Blessed Secrets

Chapter 37 A Wish And A New Family

"I have business here with two people. It seems that one has already been resolved but..."

"But what?" Otohiko asked in shock.

"I was asked to come here before this person had asked me to come and grant a wish before coming to Yomi" Uniliya smiled at them slightly. Ookuninushi blinked in shock.

"What wish?" he asked while looking at the pregnant woman.

"Why I'm sure Silver knows who I am talking about" She winks playfully while Lily looks at him, it took a while before Silver caught onto Uniliya's words. His eye went wide as he looks at her.

"No way... he asked you-"

"If you could be human and yōkai and there might be, but there's a catch" she folds her arms in a smug way.

"Which is?" Mikage asks while in shock, was this actually happening?

"He can shape shift from human to yōkai but his life force will grown the more he uses this ability extending his human life. It's a risky business but I'm sure you both can manage" Uniliya explains with a smile while the War God was angry.

"That's worse than having an-" her look silenced him.

"HE! Will be more human than yōkai, that will not be a danger to anyone so button your lip" Uniliya spat causing Ikusagami to shrivel up mentally for stepping out of line.

"What will I have to give up?" Silver asked hesitantly, the woman smiles.

"Nothing, you already paid for it by the years of separation with Lily" Uniliya replied with a sad smile causing him to blink in surprise. "We both know that your children will be half yōkai half human so this ability similar to Lily's will come in handy. Worry not Silver you will both be fine so do you want to come with me so I can deal with this?" Uniliya lifted her hand up, Silver froze before looking at Lily in shock. However instead of being angry or disappointed- Lily was smiling.

"Go for it, I'll be here waiting okay?" She winks.

"Wait I won't be reborn right?" Silver panics making the keeper of death and rebirth laugh.

"Oh no, it's just a small reversing process followed by some alterations and you'll be as good as new" she winks causing Izanami to smile slightly "And before I forget, Mrs. Ako I'll see you about your son Akura-ou soon" Uniliya smiles before taking Silver with her. Silver and Lily gazed at one another until the doors were shut, blocking them from seeing the other until it was done.

Surprisingly Silver had felt no pain.

Silver smiled as he had Lily lay on his stomach, she looked up at him briefly before flicking his nose playfully.

"I could get use to this" Silver smiled almost missing his tail and sensitive ears, he looked at her six month belly and smiled knowing that they were going to have twice the trouble in the house. Not that they minded.

By the time it was dinner the pair were seen by the sink washing and drying the dishes. Mizuki at times almost couldn't get over how different Silver looked and still had to process the fact that Silver was human once again; then again he couldn't believe that Silver had been human to begin with. But hey the pair were happy after tying the knot shortly after the Yomi incident. The ceremony had been pleasant and filled with people that they knew, human and yōkai as well as Deities who were actually friendly to the pair. Sure at times it was hard for others to process that Silver was human but it was a slow progress that Silver was in no hurry to rush.

Just then the door leading to the porch beside them had been knocked. Silver looked at Lily who blinked and shrugged her head signalling that she was not expecting anyone.

Curious Silver went to open the door and almost frowned as he saw a teenage white haired male with purple eyes, only what made Silver frown even more was the fact that this male had fox ears and a tail. Beside the male was a brown haired girl who was holding a baby that had black hair. Silver as he looked at the girl and baby's appearances before guessing that she was the mother and the baby was theirs.

"Can I help you?" Silver asked sternly while his wife was washing the dishes. The male almost gulped before responding.

"Um does Mikage live here?" the male asked sounding nervous.

"Who's asking?" Silver asked while Lily observed them blankly.

"He er... he's my father and he asked us to come and visit today" Silver twitched from the reply and narrowed his eyes. Lily smiled weakly and covered her ears knowing that this was going to get ugly fast.

"MIIIIIIIIIKAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEE!" Silver bellowed in anger, this caused the white haired male to whine and cry as his ears started to ring like his son's. The girl beside him however winced from the response.

"You see Tomoe here was born out of an affair" Mikage said weakly after being beaten up by Silver, for a human he was still strong to the man's dismay "Basically he's a love child but I didn't know until recently" Mikage explained.

"Is that why you went on retirement?!" Silver snapped, Mikage to his anger nodded slightly.

"I wanted to bond and spend time with them and I knew that Lily would keep this place in order" Mikage replied meekly as he saw Silver turn to glare at Tomoe.

