Blessed Secrets

Chapter 4: The book of the Other Lily p2

x"Silver I am fine! Now go away already!" Lily snapped after the thirteenth time, she swatted the red haired kitsune as he went too close to her face. Lily continued to keep her eyes on the screen as she resumed with her homework, part of her was growing annoyed since it hadn't been a month and already she wanted to kill him for disturbing her continuously. Some parts of the day when he wasn't around involved reading the diary the other Lily had made. The girl was surprised to find out that a clone had actually documented this to aid her to stop things from happening, that and she wanted to help her be aware of what would come.

The names of those in the book left her intrigued, Luca for example. Just thinking about the boy made her smile and frown at what her sister had done. At some point she understood because of the Demoness Zerla had sent rumors to kill every girl in the family especially and torment the males to a point that they would welcome death. So far the demoness' plan wasn't working but at the same time the curse hung on their heads. Lily was glad however that her uncles and aunts had broken free past the age they were meant to die, for girls it was twenty eight while the males were able to live until they were about thirty. It was sick to know someone that ill from jealousy/ envy would create that much damage.

But alas the damage had been done and Lily was determined to beat Zerla in her own game, although it would be easier said than done since unlike her aunt and uncles she had the genetic markers that her mother had. This meant that she might not live past twenty eight because of the curse. Did Silver know this was her main question for the month? But Serena too had the markers and survived because she was powerful enough to live- time had created a cocoon that stopped her from ageing completely. She was no longer able to grow old nor younger and that itself was sad. For she would have to watch her family die young or grow old and then die. Despite all that Lily knew that her grandmother had a job to do and that was to keep time afloat.

"Lily you should see someone about those eyes! How long have you had this problem?" Silver asked while looking alarmed about what he saw. They looked too blood shot for his comfort and it was leaving him worried.

It was hard to believe that this girl was the one who he had met during his childhood before death had suddenly claimed him. Now that he was able to reunite with her after five hundred years and had regained some of his memories thanks to Serena. It was now becoming a struggle to even relate to her on a human level; after all he had spent most of his life as a yōkai to even remember what it felt like to be human. However he refused to give up and continued to learn. The bad thing however about what he use to think about humans was that he use to find humans weak and inferior, thanks to being separated from Mikage when he was young and was staying with Akura-ou, he had then developed a thought that humans were nothing but insects that he could destroy without a care in the world. It left him hurting people without remorse nor did he care about what he had done then until now. Just thinking about had continued to burn at his sub consciousness as he looked at Lily; she was one who left him thinking differently about anything and to his surprise. Lily had been the only one who could change him, could shift his view on anything. Almost making him desperate to hear her opinion on things compared to when he was with his brother. His brother would just hurt without remorse as well, even now as he thought about his brother. He was thinking about what she would say about Akura-ou, impression and personality wise.

Silver knew that the negative view that he had on the world had immediately changed when Lily had come back into his life. She was a fire cracker that would leave him burned at times, it left him uncomfortable to say the least and now the one person who was suppose to help him had done the unthinkable- He left Lily the shrine and gave her his mark. Yes Mikage did say that he would visit from time to time, but it wasn't the same. At time the teenage fox felt alone without the father figure around the shrine when he needed him to be around and give him father advice.

But alas he could not complain, this was what he wanted- he searched for her after recovering from his life threatening injury in order to find Lily and came across Mikage instead. The one who would help and had done so without asking for anything in return.

Yes finding Lily took time but it left him impatient, although the feeling almost vanished when her grandmother showed up occasionally. The one who always doted on her family and contained a fierce dragon's temper, this occurred whenever her family was in danger or threatened. Which in fact still continued to scare him no matter what. He was also thankful since she kept him rooted, had helped him think more clearly about the whole situation. Especially when it came to how long he would have left to wait. She did at once question his motives as Mikage had warned in advance. It didn't leave him feeling any relief when she had knowing eyes that would pierce his soul with one look. Eyes that would haunt anyone's souls, even his brother would find it hard to look at her in the eye due to fear and maybe something else.

