Blessed Secrets

Bonus Chapter: I don't like you but things have to be said

Silver grumbled as he laid on the soft brown rug that was located in Mikage's study area, his red fluffy tail slapped the rug while his eyes signaled that he was not happy. Mikage once he was finished reading turned to look at his adopted son and shook his head while smiling.

"You're going to send dust all over the place Silver" Mikage chuckled before scratching the back of Silver's neck, Silver grumbled even though he was purring.

"It's not fair! If I had known I would have not taken that stupid medicine, now she won't talk to me!" Silver whined as he looked at his father figure. Mikage chuckled.

"And? What would you have done? What would you have said?" Mikage asked as he watched his son with observant eyes, Silver paused and looked down.

"I would have tried to talk to her"

"You mean yell?" Mikage asked with raised brows, Silver's ears flopped.

"For all I knew she had cheated on me but the mark on her neck says otherwise" Silver grumbled darkly causing the blond haired man to smile.

"You trust her, would she ever go behind your back in the past?" Silver shook his head.

"I love her Mikage, I truly do but there's my past the one thing I cannot shake from me no matter how hard I try" Silver whined as he placed his head on his paws.

"Then why not go for a walk, oh and take this" Silver glared at the item weakly which turned out to be some kind of deformed fruit.

"Isn't that what Serena gave me a while ago? How has that thing not gained mold yet?" Silver asked darkly. "Heck I can't even tell if it really is a fruit or some king of a chili that she's been experimenting with"

"That's because it's protected by time Silver" Mikage chortled before patting Silver's head. "Now up you get, I have a feeling this walk about might cheer you up and who knows. Maybe you can find the culprit that keeps following Lily about" Silver tensed up as he remembered that someone was following but he could never pin point since the person was always so fast, was it a yōkai he wasn't sure?

"Fine and I'll take the stupid fruit with me" Silver bit the end of the fruit but didn't eat or drop it.

"Have fun Silver" Mikage waved at his son.

"Yeah yeah dad... define fun?" Silver asked sarcastically as he walked away causing Mikage to laugh.

"Lily's sarcasm is growing on you after all" Mikage commented causing Silver to flash him a dark look but said nothing as he left.

"This is stupid, I doubt I'll be able to find the culprit anyways" Silver muttered as he looked round. Sure some people were looking at him since it was odd for foxes to be out and about in this area, but hey haven't they heard of urban foxes?

"Hmph! Bloody nosey parkers!" Silver muttered as he continued to walk around until he spotted Lily but kept his distance since he wasn't suppose to be seen. He blinked when he saw her looking at something with a strange emotion in her eyes, Silver continued to watch Lily until she then looked down and placed one hand on her tummy which he guessed was where their babies were. She looked sad to his dismay causing him to feel guilty for how irrational he was, knowing that he was so determined and impatient to return back to being a human that he had forgotten that she had feelings. At first he thought that he was doing it for them but really it was for himself, which was the selfish thing to do and now he was regretting every second of it.

Just as his mate was about to walk she started to look left and round almost as if she could sense something, which left him on edge even though he had moved back to avoid being seen. Did Lily sense someone? Was it the stalker?

Silver continued to look round before spotting Lily walking away briskly as to not alert the person that she knew that they were following her. Silver crouched slightly as he watched carefully, his eyes immediately went wide as he spotted someone wearing a brown trench coat and brown hat, underneath the coat was black slacks and expensive black shoes suggesting that this person might be wealthy. However that was the least of his worries, what he wanted to know was who this person was following Lily? The person made slow but followed her discreetly causing Silver's eyes to narrow, he eyed the fruit he was holding and smirked knowing that Serena had might have predicted that he would need this. Even though he didn't know how long it's effects would last he was going to risk it for Lily's sake, given that he failed her once when she needed him but that didn't mean that he would give up now.

"I should really hurt you for stalking her you know" Silver said darkly as he faced the man wearing a trench coat and a hat as he caught him hiding near the alleyway, Silver's tail flicked slightly showing his dislike to this person he had now realised was the person who he use to call father. "It sickens me to know that you would spy on her like she is hiding a guilty secret. Haven't you tormented her enough?" Silver asked coldly as he looked at the man's stunned eyes.

