Blessed Secrets

Chapter 34: Why Am I With You To Begin With



"That's a relief" Izanami and Lily twitched in anger. "It seems that Lord Ookuninushi is fine for now" Mikage said with a smile.

"That's a relief" Otohiko sighed before he turned to see Lily's dark look, he screamed in shock causing Izanami to look and blink as a huge sapphire dragon appeared behind Lily, smoke appeared from its nostrils while it's eyes narrowed in anger.

"Oh I'm sorry, so minus the fact that he's bothering another poor woman you think that it's okay huh?" Lily asked in a voice that sounded like there were two females talking at the same time. "That pervert would suffer a thousand deaths and yet he'll still be the same flirtatious perverted idiot! And that's okay?" Lily continued to talk angrily.

"N-No Sapphia honestly not! I'm he has always been like that and to think that he worried us for nothing really has made me angry" Otohiko shivered before Lily and Izanami looked at one another.

"Why not play a little game huh?" Lily asked with a devious smile that left Izanami smirking as well, this didn't go well with the males.

"That's a wonderful idea Sapphia, how about hide and seek in my maze garden?" Izanami asked while twitching in anger.

Lily toured around the maze garden with a curious look, it did seem pretty here to say the least and it left her eager to explore more than play.

"I wonder what Silver's doing now?" she pondered while looking round, even though she wore really wooly clothes due to her dislike of winter weather, she still almost shivered as the wind nipped at her face. Lily however was thankful that Izanami had allowed the clothes to keep her warm given that she was pregnant, she didn't have to give her them but she did regardless.

As she continued to walk, Lily often had felt her heart clench not from nervousness but from pain thanks to lack of vitality.

"Just a bit more" Lily assured herself as she tried to find somewhere to hide, just before she could sit down a pair of hands grabbed her causing the startled mother to turn and see something almost deformed.

"I don't want to die, I don't want to... die just yet" the thing said, seeing this left Lily sad knowing that this was a human that was trying not to cross over.

"Where is this? It's so cold, where am I? Turn me back to normal-AH!" the human screamed before a bright light vaporized it.

"Your body has decayed and disappeared, go back to where you came from" Izanami said in a stern tone as she approached Lily and where the dead human once was.

"Ah Lily there you are! I found you" Izanami said with a smile as she stops near Lily.

"That was someone who died right?" Lily asked.

"Quite right Lily, it must have lost it's way somewhere" Izanami replied while looking at Lily.

"I see..." Lily looks down slightly causing Izanami's smile to fade.

"Sometimes those who cannot accept death end up lost like that one who just appeared, the reason being Lily is that they still have a lingering attachment to their previous life" Izanami commented "And because of that, they lose the ability to think, in truth everyone disappears before a century has passed but never the less Lily you are the first to be caught"

Lily looks down slightly as she placed her hands on where the twins would currently residing, this left Izanami smiling slightly.

"Are you worried that you'll end up like that or a disembodied spirit that haunts the land of the living?" Izanami asks softly as she tilts her head. "I can assume that you already know about the fact that you will not live for very long, are you scared of dying?" Lily shook her head.

"No, it's just... there's the twins and Silver to consider" Lily looks down at her belly "I don't want my twins to die but, I also don't want Silver to be alone or to look at them and become resentful that they lived and I didn't. Worst case is that the twins and I die and he is still left alone regardless Izanami. We lost each other once and it was the most painful thing to ever happen to us" Lily confessed as the snow continued to fall, Izanami continued to watch but said nothing. "After all that time, he had survived thanks to my grandmother and I didn't know. I was scared after we met since I didn't recognize him, he was too affectionate in a way and it left me more scared however as time went by after our split. I grew to love him but now... I'm scared of leaving him alone more than I am of dying" tears started to run down Lily's face as her body started to shake from sobs that tried to leave her. Izanami smiled before pulling Lily into a hug.

"I know it's hard, things sadly are not how we like them to be" Izanami spoke kindly before pulling Lily along taking the young female by surprise "Come one let me show you something that'll give you some comfort" Lily blinked in shock and allowed Izanami to lead.