Then when it was time to find Lily, and what he did see at that the time was a small child who was happy and friendly towards him. It had come his attention that she had occasionally visited her aunt and uncle during her childhood, she had hardly showed up in the area much to his confusion. It was then when Serena- Lily's grandmother had informed him that she may have roots here, but her other roots lie in a different county so visiting would be hard for her. Shortly however that changed when she was five, when she was forced to watch Silver's younger self die right in front of her eyes. Silver knew that it left both of them with severe trauma and deep scars, but her age made it worse to his dismay.

Silver had then found out through Serena that his parallel self had travelled through time who without warning had rushed to get her out of the building, during that time some of the parallel Silver's memory had came back except for the Silver who was in this time era. Serena knew for a fact that it would be hard for the both of them to be in the same area but had risked it regardless, and it was almost hard to watch the parallel Silver who had to ask her uncle Satoru to send her back to her birth home. This meant going out of the country and it would also mean that Silver could not see her for a while, but at least she was safe to his relief. It saddened Silver to know that it hadn't been a year and yet they were forced to part without warning, especially when it was decided that she was going to stay in the same area as the other family members, and yet she had to move again without any notice. It left Silver sad that he never did get to say good bye and that he could not tell her that they would meet again.

However this encouraged Silver to work harder and he began to make an effort in to regaining what knowledge he had lost about the human world- the time period that he was suppose to be living in. It surprised Mikage to see Silver reading and learning at times when he was on his break, it also shocked the adopted father that his own son went to visit the human markets. At the same time he was disguising himself as a human to prevent suspicion. This was not the same Silver Mikage knew, no this one was not arrogant, cocky or anything like when he was known as a 'wild fox'. In fact he was much calmer and it worried the Marriage God in whether Silver was actually growing up a little too fast. Serena on the other hand chuckled and patted his arm lightly.

"He's trying to regain his lost roots, there's nothing wrong with that and besides-" Serena winked causing Mikage to blush slightly from seeing her playful mood. "He has a reason as well, a reasonable excuse that will encourage him to be better" Mikage smiled at her words knowing that they were true.

"I feel like I am losing him though Serena. Is it wrong of me to want him to slow down?" Mikage admitted as he watched Silver do his chores diligently. Serena giggled at one point as she stood beside him.

"Would you rather that he mopes or causes problems for others dear friend?" That Mikage would not want; he already had to deal with that when Silver came across his shrine by accident. "I just hope those stuck up arrogant Gods will give him a chance and actually see him for who he truly is" Serena muttered making Mikage laugh. Oh she never did like those in the summit. Even after giving up her celestial form and had allowed herself to be reborn into Lily's family. They still tried to look down at her… only to fail miserably of course.

Years almost went by for Silver who at one point came across Lily who would have been around the age of seventeen. However he almost frowned at how she was socialising with a tengu of all things since they weren't almost trust worthy. But before he could interfere, he immediately saw how sincere the tengu was towards her. They behaved like siblings more than mates and in a way it had eased Silver's mind, knowing that someone was keeping an eye on her when he wasn't around. However that changed when he saw her alone in the market heading towards a shop. Seeing her alone and a little scatter brained left him chuckling.

In fact it was thanks to Mikage that encouraged her to stay with them three months later. Silver had to admit that he did scare and leave her unsettled by his words when he entered the room. But it wasn't intentional, his heart and words were doing the talking for him.

Now here they were in Lily's room arguing slightly over her eyes. They seemed a little too red for his comfort and wanted to take Lily to see her cousin, who was in fact a doctor. It left him curious to know that a physician was now known as a doctor who worked in a big building containing patients. It smelt weird and left his fur shivering from how clean and white it was.

"None of your damn business now leave me please!" Lily ordered crossly and to Silver's dismay thanks to the contract which involved word binding. He had to do exactly as she ordered without complaint. Silver now stood outside by the door and glared at Lily's silhouette.

"You have to see a doctor at some point!" Silver called over his shoulder.