"Then again this isn't the first time you've been spying on her right?" Silver asked, eyes narrowed as his tail twitched in anger. This man had a rotten nerve in stalking and upsetting Lily. Then again Silver had always been discrete and kept things quiet, the last thing his fiancée- his mate needed was his father stalking her especially with her condition.

Yes he was scared of being a father thanks to his past but he was not going to let Lily down when she needed him to help her, even if she wasn't going to say it out aloud.

Memories of his childhood had hardly been any good and always plagued his mind even when he lost them, a never ending haunting nightmare that would never give him respite or peace, after all who would forget losing their sister and mother? Meanwhile his father after their deaths had emotionally and physically abused him, trying to break him so he could become heartless and yet obedient to Silver's disgust.

All for the sole purpose of turning him into his own father, but he wasn't like his father oh no! He was better however it didn't make him feel anymore safe compared to before, why? Because of his past deeds, in a way they reminded him of what his father had done to people whether they were innocent or not. He would not only hurt people but he killed them, he stole and took what he wanted. It scared Silver to know that he went down his father's path during those one hundred years of solitude with only Akura-ou to keep him company during those hard times after being separated from Mikage, losing his memory and his personality had been brutal and ruined Silver causing him to hate the world and wish only blood and pain to be filled as away of getting back at the ones who not only scorned him. But had left him in this situation, at times he had wanted to die so he picked fights with even the most dangerous ones and still survived. Only now the red head refused to be cruel and kill without mercy, no he was better than that compared to before and he was going to prove it by letting his father know that he was serious whether he was aware of who he was or not.

After all he wasn't the same child his father tormented all those years ago, making him think that love and any good emotion was useless, worthless and was for the weak. No his father was weak one and what he was doing to those around him, had just proved how truly pathetic his father really was.

Silver could just spit and yell at his father for hurting his mother and sister, for soiling their memories and existence with his cruelty. The red head could curse him and that old man's mother, they were as bad as each other and it showed that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Even if his father did know about his past deeds it hardly meant anything to Silver now, the red head knew that he was at fault whether he had lost his memories or not but he was a changed person. Yes he would admit that he was scared that he might regress but he had Lily at his side to always keep him sane and as long as she was there, he would never go astray for she was his light at the end of the darkness.

But then there was his children, would they turn out to be like how he was before. Would they inherit his killer instincts, oh he could only hope that they don't.

No in a fight it's important to show mercy and compassion, that he was aware of and he would hope that it would be learned by his children as they grow up. That is if he could get back to how he was before, he was going to be a better husband and mate to Lily. He was going to let her know that he wasn't going to run away even when things were tough, he was going to fight this fear that plagued him for years and ruined him to the point that he was never sure that he would ever love again.

Silver was going to fight to avoid this from happening to his children and even if something did happen to Lily, yes he would be miserable but his children needed him. Even the red head was shocked from this sudden protective instinct that entered his body and mind. Was this what Umi and Lily felt with their children? Was this also what his father Mikage had felt with him?

The man didn't respond, he was too stunned at what from what he was looking at. It wasn't possible, no his son had been murdered years ago and yet here this person was, wearing his son's skin, face and hair however there was a difference between his son and him. This person no THING had ears and a tail which could only mean one thing- a fox yōkai, the man almost gulped as the yōkai's eyes had slits in them. That in itself meant that he was going to get hurt but that didn't mean that demons couldn't get hurt. He always did assume that demons didn't exist, but his wife would often say otherwise, given who her friends were. Those friends however were not just her friends though; no they were her adopted siblings thanks to that woman Serena who took his wife in from the streets after she lost her family in a huge fire caused by a crazy man who was in a fight with his wife.

Serena had always protected Lacy no matter what and for that he was grateful, however he was also surprised once he found out about the little girl who would play with his son. For she in truth was the granddaughter of the woman who took his wife in had left him utterly shocked and sick.

