Blessed Secrets

Bonus Chapter: The One Where Lily Takes Anger Management Seriously!

"You know what? Ditch this!" She gets up and beats them to a pulp before going to her room and tries to read while levitating and moving the balls.

"Lily as surprised as I am that you are here, I must say that these results are very worrying" Vincent said as he looked at the file on his desk. Why was Lily here again?

Well it started because Silver was having a huff no not just a huff but a major strop about Mizuki being the new familiar at the shrine, in fact Silver didn't even want the snake familiar at the shrine at all even though Lily was the new owner of the shrine. Now he was constantly either ignoring her or was fighting with Mizuki over drinking in the shrine when the red head was doing all the work, which was exactly one of the reasons why Silver had refused to have him in the shrine at all. The second was that they hated each other and would often stir up trouble when Lily was trying to either do work, sleep, eat, whenever Lily was trying to do anything the whole shrine was lit up with either arguments or anarchy thanks to Shinjirou's visits much to her dismay. So in order to avoid the major migraine that was starting to fester in her head, she had gone to the one place that she refused to be caught dead in being- Vincent's office.

Yes it took the older cousin by surprise but he was more than happy to welcome her in... even if she did look like she was about to go insane at any moment.

"What is it?" Lily asked weakly as she looked at him even though she sounded like she was annoyed that he would make her take a test to see how she was, just hearing her reply almost made Vincent raise a brow.

"Your stress levels are almost as bad as my father's, what exactly is going on in your house?" Vincent asked in alarm. Just hearing that question made her whine slightly.

"Silver isn't taking that fact that I have brought a new familiar to the shrine kindly" Lily replied as she slumped onto the table, Vincent winces before looking at the file again.

"I see, listen Lily your stress levels have gone past the borderline of worrying. If this doesn't go down you'll end up back here only it'll be in a hospital bed" Vincent said with concern in his voice, Lily however glares at him.

"You think I don't know that?" she snaps darkly "I hate the fact that both won't get along as it is, I don't need you reminding me that I could end up on my death bed" Vincent shook his head knowing that she was about to snap once again.

"Lily I think there might be one thing that might help you on this situation" She narrowed her eyes at him.

"And that is?"

Lily blinked in shock as she eyed the three normal marbles in her right hand and began to levitate them slowly but allowed the trio to clink at times.

"Hmm" Lily nodded almost impressed by what was going on and smiled, at times she moved her fingers in a circular manner almost as if she was grabbing something before releasing the invisible thing.

Lily after spending a few minutes of watching the marbles had began to get back to her studies. For once she was actually mentally thanking her cousin for sending her to an anger management shrink who had suggested to use these balls to ease her temper, given that as long as she had something to distract her from blowing up. The black haired teen would be able to focus on other things after all, who likes losing their temper?

Suddenly Silver opens the door to her room causing her to look up.

"Lily you have to get him out! I really can't take him anymore" Silver snapped as he approached her, Lily however looked at him blankly.

"What did he do?" Lily asked while looking at him, this didn't sit well with him.

"He's lazy and drinks sake when he should be doing his chores! How can you allow something like that into the shrine?!" Silver yelled while Lily blinked before looking down at her laptop.

"That's nice" Lily said while sighing as she allowed the marbles to continue to hover. Silver's eyes went wide in shock at how Lily was not responding in a way that he wanted, shouldn't she be mad about that lazy snake? "Do be a good fox and deal with it on your own please" Lily said as she got back to work. Silver's eyes twitched before walking out the room.

"Be a good fox?! What the hell is she on?!" Silver ranted as he went to deal with the snake.

By the time it was dinner time Lily had sat at the table reading a book while Silver, Mizuki and the shrine spirits were eating quietly until Mizuki looks at Silver.

"Silver can you pass me the soy sauce" Mizuki asked as Silver had place his chop sticks to his mouth, the red head paused before lowering his hand to give the snake a glare.

"It's right next to you lazy pest, maybe if you actually learn to use your hands to pick things up for once then you'd be able to use it five minutes ago" Silver replied darkly while Lily continued to eat.

"Lady Lily Silver is being mean to me" Mizuki whined while releasing tears causing Lily to look up, Silver on the other hand almost snapped his sticks in half.

"Mizuki when you ask people, remember to say please when you are asking someone for something" Lily said in a calm bright tone that left both males looking at her, Silver almost smirked from the response.

