Blessed Secrets

Chapter 35: This is goodbye

"This is really fun" Lily marvels at the view from their window, now currently riding on a carriage that might have looked like it had seen better days. Mikage, Silver, Ako and Lily were sitting on the chairs. Ako remained close to Lily who patted the scared girl in order to ease her worries.

"Why the hell are we in a rickety carriage?" Silver asked coldly "It doesn't even look safe" Silver barked at Mikage.

"Izanami was kind enough to lend it to use so please do not complain" Mikage said softly while looking at Silver who glared at him.

"In case you've forgotten Lily's pregnant" Silver said darkly causing Lily to look at him.

"Oh so now you care about my condition?" Lily asked in the same tone causing him to look at her.

"Regardless if I am prepared or want to be a father, I refuse to turn coward when you need me the most" Silver replied sharply, Lily however wasn't happy.

"Oh so it's to do with obligation huh?" Lily asked angrily.

"Of course not! They are our children and I will never turn my back on the girl that I love" Silver replied as he narrowed his eyes at her, Lily scoffed as she turned her head.

"You have a funny way of showing it" she muttered before looking at Ako, Silver didn't comment given that it was partly true.

"Maybe someone will recognize Ako if she shows herself to them" Lily pats Ako who is trembling slightly. "Are you scared of heights?" Lily asks with a soft smile.

"It's scary!" Ako cried as she buried her face on top of Lily's trouser legs. Lily smiles and pats Ako's head gently.

"Wanna know a secret?" Lily asks in a hush hush voice while she continued to smile, curious Ako looks up and nods. "I'm very scared of being this high myself" Lily replies in a whisper that left Ako intrigued.

"Lily scared too?" Ako asked, Lily nods slightly.

"Yup, but Lily knows that she has you and Mikage to keep me brave after all. Knowing that I am never alone gives me courage to keep myself from panicking but the other trick is" Lily looks left and right before moving close to Ako "to breathe as calmly as you can and do you know why?" Ako shakes her head, her hair moves side to side as she looks up at Lily.

"Because if I start to panic I will end up scaring everyone, don't forget that it is okay to be afraid but let's not let it get the best of us okay? Let's show them that we can brave this okay?" Lily winks causing Ako to nod and smile slightly.

"I will Miss Lily" Ako said with a weak smile, Silver as he watched from the corner of his eye mentally smiled knowing that Lily was doing well with helping the girl ease her troubled mind.

"We're in luck you two" Lily and Ako look at Mikage who is smiling at them "We're nearly at the mountain of fire" Lily then leans her head near the window and gasps.

"That's a large mountain" Lily said in awe before wincing "I can imagine how hot it is from here, plus with that heat you could melt the skin off someone's bones" Lily shivers while Ako looks at her.

"Will we be okay?" Ako asked with hopeful eyes, Lily smiles and nods in reply.

"Definitely, just remember to hope- hmmm?" Lily takes out the bulb to see that it had sprouted a bit.

"What is that?" Ako asked in awe.

"Something that will turn that annoying fox over there back to how he was before he got naughty and drank something without permission" Ako blinked.

"That's not good" Ako cried while Lily nodded, Silver however glared at Lily before turning his head.

"Must we really meet the War God though?" Silver asked weakly.

"I admit he is very zealous-"

"Very Mikage? When I tried to turn over a new leaf that guy tried to behead me!" Silver barked taking the girls by surprise "I still had to put up with the fact that I had a thin line on my neck for weeks until it was patched up since my spit wouldn't heal up the cut"

"I know, but we must stop him from killing Kirihito regardless of his reasons" Mikage said softly.

"Please don't kill him" Ako said softly causing Silver and Lily to look at the girl.

"Do not kill him?! Did you not forget that-" Lily due to being impatient saw red.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS!" Lily yelled in anger, the War God stared at her in shock.

"It's Ikusagami-"

"I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING CARE! HUSH YOUR MOUTH AND LET US DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO! IF YOU WANT TO KILL SOMEONE! KILL YATORI!" Lily barked causing the War God to move back in fear, Silver winced while smiling weakly and Mikage was left trying not to laugh nervously from what was going on.

"And why should I waste my time-?"