It was a cruel irony that the one who took his wife in had a granddaughter who would had been with his son had to see him die in such a manner. While he the father was forced to stand there paralyzed as he watched his son vanish after he died. He never did get to burry his son nor could he chase the one responsible for his loss. Oh how he could curse his mother for making no threatening him to accept this company, it was a death trap that she imprisoned him in. As much as he wanted to make it clean the power and wealth grew too much for him to handle and he hated it knowing that he drove his family away. But now as he stood before this yōkai, it had suddenly caused this question to appear. Who was this yōkai and why did he have his son's face and eyes? He saw the yōkai sneer.

"What no answers old man?" Silver asked coldly as they stood in the alley way, Silver was happy in more ways than one knowing that he had spotted this monster before he could go and sneak into the shrine let alone put his filthy soiled hands on Lily. However he was more than grateful that Serena had given him something that would undo the medicine's effect even if it was only temporary, at least now he knew why she spoke about the fact that he would need it one day.

Lily wasn't just his mate no she was his master as well and even it if was a little emasculating to know that she was the boss of him on some levels, she had never once ordered him to do anything unless she was angry which had left him happy and slightly relieved. Lily no matter what trusted him to do the right thing and loved him even after their problems; even now he had no regrets except for how he had upset her about the baby talk. Yes she knew what he felt about children and had dropped the subject it still left him guilty for raising his voice at her.

If only she knew that he was dropping hints about her predicament he would have done something to support and help her, now? He wasn't so sure if she would open up again.

Silver however was still shocked to know that she would allow the him that was ruthless and so cruel back in the past to touch her, even though she did change time while the down side was that he of this time could not touch her for she would refuse him. Even when she did arrive back from her five hundred year visit, however Silver was happy to know that she allowed him to mark her as his. In truth He was not truly hurt but at the same time he was disappointed for various reasons, he had just wished that she would be open a little more at times and tell it to him straight even if he was afraid of things like having children.

"Who are you and why do you have my son's face and eyes?" his father asked in a cold tone that almost made Silver raise a brow, it was then that he clicked on something.

Silver had died in front of his father at the age of five, who also been denied the right see him get buried and was forced to see his son's body vanish thanks to Lily's power whether the man knew it or not.

"I should be asking you the questions why you are stalking my mate? After all you've been making her extremely uncomfortable" Silver bit back harshly causing the man's eyes to narrow.

"I'm not scared of you yōkai" his father replied angrily, which almost made Silver whistle at how 'brave' his father was.

"You should be given that I can end your life in an instant" Silver replied darkly as he folded his arms.

"Then why haven't you?" his father asked sharply, this made Silver snort.

"I doubt she would like me killing anyone, given that it's pointless to shed blood" Silver replied in a nonchalant tone. He watched his father who almost narrowed his eyes; this almost left Silver smirking at how he could easily get under this man's skin, looks like his father wasn't so tough compared to before. Then again having his face would no doubt put his father on edge.

"Now answer the question old man, why are you here bothering her?" Silver demanded coldly.

"Like I would listen to a yōkai, especially since you are all untrustworthy" Silver growled from the reply and shoved his father against the wall while his elbow locked him in place, the man almost gagged at how hard Silver's arm was pressing against his throat.

"Don't get smart with me old man, she is going to be my wife in your human terms. But in yōkai terms she is already my wife. So start talking or if you do possess some dangerous agenda for her, I'll snap your neck like a twig kapish?" Silver hissed sharply as his father grunted from the pain.

"You think that's going to change anything demon? She's a human unlike you, in your eyes we're just insects that you can easily pick on and destroy" his father growled even though he was in pain.

"That's funny coming from a man who hires thugs to do his dirty work" his father almost froze from how this demon could know about that.

"And how would you know?" the man asked coldly, Silver had to laugh at this.

"In the end once you are alone and as soon as your company gets destroyed from the inside. In reality you're just a weak person without anyone to love you, now who's the weak one?" Silver asked bitterly while his father glared.

"Who are you?" the man asked coldly, Silver shook his head almost looking disappointed causing his father to stare at him with suspicious eyes.

