Blessed Secrets

Chapter 38: A Series Of Events

Lily looked at the females who sat around her.

“At least try to be happy that this is a baby shower” Kei comments while Ami tries to give Lily a comforting smile in order to ease the stunned soon to be mother’s mind.

“But I didn’t want one” Lily cried until Kamehime patted her shoulder.

“It will be alright, however I must ask if you have been taking something odd” Kamehime asked softly, she noticed Lily flinch and mouth the word ‘blood’ this made the Dragon King’s wife frown.

“It is to be expected, if you blood levels are down then your body would react before you can realise what just happened” the female yōkai smiled softly.

“But I don’t like it, at times I wonder if this is going to kill Silver” Lily looks at Kamehime weakly. The female yōkai smiled softly.

“Once the twins are born will your body settle but you will have to take more iron for a few weeks” Kamehime instructed, Lily nods before Himemiko hugged Lily.

“I can’t wait to see how cute your twins are once they are born” Himemiko said with a grin while Nanami smiles at how many people knew Lily, in fact Ami and Kei had also spoke to the brunette to her surprise before Himemiko joined in. This left Nanami happy and started to talk about her family and Hiru. Lily as she watched beamed knowing that Nanami was at ease and that’s what she was happy about, Hiru however was in Lily’s arms as the kit refused to leave her arms to their shock. However they just chuckled as they watched how stubborn and innocent he looked.

“I have to wonder Nanami, Tomoe has white hair and you have brown hair but your son has black hair. How did that happen?” Lily asked causing Nanami to pause and look down slightly.

“Hey Tomoe” Silver asked with a frown as the other males started to tease the soon to be father over some stuff they thought would happen with the twins. In fact some of the males were shocked to know that Lily was having twins-except Shinjirou.

“She has a family that has a history of twins and triplets. In fact her aunt Laura had twins and it’s a miracle that there would even be a single child to begin with” Shinjirou comments while Kotarou blinks in surprise.

“When has there ever been a generation of her family even having a single child?” Kotarou asked. Ryuu-ou looked away.

“Five hundred years ago and five hundred years before that” Ryuu-ou commented taking them by surprise “A thousand years ago they were almost wiped out except Yumi’s mother had sent her away before that could happen. It was a lucky escape for sure, eventually she had twins but the youngest ended up having a line that wanted nothing more than to end the elder side” Silver felt his himself go cold, Umi and Lily never did tell him about this. Even the ones listening were stunned by this news.

“But why?” Tomoe asked in alarm.

“Because they wanted to be heads, usually it’s always the youngest that are made leaders of the households but that time it was the eldest Haola who ended up being branded as a mother snatcher by the Haomi’s daughter thanks to the ones who ended up feeding lies to her. Haomi’s son who couldn’t bear to hear these lies or see his sister’s cold heart left their household to live a life without wanting a life of bloodshed and war. However at times he aided Haola’s household knowing that his family did not deserve this torture. Sadly it was five hundred years ago that one of Haomi’s descendants who had a younger twin had started to go after Umi’s mother Yulina and killed her before the elder one who was suppose to inherit leadership could stop him. The worst part was thanks to the fear of the household no one spoke about it until a picture of Yulina showed up at the younger son’s home, his wife had spotted it and tried to hide it the moment the picture had started to tell exactly what happened” Ryuu-ou explained.

“Did she succeed?” Kotarou asked looking intrigued by the turn of events, the Dragon King however wasn’t smiling.

“The wife had found a doorway that lead to Lily, only it is said that Lily was about twenty three. She pleaded Lily not knowing who she was asking to hide the evidence, Lily agreed that she would hold onto it and explained that very soon the woman had to come up with a decision on how to deal with this image. Eventually the one who killed Yulina showed up and asked her to get rid of it on the same day that the image had been sent to Lily” Ryuu-ou added with a frown knowing that it was a crime to kill Lily’s family line and her branch family would not be spared for such a heinous crime, even if they were tricked.

“And she did?” Shinjirou asked as he looked at Ryuu-ou, who nodded in reply.

“Only there was a payment- a condition once it was done” Ryuu-ou almost smirked from what the payment was.

“What was it?” Tomoe asked as his ears almost pinned themselves to his skull from thinking about it.

“That he must never look at any reflective medium, be it water or glass because if he did then the image would show up and show everyone the truth of what happened” Shinjirou gawked in surprise.

“That’s genius! By doing that he had automatically set himself up for a trap!” Shinjirou exclaimed while Silver almost barked out a laugh. Ryuu-ou laughed.