"Because he's the one who took Ookuninushi's soul to begin with that is unless you don't want revenge for the one who stole it in the first place?" Lily asked him while giving Ikusagami a challenging look that said 'cause me anymore grief and I'll do more than what you are about to do to Kirihito'. Not wanting to anger Lily knowing that she was not in the right frame to be argued with the War God nodded sharply before going to hunt down Yatori, it was then that a thought came to him to pause.

"Oh and before I forget" Ikusagami turned to look at them. "We created a barrier to stop Akura-ou and his followers from entering the mountain, if they even think about breaking the barrier not only will we know their location but they'll be killed immediately.

"Wait a minute!" Lily snapped "Don't kill Kirihito for heavens sake"

"And why not girl? Akura-ou is a monster who will stop at nothing until he gets his body back" Ikusagami snapped causing Lily to bite her lip.

"Don't kill... Kirihito..." Ako's meek voice caught their attention. Silver blinked as he turned to look at the girl.

"Don't tell me that this girl knows about Akura-ou!" Silver was in shock from the very thought of it being true.

Very soon the men of Ikusagami alerted them of the fact that someone had broke the barrier.

"Now that we know where they are. We are going to kill them right now follow me!" Ikusagami yelled.

"Yes sir!" cheered his men.

"Mikage we can't just let them get away with this" Lily cried in shock knowing that this was going from bad to worse.

"Wait! Big sister I want to come to" Ako grabbed Lily's arm.

"Ako this will not be safe and I can't guarantee your safety" Lily said softly as she looked at the girl.

""No! Please let me go! I have to go! Please Lily" Ako cried only it was then that Lily had almost gasped in shock from seeing that Ako had changed compared to a few minutes ago.

"How did Ako grow? Was it do with her memories?" Lily pondered as she looked at Ako.

"Ako" Lily kneels down "Do you know who Kirihito is?" Lily asks in a soft tone.

"I don't know but... something tells me that I have been looking for him for a long time now" Ako replied as she had a hesitant look on her face. Lily nods.

"Okay" Lily then looked at Silver only now she was regretting that she had to ask him for help.

"Silver, she is in your care and if I see a single scratch on her!" Lily didn't finish her threat but it was still ringed in his ears. Silver nodded sternly knowing that Lily wouldn't threaten him unless it was necessary.


"Who is Kirihito? Why does that name seem familiar? I want to see him soon, I really want to see his face" Ako commented as they tried to catch up to Kirihito.

"Aren't you scared of heights?" Silver asked as he watched her.

"I'm not anymore" Ako said with an unsure look on her face.

"Did your memories return girl?" Silver asked as he made sure that she was following him.

"I... I don't know" Ako replied weakly.

"The more I get closer to this boy, the more my memories come back... it's strange" Ako commented as they walk.

"I don't know who you are, but it's best not to get close to Kirihito. That man feels no love nor is sympathetic towards humans" Silver said as he remembered how Lily suffered and is dying no thanks to the one who he had once called brother.

"Even so Mr. Silver, but people can change" Ako replied brightly. Silver however wasn't too sure, given the history.

"There you are! Akura-ou and your group of runaways prepare to suffer divine punishment for taking Ookuninushi's soul" Ikusagami yelled.

"There he is and there's Kirihito!" Lily yelled causing Ako and Silver who were behind her to look up.

"Mum!" Kirihito's voice echoed in Ako's head.

"Who are you?" Ako asked herself as she as she started to see images of a small boy enter her mind. "You are so precious, so small and sweet. You make me worry so much and yet you fill me with joy" Ako smiled to herself as the boy started to fill her with a feeling that had been buried from within.

"My beloved child... yes I know who you are darling. Knowing that you are near I can face anything as long as it's for your sake, as long as I can protect you my son. Mummy will never give up" Ako said as she watched the scene before her only she was now a woman.

"I traveled through death's gates to find you, only this time I'm bringing you back with me" Ako's eyes shone with determination as she had one thing in mind- Find her son.

"Kirihito..." Ako stared in disbelief until she recognized that what she was seeing wasn't an illusion.

"Kirihito! I've finally found you" Ako cried out in joy as she tried to approach her son or who she thought was her son.

"Mother?" Kirihito's eyes went wide in shock while Yatori was mentally angry.