"After all this time, you can't even guess that your past is coming back to haunt you Tetsuya Kaito" Silver asked darkly, he watched his father's eyes go wide in horror as he realised that the one who continued to hurt him was in fact his son. How could he not? His son had one thing in common with him- his eyes.

"N-No... it couldn't be" Seeing that his father had realised, Silver released the man and sent him to the floor. Silver watched his father coughing and gasping for air as he put his hands to his neck, but not once did the man take his eyes off of the red head who was staring at him with disgust.

"S-Silver?!" Tetsuya gasped in shock from seeing his son or at least what was left of him, Silver however made no move to help nor showed signs of talking. His eyes however were trained on his tormentor.

"I should kill you for what you did" this made his father's heart jump in fear and his eyes went wide in horror. "However I am not like you, I'm not a monster that you tried so hard to create" Silver spat while his eyes glinted in anger.

"H-How are you even here? No... this is impossible, it must be a sick joke" Tetsuya said now shaking his head as he tried to look away. He was dreaming, eyes that must be it there was no way that his son was alive or back from the dead.

Silver stared at him blankly before rolling his eyes; taking out a transformation leaf he placed it on his head causing his tail and ears to vanish to Tetsuya's shock.

"Ta...da" Silver said sarcastically while shrugging.

"You're dead! I saw you died in my house" Silver rolled his eyes again.

"Yes and no" Silver muttered darkly causing his father to look at him. "Yes I did die but my body and soul were sent back in time to the point that someone brought me back" Silver replied dryly before opening the top of his yukata and showed his father the bullet scar that still left a dent in his skin. Seeing this made his father sick at how that was visible.

"Still hurts by the way in case you were wondering" Silver added in a sarcastic eager tone.

"Why are you even here?" Tetsuya asked as he backed up a bit, Silver narrowed his eyes at how his father was trying to worm out of things.

"I should be asking that, why are you bothering my mate?" Silver asked sharply, he watched his father bite his lip.

"She- she had answers to what happened that night" this took Silver by surprise "Your body didn't just vanish, she did something and then there was the one besides her who had intruded into our home. If she hadn't shown up you would have lived" his father replied in a shaky voice. Silver glared at him.

"She saved my life by sending my back in time, besides I doubt that was the only reason why you were following her" Silver said sharply signalling that he was in no mood for games, Tetsuya glared at him before a sigh left his lips. He slumped back and watched Silver for a bit, was this really what became of his son? It was hard to believe and yet here he was in the flesh or was he? Was he hallucinating? If so then this was a cruel joke. But deciding to humor this illusion he answered.

"I was tracking her movements ever since she came back, I also noticed that someone wants her dead even now and hasn't stopped following her" Tetsuya replied in a defeated voice, Silver as he listened clenched his hands underneath his now tided up yukata.

"Do you know who it is?" Silver asked sharply, his father gave him a lot.

"I doubt that I am even close to finding out anything anymore, to my surprise I also found out recently that she was pregnant thanks to a spy in the hospital she went to" Silver's eyes went wide before narrowing slightly.

"Even after what happened you still have a bunch of wimps at your disposal?" Silver asked angrily, his father gave him a look.

"I disbanded after you died" this took Silver by surprise "And yet... they still remained loyal after I took a leave of absence for a while to clear my head" This left Silver more surprised by this information. "Now that I've answered, start talking. What are you here?" Silver glared at his father and almost went back to strangling him but refrained himself from doing so.

"Why do you think old man? Someone was stalking her and I don't take kindly to ones who would harm her" Silver replied angrily, his father raised a brow.

"After all this? You still think I would hurt her?" Silver blinked.

"Obviously" Silver barked until he watched his father shake his head leaving the red head baffled.

"Her grandmother took my wife- your mother in when she lost her mother" Silver's eyes went wide in shock. "I would never harm the granddaughter of the woman who saved Lacy when she was at her lowest, I was curious as to why Lily would come back here to Japan that was all"

"Explain to me then, why did you do it?" Tetsuya blinked. "Why did you make us all miserable and take over your mother's company? Why did you change like that?" Silver asked as he gave his father a withered look that almost tore Tetsuya apart just from seeing.

"I had no choice" Silver blinked.