Silver gasps slightly as he wakes up, pain now registers his mind causing him to wince and whine as he remembers how he got injured to begin with.

"Doggy is hurt?" asked a voice that left Silver shifting his head so he could look at who was talking, to his surprise it was a small girl who looked very sad and lost. "Ako is lost and doesn't know where she is" the little girl said as she patted his back lightly, Silver's eyes were void of emotions as he watched her "I feel like I'm looking for something doggy, but I can't remember what it is" tears started to form in her eyes causing Silver's eyes to almost go wide. Just seeing that girl's tears reminded him of Lily when she tried the day he had died, even though he was injured Silver staggered as he got up and began to nuzzle her lightly in order to cheer her up. This took the little girl by surprise before a small smile appeared on her face.

"Nice doggy" she smiled faintly as she patted his back lightly.

""Come on, it's no good for any of us to be outside in the cold" Silver spoke while trying to encourage her to come with him, this took Ako by surprise.

"D-D-D-D-D-Doggy spoke!" Ako cried but Silver remained calm and waited for her to settle.

"I'm not going to hurt you Ako, let's go and see a place that will help you okay?" Silver almost grunted from the pain but stayed strong knowing that she would get upset and would refuse to move. Ako blinked before nodding, she moved close and patted his head lightly however Silver did not move until he saw that she was starting to trust him. Nudging his head he began to lead her to Izanami's home, he had to find Lily and talk to her. He wanted answers whether they were good or not.

He just hoped that the reason for her cold behaviour was only because she was mad at him and not because of the fact that she was dying.

Silver continued to paw at the snow in order to anchor himself so they didn't get blown away by the blizzard, as they continued to trek he spotted a temple in the distance and guessed right away that it was Izanami's home.

Silver as soon as he entered the shrine and confronted Izanami had waited for Lily to appear, as soon as he saw Lily and Mizuki his eyes narrowed slightly taking Lily by surprise. Only she was more surprised to see Silver now having an injury but tried not to let it show.

"How did you get injured? Was it because of Kirihito or something?" Lily asked bluntly, this caused Mizuki to blink at the cold tone before he twigged on why which left him sad at why she would push Silver away. Only instead of showing anger from the cold tone Silver remained strangely calm.

"I heard that you haven't got time left, that you are dying. Is that true?" Silver asked bluntly. Lily's eyes went wide and a small gasp left her lips. "Well is it Lily?" he asked while his eyes narrowed.

"Where did you hear that from?" Lily asked as she remained void of emotions.

"That low leveled demon Yatori" Silver replied coldly.

"So you met Kirihito as well?" Lily asked in the same tone.

"That is not what I asked Lily, I want to hear it from you. Is it true that you are dying?" Silver asked sharply causing Lily to pause and bite her lip.

"Lily..." Mizuki was saddened at how this could have happened.

"Yes" Lily looks down slightly and sighs weakly. "It's true" This left Silver frowning knowing that's one thing that she has admitted but then there was the other issue- the twins.

"Besides I have something from Izanami that will help you hopefully" Lily showed the flower bulb "She said that once it blooms you'll be able to go back to nor-" Lily's eyes narrowed at him as he snatched the bulb out of her hands and eat it "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME SILVER HOW MANY TIMES?!" She screamed while her right eye twitched, Mizuki's eyes were wide as he stared at Silver in shock unable to understand why Silver would do something so stupid.

However Silver's appearance changed back to before he drank the medicine, his eyes were narrowed as he looked at Lily. Without wasting time he grabbed her wrists and pulled her into a hug causing Lily to panic knowing that he would find out about the twins given how her stomach looked.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were dying no what I want to know most is why you didn't tell me that you were pregnant with twins Lily!" Silver hissed as he pulled her close to his face. "Am I that awful that you can't trust me with something like this?" he asked sharply. Mizuki's eyes went wide from the fact that Silver now knew about the twins.

