Blessed Secrets

Chapter 6: You are never alone

"-We're falling and we're losing control!

You're pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road.

We follow like Alice

And just keep diving down the hole" Lily sang in turn with the song on her laptop. After discussing about the use of her earphones, Lily had to agree not to use them unless the music was loud or irritating to Silver. Today she began to sing and listen to White Rabbit as she read the diary. As long as it didn't bother Silver, she was free to sing for as long as she pleased.

"-Your magic white rabbit Has left it's writing on the wall.

We follow like Alice and just keep diving down the hole.

We're falling and we're losing control.

You're pulling us and dragging us down this dead end road

We follow like Alice

And just keep diving down the hole" Lily felt giddy from listening to the song, this song suited what she was reading. After all the clone was her white rabbit and she did leave messages in a book for her to learn from.

Elsewhere Silver was washing and drying a cup with a tea towel as he stood by the kitchen sink, his ears twitched from hearing Lily singing in her room. It made him smile to know that she had an interesting voice… but he wasn't sure about the choice of song she was listening to.

"Aaaaah… can't win it all can we?" Silver sighed lightly as he shook his head, the smile never wavered but his mood almost vanished knowing that he did have to prepare lunch soon.

It was surprising that she even agreed to the earphones deal, on the bright side he was able to know what she was doing. Especially since she always loved to either watch videos online or listen to music, which itself was a problem when she had homework to do. This way he could catch and confront her on it, if she wasn't doing what she was suppose to do. Sure he was being mean but if something important had come up, he wouldn't have to scream at her to take the earphones off. Nor would he have to worry about misunderstandings which was good in a sense.

As Silver placed the cup up in the cabinet, he then made his way to the other cabinet to get a pan.

"What should I make?" Silver pondered as he tapped the pan on his cheek lightly as ideas of food came to mind.

"Duck is a no so what about…hmm?" Silver caught the sight of a bird wearing a tall hat flying past his window. He blinked from looking at the bird before turning back to the stove. Suddenly the pan slipped from his hand from realising what it was.

"Shoot!" Silver immediately ran out the room while ignoring the pan as it rested on the floor.

"Oishi Dai pick that pan up!" Silver yelled as he ran down the hallways to Lily's room. As soon as he arrived, the kitsune began to pant like mad before opening the door.

Lily continued to read the dairy; it was then that she noticed that each person had been colour marked allowing her to read as much as she could about that person- or yōkai. So far after reading about Mizuki who was bookmarked green, Lily had soon caught the name of Himemiko who is a Princess of the Tartara Swamp. Just reading the name caught her interest and began to look at the purple bookmark. Once she did that Lily's eyes immediately went to two pictures, one was a of a demon with that had a fish face with fins for hands. The second was with of a purple haired girl who was hugging to Lily's shock the clone. So that's what they both looked like, a smile bloomed on her face as she saw how happy the pair were in the picture. However before Lily could begin to read about the princess, her ears caught the sound of a flutter of wings causing the black haired girl to look up. Lily blinked from seeing a small white bird with a black tall hat tied to it's head.

"Excuse me are the Land God?" came the voice of a high pitched girl and to Lily's surprise the voice was coming from the bird in front of her.

"Oh? How do you do?" Lily asked in a polite tone, the bird lowered her head politely.

"I am fine Land God, I bring news-" Before the bird could continue the door was slammed open allowing them to see Silver panting like mad to their surprise.

"L-Lily there's a messenger- huh?" Silver paused once he saw the bird.

"Is this the bird you are looking for?" Lily asked while smiling wryly. Silver immediately felt his right eye twitch from the insult.

"Yes, yes it is" Silver said darkly before walking over towards the bird. Lily shook her head as she turned to look at the bird.

"Sorry can you continue what you were saying before you were rudely interrupted?" Lily asked while smiling.

"That is alright, I bear news the Princess Himemiko who will be arriving to give her blessings to you as the new Land God of Mikage's shrine, now that I have delivered my news I will be off now. Have a good day Land God" the bird said kindly before flying off. Silver and Lily remained silent until the sound of small foot falls caught their attention. Very soon Oishi and Dai popped their masked faces in the room in order to see if everything was okay.


