Blessed Secrets

Chapter 4: The Book of the Other Lily P1

Lily sorted out the last of her items that she had from home, but managed to keep a few just in case she needed to lay low for a bit or needed for some reason.

Lily sighed with relief as she whipped the beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Silver wasn't joking when he said that he would cater to her every need, he provided her and Shinjirou with an extra pair of hands. In turn this helped them sort out her room without wasting time. Shinjirou wasn't happy about this turn of events since it meant that the mark would put her at risk and that he would not be able to see her when he got home. He even admitted that it would be lonely without her making Lily grin and hug him tightly.

"You can always visit brother! You and Lydia are more than welcome but don't forget college idiot!" Lily smiled before flicking his head slightly. The tengu smiled in reply before leaving her to deal with her stuff. Lily in turn looked around her new room which was Mikage's old room with a satisfied look, a brief thud caught her attention causing Lily to look around but there was nothing there to the girl's confusion. What caused that noise she wondered? Not knowing what to do she began to walk away from the futon only to yelp as her foot caught onto something, this made her fall to the floor causing her to graze her chin.

"Ooow… what was that?" Lily asked weakly as she went onto her hands and knees in order to survey the area. Nothing seemed to be out of place and she doubted that the spirits would pull any tricks on her; after all they seemed to like her a lot. Seeing them act like that made Lily feel welcome and right at home.

"Hmm?" Lily moved her right foot so the top it was slid across the tatami mats by a few centimetres and immediately felt something hard touching her toe. Lily feeling confused looked back to see a book to her confusion. What was it doing on the floor? She was sure that she didn't put anything like that on the floor; it also didn't look like any book she would have so how did it get there?

Curiosity took over the teen as she picked it up carefully. To her surprise it had a beautiful set of birds flying on the book, the texture of the book was rough but it had an interesting set of colours and design that intrigued her.

Lily began to open the book and read the first page; to her surprise it had a name that left her puzzled.

"Lily Hikari's diary"

"But I don't have or own a diary… I wonder how it got here" Lily pondered before turning another page in the book. Immediately she paused and stared at it, was she really reading it right? This seemed like a hoax but at the same time she couldn't help but keep reading the page.

"This is a true story, one that I hope will never repeat again. This book contains information for Lily Hikari who reads this; only she can read this book for the diary has been enchanted by my power. One that is a copy but borrowed from the original. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is also Lily Hikari but I am not her at the same time. The Lily who is meant to be alive is dead" Lily's hands tensed and her body felt cold. That wasn't right. There was no way that this was true.

"I was created by my mother Serena the grandmother of the girl who had died from a broken heart, to others it might have seemed suicide but it's not like she knew what it was. The reason I am saying this is because this family only has one love- a soul mate that draws us to them. If that soul mate dies then a part of us dies as well. This leaves us to severe depression that causes us to lean towards death. The reason is because of a curse that originated in a lost continent called Mu. A woman who was envious of our ancestor- Lily's ancestor, the woman had fallen in love with a man but he had a love interest that was kept a secret. The young he had fallen love with Espira, the princess of the forgotten kingdom and a soul survivor of an assassination that took her family. Seeing Espira and the man together who had married in secret, it made the woman's blood boil with rage and hatred that she had sold her soul to the devil in order to gain the power to kill Espira in order to gain revenge, to allow her to suffer like she did. Shortly after selling her soul the woman turned demoness had discovered that Espira had been carrying a baby, it made the woman mad with jealousy and began to create a rift in the kingdom after refusing to marry the man's brother. The woman the day before the collapse of the kingdom had cursed Espira, the day she gave birth was the day she would die.

Zerken the man who married Espira was furious had turned to his allies the leaders of the other two clans for help. He grew desperate and hearing the news shocked them for he had committed taboo. Not knowing that their parents had allowed them to marry due to their sudden deaths.

Just before Espira could be harmed and not knowing that she could die once their child was born, Zerken had opened a time portal and sent Espira through it. At a price he took the demoness to his grave after she murdered him. However just when everyone was sure that their lives would be put to rest came a tragedy. A thousand years ago from now a scorned demoness began to deceiving people telling them that she could bring prosper their village if they resurrected her instead of Zerken, sadly their need took over and began to use a forbidden technique to do it. Happy that this plan worked the demoness had continued to chase after the princess' line; until a woman born from a family that had been living in a nearby village that had also suffered the demoness' wrath had appeared one night. She used a holy sword that was used to seal up the demoness for her crimes instead of killing her. Enraged by this the demoness began to spread rumors in hopes of killing off the last woman knowing that she was the descendent of Espira and Zerken. Till this day the family has continued to hide without being spotted.

