Blessed Secrets

Chapter 31: Talking And A War

"It's good to have you up and about" Kei commented with a smile as they sat on the roof of the college.

"You had us really worried" Ami said while hugging a sheepish Lily.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make and of you worried" Lily said weakly as she looked at them.

"That was a brave and stupid thing you did, but thank you for saving Ami" Kei smiled as they started eating.

"Ami is a good friend" Lily hugged Ami who returned the gesture. "I would never let either of you suffer" Lily replied looking almost offended even though she was smiling.

"Thank you Lily, I could never thank you enough" Ami smiled as she then started to eat. Lily smiles before opening her bento and paused, she then closed the lid and sighed catching their attention.

"I'm not hungry" Lily said weakly as she looked at their confused looks.

"Why not?" Ami asked, Lily shrugged weakly.

"I don't know really, it's been like that for some time now" Lily admitted as she looked at them.

"Did you find out why your eyes were changing blue?" Kei asked catching Lily's attention.

"N-No... but erm... last night I... I had a massive headache" Lily admitted. The pair looked at each other and then at Lily.

"What kind of headache?" Kei asked before Lily sighed.

"Something happened once I had the headache... I don't know how or why but I started to... change" This took the girls by surprise.

"Change?" Ami asked looking confused. Lily sighed as she placed her bento down and stood up, she then went a few spaces away from them until they both could see her properly.

"Lily?" Kei asked looking worried.

"Just... Just don't freak out okay" Lily pleaded causing both girls to grow more worried, they nodded regardless causing Lily to sigh deeply.

Without warning Lily's skin, ears and face changed. Instead of black hair and brown eyes, she now had azure blue hair and reflective azure blue eyes. Her skin now icy white, her ears were similar to Ryuu-ou and the veins on her neck started to glow azure blue.

Ami and Kei almost yelped in shock causing Lily to wince and look away.

"Wh-what happened? How did you do that?" Kei asked looking surprised, Ami on the other hand was left quiet from what she was seeing.

"I don't know... I've had this headache and I am always tired. I thought it was stress but something doesn't feel right" Lily said looking upset, she stops herself from going near them until Ami approached her causing the saddened girl to tense up.

Ami looked at her carefully, after a while she patting Lily's head.

"You're still the same Lily" Ami smiled causing Lily to choke on a sob, seeing this made the girls smile as they went to hug her.

"Your hair has gotten softer though and your ears are a little odd" Kei comments causing her to laugh. Trust Kei to say something like that.

"Your veins in your neck though remind me a running waters though, Ami thinks they look pretty" the pink haired girl smiles causing Lily look at her with stunned eyes, she then blushed causing Ami and Kei to laugh at her expression.

After composing themselves did they go back to sitting on the floor.

"So Lily, I noticed that you've been a little I should say distant with Silver" Lily froze and looked at Kei.

"Ah... erm" Lily looks down meekly. "Well we're sorta getting use to being mates that's all" Lily commented weakly. Kei smirked from the comment.

"So you haven't had sex yet?" Lily looks at her sharply before her face goes red along side Ami's.

"K-Kei!" Ami cried given how innocent she was towards things like this.

"I'm just asking a question Ami?" Kei shrugged "in yōkai terms mates are for life which in a way means you are married to him"

"Yeah but I wanted to wait until we marry properly" Lily explained however Kei smirked at her.

"If that's true? Then why did your hips look a bit wider compared to about three months ago?" Kei asks with a sly smile, Lily froze from drinking while Ami looks at her not believing her ears.

"Y-You're just imagining things Kei" Lily commented hastily as she looks at her drink. Kei frowns at Lily before placing her hand on the tense girl's shoulders.

"Lily, when was your last period?" Ami and Lily's eyes went wide showing how horrified that she could bring up that subject.

"KEI!" Lily whined "Not when we're I mean you two are eating!" Lily complained as she looks at Kei only she wasn't smiling.

"How long?" Kei asked again, this left Lily sighing as she tried to think. Now that she thought about it, it has been a while since she last bled but she wasn't sick or anything or showed any signs.

"It's probably stress Kei, things have been happening quite frequently you know" Lily replied meekly.

"You're appetite is bad Lily, you are always tired now answer the question" Kei said sharply. Lily groans and looks down.

"Three months okay! But I'm telling you this isn't' the first time that I've been really late" she whined "Deadlines and stuff always get me stressed, I'm an irregular person it happens" Lily commented, however Kei wasn't convinced.

"Did sleep with Silver?" Kei asked while Ami went red even though she was still in shock from the fact that Lily was late. Lily looks at them weakly as her face went red.

"Do I really have to answer that?" Lily cried, however that was all that Kei needed to know.

"Did you protect yourselves?" Kei asked as she looked at Lily sternly, hoping that she was wrong about this.

"Kei!" Ami cried now getting redder thanks to this newfound development. "Please tell me that you did Lily!" Ami cried so that Kei could stop talking about it only instead of responding, Lily was silent to their surprise. No way!

Lily's face was beat red but at the same time her eyes were stunned. That wasn't possible, right?

Lily jumped once Kei touched her shoulder, the startled girl looked at her friend who was now looking at her with a stern expression.

"You need to get tested now" was all Kei had said.

"This is ridiculous!" Lily cried, thankful that she gave Silver and Shinjirou the slip so she could 'hang out' with the girls. Sadly this was not what she had in mind. "You made me pee on four tests!" Lily cried before grimacing from seeing them on the floor in front of them.

"It's just a precaution, if it's negative then I'll leave it alone" Kei commented while Ami looked at them weakly.

"How long are these again?" Ami asked as Kei handed her the empty box.

