Blessed Secrets

Chapter 30: How much would you sacrifice?

"Ami, I'm sorry that I had roped you into this situation" Lily said as she placed her hand on the glass, her eyes filled with sadness. "I promise once this is over I'll explain everything okay?" Lily smiled softly before leaving her friend behind.

Right now she had one thing in mind and that was to get the robe of feathers.

"Lily..." Ami stared at Lily with sad eyes, just seeing Lily looking distraught and angry left the captured girl wanting to cry.

Lily used her powers to surround herself in a water barrier, her mind was focused on two thing get the robes and kill the weasel who stole them. She jumped out the water and lands on top of a rock, she then looks at the presence near her and glares at the person who wore a mask.

"Where is that guy? Tell me now so I can kill him!" Lily spat darkly, the shikigami said nothing but looked at her "That... that jerk has caused my friend to be taken hostage by Unari so where is he?" She growled. Very soon the shikigami moved and showed her the robes Kirihito had stolen.

"I need your help" he said before staggering slightly. Lily used her power to keep him steady.

"Talk, now!" Lily's eyes turned sapphire blue causing him to gulp.

"I am a shikigami that was created by Master Kirihito, if my master dies I will be gone as well" the male explained as he looked at her furious look. "Master Kirihito is getting weak and if this goes on, he will die. He mentioned that he recovered from absorbing your life energy" Lily stares at him coldly, not liking where this was heading.

"If you promise to hand over all-"

"Not ALL! Some of it" Lily snapped as she glares at him "You may not know this but I am planning to marry your master's brother and I don't think Silver would take kindly to having his mate die so suddenly" Lily said darkly. "If I give him SOME, will you hand over the robes?" Lily asked as she stares at him. The shikigami looked down before nodding.


Lily after sending Yatori flying approached the cabin. The place was barren and the only thing she could sense was Kirihito who was dying just like Kikuichi had said.

Once she entered the room, she glared at his weakened form.

"I should hurt you for what you've done" Lily said darkly as he panted from being in pain, he looked using as much strength as he could "My friend has been held hostage! You have made so many people upset and angry with your selfish desires Akura-ou" Lily spat as she went closer. Kirihito just looked at her and made no move to talk.

"Did you not learn from your mistakes?" Lily asks as she places a cup filled with water near his mouth. "Drink idiot and maybe after this mess you'll learn better than to steal again" Lily said as she made him drink the water. "You don't need life energy, this mermaid's curse is hurting you and as a result you'll be greedy" Lily commented as she saw him choke a bit.

"Swallow" Lily ordered as she stared at him coldly before putting the rim of the cup down.

"If... you want to hurt me then why are you not doing it?" he asked coldly, Lily stares at him.

"Watching you squirm is enough" she replied as she watches him cough and pant from how bad the pain was getting. "You don't want to die yet? Why? It's you want your body back, your own skin but this? Haven't you learned anything as a human? How low do you have to sink before you truly are happy Akura-ou?" Lily asked weakly. He looks at her with unreadable before forcing her close enough to kiss her. Lily cried out in shock as his grip strengthened on her arm only the pain from his hands were the least of her worries. Something was wrong and it left her in a state of panic, her chest started to rise up and down rapidly from how scared and panicked she was before the drained female was sent to the floor. As Lily laid on the floor she could almost feel two frail life auras crying out in pain, but how could that be? It was just her and Kirihito... wasn't there?

"A...Akura-ou..." Lily's feeble voice caught his attention, he turned to look at her only to end up freezing from what he saw.

Tears were flowing from Lily's eyes as she shivered from the cold and pain. Her stomach was hurting slightly and she didn't know why.

"He...lp..." Lily's voice trembled as she released broken cries due to lack of air, something was wrong and it was hard to stay awake now. Kirihito's eyes narrowed as he placed his hand to her cheek, her eyes were once again azure blue to his confusion. It didn't make sense unless there was something that he was missing.

Just then his shikigami showed up looking panicked.

"Master Kirihito, the fox is outside!" Kirihito said nothing. Instead he got himself changed and placed a blanket over Lily. He was going to investigate why her eyes were going blue once he made it home.