"How old are you exactly?" Silver asked darkly, Tomoe however was in shock by how this human was talking down at him like he owned the place.

"About six hundred years old" Tomoe muttered as he rolled his eyes, Lily looked almost impressed.

"Wow Silver he's slightly older than you in yōkai years" she says with a smirk knowing that this would get under his skin. Silver however glared at her lightly while Tomoe on the other hand did not know what to say to that.

"I did not ask for that to be brought up darling" Silver said with a hinting look that he was going to get back at her somehow, Lily however smirked almost as if she was accepting the challenge.

"I'm Nanami and this is our son Hiru, it's nice to meet you" Nanami greeted knowing that it was good to break the ice and tension that filled the room, Lily turned and smiled at the brunette.

"I'm Lily, it's lovely to meet you to" Lily smiles back and almost coos at the baby while Silver rolls his eyes.

"How far along are you? If you don't mind me asking" Nanami asked as she saw the bump, Tomoe however was almost surprised until he saw the rings on Lily and Silver's hands.

"Six months" Lily grins while tilting her head as excitement filled her mind now.

"Do you know what gender it's going to be?" Nanami asked while both males blinked at how easily the girls were getting along while it seemed to be tense with them. Tomoe however had no clue as to why but that didn't mean that Silver didn't. Old habits sadly don't die hard given that he is part kitsune part human. Lily looks at Silver and chuckles

"It's going to be one of each" Lily giggles before Tomoe and Nanami were left surprise. "Apparently twins and triplets run strong in my family to the point that it's very rare to have a single" Lily admitted while holding Silver's hand.

"That's like me!" Nanami gasped "In my family it's always girls until Hiru was born" Nanami explained while Lily beamed.

"It's good to break tradition no?" Lily asks while chuckling, Silver however mentally scowls at how Lily's hormones were acting up again. He already had to deal with the 'issue' an hour ago and his neck still ached from her teeth.


"So where are you three living at the moment?" Silver tried to break away from the subject since he was still trying to get use to being around children, that and this baby was giving him a look. Not that it was bad but the look at a sense that left Silver thinking if the infant was going to pounce on him. Nope!

"Oh" Nanami looked at Tomoe "Well we use to live in a run down apartment until Mikage Tomoe's father gave us money to move into a better home since Tomoe was doing multiple jobs to help us with food and stuff" Nanami admitted. Silver glared at Mikage.

"At least I now know where half the offering money goes now" Silver scowls at a sheepish Mikage.

"Wait you didn't know?" Nanami asked while Silver's look said it all.

"I always counted the money and tried to put it somewhere safe, sadly someone just as I was about to go and lock the money away had took half of it" Silver replied dryly.

"It was for a good cause" Mikage commented.

"Should have just told me straight away Mikage, what's the point of me being your adopted son if you don't tell me these things?" Silver asked coldly, Tomoe blinked and looked at Mikage not believing what he had heard. All this time his father was looking after a boy who he saw as his own while he was left to suffer for five hundred years alone. What kind of parent does that?

"Silver, it wasn't like that" Mikage sighed. "Tomoe was having issues and I couldn't let either of my sons suffer"

"I'm starting to question that, I respect that we all have secrets here and there but to have you hide something huge. It's like you don't care at all" Silver snapped as he got up.

"Silver" Lily held his hand causing him to look down.

"Would you have accepted Tomoe though if I had told you?" Mikage asked softly.

"If you had given me the chance? But now? I don't even know what to believe from you anymore" Silver said darkly before leaving the room. Lily looks at the couple, Hiru and Mikage.

"You should have told him" Lily said softly.

"I know" the blond haired man sighed "I was just in shock when I had found out, I was trying process things to the point that I acted without telling him. I would never choose one over the other, you both are important to me" Mikage said while looking at Tomoe who wasn't so sure. "It's just a matter of adjusting, why not try and bond with him some time?" Mikage offered.

"That sounds good! In the meantime we can bond as sisters right?" Nanami offered while Lily was in thought, she looked at Nanami and smiled.

"Sure why not" she then turned to look at the door. "Luca, Mizuki, Oishi, Essy and Dai you can all stop snooping now and come in" Lily laughs as she hears a loud crash thanks to the group the moment that they heard their names.

"H-How did you know that they were out there?" Tomoe asked in alarm, Lily looks at him smug.

"I'm a psychic" she grins.

"As if they exist" Tomoe mutters before Lily looks at him.