“That is true, however his father grew suspicious thanks to a spirit who had spied seeing the youngest son’s wife enter a house, only she came out looking very pale. What also made it more suspicious was that his youngest son had even entered the house, only he left shortly afterwards looking like he witnessed something horrible. At times the youngest son had soon grown very fearful of things and avoided mirrors and water at all times, the young male’s mind still continued to be plagued by what he done earlier that day. The father being suspicious once the eldest son had commented about Yulina being murdered and that her killer was not ‘seen’, what also made it more suspicious was that the villagers remained ignorant that a murder had even took place. Soon after finding out nothing and soon began to think that he would never find out what had happened, it then that the father had spotted his youngest grow pale and completely antsy. The eldest also grew suspicious of his brother and commented to his father that Yulina’s daughter had also gone missing causing the youngest brother to leave the room until the father had sent someone to bring him for a talk.

The father then had the doors closed and placed a mirror in front of his now scared son who had to now see the images of his crime appeared. Furious the father and eldest son who had entered the room murdered his brother for committing such a cruel act, what shocked them was hearing the youngest one’s confession. That he wanted Yulina to the point that he had killed her husband and told the villagers lies about her to keep her secluded, scaring away from men who might go near her. This had also resulted in her being kicked out of the village because they were too angry and scared to have her around. The youngest was also angry at how their ancestor who had been reborn soon showed up just before he could try and be the ‘hero’, complaining that he was to watch his ancestor stand up for Yulina leaving the youngest one’s hatred to grow to the point that a month later he had sensed life in her. Leaving him to find out that she had slept with the one man who made his blood boil in anger. He ended up saying to himself that no matter what their ancestor had always stole things from them, their pride, status, reputation and now Yulina was taken from him. The youngest then said “why should I let this little demon be born? Why not end it before it could fester and ruin the world like it’s father did”. Once the eldest killed his brother did he examine Yulina’s body only-” Ryuu-ou smirked knowing something that they didn’t.

“What? Why did you take a pause?” Mizuki asked sounding annoyed while the Dragon King continued to smirk.

“There was no signs of her being pregnant to begin with” This took them all by surprise.

“Wait if she wasn’t pregnant then why did Sakura flee?” Silver asked before a thought hit him “No way...” Ryuu-ou nodded.

“Yulina before being caught and murdered had sent her womb containing Umi into Sakura her eight year old daughter and told her to flee and never come back to this area. The eldest now realizing that something was up had also guessed that Sakura running away had not been a coincidence and tried to locate her. Only there was nothing left of her to be seen, after eight months had passed Sakura had to give birth to her little sister Umi and since she could not feed her sister or know how to, nor had she been able to eat much except the berries in the forest. She was had grown weak over time so the little girl as she saw how sick her sister was starting to get had fed her her own blood hoping to give Umi more time. However by doing that Sakura had perished slowly after feeding her sister her blood” Silver winced and looked down, everyone then went into a minute silence for the brave young girl who lost her life for her sister.

“So how did Umi survive alone in the forest?” Silver asked now wanting to know.

“A woodsman found her by chance and took her in and buried her sister in sign of respect. After she developed some strength did the infant leave to a new village that became a burning waste land because of two demons” Ryuu-ou gave Silver a look that showed that he wasn’t happy.

“Don’t ever give me that look again, I don’t have to tell you how guilty I am” Silver replied stiffly. “I made mistakes and I’ve learned from them” he said sharply.

“Um excuse me...” Said a shy voice causing them to turn and look, Silver’s eyes narrowed at a boy who looked about nine, the boy had black hair, blackish brown eyes and wore black. “Does Silver live here?” asked the boy.

“And who are you?” Shinjirou asked as he observed the boy.

“Akura Mori” Silver’s eyes went wide as he recognized the boy who then turned to look at him.

“Akura-ou?” Silver exclaims loudly as he looks at the boy now recognizing him, the boy looks up at him before something entered the boy’s mind. The other males except Tomoe almost jumped in shock, not believing what they were seeing.

“B-Big brother?” the boy asked meekly as he almost didn’t recognize the male before him.

“H-How did you get here? You’re not even born yet” Silver cried not believing what he was seeing, was this an illusion?

Akura lifted his wrist to show a small glass bracelet that contained an odd aura.