"No I am not and that's final!" Lily barked as she typed up some information about her work. Silver grumbled before muttering something under his breath knowing that she wasn't going to budge. Silver then walked towards the hallway where the phone was and dialled a number.

"Hello?" Asked a voice.

"Hello Vincent, It's Silver" the kitsune replied as he pushed is short red hair away from his eyes. His own ears were pinned against his skull from the stress. Lily was not going to forgive him for this.

"Ah Silver! How are you- hold on! Listen can I call you back in about two maybe three hours? I am in surgery right now" Vincent asked over the loud beeping noise in the background. Silver frowned from not thinking that Vincent would be busy.

"S-Sure, I just wanted to make an appointment for Lily to see you"

"Is she okay?!" Vincent asked sounding alarmed before cursing over something at his end of the line.


"Dr the patient's bleeding!" yelled a nurse before Silver could reply.

"Shoot be right back Silver-" and with that the phone had been disconnected leaving a loud noise for him to hear. Silver sighed before putting the phone down back on its cradle. That man worked crazy hours for sure, and Silver should know since he worked at the shrine almost twenty four hours a day. Silver was lost in his thoughts as he turned round.

"GHAAAA!" Silver screamed before holding his chest. Where did Lily come from?!

"Lily what are you doing here?" Silver asked as he looked down at her. She looked upset given how she was pursing her lips, her eyes also narrowed in anger.

"Why were you calling Vincent?" Lily asked coldly. Silver immediately felt a blush appear on his face from being caught out.

"I-I-erm… wanted to say hi" Silver replied weakly. Lily however continued to frown causing him to nearly gulp.

"Liar you were going to book an appointment to have me see him weren't you?" Silver bit a curse knowing that Lily had caught him out, whether she had read his mind he wasn't sure.

"Lily just have your eyes checked by him, it wouldn't kill you to actually go" Silver sighed at her stubborn nature.

"Look they just hurt alright, I am just tired from working" Lily replied bluntly before walking back to her room. Silver sighed loudly until he felt a piece of fabric and a bottle that were inside his pocket, immediately his face went grim from the thought. Well if she couldn't come nicely… then it would mean doing it the hard way.

Silver went to the kitchen and placed a wooden peg on his nose. As uncomfortable as it was, he had not choice. This was for Lily's own good!

Then Silver stealthily rushed over to Lily's room with the cloth now soaked in the medicine from the bottle, the last thing he needed was to be affected by it as well which meant that his efforts were wasted as a result. It did make him laugh that her family when she was staying with each one of them had either tied her up, gagged her mouth closed or had tricked her into going in to see Vincent. One even gave her lunch to pass to Vincent only to realise that it was a trick by the time she saw him smirking and had realised that it was too late to run.

Silver at that moment remembered to keep his mind empty before sneaking into her room; at that moment he almost pitied how vulnerable she was- until he noticed that she was ignoring him so she could listen to music on her bloody earphones! Just seeing her do that made the sympathetic thought vanish, especially when he had to do the unthinkable.

Lily at the same time was doing homework before feeling unsettled by a change in the air, was something going on and she wasn't aware of it? Nah!

"It is probably nothing" she thought as she shrugged her shoulders. Not knowing that Silver was standing behind her with a drug stained cloth in his hand.

Silver deciding that it was now or never, had rushed over towards Lily and forced her to inhale the cloth stained medicine via mouth and nose. Lily at that moment gasped before feeling a sense of dizziness.

What just happened?

"Nice to see you again Lily" Said a distorted voice filled which was with humour.

By the time Lily came to, she then started to notice a few things: One she her furniture was different, two it smelt like a hospital room and three she was in a white room that was definitely not hers.

"Ooooh shoot! SILVER!" Lily whined angrily as she turned her head round in a groggy manner in order to look at the kitsune in question. "Why-hy-hyyyy?!" She cried as laid her head on the top of the chair. She was so going to punish him for this!

"He was worried so he brought you here, I have to admit Lily. You haven't been having many check ups lately" Vincent said as he looked at his chart.