"If that's true then why are you slightly worried about my husband?" Tomoe's eyes went wide at how she could have known that. "Luca my nephew has the same ability but I'm more of a psychic who can use ice. Now if you excuse me, I have a husband to calm down" Lily stood up and smiled. "It was lovely meeting you three" she waves before walking out the room.

"She seems nice" Nanami comments with a smile.

"She is strict but kind-"

"MIZUKI CLEAN THE FLOORS!" Lily barked which resulted in someone running quickly almost as if they were panicking from the yell.

"Who's Mizuki?" Tomoe asked as he looks at his father.

"A snake familiar Lily welcomed knowing that his home and previous master who was also his mother were all gone. Sadly Yonomori had left this world a while ago due to being seriously ill" Mikage explained with a sad smile.

"I'm glad that she helped Mizuki" Nanami commented, Tomoe however wasn't happy.

"I don't like that snake" Tomoe muttered.

"Sadly though" Tomoe looks at him "Ever since Lily became my successor, she had placed a ban on smoking and sake so no one can have any holy sake" Mikage chuckled weakly until he felt a chill.

"Sake is alcohol that not only encourages stupidity but also ruins people's lives" Serena snapped darkly before greeting the stunned pair wile Hiru went silent, his eyes were wide from fear.

"Hello I'm Serena, I am Lily's grandmother and this idiots friend like Sister" Serena smiles sweetly while Mikage shook in fear.

"H-Hello sister I didn't know that you were going to be visiting" Mikage stuttered while smiling, Serena however wasn't amused.

"Hmm... yes, well I want to talk to you about sake now that you are here. Lily like me has said no since sake will be bad for the babies, what if the twins caught a bottle and started drinking it?" Serena snapped before dragging her brother out the room "Say bye bye to your son, grandson and daughter in law" Serena snaps while Mikage tries to claw onto the floor for dear life.

"Son help me this woman is going to do horrible things to me!" Mikage wailed while the parents were left stunned by what they were seeing.

Lily a few days later was reading a book in the living room, she sighed contently until she felt a pair of arms circling around her middle before something warm touched her neck causing her to sigh in bliss.

"Silver" she chuckled as she turned to look at him, he was a bit better now that the shock had worn away. Mostly thanks to Serena who left a battered Mikage in a body bag on their door step only the only thing they could hear from time to time was the sound of the man weeping a bit.

Lily's grip on her book tightened as he suckled her neck causing her mind to sway slightly. The red head turned her around and began to take the book out of her hand before hovering over his wife who was on the floor. He smirked and resumed kissing Lily who almost giggled.

"Aren't you creeped out that I am carrying twins here?" She asked while he released a throaty laugh as he pulled her closer.

"Getting cold feet?" Silver smirked while Lily almost folded her arms.

"Really? So now you're not scared of our children?" Lily asked with a sly smile before Silver raised a brow.

"Oh it's on!" Silver said in a mock dark voice causing Lily to giggle.

"Um Lily? Silver are any of you here?" Nanami asked as she started entered the living room from the porch to see Lily sitting on Silver, the poor young mother was beet red while Silver tried to look away from Lily and almost glared at the brunette for ruining their moment. "Oh there you are, I was thinking that we could both go out for baby shopping" Nanami offered to Lily who's face was still beet red and had tried not to move knowing that her husband was not happy about this sudden interruption and wanted to finish what they started.

Tomoe entered the room holding Hiru and blinked at the position the couple were in and almost blanched at how Silver was tightly gripping Lily's skirt part of her dress while she looked slightly messy which meant that something had happened.

"Hello..." Tomoe greeted before Silver gave him a dark look that said 'get your woman out now!' causing the white haired fox to frown until something caught his attention.

"Tomoe?" Nanami's voice caught his attention.

"Nanami why don't we let the pair get ready" Tomoe said before dragging his stunned wife out the house. Silver now relieved moved without warning causing Lily to squeak in shock.

Now sober up Silver stood with Tomoe by the crib area and frowned as he saw the toys.

"All this for a baby?" Silver asked dryly as he leered at the pink rabbit and blue teddy bear "It's all sexist" Silver muttered while Tomoe looked at him.

Lily and Nanami however had gone home without the males noticing, they took the bus home. Once home Lily locked the door which activated a sound proof shield that would not only block sound from coming in or out the shrine but will stop anyone from entering the shrine unless the seal was undone. After the seal was in place did Lily go to bed and passed out due to fatigue.