"Why is that woman here?!" Yatori screamed mentally knowing that this woman might ruin everything.

"Mother... why-what are you doing here?" Kirihito asked in alarm.

"I came here looking for you Kirihito" Ako replied with a smile.

"See Akura-ou I told you that, there would be those who care about you regardless and yet you have taken them for granted" Lily's image appeared behind Ako only the image was giving him a sad smile that left him shocked by hearing 'her' words. Silver to his dismay was stuck thanks to the arms that pinned him to the ground.

"You were... looking for me?" Kirihito asked "Do you have any idea where you are?" Kirihito asked sharply

"I do" she replied with a smile as she reaches for his hand only to have it slapped away, this took her by surprise.

"No you don't! This isn't the sort of place a human like you can enter just like that!" Kirihito yelled in agitated.

"She's just a human woman! Why would she even bring herself to be in such a place? What am I saying? Who cares about what happens to her anyways? So why? Why?!" Kirihito berated himself as frustration continued to plague his mind.

"If you don't want to die go back to the world of the living!" Kirihito snapped as he tried to push her away.

"Why am I starting to feel a sense of dread? It's ridiculous!" Kirihito almost gritted his teeth in anger.

"When you got stuck in that mountains after our argument, it was so hard for me to run to you. To help you and make you well again, I wanted to fly to where you were at that time and embrace your freezing your body even if it meant being cold myself. I wanted to take you back home and there has not been a day that I don't regret how we fought" Kirihito's eyes went wide as she smiled guiltily. "I didn't listen and I ended up pushing you away, it was the biggest mistake that I had ever made and knowing that if I could take your place I would even if it meant losing my life" Ako spoke feeling sadness enter her body as well as the urge to protect him.

"But you came back safe and sound but, you had shut the doors to your heart completely even though you spoke to me once you woke up. It at times made me worry that you truly hadn't forgiven me, you were lonely and were emotionally wounded. I couldn't help think that it was my fault knowing that some part of you was still be traumatized by your trip to the mountain and I could sense that some part of you had never left the mountain which left me more saddened." Ako spoke as she held his hands, Kirihito however started to sweat from knowing that he couldn't keep up the lie but at the same time, this woman after all this had been worried about such a creature who was using her son's body for his own gain. If she did know, would she still say such things? He highly doubted it, so why? Why was this bothering him?

"So I told myself that the next time something like this would again, I would go and find you myself and bring you home. I made a vow to myself that I would protect you and never let you be wounding again. No matter what happens" she shakes her head while tears ran down his face. "You are never alone for your mother will always be by your side" She places a hand to his face. This had almost caused him to lean to the warm motherly touch after all, when had he ever had this kind of kindness? Especially from a mother? He was an abomination of a demon who was said not to have any emotions, one who would live forever and would always heal from any injury... except the emotional pain would always linger no matter what. He would never say this out aloud but it would always hurt- their words. And at times the only time he was ever at ease was when his brother was with him, then there came Lily Silver's mate and she at times would be stern and cold but he could almost not believe how kind she was. She didn't have to help him at the cabin back when he was ill but she did and what did he do? He stole not just her life force but the children Silver and Lily had created. In the end he was a monster and yet why did he even he was either a yōkai or human, why did he want to feel what his brother felt? Why did he want what his brother had?

It made no sense.

"Let's go back home together Kirihito" Ako said with a warm smile that made Kirihito's heart throb from the overwhelming emotions. However just before he could do anything Yatori had appeared behind him, a black hand grabbed Ako's throat taking the pair by surprise.

"You might have escaped death, but I won't let you get in the way" Yatori said darkly before he sent the woman away. Ako cried out as she skidded on the floor before stopping, she groaned from the pain as she tried to get up.

"Yatori!" Kirihito yelled in shock, not believing that he was seeing. First his familiar Kikuichi was attacked by this yōkai and now this woman, the one who believed that he was her son was being thrown about like she was just rubbish.

"Are you going to take this Kirihito?!" 'Lily' barked in anger as she looked at the black haired male. "This just shows how little he values things! Yes in the past you were almost like this but now... is this the right thing to do?" she asked leaving Kirihito more conflicted than ever.