"Get dressed" was all Silver said as he stood up. After sorting out his haori Silver walked away without another word leaving Lily surprised.

"What's his problem?" Lily muttered before standing up. Her feet paddled on the tatami mats until she reaches for the sliding cabinet door. She spies her clothes and pouts.

"Doesn't really tell me what to wear… I don't even know if I'm suppose to wear formal or informal- huh?" Lily began to browse through the clothes and takes out what looks like a blue yukata that had swallows on them.

"This isn't mine…" Her brow twitched in anger.

"Did he throw my clothes out?" Lily asked coldly.

"Actually Lady Lily" Oishi piped up causing her to turn.

"Master Silver put them over there" Lily looked down to see a set of draws under the cabinet. Immediately she notices a mint blue dress that would go up to her lower knees. Lily picks it up and is about to change only the sound of her phone goes off. Curious Lily placed the dress on her arm and picked up her phone as it rested on the table.

"Hello?" Lily asked sounding suspicious.

"Don't tell me you couldn't predict that Lily!" Said a chipper voice. Lily sighed loudly as relief entered her body, just who she needed to speak to.

"Oh sorry, things got hectic" Lily replied as she grinned.

"Oh? Boy trouble?" Lily blinked from the answer.


"Shinjirou commented about the shrine incident" at that moment Lily immediately wanted to slap the tengu from interfering.

"I just had a bird come and tell me that I'm having a visitor that's all" Lily pouted as she held the phone.

"Sure about that?" Lily groaned loudly making the caller laugh.

"Lydia!" Lily whined.

"How about having girl time? I missed having a talk with you" Lydia said as she spoke.

"I don't know, will we be back on time?" Lily asked weakly.

"Certainly sister! Tell that fox to stop being a dummy and let you relax for once" Lydia said sharply making Lily smile.

"I'll write down a note if I can't see him"

"Great! I'll see you at the mall, want to see if we can knock their prices down?" Lydia said with a chuckle. Lily at then knew exactly where Lydia was going to take her. Only that mall could pull fast ones and it was not a human mall for sure, Silver was definitely going to kill her if he found out.

"Let's do it" Lily said with a determined smile before hanging up, now eyeing her dress and began to reach for her black leggings. Lily began to change into her outfit. Lily then went to get a pen and wrote down a note for Silver, as promised if she didn't see him.

Lily immediately rushed outside her room to locate the kitchen.

"Silver?" Lily called to see no one in sight. She pouted weakly before sighing.

"Well that's odd… where did he go?" Lily said before spying the table "oh well" she sighed and placed the note down.

"No! Forty yen!" Lydia yelled at the merchant in the mall. The merchant who was a racoon demon immediately cried out in shock before glaring.

"No fifty! Do you think this is cheep to get?" the merchant snapped. Lydia frowned at the merchant.

"I've seen stuff like that being sold for forty two yen! Here I thought you were a business man" Lydia asks coldly making the merchant sweat with anger as his face goes red.

"You want forty fine! TAKE IT!" the merchant roared as he passed a pleased Lydia a red yukata with pink sakura on the sleeves. The demon panted from losing the war.

"Thank you Mr Yun!" Lydia cheered before walking towards an embarrassed Lily who smiled weakly, knowing for a fact that Lydia had played him like a violin.

"Don't come back here you blooming cheat!" Mr Yun screamed in anger.

"You're ruthless" Lily laughed as they left the shop. Lydia shrugged before passing the yukata which was in a bag to Lily. Lily smiled for the gift.

"He steals stuff. Consider it my way of teaching him a lesson" Lydia chuckled; Lily however shook her head while smiling. There was no reasoning with her friend.

"So where next?" Lily asked as they went past a toy shop.

"Food, I just spent three hours bargaining with most of them" Lydia said as she stretched her arms. Lily could just see the fangs in her friend's mouth.