"Of course you had a choice!" Silver barked angrily but stopped in mid rant when he saw his father shaking his head.

"It's about time I told you anyways, at least then I can unburden myself from this wretched wretched guilt" Tetsuya said darkly causing Silver's eyes to narrow, not liking there this was going but listened regardless

"My mother made true to her threats and ended up taking all the assets I had worked so hard to achieve away before I could process what had just happened. She made threatening messages in order to have me accept her proposition of inheriting this company, to live with this... this blood money? I hated it! Every last second of having to deal with this mess" Tetsuya said angrily as he almost hit the wall behind him, Silver however blinked in shock not knowing what to say about that but there was one things for sure, he could hear complete and utter bitterness coming from his father.

"I was once a simple man who wanted to run away from his mother's problems, her dodgy dealings and stream of murders. But I couldn't. She found me regardless just when I was at peace and threatened to take my family away from me. The money and house? It all meant nothing if my family had been taken, and it showed when she tried to bribe or threaten me. Saying that she would take them away. Eventually she took matters into her hands and took Anna away when she was suppose to be at school" Silver felt his stomach twist as he remembered being sent home by his mother that day, he also remembered being in the main area and could heard his father yelling on the phone to someone. While sounding completely terrified and angry but the moment he saw Silver he had shooed him away and closed the door. Only the moment that Anna had been brought home by his grandmother did his father really flip. Silver now that he thought back could still remember hearing foul words being spewed from both sides.

"That woman had no right to be a mother, what kind of person would force and threaten her own family to do such foul things?" Silver almost felt himself tremble from seeing his father not only sob but shake as well from the memory that continued to haunt him.

"I just wanted to be happy and that was taken..." Tetsuya said weakly "One by one it was removed from my sight and it grew scared when it was just you, the last thing I had to think about Anna and Lacy. I... I just didn't want to lost you so I kept you locked up in your room so nothing would happen but it did, that one little girl tried to get you out and then that was it... you were gone" Silver bit his lip as he looked at his father who started to cry heavily, the red head could even feel his eyes sting from tears that were threatening to come out.

"I never hated you! I didn't! I just wanted to know why you did all that, I wanted to leave and not be what you had turned yourself into" Silver defended while looking at his father who had looked up slightly. Hearing this made Tetsuya scoff slightly.

"No matter what you say Silver, I was trapped and I couldn't get out so it almost amuses me that you would say that" Tetsuya said darkly.

"Yes you could" Silver interrupted. "You could have asked for help" His father barked out a laugh leaving Silver to frown.

"That would have gotten me nowhere Silver, in the end of it I would have been forced to see their bodies littered all on my front lawn for turning 'coward' and seeking help. That woman has been dead for a few years now but the damage has already been done" His father said bitterly, hearing that his grandmother was dead had too Silver by surprise.

"Regardless, it's never too-"

"Silver! It is too late!" his father stressed, "I committed so much wrong! To this day I still have her words hanging over my head like a disgusting parasite that I call a cloud. She will not leave me alone no matter how much I try and push her away" the man snapped as he looks at Silver. He saw his son frown and glared.

"You're not the only one who has killed people" Hearing this made the man's eyes widen in horror. "Back then it was survival of the fittest and some of it I am ashamed to say I had done it for fun. But just when I was about to die at one point, I was saved by the same group I have been killing off like flies. She was selfless and didn't ask for anything. It was thanks to her I ended up taking a look at myself and began to realise what I was doing was wrong. I then began to search for her and found nothing..." Silver paused and smiled slightly shocking his father. "It took my five hundred years to find her and I have had no regrets when it came to waiting for her. At times I was sure that I was about to give up but I didn't, despite the bad memories of being insulted and hit, despite killing a person I called a brother just to stop him from going after her. I held on because I wanted to" His father remained void of emotions. "It doesn't make sense to you now but I does to me-"

"And did you find her?" Tetsuya asked as he looked at his son, Silver smiled slightly.

"She's my mate" this took his father by surprise. "And the embarrassing part was that she was the one person that I had been looking for this whole time" Silver grins while his father scoffs lightly, masking his smile.