"But you said that you don't want children" Lily whined as she looked away, this didn't sit well with him as he then grabbed her cheeks with one hand and made her look at him.

"Regardless this is something we created no matter what time period you were in, yes I have that fear thanks to my birth father and yes I am scared of losing you like I lost my mother but this! Lily you can't keep things like this from me!" Silver spoke coldly.

"What do you expect Silver? One way or another the twins and I are going to die, they need me to live and I'll be-"

"Don't say that!" Silver yelled "There is always a way to fix this, since when did you start giving up?" Lily's eyes went wide, the red head kissed her fiercely leaving Lily completely overwhelmed. Tears run down her face as she grabs the front of his clothes, trying to pull as much of him close to her as possible.

"I love you Lily" Silver said as he pulled back slightly from the kiss. "You are my mate and no matter what I promised to be loyal to you even when things go wrong. Am I so useless as your mate that you would not open up to me about such things? That you would not tell me how you are feeling during these difficult times?" Silver asked as he looks at her with saddened eyes that left Lily guilty and sad.

"I just... I just didn't want to bother you with this. I was hoping to leave before the six months were up after this was over, I didn't want to let you see me die since that would-"

"Lily!" he cried out in disbelief "For God's sake I lost you once! Why can't you realise that I'll never give up on you no matter what?" Silver yelled as he looked at her with serious eyes. "There is a way to fix this, if your life force was stolen then we're just going to have to steal it back" Silver snapped.

"But Silver" Lily looks at him with hesitant eyes.

"Regardless of what I feel about children, I am still going to accept them since they are ours and I know that I have this fear of being my father but for your sake, for theirs I'm willing to move past that. But you have to promise to change this attitude about keeping things from me" Silver's eyes were stern as he looks at her. "How many times have I hid things from you?" he asked while his eyes bore into hers. "We will get through this I promise" smoke suddenly formed around him before he changed back into an actual fox, this made her glare at him.

"You're stubborn rash streak is very 'reassuring' Silver, you never think about the consequences. Especially when I told you NOT to eat that bulb and that's going to no doubt put me in an early grave 'dear'" Lily commented in a dry voice.

"You know what? I think it's best that I protect her you dumb fox" Mizuki mutters with a glare, Silver meanwhile grumbled mentally from the dumb move. But at least he was able to hold Lily even if it was temporary.

"You reckless excuse for a fox!" Izanami snapped at a guilty Silver who had hung his head in shame, despite the fact that Otohiko was trying to calm the angry Goddess down.

"This is the last bulb I am giving you!" Izanami snapped as she hands a sheepish Lily a flower bulb. "These just don't just grow on trees you know" she continues to snap at Silver, meanwhile Lily sighs deeply from how much trouble Silver was causing even though he was now a proper fox... unbelievable!

"Believe me if he does it again I'm throwing him under a bus" Lily muttered darkly as she glares at a terror stricken Silver who had heard the threat.

"Isn't that a little extreme?" Mikage asked as he and Otohiko were left shocked by her words while Mizuki blinked from her words.

"Nah sending him into England would be more extreme" Lily replied with a frown.

"Why would that be extreme?" Mizuki asked as he tilted his head, even Silver was confused as well by the statement.

"Fox hunting" Lily replied in a causal voice before sipping on tea that was suppose to help her with her pregnancy. Silver's eyes immediately went wide from the thought of that happening and the worst part- he was an actual fox that could use some fire but not a lot. He would not last a day in that hunt!

"Now now, no one is sending anyone to be hunted "Mikage said softly as he tried to break the mood that hung over their heads like miasma, Lily looked at him and then the little girl that hid behind him.

"Hello little one, where did you come from?" Lily asked in a kind smile that took the girl by surprise.

"Silver found her lost in the mountains and brought her here to see if she could get help" Mikage replied. "Judging by her appearance she is definitely human but doesn't remember a thing" Lily looks at Ako with sad eyes before Izanami pulls the girl's cheek violently.