"Master Kirihito, you mustn't believe this woman's nonsense! She's is just trying to catch you off guard. You are non other than Akura-ou! What could this woman know about you? Does she know about how you were in the past? Only I do, remember that I am your only ally, for you I would kill this woman as many times as it needs to be" Yatori said while glaring at the woman as the black hands were on Kirihito's shoulder. Kirihito's mind went to something as he listened to this demon's words.

"Wait a minute! This is Yomi... no living human should ever be able to enter unless they" Kirihito looked down allowing his hair to shield his eyes.

"You speak as if you killed her once already... Yatori" Kirihito said in a guarded tone until he turned to give Yatori the most hated glare he could muster.

"You bastard... did you kill this woman?" Kirihito asked darkly taking Yatori by surprise.

"So what if I did? She was getting in the way of things and was changing you into something you are not" Yatori replied looking not the slightest but guilty. Silver's eyes went wide from what was going on, he had to get out of this confinement and help Ako otherwise something was going to happen. He just knew that something was going to happen.

"I don't ever want to see your dirty face, don't ever go near me or her again" Kirihito hissed after tearing Yatori's mask off and threw it to one side. Seeing this shocked Silver and Yatori only the red fox had now realised that he had to get out of his confinement while the shocked demon was distracted.

"This was all her fault... this woman turned him against me" Yatori felt a tear run down his face, just watching the one he looked up to walk away. Very soon anger still took over, not noticing that Silver had slid out thanks to his previous experiences with being put in a tight spot.

"I should kill her now, after all weak things like her should be removed" Yatori glared as he sent a black hand to attack Ako.

"AKO!" Silver's screams took Kirihito by surprise now seeing that the fox was free and was running towards the woman that Kirihito had been taken in by.

"Don't get in my way fox!" Yatori yelled only he screamed as one of his hands was burned by Silver who had made the fire coat his fur. Silver raced after the hand but what shocked him the most-

"What the hell was I thinking?" Kirihito grunted as he felt something go through his back and chest.

"Oh yeah... I forget humans often did stupid reckless things" Kirihito felt blood leave his lips as pain entered his mind.

Ako's eyes went wide from what she was seeing, panic and horror filled her mind as she saw the hole in her son's chest after Yatori's hand left his body.

"Mother... this place is dangerous" Kirihito coughed slightly "Do you know your way back?" he asked weakly.

"No... no KIRIHITO!" Ako screamed while tears ran down her face, Silver's body shook as he approached his fallen brother and his mother.

"This isn't like you... you would never give a damn about humans! So why did you save her?" Silver asked with a calm look. Kirihito coughed weakly as he looked at his brother.

"You know... I'm quite surprised myself, I never did think that would do something as foolhardy as this" Silver blinks as he watches his brother collapse and look at him. "This body is done for so I'll give Lily and the twins the life force I stole along with the remainder of mine" Kirihito lifted his hand up almost as if he was beckoning his brother to come closer.

"NO! You stay away from my son! Keep away!" Ako screamed as she tried to keep Silver away.

"You son died on a snowy mountain Ako" this took Ako by surprise "But this life force that I have... I confess that I stole this from a girl who was carrying twins, not caring if she was going to live or not" Kirihito admitted weakly taking Silver and Ako by surprise.

"This isn't like you... you always take what you want and destroy what displeases you, no matter who gets hurt. Your life and everything around you was nothing but things that you could throw away. So why? What changed? This isn't the brother I once knew all those years ago" Silver looked at Kirihito with a pensive expression.

"Farewell... mother" Kirihito smiled at Ako weakly.

"Did you change behind my back?" Silver asked not believing what he was seeing.

"Akura-ou... what changed?" Silver asked as he watched his brother look at him with a weak smile.

"I'm still me baka!" Kirihito barks out a weak laugh until he sees Silver's forlorn look. This caused the humor to slightly leave the black haired to male and immediately replaced his slightly amused look with a serious look.

"I want you to answer me this" Silver turns to look at Akura-ou who stares at him, it was then that the scene around them changed without warning. Once they opened their eyes it was like they were in a wide open area while they were left sitting on a large rock. Silver's long red hair moves as he turns to look at his brother with curious eyes. "Were you once a human before you met me?" Silver's breath was caught by how his demon brother would know about this, seeing Silver's reaction however made Akura-ou smile sadly before looking down.

