Blessed Secrets

Chapter 33: Sweet Dreams Little Red Fox

After the talk Silver went to Lily as she sat in the guest room while eating her dinner, his eyes were sad as he looked at her but even if she did sense him. She was not making any signs of moving.

"Lily please, please talk to me" Silver pleaded as he placed his paw on her leg, Lily remained silent as she eats silently. As much as she just wanted to up and say it, she couldn't. Plus given the situation why hurt him even more?

Silver pushed her arm away from her leg and laid his head on it.

"I am sorry Lily" he said softly "I was so determined to be human that I didn't think about how this would effect you" Silver looks down.

"I just... I just don't want to lose you again that's why I want to become human, even if it means no longer being able to use fire or heal quickly but at least I'll be with you" he said as he looked up. Lily remained quiet.

"I messed up really bad Lily, I should have listened, I should have been there but Lily... please don't shut me out again. I don't want to lose you again please" Silver pleaded as he looks at her hoping for her to forgive him. "

"You just don't get it don't you?" Lily asked coldly, Silver looks down and nods.

"I was wrong not to take your feelings into account, I'm sure you had your reasons wanting me to stay as a yōkai" Silver tries to search Lily's eyes for answers and prayed that she would forgive him.

"Once this is over and the plan has been foiled, you are to get yourself back to normal. That's it" Lily spoke coldly as she got up, this made him grit his teeth in frustration. She was pulling away from him again and it was leaving him more agitated, was it because of what he said about the twins? He wasn't sure.

"Lily are you hiding anything from me?" Silver asked loudly, he paused and looked up to see her tense. Lily turned to look at him with blank eyes that left him uneasy.

"No idea what you're talking about" Lily spoke in a blunt tone before walking away. Silver's heart as he heard her words, to the part where he just watched her walked away had made him feel as if his heart had been shattered into pieces. Lily really did not only hate him but had not trust or faith in him at all, and it was all his fault.

Silver's eyes grew heavy after they entered Yomi, sadly Yomi thanks to the War God had been sealed created a chill the left Lily shivering from the cold and her anger was almost frightful to say the least.

Originally he had planned to catch the scent of his brother but now he wasn't so sure anymore. Pain as he searched for his brother continued to fester in his heart like poison leaving him wanting nothing more than to go somewhere so he would not be able to look at Lily anymore. He had done this, yes at times she was at fault but she had tried to be honest. How could he not realise that things were going to be awkward for her? How could he not know or sense the twins sooner?

Yes it would have been a shock but he would not have tried to drink that medicine and then they would have talked about it, yes he was scared of being a father but what about Lily? She must have been petrified to even find out and without him to talk to because he was so stubborn. What kind of idiot was he?

Silver froze once he spotted the person he was trying to locate, his eyes narrow until he saw his brother's eyes.

"There's a fox even in this place?" Kirihito asked before looking down as he hugged his knees "I guess fate hates me no matter what" this left Silver surprised however he was taken by surprise when someone grabbed the back of his neck and lifted him up.

"Even in Yomi to think that there are animals here" Kikuichi muttered as he looked at his master.

"Kikuichi where the hell did you go?! It's freezing here!" Kirihito barked in anger.

"My apologies I was looking for withered grass-" Silver escaped from his hold before glaring at his captor and then at Kirihito.

"Master Kirihito! This is no ordinary fox" the shikigami yelled as he prepared to attack Silver.

"Of course not! We're in Yomi are we not? Now ignore that fox and build a fire Kikuichi I'll freeze if you don't" Kirihito hissed in anger.

"If we build one then we'll be discovered, please cover yourself up with this grass in order to keep warm" the shikigami held up the grass he had carried. Silver however jumped off the ledge and prepared to kill Kirihito by biting his neck.

"This is for hurting Lily, you knew by yōkai law that hurting a fox's mate is not to be taken lightly and yet you still did it!" Silver just as he was about to hit his brother was caught in the neck by the shikigami.