"Three minutes" Kei replied.

"I am not pregnant, I'm just late that's all" Lily whined being Kei looked at her.

"You didn't have protected sex so obviously you might be pregnant, just wait until the results are finished in about thirty seconds" Kei concluded as she looked at her phone's timer. Lily looked at her hands, while Ami however turned to look at Lily who appeared more tired than she was letting on causing the pink haired girl to sigh.

It wasn't possible right? It was once and she had changed time which should have stopped her from being pregnant and while removing anything that the other Silver had done to her that night before she left him. Lily looked at the sticks weakly, she was too young to be a mother and she didn't want to drop out. Oh God, what was Silver going to say once he finds out? What would he do? Would he leave her because of this? Even though it is his baby given that she would never give herself to anyone else but him. Would he still accept or believe her? She wasn't a cheater nor would she give herself willingly to anyone. The worse case- he would hate her and leave her to suffer alone. Even though she wasn't alone, she had her family, Mizuki, the shrine spirits and Mikage. Wait why was she even thinking about all this?

The results weren't even available yet, so there was a chance that it could be negative right? Oh she hoped that it was true, she didn't want to lose Silver. It was bad enough she gave him that massive scare a few weeks ago no thanks to Kirihito.

"Time's up" Kei's phone beeped as she spoke causing Lily to snap out of her daze, she then looked at the sticks with dread.

"Please let it be negative" Lily pleaded as she moved her hand only, she couldn't do it. She didn't want to know, she was scared. Scared of what she would see. It was just a simple stupid test Kei signed her up to taking, it's not like her life was over just from looking at the sticks. After all they could be faulty, they were never one hundred percent accurate so it would just be a silly goose chase. Lily knew the signs: nausea was the worst of it and yet she wasn't sick, not one bit. The only thing she was dealing with were headaches from the fact that her powers were starting to develop more and she did suffer a lot of fatigue. However could easily be explained since she always stayed up late due to work or from having her time, which often involved endless reading and drawing.

So what were the chances of something like this happening?

"Lily?" Ami's voice shook Lily out of her daze.

"Ah? Yes?" Lily asked as she looked at her pink haired friend who was worried about how she was behaving to the sticks.

"Do you want me to look at it?" Kei asked causing the pair to look at her, Lily bit her lip and looked down. She just couldn't do it, she couldn't look even though it was a fifty fifty chance of being negative. This was huge, it was a burden that scared Lily deeply. She didn't want to hurt Silver or leave him feeling like he had an obligation to help or be tied to her. Yes they were mates but this, things were moving way too fast for her liking and she wanted nothing more than to have things slow down. Maybe it was negative, which would mean that he wouldn't have to know. Lily would just keep it quiet and laugh it off, sure that Mizuki could sense that she was no longer innocent but Silver might or might not know and if he didn't then she could only hope that he didn't anytime soon.

"Lily..." the black haired girl turned to look at Kei who's look showed that she was shocked about something, her skin was also very pale as she looked at something causing Lily to slowly look at the stick that had somehow ended up in her hands.

"What is it?" Lily asked, her voice trembled as she anticipated the news of what Kei was seeing. The black haired girl watched her friend swallow before turning to look right at her.

"I... I think you need to see your cousin Vincent, he's a doctor right?" Kei asked as she tried not to shake, Lily and Ami blinked showing that they were confused.

"Wh-Why Kei? It's not like-" Lily immediately lost the ability to talk as soon as she saw the colour that was on the stick, her breathing quickened as her eyes had now become transfixed by what was on it.

No... no this wasn't possible!

It was mistake!

This had to be a lie!

Vincent stood still as he held an open file, his eyes were unreadable as Lily laid on the hospital bed looking worried beyond belief.

"Well? What does it say?!" Lily asked, her voice almost sounding hysterical. Sadly this didn't make Vincent recover from what he was looking at- the results from the blood test. He slowly turned to look at her, not saying a word except the only thing he did do was walk towards her and sit down.

"Lily... I have something to tell you"

Lily sat on the cushion that was in her room feeling sick and worried, what was she going to tell Silver?!

It wasn't fair, how could this suddenly show up of all times? Why not later?

"Lily" Mizuki's head poked itself into her room catching the anxious girl's attention.

"Dinner's ready" he said with a small smile before noticing that Lily was on edge, before once she had arrived home. She had told Silver to give her some space since she had a lot of things on her mind, surprised the red head agreed the moment he saw her brooding look. Knowing that something must have happened to get her in that sort of mood, in exchange for giving her space she had to tell him what was wrong later. Which in turn proved to be harder for her to even come up with the right words.

Lily nodded before taking a deep breath and began to stand up, the snake familiar was surprised at her change of clothes as they looked a little baggy. Sensing his confusion she smiled.

"It's home so I'm planning to go to bed early once I've eaten" Lily smiled before releasing a short chuckle, Mizuki blinked but nodded regardless. Had something happened to make her want to sleep so early?

However once they entered the dining room things, Lily was left completely stunned by what happened next.

"I was thinking of becoming human" Silver said as they were in the middle of eating. Lily as soon as she heard that immediately dropped her spoon causing it to clatter onto the table causing silence to enter the room, only it wasn't because of the spoon.

Lily, Luca, Mizuki Mikage and the spirits looked at him in surprise causing Silver to go red from the awkward silence.

"What do you think about me becoming human Lily?" Silver asked as he looked at her shocked expression.


"Why would a blood thirsty yōkai like you want to become human?" Mizuki asked with a blunt look while Luca turned to look at Mikage who to his surprise was looking at Lily, his aunt's emotions as he looked at her revealed that she was startled and scared but why?