"Yeah Mizuki, say please next time" Silver said while leering at Mizuki who gave him a dark look.

"Silver must you always try to find ways of picking fights with him?" Silver's eyes went wide as Mizuki smirked at him "and you Mizuki are also doing it as well so can you stop trying to stir up trouble?" Lily asked brightly while smiling at them. This made both familiars stunned at how calm she was, in fact she was smiling at them almost as if the shrine was not filled with arguments and that they were all getting along.

"Um... Lily are you feeling okay?" Silver asked as he watched her finish eating.

"Yup" Lily said before taking her last bite of food.

"Then why- where is this sudden mood come from? In fact I've hardly heard you get angry all day" Silver stuttered as he continued to look at her.

"Hmm?" she looks up "Oh I got fixed" she smiles brightly before getting up and left the room, leaving two stunned familiars and shrine spirits to stare at one another.

"B-By who? Silver turned to look at the door that Lily went through which lead to her room.

"Hello little sister!" Shinjirou entered Lily's room with a wide smile while holding a bag. Lily looks up and smiles widely at him.

"Oh Shinjirou! How are you? You look well" Lily chirps at her brother figure who had almost twitched.

"I'm well dear brother, I was just doing my homework" Lily beamed as she lifted her book that had her sketches in it before putting it back down. "So how are you? Good day at the studios?" she asked brightly.

"They weren't kidding when they said that she was smiling all the time, what an earth happened to the rock that always stopped us from going nuts?" Shinjirou asked in panic. Lily blinked from his words before laughing.

"Oh Shinjirou! You think of the most funniest things" Lily chortles as she waves her hand. "I just had a wake up call that's all" Lily beams as she tilts her head and giggles which left the tengu feeling more disturbed than ever.

"A-A wake up call?" Shinjirou asked in an almost high pitched voice, Lily nods eagerly.

"Yup, Vincent just had a chat with me and now here I am" Lily smiles even more.

"Did he put you on drugs or something?!" The dark red head asked in shock, Lily laughed from the question.

"Oh brother you say the most funniest things, no I have these to play with" she gestures to the marbles she was constantly playing with using her powers. "They are a good source of distracting me from being too angry, you know" she pouts "I've been so angry and I might have said a lot of mean things to you, and for that I am really sorry for being such a mean person. I mean after what you endured at your birth home it's no surprising that this would make you really upset" Lily said with a sad smile, this almost made his jaw drop at the fact that her attitude had done a three sixty.

"I er see, look as happy as I am that you are happy and playing with those-" he winces "ball" she nods with a genuine smile, there was not a trace of anger or anything negative to his surprise.

"Yup, if I get angry I just play with these. But I just find them even more fun to play with, even if I have homework it stops me from lashing out on any mistakes" she chuckles in a very happy manner. Shinjirou smiles weakly.

"Well I have this for you since I know you like hazelnuts" Lily peers at the bag.

"Why thank you Shinjirou, oh hazelnut syrup I love it! Oh and you brought the hot chocolate powder to nice one!" she chirps and giggles at the same time leaving him more disturbed as she gets up to hug him, as thrilled as he was to see her happy. This was a little too much for him to take.

"Well I'll leave you with your work and- balls" he almost chokes on the word 'balls' again as he turns to leave after they part from the hug.

"Oh okay, it's lovely to see you again brother. Come back any time!" she waves eagerly.

"I'm starting to doubt that I will if you keep that up" he mutters causing her to laugh and swat him lightly.

"Oh stop it! I'm happy now and-" she takes a deep breath and exhales sharply. "I'm content, no more anger for me" she winks as she tilts her head to the side. Shinjirou smiles weakly before leaving.

Once he was out the room he stormed over to the living room.

"Okay what the hell did I just see?" Shinjirou asked as he looked at them sharply. "What the actual hell did you two do to get her this way?" he snaps while glaring.

"I didn't do anything" Silver barks as he glares at Shinjirou while Mizuki is left stunned from how disturbed the tengu was.

"She couldn't have been that bad right?" Oishi asked before the trio glared at him.

"Okay! What the hell did you do to Lily Vincent?" Shinjirou asked as he slammed his hands on the doctor's desk. The male blinked and looked from doing paper work.

"Oh hello Shinjirou-"

"Save it what exactly did you do? THAT-" the tengu paused "The one who is living in that shrine with those things is not Lily! Did you replace her with some kind of happy go lucky shikigami or something?" Shinjirou asked looking like he was about to have a break down, Vincent twigged.