"Okay" Lily laughed as they entered Dreamy Delights; it was a pastry slash restaurant that had chairs both in and out of the small shop. Lily moaned as she tasted a chocolate strawberry cake which also contained a strawberry moose in the center. Lydia gave her a wolfish smile as she used her spoon in order to tuck into her orange meringue which was topped with cream frosting on top.

"No matter how many times I come it's always amazing" Lily commented.

"I know and the best part is that it's always cooked on the day and freshly made" Lydia agreed as she bit another part of her cake, her scarlet tail swished with glee as it matched her mood. Lydia was in fact a scarlet kitsune. Lydia's hair reached to her upper shoulders and wore a purple hairband in order to stop the kitsune's hair from covering her face, she was currently wearing a light purple floral dress that stood out from her pale skin, she also wore a pair of light red leggings under her dress that reached to her lower knees. Lydia even wore flats knowing that she was going out today.

Lily was wearing the clothes that she changed into and a pair of light blue flats as well, her hair however was in a bun in order to stop her hair from going all over the place.

"So spill, what's happened with that fox?" Lydia asked as she eyed her friend. Lily blinked before groaning as she realised who her friend was talking about.

"Lydia…" Lily whined as she spoke.

"Don't Lily me, you were more than eager to leave the shrine so something is up" Lydia said sharply before taking a bite of her food. Lily looked down feeling mixed emotions.

"He kissed me…" Lily replied softy, however Lydia's ears picked up her words and almost gasped.

"Are you serious?! That brat looks like the one you were with twelve years ago, he actually kissed you?" Lydia cried causing Lily to shush her friend, at times Lily wondered why her friend always did that. She paused from hearing her friend's words.

"What do you mean from years ago?" Lydia tensed slightly before looking down.

"Don't be mad but at one point I noticed that you would always run off when we were younger… I saw you and that look alike together" Lily this time tensed.


"I saw him injured… was he having problems at home? Please don't be mad at me" Lydia pleaded but she couldn't help but be curious, after all it was her nature to be. Lily however nodded confirming Lydia's suspicion. The kitsune looked down slightly.

"The brat looks different to the one I saw" Lily smiled for she agreed with her friend on that comment.

"Yeah… he's very quiet" Lily replied as she stabbed a piece of her cake, Lydia paused from her words.

"No… I mean this fox's reputation" Lily looked up slightly.

"What reputation? As a familiar?" Lydia pursed her lips in anger, so she didn't know. The kitsune then placed her hand under her chin as she leaned on the table.

"No, I mean he's had a bad reputation as a yōkai" this took Lily by surprise.

"What do you mean? What did he do?" bearing this made Lydia more angry at how he could pull the wool over her sister's eyes, the never of this idiot!

"He's a murderer, a village destroyer and a rapist" Lydia spat angrily. Lily tilted her head up this was not what she had expected.

"Oh?" For once Lily was at a loss for words.

"He's a wild or was a wild fox, why he changed is beyond me but I wouldn't trust whatever comes out of his mouth. He might still bite" Lydia said bluntly. Lily didn't complain after all, whenever Lydia was blunt it meant business. However Lily at that moment couldn't shake the feeling that she had something to do with it.

"…I think it's because of me…" Lydia turned her head to face Lily who looked down meekly. "I apparently went back in time and saved his life, he said back at the shrine that he had been searching for me for five hundred years" Lydia's spoon slipped from her gasp causing it on to clatter on the plate, her jaw dropped from Lily's words.

"F-Five hundred years? But that doesn't make sense Lily. Please be reasonable there's no way that you could have done that" Lily chuckled as she looked down.

"Yeah I did… before he died I had sent him back in time apparently and that saved his life" Lydia pursed her lips before nodding. So the Silver now was the Silver who Lily knew as a child.

"That was the connection!" at that moment Lydia wanted nothing more than to bang her head on the table, how could she have not noticed.

"It doesn't explain why he acted like that five hundred years ago" Lydia muttered darkly. Lily's smiled weakly at her friend's stubborn behaviour.

"He had amnesia before he became a yōkai" Lydia then looked at her sharply; disbelief was evident on her face.

"Now I know you are joking. A human becoming a yōkai-"

"But it is possible right?" Lily asked, hearing the question made her friend sigh deeply.

