Blessed Secrets

Chapter 7: Misfit Children, A semi-homeless girl Part 1

Silver sat at the table looking annoyed, Mizuki however was sitting nearby drinking sake despite the fact that he should have been doing chores, that and it was also too early for drinking. Even though given his newly discovered situation, it had him rethinking the whole idea of drinking. To think that Lily would do this and even did this behind his back as well. She didn't even tell him what she was planning; she had just up and did it without him agreeing to anything.

Is what was going to happen with them now? Lily goes and does things without his opinion or knowledge? Just thinking about it made him angry but had kept his temper in check. He even refused to talk or look at Lily because of this. Yes part of him agreed that this was childish but she had to know that her actions had consequences and he was not going to just allow her to do what she pleased. He was her fiancée for goodness sake! Surely he had rights and an opinion in things? And yet here she was acting like he didn't. What exactly did he do to deserve this?

"Good morning Lily, did you sleep well?" Mizuki asked with a wide smile. Lily on the other hand looked in the kitchen with an anxious expression; she noticed that Silver's head was facing away from her to the girl's dismay. Meanwhile his tail moved slightly as his back faced her. She didn't mean to hurt him; she just wanted to help this person who would be filling their home with many new things that would benefit everyone including this new person, that and she wanted to heal Mizuki's heart after all no one should be alone when it came to such a painful truth. With Yonomori dead Mizuki had no one to talk to, no way of seeing the outside world and that's what Lily was determined to make happen whether Silver was willing or not. Sure Lily was aware of Mizuki's sake making skills thanks to the diary but that mattered not. After reading the diary the girl had immediately promised herself that she would adopt Mizuki in order to help him and allow him to gain a new purpose in life. Yes there were going to be problems here and there but she was not going to give up anytime soon.

"Good morning Silver, Mizuki. Did you both sleep well?" Lily asked meekly while spying the empty table. She guessed that Silver was going on 'strike' because of what she did, just thinking about it made Lily wince but did not complain. She did deserve that on some degree.

"I slept well thank you!" Mizuki said before sipping his drink. Lily bit her lip and winced at the drink.

"Mizuki, I didn't tell you this but I have a sake ban until night time when I am asleep" This made Silver shoot up in anger in order to glare at her.

"WHAT?!" Silver roared now focusing on her, just seeing him like this made her jump slightly. Lily then frowns at his response.

"Silver I don't want to be around drunk people, so I want anyone who wants to drink to wait until bed time am I clear?" Lily asked while fuming from his behaviour. Silver snarls before storming out the room.

"MORON!" Lily yelled as she looks at his retreating figure, she then drags her feet to his chair before slumping into it. Lily then groans at his attitude before looking at the clock.

"For goodness sake it's not even ten and already there's problems" She whines mentally before looking at Mizuki who has the cup in one hand while his other arm had the bottle. Lily's eyes narrow before the bottle explodes, Mizuki then jumps and falls on to the floor in shock. What just happened?

"Mizuki I said no drinking until night time. Please don't disobey my rule" Lily said before standing up. The time was seven which meant college was going to open soon.

"S-Sorry Lily" Mizuki said while shaking mentally from what happened. Was that Lily's power? Lily then stopped and paused. A grin then appeared on her face.

"Hey Mizuki?" just hearing her tone left him curious.

Silver within twenty minutes rushed back to the kitchen, he felt foolish for lashing out like that and wanted to apologise however once he arrived-

"What the-?!" Silver froze to see what had been once the sake jar, had now been reduced to a broken mess with sake stains on the floor. His teeth clenched at how the lazy snake had been to not clean up the mess. Without wasting time Silver began to clean up the mess and placed the broken shards in the bin, his eye caught a note that was on the fridge.

"Hopefully your eyes are able to see this, if not then you must be blind" Just seeing the note made him glare angrily at the insult before continuing to read, however once he finished reading. Silver at that moment had the urge to break something in anger. "I'm taking Mizuki to college since you are still in a mood. When you've settled down you can then come along" Lily wrote. Silver sent the bin to the floor and roared in anger. How dare she! She was now taking the snake to college?! What the hell was wrong with her?

"Master Silver?" asked Dai as they wisp children entered the room.

"What?!" Silver snapped before recoiling, he felt guilt settle in from seeing from lashing out on the shrine spirits. They didn't do anything wrong so why should he have a go at them?

"Forgive us, b-but we were wondering if you were okay?" Oishi asked shyly from the angry looking familiar. Silver sighed before a frown appeared on his face.

"I'm fine, just a little stressed" Silver replied bluntly.

"Is it about the new familiar?" Silver's ears pinned themselves to his head confirming their suspicions.

"Is it that obvious?" Silver asked weakly as he sat down at the table. Dai passed him a glass of water which he took with a grateful smile.

"What am I going to do with her?" Silver asked as he sighed. The spirits looked at each other with puzzled looks despite wearing a mask.

"Forgive us Silver for it's not our business to pry, but Lady Lily's been reading a book" Oishi noted to Silver's confusion. Why bring that up?

Silver propped his head on his hand as he looked down at them.

"What's so special about this book, and why the need to bring it up?" Silver asks with a frown.

"Lady Lily has been reading about it, she even commented about a white snake before Master Mizuki had even showed up" Dai replied meekly. This piped his interest as he opened his eyes. That is odd, how did she even know that Mizuki had even existed? He didn't tell her about him so who did?

"Where is this book?" Silver asked as he narrowed his eyes at them. Both children looked at the other.

"On her table in the master room" Oishi replied with a curious tone. Silver without warning had got up and went towards her room. Both children panicked as they realised that he was about to snoop in her room.

"Master Silver don't!" Oishi cried as he tried to latch on to Silver's leg as he ran.

"Lady Lily will get mad" Dai pleaded as he too ran after Silver.

"Let me go you brats! Lily's been hiding enough stuff from me as it is!" Silver ranted as he dragged his feet over to the room. Once he slammed the door open he spotted the diary that layed on the shelf and used his arms to propel him forward due to the added weight, part of him was impressed that they would do that but cared solely on the diary. He wanted to know exactly what was going on with Lily. As soon as he picked it up and began to open the book, Silver was then immediately greeted with a headache from looking at it.

"What the hell?! It's blank!" Silver snapped before tossing it over to where her futon was. He took out his pipe and began to smoke in agitation, ignoring whose room he was in.