“Two big ladies told me everything after I started dreaming about things involving a red haired male with ears and a tail” Akura said meekly as he looked down and picked at the hem of his bottom trousers. “The blue haired woman told me to wear this and the black haired woman with a big belly showed me to something that looked like a massive blue gear. They said as long as I use it wisely I would see you” Akura explained while looking down, the black haired boy was shocked when Silver pulled him into a hug.

“You idiot” Silver choked on a sob while the small boy started to cry and hugged him back.

“Sorry for what I did, can you forgive me?” Akura asked as he looks forward, Silver’s head bobbed up and down.

“Obviously!” Silver said sharply while his voice wobbled from crying. The males watching smiled slightly knowing that the pair were reunited at last.

By the time it was June the eighteenth, Lily had sighed as she held the youngest male twin while Silver held the elder one who was a girl.

“They need names” Lily smiled as she looked at the pair. Their daughter had black hair while their son surprisingly had dark blue hair, Silver learning from experience did not question this knowing that Lily would go off on him. Silver though smiled as memories of his dream entered his mind.

“I was thinking Sakura Yuuki Hikari for our daughter and Eli Hoshi Hikari” Lily looked at him oddly, knowing that she wanted to call their daughter Sakura but didn’t know why Silver would opt for those full names.

“Excuse me? Where did those names come from?” Lily asks darkly while Silver turned and smirked as he turned his head away.

“Oh you know, just a thought”

“Silver!” she warned.

“Fine fine, I had a dream and it involved seeing these little ones” Lily blinked in shock. Silver then explained the dream before Lily raised a brow and smirked.

“That was a vision based on what if Silver, you were on death’s doors” She sniggers causing Silver’s face to go pale.

“WHAT?!” he cried.

“Lower your voice, you’ll scare the twins” She scolds lightly.

“This isn’t over, once the twins are in their room you’re in for it” he said sternly.

“Ah but no touching me for a whole month darling” Lily smirks “Doctor’s orders” Silver rolled his eyes and smirks as well.

“Ah but I can still kiss you” Silver pecks her lips, the tired mother sighs. “Get some rest Lily, you just gave birth” he said before picking up Sakura after putting Eli in his baby basket.

“Hmm, I love the names though” Lily smiles faintly before going to sleep in the clean futon.

Two year later had passed, each month was filled with startling new events that left Silver thinking that his hair was going to go grey from the stress and scares but he was happy to be with his family regardless. Just last year Kyo Tomoe and Nanami’s son had been born causing Silver to smirk and comment about how he was trying to even the score, Tomoe had gone red at that time.

“I am not!” Tomoe cried as he felt embarrassed by Silver who continued to tease him while the mothers just laughed.

Lily after a month had passed sat with Silver looking tired after putting the twins down.

“Busy huh?” Lily said weakly.

“Don’t remind me” Silver groaned. “It’s already becoming a mad house here” Silver muttered.

“Room for one more?” Lily asked causing him to look at her oddly as he watched Lily take something out. There in her hand was a pregnancy test, Silver’s eyes went wide before a loud whine left his lips.

“WHY?!” he cried “We already have troublesome twins!” he whined before Lily snuggled on his arm, Silver eyed her weakly as he held her.

“Please tell me it’s an April fools day joke and that you painted on it or had an actual woman who is pregnant pee on that?” he asked weakly.

“I kid you not” Lily said with a weak amused smile, Silver moaned and made his head move back in defeat.

Little Akira who was a year and a half old looked at his parents blankly as he laid in his crib, he had red hair and brown eyes with a hint of metallic silver in them. However what shocked and made Silver whine mentally was the ears and tail- he was born a kitsune even though Silver had been human when Akira had been conceived.

“Why is he looking at us like that?” Silver asked weakly before Lily looked at Akira with a smile.

“He’s wondering why his father is acting weird” Lily laughed while Silver leered at her weakly. Akira then narrowed his eyes slightly before a small foxfire hit the back of Silver’s head causing the father to scream in pain before Lily reacted to put the fire out.

“OW! WHY ME?! Silver wailed as he ran while forgetting to tuck and roll. Akira however yawned loudly showing his cute gums before curling up into a ball and began to sleep with a small smile on his face.

After dumping their three children with a shocked Tomoe and Nanami, Lily and Silver had gone to a restaurant for some alone time given that they had spent most their time with either the children or work.

Silver smiles as he looks at Lily while they sat at their table in the restaurant, fork in hand he bit into his salad and watched her look up at him wondering why he was looking at her.

“This is nice isn’t it?” Silver asks as he looks at Lily who had a small smirk on her face as she picked at her food slightly.