"Excuse me for wanting to make up for lost time you damn snake!" Silver yelled as he glared at Mizuki.

"What do you mean by that?" Mizuki asked with suspicious eyes.

"None of your business!" Silver snapped "I was asking Lily!"

"So you want to become human Silver?" Mikage asked with a bright smile before looking at Lily who didn't look so happy about it to the trained eye. Silver and Mizuki however were oblivious due to how well she was hiding her emotions.

"That's right" Silver replied stiffly before looking at Lily who was now looking down. "Don't you want me to be human?" Silver asked as he looked at her.

"It wouldn't be so bad, if you had asked me this sooner before I went into the past... I would have said yes but now... I can't even say it, not after this. Not after what I found out" Lily commented to herself. She couldn't even reach for the thing that was in her pocket, the one thing that proved that this was not a dream.

"I... I don't know" Lily admitted as she looked down now more conflicted than ever, Silver's eyes almost went wide from her words given that he was sure that she would say yes right?

"Lily don't you want things the way they were before we were separated?" Silver asked as he looked at her in disbelief, why wasn't she saying yes?

"It's complicated!" Lily replied while trying to keep calm, her eyes showed that she didn't want to talk about it.

"What could be so complicated?" Silver asked as he stood up.

"You wouldn't understand! Why can't you just be happy as you are?" Lily asked ignoring Mizuki and the others just like Silver was doing.

"BECAUSE MY LIFE WAS TAKEN FROM ME! LILY WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTANDT THAT!" Silver yelled before a sudden dread filled his body as he saw Lily's tear stained eyes.

"When you're done" Lily spoke while standing shakily, her voice almost trembling as she looked at him. "Come and talk to me then" was all she said before leaving the room.

"Lily wait! I'm sorry I wasn't thinking" Silver cried as he followed Lily to her room, however she ignored him and kept walking until she was inside.

"Lily!" Silver grabbed her hand causing her to stop and look.

"What Silver?" Lily barked but didn't turn around, Silver however turned her face so she was looking at him before planting a kiss on her lips.

"I'm sorry" Silver said softly as he looked at her. "It was stupid of me to assume that you would say yes" he said before getting her bed ready for sleep, Lily stood looking at him as the awkward feeling settled in.

"It's not that, it's just things have been going on and do you really think that it would be wise to be human in the middle of all this chaos?" Lily asked weakly as she laid down the bed with him. Silver sighed and stroked her head softly while moving a strand of her hair from her face.

"You're right, that was stupid I guess it's different here compared to the past" Lily rolled her eyes before pinching his nose causing him to yelp.

"Mr I am ruthless and hurt whoever, rape what girl takes my fancy and murder anyone I don't like" Lily said darkly, hearing this made him cry out from how much she knew.

"That was a time in which I refuse to relive be it mental or physically" Silver moaned as he looked at her "I really am sorry for hurting be it in the past and now" Lily shakes her head.

"I know a bit of how memory loss can alter a person's personality" Silver raised a brow "Vincent taught me a bit about the human brain when he was studying about neuro" Lily explained, Silver blinked showing that he had no idea of what she was talking about causing her to sigh loudly. "Neuro is about studying the brain" Lily explained.

"Oh!" Silver said before his ears flattened at how he didn't get that right away, he then looked at her and smiled before planting a kiss on her head. "I like these moments you know"

"Hmm?" Lily looked at him after blinking.

"Being here in the room, just relaxing and talking about anything" Silver explained, this made her smile before she pecked his cheek.

"I like it as well" she said before a thought came to mind "You know that once we're married it's going to end up being very busy here" Lily commented as she leaned on his chest, Silver smiled as he wrapped his arms around her frame.

"That's true, you a Land God here and then we have that damn snake, Mikage, Luca and the shrine spirits"

"And my stupid twin brother who loves to visit and blow holes in this shrine" Lily said grudgingly.

"Let's not forget that crow and the other fox" Silver commented dryly causing her to laugh for a bit, seeing her smile left him chuckling as he stroked the side of her head.

"And maybe..." Silver looks at her "some pitter patter of tiny feet" Lily commented as she looked at him, Silver gave her a funny look.

"Oishi and Dai? Honestly they hardly run anyways" Silver sighed as he looked at her, Lily shook her head while smiling "Vincent?" again she shook her head "I'm stumped what would cause the noise?" Silver asked as he looked at her with a frown.

"I was thinking something smaller than Oishi and Dai, something that will look like a mini you" Silver gave her a funny look.

"What? But I'm not shrinking again anytime soon" he said weakly. "And I don't want that again" Lily smiled and shook her head.

"I was thinking something more younger than me"

"Like what?" he asked looking more confused than ever.

"A baby" Lily braced herself as she looked at his reaction, immediately he removed himself from her and stood up.

"That's a joke right?" Silver asked as he looked at her "Lily come on! I don't want a baby" Silver said looking a little pale.

"But when we get married won't you ever think about settling?" Lily asked looking confused and shocked.

"Lily..." the red head sighs as he places a hand in front of his face. "No, sorry but babies are where I draw the line. Think about it, I don't handle babies that well and the last baby I helped deliverer was Umi and she almost died giving birth to her daughter. She and her baby almost died and I was powerless to do a single thing. It was a miracle that she survived but-"

"It's your father isn't it?" Lily asked bluntly causing him to stop and look at her with weary eyes. "Silver you are not going to end up like him, you're more stronger and kinder than him" she whined while looking at him.

"You're wrong, I know I'm like him and I can't handle looking at a baby! He exclaimed. "Looking at a baby is like looking at not only my sister but me when I was that age. I was robbed of my childhood, my sister, my mother, everything Lily! Babies will break in my hands if I use pressure given that I am a yōkai" Silver said while giving her a withered look.