Lily sat at her desk while Mizuki continued to play possum in his snake form as he laid on her desk. This way they wouldn't get into trouble with the teachers. If anyone had asked, it was a life like toy that Lily had decided to bring for drawing practice. Some had dared to touch Mizuki and it had taken a lot out of him not to react. Lily smiled before patting his head. Mizuki blinked once as he looked at her before watching her screen. He was fascinated by the area and what the each room had to offer, until a guy named Joseph had began teasing Lily. Lily in turn was about to snap until Shinjirou showed up; he too looked annoyed and told the boy to back off. Mizuki during that time had peaked his small snake head through the hole of the bag in order to prevent anyone from seeing him.

Seeing this area with his own eyes left him interested enough to want to explore, but remembered Lily's warning about it being not safe.

"If anyone sees you and thinks you are a tourist it will lead to a lot of questions. Wait until break, that's the time when you can come out" Lily informed Mizuki quietly as she walked. Part of her was brooding over Silver's behaviour; surely he should have finished his tantrum by now. But on the bright side Shinjirou's day off was today so that meant a visit from him. Just thinking about it left Lily giddy to have her brother visit; sure she had no siblings or did since Amaya had vanished without a trace. No one was sure if she was alive anymore due to the lack of contact. But now after all these years of isolation Lily was able to finally live some sort of life, sure it wasn't normal but hey what was normal was the question she would ask herself every time before smiling.

"Lily!" Shinjirou greeted as soon as he spotted her in college. Lily grinned and waved back before meeting him. He was wearing his usual white top and black trousers since he didn't want to draw much attention to himself, sadly however his looks always caught everyone's attention so the question now was how were they going to get to her home without being spotted?

"Hey Shin-Kurama how are you? Did you enjoy morning class?" Lily asked with a peppy smile.

"It was fine, you seem cheerful did something happen?" he asked with a smile. Mizuki almost popped his head up to see who this Kurama person was. Mizuki however almost shot out once he realised that the one Lily was talking to was a yōkai, why was she being so familiar to this yōkai? Surely this demon wouldn't hesitate to eat her heart right?

"Just happy to see a familiar face" Lily said before masking her yawn with her hand. Shinjirou frowned before patting her head, while ignoring the looks and comments that were being created in the background.

"Lily what's been going on?" Lily gestured the crowd with the slightest tip of her head signalling that it wasn't for prying ears or eyes. Taking the hint Shinjirou began to lead her to the roof and closed the door after her.

"What's going on?" Shinjirou asked before jumping at the sight of Mizuki. What was a snake doing in there? And how did he not spot it?

"The bag was cramped Lady Lily" Mizuki whined as he changed back in order to rub his sore head. Lily winced as she smiled weakly.

"Sorry Mizuki, it's the only bag that doesn't make me look like an idiot, I can't have you around my neck because that will create a stir" Lily replied almost forgetting the tengu in the area.

"E-EXCUSE ME?! What is a snake doing in your bag?" Shinjirou asked as he glared at the snake, Mizuki turned to smile.

"My name is Mizuki and I'm her familiar" the snake familiar grinned as he looked at Kurama who continued to glare.

"And where is that fox who is suppose to be looking after you? Don't tell me he's decided to run away" Shinjirou asked coldly. Lily's eyes became downcast taking him by surprise. "I'm going to kill him" he muttered darkly.

"No no!" Lily looked up in order to sooth her brother like friend. "It's not like that… he's just mad so I told him to cool off" Lily said now looking back at the ground again. Shinjirou bit the inside of his cheek and stared at her.

"What exactly happened?" he asked as he looked at them. Mizuki was then asked by Lily to go and lay up on the roof since Shinjirou was here. Mizuki was unsure but did as he was asked. Once Lily was sure that Mizuki was slightly asleep, she had then turned to look at her brother.

"You see it's like this…" Lily began to tell him about the diary she discovered the day she showed up to Lydia who had told her about Silver's past. At first Shinjirou was tense and shocked from hearing tale but listened intently, until she mentioned about Silver not trusting her about his past to even share it, at the end of her tale she then tells Shinjirou about how she had finally decided to have Mizuki as her second familiar. Shinjirou pursed his lips as he processed the information.

"I can't say I blame you about the trusting part but Lily, you should have told Silver about deciding to have Mizuki as your familiar. Aren't you two engaged?" Shinjirou asks bluntly as he stares at her.

"But what kind of fiancée hides such crucial stull like his past? I don't even know him anymore and it hurts me to see that he will never trust me" Lily replied feeling upset from the whole issue. Shinjirou groaned as he stretched his bones causing a few to pop back into place.

"I get it but I think you should try to see through his point of view. If he was a wild fox as Lydia has kindly exposed" Lily shorted at that part making him smirk. "Then wouldn't it be best to-"

"Well I don't want to have to read his mind, I want him to tell me" Shinjirou flashed her a look that signaled bad news.

"Don't even think about doing that Lily!" Shinjirou warned as he looked at her.

"I wasn't going to!" Lily cried in frustration making him scowl slightly from the situation.

"If you want I can talk to him about this?" he offered. Lily nodded slightly before grabbing her bag.

"If he can't trust me than I don't want him around. I'm still trying to process the whole I am engaged to a fox who was once human who also was supposed to be dead. I was finally learning to let go and now he's just appeared without any warning. Wouldn't you be annoyed and upset?" Lily asked hoping that he would give her some words of wisdom. Shinjirou sighed deeply in reply.

"I would… the last thing I want to do is go back to Kurama mountain" he said bluntly while masking his pain. Lily was no stranger to knowing that he suffered torment from a tengu called Jirou. The pain he suffered was horrific and if Lily had been there, she would have really gave that tengu what's what. Sadly however it would never happen so she tried to let it slide, it was hard but like him she was willing to let go for his sake.

"Shinjirou won't you at least contact your father? I'm sure like any father he would be worried sick about you" Lily asked almost sounding like she was pleading. Like her mother, her father had gone missing during the time after she was born. The reasons behind it were unknown but her grandmother had assured her she would see them again. Did that however mean in life or death? Lily was not sure.

"No, I am banished remember" he said now giving her a stern look. Lily glared back in return.

"What is it with men and your egos? Just give it a try and you'll be surprised" Lily said weakly. "Ask my grandmother if it's safe to do message him if you are unsure" Lily suggested. Shinjirou sighed while Mizuki listened to the whole conversation. He felt sad but kept to himself knowing that this was a private matter.

"I don't know Lily…"

"Just at least think about it please! For me brother" Lily pleaded as she stood close enough to hug him. She could feel his sorrow coming out of him in waves, it was hurting more than he would ever let on but refused to let it show. He sighed once again.

"…I'll think about it" Lily gasped before a wide smile appeared on her face; it almost melted Shinjirou's heart just to see that child like smile. "It doesn't mean a yes" he said sternly making her pause from his words, her smile almost vanished leaving him sad to see her look like this.