"Silver I am going to skin you for this!" Lily whined as she pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them as tightly as she could. Silver gulped not knowing if she was actually serious.

"Lily he's just worried about your eyes, seriously you've been saying to him that they hurt" Lily still wasn't feeling happy about this.

"I have dealt with them for years, I don't see why I should whine about it now to you?" Vincent who was writing froze and dropped his pen after hearing what she said.

"Lily how long have you exactly had these problems?" Lily huffed before turning her head so she faced away from them.

"Liiiillllllly! Speak now or I am telling uncle Satoru-" she turned to glare knowing that he would resort into ratting her out.

"Since I was eleven happy?" Lily asked crossly as she pouted, Vincent spluttered while Silver raised a brow in surprise.

"Lily!" Vincent snapped before leaning back on his chair and sighed deeply.

"Just explain what pain you've been feeling" Vincent asked weakly. Already he just wanted to go home and sleep, Vincent was sure that he did not sign up for this. Instead of waiting for a reply he moved out of his chair, the young doctor went to examine Lily's eyes with a flashlight after moving her eyelids and head in order to see the damage.

"Just stabbing pains and they feel like their going to explode, I get fatigue as well" Lily replied before yawning. Vincent clicked is tongue in agitation.

"Oh for goodness sake Lily you've irritated them by going on the computer everyday haven't you?" Vincent asked sounding tired himself. They looked awfully blood shot and it made him cringe just from looking at them.

"I do computer homework idiot!" Lily said dryly making Vincent roll his eyes in reply. Silver looked at the pair with confused eyes. He did not get what was happening at all; surely this man could help her right?

"I am prescribing you some moisturising eye drops, use them or you WILL have to come back! And DON'T forget your check ups!" Vincent snapped as he glared at his cousin, part of him was glad that he was the oldest in the family since he could grind her attitude to the ground- slightly… then again there was a chance that she could get back at him for this.

"I am fine most of the time dummy! Now just give me the papers so I can go back home" Lily said coldly. Vincent muttered a few insults causing Silver look at him sharply. Part of him was surprised to hear such things come out of the human man's mouth. He must be angry to have said such things.

"Yeah yeah Vincent! Tell that to the clown in Main Street" Lily waved him off as she walked out the room.

"This isn't over! I want you to have a check up! Even if I have to have you kidnapped by a Russian mob I swear you will be back!" Lily poked her head back in the room and gave him a look that was cross between a dirty and sour look before walking back out.

"Damn medicine" Lily muttered as she forked out money from her purse in order to get the item.

"Lily why are you so adamant about going to see a doctor?" Silver asked as he followed her out the pharmacy. Lily gave him an angry look making him stop.

"Every time I go there it's always antibiotics for some infection, caused by a cold I will have you know" Lily replied darkly as they walked back to the shrine. Silver almost blanched from her words, he even looked at her briefly in order to see if she was okay. Sensing this made Lily grow irritated and looked at him sharply.

"Look my immune system is bad I get it, not something I can stop okay?" Lily replied as she sensed his unease. Silver suddenly grabbed her arm causing her to stop walking; curious she looked back only to freeze in shock as she felt his lips on hers. The kiss was gentle and it left her feeling warm, that as until he pulled back leaving her feeling slightly disappointed for some reason. What was wrong with her? Surely she should be mad about him kissing her like that… but she wasn't to her surprise.

"I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. I waited five hundred years for you and it would hurt me to know that I could have done something to help, but instead I am just standing there with no clue about how to treat humans" Lily pursed her lips before nodding slowly. She looked down at the tiled floor knowing that he was right. Lily began to feel guilty for making him worry like that, she even felt bad for giving him the cold shoulder about her health.

"That doesn't mean it's okay to drug me so you can take me to see a doctor" Lily looked at him sharply as she spoke, Silver winced from seeing her look.

"I'm sorry" Silver said softly while putting his hands in the sleeves in order to hide his hands. Lily shook her head before walking towards the steps.