"So it is true?" he said softly while Silver was still in a state of shock.

"How? How did you know about that?" Silver finally gained the ability to speak causing his brother to look at him.

"Lily might have told me that you two met when you were a human kids, which was odd since I've known you for years" Akura-ou shrugged as he looked at his brother with a weak smile "It was until she told me that you died when you were trying to save her that left me almost completely baffled" a small smile bloomed on Silver's lips as Akura-ou looked at him.

"Typical of her to want you to understand me, she knew that I wouldn't say" Silver commented with a shake of his head, humor etched on his face while Akura-ou frowned.

"Why though? All this time why didn't you tell me about your past?" Akura-ou asked now sounding hurt from the fact that this information had been confirmed, not that he would think of that human girl to be a liar given how she often took things way too seriously. At times he did wonder if she ever did take a break from her mood and lighten up, chances- not so much.

"Because I lost my memories" Silver admitted with a sheepish smile. "Twice" This took Akura-ou by surprise. "One was when Serena had used her power in order to have me reborn as a five year old kitsune with no memories" Akura-ou gulped quietly as he listened, feeling sick and saddened by this information.

"The second was when I was doing an errand for my adopted father Mikage- the God of Marriage, I was caught in a landslide and...well you know the rest" Silver shrugged while smiling weakly. Akura-ou wasn't smiling though.

"I can't imagine knowing that could happen to me" Akura-ou admitted weakly as they sat on a rock that was based on their imagination.

"I couldn't imagine dying until I remembered" Silver commented causing Akura-ou to look at him. "All I remembered when I had been reborn as a kitsune was that I had a fear of darkness and blood" This made Akura-ou grimace.

"And yet I introduced all that to you without having any idea of what you went through" he said grudgingly.

"What would you have me say Akura-ou? Would you have accepted me as your brother? A demon that was once a lowly human?" Akura-ou gave him a sharp look, thanks to his experience as a human he did not take that comment lying down.

"You were anything but a lowly human!" he snapped taking Silver by surprise as memories of seeing Silver die in front of Lily entered the oni's heart, it had left a deep hole in Akura-ou's heart knowing that it traumatized the both of them and what was worse, was they were children for flip's sake! Five year olds that didn't know any better. But what made Akura-ou more sick to his stomach was from knowing that Silver had suffered horrifically by the hands of his father, shortly after his mother and sister had died.

Each death more gruesome than the next leaving the oni feeling guilt by how he acted, it was now obvious as he saw those memories and it left Akura-ou realizing why Silver would pursue Lily to begin with.

Heck his brother would go to the ends of the earth, not just because she was his link to the past he had oh no. It's because Silver genuinely loved Lily, he fought as hard as he could that night when he was dying which had proved Akura-ou's theory.

It was sad but true, knowing that they were forced apart only to meet up in strange circumstances- when Silver had been attacked by the War God and it was that which had brought them both together once more. This had also fuelled Silver's determination to find her, not to say thank you even though that was originally the intention. No it was because some part of him had woken up deep inside of the red haired fox and it was calling out to her once more. Knowing that she was his missing half. His key to what he had lost and what did Akura-ou do? He tried to kill her not knowing how this would truly damage his brother, what was worse now was that Lily was expecting his brother's babies and he had no idea about it until it was almost too late. It left him sad and guilty knowing that she only had six months left of life and that wasn't even enough to allow the twins to develop in order for it could be brought into this world. No they needed her once they were born since she was the only thing that could keep them alive, what would be more upsetting is that Silver would be forced to watch his sick and frail children die before they could reach their very first birthday.

Akura-ou smiled weakly knowing that he messed up badly.

"I am sorry...for everything. I was just so obsessed with getting my body back and getting revenge for what you did that that I had forgotten what was important" Akura-ou looked at him with a frown. "You really did hurt me badly you know, but I can't complain about you not knowing what death was like given how you died in such a crude manner" Akura-ou commented blankly, Silver sighed while smiling weakly.

"It still hurts" Silver commented as he rubbed his chest where he had been shot stiffly. "Now that I know why, it doesn't make it any better" Silver commented with a grimace, Akura-ou just looked at him blankly.