"But I'll think about it" Shinjirou said before heading towards the door.

"Come on Mizuki we're going indoors now" Lily called catching the snake familiar's attention. He transformed into a snake once more before going into her open bag. Once that was done she closed the bag but made sure that Mizuki had room to breath before going indoors with her friend.

"So what time does class end?" Shinjirou asked.

"Four!" Lily chirped after finding out that he now had two days off of work. This was good, two days with her brother and that meant she could go out of the shrine to allow Silver to cool down.

As soon as Shinjirou escorted Lily to her class, he waved good bye causing some girls to glare at Lily and gush at the idol. Lily however just rolled her eyes at what was going on before going into class.

"Oof!" Lily tripped and landed on the floor causing some people to laugh.

"Oh sorry didn't see you there" said a voice that annoyed Lily- Stephanie.

Stephanie could be seen kissing a guy in Lily's class making her gag mentally, she then saw the teen get up from the guy's leg and waved at him.

"See you later handsome" Stephanie waved in a sassy manner making Lily roll her eyes once more before turning to see the guy.

"You're dating Rachael right? And yet you are doing that?" Lily asked bluntly. The guy glares at her words.

"Better keep your mouth shut! Or I'll make you wish that you did" the guy snapped coldly. Lily glared darkly shutting him up, others looked with surprised expressions. What was her problem and why was she getting involved?

"I hate scum like you, always think that you can cheat on girls who are loyal to you. You know that once you dump Rachael, Stephanie would just dump you right? It's just what she does" Lily says bluntly as she narrowed her eyes at them. Some of the boys went rigid from her words while the guy she was speaking to glared.

"Yeah right" he snorted as he looked at his friends. Some had shaky smiles due to her unnerving glare.

"Aoi just take my advice, not worth it" Lily says as she gets up, part of her hoped that Mizuki was not hurt once she opened her bag. She spotted Joseph but then turns her head to avoid his gaze. He should know, after all they use to be friends until he took Stephanie's side. Now they were estranged it was hard to even talk without him jabbing at her.

Lily as soon as she began to walk gritted her teeth to hide the pain in her right ankle. Trust Stephanie to pick her moments to injure her, Lily really did despise Stephanie and Madison for their childish acts but chose not to act on that. But it didn't mean the boys were so lucky.

Lily reached her desk before opening her bag, she saw that Mizuki looking at her with sad eyes but hadn't pocked his head out as promised. She could tell that he was worried but tried not to worry him, this was her battle not his. Instead she patted him discretely before placing him on her desk so she could get started on work. Mizuki continued to play possum while she worked. There was so much Mizuki could stand but could tell that she was trying to remain strong and ignore it the insults. But that didn't mean that he would stand for it when it was night. Lily frowned at him catching his attention.

"Don't go picking on them" Lily mouthed making him freeze, how did she know that he was up to that?

"Mind is too loud" Lily mouthed again before looking at the screen in order to work. Seeing that Lily was adamant with this Mizuki allowed his head on his curled up body.

Lily greeted Shinjirou by the doors to the college and walked with him to a corner where no one would be looking, next she allowed Mizuki change back into his human form so they could tour around the area.

Mizuki within minutes was in awe from seeing the surrounding areas, Shinjirou looked at the snake familiar briefly as he walked beside Lily. That snake appeared too interested with the area much to the tengu's surprise. Shinjirou looked at Lily who looked back knowing that he wanted answers.

"Mizuki's been living in the Yonomori Shrine most his life, he's had no contact with this world what so ever so he's new with the modern world" Lily answered, just hearing that made Shinjirou frown. He could relate to that only he was a child when it happened.

"Lily look at this!" Mizuki pointed to the girls from a different school who were eating ice cream.

"Do you want some?" Lily asked with curious eyes. Mizuki blinked as he looked at the food.

"What is that they are eating?" Mizuki asked before looking back.

"Ice cream, do you want to try it?" Lily asked with a smile.

"Can I?" Mizuki asked with a wide smile. Lily chuckled while Shinjirou smirked slightly at how Lily was pleasing the snake familiar. The snake Mizuki acted like a child to his surprise and mentally chuckled. Shinjirou placed his hand on her shoulder causing her to look up.

"On me after the trip up incident" Lily's eyes went wide from the information; Mizuki couldn't have said anything to him, sensing her confusion and surprise he smiled.

"You're limping and a loud mouthed girl" Lily rolled her eyes. Madison would no doubt boast about how Stephanie would try and hurt Lily. Not that Lily cared, those girls were just as bad as the other but! Madison would be singing a different tone if Stephanie would attempt to steal a guy off of her.

"Madison?" Lily asked dryly, surprisingly he shook his head.

"No some pink haired girl told me, she looked worried and thought that since we hang out that I would need to know about it" Shinjirou explained while holding his bag, Lily blinked from the information. That was new; hardly anyone cared so she ignored everyone except Shinjirou.

"Oh…" was all she could say before following Mizuki to the shop, Shinjirou followed behind and waited until Mizuki was done with his order. Lily ordered nothing to the tengu's surprise.

"Unless they sell ice packs for ankles I want nothing" was all she said. He frowned but said nothing.

"Wait here" Shinjirou instructed before leaving the shop. Mizuki approached Lily with the cup in one hand while the spoon was in the other.

"Where's he going?" Mizuki asked while his mouth was full of ice cream, Lily had to smile at his child like curiosity before taking a tissue out in order to clean up the mess around the left part of his cheek. Mizuki paused to see what she was doing, she was being very kind and he was happy that today was filled with many new areas and things for him to see and taste. He was more happy that Silver was not with them since he would always ruin his fun. After Mizuki had finished half his cup Shinjirou appeared with a box in his hand.

"Lift your right ankle Lily" Shinjirou instructed as he opened the box to show an ice pack within a Velcro strip to keep it in place. Lily did as she asked and watched him work. Already Mizuki could feel a sick feeling in his stomach as he then looked at his ice cream cup. Here he was enjoying the tasty treat while his master was injured, what kind of familiar did that make him?

"Done" Shinjirou said before getting up. Lily smiled before placing her foot down gingerly in order to test it. The ice pack was cold but it felt nice as it chilled her ankle down slightly in order to ease the swelling.

"Lily…" she looked up to see a guilty faced Mizuki leaving her sad.

"Oh Mizuki don't be sad, things happen" she said with a smile in order to cheer him up.

"It doesn't excuse the fact that I'm enjoying this while you are in pain" Mizuki said looking at her with a deadpan face.

