Blessed Secrets

Chapter 29: Trips are not so fun

It had been almost three months since Lily's trip to the past, at times it did get awkward with Silver at times given what happened in the past. It was nothing bad but it was awkward having him touching her at times. On the other hand she did start to feel a little awkward when it came to Mizuki, since at times he would give her a funny look. But it was nothing bad per say but he was a little curious when it came to her until he turned to glare at Silver. However when Lily had left the room one day did Mizuki at confront the red head.

"You know that she's not a virgin anymore right?" Mizuki asked bluntly as Silver did the dishes. The kitsune froze before looking at Mizuki sharply.

"Of course she is, don't say stuff like that" Silver replied darkly.

"So you don't notice her scent anymore?" Mizuki asked looking surprised from hearing his fellow familiar's words, Silver however scowls at the white haired male.

"I've lived with her long enough to know her scent so lay off her you damn snake!" Silver warns before resuming his daily chores. Obviously she was a virgin!

Sure she was marked by him but they didn't do anything so why would that snake bring that up?

Lily smiles as she looks from the window of their plane, she was excited to know that their college was going on a school trip to Okinawa. Ami who sat next to her smiled in awe from the view before Kei took a photo of them only before she could press the button Lily had squeaked and blocked her face from the camera, this caused the trio to laugh even though Lily was still hiding.

"Come on shy girl!" Kei teased before she took a picture of Lily whining at her before the camera shy girl hid again. Kei shook her head and smiled as she looked through the pictures, the orange haired female paused as the recent one she took caught her attention. Kei looked at Lily who was whining at Ami still before looking at the picture. Why are Lily's eyes in this picture azure blue even though she had brown eyes?

Without warning the plane started to shake causing most of the people on the plane to scream in panic.

"What was that?" Lily yelled before the intercom bleeped.

"This is your captain speaking, I'm afraid we've hit some turbulence please fasten your seat belts until we land"

Lily shook slightly while Silver patted her back knowing that she had a phobia of flying. He winced even though deep down he had enjoyed the ride.

"That was the worst, I don't want to go on a plane again" Lily cried as Silver continued to pat her back.

"I know..." Silver said softly, very soon Lily stood up and looked at him.

"I'm going to try and wash my face in the bathroom okay?" Lily said while her legs shook as she walked to the bathroom.

"Call me if you need anything" Silver called before sighing. He looked outside before hearing the girls nearby talking about a typhoon, he frowned from the news after all things that happen without were never a good thing in his books.

Lily after calming down went to the gift shop and smiled at the things in stock. Recently she had started to feel more tired than usual but shrugged it off; after all she did at times overwork herself so it was natural to be tired. Spying a few items she went to pick on up.

"Oof!" Lily grunted as she was sent forwards, she then turned to glare at the culprit and froze.

"Oh? Kirihito" Lily spoke sounding surprised, even though she could have used his true name she chose to say his 'new' name given that it would rouse some suspicion. "What are you doing here?" Lily asked as she looked at him. Her eyes widened as he went to lean on the wall behind them.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Why don't you watch where you're going woman?" Kirihito snapped darkly as he started to feel sweat run down his brow. Lily glared at him before she noticed blood was near his eye.

"What did you do to your face?" Lily asked as she dabbed the cloth on the blood. "Do be careful you clumsy idiot" Lily scolds lightly; his eyes show an unreadable emotion before pulling Lily to him taking her by surprise. The teen's breath was caught as he kissed her suddenly. Her eyes then narrowed before she punched his gut causing Kirihito to wince from the pain.

"Get the hell off me and don't ever kiss me again! Got it?" She barked in anger. His eyes almost went wide in surprise as he saw that her eyes were no longer brown but they weren't sapphire blue either. Instead they were azure blue which left him completely confused after all Sapphia would show up if Lily's eyes were sapphire blue.

Not caring that he was silent Lily had stormed off in anger.

"Stupid guy kissing girls who don't like him that way" she muttered darkly until she spotted Ami.

"Oh Lily!" Ami exclaimed in shock before tilting her head.

"What is it Ami?" Lily asks as she looks at her friend.

"You're eyes"

"What about them?" Lily was now confused until Ami pointed to the window, Lily turned to look only she gasped in shock from seeing what Ami was now seeing.

"You're eyes are blue" Ami commented "did you get contacts or something?" Ami asked causing Lily to look at her with worried eyes.

"No, no I didn't" Lily replied meekly hearing this left Ami confused.

Lily washed her face before letting Ami take the bath. Lily however did feel relieved that she placed the blood filled cloth into the incinerator but some how she felt that something was wrong and it wasn't to do with her eyes even though they were back to normal. Lily blinking from how long Ami had been in the bath had decided to investigate.

"Ami! What's going on why are you in the bath for so long?" Lily asked as she knocked on the door with Kei.

"Don't drain the bath Ami, I want to use if afterwards" Kei said while facing the door. Lily and Kei looked at one another before Lily opened the door.

"Ami... is everything okay?" Lily asked before her stomach plummeted. "Ami? Ami where are you?" Lily asked as she looked round to the bathroom to see nothing but water in the tub, at that moment Lily's heart started to pound from not sensing her friend at all. Moving a few paces back she ran out the room.

"Shinjirou! Silver Mizuki! I need help!" Lily screamed mentally not trusting her voice as she ran for help.

"I don't know what happened, her clothes are here and yet she is no where to be seen" Lily cried as Silver held her close. Shinjirou frowned while Mizuki looked around.