"And if you were a human? Things would be better then?" she asked while trying to stop her voice from shaking, it was getting hard to look him in the face and not tell him the truth. It was hard but she had to keep things together not just for his sake, not just hers either but their baby. Silver suddenly threw his hands up in the air from her questions and whined loudly from feeling frustration thanks to her questions.

"I don't want a baby! End of story Lily so can we drop it?!" Silver pleaded as he looked at her, his eyes were feral but they showed how troubled he truly was. Just seeing that look left Lily biting her lip, she looked down and nodded.

"Alright Silver" Lily spoke softly, Silver's eyes then softened showing that he was guilty and sad about how he snapped at her.

"Lily, if... if things had been different then I would have said yes. But I can't Lily, it's just... it's- I just wouldn't be able to cope with one even with help" Silver spoke before walking to the door.

"I'm sorry" was all Silver had said before he left the room. Once he was gone did Lily look down at her belly before placing her hands on it, her eyes showed sadness but she had to be strong now for their sakes.

"So Silver said that he wasn't interested in having children?" Kei asked as Lily just picked at her food with a glum look.

"His father is to blame for his fear of wanting children, he even asked me to drop it" Lily muttered weakly as she almost face planted on her food causing the girls to wince at how badly she was taking.

"What are you going to do now?" Ami asked as she rubbed Lily's back.

"He wants to be human and is being stubborn about it" Lily muttered before shoving her rice and chicken into her mouth angrily. Since she was eating for two maybe three given the scan was unclear when Vincent's co-worker showed up to do it.

"Talk about a messy situation" Kei commented before looking at Lily. "I won't say anything since I know that this isn't a time to make comments like that" Lily nodded feeling relief in her chest.

"Thank you" Lily spoke as she started to cry, Ami and Kei then hugged her knowing how scared and upset their friend was.

"You should talk to him and give him your opinion about this human business" Kei spoke "If he is not taking your feelings into account then you shouldn't marry him" Kei then pulled out the book they spoke about during the mixer causing Lily to laugh weakly before drying her eyes.

"Set the requirements" Lily comments with a nod. "But mates are for life and yōkais can only love once, just like my family is stuck in the same predicament" Lily spoke weakly, this made the pair frown.

"That's no good" Kei muttered while looking at her phone.

"Silver might be able to become human though" Lily looks at Ami in shock. "I was able to return from being a fish to a human when Kurama gave me a medicine called the Medicine of Evolution of something, it did make me stronger and have different" Lily then stood up with a frown on her face.

"Excuse me for a bit" Lily said before walking to the door taking both girls by surprise.

"Uh oh..." Kei blinked in shock.

Lily slammed the door open taking everyone in the library by surprise, even Shinjirou and Silver were surprised to see Lily's cold look as she walked over towards them. She then took the bottle off the table and glared at them.

"Did you really think that you could go behind my back and drink this medicine?" Lily barked as she looked at Silver angrily, this made their eyes go wide in shock.

"Lily you know how I feel-"

"You know where I am with this! You know that I am not sure about this and quite frankly, I'm glad that I caught you since it seems that you don't give a damn about my feelings as a whole" Lily barked while holding the bottle. She then glared at Shinjirou "Did you not think to talk to me about this?" Lily asked coldly causing Shinjirou to wince from the blunder.

Silver shot out from his seat, his eyes narrowed while focusing on her. Without warning he grabbed her arm and walked out the room so they could find somewhere to talk quietly. Meanwhile Shinjirou blinked from the turn of events.

"Why is she upset about this? Surely she would be happy to reclaim lost time" Shinjirou muttered before something came to mind.

"She does look a bit different and now that I think about it" he blinked "Why is she wearing baggy clothes anyways, she hardly wears them unless it's bed time or when it's winter" he muttered.

"Silver if you love me then why are you going behind my back?" Lily asked as he dragged her down the hallway until they entered a private room.

"Why do you think Lily?" Silver snapped "You won't take my feelings into account!" Lily's eyes went wide.

"Y-Your feelings?! So everything has to revolve around you huh? Poor Silver yes you died but news flash you are alive and kicking again thanks to my grandma. Instead of moping why not be grateful for once?" She barked before he sent his hand on the wall beside her.

"For five hundred years I have wanted to be by your side, I was robbed Lily! Robbed of my human life and years and when the opportunity to regain those years presents itself you try to take it from me!" Silver yelled causing her to glare.

"This isn't' just about you! We're mates and that means trying to let the other gain an opinion- a say in things. How is this right? You know that I am unsure and quite frankly I'm happy with you being just the way you are. Yōkai and all" Lily ranted before taking a deep breath. "I am happy with what we have now, yes I'll die before you but if I were you. I'd treasure those moments and try to be what my mate would want me to be" Lily spoke with determined eyes. Silver's look however remained unwavered.

"...Give me the bottle Lily" Silver spoke coldly, Lily shook her head as she glares at him.

"No, especially when you are not thinking clearly" Lily spoke sharply.

"I am thinking clearly! I want to be human again and I will not allow us to be separated again!" Silver yelled as he snatched the bottle from her hands, her breath was caught before angry took over.

"Give me the jar NOW!" Lily bellowed causing him to wince from how strong her order was, biting his lip his eyes narrowed as she resorted to use word binding on him. "Hate me, resent me all you like Silver but this is for your own good" she said darkly before storming off. Silver glared at the nearest thing next to him which was unfortunately a bin, he kicked it causing the item to hit the wall before landing on the floor with a thump.