"Master Kirihito this fox seems to be too dangerous to be kept alive, shall I kill it?" the shikigami asked his stunned master who was in shock from just looking at the fox, in a way this fox reminded him of his brother.

"No... stop it" This took the pair by surprise. "I... don't hate foxes at all" Kirihito sighed as he closed his eyes for a brief moment before looking at the red fox.

"Hey you, come here" Kirihito lifted his hand up in order to beckon the fox over.

"I should kill you now that you've let your guard down. Even in the past you took what you wanted and when you were either displeased or bored with it, you would ruin it. Even though at times I had asked you not to take my stuff, you would never listen instead you found it funny which left me with carrying the fan that reminded me of Lily whether I knew or not. I never let it out of my sight in hopes of never losing that part of me that kept me sane but then you disrespected me by not listening to my request. You wanted to hunt her down just for getting in your way. I'll never forgive you for hurting, for taking things too far" Silver hissed before he was hugged by Kirihito.

"Your fur... it's warm" Kirihito commented "I don't even know why... but holding you brings my mind back to when I was with my brother" Silver's eyes went wide from the words.

"I can not believe I am saying this but till this days I have lived in a string of regrets" Kirihito said softly "I... being a human is an inconvenience, their emotional creatures who just fuel you with such things like regret" Silver's eyes narrowed with mixed emotions.

"It's so cold here that it's making me sleepy" Kirihito commented as he started to close his eyes.

"Thank you for waiting Master Kirihito, your faithful servant Yatori has arrived" Silver almost tensed up from how he had let this moment to kill his brother slip.

"When did I get so reckless?!"

"Yatori!" Kirihito looked up "what took you so long?" Silver was forced to move from Kirihito from an attack.

"Please keep away from that fox Master Kirihito" This took both Silver and Kirihito by surprise. "That fox is Silver, it was a cleaver trick fox but my eyes won't be deceived so easily"

"Silver you say?" Kirihito frowned as he looked at the red fox.

"That's right! Good grief Kikuichi you are useless!" Yatori snaps at the shikigami who glares at him.

"But I do wonder why his powers are weak, did you degenerate into a beast but I am impressed that you would come alone. You must know that we have Ookuninushi's spirit with us, tell me did you think that you would be able to stop us in that form?" Yatori asked with an interested smile as he looks at Silver who was glaring at them. "Or did you perhaps come for revenge? Maybe you've become desperate given the circumstances" Yatori's eyes narrowed as he observed Silver.

"What do you mean by that?" Silver asked with suspicious eyes.

"Oh so you don't know? It appears Lily is in bad shape, she has only six months left to live and on top of that there's a chance her twins might not survive whether they are born before she dies. Given that the twins need her to survive until they are old enough" Kirihito's eyes almost went wide in shock.

"What?" Kirihito stared at the peppy demon in shock before looking at his brother who's eyes started to narrow in anger and disbelief.

"You lie! That's not true!" Silver yelled in anger, flames surrounded him as it showed how upset he was.

"Unfortunately fox it is true, Yatori's eyes can't be deceived and to make it more interesting she didn't seem aware of her fate until I told her. But then again she did seem really upset when I told her that her unborn children had also been affected from having their life force taken along with their mother's" Kirihito's eyes went wide and a small gasp left his lips. This didn't sit well with Silver.

"You bloody liar! Stop sprouting such lies!" Silver roared angrily before his mind went to how cold Lily had been towards him back at the grand shrine, why did it feel like all of this was connected.

Just as Silver's mind wondered, Yatori's eyes glinted knowing that he had got Silver distracted. He sent Silver flying by injuring his stomach, sadly Silver was forced off a cliff before he knew what was going on.

Lily looks down at her dress that made her look like she is Alice from the book Alice and wonderland, she winces before sighs as she saw her baby bump.

She then joined the others to her shock she sees what looks like the college doctor only she had a dress that matched the wonderland theme. It was then that Lily clicked.