Silver groans as he holds the bags with Tomoe, finally home sweet home however just as he tried to push the door open he blinked.

"Hmm?" Silver blinked before putting the bags down.

"What's wrong?" Tomoe asks as he looks at the red head who looks at the door and tries to open it. Silver's eyes go wide- hell no!

Silver started hammering the door and glared.

"LILY!" Silver bellowed as he continued to hit the door.

"What's going on?" Tomoe asked before Silver turned to glare at him.

"Lily locked the door! That's what!" Silver barked "LILY!" Silver bellowed, sadly Lily was passed out and Nanami was unable to hear due to the barrier.

"Why can't we just break it down?" Tomoe asked as he looks at Silver oddly, Silver however glared at him.

"You don't live here idiot! Seriously what the hell are you thinking?" Silver muttered before his temper almost flared until he caught himself "Oh no" he chuckles "I'm not falling for it, nope I'm not going to lose it over a dumb door" Silver barked before slamming the door again repeatedly.

"What's going on Silver?" Mizuki asked as he brought Luca home from school, Silver grunted and looked at the snake

"I'M TRYING TO GET INTO MY FLAMING HOUSE!" Silver yelled angrily before fuming at the snake who's eyes went wide in shock.

"Wait... no way, you can't tell me that auntie locked the door?!" Luca cried in shock.

"That or she taught Nanami" Silver huffed. "Plus THIS idiot here wants to break our door down and he doesn't live here!" Silver snapped.

"My wife and son are in there" Tomoe cried as he frowned at Silver.

"Silver, there's a barrier on the door" Luca commented taking Tomoe by surprise.

"Wait what does that mean?" Tomoe asks Silver who is still fuming.

"It means that we're stuck out here until the door is open" Silver replied grudgingly.

"Isn't there a way to get in?" Tomoe asked before Luca, Mizuki and Silver stared at him.

"That is the only way in" Mizuki said bluntly. "Also Mikage is out on business but can't enter either"

"Great grandmother?" Luca asks, Mizuki nods looking glum.

"Looks like we're camping outside" Mizuki said weakly before Silver gave him a thunderous look.

"Over my dead body! My wife is in that house!" Silver snapped before hammering the door in anger "LILY!" he bellowed loudly.

Mizuki and Luca looked at Silver before sighing knowing that the red head was not happy, the chances of Lily being half asleep when she put the seal up was pretty high thanks to her pregnancy.

As the night rolled on Silver remained awake and angry while Mizuki, Tomoe and Luca were near a make shift fire. Not once did Silver make any motion of ever going to sleep until the door was open.

Lily sighed and yawned as she woke up, she opened her eyes and looked around in confusion shocked that Silver was not in the room.

"I wonder where he is" She comments before getting up to go to the living room.

"Tomoe not here either?" Lily asked Nanami who was looking up after feeding Hiru.

"No, I didn't see anyone else either" Lily blinks before going to the front door still looking half asleep.

Lily winces and smiles weakly as she opens the door. On cue Silver was staring at her looking like he had no sleep at all and was fuming in anger talking her by surprise.

"Oh?! What happened?" Lily asks as she rubs her eyes, which left Silver more angry than ever as the lack of sleep left him very cranky.

"Oh we were just standing outside like a pack of idiots don't mind me!" He roars causing Lily to wince from how angry he was.

"I didn't know that the seal was up, but at least you are all in once piece. I'm sorry" Lily cried weakly as Mizuki, Tomoe and Luca start to get up and look at what was happening.

"Shut up" Silver mutters darkly before going to bed and slams the door shut while the others were either tired or confused as they were almost unable to process what had just happened.

"And you freaking packed everything away?! Nice job Lily now how am I going to sleep?" Silver yells from their room. Tomoe blinks in shock.

"Isn't Lily the one who is suppose to be the one with the hormonal imbalance?" Tomoe asks as he looks at her.

"SHUT UP TOMOE!" Silver yelled before throwing something on the white haired fox's head. Tomoe glares from the stunt.

"Jeez first Nanami now him, how many are going to say that to me in the same manner?" Tomoe grumbled before going indoors to see his wife and son. Luca and Mizuki however packed everything away and went indoors for some proper sleep since it was the weekends.

Lily grimaces and smiles weakly as she closes the door- hours later.

"Can someone open the door please?" Mikage cried from the front entrance but no one responded to his dismay.

"Anyone?" Mikage raised his voice still feeling nervous thanks to yōkai who were often running around in the night.

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