"I heard that you made peace with your father, I'm curious to know why you did that?" Akura-ou asked, Silver rolled his eyes before narrowing them.

"He was stalking Lily, it left me wondering if he was going to hurt her" this took his brother by surprise.

"Are you serious?!" the oni cried in shock. "So that one who was stalking Lily was him?!"

"I'm afraid so" Silver replied weakly as he looks at his brother.

"It's scary to even know that after all that time he would now try to pursue her" Akura-ou commented while looking at his brother.

"I kid you not, but he was only checking up on her because he heard rumours that she wasn't not living in her uncle's home and was taking up residence in a shrine. Something about someone who was trying to kill her" Akura-ou frowned as he could almost imagine who would think about hurting her.

"Did you find out if that was true?" Silver nodded taking Akura-ou by surprise.

"Corpse stealers" This left Akura-ou pale as he remembered such yōkai who were so dangerous that almost everyone feared them.

"Those demons?! They're like bounty hunters only they play by their rules and steal the powers and life forces of others!" he exclaimed. "What did Lily do to have them going after her?" Silver looked at him softly.

"Remember the rumours about the dragon and her baby" Akura-ou gave him a funny look.

"Of course, the rumour was the talk of almost all yōkai about five hundred years ago" Akura-ou replied with a frown. "Why are you bringing that up?"

"It was all a lie to get rid of Lily and her family" Akura-ou felt his stomach drop from the news.

"WHAT?!" Akura-ou yelled in shock not believing his ears for one minute, this had to be a joke!

"There was no immortality it was just a rumour spread by a demoness that was imprisoned about a thousand years ago. She had developed a grudge the moment a man she loved had married another human girl in secret. Her envy and hatred for the girl made her sell her soul to the one who would make her a demoness, she used this new power and form to hunt down and eliminate the girl's family line, what was worse was that she trick the girl's distant relatives to also hunt her down and kill her" Silver confessed with a sigh while his brother bit his lip. "Sadly this has been going on for about eleven thousand years" Silver explained as he watched his brother grow more pale and angry at how he was easily tricked. To think that he almost did the exact same thing.

"Umi back then was Lily's ancestor" Silver added to a now guilty Akura-ou.

"If I had known then I wouldn't have attacked her village" he admitted to Silver who nodded in reply.

"Lily who was possessing Umi's body had given me a real beating though-" Akura-ou looked at him sharply before cackling loudly.

"So she was the one who almost left you half dead in that abandoned house?! Wow I like how she thinks" Akura-ou commented with a laugh while his brother glared at him.

"Thanks..." Silver scowls.

"Relax, it's a good thing she did escape or there wouldn't be a Lily to return to" Akura-ou smiled after sobering up. Silver smiled and nodded showing that he was agreeing with his brother on this subject.

"I miss this" Silver admitted causing Akura-ou to look at him. "Talking without having to be violent to one another or even encourage the other one to attack and invade another area for fun" he explained causing Akura-ou to look down.

"I was an idiot back then" The oni admitted. "But seeing through the eyes of a human and watching how they've survived, it's a real eye opener. Can you imagine what it would have been like if you hadn't died? We wouldn't have met" Akura-ou commented with a frown, Silver smiled softly before putting one hand on his shoulder.

"We would have met eventually, even if I hadn't met you in the past. Who knows what would have happened? In fact someone else might have done worse to you compared to me" Silver said causing his brother to nod.

"Yeah, I'm just glad that we did meet" Akura-ou smiled before showing him a ball of light.

"Give this to Lily, I know I won't be able to see your baby-"

"Babies" Silver interrupted causing Akura-ou to look at him sharply.

"It's twins, Serena gave me a vision after Yatori almost killed me" Silver confessed causing Akura-ou to feel mixed emotions, even though he already knew that his brother was having twins, the oni did feel happy and yet sad that his brother had almost died because of him.

"And I'm going to miss all that" Akura-ou said grudgingly. "Be sure to spoil them rotten for me will ya!" he grinned causing Silver to laugh.

"If I get the chance to, knowing Lily that would be an impossibility" the brothers laughed weakly from what she would do.

"Sure know how to pick em don't you?" Akura-ou commented with a light smile, Silver sighed and shrugged.