"You look like my mother but younger" Lily commented causing Otohiko, Mikage and Mizuki look at her while Izanami smiles.

"I figured that you would want to see your mother figure when she was a child" Izanami replied with a smile. Lily looks down before smiling at Izanami.

"Thank you"

"So shall we get started?" Izanami asked with a grin as she ushered them to the tea table. "This is a special herbal tea that I brewed, don't hold back and try it everyone" she smiles before taking a sip. Lily curious takes the cup and sips it to the males' surprise.

"L-Lily?!" Otohiko wailed before Lily looks at him blankly.

"I have a pallet that negates the effects of Yomi, plus it tastes good Izanami" Lily commented before turning to smile at the surprised woman who then smiled back. "It's has a wonderful taste that makes my taste buds melt" Lily beams.

"I'm glad that you like it, to be honest it's been a while since I spent time like this with a girl" Izanami confessed, Lily smiles.

"Grandmother has a demanding job plus Uniliya has been running around ragged when she should rest" Lily admits, Izanami smiles.

"In truth I would like to do stuff this often" Izanami confesses.

"In that case, how about we have a picnic outside Lady Izanami?" Mizuki asks with an eager smile.

"Picnic that sounds good" Izanami smiles.

"Ah but it's all dark outside though so maybe we can't" Mizuki said with a sad look.

"Now that you mention it, it is dark" Izanami comments with a frown.

Very soon cakes appeared on the table to Lily's surprised.

"Please have some" Izanami offered Lily who smiles and takes a cake.

"Izanami, I might not like Ookuninushi but he is missing and there are a lot of Deities about that flamboyant idiot to act up. Even the War God who I despise for many reasons is causing havoc in your home because the ones who took Ookuninushi's soul are trying to resurrect Akura-ou" Lily spoke with a sad look "I'd rather let him drown but given the circumstances-" Izanami smiles and nods.

"I understand" This left the males surprised at how Lily had got Izanami to try and help them.

"Does that mean that you'll help us?" Mikage asked with a smile.

"I couldn't careless about him but I do pity you lot and the surface Gods who are getting anxious" Izanami picked up her mirror.

"I'd rather feed him to a demon" Lily comments with a frown, this made Izanami smirk.

"I'm glad we're on the same page Lily" Izanami smiles before placing the mirror on the table "I shall contact his spirit with my mirror. Let us see what he has to say through it" she comments before they all look at the mirror.

Immediately the group's looks darkened while Lily's face was filled with disgust.

"No no! You can't touch there!" came a female's voice, hearing this made Lily's brow twitch in anger.

"It's fine, it's fine" said the one they were looking for.

"Oh? What are you looking over here for? I was getting to the good part so don't get in my way will you?" Ookuninushi said while holding a rose.

"LORD OOKININUSHI!" Otohiko roared in anger.

"Hey there Otohiko you look cute today" the perverted God said while smiling.

"Lord Ookuninushi where are you?! Everyone is looking for you" Mikage yelled.

"Whatever for? I'm happy where I am right now and I don't want to be disturbed. I have to admit this lady is pretty guarded" Ookuninushi said while grinning.

"I just want to kill him right now" Lily muttered darkly while she and Mizuki were staring.

"Lord Ookuninushi, we heard that you were taken by Akura-ou and his underlings" Mikage said with worried eyes.

"I guess so, it may seem like I am a hostage now but not to worry" Lily twitched. "Personally I am enjoying this situation very much-"

Without warning the mirror cracked before shattering into millions of pieces. It was then that ice started to form on the ends of the mirror, this left the males too scared to even turn and look at who could have done such a thing.

Mikage deciding to brave it turned only to release a loud scream in terror as he saw a VERY angry Izanami and Lily who's eyes had gone pure sapphire blue while her hair started floating.