Why couldn't she understand or take his feelings into account?

"Why are you so adamant about me remaining as a yōkai?!" Silver barked as he followed Lily into the shrine, both ignored the inhabitants who were looking at them.

"Why are you so determined to go behind my back?!" Lily snapped as she continued to storm off into her room.

"I am not losing you again Lily! Can't you understand that" Silver barks as he grabs the jar once they were out of prying eyes. Lily turned round and glared.

"Silver don't you dare-" before Lily could finish her sentence, her jaw had immediately went slack as she watched Silver drink the whole medicine.

"You stupid stupid idiot! You don't even know if it'll work or not!" Lily yelled now feeling a migraine appearing again, to her surprise smoke started to come out of Silver until the room was covered in smoke. Lily panicked and tried to cover her mouth before the sound of squeaking reached her ears. She then looked for the source of the noise and what she saw left her whining in anger.

"You impulsive bastard! What did I tell you?!" Lily's screams filled the shrine.

Within minutes the doors to Mikage's office where Mikage himself was located had been slammed open.

Lily showed to Mikage's surprise was panting and huffing in anger as she held what looked like a red fox by the scruff of his neck.

"YOU! TAKE HIM!" Lily bellowed as she threw the red fox at him it was nothing more than a piece of clothing. The fox once Mikage caught him started glaring and growling as it's tail slapped the ground harshly before the sounds of the door being slammed shut hit their ears.

"Oh dear, you made your mate angry didn't you?" Mikage asked weakly while he watched Silver sulk on his lap.

"I don't want to talk about it" Silver muttered darkly.

Lily grumbled as she started walking around aimlessly until something came to mind, her eyes caught something that was at the window and felt her heart sink- baby clothes. She looked down and placed her hands on her stomach.

"Looks like your father is being stubborn, I should get another scan just in case since it wasn't clear the last time" she mutters before going to see Vincent.

After leaving the hospital Lily continued to look at the scanned image of what seemed to be not one but two babies. Just seeing that left Lily realizing how serious and worrying had become, before yes she was scared and didn't know if she would cope since Silver was definitely on board due to his phobia as she would call it. But now as she looked at them both from that screen to the picture that was taken of them, it left Lily happy and warm to know that they created two amazing miracles. Lily was happy that she had multiple copies just in case her grandmother wanted to keep one but something told her to keep an extra copy close by. Now that Vincent had explained why she changed into THAT form it had allowed her to relax slightly knowing that there was nothing wrong with her and that it was a temporary fix until the twins were born. Sure they could hardly be seen since she was three months along but there were there in the picture.

Sensing danger she moved to once side but at a cost dropped the scanned image causing Lily to yelp in shock until another presence approached her.

"It's been a while feisty girl" Kirihito spoke with a smirk, Lily however frowned as she saw him look at the picture. His eyes narrowed not knowing what to make of it.

"What is this?" he asked before she snatched it from his hand.

"It's none of your business" Lily snapped as she examines the picture, sighing as she sees that it's undamaged. Kirihito however watches her as she reacts to the picture.

"I would say congratulations are in order" The black haired male said coldly as he remembers what he read in the book.

"On what?" Lily asked with the same type of venom as she stands up and brushes the dirt off her body.

"Being a mother" Lily froze before turning to see his cold eyes. "I suspect I know who the father is?" his tone sarcastic as he looks at her, he then notices that she doesn't look at him but at the picture.

"I wish that the happy feelings are neutral" she said before turning to at him. "Even though on the bright side for you is that you are an uncle" his eyes darkened from her words.

"Why would I be happy to see that bastard's children running about? I was murdered by him in case you didn't notice" Kirihito bit. "And that last thing I want is see him alive. I suppose he knows the news?" he asks before noticing her tense up.

"He's not happy?" The male asked as he looked at her.

"He doesn't want children" Lily said before shuddering as she sighed heavily, this took him by surprise.

"That's surprising, I would have assumed that he would be overjoyed in knowing that he was going to be a father" he spoke almost sounding shocked which nearly left Lily laughing bitterly.

"You can thank his father for putting the fear" she looks at him with heart wrenching eyes that left him more confused than ever. How did she even know about his father when he knew nothing about Silver's past?

"There's so much that you don't know Akura-ou, a whole lot of things that would make your stomach turn and leave you with nightmares" Lily spoke in a foreboding tone, not sure if the male was going to like this had almost made him leave but. Her eyes showed that she knew something that would leave him curious, who knows. Maybe he could use this against that traitorous fox.

"Try me" he spoke coldly, hearing that made the mother to be sigh heavily.

"Can we sit somewhere please quiet? Being pregnant is tiring enough as it is" Lily admitted, her illusion almost slipped but it allowed Kirihito to see dark circles under her eyes.


The pair made it to a lake that Lily knew well, it did make sense given that hardly anyone came here. This left Kirihito confused as he notices a change of emotions in her eyes.

"Where are we?" he asked before examining the bare place that was only had a lake surrounded by trees.

"This is where I met Silver all these years ago only, he was a normal four and a half year old human back then" Lily replied in a blank tone that had a bit of happiness in them, however Kirihito wasn't paying attention. Instead he was in shock from what he had heard- Silver had been human? But that was impossible, Silver would have told him right?

Hearing his thoughts Lily sighed once more.

"When he was five he had been murdered by someone who snuck into his father's home while I was trying to sneak an abused Silver out of it" Lily explained as she looked at his stunned eyes.

"That's impossible, Silver is a damn fox! He couldn't have been human!" Kirihito barked causing her to shake her head and smile weakly.