"Oh! I see, the thing is that Lily's test results showed large amounts of stress" Shinjirou nodded sharply "and given that her anger like my dad's is causing this to make her blood levels rise up, I had suggested a therapist to deal with this problem since if her stress levels continued to rise would then be the death of her" Vincent replied with a chuckle. Shinjirou wasn't laughing.

"She isn't-" Shinjirou paused "the familiars are fighting at the shrine and no one is stopping them, it's been almost a whole week and already there's chaos in the shrine and all she's doing? Is playing with those marbles and is ignoring them constantly!" Shinjirou snapped causing Vincent to smile weakly.

"I'm sorry but what she and the anger therapist had said-"

"You got her an anger therapist?! Vincent why not ask the familiars to start world war three and four?! They hate each other and have started to go nuts thanks to Lily's constant happy behaviour!" This took Vincent by surprise. "No one is doing work in that shrine and a table was destroyed in the scuffle last night!" Vincent bit his lip from how stressed Shinjirou looked.

"Look Shinjirou, You can't always have Lily deal with all your messes. Sometimes you have to get involved and deal with the problems yourself, if Lily continued down her serious angry route then she would have out herself in hospital" Vincent said with a stern look, Shinjirou groaned and hung his head.

"But she is their master! They won't listen to anyone else" Shinjirou cried.

"What about grandmother Serena?" Vincent suggested with a weak smile, Shinjirou's glare said it all.

"She refused" Shinjirou bit angrily.

"Of course" Vincent sighed heavily while looking at the stressed tengu. "I know it's new but you should try to see it through her point of view, stress leads to headaches and other unwanted problems. Would you want to be suffering that?" Vincent asked as he folded his arms.

"Well no but-"

"Please either let them sort it out or deal with it okay, I'm sure you can do it" Vincent said with a warm smile that left Shinjirou glare at him bitterly.

"I swear if I have to see another person smiling I'm going to slap them, it's getting annoying!" Shinjirou yelled as he left the room, Vincent chuckled.

"I know" Vincent said lightly before resuming his work.

Shinjirou gawked at the half blown up shrine, he was only gone for about twelve hours and the shrine was now half ruined.

"Ugh! Those pests!" Shinjirou stormed to the nearly ruined part of the shrine and glared at the two familiars who were sitting away from one another.

"Need I ask what happened?" Shinjirou asked sharply, mentally glad that the part that Lily's quarters was at had remained undamaged. Silver turned to glare at him and then at the snake.

"This damn snake messed with the gas and lit the match when the gas was put on high!" Silver barks angrily, the tengu glared at Mizuki who had some of his hair singed. Like Silver his clothes had some holes, however Silver's hair at the back had almost been damaged if it wasn't for his foxfire.

Shinjirou sighed loudly and looked at them.

"Look I know that you don't want him here Silver, but can you and this snake get along for once in your gosh dang lives?" Shinjirou asked weakly until they heard foot steps and turned to see Lily looking at the damaged area in shock.

"Oh my!" Lily gasped in shock while the balls started moving quickly causing Shinjirou to guess that she was trying to keep her cool. "What happened here?" she asked looking at them in alarm.

"Gas leak" Shinjirou admitted sheepishly while her familiars murmured in agreement, Lily looks at them weakly.

"Okay... but can you please sort this mess up please? I was going to get a snack" Lily said with a weak smile before walking out the room so she could get back to her room. Shinjirou sighed loudly and glared at them.

"I can't stand this!" Silver said weakly "Someone has to get her back to normal, I can't deal with another one of those happy go lucky smiles. She use to really put the fear of things into this shrine and now, even after this! She doesn't scold us or anything!" Silver cried, Mizuki nods weakly.

"But how?" Mizuki asked while the males frowned and pondered on what could get her back to normal. Shinjirou winced knowing that this was not going to end well for Lily at all.

"Sorry sis" Shinjirou said weakly before looking at them.

"What things does she hate?" Shinjirou asked causing them to stop and look.

"Lady Lily?" Lily looks up to see Mizuki smiling at her.

"Oh hi, how are you? Did you need anything?" Lily asked, the snake familiar shakes his head and smiles.

"Nope, I just wanted to know if I could sit in your room with you?" Mizuki asked with eager eyes. Lily smiles and nods.

"Sure, I'm just about done with my homework so just let me finish this and we can hang out if you want?" Lily suggested, this left him surprised enough to nod eagerly.