"THAT MOTHER FRICKING SON OF A PERVERTED GIT!" Lily bellowed in anger. "HOW DARE HE ACT LIKE THIS WHEN THERE ARE A LOT OF DIETIES WHO ARE WORRIED SICK ABOUT HIS SORRY ASS!" Lily snapped while Izanami growled darkly from what her relative had done.

Silver's body shook as he got out of the river, blood dripped heavily from his stomach before he collapsed to the floor. He started to pant heavily before his eyes darkened, while trying to ignore the smell of blood. The very smell that gave him nightmares, the thing that led to him to black out and lose Lily.

The red fox had to get to her, he had to speak to Lily, he had to know the truth. Is she really dying? If so, why didn't she tell him?

Why didn't she...?

It was getting harder and harder to stay awake. Sadly the cold didn't help him one bit, but he couldn't stay here... he wanted to... move... but he... couldn't... stay... awake... any longer.

"Silver? Silver are you okay?" Silver grunted slightly as he wakes up, he blinks as he examines the area briefly and looks down only to see himself in high school clothes taking him by surprise. Silver then turns quickly and notices that Lily looking at him with worried eyes. The red head suddenly moves his hands to feel the sides of his head only to feel normal ears and not fox ears which had left him completely confused.

"Wha-?" Silver looks at her with startled eyes before Lily shakes her head while smiling at her confused red haired friend.

"Too much manga Mister" Lily bops his head while giggling, "might want to wean down on it okay? Now come on! We have to get to my uncle's house soon if I want to see my parents" Silver immediately staggers as he gets out of his desk and grabs his bag.

"What a weird dream... I think I might have to stop reading mangas and watching animes for a bit" Silver groans as he gets his bag. Lily rolls her eyes at his groggy behaviour.

"Only you" she giggles "So what was it about this time?" Lily asks as she looks at him with curious eyes. Silver pauses as the images get blurry to his surprise.

"I was... nothing... I don't remember" Silver replies with a sigh as he forgets what he dreamt about. Lily smiles before linking arms with a now blushing teen.

"Come on, I want to see my parents" Lily urges him along. Later on they go to a gravesite in order to see her parent's graves. Lily places a bouquet down on each grave as her uncle watches them.

"It's hard to believe we met by the lake right?" Lily asks as they then go to their secret spot. Silver smiles for a bit and leans on his hands on the grass.

"Yeah... I'm just glad my old man is in prison for what he's done" Silver says with a sigh. He sees the clear blue sky, just seeing that had caused him to relax thanks to how peaceful it was.

"It's all over now, he can't hurt you now" Lily smiles causing him to smile back.

"There you are!" a familiar female's voice catching their attention.

"Hi Lydia" there standing before them is a scarlet haired girl, beside her was a familiar dark red haired male.

"I should have known" Shinjirou says with a smirk.

"Just thinking Shinjirou it's allowed" Lily grins making his smirk grow. Silver on the other hand sighs from the teasing. All they needed was Mizuki and the whole group would be complete.

"Hey guys!" Mizuki pops from the branch above the group causing them to look up in shock.

"Jeez... I had to think of you" Silver grows as he tries to recover from being startled. He was sure almost everyone screamed from the sudden appearance. He was so quiet and sly like a snake and no one would have noticed.

"You were thinking about me? Nothing weird right?" Silver glared at the white haired boy.

"You make me want to punch you brat!" Silver snapped this caused Mizuki to cry, seeing this made the girls angry at him.

"Now now boys be nice, it's a lovely day and I don't want a fight on my parent's anniversary" Lily said sternly. This immediately quietens down the boys.

"Sorry Lily" Silver says softly. Mizuki also apologies making Lily nod slightly.

"So does anyone want to go for ice cream?" Mizuki asks suddenly, this makes them all sigh but in a good way.

"Way to break the ice" Shinjirou says with a weak smile knowing that it would allow them to relax slightly. Shinjirou's mind then went to his brother and father, he hoped that they wouldn't mind him going out for a bit. Especially since Lily's grandmother was a friend of his father.