"There was definitely a yōkai in here" Mizuki commented as he tried to sense who had entered the room. Lily shivered while Shinjirou tried to get Kei out the room. She then looked at the water in the tub and froze.

"Silver, Mizuki? What's that?" Lily asked in a shaky voice causing Silver to react. He then grabbed what as inside the water and forced it onto the floor.

There before them was a small yōkai with a horn on his head, he had a short dress like top on and was bare foot.

"Did you kidnap Ami?" Silver asked coldly as he placed his foot on the yōkai.

"Ow, hey let me go! You're wrong I didn't kidnap no Ami! I am just here as a messenger of Zan" the small yōkai cried as he looked up.

"Who an earth is Zan?" Lily asked bluntly.

"It's a mermaid" Mizuki replied with a smile.

"This message is from the leader of Zan: I have seized this human girl as an accomplice of the thief. If you would like to get her back then return the stolen robe of feathers" the yōkai replied while pouting at them.

"But Ami didn't do anything nor did she know about anyone who would steal" Lily cried.

"Look the leader of Zan Unari is a scary woman, until Unari apprehends the thief the storm will not die down so it's best to return the it now" the yōkai frowned.

"For the last time she nor I or anyone here stole the robe of feathers! You have the wrong person so let her go!" Lily barked in anger.

"How do I know that you are telling the truth?" the yōkai asked bluntly "This storm isn't going away anytime soon until the thief and the robes have been brought to her" Lily frowned as she looked at him.

"Take me to Unari, I would like to speak to her about this if you can" Lily said while Silver kept his foot on the yōkai.

"Lily are you sure about this?" Silver asked as he looked at her. Lily looked at him and nodded sharply.

"This mermaid kidnapped my friend, she made it personal by doing that so now I want a chat with her" Lily replied sharply.

"There is a catch though" Lily looks at the yōkai. "If I were to bring you woman, it would only have to be you since Unari's den can only be accessible to women. It is not a place where men can enter" the yōkai replied as he looked at her "Now can you get this brute off of me?" he yelled while thrashing under Silver's foot.

"Oh for goodness sake Silver please I have a headache as it is" Lily ordered, Silver's body moved on it's own causing him to blink from the sudden move. That was new!

"Now how do I get to Unari's den?" Lily asked.

"You can't be serious!" Silver cried.

"It could just be a trap" Mizuki added with a frown.

"He's not lying" they look at her "there's no lie in his voice so he has to be telling the truth" Lily said while approaching the small yōkai, unaware that her brother was being punched by Kei.

"First get into the water I'll lead you to the entrance" Lily nods without hesitation.

"Lily please, let me go and look for Ami. I lost you once I don't want to lose you again" Silver pleaded, Lily looks at him with sad eyes.

"Silver, Ami is scared and alone I can't leave her like this" Lily said before she went into the water, within seconds she vanished.

"Did something happen just now?!" Kei screamed while Silver and Mizuki mentally whined from the fact that she could have seen Lily vanish in water.

"Ami! Ami where are you?" Lily asked as she looked round for her friend.

"I never expected Unari's layer to be in a cave, then again what's a den without it being cold and dark right? ha ha" Lily chuckled to herself before a huge sea creature appeared only it was in what seemed to be a tank.

"W-WHAAA AMI?!" Lily screamed in shock as she sensed her friend's aura coming from the creature. "What happened to you?!"

"Who are you girl? Are you the thief's accomplice?" asked a stern voice that had Lily looking for where the voice came from "You seem to give off a strange feeling though, tell me did you come to return my robe of feathers?"

Lily's eyes went wide from seeing a mermaid with a veil on her face, she held a staff in her hand.

"Are you Unari? Look you have the wrong-"

"Answer my question, who and what are you?" Unari asked as she approached Lily who frowned.

"My Name is Lily Hikari and I and the Land God of the Mikage shrine, the person you have taken is not Ami so return her back to how she was please" Lily asked while never taking her eyes off Unari.

"Is that so... it was a guy who stealthily intruded into my lair" Unari spoke coldly. "A guy with a pale face and black eyes that were as cold as ice" Lily blanched from seeing the cloth she dabbed on Kirihito's injured face.

"That guy's blood was smeared on this cloth-"

"Did this guy look like this?" Lily asked darkly as she showed a picture of Kirihito, oh for his sake it had better not be him.

"Yes that's the guy who-" Unari froze from the sudden chill in the area. Lily's eyes however turned sapphire blue while her hair started to move up and down to Unari's shock

"What is-?"


Silver looked at the water that now turned to ice and raised brow, however his mood changed once lightning stuck the area 10 times causing his eyes to go wide and look at it.

"Oh shoot..." Mizuki and Shinjirou's faces went pale while Silver swallowed heavily.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT MOTHER FLIPPING JERK STOLE SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT!" Lily ranted darkly after releasing a stream of curses and swear words causing Unari and everyone in the area to stare in shock.

"SO THAT'S WHY HE KISSED ME?! FOR LIFE ENERGY?! I'M NOT A CASH COW SO WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING?! DID HE NOT THINK THAT I WOULD NOT FIND OUT?! OH THAT GUY IS SO GOING TO DIE WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!" Lily bellowed in anger. She then turns to look at Unari who jumped in shock, just how could one small human girl even though she is a Land God have that much temper?

"With your permission, I want to hunt that tall weasel down and get those robes back" Lily said darkly now THIS close to tearing Kirihito limb from limb.

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