"Yes… it's rare though, it's usually bad ones who become demons and it's traumatising to say the least" Lydia replied bluntly. She looked down at her food and pursed her lips, just thinking about this left her losing her appetite. To think the fox had that many problems appearing like that on his plate, in truth Lydia couldn't truly understand how that felt given that she was born a yōkai.

"Let's go look for more shops to raid" Lily joked causing Lydia to smirk. She knew that despite the fact that Lily was bad at bargaining, she would still find ways of having fun and contributing to their adventure.

Minutes later

"Are you serious no two yen! That's a fake!" Lily snapped at the shocked cat demon.

"WHAT?!" The cat merchant looked at the pendent and glared, his hand holding the pendent shook in anger.

"THAT BLOOMING HUMAN! I'LL SKIN HIM FOR THIS!" Screamed the cat yōkai. Lily almost smirked while Lydia's jaw had hit the floor from what she witnessed. So she was wrong on all accounts, Lily could definitely read the memories of how the items came into possession and knew how rare or fake something was… go figure.

In the end Lily was given the cat's eye pendent for free for helping the cat demon see which items were fake or not. Not bad for a war on getting items knocked off their average pricing.

However on route Lily could sense something was wrong with the eye and decided to toss it in the bin, seeing this shocked her friend.

"Some human originally a demon cursed it. I'm not keeping cursed items" Lily said before hopping on the bus in order to leave the demon mall.

"Where is she?!" Silver screamed mentally as he sat before a cat fish demon wearing a purple kimono and a long scarf that was around her arms and hung above her head. Beside her was a male yōkai with fish finned ears and traditional blue familiar clothes.

"She's been gone hours!" immediately felt his palms beginning to sweat. What if something happened and he was stuck here trying to entertain guests? Why did he even allow them inside the shrine when Lily wasn't in it?!

"So where's this Land God? She didn't run away did she?" Silver felt a tick appeared by his brow from the insult.

"I have you know she's out doing some errands" Silver said politely as he held his floral fan. Silver was wishing that Lily would hurry up so he could not only get this visit come to end, but he also wanted to scream at her for being irresponsible.

"She's probably at the crow's home and hasn't bothered telling me! What is she thinking?! Doesn't she realise that I have been here without any means of contacting her?" he asked while he mentally seethed in rage. It was getting to the point that he was going to abandon the pair, storm out the shrine and start with hunting down his master. All while ignoring how indecent that would seem, even if it ruined his reputation so be it.

"I heard Mikage had selected this girl although rumors are circulating that's some-" Silver knew that he had to stop that rumour; it was not a good one to say the least. Some had been saying that it was a dying woman's request or he took in an orphan or something like that. Silver cared not about the rumours but he did mind that this yōkai was insulting Mikage, Lily and Serena at the same time.

"I have you know Mikage owed Serena no favours, he believed that Serena's granddaughter could look after the shrine in his absence. And I have no doubt in my mind that her granddaughter is more than capable of handling the shrine" Silver said tartly. The fish yōkai yelped in shock while Princess Himemiko watched wordlessly.

"You mean to tell me Serena the Goddess of Time and Wisdom has a granddaughter?!" the yōkai yelled in shock, Silver's eyes narrowed making the yōkai flinch.

"The Land God is not to be taken lightly nor is it wise to insult her"

"And yet she is not here" the yōkai muttered causing Silver to bit the inside of his cheek, sadly he had a point.

"The fact that she's not here is an insult to Princess Himemiko, she knew that she was suppose to be here and yet has left the shrine" the yōkai snapped as he continued to rant at Silver.

"Let's not jump to conclusions. I assure you Lady Lily is on her way as we speak-"

"You said that an hour ago and yet there is still no sign of her" the yōkai interrupted Silver crossly. Silver was now starting to lose his patients; this was getting ridiculous. Where was she? Why did he not think about getting her number or think about contacting her just in case. Surely she was more responsible than this.