"The brat you gave the bracelet to huh? Stealing is a crime and to think my own son had done something as stupid as that!" Silver winced from the scold but knew that it was a light one.

"That was the only thing I treasured about your mother and to have you not only sneak into our room just to steal and give it to her, it took a lot of guts Silver, you know that right?" His father asked with an amused look in his eyes. Silver looked away as he felt a blush appear on his face.

"What do you expect old man? I love her even if it was at first sight, she was there for me and left me feeling so many things that I didn't know were possible. Even if it wasn't a long time, those moments were precious to me and I would never trade them for the wide world" Silver replied blankly, his father raised a brow.

"Definitely a sap..." his father grimaced causing Silver to glare slightly. "You are definitely worse than me" he muttered darkly. Within seconds Silver snorted before releasing a full blown laugh, hearing this made his father joined in.

"Oh hell! Where did I go wrong with you?" his father joked as he looked at his son, this was a miracle though! One shocking miracle that he never thought would happen, he had never thought that he would still have any family left and no matter what. He loved his wife and children so much that till this day the pain still continued to burn him so much, that at times he wished for death just to see them.

Now here he was- laughing and smiling with his son even if it was for a short time.

"I don't know you and mum were suppose to be looking after me and Anna! What did you do?" Silver asked before laughing again as he sat down so he could breathe slightly.

"I have no idea, I blame your mother for that rebellious stage" The man said with a smile as tears ran down his face, surprisingly Silver was also crying while laughing.

"Funny! Mother says you were like that when you were younger" Silver comments while smirking at his father. Hearing this made Tetsuya's face go bright red. Oh she had to go there didn't she?!

"Tha-That is not true!" His father retorted as he looks away to hide his expression.

"I know it's not my place" his father went sober from laughing. "But what did happen after you vanished that night?" Silver paused and sighed.

"It's a long story" Silver admitted, Tetsuya folded his arms and looked at Silver.

"I have some time" his father said sternly.

"You see it's like this" Silver took a deep breath and began to talk about what it was like when he had been stuck in limbo, just hearing about that made his father wince but did not comment allowing Silver to talk more. The red head had then spoken about a Goddess who ruled over Time and Knowledge leaving his father to raise a brow until Silver spoke about what this woman had done to save his soul. Just hearing that this woman was now this Lily's grandmother had shocked Tetsuya deeply but didn't say anything mostly due to being speechless.

Silver then went to talk about how he had lost all his memories by the time a man who had found and picked him up once he arrived in the past, who went by the name Mikage and had continued to look after the red head. That was until he was in the middle of an errand that ended badly due to a landslide that caused more of his memories to leave him. Hearing this made his father purse his lips in anger but didn't comment. As time went on, more and more Silver's story began to come out into the open leaving Silver relieved to speak about this for the third time given that he had spoke to Mikage about this first, while Lily was second to hear about this.

Silver then spoke of the night terrors which he could now identify as his father's words. Tetsuya winced from the information and Silver could tell that he was feeling guilty for how he had treated his son, it was never intentional but all that filled the man was guilt and a need to stop his son from turning out like him- broken. Silver then went to the part where he was found and rescued by a demon named Akura-ou who had to endure the fact that almost everybody wanted to kill him since the day he was born. Hearing this had made Silver want to protect and help him without knowing why. Call it instinct from his past he had no idea. He then went to speak about how he almost died again leaving his father to frown

"Didn't I teach you better than to stick your nose out of other people's affairs boy?" His father finally commented making Silver wince, he deserved that scold.

He then spoke about a girl who he had assumed was a village girl, who was wearing a dark cloak who had saved him and took him to a hut where an elderly couple had took care of him until he was well enough to leave, the girl who was careful as to not show her identity had left a purple hairband that encouraged him to try and track her down just to say thank you.

"Really boy? Just to say thank you?" His father asked in an unamused tone leaving Silver to blush from the response.

"I didn't know, I had amnesia for a long time" that his father could not complain about. He spoke about how he had to kill his brother just to stop him from hurting her and was left with regret, knowing that his brother would go out of control and the red head didn't truly want anyone else to suffer since he only wanted to find this one person who had helped him.