"We picked each other, in a way we imprinted even before I was a yōkai" Silver smirked taking Akura-ou by surprise.

"I think there's something wrong with you two!" he laughed. "Honestly how you two acted when you were younger was funny! You went red so many times that it was amusing to watch" hearing this made Silver's face go red.

"Jee thanks" he muttered weakly.

"It's true! You acted like a love sick puppy that would almost make anyone either barf at how sickly cute and innocent you truly were or they would want to hug the life out of you!" Akura-ou commented with a laugh while Silver went more red from his brother's words.

"It's not my fault that I love her! Even during that time she was the only one who made me feel happy and wanted, it felt nice in a way" Silver admitted causing Akura-ou to raise a brow.

"You really fell hard, it's a shame that it's over for me I'd have love to tease you like mad"

"Don't you dare!" Silver flashed him a look making Akura-ou laugh again.

"Well be sure to take care of the twins and your mate, do me a favour though once I'm gone" Akura-ou said softly causing Silver to look at him.

"Take care of mother, I know she'll be sad to see me go even though I am not her true son" Akura-ou asked with a sheepish smile.

"So you are truly leaving?" Silver asked feeling sad from knowing that it was almost time.

"Heh! I lived life and I'm content now, I have almost no reason to stay now. I use to be cruel and blood thirsty, but looking back now it seemed stupid. There was no end to what I was doing" Akura-ou paused before giving his brother a sheepish smile "I... I am no longer alone now. I have you, mother, my familiars and even Lily" Silver looked at him feeling stunned that he would actually accept Lily. "All these memories, I treasure them to the point that I would never want to let them go. Sure I had my ups and downs but knowing that I had you guys there for me gave me the need to carry on, even when things were bad. Being a human for a short time, I had learned all to try and deal with all these new emotions. These feelings and in a way I love them! I know now what you had experienced before in your human years, the feeling- love right?" Silver smiled softly at him.

"It's a great feeling, knowing that deep down you never gave up, that you would support or try and knock me back to what I am suppose to be or who I should be. And for that I want to thank you" Akura-ou hugged Silver tightly. "Be brave and don't hold back. If you want to protect something, if you want someone to know how you feel don't hesitate. Lily I'm sure hates that you would always hide this from her and she hates having to invade our minds just to see what's going on" Silver went rigid.

"It's okay to be scared about the babies, to be scared about Lily's wellbeing and I understand why you want to be human" Akura-ou looks at him as they part slightly. "It's just a shame you can't be both"

Silver blinked from what his brother was talking about.

"What do you mean be both?" Silver asked.

"Try and figure it out! Hey why not ask Serena? She got you into being a yōkai so why not ask for both?" and with that Akura-ou vanished into particles of light before Silver could speak.

Silver looked down at the light and sighed now back in his fox form once more, part of him wanted to cry just like the mother who was holding Akura-ou's temporary body but he couldn't. He just couldn't.

Instead before he could move, he felt a pair of arms pick him and pull him into a hug. It didn't take a genius to figure out who it was given that he could feel a small bump where the stomach should be.

"It's okay to cry Silver, he would not call you weak or make fun of you if you did" Lily spoke softly as she hugged him; Silver placed his nose on her shoulder.

"He left behind the life force he stole from you along with his remaining life force, he told me to hand it back to you" Silver commented while Lily smiled softly at him.

"I know" Lily said in a motherly tone that left him wanting to cry now more than ever.

"Do you ever think that I'll ever get back to normal?" Lily looks at him "I want to be human but I know that we have the twins who are half yōkai, I just wish that I could be both so I could help but... what if I'm not good enough at the end of it?" Silver asked as he looked down. Lily smiles softly and hugs him.

"You are more than good enough Silver, see?" Lily gestured to something that was in her hand.

"What's this?" Silver asked before looking up at her.

"This flower, the one that Izanami had passed to me in the form of a bulb has grown. This is living proof that you can change just like your brother did and if you eat this flower you'll get back to normal" Lily winked as she watched Silver stare at her and the flower in awe.

"Just being with her... all my pain and fears, they all just melt away" Silver stared at the flower "I can only wish that things will turn out the way we want them to be" Silver said softly while he nuzzled Lily.

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