"Believe me I didn't know that it was possible a year ago until I met Mikage who led me to the shrine that Silver was living in" Lily shook her head while smiling. "Silver the day he was close to death had been sent back five hundred years, just years before you met him as a fox" Lily replied with a sad smile, Kirihito however wasn't convinced.

"If what you say is true and Silver was a human, how did he get sent back in time?" Kirihito asked with suspicious eyes, he then noticed Lily's guilty look leaving him more confused than ever.

"That night, I had used my powers to send him back in time without even knowing. Serena the Goddess of Time and Knowledge during that time had then found him close to death, instead of letting him cross over. She had sacrificed her immortality and status as Goddess to let him be reborn but at a price he had lost his memories" Lily explained. Kirihito frowned at her.

"I really doubt that woman" Kirihito said darkly.

"Then why is Serena my grandmother instead of staying at the summit as Goddess of Knowledge and Time? Why did she make a book about Celestial dragons?" Lily asked with a withered look, Kirihito started to become uneasy.

"The reason why he has all those nightmares was because his father had tormented and beat him up after his mother had died. He never celebrates his birthday which is at Christmas because his sister was murdered that night" Lily said while looking at him with serious eyes.

"This bracelet" she shows the metal bracelet "was his mothers and since that day he died, I had never threw it away. If you saw his chest at one point in the past, you would have saw a deformed mark on his chest. That was made from a bullet and shows where he had been shot" Lily explains not once did she take her eyes off him as his eyes went wide. He didn't make a noise or release any emotions vocally but she could sense that he was conflicted and a bit scared.

"Akura-ou, he was abused and witnessed murders as a child before he became a victim of death. You may not know this but memory loss can often change a person's personality, you saw how he was when he had no memory he changed so much compared to the Silver you see today" Lily stressed out as she looked at him hoping to have him understand.

Kirihito remained frozen before looking at her with shaken eyes, it wasn't possible and yet the evidence was out there. His brother was once human before he had lost his life at an early age.

"You may hate him but remember this, if you knew the Silver that I knew then you wouldn't be calling him a traitor among other things and it's his past that leaves him wanting nothing to do with children. Just looking at one is like looking at himself" Lily spoke while sounding upset.

"So what are you going to do then? Are you going to tell him?" Kirihito asked coldly.

"I don't know!" she cried out in frustration "I want to but I'm starting to think that it's best that I don't. I am thinking of leaving after retiring from being Land God"

"But wouldn't that make you an easy target?" Kirihito asked, he didn't know why but something pulled him to her and he started to get an uneasy feeling just from seeing her looking sad and anxious.

"I... grandmother has a home in another country. One that is known as a safe house and it's where Umi was trying to get to but due to her weakened condition she was unable to leave. Grandmother with Mikage's permission had sent Silver to protect her since your minions tried to kill her" Lily replied with a frown. This took him by surprise given that he knew nothing of what happened after his murder.

"Look it's getting late but..." she paused before handing him the copy of the ultrasound. "Keep it, maybe if you want to visit your niece or nephew you are more than welcome" Lily gave him a sad smile before leaving him to his thoughts.

It wasn't possible, all this didn't seem real and yet it made sense to his dismay. He then looked at the picture and gave it a dark glare. What the hell was he looking at?!

"What is that?" a woman caught his attention, it was then that he realised that he was at home and had been caught by his mother.

"Oh a picture of something" he didn't know why but something told him to reply, his mother blinked from how he was opening up before going to look at the picture.

"Oh? Do you know someone that is carrying twins?" she asked with an interested look. Kirihito's eyes however flew open from the news just as he had closed his eyes.


Lily as soon as she entered home looked at Mikage before giving Silver a withered look.

"How are you feeling?" Mikage asked with a bright smile, Silver however refused to look at her.

"Tired but I was out walking a lot" Lily replied before yawning, hiding her ultrasound scan in her coat pocket. Mikage to Lily's surprise had gone quiet for a bit before nodding.

"I suggest heading to bed, Mizuki I'm sure will give you something to eat" Mikage spoke kindly causing Lily to feel some kind of relief, even after the God had left he had come back and was doing some of Lily's duties to her confusion only now she took that as a blessing. Given what was on her plate at the moment.

"I can if you want" Luca piped up as he entered the room, Lily smiled weakly.

"That would be great, oh and can you ask Mizuki to get me some ginger biscuits please I've been feeling a little off" Lily asked meekly. Luca blinked before nodding.

"Sure no worries auntie, get some okay?" Luca asked before frowning at how Silver was still having a strop with his predicament. Lily nods before she left the room only-

"Oh it's about time that you show up" Lily froze from who was in her room.

"Get the hell out of my room" Lily snapped.

"Oh don't go raising your voice, you don't want the others to rush in here since it'll be pointless to create a stir" Stephanie said with a smirk as she sat comfortably on Lily's chair.

"What the hell do you want?" Lily asked coldly as she looked at Stephanie.

"You know what I want, I want what was owed to me by my father. Your life and powers" Stephanie spoke coldly. Lily however wasn't having it, she was already under enough stress and to have this- this harlot in her home left Lily very angry at how this corpse stealer could invade her home and think that it was going to go well. Well she had another thing coming.

"I want you out" Lily barks angrily now wanting to go to bed and sleep off these dreaded two days.

"Not going to happen, not until I get what I want" Stephanie replies with venom. Lily's eyes narrow from what else Stephanie wanted. Of course she would want a strong yōkai as her mate! How sickening!

"You know that he's mine right?" Lily asks coldly as she felt a migraine appear.