"There are things you can't control, we are not all powerful Mizuki, now shall we go home?" Lily asked with a warm smile. Mizuki didn't want to head home knowing that Silver would kill him for allowing Lily to get injured. Mizuki nodded meekly before following them out, only Shinjirou was now carrying her bag. This left her annoyed and grateful for his kindness but did not complain knowing that she needed to get her injured ankle off the ground. Seeing her wince Mizuki frowned.

"Do you want me to carry you?" Mizuki asked, this caused Lily and Shinjirou to stare at him quickly. One person's eyes were wide while the other showed they were speechless.

"Errm…" Lily forced her mouth closed from the bold question before he walked closer. Lily grunted slightly as he picked her up bridal style, however after doing that Lily was then forced to endure her brother's snorting leaving her annoyed.

"Seriously! If I was wasn't so injured I'd of kicked you" Lily sneered as she laid her head on Mizuki. She felt him stiffen but cared only about going home; Silver was going to have a field day about her injury. To prove it Silver was standing on the top of the stairs with murder in his eyes.

"Had fun?" he asked bitterly as he watched Mizuki settle her back on to the ground. Already Silver was feeling intense rage for the snake, why did he have to show up was beyond the kitsune. They were doing just fine without the pest.

Silver's eyes went straight to the dark blue item wrapped around Lily's ankle, sadly for Lily who was wearing a mint green dress that had two layers and now sleeves. This had allowed him to see the ice pack.

"Lily what's that on your leg?" Silver asked bluntly as he looked at her. Lily paused before shrugging. Just seeing that took Mizuki and Shinjirou by surprise, Silver however was not happy.

"H-HEY!" Lily cried as he picked her up so her stomach was now on his shoulder. Without warning he walked straight to his room and placed her down on his futon so he could take a look at it, after sitting down on his knees in order to inspect the injury, the kitsune's eyes narrowed after seeing how bruised her ankle was.

"What happened Lily?" he asked as he looked at it. Silver's thumbnail brushed against the swelling slightly leaving her to flinch.

"I fell" Lily said bluntly, just hearing her reply made him purse his lips in anger as he also spotted a cut on the side of her outer ankle.

"How?" Silver asked as he looked at her, he felt frustrated from having to see such an injury. If only he hadn't been stubborn and went with her to college, then she wouldn't be injured.

"I tripped okay?" Lily asked shrilly "it's not uncommon to trip is it?" now getting annoyed, first he gets angry for what she did, which Lily knew for a fact that she deserved it however this morning was uncalled for. Now he was getting into her business which left her annoyed.

"…" Lily froze as he lifted her dress so it was above her knees.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Lily screamed from what he was doing, the only thing she wanted to do now was to get out of his grip until she saw his hardened look. Lily looked down to see that her knees had blood stains on them, how did that happen?

"This was no accident, did someone do this?" Silver asked as he stared at her injures, his face looked slightly paler than usual causing her to tilt her head to the side.

"Why do you care?" he looked up from the question. "You've been having a tantrum all day and now your starting to act like you care" Silver's head went down allowing his hair to cover his eyes. Lily however was still angry and kept glaring at the kitsune.

"Can you make up your mind for once?!" Lily asked sharply. Silver looked up showing no emotion, this would have bothered Lily had the situation been any different.

"What do you want me to say Lily?" Silver asked coldly. "You made Mizuki your familiar without asking me even though I am your familiar. Do I mean that little to you?" Silver's voice shuddered from anger while Lily kept glaring.

"I never said-"

"Then explain to me why if we are engaged? What had possessed you to decide to not only go behind my back? And another thing! Why oh why did you not think to take my feelings into account when you pulled that stunt off?" Silver asked before seeing her angry expression.

"You want to talk about feelings?! How about explaining to me why I should even trust you when you can't even trust me with your past?" Silver gritted his teeth, of course she would go there to his frustration.

"I thought we agreed-"

"I can handle it or do you think that I am that fragile?!" Lily asked crossly now moving her leg away however Silver kept his grip on her lower leg. His eyes were impassive but Lily could sense a bit of guilt and anger coming from him. Why was he so desperate to hide things from her? Lily was sure that could handle his childhood problems when she was five so why was Silver hesitating now?

Silver leaned forward as he lifted her injured ankle. He kept his eyes on her annoyed expression.

"It's not that I don't trust you…" Silver sighs deeply as he tries to form the words that would allow her to understand. "You're not ready for that much of my life… not yet at least" this didn't sit well with Lily causing Silver's ears to pin themselves to his skill from the negative response.

"Do not say when I am older, you have no idea of what I had to endure when I was five to now"

"Exactly! If that scared you then how will you survive a world that I had to live in?" Lily still kept glaring leaving him more frustrated than ever. He wanted to pull his hair out and shake her shoulders until she was able to see sense, but that would just kill her to his dismay given that he was no longer a human.

"How would I know unless you tell me" She responds coldly causing Silver to sigh.

"I have done a lot of bad things in the past Lily. I was never ever proud of any of it and if I could take it all back, knowing that you were waiting for me then I would have" the sleeves of Silver's hakamashita push themselves up his arms as he leans forward so his face is near hers. He was pleading with her by his eyes, hoping that she would drop things until he was ready to say. Then again he wasn't sure if he was ever ready to confess his past crimes.

Lily remained her composure to his dismay. She was not going to let him off easily and kissing wasn't going to stop her curiosity. Lily was right to his dismay, he had to confess at least something in order to show that he did trust her… but he was just scared.

"I'll tell you one thing and when I do, don't ask for anymore information okay?" Silver asks sternly as he looks at her. His free hand is on her leg in order to stop injury from opening up anymore. Lily ignores the injury and looks at him fully, Silver sighs as he looks up.

"I killed people years ago, till this day I have regretted even doing that. but back then it was the strongest that survive and… it steeled my resolve to feel no remorse. However when you showed up and saved my life, a mere human even" he chuckled weakly while Lily looks at him with saddened eyes. She could sense his despair and guilt as it surrounded him like poison air.

"Whose kind I had slaughtered, even if they were innocent… I had taken everything from them just because I could. It made me rethink the world and made something inside of me awaken, even to this day, I don't know what it was that I had felt that day. But I could not get your presence out of my head. It made me want to rethink and change myself. Killing became more horrific than ever before, I hated blood not knowing it was to do with my death. How it affected you back then, the darkness that followed it-" Silver froze as Lily pulled him into a light kiss and pulled back before he could pull her close.

"No more Silver, I understand okay so don't talk about it anymore" Lily said with a weak smile. Silver on the other hand was in shock, his face was almost void of emotions but his mouth was open and showed how speechless he was. How could she accept this? He slaughtered hundreds of lives and yet she was still treating him with kindness. It didn't make sense what so ever.