Minutes later - four minutes later

"I am so not taking this medicine!" Lily barked as she placed the small bottle containing eye drops down on the table in the kitchen. Silver looked up to see her frowning as he read a book at the desk.

"What happened?" Silver asked as he looked at her.

"I don't want to blind myself thank you!" Lily said sharply before walking out the room in a huff. For once Silver was at a loss for words as he heard her reply, he moved his hand and gingerly picked up the bottle before examining it. It had been indeed opened by Lily but not completely enough to be used.

Without warning Lily's phone rang on the desk almost making him jump, it made him sigh at how she forgot to take it with her. He peered at the phone and looked at the caller ID to see Vincent's name- speak of the devil. Silver wasn't sure on how to use it but saw a green button which was a good thing right?

Silver picked the phone up gingerly before placing the phone near his ear; shortly after pressing the green button he waited.

"Hello?" Silver asked in a cautious voice.

"Silver why are you using Lily's phone?" Vincent at that moment sounded very confused by hearing Silver's voice on the phone.

"Lily left it in the kitchen" Silver replied bluntly.

"Right… well how is Lily with the medicine? Is she taking it?" Silver frowned from the question.

"She says she won't take it, something about blinding her?" Silver answered almost sounding tired, he heard Vincent cry out in frustration from the phone causing one of his brows to go up.

"That girl I swear is so difficult! Can't you just pin her down and put it in that way?" Vincent asked weakly before yawning. Silver blinked at the question, why didn't he do that? Oh right word binding and severe punishment.

"I highly doubt that would work Vincent" Silver said weakly.

"She's got to have them done or her eyes could get worse, especially her right one. Please do something!" and with that Vincent hung up the phone leaving Silver confused. How was he going to get this done? He had to think of something. But what?

"Silver we have been over this, no I will not take that medicine!" Lily snapped as she looked away as she folded her arms.

"So much for that" Silver muttered mentally before moving forward.

"Lily it's just to help you" Silver said hoping that he could convince her.

"You're not the one having to drop those blooming things in your eye! I have to deal with the aim and pressing at the same time" Lily replied angrily.

"Then I will help" Silver offered, part of him was relieved to know that it was the only problem she was having with them.

"Absolutely not! Can you go now I have work to do" Lily snapped as she turned her head to one side in order to fix a mistake on the computer file as she sat on the mat.

Silver frowned as he folded his arms. She was a tough nut to crack… if that was the right saying of course. How could he get her to take the medicine while keeping her eyes open? Suddenly a thought came to mind and knew that Lily would pick up on it if he continued to think about the plan.

"Lily?" Silver asked a little loudly in hopes of distracting Lily.

"Hmm? What is it?" Lily asked bluntly as she turned round. Suddenly Lily released a huge scream as she landed on the mats. Silver immediately straddled her waist and pinned her wrists on separate ends of her head so they couldn't move.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU PERVERT?!" Lily screamed as she started to thrash from where she was forced to lay. Part of her blushed at the fact that he was sitting on her, talk about indecent.

"Oishi! Dai get in here quickly!" Silver yelled at the open door. Lily's eyes widened in horror as she realised what he was about to do to her eyes.

"Oh! No no no no no no no no! NOOOOO! TRAITOR GET OFF ME!" Lily's screams started to get louder causing his ears to hurt from her loud pitch. Her grandmother warned him of this but it didn't make it any easier for him to adjust to the high levels of noise.

Oishi and Dai rushed over and stood beside Silver, they tilted their heads in confusion as they watched Lily thrashing about like mad. While at the same time Silver continued to sit on her stomach in order to stop her from moving. Sadly for Lily her legs were not even close enough to move or kick him off.

"Don't just stand there you two! Grab her hands and stop her arms from moving" Silver grunted as Lily was able to kick his back. Lily looked at them sharply while her were filled with dread.

"No you two! I swear I will kill you both!" Lily boomed as she ranted at the spirit children. "I mean it!" Sadly the spirit children did what Silver asked causing her to get up upset.