The reason I am telling you all this is because you are the descendent of those women who suffered. Both Espira and Yumi who had gave their lives to stop the violence. They might have not succeeded in stopping the demoness but like them, you are running out of time. The only way to stop this demoness is to vanquish her soul but that I am sure will go against your morals" Lily continued to read with a saddened heart. Part of her felt tears appearing in her eyes but brushed them away. So this was why Auntie Laura had said that about being in love with one person only when she was younger. This was why they were dying out too quickly, it was because of the scorned woman turned demon who was so angry that she would stop at nothing to end the line. But then if she did would she truly be happy?

"I must warn you, never to step foot in Izumo for the seal containing that woman is there" Lily's blood ran cold from those words. If that was true then she would be in danger. Shortly after trying to regain control over her emotions did she begin to flick through the pages, within a few pages a name caught her interest: Mizuki.

"Mizuki is also a familiar of the Mikage shrine- one who kissed me without my knowledge but I know for a fact that he is plagued by loneliness and grief after losing Yonomori due to an illness. Even as time changes I know for a fact that he will be alone, will he show up as a white snake? Definitely" Lily began to close the book and left it by her futon, she began to stretch her bones before walking out of the room.

"So this Mizuki is a snake familiar who lost a his master…" Lily stopped and looked down with a sad expression, just thinking about how much pain Mizuki would have had to endure made Lily sympathetic to his actions of wanting to seal the contract with the Lily of that time. "That is sad…" Lily said softly.

"What is?" Silver asked as he appeared out of nowhere. Lily jolted in shock before looking up.

"Oh a white snake! Have you seen one by itself?" Lily asked without thinking. Silver frowned before turning his head.

"I don't recall… I might have" Silver replied before looking at her. "Are you hungry?" Lily nodded slightly before following him to the kitchen. She was sure that she would need to look out for it; maybe talking to him might help him with his pain.

As soon as Lily enters the room she spots something on the kitchen board.

"Silver… what is that?" Lily asks with curious eyes. Silver blinks before looking at the dead animal, his mind clicks from remembering.

"Oh it's a-"

By the time it was night time Shinjirou as promised the day before had come round for a visit. It was nice though for him to have a proper cooked meal instead of ordering take out.

By the time he entered the kitchen he spotted pieces of something that looked like chicken with rice on the plate. At the same time the chicken pieces smell different to him leaving him puzzled.

"Hey Lily what's this?" Lily on cue enters the room to see what Shinjirou is pointing at and grimaces. She still feels bad for the dead animal she was about to eat; after all she had never tried it in her life. Part of her was excited but now she began to get cold feet and uneasy about the whole meal.

"Well errrm Shinjirou, it's crow" Lily said weakly. Immediately Shinjirou's features turned to stone from hearing what the animal was. He turned shakily towards her while his eyes went wide from horror. The tengu's breathing hitched while he tried to keep his breathing regulated. What did she say?!

"W-WHAT? WHY?!" Shinjirou cried out in shock. He moved back from Lily with eyes of disbelief. What was this fox feeding her? And more importantly why was she agreeing to this?!

"Silver wanted to try something new…" Lily replied weakly. "Do you want to stay over?" Lily asked, part of her hoped that he didn't in order to hide her shame.

"No, no thank you… well… I best be off! Bye!" Shinjirou said before rushing out of the shrine. After he left Lily began to sigh with relief. That was a close one…

Silver within minutes entered the kitchen holding a towel as he dried his hands.

"Isn't the crow joining us?" Silver asked looking around the area in hopes of sensing the tengu.

"No… he's not a fan of eating duck" Lily said as she shrugged. Part of her hoped that he didn't catch out on what she had done. Silver continued to look at her before shrugging himself.

"More for us then" Silver said bluntly as he set the plates on the table.

"Yeah…" Lily looks at the duck remains and winces. Silver notices her staring at it and almost drops his chop sticks.

"What's wrong?"

"Look I like birds, including ducks Silver… but now I'm eating one… I feel bad" Lily says as she looks down at the plate. Silver blinks before looking at his plate. Wow she actually made him not only feel bad but by some miracle, had actually put him off of eating his share… Silver then shrugs as he places two pieces of duck in his mouth.

"It is good though" Silver said as he chewed on the duck. Lily on the other hand felt her jaw slacken from how insensitive he was towards her. She looked down before picking up a piece of duck… maybe one bite wouldn't hurt.


"I stand corrected I refused to eat duck! Don't make me eat that again" Lily whined weakly before vomiting last night's food into a bucket. Silver winces from seeing how bad she looked.

Shortly after recovering Lily arrives at school to see Shinjirou who gives her a suspicious look.

"So how was the crow?" Lily's face immediately went green before releasing a loud noise. This made the idol wince from what happened.

"OOOH LILY!" Shinjirou cried out in alarm and began gagging from what he was seeing.

"Shut up about crows! I don't want to walk about it!" She cried before he helped her into the infirmary. She was never going to tell him about the duck! No she would rather take it to her grave.

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