He looked down once the smell of blood hit his nose. Her injuries left him grimacing at how they could have appeared. Leaning down Silver examined the cuts, they weren't deep to his relief but the knee was grazed pretty badly. Lily stared at him as he lifted her leg up, suddenly she released a scream as she stared at him with terror filled eyes, meanwhile Lily could feel her face heat up from what was going on.

"W-What are you doing?" Lily cried as he licked her ankle. She wanted nothing more to do than to move her foot away but he had it firmly in his grip. Lily could feel her ears going hot and her skin prickled as he looked at the ankle and moved his head further making her react, she tried to get her leg out of his grip until he licked her injured knee. The injury stung for a bit before the pain ebbed away to her surprise. Then he released her leg and kissed her causing her back to land on the mats. Silver placed his arm over her head as he leaned onto her; all that entered his mind was Lily and the urge to have this never ending pain leave his mind. If only he hadn't died, what then?

Would he still be with her? What of his father? Would his father have succeeded in breaking him? Or would he have died? All those thoughts swirled round while the main focus was on Lily.

He didn't want to lose her.

Lily sighed as he kissed her, she could sense his frustration for not being there and that he wanted nothing more than to take her pain away. He liked her she was sure of that but it was hard to love someone when you had seen them die in front of you? She wasn't even sure on how or why this had happened. How did he come back and what made him turn into a yōkai?

But she would wait for now, she did agree not to ask anything else and she knew that he was hiding more things from her but she was not in any rush to find out. This was a start for sure and she was happy to know that he trusted her with that information, sure she was upset, mad and confused about why he did that but then again the past might have been filled with danger. Knowing this left her regretting what she did, sending him back damaged him even if the scars weren't visible. She could feel them.

"Ah!" Silver nipped at her neck but left no marks; his teeth merely grazed her skin lightly enough to give the thought of having a finger running itself down the neck. However that didn't stop Lily from feeling his need to be with her, he was serious about wanting to be her husband and the thought shocked her. But at the same time she felt happiness, especially with how patient he was being with her and didn't want to rush her either.

In the end they parted from the other and gasped for air as they tried to regain what air they had lost.

Silver kept looking down at her eyes as she panted.

"Don't keep bringing new familiars to the house, it frustrates me enough that you think that it's okay to go behind my back and do that" Lily remained silent as she looked at his flushed face.

"Then be open, I don't want to keep an ear out for what ever is on your mind. You know I don't like it" Lily pouted, Silver felt his face head burn before leaning his head down and kissed her once more.

"Alright" Silver said in a husky voice before pulling up and looked at her. His face went red from how messy she looked but did not say anything except help her sit up, she smiled slightly before getting to her feet. Just seeing the injury made him sad.

"W-why did you lick me though?" Lily asked looking at him with curious eyes. He gave her a wolfish smirk in return.

"My saliva can heal wounds" was all he said, Lily looked down to see that the cuts were intact gone to her surprise.

"Oh..." Silver chuckled before getting up.

"What no thank you?" Was all he said before he kissed her deeply causing her to moan slightly as he tried to pry her mouth open with his tongue. Lily on the other hand just laughed and pulled away leaving him surprised.

"What are you doing? That's gross" Lily said as she rubbed her lips with her sleeve. Silver's ears pinned themselves to his skull and looked away shyly.

"S-Sorry, I don't know what came over me" Silver stuttered as he looked away to hide his embarrassed look. Lily surprised him by pecking his cheek.

"I'm sure it's become a habit" Lily said before leaving the shy fox alone in his room. Lily walked towards her room feeling slightly happy about how he was beginning to trust her enough to open. It was a start but-what was that smell? Lily grimaced as the putrid smell of what seemed to be tobacco was wafting in her room once she opened the door. Had he been smoking in here?!

Lily also took note of the diary that was a now on the floor and began to seethe in anger, oh he was going to get it now.

"SILVER YOU NO GOOD BASTARD!" Lily hollered as her voice echoed through out the shrine. The next thing anyone knew was the sound of something breaking followed by a series of yellings.

Silver sat at the table in the kitchen with a pensive but furious gaze, in front of him was his pipe. Only it was now in two pieces thanks to Lily.

"Of all the things to do Silver this had to be the worst thing you had ever done! Did you not think that I would not find out about you smoking in my room?! Is that why you made out with me? The nerve!" Silver remembered her rants from an hour ago and was not happy one bit. Part of him was livid but the other part of him was ashamed for thinking that smoking in her room was a good way of paying her back for her going behind his back, she wouldn't have known had he have opened the doors but no he left everything minus the diary that was on the floor, that is if it was a diary. It was odd that it was blank, but then again it could just be a spell or a way of tricking him into thinking that something wasn't real.

Lily started to groan as she could hear the boys laughing and yelling in the main area. She just wanted to sleep and it was already one in the morning! The worst part was that it was a college day so that meant she fight urge to fall asleep in class. Lily could hear Shinjirou laughing before making a comment about women in general making her frown, now getting agitated Lily pulled the covers off her futon and went out. Wearing a white shirt and black shorts she stormed over towards the noise which had gotten louder and louder the closer she was towards them, she was surprised that the neighbors hadn't complained and called the police about this racket. Without wasting time Lily had slammed it open to see to her disgust the trio slightly red in the cheeks and slightly tipsy as they looked at one another as they either stood up or sat on the ground.

"I am telling you Lily's not like that! Honestly I've watched her most of my life to know she's not that flat" Shinjirou said with a wide smile on his face, wait a minute...WHO'S FLAT?! Lily glared at her brother hatefully as he spoke about her.

"I never said that she was" Silver said as he wagged his finger. "I should know when I made out with her a few times!" Lily bit her lip in order to stop herself from screaming in pure rage. THE HELL?!

Lily watched the boys swoon with glee before lightly punching Silver's arm lightly, although with Mizuki it didn't even look like a punch at all making her wince.

"You sly dog! To think you had the nerve to do that" Shinjirou said with a laugh, Silver not only laughs and shrugs at the comment.

"Well she is going to be my wife! Might as well see what has changed" Lily gave him a look of disgust. They weren't even aware of her being in the room!

"Is that so?" Lily asked in a cold tone, the boys looked before cheering at her arrival however she wasn't impressed due to the fact that she was folding her arms.

"Hooray my girl is here!" Shinjirou said with a laugh before Silver threw a sake cup at his head.

"Your girl? I am pretty sure that she's my girl crow!" Silver said with a dangerous smirk as he wrapped his arm around her.

"Do you idiots have any idea of what-" Lily looks down the moment she felt something touch the left part of her chest and glares at Silver who is looking at them as he grabs.