"Oi! Lay off!" Lily whined as she hugs Ako who started crying.

"This girl is not dead yet, she's a soul that's wandering between life and death" Izanami bit her lip "Souls like you are hard to deal with, now decide! Do you wish to live or die?" Izanami asked, Ako then starts to cry loudly.

"She's so scary!" Ako cries as Lily tries to comfort her.

"Izanami that was extreme, I know it's troublesome but must you be so rude?" Lily asks sternly before looking at Ako. "You should head back to the land of the living, there isn't anything for you here is there?" Lily asks softly. Ako immediately shakes her head.

"I lost it! I lost something very important to me!" Ako cried while rubbing her eyes "I don't want to go until I find it"

"What did you lost little one?" Lily asked as Silver walked towards the pair and sat next to Lily.

"I don't know, I don't remember what it was but it was really important. Please don't make me go back" Ako cried, seeing this made Lily smile before she pecked Ako's head.

"I'm sure that we'll find it, don't you worry" Lily winks causing the little girl to look up with hopeful eyes.

"You mean? You'll help me find it?" Ako asked meekly, Lily nods with a determined smile on her face.

"Count on it"

"But Lily, we need to stop Akura-ou from being brought back to life. We can't bring her there" Silver said with a frown.

"I know but, something tells me that she should come. I know Kirihito and the others are close to getting it but we have to trust that things will go well" Lily said with a determined smile.

"We have a plan regarding what we can do with Akura-ou, right Lord Mikage" Mizuki piped up, Lily and Silver looked at him with confused.

"Yes, we're going to make him drink the water of evolution and rebuild him from scratch" Mikage explained. "If we do this the Akura-ou will no longer be immortal but will be turned into a harmless creature"

"Is that really possible though?" Silver asked as he looked at his father figure with worried eyes. Mizuki grins and leans on Silver causing the red fox to give him a warning look.

"Well then, Otohiko and I will pay a quick visit to Okinawa" this took the Wind God by surprise.

"What?! Why me?" Otohiko screamed but was ignored.

"We'll bring back the Water of Evolution since a certain someone went ahead and drank it all up" This left Silver giving Mizuki a dark look. Mizuki then approaches Lily and gives her a hug.

"Stay safe okay" he smiles before handing he an egg "This is the Dragon God's rob of feathers, Unari gave it to me before we left that day. I'm sure it'll protect you against the fire when you enter, keep it safe" Mizuki smiled as Lily returns the hug.

"I will, thank you Mizuki" she smiles at him.

"You're very confident Mizuki, how on earth do you intend for her to climb the mountain of fire?" Otohiko snapped, "it's covered in flames and there's no way to climb it, nor is this fire something you can just blow out" he ranted.

"There has to be otherwise why is Kirihito here to begin with?" Lily asked with a frown

"There is a way" Izanami said as she laid on her bed. "the mountain was something that was created by Ookuninushi, so he should be able to open a path upwards" This took them all by surprise.

"It's no wonder that his soul was stolen! Unbelievable!" Silver ranted darkly.

"We have to catch up to them now before it's too late" Lily cried as she looks at them.

"With luck they haven't reached the mountain, thanks to the freezing cold weather they would have had to stop. Only now that the freezing weather has passed it's no doubt that they'll be on the move" Silver commented as he stays by Lily's side.

"I'll never forgive my brother for taking her life force! It's bad enough that he's hurt her but the twins as well?! Does he really think that I'll allow this to end well for him?" Silver almost bared his teeth from the anger that was forming around him. He flinched when Lily patted his head lightly.

"Don't kill him please" Lily asked softly causing his eyes to go wide.

Kirihito looks a the mirror and frowns after punching Yatori for his comment, just a little more and he'll get his body back but... why did he feel empty even though he was so close to achieving his goal?