"I swear I will kill you all for this! Get off of me!" Lily screamed as she slammed her eyes shut. There was not way this would end well for anyone. However Silver wasn't having it.

"You are having these eye drops and that's final! Stop being a baby!" Silver grunted as she tried to move her body. The spirit children were doing their best to stop Lily from moving and almost were at their limits.

"NOOOOO!" Lily screamed as she kept her eyes closed and turned her head.

"So you want to play that game huh?" Silver asked with a sour look as he stared at his master/fiancée. He was mildly impressed that she would put up some resistance but alas there was so much she could do when it came to ordering him around.

Silver immediately moved one hand over her right eye, knowing that it was the one that was irritated the most and took out the small bottle. After opening the cap he placed the bottle over her eye and used his free hand to pry open Lily's eyelid. Lily started to scream and thrash more than ever as the drop entered her eye, hearing this almost broke his concentration and almost made him fire in the wrong place. It was hard to even aim when her head was moving!

"Master Silver do you want us to help?" Oishi asked who sounding worried about what he was having to do to their master.

"No I'll be fine" Silver grunted as he moved the bottle closer so it didn't touch her eye, Lily tried to close her eye in order block the bottle.

"GHAAAAAAAAAA!" Lily screamed as small drop went into her eye. Lily squealed in agony and terror as she slammed her eyelids shut. She whined as the liquid moved around her eye, Lily began to try and free her arms in order to rub her sore eye.

"Blink Lily! Blink!" Silver yelled as he held the bottle and patted her cheek in order to ease her panicking. Lily growled before opening her eye and then slammed it shut again.

"You bloody fox! I hate you!" Lily screamed in anger. "Jeez my eye you fool why?!" Lily screamed, the eye drop continued to sting leaving her upset. Silver chuckled before stroking her cheek, this caused her to open her eyes and glare at him.

"Jerk" she muttered before screaming once more. "NOT AGAIN!" Lily cried as he squirted another drop into her right eye. "Do you get a kick out of doing this?" Lily asked as she blinked a few times in order to get rid of the medicine.

"Sadly I have to do your left eye" Silver said with a weak smile. However Lily pouted from the news.

"Evil" Lily squeezed her eyes shut before Silver began to pry open her left eyes, once again he tried not to scratch or damage any part of her eye as he pulled the lids apart. Lily once again screamed as she tried to move her head in order to avoid his hands and bottle.

In the end Silver placed the now closed bottle back inside his pocket and looked at Lily, who continued to whine as she blinked away the last drop.

"Bloody evil" she muttered once again as she glared at him weakly. Oishi and Dai immediately released Lily and bowed.

"We're sorry Lady Lily" Oishi said meekly.

"We were only trying to help you get well" Dai added weakly knowing that Lily was still upset.

"Please forgive us" the children said in unison before running out the room. Lily sighed as she glared at their retreated figures. She then noticed that Silver was still on her stomach and moved her head to face him. To her surprise Silver's eyes showed worry as he looked down at her.

"Please stop making a fuss about this and just take the medicine" Silver pleaded.

"It's not like it's easy! I am not use to putting stuff on my eyes" Lily said as she began to rub her eyes. Silver immediately held her wrists gently in order to stop her from making her eyes sore. Lily stopped and looked up to look at him, it was then that she began to realise something odd.

"Erm… Silver. You're on my stomach" Lily asked weakly as she continued to look at him.

Silver on the other hand felt himself being drawn to her eyes, no matter how many times he looked at them. They left an imprint in his mind and it made him regret that fact that he had lost his memory of her in the first place. It wasn't his fault really and her grandmother had confirmed it. His mind had been young at the time and the transition from human to yōkai had taken a toll on his mind, that it had caused him to black those memories out.

Now she was here in front of him, it left Silver thinking that he was still dreaming. That he was in a nightmare and his mind was playing tricks on him, that he would wake up to find that he was alone in the a place that didn't feel like home.

