Blessed Secrets

Chapter 36: Thank You

Lily ran through the path that had fire on either side of her, her mission- to find Ookuninushi.

"I really shouldn't be running when I'm pregnant but who cares, I have an idiotic blond guy to find" the girl muttered darkly. She could only hope that he wasn't upsetting the woman who was with him and if he was... well he'll learn the hard way.

Lily as she held the robe looked around until she spotted a mirror on the floor and frowned.

"Doesn't anyone know that breaking a mirror is bad luck?" She mutters before picking it up only before she could process what had just happened- she was sucked not it.

Lily grumbled as she got up.

"I have been waiting for you dear lady" she heard the voice of the one person she was looking for and glared.

"Welcome to the world inside the mirror, I've been waiting for you!" Ookuninushi said with a cheerful look until he saw her holding her stomach.

"If... I lost my babies I will make sure that you will join them. DO YOU HEAR ME?!" Lily screamed in anger before changing her form. The blond haired man almost screamed in shock from her appearance since the last time he saw that was with Serena... wait-twins?!

"You're pregnant?" Ookuninushi cried in shock while she glared.

"No duh Sherlock, clean your ears will you!" she scowled before getting up and rubbing her belly lightly. "Now! Do you have any blooming idea of how worried and angry the other Gods have been? And also what the hell have you been doing in here?" Lily snapped in anger.

"All in due time young lady, relax since you don't want to upset-"

"Don't you tell me to relax! Do you have any idea of what's going on?!" she yelled in anger. Ookuninushi sighed weakly as he folded his arms.

"I was only having a little squabble with an old friend, although your sudden arrival might have shook Kuromaro quite a bit to the point that she went into hiding" Lily blinked in shock.

"Kuromaro? She's here?" Lily looks around in surprise, the blond male blinked from how Lily was acting.

"You know her?" Ootokunishi asked as he tilted his head. Lily looks at him and nods with a weak smile.

"Silver if it wasn't for the fact that I had changed time would have made a contract with her to become human" Lily then went to where Kuromaro's spirit, who was as she listened was curious about the fact that this young pregnant girl would have found out about her by going into the past.

"Kuromaro... I want to thank you, if it wasn't for the fact that I had seen what would happen to Silver. How he ended up getting cursed, it was all thanks to you" Lily smiles and pats the shadow spot. "I took a leap of faith when you told me: Whatever I chose, if it was meant to be then it will be worth it" Lily smiles widely. "I can never thank enough, yes these twins are from the Silver who made a contract with you but no matter what past, present and future" Lily shrugs as she beams at Kuromaro's shadow while ignoring the blond male. "He is the one I will always love and it's thanks to you that I am with him. Yes the curse left me with guilt with the fact that I did this to him, it was not your fault that he asked to be human and was cursed. I in the end of the day meddled with time which drew you to him. Yes after changing time it stopped him from seeing you but I will never forget what happened for as long as I live" Lily beams while she watched a woman leave her hiding spot.

"I always wanted to be needed, to show me that my life isn't meaningless" Kuromaro said looking very sad, she was taken by surprise when Lily hugged her.

"You are anything but meaningless, never think that" Lily looks at her with a warm smile that made Kuromaro feel something wet run down her face.

"I... I'm sorry, I don't know what has come over me" Kuromaro apologized as she tried to wipe her eyes with her left sleeve. Lily smiles and pats her cheek.

"It's okay to cry, never feel embarrassed" Lily spoke softly while showing the fallen Goddess a child like smile that left her in awe.

"Thank you Lily" Kuromaro said warmly before she started to vanish.

"Wh-Where are you going?" Lily cried in shock.

"Human child, I must go where I belong you two. Should do the same, go back to your mate" Kuromaro spoke with a smile before vanishing completely.

Lily smiles and sighs knowing that Kuromaro was now at peace.

"Speaking of peace... where is Silver?" Lily blinked as she realised the second reason for her visit to the mountain.

Silver winces as Akura-ou's body had burned itself out, on the bright side though Yatori was no longer possessing his brother's body.

Silver looked down and sighed knowing now that it was all over.

"Silver?" asked a timid voice that caused him to look up.

"Lily?! Lily don't you move!" Silver yelled as he rushed to stop Lily from going down the cliff, sadly-

"Waah!" Lily screamed as she slipped only instead of hard ground which would probably result in paralysis, she looked up to see Silver was frowning at her.

"Didn't I tell you not to move?" Silver asked sharply causing her to blink "What if the twins got hurt? What if you had suffered a serious injury?!" Silver barked causing Lily to smile and pull his head down so she would hug him.

"I miss you too" Lily beams as she feels his arms almost stiffen before he legs her stand, Silver then pulled her into a hug which Lily accepted without a fuss.