After their ice cream outing the group immediately split up leaving Lily with Silver. The pair then make their way home and smile as they enter.

"We're home uncle!" Lily and Silver call as they take their shoes off by the side of the door. Lily's uncle Satoru shows up from the kitchen and smiles.

"Welcome home you two, Amaya and Luca have been waiting for you" Lily beams while pulling Silver by the arm making him grunt at the sudden move.

"Take it easy Lily!" Silver says lightly until he sees a blond haired woman with blue eyes just like Luca.

"Looks like we came late huh?" Amaya asks as she looks at her son who smiles.

"Nope long time no see Silvy" Silver grimaces from the nickname.

"Why are you still calling me that?" Silver asks weakly.

"Why not? It's fun" Luca teases as he looks at Silver. Both older teens sit on the opposite ends of the table as they talk about their day.

Eight Years later

"Silver where are we going?" Lily asks as she giggles at her over zealous friend. For someone a twenty five year old he sure was hyper still and not once was Lily complaining.

"Just wait already! It's bad enough I had to prolong this you know" Silver says with a smirk which made her look at him with suspicious eyes while she smiled back.

"Well we have been doing uni work, so obviously it's going to take time out of our lives" Lily replied as she followed closely. They continued walking through the familiar forest path until they reached the lake, the same one they would always visit only there was something there that was not there before.

"S-Silver what is all this?" Lily asks now transfixed by the scenery. There before them was a blanket and a few jars that contained fireflies that he had caught in order to create some light, while remembering from experience to create small holes that allow the small creatures to breathe.

Lily however was in awe as she watched everything animate before her, it was amazing to look at and was feeling happy to see that Silver had gone that far to create something simple. Silver then nudged her to the blanket and sat cross legged while facing opposite her.

"Silver this is nice thank you" Lily said with a warm smile. "I don't understand why we are here though?" she comments while looking round. Seeing the fire flies light as it shone in the dark water left her fascinated as Silver had hoped. Without warning he shifted so he was on one knee which got her turning her head, her eyes widened at the sudden move and blinked. Was he doing what she was thought she was doing? No that can't be right, he didn't believe in marriage nor was he interested in having children so why-?

Silver kissed her lips which made her thoughts vanish all together.

"Lily I have known you for most of my life. Just being with you has filled me with a lot of hope and joy" Silver said as he took her hands in his. Lily smiles from his words in truth he had filled her world with happiness and gave her a reason to smile every day to her joy.

"Ever since we met I have not been able to stop thinking about you and it's made me want to spend more time with you. People would make fun of us and tease us but you never were bothered by them. You would always tried to help me even when things in my life seemed bleak, you did that and I wanted to say thank you" Lily grinned at him before pecking his lips.

"You are welcome, I enjoyed being with you. Even when you pushed me away I would just know that you never did want to be alone. That's why I wanted to stay with you to help you for even I know what it's like to feel like I am alone" Silver's eyes softened from her words and pecked her lips.

"I love you, did I mention that?" he asked softly, his voice above a murmur. Lily smiled as their lips hovered over the other.

"No, you haven't" Lily said as she pulled back to look at his face, it was cute to see him blushing slightly. "But you have now" Lily said with a wide smile. Silver at that moment had felt lost as he stared at her while she beamed.

"Will you marry me?" Lily froze from his words and looks up to see if he's playing a joke, if he was then it was a cruel joke. Seeing Lily's reaction however made him laugh without meaning to.

"I'm serious Lily, I know I gave you the bangle to symbolize the promise we made years ago but I want to make it official" Silver says as he puts his hand in his right pocket to show her a box, once Silver opens it he shows her a diamond ring leaving Lily at a loss for words. This was happening and for once Lily was feeling giddy and scared about the whole scenario, what if things didn't work out? Then what? She didn't want to lose the one person who she cared about more than anything else in the world.

But she was willing to chance it for him, he would never have asked if he wasn't serious. So without saying anything Lily nodded while smiling.