"Had a good grope you pervert?" Lily asks angrily. Silver then removes his hand and laughs at the boys.

"See I told you I could fit my hand over it!" Silver boasted with a dirty smirk, Lily growled mentally at them.

"You so lucky!" Mizuki cries with despair leaving her left eye twitching in anger.

"Never knew you had the stones to do it" Shinjirou said with a laugh.

"YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY TOUCHING A GIRL WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT WHAT SHE WOULD BE FEELING YOU DAMN FREAKING PERVERTS!" Lily screams before not only slapping the trio but also ended up throwing them out of the shrine with her powers.

"And stay out until you sober up you jerks!" Lily snapped.

"You're not the boss of me Lil!" Shinjirou said with a grin as he waved the cup in the air. Lily glared before slamming the door shut creating a loud bang; she then went to her room and proceeded to sleep. Only she then heard the sound of cat caws and hooting from the boys.

"She is really mad now!" Shinjirou said with a laugh.

"Ah but she loves me anyways" Silver said while laughing, at that moment Lily was on the verger of second guessing that part now that he had done that. Mizuki however was rolling around in the grass despite it being wet.

"Wheeee this is fun!" The familiar said with glee now forgetting that he had a hand print on his cheek.

Morning came and Lily was still in a bad mood since the moment she had woken up. Talk about annoying, one time just one time she had hoped that her brother would be responsible, only he had ruined that hope the moment he decided to have drinking game with the pair. Something had to be done about this and it was time to really lay down the law on the nitwits.

As she pours orange juice into a glass, Lily is then greeted with a series of groans and bangs which meant that someone had fallen or crashed into things.

Lily would have sympathized with them until what she had witnessed last night had entered her mind. Lily scowled at the trio as they entered the room. Silver held his head while Shinjirou groaned as he walked in front of the fox, Mizuki was walking in a drunk state meaning that the alcohol hadn't left his system completely.

Lily sat on her chair while staring at them.

"What happened last night? My head hurts" Shinjirou asked weakly.

"How should I know you dumb crow? Ugh my face and head hurts" Silver groans from the pain.

"Had fun last night?" Lily asked a false happy tone. Silver looks up and groans from seeing her.

"Not now Lily please" Shinjirou asks weakly as he slouches on the table after sitting down. Lily looks at him with uncaring eyes.

"Tosser" she mutters mentally.

"Not so loud Lily my head hurts" Silver groans as he holds his head and walks over to the cabinet to get some pills. Talk about a wild night and he hardly remembered most of it as well.

Lily eyes slightly widened as her mouth parted from hearing his words before looking at the glass in her hand.

"Is that so?" She asked in an uncaring tone, within a minute she slammed her glass down creating a loud noise causing Shinjirou to grip his head from the pain.

"Too loud sis please keep-"

"How about...NO!" Lily roared at them. The boys looked up to see her looking furious and gulped, however...

"Hi Lily-chan!" Mizuki said while beaming and waving at her in a semi drunk manner. Lily was not amused.

"Don't Lily-chan me Mizuki! The hell is wrong with you three last night?! That was horrible- no worse than that it was disgusting and utterly appalling! I can't believe you three had the gals to binge drink and create such a scene!" Lily snapped at the groaning males.

"Please stop yelling" Shinjirou pleaded which was on deaf ears.

"No 'brother' I will not!" The tengu cringed from the sarcasm. "It wasn't just the drinking it was the fact that you idiots had the gals to talk about MY cleavage and ONE of you had decided once I showed up to give one of them a good grope!" The boys winced from the pain and from guilt. She was furious now "and another thing! Whether I am flat chested or not is none of your concerns so next time think before you speak!" Lily fumed as she glares at them. Shinjirou spies the medicine and pops two in his mouth before putting his mouth under the tap in order to drink, just seeing this made her face scrunch up with disgust. Silver saw this and slapped the tengu causing him to choke on the water.

"I clean that thank you and I don't want your germs all over it! Either use your...ugh hand or a cup idiot" Silver snaps before holding his head. Shinjirou glares at him as he punches his chest for air until his body relaxed.

"I think it's about time I lower your drinking to two cups every week you dumb morons" Lily snapped making them groan and whine.

"But that's not fair Lily!" Silver cried now showing how horrified he was.

"Does it look like I care? No! After last night you can now kiss my sympathy good bye you lecherous perverts!" Lily snapped. Shinjirou moaned from his hangover and from the news. It was reasonable but it had its limits, sadly it was tempting to touch another glass but knew better. When Lily wanted something to happen. She wanted it to happen no questions asked.

However his mind was still swimming and it made him resent alcohol right now, it was no wonder she frowned upon it. Now part of him was starting to agree with her, but what was life without a little dangerous fun from time to time?

"This is the last time I am having an alcoholic drink, I would rather have those drinks that have no alcohol despite being made to taste like it" he mutters, this pipes Lily interest from the words.

"Huh... Okay boys now it's class time in about an hour Shinjirou so clean yourself up"

"But I don't want to! Can't I call in sick?" He pleaded in agony but she wasn't having it.

"Not on your life! You did this you deal with it" she growled making him groan feebly from her tone.

"Lily..." Shinjirou whines before getting up. There was no reasoning with her when she was upset. The tengu went to sort himself out before walking out the house with Lily. Silver and Mizuki however were going to catch up later, something about a guest coming to the shrine in two days. Lily nodded but knew that it was an excuse to go back to sleep.

College was dismal for Shinjirou who had to deal with all sorts of noises due to music class, Lily on the other hand was forced to deal with her class and the work at the same time. She did resist the urge to go and see the nurse's room due to fatigue but shook it off by getting caffeinated energy drinks in order to wake up more. Lily's mind was bussing from last night, this couldn't go on and something had to be done. So she was forced with the dilemma of either limiting their drinking to two cups a week or as Shinjirou suggested, getting them to have non-alcoholic sake. It could be achieved right?

Lily groaned from the thought that alcohol was in her home, she had a right to say no which now left her feeling a sense of power and smiled. So why not ban the studges from ever drinking again.

"You want to what?!" Silver roared at the pair after the arrived home. Mizuki however dropped his newly made sake onto the floor causing Silver shoot a glare at Mizuki for the broken bottle and the spilt sake.

"You are cleaning that up!" Silver snapped before looking at Lily with horrified eyes. Ignoring Mizuki who was crying over his sake as he cleaned it.

"You're not deaf and I am sure those ears were put up there for decoration, I mean what I said. No sake in the house until further notice" Lily said sternly.

"B-b-but that's not fair!" Silver yelled, Shinjirou however was in a state of shock. Who knew that Lily would go that far.