"Oh right... Silver" Lily didn't like where this was going as she saw the smirk on her face "by the way thanks for letting me have that one night stand with him" Stephanie says smugly which left Lily angry enough to growl. "It was a real whopper" Lily without warning then smirks coldly to Stephanie's amusement as she hoped that Lily would drop her guard so that she could kill Lily.

"Whopper huh? Well I guess you didn't know how he got me pregnant huh?" This takes Stephanie by surprise, this was not what she saw coming.

"Back five hundred years ago, it was more than a whopper it was mind blowing enough to leave me marks on my back and neck" Lily says darkly as she gestures to the mark Silver gave her on her neck. The same one that Silver redid once she came back. Stephanie on the other hand glares slightly from seeing it.

"Oh and thanks for sleeping with his clone" Lily almost cackles from knowing that she had Stephanie beat.

"I heard he made you scream" Lily said with a smirk before releasing a cold laugh that left the demoness feel more hatred towards her. She also starts to feel cheated, dirty and humiliated that her plan in separating Lily and Silver had failed, knowing that her plan was to sleep with Silver to cause conflict once she was pregnant which would cause Silver to leave Lily or she would have left given how she refused to fight for anything. Then when Lily was alone either ways- she would have struck and killed Lily before anyone would have a chance to know what happened. At that very moment Stephanie had wanted nothing more than to rip Lily's throat out in anger for how Lily had somehow bested her at something not once but twice! That in her opinion was unacceptable.

"Now that that's done, get out!" Lily snaps crossly as she folded her arms.

"And you'll be coming with me" Stephanie replied harshly getting ready to grab Lily.

"Like hell" Lily snarled back. Suddenly Stephanie's appearance changes to a deformed skeleton with acid stringing and dripping on every bone as she looks at Lily.

"It wasn't a suggestion" Stephanie's voice changes to a high pitched creaky voice. The next thing Lily knows is that Stephanie uses her power to send a low table at Lily using telekinesis. However Lily lifts her left hand causing the table to stop in mid air, this took Stephanie by surprise at how Lily had stopped the attack.

"Neither was mine. Bring it on Bitch!" Lily snaps as she throws it at Stephanie who dodges it before it could hit her head. Lily then feels her skin become cold as she felt her anger bubble up. Lily's skin now changes to become ice cold white, her veins starts to glow sky blue, her eyes and hair change to azure blue, her nails were azure blue but had become very hard. Stephanie immediately masks her shock and tries to hide it as she tries to kill Lily.

The fight gets gruesome as it is taken to the kitchen, surprisingly no one was around or moving to intercept the fight that had taken place. Bits of the shrine had been reduced to being torn and shredded from either claws or from falling through the paper doors. Before long Lily had Stephanie trapped against a beam with her arm.

"Is that all you got bitch? Didn't your family tell you not to piss off a pregnant Veela?" Lily asks bitterly as she glares at her. Stephanie immediately changes back and gasps in horror as she releases that Lily is too much for her to handle and runs off after pushing Lily off her. Lily changes immediately back but doesn't run after the scared demoness; once she reverts back her lip has blood dripping down while there is a cut under her eye from the punch.

"Lily!" Mikage cries as he enters the room after seeing Stephanie run off in fear. He sees her injuries and blinks in shock from what happened to the shrine and Lily.

"Are you okay Lily? What did she do to you?" Mikage asks as he moves close to check how bad Lily's injuries were.

"She tried to kill me" Lily shrugged in a nonchalant manner, this took the original owner of the shrine by surprise.

"She's gone now Lily, she won't hurt you again I'll make sure of it" Mikage said before Luca and Mizuki entered the room.

"Auntie why is the shrine a mess- AUNTIE?!" Luca cried out in alarm as he sees how injured Lily was. Silver on the other hand enters the room looking startled and shocked before his eyes went to Lily who looked like she had been injured by Melanie again.

Mizuki and Luca rushed to Lily's side before Luca took out a tissue before dabbing it on Lily's bleeding lip.

"What happened?" Mizuki asked as he felt guilt settle in.

"A corpse stealer tried to kill me, I'm fine now I just chased her off" Lily replied as she tried assure both males. Silver however left the room as guilt settled in, if only he hadn't drank that stupid medicine. He would have been able to stop this and get rid of that demoness.

"A corpse stealer?!" Mizuki cried as he remembered what they were. "Why would one go after you?" he asked as he checked Lily a bit more.

"My heritage, she has been after my family for years and it's been like that for generations" Lily replied weakly as she felt fatigue settle in.

"What about your heritage?" Mizuki asked before Mikage had decided to cut in.

"Lily needs tending to, the injuries I'm sure are not life threatening" Lily nods in agreement. "Get them cleaned up with Luca before going to bed, Mizuki can you tidy up Lily's room?" Mizuki agreed without hesitation knowing that something was up but knew that if Mikage had suggested that then something must have happened.

The snake familiar then rushed out the room while Lily and Luca went to the bathroom to tidy up the injuries.

"Is it because our ancestor is a celestial dragon?" Luca's meek words left his lips as he was half way in helping her with treating the cuts.

"Yes..." Lily spoke softly causing him to frown.

Mikage as soon as he caught up to Mizuki had explained the reason why a corpse stealer had been after Lily, this left the familiar stunned and sick with grief. How could he have missed that? Of course Lily was human but she had talents that no human would ever have, none that he saw of course unless he counted Luca.

"She needs protecting now more than ever, but don't over do it. Lily at times will need space but support. Can you and Luca do that?" Mikage asked after Luca showed up looking sullen. Both the blond haired boy and Mizuki nodded sharply.

Both however were not aware of why Mikage would ask them to do that since Lily was capable of taking care of herself... right?