"I am so so sorry Lily, for everything" Silver said in a voice that was above a whisper, Lily smiles softly and pulls him close so she could kiss him. Silver felt his heart beat rapidly and started to kiss her even more leaving Lily almost smirking at how he was acting.

"You are going to cut your hair or are you going to keep it this way?" Lily gestures to his now grown hair causing him to glare. Seriously?! They were having a moment and then she had to ruin it by asking about cutting his hair?

Silver rolled his eyes and groaned.

"Obviously" Silver muttered before picking her up bridal style causing Lily to yelp in surprise, she wrapped her arms around his neck instinctively which left him laughing.

"I'm not going to drop my mate" The red head barked out a laugh causing her to scowl.

"Whatever, can we just go now?" she asked darkly causing him to smile at her, it was hard to believe that he now had a mate, a father, a nephew, aunts, uncles and twins. Talk about a busy family!


He wouldn't have it any other way.

"So why did you come here?" Silver asked with an amused smile as he began to look for an exit.

"What happened to your brother's body?" Silver paused to look at her. His eyes softened as he remembered what happened.

"Yatori burned out and now the body will regenerate to be back the way it was before it was defiled by that lowly yōkai" Silver bit angrily, Lily looks at him with sad eyes.

"Yatori, he was lonely and abused before he became the way he was" Silver blinked and looked at her with shocked eyes. "I'm not defending him but given how you and every yōkai around him tormented him, called him names and made him feel like the lowest piece of scum of the earth. He wanted to be someone like Akura-ou his idol. Even though his idol was cruel to him, he wanted his wish to come true. Does that make sense?" Lily asked with a meek look, Silver however smiled at her before kissing her lips softly.

"Yeah... I guess I was a little too harsh on him, sadly I can't change what I did but if I could I would" Silver commented before smirking at her. "Now that I answered your question, why not answer mine?" Silver gave her a wolfish smile as he watched Lily shake her head and roll her eyes. As soon as they were out the mountain did the War God spot them only before he could speak Lily had used her powers to silence him causing him to scream but nothing came out causing the pair to chuckle.

"Can't I be worried about you?" Lily asked now looking offended, Silver this time shook his head.

"I guess so" Silver replied before looking at Ako and the body that Akura-ou had used, his smile vanished along with Lily's.

"I see Silver is back to normal" Mikage smiled while Ikusagami was ranting angrily even though he had been muted.

"I never want to be a fox again" Silver mutters as he holds his mate, Lily however glares at him.

"Do that again and I will send you to England for the hunt" Lily warns her mate who shivers from the glare.

"I swear I learned my lesson" Silver said sounding serious as he looks at his father figure and his mate.

"Hmm" she glares before turning to look at Ako, she then slid herself from Silver's hold and went to sit by the grieving woman.

"You're Kirihito's mother, why did you come here to Yomi?" Lily asked softly as she looked at Kirihito's body.

"I... don't know myself, I don't understand what is going on anymore. Nor do I understand why my son came here or why he had to die" Ako replied with a sad expression. "This child... even after being so cold to me, he protected me and then left me behind without a word" Ako started to feel tears run down her face "I don't understand, why? Where did I go wrong? Is this my punishment for pushing my son away?" Ako sobbed as she held her son's body.

"Kayako told me, that your son the real owner of this body had passed away during and incident that took place on a snowy mountain" Lily said softly as she hugged Ako who accepted the gesture.

"May I?" Mikage asked before something started to float out of Kirihito's body. Lily stared in shock.

"That's his soul right?" Lily asked as she placed her hand on the orb, it felt warm to the touch.

"Yes, even though it's lost the ability to think and understand. It is now a mass of energy" Mikage replied softly. "This is what was moving your son's body Mrs. Ako" he spoke to the stunned woman.

"I might have known from the very beginning that he had left this world, but I... I didn't want to accept reality. I was clinging onto the hope that I was wrong" Ako replied as she stared at Akura-ou's soul with sad eyes.

"You mustn't blame yourself, this yōkai was pretending to be your son" Mikage tried to assure the woman only she shook her head.

"No... it wasn't pretend, I know that he cared in his own way" Ako replied as he looked at Lily who nodded with a smile.

"At first he was deeply misunderstood and still is, but he does have the heart of a child. One that we have ignored because we always assumed him to be dangerous" Lily replied with a sigh "we only saw him as someone who would live forever and would never be hurt but that was a big lie, the wounds inflicted physically were healed but emotionally. He was damaged and confused, he was lonely and wanted to be accepted. He wanted someone to be there to root him to the ground, I'm sure that without a doubt he will always treasure you and Silver deeply no matter what Ako" Lily pats the woman's shoulder. "You did the best you could and no matter what he would never have it any other way"

Ako as she listened started to break down and cry from the heart felt words, Silver smiled slightly from how wise his mate was while Mikage also smiled even though the War God had turned in a huff.