"Where is Lily? I know she is here!" Silver yelled as he pinned Yatori to the floor.

"You're too late fox" Silver looked at Kirihito sharply. "That girl already became my dinner and I was able to get a lot out of her which is surprising to say the least" Kirihito said with a smirk. Silver went cold as he stared at the black haired human.

"What did you say?" Silver asked, his voice shook as he glared at Kirihito.

"That's right, I absorbed so much of her life energy that she stopped moving" Kirihito said while smirking.

"You! You absorbed my mate's energy?!" Silver roared "YOU BASTARD!" Silver bellowed as he threw foxfire at a surprised Kirihito.

"She's his mate?!" Yatori, Kikuichi and Kirihito screamed in shock. However before Kirihito could get hit Kikuichi moved in front of the foxfire and had his arm severed.

"Why did you do that?" Kirihito asked his shikigami.

"You can't face him, with your current body you are no match for him" This left him angry knowing that Kikuichi was right. Kirihito was then taken by Yatori.

"Do be the fox's opponent" Yatori grins.

"DON'T YOU DARE RUN AWAY FROM ME! I'LL KILL YOU FOR TOUCHING MY MATE!" Silver bellowed but to his anger they were both gone.

"My left arm will give her some vitality, as gratitude to the Goddess" Silver's eyes narrowed at the shikigami "The Goddess is asleep in the cabin, she is weak but so you had better go and help her quick" Kikuichi commented before vanishing. Silver gritted his teeth before rushing into the cabin.

The moment Silver located Lily, his heart had immediately broke from what he was seeing. Lily was panting heavily and her cries were very weak causing him to want to break down and weep. How could this have happened and from under his nose as well? It just wasn't fair.

"He...lp" Lily cried weakly, her voice now above a whisper. Silver's feet moved on their own until he was standing by where she lay. He picked her up and held her almost as if she was like fragile glass, the distraught red head kissed her forehead before breaking down.

"Lily please, don't leave me. Not again, not after I found you" Silver wept as he kissed her again and pulled her close, she was cold to his dismay and judging by how unwell she was. She needed treatment soon.

Silver without wasting time left the cabin only to see the small yōkai that took Lily to see Unari.

"Follow me, I will help that girl" was all the demon had said as he looked at Lily's frail form with saddened eyes.

Silver watched Lily sleep after slipping the medicine into her mouth with his. His eyes showed anger and worry as he stroked her pale cheek, to his dismay she was showing no signs of getting better.

"I should have killed them when I had the chance" Silver muttered darkly causing the small yōkai to flinch.

Kirihito's eyes were wide as his hands shook from what he was reading. No... no this couldn't be right!

At that moment he felt sick now realizing why Lily had reacted in that manner when he absorbed her life force, without warning he rushed to his bathroom and began to throw up as an unknown feeling settled in his system.

"M-Master Kirihito are you alright?" asked his injured Shikigami who peered in the room.

"GET OUT!" Kirihito turned to glare at his servant "LEAVE ME ALONE I DON'T WANT YOU IN HERE!" he bellowed before throwing up once more.

What had he done?!

Vincent bit his lip as he looked his cousin who had been out cold since Silver had caught up to Lily who was dangerously weak. It had been two weeks and Lily's healing was really slow which didn't make sense. Silver as expected had not left Lily's bed side at all while their family members including Shinjirou, Lydia Ami and Kei who occasionally visited to see how she was. Sadly nothing changed, she was still out cold.

It was when another week had passed did Lily's hand start to twitch, Silver who was tired hardly noticed it until her hand gripped his. The red head's eyes then went wide from relief and joy as she started to wake up.

Lily moaned weakly before she opened her eyes only to be greeted with blurry images. Very soon vision became clear enough to see Silver who looked like he had seen better days.

"Sil...ver?" Lily asked weakly causing him to cry out in relief. Silver kissed her hand but made no move to hug her due to how frail she was. So far not even Vincent was aware of why Lily had took a long time to heal, did that human take too much life energy?

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