"Sure I'd love that Lady Lily!" Mizuki chirps, Lily smiles brightly before looking down at her laptop. Now distracted the snake familiar winces as he grabs his jar of sake and sake glass. The snake familiar entered the room and places the jar beside him, he starts to drink after pouring some sake into his glass and began drinking. Lily after hearing the something touch the mats looked up and blinked from seeing him drink sake but says nothing.

"Oh do you want some?" Mizuki asked with a smile.

"Sorry" she smiles weakly "I'm teetotal which means I don't drink" Lily adds before resuming her work. Mizuki blinks from the fact that she didn't even scold or tell him off for drinking and continued to drink before refilling his cup, he then placed the jar on the table so his knee didn't bump into it this time.

Minutes later Shinjirou smiles and enters.

"Hello you two" Lily looks up, smiles and waves at them. "Good afternoon?" Shinjirou asked.

"Yup I sure-oh" Lily pulls her laptop back to avoid the sake jar that had been tipped.

"I'm so clumsy, sorry Lily" Shinjirou said weakly as he grabbed the jar.

"No it's okay, things happen" Lily reassures them with a smile.

"At least your laptop-oh wow I'm so sorry" Shinjirou cried as he 'accidently' tipped some sake onto her computer, this made the electronic item turn itself off due to liquid short circuiting the laptop. This left Lily crying out in shock and then looked at him.

"Shinjirou..." she pauses "It's okay" she said weakly now miserable since she was just mere seconds from finishing.

"I'll get this to a repair shop as soon as possible" Shinjirou said as he grabbed the laptop while she held onto the external hard drive.

"That would be nice thank you brother" Lily said with a meek smile while her marbles were moving around like made, at the same time they clashed into one another creating a clinking noise ever time.

Lily now happy that her laptop was back to normal had resumed work. Now finished she laid back on futon and smiled in relief until something strange caught her attention.

"I hope you don't mind but I need a break from the damn snake since he refuses to do any chores" Silver apologized as he smoked his new pipe, Lily blinked in shock and looked away for a bit before looking back at him.

"Um Silver, you know how I feel about smoking right" She said weakly, Silver looked at her and shrugged.

"I know but since you've been very laxed on rules I decided why not, after all if you let that snake drink I thought why not smoke as well?" Silver asked with a grin, Lily frowned even though she was trying to smile at him.

"I see... look Silver unlike you this smoking can kill me so can you smoke somewhere else?" Lily asked while trying very hard not to cough. Silver paused for a bit.

"Nah" he shook his head before taking a puff. This made Lily purse her lips and the marbles that were near her face started to move rapidly.

"Silver, I'm sure that you can do this in your room?"

"Why smoke alone in my room when I can join my master in her room? I know touching you is a no no, so why not smoke after all I'm not toughing you or anything right?" Silver asked with a wide grin that left Lily's right eye twitching.

"I... see..." Lily said while gritting her teeth. "Silver as your master, please take your smoke to your room" Lily asked in a calm but cheerful voice. Silver blinked and looked side to side before turning his head back to facing Lily.

"Was that an order Lily?" Silver asked with a sly smile as he watched Lily's marbles move a little too quickly.

"Yes, now please go" Lily said a little strongly, Silver shrugged before tapping some tobacco onto the mat causing her smile to twitch as he made no move to clean that mess up. Instead he left the burnt tobacco on the mat and went to his room. Lily continued to look at the remains with a slight frown.

"She's not cracking" Silver hissed as he looks at the trio who frown from the news.

"I'm surprise that she didn't when you started smoking in her room" Shinjirou commented as he looks at the fox.

"I'm surprised that she didn't scream or rant at me" Silver muttered as he chewed on the end of his pipe in frustration. "We need to make a bigger mess to get her to snap" Mizuki looked at them.

"Should we really? I mean is it worth getting her to snap?" Mizuki asked weakly, the pair glared darkly at the snake.

"What Lily is doing is unnatural, yes at times I feel bad for getting her mad but she's the only thing that's put us in line besides Serena" Shinjirou said sharply, Silver nodded in reply.

"We need to destroy those balls" Silver spoke with venom knowing that she was using those marbles to distract herself from snapping, the pair nodded sharply.

"But how?" Mizuki asked.

Three days later Lily was sitting in the living room having her lunch. She was enjoying a nice film that came on the laptop called 'While you were sleeping' at times she had laughed as she bit into her sandwich feeling at ease.