"Well if Mizuki can somehow make non-alcoholic drinks then you can have it. I mean it Silver I am fed up with the binge drinking, the constant hangovers" Silver's ears pinned themselves as she gave him a look that reminded him of when he passed out by stream and injured his head.

"And I am fed up with the bad behaviour! It's not good and what if the police come to the shrine when you guys are drunk? What am I suppose to say? 'Oh sorry officers I can't turn the noise down my familiars and brother are too drunk to listen or care' do you think they would buy it? No!" Lily ranted at them.

"B-but I don't know how to make non alcoholic drinks" Mizuki said meekly.

"Well best start learning and Shinjirou here will be your official taster so no weaseling your way out of this!" Lily snapped as she folded her arms. The boys groaned from the ban.

"And also you can have the non -alcoholic drink once you've done all your chores and have learned to be better behaved, which includes the fact that you'll have to be civil to the other or no drinking. Plus if the sake you brew is alcoholic and you drink it. Then you are banned completely" Lily said coldly. Silver not wanting to put up with this any longer slammed the table and shot up.

"Okay! There are a number of things I can and cannot stand!" Silver barks as he looks at her stern angry expression.

"Oh?" She asks in a biting tone causing him to lose his temper. He had just about enough of this.

"Now listen here Lily! You can take away my pipe-! Wait you have already taken my pipe" She glares at him as he talks about that event, oh she so wanted to strangle him for that! Shinjirou and Mizuki almost snorted from that part. Causing Silver to give them the death glare which had stopped the boys from laughing.

"Which is annoying enough as it is! You may force me to do chores and even make me work with this useless snake who I despise with all my heart! But you will not! And I mean you will not take my sake away from me am I clear?!" Silver screams at a blank faced Lily, Shinjirou whistles at what Silver said who almost blushes from how he acted. Talk about being bold. Mizuki almost joined in until they saw Lily shrug in a nonchalant manner.

"You're choice Silver. But I'm not having it, excessive drinking and hangovers all over the shrine. If you want to leave so you can binge drink and plays with ladies like some horny dog then go. But I will not put up with a bastard who thinks drinking is more important than his master's opinion on something that they do not like. I don't tolerate disobedient familiars and Mizuki-" the snake familiar flinches as she looks at him with dark brooding eyes.

"You can join him and go. You have a will of your own. If you wish, go and find a master who will allow you both to drink to your hearts content" Lily said now trying to hide her broken sobs. Silver's ears fell flat on his skull from knowing that he had crossed the line. Evidence? Lily walks out briskly before Silver could try to speak, the shoji door is slid shut forcefully leaving them to flinch.

"Man did we do it" Shinjirou says weakly, Mizuki nodded in agreement while Silver looked at the door. Yes he was angry but he didn't want to hurt her.

Once Lily went to her room, she immediately closed it before moving to her bed and laid there. Tears started to run down her face from what had just happened. She knew that it wouldn't be easy but did he have to show her up like that? Wasn't she his master for goodness sake? So why would he not see her logic in this. In a way she was giving him leeway to have sake but only non-alcoholic ones so it wouldn't impair his judgment and reduced his hangover status to zero. In a way it being allowed to drink when she despised the stuff was a privilege so why he not understand that?

This was going to be more harder than she had thought. She just hoped that it wouldn't be too late to rectify things by then.


"Lily Hikari aged seventeen the master of the Mikage shrine?!" Screamed an angry blond haired woman. A pink haired man smiled as she stared to have a tantrum.

"To think Mikage would allow a stinking brat to take over! What was he thinking?" The woman yelled as looks at a picture of Lily.

"Apparently her familiar isn't happy with her either Narukami, she's been changing the shrine from even the littlest things" the man said with a shrug now pretending to be upset.

"Oh she has eh? OOOH I knew I should have persuaded Mikage a lot more to have Silver as my familiar but he would always say no! Grrr that interfering woman Serena! Regardless she is still acting like she is still a Goddess and it infuriates me!" Lightning shot throughout the shrine.

"Ah but I heard rumors that her familiar might be bullying and hurting her. Given that she is so frail she can't fight back" this caused Narukami to stop and glare.

"WHAAT DID YOU SAY OTOKHIKO?!" She was beyond livid now. What kind of familiar raises a hand on his master and a female one at that! Even the pink haired guy was shocked to see her acting like this.

Mikage's shrine

Silver looks up from the kitchen and frowns.

"Looks like Narukami is angry again" Silver mutters as Mizuki enters the room looking tired. Before sleep Shinjirou on Lily's behalf had checked to see that there were no sake bottles or cups in their room. In a way it felt demeaning and violating given how he invaded their stuff just to get the ban stuck to their heads.

"Lily's rules not mine, she's not leaving her room for a while. I think you overdo did it fox" were Shinjirou's words. Just hearing them didn't make Silver feel any better. But he did hear Mizuki cry over losing his bottle and the glass cup. Silver almost felt sorry for the snake but kept it inside knowing that it was for the best in away.

"I wonder what made Narukami angry?" Oishi cried as he put the pot over his head and Dai's head.

"I am sure it's nothing, you know that woman throws a tantrum at almost anything" Silver replied as Mizuki reached for the sake cabinet only to see that it's locked to his dismay.

"Lady Lily locked it up last night" Oishi said while looking at the familiars. Silver sighed, as expected of her to do such a thing.

They heard light footsteps and saw a tired looking Lily enter the room, Silver had placed her breakfast on the table, however instead of sitting there Lily had made a bee line towards another cabinet and took out a cereal bar to his surprise.

"Not hungry" Lily mutters as she grabs a drink from the fridge, the fox felt his ears pin themselves to his skull. He could still see that she was upset given her body language.

"I won't be able to come to college with you today because of a guest that is coming to the shrine" Silver commented when she walks towards the door.

"Whatever" Lily mutters causing them to stare at her retreating form... well that went well, not!

"Lily wait" Silver cried as he runs after her.

"Just leave me alone, you-" Lily froze as he kissed her while grabbing her arms so he could stop her from moving. Once he parts he looks at her with a forlorn expression.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to hurt your feelings" Silver said softly while Lily glared.

"When the guest leaves I will catch up to you and we can talk about this okay?" Silver asks as he strokes her cheek; Lily looks at him blankly before turning her head.

"Whatever" she mutters as she leaves.

Silvers pin themselves to his skull. Well it could have been worse in a way. Rolling up his hakamashita Silver walks towards the kitchen in order to prepare for dinner. He sees Mizuki at the table and begins to shake in anger.

"Get to work with the floors you dumb lazy snake!" Silver roars as he kicks a screaming Mizuki out the room.