"There's so much that you don't know Akura-ou, a whole lot of things that would make your stomach turn and leave you with nightmares" Kirihito's eyes narrowed from hearing Lily's words. He had remembered that day he had trailed her to see what she was doing, only just as the male was about to leave he had spotted a tall man wearing a brown trench coat and a hat spying on Lily from a distance. Just seeing that left Kirihito confused as to why that human would even follow her. What surprised him more was that his other shikigami had informed him that this man had been following her for a while now, even before she was pregnant leaving Kirihito suspicious. Without thinking he took out something from his trouser pocket and looked at it with pensive eyes.

"Keep it, maybe if you want to visit your niece or nephew you are more than welcome" Kirihito remembered her sad smile, just seeing that left his heart wrenching from the pain she would be feeling. Was she going to be okay? No of course not after all the three of them were going to die thanks to the fact that he stole their life forces, what also left him with mixed emotions was the fact that Silver would be alone though he now knows that he is going to be a father. Why did just seeing his eyes leave the black haired male feeling sad?

"Ugh what's wrong with me? Why should this bother me? After all I always take what I want, I always break, steal and destroy things as I please. What's more is that no one could stop me! No one could catch up to me except... you brother. I never needed idiots who couldn't keep up for they were an eye sore that I hated and wanted nothing more than to get rid of" Kirihito looked down at the scan, as soon as he closed his eyes two children with fox like appearances appeared in his mind. They were faceless but sounded happy as they giggle, just hearing that left a tug at his heart.

"I'm getting what I want but why? Why do I feel so bloody empty? It makes no sense! I hardly felt things like regret so why is it showing up now?" he bit his lip in anger and frustration.

"Akura-ou..." Lily's spirit appeared before him while smiling softly.

"Lily? What...? Did you already die?!" Kirihito asked in shock even though she smiled.

"Once something breaks, once trust has been shatter it'll never go back to how it was before. Yes you did wrong... but it's how you try to fix it- how you try to redeem yourself that's the main thing" His eyes narrowed.

"I don't need redemption girl... and yet" he growled mentally before looking at the picture, however just as Kirihito was about to crumble it he stopped. For some reason the black haired male couldn't do it, just looking at such small frail things would leave him annoyed at how weak they were and yet after what he had done. They were still fighting to stay alive which left him baffled, after all why fight the inevitable?

"Are you planning on getting up Kikuichi?" Yatori's words started Kirihito out of his musing and pocketed the scan before Yatori could see it. "It's because of you that we're taking this long!" Yatori ranted.

"Why do I feel so lost?" Kirihito muttered as he stood up.

"If it's hard on you, then return to the world of the living Kikuichi" Kirihito spoke sternly.

"No, I want to accompany you a little longer" his shikigami spoke with determination.

"Fine but if you are too slow, I will not wait for you" Kikuichi nodded knowing that his master meant it.

"Just a bit further until I an reunited with my body" Kirihito then started to walk towards their destination.

"But once you get your body back then what Akura-ou? Would you truly be happy?" Lily's voice echoed in his ear causing him to glare.

"Obviously I would be happy!" he barked not believing that he's ranting at something that wasn't there.

"But would taking revenge undo what has happened? Would you be happy to take your brother's life away? Even though he feels guilty for doing it, if there had been another way... do you think that he would not take it?" Lily asked with sad eyes. Kirihito not caring if he was being odd turned to glare at her 'image'.

"I don't need to listen to something that is not there! Get out of my head!" Kirihito yelled causing Kikuichi and Yatori to blink not knowing what was going on with Kirihito. 'Lily' however sighed at him while her eyes were saddened.

"But I am... I am created by your consciousness... right?" Kirihito's eyes went wide before he forced himself to run away from her.

"You can't escape your emotions Akura-ou! Keeping things bottled will only hurt you in the end" She spoke loudly.

"She's wrong! That thing is wrong! I don't feel! I will never care! So why won't she leave me alone?!" Kirihito ignored the other two who were following him, he just wanted this to be over now before he went mad.

"But aren't you already alone Akura-ou? Isn't that what started this mess to begin with?" 'Lily' asked him with melancholy eyes before vanishing from where she once stood.

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