Every thing slowed to a halt as Silver lowered his head until their breaths mingled. He could feel his face heat up from how close they were to the other and could feel his own heart as it started to beat like crazy. Silver's own tail moved from side to side in a slow manner and his ears pinned themselves to his head, as Silver closed his eyes he felt a wave of nervousness enter his chest. This would be the third time that they kissed only the first time was for the contract it almost meant nothing to him, the second was to calm her down but he felt a part of him longing to kiss her again, however just kissing had scared him. Knowing that it was Lily whether it was her scent on a small object or not, it had actually been the reason for wanting to stay alive. It had been all her and it left him feeling warm and happy.

Lily almost gasped as Silver kissed her; it was gentle leaving her feeling emotions that she buried deep inside, Lily could feel his emotions surrounding her leaving her feel light. Without saying anything she slowly began to accept the kiss and moved her hands to his ears. Feeling her hands there made Silver release an animalistic growl before nipping at her bottom lip, Lily moaned slightly as she tugged at his right ear which encouraged him to kiss harder. Slowly the kiss came to an end as Silver parted his lips from hers. They looked at the other while panting heavily.

"W-wow" Lily panted as Silver moved off of Lily's stomach; he then proceeded to sit on the side of his legs and gazed at her. The kitsune then moved his right hand to hold hers. Silver chuckles lightly as he moves his other hand in order to move a piece of her hair to one side.

"I mean it, I do care… I will wait for your answer" Silver says as he looks at her. Hearing this left her feeling warm.

"Do you truly mean that?" Lily asked as she looks at him with curious eyes. Silver's eyes softened allowing her to see adoration in his eyes, he leans towards her and pecks her lips.

"Definitely" Silver replied with a smile. This caused her to smile as well as she looks up at him.








"My eyes are burning…" Lily replied bluntly.

"…" Silver blinks in shock, well… that was one way of ruining the moment.

"YOU BLOODY ASSWHOLE! YOU MADE HER EYES WORSE!" Silver screamed as he glares at Vincent who looks at Lily, the teen smiles weakly as her left eye showed that it had gotten blood shot and showed a spider web set of veins on the left part, while at the same time the right eye started to become light brown at the left side of her right eye. Vincent immediately shot out of his chair and looks at her eye. Part of him panicked and shrivelled in fear as Silver glares at him darkly.

"I-I… it looks like Lily's… developed… an allergy to preservatives" Vincent said weakly as Silver's glare got worse with each word.

"And you did not know about this why?" Silver asked crossly.

"Well in his defence I never took eye drops so we never knew" Lily said weakly. Silver was furious and it was no laughing matter. Part of her was worried that he would kill Vincent for not knowing.

"That is no excuse! I'm starting to see why she doesn't see you at all!" Silver snapped. Hearing this made Lily's heart swell with glee, did that mean that he wasn't going to send her to Vincent anymore?

"Fix this or I will make you wish that you had never been born" Vincent nodded shakily before looking at Lily's eyes.

"I'll give her some non preservative eye drops…" Vincent went to his computer and printed up a prescription. "Here" Silver immediately snatched it up without warning.

"Please come back again if it doesn't get better"

"I doubt it" Silver muttered causing Lily to blink but smirk mentally at what was going on.

Fourteen days later

A white snake was slithering through the garden of Mikage's shrine; it was looking around with curious eyes and began to look at the porch. So far it seemed deserted to it's surprise.

"MOTHER-" Silver cursed loudly as Lily's eyes didn't get better, if anything her eye balls were shining but were still blood shot. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN? THIS ISN'T WORKING!" Silver yelled in anger. The snake almost jumped into the air from the sudden yells and curses that spewed from the kitsune's mouth. That was unexpected.

"But they aren't hurting me, that's good right?" Lily said weakly. Silver gave her a weak glare.

"I can see why you don't like doctors" he said bitterly leaving her feeling excited to the possibility of never seeing her cousin again.

"Does that mean I don't need to see Vincent again?" Lily asked eagerly, almost forgetting who she was talking to.

"No you have to see him" Silver said grudgingly as he looked at her oddly.

"DRAT!" Lily yelled in anger knowing that she had no choice but to go.

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