"I promise you-"

"You're unbelievable! He he I'm home!" Lily's chipper voice silenced the group. Silver without warning shot out of his seat and rushed to find Lily. Meanwhile Himemiko and her familiar followed behind in order to see what Lily looked like. Only instead of looking apologetic, Lily was actually chuckling and talking to a scarlet red fox who was laughing along side her. Who was that fox? And why was Lily with her?

"Wait is this why Lily was late?! I can't believe this girl!" Silver roared mentally, he felt himself twitch in anger and shock. What the hell is wrong with this girl?

"Lydia! You should have told me about that! You kept setting off the alarm" Lily laughed as she puts her bags down beside her in order to take her shoes off. Silver's brow twitched from the name, so this was the infamous fox that was with Lily and the tengu during their childhood.

"Oh come on that was funny and you know it" Lydia chortled as she puts her bags down as well. Lydia's ears twitch causing her to look at Silver's direction and pauses for a bit, Lydia gave Lily a quick telepathic message in order to inform her that they weren't alone. Immediately both girls started to smile slightly and Lydia waved at them.

"Hi~!" she says in a playful voice leaving Silver stunned, the hell-?

"W-What is this? Lily you knew that the princess was coming and yet you are late!" Silver barks as he stomps over towards Lily while ignoring the visitors and the other fox.

"Oh hush!" Lydia scolds lightly taking him and the visitors by surprise. Lily gives her friend a glance which meant to stop while she was ahead.

"We had some issues back at the mall and the traffic back was horrendous. Sorry Princess Himemiko I did try to come back sooner" Lily explained as she and Lydia bowed slightly in order to show their respect. Silver bristles from the information.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going out?!" Silver says calmly while he was mentally seething. Lily blinks in surprise.

"I left you a note on the table" Lily replied with a bemused smile. Silver frowns from the information.

"I received no note" Silver's brow twitches in annoyance as he folds his arms.

"Oh?" Lily blinks before taking the bags to the kitchen. Silver storms after her and Lydia, within seconds he sees Lily picking up a piece of paper. Without wasting time she hands him the paper.

"Going out to clear my head. Might be late, if so please tell the guests. Lily" Silver's hand twitches in shock from what he was reading. All this time that blasted note had been there the whole time!

"Are you seriously going to think that-"

"It's quite alright" the yōkai looked at his master, his eyes gotten wide from her reply. How could she forgive the Land God so easily?

"Did you have a good time?" Princess Himemiko asked as she walked towards Lydia and Lily. Lydia grinned before fishing out a blue dress containing red sequins, seeing this took the princess by surprise.

"Lily told me you might be visiting and I heard you love clothes" Himemiko lifted her fin hand in order to examine it. It was exquisite to say the least.

"We go it by bargaining a few guys" Lily beamed as she fist bumped Lydia. Silver however frowned as he folded his arms.

"Guy wouldn't stop whining after I managed to strike a deal to pay only fourteen yen" Lydia commenting. Lily shorted while covering her mouth. That dog yōkai was furious that he had been roped into paying so little.

"You even made that guy upset when you gave me the dress" Lily grinned as Lydia smirked.

"That blasted racoon didn't know what hit him" Lydia said cockily, however Silver's ears twitched before he gave them a sharp look.

"What racoon?" Silver snapped crossly.

The pair immediately went silent from their slip up, they were in trouble now.

"…" The pair stayed silent.

"So Princess Himemiko. It's lovely to meet you, have you had anything to eat?" Lily said quickly in order to break the ice and the subject.

"Do not change the subject! What racoon?" Silver asked sharply. Lydia on the other hand took his hand and dragged him outside the room, the trio watched the pair without knowing what to say. That was something they did not see coming. Within minutes Silver began to swear and scream in shock, leaving the ones listening to chuckle or stare.

"Please excuse my familiar… he's a little over protective" Lily said with a sheepish grin, sweat began to run down her brow from the insults that were being released into the shrine.

"Silver has definitely gained a potty mouth during those years" Lily thought weakly.

"So where did you go?" Himemiko asked with curious eyes.

"Oh I went to a mall that demons host in order to serve merchandise, best thing is that humans are not aware of their appearances, this way there are no problems for anyone" Lily said with a grin. Silver however stomped into the kitchen and glared.