"I expect you to take care of this mess immediately! Turn Akura-ou to dust and leave nothing left of him to be seen" Izanami said sharply until the doors were forced open.

"Izanami no! Please don't do it" Lily cried as she approached them. "Please let me ask Uniliya to have him reborn and human" Lily asked as she looks at Izanami.

"Why should we waste Uniliya's time?"

"Because she and my grandmother did it for Silver" Lily explained sternly taking the Ookuninushi, Izanami and Ikusagami by surprise "Uniliya is the keeper of death and rebirth, if she can do it for Silver she can do it for Akura-ou-"

"Silver's circumstances were unique and Serena had paid for it so he could change from being a human to yōkai" Izanami said while folding her arms.

"Wait so this wild yōkai was once human?" the War God yelled in shock.

"If that doesn't please you then please let us alter Akura-ou using the Essence of Evolution. By doing this we can reverse his sudden abnormal birth but only once he drinks it the moment his soul returns, he will change I know he will I believe in him" Lily said with a determined look.

"We are not reviving Akura-ou! I refuse!" Ikusagami yelled.

"I agree, there's no proof that this Essence of Evolution will work on Akura-ou's body. It's a risk I'm not willing to take" The God of Wealth replied to Lily's anger.

"Exactly! It might can't work in the way that we want! What should we do then? Should we rip him to pieces and feed him to something-"

"EXCUSE ME?!" Lily roared silencing the group. "HAVE SOME BLOODY RESPECT FOR SOMEONE WHO'S DIED! HONESTLY IT'S NO WONDER HE WANTED YOU ALL DEAD! YOU'RE FLAMING ASSWHOLES!" Lily bellowed in anger causing most of them to wince while Izanami smiles slightly.

"Lily" Silver tried to calm his mate down causing her to sigh loudly.

"Look, this would just happen all over again unless we actually try to find out where we went wrong, after doing that we then need to understand people. For a group that is all high and mighty you are very bad at relating to others, yōkai like humans have feelings and to have you spit on someone who suffered and hated the world because of who he was. He didn't ask for this and to have you all act like this is disgusting, what part of him asked for immortality or healing? In a way they are gifts and instead of teaching him right from wrong you allowed him to suffer thinking that if someone kills him he'll never harm again whoop de do!" She cheered sarcastically causing the War God to glare "Violence was never the answer and last time I checked he sacrificed his goal and life for a human's the mother of the body he was using, if that doesn't show that he's worthy of redemption then you are all a disgrace" Lily spat in the silence.

"Lily!" Mizuki's voice caught their attention "Sorry for the long wait but I got the Essence of Evolution with me, Unari gave it to us" Mizuki hugged Lily who grinned.

"That's amazing thank you Mizuki" Lily chuckles as she beams at her peppy familiar.

"Did you just say Essence of Evolution? Hand it over now!" Ikusagami yelled as he tried to get the small vial from the snake familiar.

"Now way! We'd be in big trouble if you dropped it after all there's only one drop left!" Mizuki yelled. "The only reason why there's one drop left is because a certain someone drank the whole thin up" Silver glared in anger.

"Oh excuse me for being desperate to become human!" Silver snapped.

"You're telling us that we should bet everything we've got on a single drop?!" The War God yelled "No! I refuse this is madness to think that we have to trust our lives with that small drop!"

"Is that all there is?" Lily examined the vial and sighed.

"There will not be another drop until a hundred years passes I'm afraid" Mizuki explained with a sad look.

"Well then why not wait a hundred years?" Izanami asked blankly. "Let me drink that one drop and see for myself if it can reverse Akura-ou's evolution. I will judge to see if it will work and decide what needs to be done-"

"No!" Lily snapped "Not only is it risky but think about his soul, do you think that it's unfair for him to wait a hundred years without a body just because you are all to scared?" Lily asks sharply.

"If you don't want to go through with this then-"

"Wait!" Ako cried as she approached them.

"Mrs. Ako" Mikage looked at the woman with surprise in his eyes.

"Give me the child to me" Ako pleaded, the soul then moved towards her until it was close enough to be pulled into a hug. She smiled at the soul warmly knowing that deep down he just needed to be loved. "I will let this child begin a new life inside me so it can be reborn, I will be it's mother once again" Ako said with a determined look.

"Will you be okay with that?" Silver asked with a worried look, Ako nods.

"It's something this child must decide for himself but if it is possible, I would be more than happy to raise him as my own" Ako said as she stroked the soul.

"It would seem that the matter has been-"

"Not exactly Izanami" Said a stern voice that caused everyone to turn and look at the new arrival. Lily's eyes went wide from seeing Uniliya standing at the door.

"What brings you here Uniliya?" Izanami asked while everyone else was bewildered by this sudden turn of events.

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