"I wonder what uncle and the others are doing? Speaking of others..." she looked at the doors with suspicious eyes. "Something is up with those three... but! I'm not going to read their minds instead I'm going to relax and take things steady" Lily nods now feeling satisfied with her plan and resumed eating.

Meanwhile Silver came in this time with a plate containing an omelet since he wasn't very hungry at the current time, to her relief he did not smoke as he sat at the table.

"What are you watching?" Silver asked only Lily could not hear thanks to her earphones, Silver raised a brow and shrugged. "Lily?" he poked her lightly but Lily remained oblivious since she was listening and watching her film.

"Lily?" Silver asked again only this time he frowned "LILY!" Silver yelled causing Lily to jump slightly and pause the film, removing one earphone she turns to look at him.

"Yes Silver?" Lily asked with a small smile, Silver almost twitched.

"I was asking you about what you were watching" Silver said with a frown, Lily blinked and looked at her screen.

"Oh I was watching While You Were Sleeping" She replied with a light chuckle.

"I see" Silver muttered lowly.

"Anything else?" Lily asked catching his attention.

"No" Silver spoke bluntly which ended the talk; Lily shrugged before pressing the play button after putting her earphone back in her ear. Silver's eyes narrowed before shoving some chunks of omelet into his mouth feeling completely annoyed by the turn of events.

"Lily can I- OH COME ON!" Silver yelled as Mizuki who had arrived sent the red head's food onto his lap, this caused Silver to glare at the innocent looking Mizuki.

"What is it Silver?" Mizuki asked with a grin only Silver wasn't smiling.

"YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!" yelled the fox who now grimaced from the fact that his clothes were dirty. This made Mizuki chuckle until food that had landed on Silver had landed on the snake familiar's head silencing him completely.

"Silver that was mean! Why must you be so mean all the time?" Mizuki whined while Lily was still engrossed in her film to his surprise, Silver however was too angry to care.

"You flaming snake! I knew I should have made you wax the floors you dumb waste of space!" Silver roared as he tacked Mizuki to the floor and started to beat the living daylights out of him. Lily who was too into the film ignored them even when the table had been rattled slightly, instead of responding she turned up the volume and started to put the laptop on her lap just before Mizuki could land on it. Sadly the table had been reduced to two halfs. Lily continued to watch the film not caring that both familiars were at the other ones throats.

"Will you both calm down?" Shinjirou asked dryly as he dumped the whole jar of sake onto their heads causing Silver and Mizuki to freeze from the cold liquid and looked up in shock. "Now that I have your attention, can you explain to me as to why you are fighting?" the tengu asked only what greeted him were a hand from both males that grabbed his legs. The tengu screamed in shock as he was sent onto the floor.

"You think it's funny to spill sake on us?!" Silver hissed darkly causing Shinjirou to go cold.

"Yeah! Don't forget I made this sake that you've just wasted!" Mizuki snapped before the pair began to beat Shinjirou who was crying and yelping from the pain that was being introduced.

"Lily help me!" Shinjirou screamed mentally causing Lily to blink as the floor shook a bit. Pausing the film she took one earphone out Lily then turned to look at where Shinjirou was only what greeted the girl shocked her deeply.

"What the-?" Lily almost dropped her jaw from not only seeing the paper wall torn but was forced to watch her familiars beating her brother.

"Guys must you fight?" Lily asked weakly as she watched them only they did not listen causing her to sigh and get up. "Come on, please can you stop now" again they didn't listen causing her to twitch slightly only before Lily could speak, hit two of her marbles had been reduced to metal liquid puddles causing her eyes to go wide in shock at how serious the fighting had gotten as the pair were now not just picking on her brother but each other.

"Silver, Mizuki Shinjirou please don't-" Lily went silent as the sake jar hit her in the face causing her mentally go 'ow'. Lily starting to feel a migraine enter her mind as her face showed that she was completely and utterly ticked off.

"Guys..." she said in a sharp voice even though she had a dry smile on her face, only they were not listening causing her smile to go wider. "WILL YOU ALL PACK IT IN AND MOVE AWAY FROM THE OTHER THIS INSTANT YOU STUPID WASTE OF SPACES!" Lily roared in anger causing the whole shrine to shake violently. The trio froze the moment she had started to yell at them, without talking the trio slowly turned to look at Lily only now did they wished that they hadn't.