"You went to Midnight Mall?! Do you have any idea-?" Lily shoved a cake box at Silver's face stopping him from speaking all together, he took the box gingerly and looked at the handle.

"I know you like chocolate so I got you that" Lily said sounding tired. Lily then turned to look at Himemiko.

"I also know that you like to eat a certain type of sweet so I got you that" Lily said with a warm smile. Himemiko was stunned to see a blueberry cake inside the box while her familiar had a raspberry cake with pear filling.

"Thank you" Himemiko said politely as she bowed slightly.

"It's nothing I'm just sorry that I was late, I know for a fact that its rude to keep guests waiting" Lily beamed at the cat fish yōkai who looked at her in awe. "So shall we start? Lydia do you want to join?" Lily asked her smirking friend.

"Sure! I need some respite before going" Lydia answered before walking into the main room.

"Seriously he cooked all that?!" Lydia's voice could be heard from the kitchen, meanwhile Lily laughed at her zealous friend's behaviour. Hopefully her friend will not judge and would come to at least tolerate him to some degree.

"I'm afraid so" Lily called back as she started to walk to where her friend was.

"You could feed a whole city with this! What a waste!" just hearing that made Lily grin weakly knowing that Silver was not happy with the insult.

"Don't go eating it all Lydia!" Lily chided with a teasing tone. Silver however was frowning at the other kitsune who was the house, he didn't want her in here but she was a guest to Lily. Rotten luck.

"So that's Lydia?" Silver asks bluntly after watching Himemiko, Aotake and Lydia leave in order to go to their own homes. To everyone's surprise the evening turned out better than expected, in fact Silver was left dumbstruck by the whole turn of events. Lily who was putting her dress in the hamper before turning her head, only once she turns her head does the teen see him frowning.

"Don't tell me that you are jealous Silver?" Lily teases causing him to growl. What a joke! As if he was jealous that a Lily was in contact with another kitsune. The thought was laughable and yet he felt a painful twinge in his chest.

"Am not" Silver mutters as he turns to leave. Now was the chance to ask him what was bothering her.

"Silver! I-" Lily pauses causing Silver to stop and look back slightly. His body goes rigid from seeing her tense up and his immediate response was to ask but kept silent.

"Lily?" Silver asks cautiously.

"What am I doing? I can't ask that, surely he changed for a reason right? Will he trust me enough to tell me about his past?" Lily asked as she placed her clenched hand to her chest. Silver walks over towards her and holds her shoulders gently.

"What is it Lily?" Silver asked her with worry filled eyes.

"…Nothing" Lily replies quietly before smiling weakly. "Just something on my mind" Silver however frowns.

"What ever it is you can tell me" Silver's eyes showed that he was serious. But why did Lily feel so anxious about asking? It didn't make sense.

"What was it like living five hundred years in the past?" Lily asks him now giving him her full attention. However his hands went tense almost surprising her from seeing his reaction.

"It's not for you to understand, what happened back there is something I do not dwell on nor do I want to think about it" Silver said bluntly causing Lily's eyes to go down, So that's it? He wouldn't trust her? Seeing her reaction startled Silver causing him to react and hug her tightly.

"You are young, the past was a bad place to grow up in and there was nothing but pain and blood shed" still Lily was sure that without a doubt Silver was hiding more things from her, and his eyes weren't the only things betraying him- his heart was as well.

"If you care for me, then why are you hiding these things?" Lily asked sharply.

"Why are you so determined-?" Silver started to raise his voice from feeling agitated as he glared at her.

"Because the boy I knew would never hide things from me!" Lily screamed, Silver froze from her words as they began to hit him deeply like knifes to his chest. "He would tell me everything even if it was something bad and yet here you are lying and hiding things! Where did that boy go Silver? Tell me now" Lily's voice shook as she asked; to his shock tears ran down her cheeks leaving him upset.