"Ye-yes! Yes I will marry you idiot!" Lily laughed causing Silver to laugh as well before kissing her deeply. Silver then pulled back in order to slide the ring on her finger, to their relief it was a perfect fit leaving them very happy.

One year later

Lily started to pant; this had to be a punishment of some sort. Otherwise why would this be happening?

"Lily easy now you need to push a few more times before the baby is born" Vincent said as he and the midwife helped Lily with the birthing. Silver held her hand as she pushed once more before leaning back on the bed. This was definitely tiring and she wasn't sure if she could handle it but she didn't want to let her little one down. She wanted to meet the little nudger that had kept her and Silver busy during those nine months. The one that would never stop kicking even if she wanted it to.

"GHAAAAAAA!" Lily cried as she pushed once more, Silver winced from hearing her cries. It was bothering him a lot to see her in pain but there was nothing he could do except hold her hand.

"Okay good I see the head, now just one more push okay" The midwife instructed as Silver went to check, his face almost went green from what was being seen but did nothing knowing that was the last thing that Lily needed right at this second.

"Lily you can do it okay" Silver said as he held her tightly, Lily in turn smiled weakly before feeling another wave of pain enter her body. Lily then tried to push as hard as she could until the sound of a high pitched wail hit their ears. Lily sighed with relief as she leaned back.

"It's a girl" Said Vincent as he held the baby. She could hear the sound of something being snipped while Silver stayed at her side. Lily was relieved to know that he wasn't leaving her anytime soon. Silver then turns to face her with a surprised look on his face, the reality of knowing that he was a father was taking effect and it made him smile widely at the information. Silver then leaned closer and kissed Lily's forehead.

"Hey I'm sweaty!" Lily whined but smiled nevertheless.

"Okay you two this talk will have to wait, it time for round two" This makes the couple stop and stare at Vincent oddly.

"Two?" Lily asks blankly now looking at him in complete shock.

"I-I'm sorry we only asked for one" Silver said as he looks at her with wide eyes, even she was confused.

"Well I'm afraid it's twins, sadly Silver it's a genetic thing" hearing this leaves the red head shocked but smiles weakly knowing that Lily was in for another rough ride.

"At least" She grunts while smiling weakly "it's... not triplets-aaah!" Lily cries out from the pain as it suddenly comes back.

"Sorry, I didn't know" Silver says as he tries to keep his hand in hers, yes her grip is painful but compared to the birthing this had definitely taken the sting out of his hand for a bit.

Lily continued to push until the second baby was born, at the end of it she was left completely exhausted and was about to fall asleep but kept herself awake.

"It's a boy" Vincent said with a soft smile as he held the boy and passed him to the other midwife. Silver noticed that Lily was tired and pecked her forehead softly.

"Got to sleep I'll deal with them okay?" Silver asked lightly. Lily hummed in reply before slipping into a rewarding deep sleep.

After waking up Lily had began to feed the twins before placing them back in their plastic cots that had a small mattress for them to sleep in. Silver that night had stayed with them the whole time and made sure that the twins were well looked after.

"We still need to name them" Lily commented as she fed her daughter. Silver smiled.

"How about I name our daughter and you name our son?" Lily smiled at the thought.

"Deal" Lily said softly. Silver smiled at their daughter before pecking her forehead softly.

"Sakura Yuuki Hikari" Lily smiled at their daughter's name and leaned on Silver's shoulder as he sat beside her.

"Eli Hoshi Hikari" Lily replied to Silver and their sleeping son. Silver looked at her with puzzled eyes, the names almost were familiar almost as if he had heard of them somewhere before. But where? Was the question.

"Why Eli?" Silver asked while looking at her with a confused smile.

"I want something different, plus I want him to protect those who are in need of help when he's older" Silver smiled at the reason and pecked her forehead.

"I like it, it suits him" Silver comments as he holds her close.

"Little Sakura and Eli"

The End

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