Behind Lily was a huge sapphire dragon with sapphire eyes, it's eyes were narrowed while the air around them had changed from warm temperature to below freezing causing the pair to shiver violently only it wasn't just from the cold. UH-OH!

"Now that I have your dumb attentions! WHO'S BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO MAKE ME MAD?! DON'T BE SHY STAND UP AND TAKE A BOW YOU STUPID ANNOYING PEST!" Lily said sarcastically, ignoring the blood that was running down her nose thanks to the collision with the jar.


"WELL?! WHO WAS IT?!" Lily bellowed now sounding like there were two voices speaking at the same time.

Oh did they really make her mad...

Was it worth it?

"OH AND SILVER?!" Silver looked at her almost shaking as he was still on Shinjirou. "WHO TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS OKAY TO SMOKE AGAIN?!" Silver winced from thecomment "AND ANOTHER THING! DIDN'T I DESTROY YOUR PIPE?!" Silver was forced togulp in fear knowing now that he was in for it.

Silver and Mizuki grumbled as they did chores only they had not stopped since they woke up, nor did they have a break to eat. Instead the chores carried on until two in the morning, however they were not alone in this punishment.

"I'm starting to regret ever making her mad" Shinjirou muttered as he continued to clean the toilets.

"I think we all are" Silver muttered as he cleaned the tobacco he had left behind.

Lily however was staring at them angrily while tapping her foot.

"The next time you decide to dump tobacco remains in my room, you had better pray that I was either a) not in the room and b) carrying either a knife or a gun! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!" Lily ranted at Silver who winced from the loud noise.

"Yes Lily..." Silver muttered weakly.

"Excuse me?!" She asked loudly.

"Yes Lily!" Silver raised his voice as he looks at her.

"It's Master Lily to you! You lowly pest!" Lily snapped as she glared at him, this left him wincing at how she was now used her status as master to get him in line.

"Yes... Master Lily" Silver replied sounding tired.

"I'm sorry what was that?" Lily barked angrily.

"Yes Master Lily!" Silver said now trying to sound respectful while at the same time wanted nothing more than to have the ground swallow him whole. Mizuki and Shinjirou were in shock from what had just happened.

"Wow... she just made Silver her bitch" Shinjirou commented as his eyes went wide, Mizuki nodded in reply not believing what he was seeing until ice cold water hit his and the tengu's back causing them both to yelp from the cold.

"Did I say you can stop and chat? No I did not so get back to work maggots!" Lily barked angrily.

"Yes Master Lily" Shinjirou and Mizuki said weakly as they resumed working.

"Unfreaking believable" Lily muttered darkly as she glared at them with intense eyes.

A few weeks later- after the Narukami incident

"Where is Lily?" Silver asked as he approached the shrine spirits and Luca after kicking Mizuki out of the shrine.

"Oh she is in bed" Luca replied while the spirits looked at him.

"I swear that girl is getting lazy and lazy every day" Silver muttered as he stormed over to her room, not knowing that Lily was doing all nighters and had been staying up until two or three in the morning.

"How long are you going to be sleeping?!" Silver yelled as he slams the door open. However Lily doesn't respond but remains in bed but doesn't move. This makes Silver growl angrily.

"Are you even listening to me?!" Silver yells as he storms over, he glares at her with angry eyes as he stops just inches near her bed. The red head then nudges Lily with his foot 'lightly' so he doesn't damage her back only the results were not what he had in mind.

"GHAAAAAA!" Silver suddenly screams loudly as his back hits the floor from shock, his eyes go wide showing terror as he watches Lily's head roll on to the floor. Silver gasps and releases weak cries not knowing what to do as he places one hand in front of his mouth to hide the shock.

Did he just kill Lily?!

He couldn't have!

Silver had just nudged her knowing that such a simple move wouldn't kill her only now he was left terrified by what he had seen.

Without thinking the red head scrambles off the floor and runs out in a blind panic.

Silver as soon as he sees Luca and the shrine spirits begins yelling and panicking over the fact that Lily's head had come off, this took the trio by surprise as they watch the normally calm kitsune go nuts over something that would not be logically possible... right?

Lily on the other hands smiles even though she can hear Silver screaming and could sense his petrified emotions, she begins to yawn now happy and satisfied from had just happened. The tried teen then starts to relax and sleep in the basement where Silver would often hide in via the trap door. Only near where she slept contained a door to a hot spring.

Yeah... this was the life!

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