"And I don't want any marks on them! Do you hear me?!" Silver's yelling could be heard from town to Lily's dismay.

"Why do I even bother?" She mutters weakly. In a way it was like talking to a brick wall.

Class provided no solace as a guy tripped her up on the stairs causing her knee to be grazed again to her annoyance.

She gave the guy a glare but he ended up laughing at her until Shinjirou coughed behind him.

"Why are you picking on Lily?" He asked in a smooth voice that made the guy shiver before running away. Seeing her trying to get up from her new injury made him sigh, he helped her up and looked to see her knee was bleeding.

"Off to the nurses you go" Shinjirou mutters with a weak smile knowing that Lily was not having a good day at all. Things were going wrong and it involved the people in the college.

Now this injury was getting on her nerves as it continued to sting, even when the nurse had provided some antiseptic to the wound it had only made her wince and caused her to lift her leg due to reflex. Seeing this made the nurse purse her lips in anger before writing up an accidental report. After all this wasn't the first time she had to see Lily in a state, she often wondered what the principle was doing when the nurse had given her reports to her.

Once Lily had been bandaged she was allowed to go, on the exception that she mustn't stain it. Just her luck!

Now she was in class late causing some to snicker but she paid no heed, instead she gave the note to her teacher who frowned. He nodded at her with sympathetic eyes and gestured her to take her seat, for that Lily was grateful about him for not causing a scene.

Once seated she immediately began to crack on with it, it was just adding the touches to a city she was making. Mostly it was just a rough make but it was looking interesting the more she added things to it.

As soon as she realised that she forgot to take out her external hard drive, Lily had immediately bent down and opened her bag. Lily had to but back a scream once Oishi and Dai appeared.

"What are you two doing here?" Lily hissed quietly as she grabbed the black items from her bag.

"Master Silver wanted to make sure that you are okay" Dai replied until Oishi gasped causing the other wisp to see what he was gasping at.

"What happened to you knee Lady Lily!" Oishi cried in shock. Lily bit her lip from the injury.

"I tripped on stairs" was all Lily said before getting back to work. The wisps looked at the other before looking at Lily. However just as she plugged the usb cable lightning struck outside to her surprise. Lily whipped round to see glass shatter and shielded herself from the shards, there was no way that she would ever want to put up with any more scars. One was enough for one day.

Slowly the area had transformed into a dark purple space leaving Lily on high alert.

"Lily Hikari" a females voice caught her attention, immediately Lily backed away from Narukami. Lily had definitely read about her in the dairy and knew better than to mess with this Goddess.

"You do not need to be afraid of me young one, I am a Goddess called Narukami" Narukami said in a soft tone, immediately she hugged a surprised Lily.

"You were forced to deal such a burden Lily, I can't understand what Mikage was thinking about when he made you a Land Goddess" Narukami said as she looked at Lily's guarded eyes.

"Did Silver or Mizuki call you here?" Lily asked in a deadpan voice that took Narukami by surprise. "Look it's just a sake ban because they have been binge drinking! Why is it that they can't understand that?" Lily snapped as she pulled away, she then fell backwards due to her injury causing Narukami to see the bandaged knee that had been hidden by her blue dress. Narukami's eyes widened in shock before narrowing her eyes at the injury.

"So it is true" she mutters darkly before grabbing Lily's leg causing her to yelp.


"That damn fox has been beating you up" this confused Lily.

"No some punk in this building tripped me up on the stairs" Lily replied bluntly but it was on deaf ears.

"You don't need to defend him, I know everything Lily. To think that he has been doing this behind everyone's back, such disgraceful behaviour. Don't you worry about a thing" Lily looks up and stares at her weirdly.

"Looks like someone forgot to take their pills this morning" Lily though grudgingly.

"If you let me have Silver I promise you that I will deal with him accordingly-"

"Get lost bitch" Lily said sharply, not only did it shock the wisps but it left Narukami speechless from her words.

"N-no? Why ever not? Surely-"

"My familiar, my rules and I can punish him whenever I see fit" Lily continued to talk to the Goddess in a blunt tone much to their surprise.

"No I cannot allow it! It's his doing! I knew he was shady from the start, acting all good and yet he does this" Lily resisted the urge to roll her eyes and glare... Wow!

"I think her ears and mind have left the building" Lily thought dryly as she leered at the woman.

"Lily!" Silver's voice caught their attention.

"Lady Lily we are here!" Mizuki said loudly as they ran towards her.

"Bout time you two showed up! Mind telling me who this is? And why she's got it into her head that Silver's been abusing and bullying me?" Lily asks dryly as she points at Narukami, her face still facing them while her eyes were narrowed. Silver stopped to glare at Mizuki who jumped.

"I didn't say anything I promise!" The snake familiar cried in fear, this sadly added more fuel to the fire.

"To think a respectable familiar would act in an indecent manner!" Narukami spat crossly.

"What are you talking about? Lily please come here she's dangerous" just before Lily could move she was pulled back by the Goddess who had glared.

"I think the more dangerous one here is you fox! Don't try and deny it because I saw the bandage on her knee" Silver's eyes widened before looking at Lily sharply. Lily however winced and it wasn't because of him.

"So much for resting my knee! This woman is going to snap it!" Lily thought grudgingly.

"Why is she talking about? You just got you leg healed two days ago" Lily almost red from that.

"Oh you made sure of that pervert" she muttered darkly, Lily was ticked off about the fact that he had to bring that up again. However now she had to come clean about this due to the false accusation.

"Some idiot tripped me on the stairs but Shinjirou chased him off happy?" Silver was beyond unhappy, he frowned at how he had once again had failed to protect her, what kind of familiar no fiancée did that make him if he had allowed the crow to always help fight Lily's battles? It made him sick to his stomach. Mizuki however felt himself grow sad from hearing this, once again she was hurt and they could have prevented it but chose to mope over the loss of their sake.

"Hmph don't act all innocent" Narukami snapped however Silver saw red when he saw Lily wince again from moving back, his eyes went to the her knee which had started to bleed due to the constant moving.

"Let her go! You're hurting her!" Silver yelled as he moved towards her, Mizuki followed knowing that he had to keep Lily away from the angry Goddess.

"And you shall pay for causing this injury" she moved Lily away harshly before taking out a brown mallet and swung it at Silver.

"Become smaller" however the results were shocking once the smoke cleared.

"HAH?!" Lily screamed as she saw that Silver wasn't the only one affected. Silver who now had the body of a small child looked around in a dazed manner before seeing a small white haired green eyed boy beside him.

"WHAAAAAA?!" The boys screamed in terror as they were now reduced to children size.

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