Silver meanwhile continued to sulk in Mikage's room until the blond haired male entered the room looking tired, he sat by Silver and began to stroke Silver's back lightly.

"Are you going to continue to mope? Your mate was attacked and you could no nothing, not in this form anyways" Mikage asked softly. Silver turned his head not meeting his father figure's eyes.

"Lily needs you, why can't you see that this is tearing you both apart? This need to push her away"

"She started it the moment she came back!" Silver barks before turning to glare at Mikage "We were fine until she left for a few weeks! Now that she's back, even though she claims to love me, she rejects the idea of me being human and she keeps throwing herself into things that almost got her killed!"

"Is this about the trip?" Silver froze before scowling as he looked away. Mikage sighed as he looked at the fox.

"If only you knew Silver" Mikage thought softly.

"Lily loves you so much but things have gotten awkward, can you imagine being in the past with a Lily that you knew nothing about? It was a dangerous time back then and yes she allowed your past to give her a mate mark it would take some time to get use to, have you ever considered that things have gotten a little too fast?" Silver paused but kept listening "Yes Lily agreed to marry you but things have been popping up and she might have gotten herself overwhelmed, then there was a corpse stealer who intruded so she could kill Lily. Yes she failed but who's to say that she won't try again?" Mikage asked causing Silver to grumble darkly.

"All I'm saying is that-"

"She suggested that we should baby in the future" Mikage blinked as he looked at Silver with surprised eyes.

"That's good, this means that you can start a family. It'll mean that I'll be a grandfather as well-"

"I don't want a baby! Why won't you and Lily accept that?" This took Mikage by surprise. "I almost lost Umi and then there's my past! I didn't live a perfect happy life Mikage, I was beaten and tormented to the point that I wanted to run away"

"But you saw Lily instead which left you rethinking right?" Mikage asked with a smile. Silver didn't move or respond. "Lily loves you for you but some day when the time comes, you'll want a child"

"I want to be human! I want to regain what I lost" Silver snapped darkly.

"Ever wondered why Lily would not agree? Did you ask her why she would say no?" Mikage asked as he patted Silver's head. Silver almost blushed from the fact that he was purring but ignored it, instead his eyes narrowed before he sighed as guilt settled in.

"No..." Silver muttered.

"Instead of fighting her on this, why not ask her opinion and-"

"She says it's complicated" Silver interrupted with a frown, this left Mikage smiling softly even though he was sad deep down as Silver had no idea of what was going on with Lily. After all their children will be part human, part yōkai and part celestial dragon. That in itself would be scary for any mother especially one so young.

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. It depends on how we perceive things and see the situation" Mikage smiled before pushing Silver off him lightly, this earned him a glare. "Talk to her but don't push her or like you, she'll pull away" Mikage gave Silver an encouraging smile before grabbing a scroll so he could start reading.

Silver looked at him weakly before sighing as he walked with his tail limp from the fact that he had to talk to Lily.

As soon as the red fox entered Lily's room he had noticed that she was asleep, Silver mentally frowned before noticing something that was beside her as she slept. Curious he walked towards it and looked down at it. There in what seemed like a picture were two small blobs only they looked almost... human. Silver's eyes narrowed as he tried to make sense of what he was looking at given that he never saw anything like that. Why would Lily even have something like that to begin with?

"Silver?" Lily spoke in her sleep causing the red fox to look at her. Silver grew sad and guilty for how he acted, yes he wanted to be human but not if it meant upsetting her.

He moved towards her and nuzzled her before laying so his body was resting near her stomach, he pawed her shoulder before he smelt something odd. Something he hadn't smelt in a while.

Now that he thought about it, it did seem odd that Lily was wearing long baggy clothes. It didn't even suit her one bit, maybe she was cold he didn't know so he used his left paw to push the jumper and blanket close to her so it didn't leave her chilly only what he felt left him puzzled.

Curious he pulled the blanket away from her stomach, it was then that the smell had gotten slightly stronger and something had pulled him to her more than usual.

Pawing her stomach he noticed that she was a little fat to his confusion, had she gained weight when he wasn't looking? Was she stress eating he wasn't sure but he pulled her jumper up slightly with his teeth until Lily moaned from the lack of warmth, Silver tensed and looked at her quickly to see that she was sleeping to his relief. Seeing her relax he then went back to looking at the jumper he was in the process of pulling up, once he pulled it just enough he then looked at her stomach only what he saw left him frozen to the spot.

"But when we get married won't you ever think about settling?" Lily's words started to enter his head before he turned his head to look at the picture sharply. Silver then looked back at her before placing his right ear on her stomach hoping no praying that this wasn't true.

No it wasn't possible!

And yet he could hear two sets of heartbeats in Lily's stomach. It was then that it started to make sense as to why Lily would even suggest about settling down, it would also explain why Lily would not want him to be human and now the talk he had just had with Mikage. It all started to make sense now, even when Lily had spoke to him with hesitant eyes. She had tried to hint to him that something was wrong and yet he had turn a blind eye to it.

How could he have been so stupid? She was trying to tell him she was pregnant and yet, his own personal fear and anger had because of his past had got the best of him. Now he had a dilemma on his hands. Did that crow, Luca or anyone they besides Mikage know about this?! About her being pregnant?

It wasn't possible though! He couldn't be the father, he didn't sleep with her so did she cheat on him?!

However it was then that another thought came to mind- the mate mark.

"Well that is to be expected" he had remember her say "I did change time so we wouldn't meet nor would you get cursed because the contract you had made with a Fallen God name Kuromaro to become human had messed up, which would resulted in you dying from the inside"

Silver immediately felt sick as he realised now that it was possible, after all there was no one else that she allow herself to get close to- except him.

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