“Yeah... it’s nice to have some alone time for once” Lily blushed slightly while she continued to smirk and act lady like, eventually the smirk vanished as she focused on eating.
“So... when’s the last time we’ve been on a date?” Silver asks as he gets a fork full of food near his mouth, half way done with his meal.
“Years ago” She says bluntly before putting food in her mouth. Silver pauses before smiling.
“Huh... So when’s the last last time we did it?” Lily pauses before dropping the spoon, she looks up now giving him a look.
“What you getting at?” She asks bluntly now seeing the glint in his eyes.
“How about lowering the health code in this restaurant from an A to a D?” He smirks, Lily then gives him a funny look despite the fact that she was smiling. Suddenly they get up and head to the females’ bathroom in a brisk but slightly calm manner.

A month later

Lily and Silver look at the stick while she turns it around. Trying to make heads or tails with it while squinting at the stick.

“Hmm? I’m not pregnant... it’s blue” she says bluntly secretly happy. Silver sighs deeply as he gets up and leaves her alone without her noticing.
“You know... deep down I’m relieved but at the same time...sweetie?” She looks round to see that he’s not around.
“SHE’S NOT PREGNANT! IT CAME OUT BLUE!” Lily blanches from hearing his yelling. “SHEEEE’S NOT PREGNANT IT CAME OUT BLUE!” Silver screams as he tears his haori off of him as he runs down the steps and onto the road feeling elated by the news. “IT CAME OUT FLIPPING BLUE!” Silver screams with unrestrained glee while running through the streets Lily on the other hand felt her face go red as he screams it out aloud to the world knowing that everyone was listening.
“Mummy why is daddy screaming that you’re not pregnant?” Sakura asks bluntly as she looks at Lily. Lily rolls her eyes while smiling.
“Daddy’s gone a little nuts” She grins while patting her daughter’s head lightly.

Silver carried Akira while holding Eli’s hand who in turn held his sister’s hand, Lily at the same time held Sakura’s hand as they walked through the streets. As soon as the light on the traffic lights turned red and the pedestrian lights turned green did the family cross the road, however half way-


Silver’s eyes went wide before a curse left his lips as he went to the ground and held his leg just as Lily grabbed Akira so he didn’t hit the floor. Her eyes went wide as Silver howled in pain and held his knee in pain as a loud crack hit their ears. Blood started to form around them until Silver changed forms so he was now a kitsune again to stop himself from losing a leg.

“What the hell was that for?!” Silver whined in agony. Lily immediately got out her phone while Eli runs to his father instinctively the moment he saw an injury. As Lily calls for an ambulance she spotted a bullet shell and glared, lowering her phone she felt a migraine enter her mind as she realised what-who had done this.

“SHAAAAAAAADE!” she bellowed while Shade nearby was sniggering from where he was hiding- in a tall building by the window.

Silver however glared at where the brother in law was.

“I AM GOING TO FLAMING KILL YOU WHEN I GET MY LEG BACK TO NORMAL YOU STUPID IDIOT!” Silver yelled in agony, meanwhile Lily blocked his words from entering their children’s ears, she shook her head while glaring at where Shade’s hiding spot was.

A few weeks later

“OH COME ON HELL NO! I THOUGH THAT YOU WEREN’T PREGNANT!” Silver wails as he felt like the world was about to end as Lily held the stick saying that she was one month six weeks pregnant.


“I’m afraid that your baby is no ordinary baby” Serena chortled while Silver stared at her and Lily in horror.

“OH HELL NO! MY BABY IS A JUMPING JACK OF A BEAN! WHY?!” Silver’s loud screams filled the area to the point that it reached Tomoe’s home.

“Oh dear...” Nanami winced as a four year Hiru looked up with curious eyes.

An hour later

“Silver... you have to come out sometime” Lily whined as Silver locked himself up in the bathroom and was only in his underwear, the distraught male rocked back and forth as he wailed weakly.

“No! This is not fair! I didn’t ask for this! What did we do to deserve this? I didn’t want a jumping baby! Why couldn’t we get a normal one?!” Silver whined until he felt his stomach get big slightly causing him to wail loudly as he realised that his child had entered his stomach.

“UuuuuWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Silver cried so loudly that it almost gave the kits an earache. Lily frowned at him as Akura looked at her in shock, Luca however tried very hard not to laugh.

“Now you’re just being baby!” Lily muttered darkly.

“Stop calling me that!” Silver cried weakly causing her to shake her head at him.

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