Silver winced as he looked away, what could he say? The past changed him and not in a completely positive manner. Would she still want to be with him if him if she had discovered his terrible past, Silver could not bear to endure her disappointing looks or worse she could become scared of him. That was something he refused to allow to even happen, even if she does end up resenting him. Silver would always try to close his mind and block her from reading his memories about it.

But he wanted to prove to everyone that he had changed, so why did Lily have to drag his past up? Just thinking about it made Silver want to pull his hair out and whine in frustration, he did not want to go through that again despite having to receive jabs about it from other Deities and familiars. Silver refused to have Lily look down or judge him as well, nor did he want pity.

"Silver please, talk to me" Lily pleaded as she looked at him with pained eyes. "Don't you trust me any more?" just hearing those words made him grit his teeth and his body immediately moved on its own leaving startled.

"Hmm!" Lily almost bit his lip as he not only pulled her into his arms but kissed her deeply. Lily could almost catch his tail with her eyes as it moved slowly but away from her eyes, it was as if he wanted to hide what he was feelings. Before long Silver had her pinned against the wall as he kissed her, already her mind went blank and had began focusing only on what was going on. His hands grabbed her waist as he begins to kiss her neck, Lily starts panting from the how his emotions. Both pain and longing had begun to surround her, instantly her mind was solely focused on trying to heal that grief that surrounded him. She wanted to know; she wanted to understand him so why was he making it so hard. Lily could hear the zipper of her jacket going down allowing him to see her top. Silver pulled her closer and continued to kiss her neck; his mind had shut down and dulled out the ache in his heart. He didn't want any more pain nor did he want Lily to know.

Silver slid his hands under her top until they touched her waist, his tail brushed against her as he made out with her. Lily then wrapped her arms around his neck which encouraged him to move his hands up.

"Aah!" Lily cried before his lips silenced her and caused her to release a muffled moan. He could feel the skin of her back as he hugged her close and buried his face into her neck.

"Please…" Lily looked at him while she panted quickly. "Don't ask anymore please…" he said softly before detaching himself from her. Lily could see pain and despair leaving her yearning to erase his pain, was the past so bad? She didn't understand anything anymore. Why didn't he trust her? Did he think that she could not handle it?

They stood looking at each other before Silver turned; Lily instinctively grabbed his arm to their surprise. What was she doing?!

"Stay here for the night, nothing funny okay?" Lily asked softly. Silver however shook his head.

"No, I don't think I'll be able to stop myself if I stay here with you. Please understand Lily I don't want to force you into-" Lily silenced Silver by standing on her tip toes and kissed him deeply.

"Just relax and I can always order you to stop right?" Lily offered with a faint smile. Silver's ears pinned themselves to his skull before looking away.

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable, please Lily" Silver pleaded. Lily smiled softly before reaching up and touched his right ear. Silver's eyes widened in shock and recoiled back from her bold move.

"L-Lily?!" Silver cried as he looked at her with eyes that were filled with disbelief. Why would she touch his ears like that?

Lily however smiled slightly at his bashful behaviour, Lydia definitely had him wrong and she trusted Silver to tell her in time. Lily was in no rush when it came to his past.

"Just tell me whenever you are ready okay?" Silver paused to process her words, his face was still red but he nodded stiffly.

"Lay down on my bed please" Lily said as she looked at him, Silver however felt his body move on its own. He cursed the word binding and waited to see what she would do next. Lily then settled down beside him and moved her hand again to touch his ears softly. His face went red as she touched them.

"What are you doing? Get off them Lily" Silver muttered as he tried to look away. Lily chuckled catching his attention.

"When we were kids, this had always calmed you down especially when you were upset" Silver froze from her words, a smile almost formed on his face from how she remembered that. Even he had forgotten that and yet she didn't. Without thinking Silver leaned closer towards her face and allowed her to touch them without resisting this time. Silver began to close his eyes as sleep began to take over.

Lily watched him with soft eyes until she caught something silvery in the distance. She slowly went up and walked towards the porch, there by the trees was a white snake. Lily could sense his loneliness and knew instantly that it was Mizuki.

"Hello Mizuki" Lily said as she sat on the porch. The snake blinked before looking around. Unsure of what to say or do as she looked at him.

