to have anything to do with her leaving a hole to appear in her chest, it was getting hard to cope and breathe being in the same room as the one she loved but didn't love her back but she had to cope now. She had to survive knowing that she had nothing left here. Maybe her family and brother Shinjirou would still be around but then this was the clone's world. She had no part in this place so how was she even alive to begin with?

"Fine I will leave" this takes the trio by surprise who then turn to look at Lily, what they notice is that her eyes watery from trying not to cry. Silver as he looked almost felt a twinge, almost as if he saw that look before but didn't know where.

"I know where I am not wanted, so why should I bother staying here?" she snaps before going out the shrine. The spirits panic and try to go after her before she vanishes to their shock, Silver who had just followed quietly froze from the fact that her presence was no longer at the shrine.

Lily then ends up at the park bench while resisting the urge to cry. This was what she wanted right? He doesn't know or remember her but why did she feel so lost and empty?

Lily hugged herself as she started to release a loud wail that was filled with grief, she covered her eyes and laid on the bench while tucking her legs underneath her.

This is what she wanted and now that it came true, it had felt like a sick joke.

Lily once she opened her eyes groaned in discomfort as she sat up, she felt disorientated and miserable as she woke up. Her hands moved a bit on the floor and almost panicked as she remembered sleeping on a bench only- she was not on the bench anymore the shrine.

What happened though? Did someone send her back to it? She didn't want to deal with the pain again so why was she sent here? Was it Mikage or something? Did Silver do this out of guilt? She didn't know but this place did look oddly familiar to her. What part of the room was she in exactly?

"Wasn't I outside?" Lily ponders as she slowly gets up. The black haired female then hears fast footsteps coming to the room, she waits feeling like she was a bundle of nerves. It was agony just waiting to see who was coming here, however she blinks in shock once she watches Silver entering the room while looking like a complete mess, his eyes were wide and filled with disbelief. No it couldn't be... could it?

"You're back?" he asks in a shocked fearful voice as he sees Lily sitting on the floors of her room in the flesh, without warning the red head rushing over and pulls her into a hug but was mindful that he might break her if he squeezed too hard.

"Don't ever leave me again do you hear me" Silver spoke so softly and yet sternly as his voice started to shake from trying not to cry. Just hearing his words and having him hug her had suddenly caused tears to run down Lily's cheeks to her surprise. Lily as she cries started to grab the upper part of his hakamashita tightly as her cheek is resting on the crook of his neck. Silver sighs deeply as he rubs her back in a soothing manner, there were no words to express how happy and relieved he was to know that she was back safe and sound.

Was what Lily had just witnessed back there a dream? It scared her just thinking that it wasn't.

Silver sighed once more as he held her; it was then that something caught his eye. He looked at her neck and blinked in shock, not believing what he was seeing.

"Lily?" Silver asked in a monotone voice.

"Hmm... yeah?" she asked meekly as she nuzzled him.

"Why do you have a mate mark on your neck?" Lily stiffened in shock before looking at him.

"Oh I errm..." she looks away shyly causing his eyes to narrow, had she betrayed him for somebody else? The thought made him angry and sick to his stomach.

"You... you gave me that mark" she said meekly as soon as he processed her words the red head's eyebrows then suddenly went up in shock.

"What?! I don't remember doing that!" Silver cried in alarm.

"Well that is to be expected" Silver blinks from her words and tilted his head, his eyes still trained on her "I did change time so we wouldn't meet nor would you get cursed because the contract you had made with a Fallen God name Kuromaro to become human had messed up, which would resulted in you dying from the inside" She explains looking completely guilty for being the death of him once more. Silver however narrowed his eyes at her almost not believing her one bit, not that it would surprise her. It did seem like a silly idea to even do.

"Silver... do you love me?" Lily asked meekly as she looks at him with curious eyes. Silver blanched in shock before holding her arms.

"You know I do" Silver said sharply as he looks at her with a serious expression.

"Then say it" Lily laughs as she smiles widely, seeing that left him chuckling at how eager she was to hear it and he would be more than happy to say it as much as she wanted him to. However, what did cause this sudden change of development?

"I love you Lily" Silver grins before kissing her for a few minutes, after that they moved back to recover from that passionate kiss. Even Silver could feel that his face had gone red; this was new even for him.

"Yes Silver" Lily said with a laugh as she smiles warmly at him, Silver then looks at her with a bemused look.

"Yes what Lily?" He asks looking at her with curious child like eyes.

"Yes I will marry you!" She replies loudly before kissing him once more, however to their surprise Silver had fell on his back due to the sudden move. But instead of being angry or upset from the pain, he was ecstatic and started to smile widely before turning them both over so he was on top. The pair went silent from that move before they looked at one other's eyes.

"You cut your hair shorter again didn't you?" Silver asked while whining from what he was seeing.

"Oh come on!" Lily playfully slaps him, she then yelps in shock before a moan left the female's lips as he bit into her soft neck. She gripped his hakamashita tightly even though he bit her neck deeply. Compared to back when she had lost her body, he was being as gentle as possible to her relief.

"So tell me" Silver comments after licking the blood from the injury. "How was your trip?" Lily blinked before laughing at his causal question; Silver however was smiling back from what he was seeing. The red head could feel that his cheeks had gone hot not from embarrassment but from being very happy.

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