He spoke about his travels to Mikage shrine and began to remember bits of his past, involving the bit where Mikage had been the one who took him in the first place and had adopted him. He then spoke about his time at the shrine to his father's shock, had also spoke about how he became a familiar and almost went red in the face since it was not pleasant.

"Unbelievable! To think you were kissed-"

"Yeah yeah laugh it up old man" Tetsuya raised a brow.

"Be warned, this God Mikage might be your adopted father but I am the one who brought you into this world" Tetsuya said in a stern tone, Silver rolled his eyes slightly before sighing.

"Now to talk about Lily" Silver froze as he looked at his father. "What are you going to do now that you're a father? After all being a parent is no easy business"

"I didn't intend to be a father" Silver said before sighing out loudly, this took his father by surprise "Thanks to the past I... I didn't want to have any children, I didn't want to turn out like you and hurt them. Just looking at them would be looking at myself- the me who had to endure that nightmare" Silver put a hand to his head and sighed, Tetsuya however watched his son confess this issue to him "I... I don't want to lose her like I lost mum, I almost lost Lily's ancestor Umi when she was in labor and it just fueled my determination not to have any children" Tetsuya sighed and got up before kneeling down so he could place his hand on his son's shoulder.

"What happened is in the past Silver, but this- this is your future and these children will be your legacy. What you will do, what you show them about this world we live in it'll be what defines them in the future. What happened was stupid and should never have happened to anyone least of all you Silver" the red head looked up showing his father that he had a lost expression, this left his father more guilty and sad about the whole thing. The next thing Silver knew was that he was being pulled into a hug which Silver not once complained about, instead he hugged back and started to shake as tears ran down his face.

"What if I mess up? What if I become a bad father and hurt them?" Silver asked as he looked down, Tetsuya sighed.

"You won't" Silver looked up showing two wet streams running down his face. "You face a lot and still came back from it, that shows a lot of guts and courage so don't put yourself down like that" Silver's father said sternly. "You hear me? Don't assume stupid stuff like that. Right now you have a home, a wife, an adopted father, a nephew in law, you have a new family who will love and care for you but only if you give them the chance to" Tetsuya smiles softly "That is more than what I would hope for things had been different. My only fear when you were alive and small back then was what my mother would have done to you, would she have taken you just to threaten me? Would she have killed you to set an example like she did with Anna? I don't know but know that I am proud of what you have become" Tetsuya smiled, Silver looked up at him in awe before wincing.

"Can I be honest?" Silver asked meekly causing his father to blink "Lily's not talking to me at the moment" Tetsuya gave him a look.

"What did you do? And why are you smoking?" Tetsuya asked in shock before the smoke that came off of the red head started to surround them, this made the father cry out in shock until he heard a small wheeze followed by a series of coughs. Once the smoke cleared did his eyes go wide as he was now staring at a red fox who was laying on the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" Tetsuya cried out in shock while the red fox winced.

"I drank a whole bottle that had a medicine called the Essence of Evolution, it turned me into this even though Lily told me not to drink it" Tetsuya gave him a dark look.

"And why did you drink it?" he asked sternly while Silver kept looking his eyes away "Silver! Look at me" Tetsuya said in a warning tone causing Silver to groan and look at him.

"I wanted to become human" Silver confessed weakly, this made his father's eyes go wide.

"Even though you are having half yōkai children?!" Tetsuya cried out in shock.

"I didn't know" Silver whined at his now hysterical father.

"SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILVEEEEEEEEEEEEER KAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIITOOOOOOOOOO!" Tetsuya bellowed in anger while Silver's ears pinned themselves due to being sensitive, sadly his ears were constantly ringing thanks to the loud noise.


"I'm starting to wonder if tracking Lily's stalker was even worth it" Silver whined mentally.

"Silver are you even listening to me?! Honestly you are worse than your mother" Silver looks up in shock "Always sticking your nose into other people's business!" Tetsuya continued to rant at the red fox who was crying mentally.

"Nope it was not" Silver continued to cry mentally.

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