"Nice full moon right?" Lily asked as she looked up to see a cloudless night. Lily then looked down and smiled at him, she then patted the space beside her.

"You are welcome to sit here, I know you won't bite much right?" Lily grinned at him. Mizuki was still watching at her, his green eyes were filled with confusion as he stared at her.

"I heard about Lady Yonomori and I am sorry for your loss, I heard she was a wonderful woman and mother to you" Lily beamed as she faced him. Mizuki went rigid until she slipped off the porch; she walked towards him and sat down in front of him.

"Why are you being nice? Do you pity me?" Mizuki finally spoke while still in his animal form. Lily shook her head while smiling, seeing this took him by surprise.

"I know about loneliness, I know how grief and sadness, I know it can ruin someone to the point that you would be forced to block things out. That having a memento of someone can give you nothing but pain as the memories of the person who had given you the item start to surface. It's painful but it proves that they had a major impact on your life" Mizuki looked down as he took in her words. Lily then smiled as she stroked the side of his scaly head causing him to look up.

"Do you have anywhere to live?" Lily asked softly leaving him feeling a sense of pain, just seeing her eyes had made him look down at how kind she was being towards a Godless Familiar.

"If you want, there's a place in my home that you can stay in. This can be your home also if you wish it to be" Lily offered as she sat on her knees. Mizuki looked down still until the sound of sniffling caught his attention. He looked up to see her smiling softly and saw no tears running down her face.

"Let it out Mizuki, you've been though a lot" Lily assured him as she picked him up and hugged him slightly. Within minutes Mizuki's appearance had changed allowing him to hug her tightly. Lily didn't mind knowing that he needed someone to help him with this pain. He needed closure but found no way of doing it. Now that Mizuki was having it, it had left him feeling some relief.

"Just remember this Mizuki, This can be your home and you will never have to be alone okay?" Lily asked as she smiled. Mizuki started to cry more loudly not caring if he disturbed anyone. He wanted this pain to go away, to not feel anything and yet this girl. This stranger was actually trying to help him, a complete nobody who has nothing left to live for. No one left in his life and yet she allowed him to release his emotions without judging him. It left him feeling warm and happy, maybe he could try and give take a chance on this. After all Mizuki didn't have much to lose at the moment and he didn't want to be alone.

Mizuki nodded slowly as he tried to stifle his sobs. Lily pulled back and smiled, he was shocked to see tears had been running down her cheeks. But why? There was no reason for her to cry? Was there?

Lily leaned forward and pecked his lips lightly causing his eyes to go wide; she then leaned back and smiled.

"Welcome to the family Mizuki" Lily said with a small smile as she looked at him.

"Family?" Just the thought of it rolling off of his tongue made him smile. He was not alone anymore and it made him feel happy, Mizuki could feel his heart soar with glee and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you" the snake familiar cried with happiness making Lily smile.

"Let's go, I'll show you to your room okay?" Lily offered. Mizuki was too happy to care; he could sleep in the kitchen or the basement for all he cared. He had found a new home and family, and that was enough for him.

Silver opened his eyes to see Lily's head was on his chest. Part of him smiled as he looked at her as she slept peacefully. He could get use to this. However just thinking of this scenario had left him blushing enough to get him out of bed.

Silver adjusted his clothes before settling Lily's covers so she could sleep with whatever warmth was available. He smiled before walking to the kitchen, he needed to get the morning started after all- what?

Silver froze as he saw someone in the kitchen eating an apple. Already Silver could feel a migraine coming along and he knew that this wasn't going to end well.

"The hell are you doing in here snake?" Silver hissed as he glared at Mizuki who blinked and waved.

"Hi Silver it looks like we are going to be working together. Isn't that great?" Mizuki asked with a chipper smile. Silver however felt his face go red with anger; he could feel his temper about to rise up from this revelation and stormed out the room without a response. Mizuki however smiled with glee knowing that this was going to drive Silver crazy. This might be fun after all.






"LIIIIIIIIIIIILY! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SNAKE DOING IN THE SHRINE?!" Silver roared as he stormed over to Lily's room.

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